Scream Queen Chapter 66

Zhu Yang went through the game days in his heart, and really felt that this stupid game was just out of water.

But fortunately, this dog has a layer of barriers than gadgets to hide from people who can’t catch the tail for a while, otherwise it will be pulled out and rubbed on the ground early, and it will be crushed into cheese.

But looking at it from another angle, it’s not unreasonable that this dog is so cheap and refined. There are only eight ghosts in the entire villa, and three are overtaken by two in ashes.

Only three are left outside. Each player in the second group is not enough. With Zhu Yang’s ability to act, he can’t say when he will complete the task off guard.

At that time, the task of clearance on the game surface is considered complete, and the player can leave the instance by himself. The game set by the dog has not started yet, is it capable?

So this dog than the beginning, don’t make the super mission line so relevant, now it’s messy and foolish.

Zhu Yang complained so much in his heart, as if he heard something stabbed.

She ignored him, just patted Fang Lei on the shoulder: “Thank you!”

Fang Lei was a little dumbfounded. Everyone in her heart was fooled by the game, so what did she do to comfort herself?

But immediately she knew why.

The second group of players on the third floor are getting together to scold their mothers for the continuous attacks of ghosts and monsters at night, but there is some bad luck, but they are mostly excited.

After all, the ghosts now bypass the NPC and find them directly. It saves a lot of trouble. The role that the NPC can play is also limited, so there is no need to be so restrained.

Scarface almost snatched an eye from the female ghost just now, but fortunately, the eye returned to him when the female ghost disappeared.

But I still explained to everyone: “This time, the ghosts are not so strong, but cunning enough, they are all-pervasive, and they can talk whenever they want. Everyone be careful.”

Which game is not cunning for other people? Isn’t it just that you are taking advantage of your sexual obsession? Are you embarrassed to be so righteous?

However, defamation and defamation are all in agreement. After all, you can’t be careless about the enemy’s clues, and you should be careful to sail the ship.

As a result, the game came through such an announcement.

Several people were a little confused for a moment, but the literal meaning was easy to understand.

What does it mean to complete the super mission of ghosts? There was no such thing in their mission, and the four of them were all here. Their first reaction was that Lu Xin was playing a ghost.

But after another thought, they were very alert to Lu Xin from the beginning, and they also noticed him at any time.

But this guy has forgotten the game except for picking up a girl, and he even dislikes the posture of wasting his time even with the guarantee mission.

The difficulty of super mission is much more difficult than killing, at least the relationship between ghosts and monsters before their deaths is clear.

No matter how good he is, Lu Xin is so sticky with female NPCs all day long, and he doesn’t have that time.

Then there is only one possibility left, that is, there are other players besides them on the island.

The premise that players are not allowed to attack each other at the beginning of the game illustrates the tone of the game-at least in the middle field and below, it is not very hopeful that players will have too absolute competition.

Therefore, there are very few copies of the two groups in the same game, and many people have never heard of this possibility.

If something is just a case, it will naturally not arouse the general vigilance of a group. After playing the trick of entering into batches, it can be seen how cunning the game is.

However, considering the difficulty of the opponent’s mission and the difference in the strength of the two teams, landing on the island first and concealing the identity is not considered too biased in the game.

It’s just the meat hanging there, and other dogs suddenly rushed out. The ghost NPC in the game world is a clearance task for other players. It is a big deal for those who use the game as a gold field. The points that can be exchanged for money.

Taking away the finances is like killing a parent, and the faces of those who have tasted them all flashed a hostile atmosphere.

When a few people opened the door, they just happened to see Lu Xin and that pretty girl coming up from downstairs with their arms around their shoulders.

Seeing them also smiled and said hello.

Scarface said with a stern face: “Brother Lu, I’m really in good spirits right now, haven’t you heard from it?”

Lu Xin said: “I received it.”

Then if nothing had happened, he fiddled with the hair of the woman in his arms and said: “It’s only three. Look at you in a mess. It’s not that no ghosts have appeared in front of you. What can you say if you let someone slip away?”

This guy’s meaning is very obvious. Until now, he still looks calm and unhurried. As long as a ghost rushes out and kills the guarantee, he will ignore everything. He has a very bachelor attitude towards this instance.

Several people looked at him more and more suspicious, but Li Wei, a ghost in the second group, had been intercepted by Zhu Yang. It was hurried to guess that there might be two teams. They wanted to break their heads and it was impossible to find that there were several more inside. Shameless setting.

Therefore, Lu Xin’s behavior was suspicious everywhere, but he really wanted to make a conclusion but he couldn’t explain it everywhere.

Scarface smiled and said without a smile: “We are all people who have to support our families, but we are not as cool as Brother Lu. We have wine and are drunk now, so we can have fun everywhere.”

Then he asked, “Brother Lu just wasn’t in the room, where did he go?”

Lu Xin said: “The night scene outside at night is good, you should see it when you have time.”

Several people acquiesced that the dog and man had gone out to jungle, and they went back to the room angrily when they couldn’t ask anything.

As soon as they left, Fang Lei, who was one step later, also returned. When he opened the door of his room, he felt that something was wrong, and the whole doorknob was broken.

I know what Zhu Yang said, “It’s hard work” before leaving the cellar.

This group of people are simply bandits and robbers, hungry ghosts, and they actually violently enter the girl’s room at night.

Without discussing the other’s obvious beast nature, as soon as the hint of the game came out, Zhu Yangyou who was not in the room was still the natural cover of the second group of Lu Xin.

Hasn’t he become an absolute target?

Fang Lei cursed at the game in his heart. She didn’t dare to stay in her room at night for safety reasons, so she knocked on another female player’s door and squeezed with her all night.

The two also discussed how to temporarily confuse most of the night if they are jealous, or how to deal with the other party’s sudden trouble.

According to Fang Lei and the others, they were right to be wary of the players in the second group, but even if the players in the second group knew that there was another team, they would not be so aggressive in public.

After all, apart from her, other NPCs and players are temporarily indistinguishable, and there is also Lu Xin who has become a dog-legged, beautiful NPC who listens to everything, and may not turn around to deal with them after hearing Zhu Yang’s words.

Players in the mid-level field are also worthy of vigilance. In the case of catching the black in front of them, they should not rush to shoot.

But obviously a group of players underestimated each other a bit. These guys just said that as soon as they entered the game, they were disgusted by the game.

The difficulty of the task and the twists and turns are generally higher than those of ordinary players. Those who pass by, the more they live to the end, the more troublesome the existence of players of the same level.

Seeing that they have no bottom line in their actions and rich experience in fighting, but want to go to the midfield, it is not enough to rely on inhumanity and bravery.

Before dawn, two figures opened the window of their room, jumped down from the third floor, and sneaked to the place where the bones were buried by the cliff before.

I randomly approved two branches and started digging, and sure enough the two bones buried the day before yesterday disappeared.

One of them rushed into the hole and took a bite: “Damn, this time I was pitted badly by the game. Patronizing to guard against ghosts, but people are blinded under the eyelids.”

One of them said: “Forget it, I’m still too proud of it. At first, we should be wary of not letting the rules of killing NPCs come out.”

If there is no such rule, the first thing they do when they go ashore is to completely occupy the island. Besides, it would be much more convenient for them to do their tasks.

With people in a circle, where can there be so many things? Even if it fails, the hidden players will inevitably fight back at the beginning, and they will not be confused for a few days.

“After all, it’s too easy for a few consecutive tasks, and it’s a little careless. The **** game is actually playing the paralysis and careless set, I thought it was enough to toss.”

It can be seen that the targeted meaning of the game has long been understood.

They moved fast, and it didn’t take much time to go back and forth at full speed. Before the people in the villa woke up, they went back to the room quietly.

Woke up early in the morning, but began to really have a little understanding of the situation.

Scarface glanced at Fang Lei during breakfast, and Fang Lei’s heart tightened, but the other party didn’t say anything, she couldn’t help guessing that her prediction was correct.

Although she was the first to be exposed, the other party still had to be wary of other players hiding in the dark whether they would rashly make a move for a while.

She now only depends on this time difference, she has to avoid possible sneak attacks from the other party, and she has to look forward to completing the task quickly. The form is really urgent.

Fortunately, the game only broadcasts the whereabouts of the three ghosts who have been overrun. In fact, there are not many quest objects.

She is still on a story line, and if she is lucky, she can be overwhelmed at once, so although her situation is not optimistic, she is not in despair.

But she was still optimistic.

After breakfast, it was Linda and Nina’s turn to wash the dishes. They pouted reluctantly and went into the kitchen.

Others scattered around, having fun, having ghosts in their hearts.

Fang Lei and the players in his group didn’t dare to get together, but they couldn’t keep their distance too deliberately. The virtual and the real were mixed in the NPC so that the people in the opposing group would be difficult to distinguish.

The two male players and Gu Shaozi went to the beach to go fishing. Zhu Yang and Lu Xin went back to the room after breakfast, as if they were not having enough fun.

Fang Lei and another female player played ball with female NPCs on the beach.

As they expected, several players in the second group stopped drinking today, and sat outside in a dignified posture looking on the sidelines.

Linda, who went to the bathroom soon, ran over to tell Fang Lei that she had just been spied on.

The other party was ashamed and angry: “I can’t tell the men, who was not there when I left? It’s too much.”

Fang Lei looked around and shook her head: “Everyone is outside.”

The four of the second group were sitting on the reef by the sea. The other men and Gu Shao were on a boat dozens of meters away on the sea, while Lu Xin was in the villa.

However, the guy stuck with Zhu Yang all day long, which can be ignored.

Linda said angrily when she heard the words: “I saw a man squatting and looking in from under the toilet door. It’s not our smelly man here, is it a ghost?”

She said that she suddenly got goose bumps: “No, it won’t be true again—”

Linda was crying: “Why am I so unlucky?”

Fang Lei’s heart moved: “What does that man look like?”

“I didn’t see it clearly. He had his head on his side, but it seems—his head is a little bit flat.”

Fang Lei immediately contacted the one with the dragon tattoo in the kitchen that night, and the five that disappeared last night were not in line with the one that night.

According to the hostess, there are only three ghosts left now, and the male ghost that night was the male servant.

Although Fang Lei had a thorough understanding of the situation in his heart, who were the most vicious people in the second group? It is also impossible to speculate their behavior with the care of normal people.

When I was exposed to the bright side by myself, the pressure in my heart can actually be imagined.

Hearing that he was thinking about the chance to supersede the other three. Seeing that a few players in the second group were focusing on the group of people on the sea at the moment, they said to go to the toilet and talk to Linda.

As a result, the male servant ghost didn’t wait, but scarred his face.

Fang Lei didn’t know where she was deceived right now, and looked at Linda: “You–”

Linda also looks good for her: “Brother Scar actually has something to talk to you. I said you shouldn’t be so arrogant. You have to give someone a chance.”

“Look at Brother Scar these few days? It’s enough to give you face from the predecessors and the others, how hypocritical?”

This stupid NPC was also a life, otherwise Fang Lei really did nothing else and killed her before talking. How could there be such a self-talking job?

But she didn’t make Linda look good either. She smashed her swollen nose with one punch, and she didn’t have any strength, but she directly knocked the nose crooked.

Linda fell to the ground with her nose and tears, and Fang Lei’s icy voice came from above: “Your shoehorn face has been dangling in front of my eyes for so many days. It’s a shame for you to beat you until now. , Hypocritical, isn’t it just that the nose is crooked? The hospital 8000 can repair it, how about it, isn’t it a pleasure?”

Scarface smiled, ignoring Linda on the ground, and grinned: “Sure enough, it’s still so exciting. You have to say that you are a player earlier, and the tasks are not negligible, and there is no need to make trouble so far. good looking.”

Fang Lei also tore off the disguise of being wary and stubborn, and said with a sneer: “It is the same as you who have the upper hand at this moment.”

“You can figure it out, I have finished the guarantee mission. At this moment, I just need to deal with you at least without any energy, but you still have nothing to collect. This ghost has not been killed, even if it is not killed at the end of the game. To obliterate, it must be a heavy punishment, right?”

Scar’s face looked ugly, and then he smiled coldly, and the knotted scar on his face looked even more terrifying: “So I can’t find it from you?”

Without talking nonsense with her, he reached out for his claws and grabbed it——

Fang Lei had been wary for a long time, and took advantage of the situation to hide, and even took the opportunity to throw a rope out of nowhere. The rope seemed to have self-consciousness, wrapped around the calf of the scarred face like a living snake.

Fang Lei was already rolling on the ground at this time, and then she would use her strength to pull the rope so that this guy could fall weightlessly and create more attack opportunities.

She is not good at strength. In reality, she used to be an ordinary white-collar worker. She has never had a fight since she was a child. Even though she has had interesting training since entering the game, the experience gap with these people is still huge.

So at the beginning, I didn’t plan to face it hard, but when I tried my shoulders hard, I suddenly tugged, and I almost stumbled in two steps.

Looking back, I saw a blade popping out of the toe of the guy’s shoe, cutting the rope instantly.

The other party didn’t even give her a chance to react. When Fang Lei wanted to continue to release the rope to hinder his pace, her scalp hurt, and then her brain was hit hard.

Dizzy, I heard a voice from above: “Heh! You are good at sneaking attacks. If we don’t find out before we can lay a trap, I guess it is really possible. Now, you in broad daylight What about dancing and jumping rope?”

Fang Lei was **** with his hands and feet and was taken into the cellar to be stunned. Players must not be tied with ordinary ropes. Scarface was replaced by the chain that tied the cruise ship.

When she regained consciousness, she was no longer the only one in the cellar. Except for Zhu Yang and Li Wei, all of them had been restrained and controlled.

Fang Lei didn’t expect that their group would fall so quickly, and for a while, he was really desperate for the strength of the two sides. According to her idea, even if they were defeated, they could at least face off. No matter how bad they were, these guys could be allowed. Take a loss.

But apart from two minor injuries, no one’s resistance seemed to bring any noticeable effect.

In fact, it wasn’t that a few players were too bad. After Fang Lei was tricked and knocked out, another female player was worse at fighting than her. One person faced three people on the beach and was easily controlled.

The remaining two male players may have a real ability to deal with four skilled people at the same time, the result is obvious.

Fang Lei thought about it and didn’t understand why these guys had identified most of the players so quickly, and did not hesitate to launch an attack.

But Scarface threw a bag of things in front of them, it was the bones they brought back yesterday.

After the hostess and the twins were overrun, the bones naturally became useless, and they were randomly placed in a hidden place in the cellar.

Several players suddenly realized it, yes! They only thought about the huge profits of their existence, but forgot that the notice of the game actually revealed something even more incredible.

A sentence of super degree not only tells the existence of players with conflicting tasks, but it is also obvious to follow their ideas.

Over-tasking is naturally more of the need for ghosts and monsters before their lives, and the two skeletons are the most conspicuous so far.

Several people left the grave they dug temporarily overnight, and the contents disappeared. Naturally, the four people who went out yesterday to gather fruit and fish and shrimp became the biggest suspects. Among them was Fang Lei, who was almost certain to be the player.

The response and timeliness of this group of people are far beyond expectations. If it weren’t for the arrogance at the beginning, they would actually not have their turn to take the lead.

At this time Scarface squatted down, looked at a few people, and sneered: “I didn’t expect that we would do it, right? Ha! We have five people, even if there are differences in the number of people in your group, it will not be much different, even if there are still others. There are at most one or two mice that come out.”

“Most of the people are showing up, why don’t you do it? Are you guys who are chasing after you, drinking soup and smelling idiots?”

As he said that, one of them punched a male player in the face without talking nonsense: “Go ahead, who else?”

I also felt that a few people would not cooperate, so they threatened: “Say it first, the game does not allow players to attack each other, but I have never said that there is a rule for different groups. Even if you kill you, you have to recruit game taboos and end up desperately. Increasing the difficulty is not worth the loss, but it does not affect you a little bit of pain, right? Otherwise, why the game arranges the confrontation? Reasonable damage it has nothing to say.”

“But think about it first. Our brothers are just looking for money. As long as we negotiate happily, we are all players and there is no room for them. We bite our teeth and fight hard. Let’s spend here and replace the remaining one or two. , It depends on whether you feel that the pain of your life is worth it.”

Unexpectedly, these players didn’t mean to be hard-hearted at all, and their more threats and temptations hadn’t come out yet, the other party would unanimously recruit the other one.

“It’s Li Wei, Li Wei is also in our group.”

Okay, two people went out, and within ten minutes Li Wei was brought in with a blue eye.

Li Wei is so terrible. People in one group regard him as a traitor, and people in the second group regard him as a slippery fish. The key is that he has not been able to explain it, otherwise he is waiting for him.

As a result, he was **** by a group of people who were supposed to be accomplices and a disadvantaged party, and accepted the blackmail threat.

Scarface said: “Well, now that everyone is here, let’s start to settle accounts.”

“Don’t be nervous, when we say we ask for money, we ask for money. As long as we don’t cut the brother’s financial way, we are also kind.”

“The task reminder everyone also heard about it and gave you three ghosts out of thin air. How can this loss be counted? Don’t talk about the many brothers. Just a few of you. Let the brothers make up for this loss, how about we cancel it all at once? ?”

“At that time, we can still drink and dance together on the island.”

After he finished singing the white face here, the dragon tattoo took out a knife, and baked it on the candle beside him: “Naturally, everyone understands the importance of points. If you don’t want to let you understand, if we are players in the same group, we really I had to stare.”

“It’s a pity!” Turning his head and grinning: “If you want to say that you can earn more points if you don’t have one, it will be difficult to regenerate if you don’t have one arm or leg?”

After speaking, he turned to his comrades: “Should this degree of disability be within the tolerance of the game?”

Several other people laughed and said: “I can’t do it with intolerance. Who told it to arrange the match? I want to break a little bit of oil on both sides, why not arrange for us to play the house?”

The threats and threats are not without effect.

These people don’t know, but a group of players know their own situation. Now they have completed the guarantee mission, and the evaluation has been considered moderate. Without the worry of customs clearance, naturally they will lose the courage to break the boat.

Due to the consistent rules of the game, the idea of ​​guessing it is usually to avoid players from killing each other, but according to others, since it is arranged in the competition, it is naturally impossible to be without loss.

In order not to guilty the game to increase the difficulty of the end of the game, a few people may not really kill them, but tortured and irreversibly disabled the other party can definitely be done.

Sometimes compared with people, most people still give up the benefits of getting them, not to mention that with the exception of Fang Lei, no one was there at the time of the overtime last night, and they didn’t have the sense of reality that they had worked so hard to get, so naturally they couldn’t talk about it. Cherish more.

Just the same amount of money you make in a month of moving bricks and the same amount you picked up, which one is easier to discard at a glance.

Seeing the knives get closer and closer, several players are starting to plan in their hearts, and have just begun to wonder how much meat they want to cut with each other.

If the amount is not large, it is not unacceptable. After all, it is also important to check the situation in the game.

However, at this moment, another notice came from the minds of the two groups of players——

Players have completed two supercross missions, and only one ghost remains. Players who have not completed the mission should hurry up.

If it is said that a few people have had the upper hand, the blackmail benefits that are in their hands can only be described as shocked.

Scarface even exclaimed directly: “How the **** is this possible?”

After speaking, he grabbed Fang Lei’s hair and slapped her. She barely left much energy. Fang Lei’s teeth loosened directly by the draw, and she spat out a mouthful of blood.

Scarface said with a sullen face: “Who is the other crap?”

Fang Lei chuckled, regardless of her temperament, “You **** have time to stay here? There’s a ghost! You see that we are left with the efficiency of that person, and I’m afraid that it will take ten more minutes to give the last One is overweight.”

“You can’t play the guarantee mission, haha! There is still time to spend with us? Is it to be lucky or to make the game look different and not be obliterated?”

The four of them had pale faces, and they knew that it was not the time to waste time with them.

One person was left looking at them, and the top priority was to catch the fish that slipped through the net.

The three immediately left the cellar, only to find that there was no one outside, the living room, the beach, and the nearby sea, as if all the NPCs had disappeared out of thin air.

The three of them were startled, and immediately ran up to the third floor, hurriedly knocked on Lu Xin’s door, knocking and cursing: “Don’t **** be cool. Didn’t you hear that your eyebrows are on fire now?”

Zhu Yang got up this morning and started to work early in the morning. It’s really rare to have such a positive task in the task.

She knew that Fang Lei had such a live introduction today, and several players in the second group estimated that their attention would be on them, so they arranged it in the villa through this gap.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for a commotion outside, and when Li Wei was arrested in the end, the inside started to disappear. It was estimated that a group of insatiable people were talking about the bargaining chip.

Zhu Yang came out at this time, gathered all the NPCs, and asked them to run away to find a hidden reef cave to hide.

To the leader Gu Shao said: “You have also seen the current situation. Those guys have taken action against everyone. Although they don’t know the purpose, they may be any one of you next.”

“Take someone to hide, don’t let anyone come out.” Then he glanced at both Linda and Nina: “If you feel pleased with them, you can sit back and relax. First, find a stone and knock it to death. Don’t let it out and burden others. .”

The two girls shook, but Linda was beaten and her nose was crooked. Everyone saw the tragic situation. Now the tense situation that is flaring can be felt personally. It is unknown what happened to the people who were caught. This island is now No one is surprised if someone is killed immediately.

So everyone didn’t dare to babble, but Gu Shao looked at Zhu Yang and said, “What about you? What use are you out there? Let’s hide together.”

Looking at Lu Xin with disapproval in his eyes, he only felt that this guy had risked the girl in.

Zhu Yang was too lazy to talk nonsense with them, and pushed them: “Come on, time is running out, come out in three hours.”

After chasing away a group of NPCs, Zhu Yang went straight back to the room and threw the child’s rattle from the utility room with the blood stained bed in the morning.

I said to myself: “Come out, I don’t have time to spend on you. Time is limited. If you don’t cooperate with me, I burned the house. Don’t overdo it. Let the sea breeze blow in the open air every day.”

After saying this, the room was quiet for a moment, and after a while, a hand really stretched out from the bottom of the bed, picked up the rattle, and then got out from below.

It’s that old woman!

The old woman looked at Zhu Yang and her eyes were full of contempt for looking at the vulgar young people.

It’s just that when I saw the rattle, I sighed: “I prepared this, thinking that my grandson can play with him as soon as he is born.”

Zhu Yang said: “Where is your daughter?”

The old woman said: “Let me tell you with nothing but nothing so cheap.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand impatiently: “Tell me down. I was in a hurry and I couldn’t understand it, right?”

“In my opinion, you two should be the most unreserved. Although your daughter died of a miscarriage, you also smashed the stinky man’s head with a hammer. The cause and effect is over. You should still feel uncomfortable. We have to kill the man again.”

“Let’s go to a new life for each of you. Be quicker, slow down and be beaten carefully.”

The old woman looked at her in surprise: “You—”

Zhu Yang rolled his eyes. Sometimes it was just this trouble, and everything had to be explained: “The two little girls said it was not that they were the three killers, but the family servant said that they took them to pick the fruit and tricked them down the cliff.”

“The male servant’s doing this is of course that he has secretly communicated with Xiao San, and your daughter has another miscarriage and death. If it is just other benefits, it is not guilty to do so. Naturally, it has a deeper relationship with Xiao San.”

“Maybe the child in Xiaosan’s belly is his, and the two are planning to help Xiaosan go to the post, and then kill the male owner and steal the property of the whole family, so Xiaosan can’t accommodate your daughter and her children.”

“Of course, the rest is just speculation. It may be just wishful thinking by the male servant. Xiao San just coaxed him into use. But before the hostess left, she said that after the death of their family, a **** pigeon occupied the magpie’s nest and went to sleep in the master bedroom. Are you hiding under the bed again—”

Ghosts, especially those with obsessions, behave according to the logic before death.

“You took advantage of that guy to be overwhelmed and hid under the bed with a hammer, and when he was asleep, you got up from below, then knocked the person’s head again and again. Then you threw the body directly through the window. .”

Their room was opposite, and it happened to be the window sill of the flat-headed ghost that Dragon Tattoo and Nina ran into that night.

“Follow the general logic to make a bold guess, and then use the result to reverse the calculation. There may be discrepancies, but I think it should be okay in the general direction. So what about your daughter? Isn’t it coming out?”

At this time, a faint sigh sounded in the room, and the quilt on Zhu Yang’s bed was arched again, just like that night.

The maid showed up, just about to speak, Zhu Yang turned his face to Lu Xiu and resigned: “I have completed the task today, anyway, there is no quilt.”

Lu Xiuci nodded: “Okay!”

Maid: “…”

Seeing that her daughter could not get off the stage, the old woman passed the ladder herself and sighed: “It’s almost the same. The beast made a marriage contract with my daughter in his early years. Seeing that the child is about to be born, she climbed up to Gao Zhi and became unhappy.”

“The **** can’t tolerate my daughter, so the beast himself came to instill the fetal medicine. Pity the child, it is almost full-term. Pity my daughter, the blood can’t stop.”

My mother watched her daughter’s blood collapse and died miserably in the dark and lonely hut. How could it stand it?

So he found a hammer to hide, and hanged himself in the villa after killing him.

Zhu Yang nodded when he heard the words: “Chengcheng, when you kill that mean man again in a while, do it hard for you, and go quickly. If you are caught by a few other guys, don’t want to leave.”

The old woman was a little dazed: “But you haven’t fulfilled our last wish.”

“Then what is your last wish?” Zhu Yang asked impatiently.

The old woman looked at her daughter and said, “I want my daughter to give birth to a child safely.”

Zhu Yang refused without even thinking: “This is too difficult, and it takes too long, and I can’t make your girl pregnant.”

At this time, her daughter said: “It was originally intended to be attached to you and to get pregnant with your body. Anyway, you are tossing every night.”

Zhu Yang and Lu Xiu were silent for a while, then glanced at each other, it seemed that they had reached a consensus.

“Forget it, no trouble, kill it.”

Even if Temeow’s peeping is enough, there are so many ghosts in the world, and I can’t evade it, so I made this idea?

Zhu Yang raised his hand and drew out the paper: “Don’t bother to hide, as long as you are still in the villa, this thing can always turn you out.”

Although the role of the human skin book is a curse, the rules in it are not forbidden to perform other sorrow operations.

For example, this thing summons nearby ghosts. Zhu Yang will be the big head of Cursing Road. He recruits these two goods with the blood of his own spiritual power, and then kills them in advance. Whether it is a curse or a backlash, there is no middle link. Does not exist anymore.

When the two mothers and daughters read the book, they felt the strong binding force of this thing on ghosts, and they were afraid that their concentration would not help but give back.

Seeing that the two came true, they didn’t dare to be hypocritical, either overwhelmed or died, so naturally they had to choose the former.

After the overrun, the dog gave another hint than the game, this time even more ruthless, and even the final number was pointed out.

Several players in the second group may now be in a hurry with the same enemies, but once they calm down, they will find themselves in a fierce competition with each other.

Said Zhu Yang is also the object of special care for the game, but that care is more like two people fighting each other to find differences.

But this group of players really bored the game itself and went to death.

Sure enough, there was a quick knock on Zhu Yang’s door. It seemed that the NPCs could not be found outside. Finally, the situation was different, and they had to take Lu Xin, who was guarding against abnormalities, to act together.

But there was no sound inside. Several people were about to kick the door, but they saw this pair of dogs and men slowly coming up the stairs.

Scarface saw that Lu Xin was still in a leisurely posture, and sneered: “I haven’t heard the notice? There is one left. There is a dog in the dark, and we are not afraid of death?”

Lu Xin didn’t care: “The big deal is that the mission fails. Isn’t there a pass symbol? What’s the hurry?”

When a few people choke, it is true that the pass can be bought once for life, but for such an important life-saving item, they only searched for a few stocks. How can they be used in such a small place before they can use their skills? ?

If you are really invincible, you can use it as soon as you use it. Can you see what your opponents are? Who can think of planting these people?

Scarface said impatiently: “Clearance charm is one thing, you have to leave after the game is over, don’t want to stay with your beauty? Let’s find out that bastard, and the last ghost is left thinking about when to kill Anyway.”

The key is that it takes time to collect enough benefits from those players to make up for this loss.

As soon as Lu Xin heard the reason, he really faced the problem and pushed Zhu Yang into the room: “Hey, go ahead and play, lock the door, wait for me for a while.”

Zhu Yang reluctantly returned to the room with her mouth narrowed, and the clear sound of the lock fell into everyone’s ears.

Then Lu Xin said: “We just came in from the outside and saw a kid named Gu taking a few people on the cruise ship, but the mouse called the mouse didn’t seem to go, and just came out of the utility room on the second floor.”

The three immediately decided to split up and search for the rats in the villa all the way, while the other two went to the yacht to see the situation.

Because Lu Xin can drive a speedboat, he went to the beach with a player.

As soon as he left, the dragon tattoo winked with another player and asked the other player to find the mouse. He went back to the third floor and went to Zhu Yang’s room.

Regardless of whether there is a problem with Lu Xin, this girl is the key. If you catch him first, you are not afraid of Lu Xin doing things without hesitation.

The dragon tattoo squeezed the doorknob, feeling the sluggishness of the lock, and with a grinning, he violently unscrewed it, just like he unscrewed Fang Lei’s room last night.

He was originally wary. After all, any of these NPCs left could be a player who slipped through the net. Even if this beautiful girl has Lu Xin following at any time, it should be the least likely, but it can’t be guaranteed.

The loss of carelessness has already eaten two in a row.

As a result, I opened the door and found that the girl was **** and wrapped in a bath towel and preparing to take a bath. The strip of leather, she had never seen it so punctual in any big venue.

The dragon tattoo was shocked by the beauty for a while, and suddenly felt a cold in his throat, and then felt like his neck was like a tap, and started to rush down.

When the dragon tattoo lowered his head, he realized that there was water, which was obviously blood flowing down.

The tingling sensation in the throat was then transmitted to the brain, but he was already speechless, because the trachea and mouth were also full of choking blood.

He looked up, and the woman in front of him was still in that fragrant dress, clearly the same as she had just left, but she was so close to him.

A sharp knife in his hand turned casually, and the tip of the sharp knife was bright red.

Hear the notice of the game before the dragon tattoo loses consciousness.

Kill one of the opposing players and reward 1000 points.

This is not over yet. After the woman heard this, she said in an unsurprising voice: “Tsk! Only one thousand? If you want someone to do this, you can give me more rewards.”

At the same time, whether it was the player in the cellar, the person looking for someone in the villa, or the person who had come to the beach, everyone acted for a while, and then fell into an incredible madness.


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