Scream Queen Chapter 67

Players cannot attack each other, and those in a confrontational situation are not so particular about it.

But everyone is not a rookie in the game on the first day, and naturally understands the hidden rules of the game.

If the game is just a set of program codes, or something that follows rigid rules, many things are easier to operate.

Rules are dead and people are alive. As long as there are rules, there are loopholes.

But the game is not. It seems to have its own preferences and preferences. Although it is generally fair in principle, it is not difficult to understand its willfulness and evil taste.

It doesn’t like to kill each other between players, so anyone who is sensible will not ignore this, unless it is the vengeance of life and death, or there is a huge reward, otherwise they are still unwilling to break this example and pass the game of separation.

This is the unspoken unspoken rule summarized by the experienced people. Both sides knew it well, so the people in the second group just threatened the group and did not use their lives as a bargaining chip, because there was nothing to believe.

In order to increase the difficulty of customs clearance all the way after this little benefit, the gain is not worth the loss.

The reason why a group of people were restrained before exposure was based on this principle.

But at this time the game suddenly broadcasted an announcement. It turned out that in this matchup, both players can cross the agreed line and kill each other, and they can also get a certain amount of points.

The whole island seemed to be silent for a moment because of the news, and then everyone from different positions fell into a highly emotional excitement.

Several players in the cellar were particularly panicked. Now they are in a situation, but I am a fish.

When the bandit player guarding them heard this announcement, his eyes were already looking at a group of dead people who could burst points.

The other party grinned and walked over slowly, seemingly not planning to keep the fat sheep to enjoy with the brothers.

However, one of the group is not a clear-headed person, and said quickly: “Wait, we five, you kill all of us, only 5000 points.”

“This point, the wealth of a few of us is more than that, let alone there are other transferable items. The rules of the game this time are a bit excessive, but with such a shabby reward, we don’t have no room for negotiation, right?”

The bandit chuckled: “That’s what I said, but I can’t stand a lot of monks and porridge. There are so many people in my brother, can you get 25,000 points in one go, everyone equally?”

“As for the props, they are all imaginary, and the points that can be exchanged for money are real.”

Several players choked, Fang Lei immediately said, “Are you not afraid that one person will monopolize the head points and offend the outside comrades?”

“Ha! What’s the matter? Can players in the same group attack each other? How can they do it? Besides, if someone stays here, they will do the same thing.”

Li Wei hurriedly said: “Wait, I am really an undercover agent in the second group. Killing me is equivalent to killing the players in the same group. The best end is to clear the points and recover the skills. You can think clearly.”

“I **** believe that you have a ghost, brothers have been messing around for so many years, you want to open your mouth and just fool us into hesitating? The abacus is wrong.”

He had to take Li Wei’s surgery first, and Li Wei closed his eyes severely.

When I opened my eyes, the panic disappeared, but the eyes looked cold and bored.

“Oh! So there is no negotiation? Then you go to die.”

The bandit player was shocked, thinking he had some life-saving tricks, and took a step back cautiously.

However, he found that the other party did not move, and he was still a prisoner with his hands and feet tied up.

After a standoff for a while, the bandit player confirmed that this guy was bluffing, took a bite, and cursed and wanted to show the boy a good look.

As a result, I felt my shoe tip touched something, and then my whole foot felt cold, and a dull feeling came.

He lowered his head and saw that half of his feet were missing, and his body fell down due to weightlessness, and the piercing pain was transmitted from his brain.

A cockroach was surrounding his feet, and the bloodshot eyes showed that this was the culprit.

The player didn’t react too slowly. After falling to the ground, he immediately reacted, and he didn’t stay on the ground. With the help of his body, he pierced the cockroach with a knife.

It’s just that the cockroach is also agile. It doesn’t need to say that he has good hands and feet now, but now this guy is unstable and painful.

The knife slashed over, and the cockroach ran away quickly. At this time, the bandit player heard the sound of marbles falling from his ears.

I was shocked when I bumped into something on my face. Before I turned my head to look at it, my face was bitten off.

Then a few marbles rolled towards him one after another, and several tied players just watched the big living being bitten to pieces by several cockroaches, and finally died.

But they did not breathe a sigh of relief. Instead, they became more vigilant. Fang Lei looked at Li Wei and said, “So you still have this hand hidden.”

Also, although the power of a few small bugs is huge and it is hard to defend against, but when several bandits are all at the same time, they still can’t make a comeback.

But when there is only one person left, the result is different.

Although I knew that Li Wei was the opponent’s player before, most of his thoughts were still tricky in the game, but in this game, there are actually rewards for the killing of both players. Isn’t this encouraging them to attack each other?

-At least in this game.

Now that Li Wei’s threat has been eliminated, everyone is tied here, and it is difficult for a player to remain indifferent to the four thousand points.

Just thinking about it, the cockroaches really rushed over to them, and several people drew back quickly. Fang Lei even started to negotiate: “Aren’t you just greedy for points? You should know that each of us can get a lot of money. Of the props.”

Who knows Li Wei smiled bitterly: “Who told you that I am in charge of this game?”

After finishing speaking, the cockroach climbed onto the rope of the female player and snapped the rope with two clicks.

There are five of them here, but there are not so many iron chains, except for the grumpy Fang Lei and a few relatively powerful male players, the female players can only use ordinary nylon ropes.

She is not too strong, and she can’t make it for a while, leaving someone to watch, in fact, she can definitely react before they resist.

The cockroach hadn’t been so dangerous at this moment that the metal could snap off. As soon as the female player loosened the tie, she immediately went to help Fang Lei untie the chain on her body, and then the two worked together to untie the iron chain on the male player.

Only Li Wei did not untie him.

Li Wei continued to feel like a dog, and he didn’t understand that although he was not a good person, he was definitely not a bad guy.

Playing the game like this simply made him unable to be a man inside and out.

Several people stood in front of him, raised their eyebrows and asked: “Let’s go, what’s the matter?”

Li Wei smiled bitterly: “The cockroach belongs to Zhu Yang.”

Before breakfast in the morning, the guy handed him a handful of marbles and let him play with it.

Li Li swallowed one in his stomach. Where would he play with this ghost?

What Zhu Yang said at the time, she smiled confidently and said: “Take it, you will use it.”

Then they were caught shortly after breakfast, and the four guys inside sold him without hesitation.

At this point, he wouldn’t dare to release cockroaches. After all, he really killed people. Is Zhu Yang’s accountable? But I didn’t expect this game to allow two groups of players to fight.

The bandit saw that his wealth had risen, so he had to let go, but he didn’t receive the bonus points. It seemed that this was Zhu Yang’s credit.

After hearing a few players sort out here, what else can’t you understand?

That guy Zhu Yang was not the same as they were blindly guarded. He had expected that a few bandits would dig out most of the players in one go, and then proceeded cleanly.

So the plan was to let them be caught as decoys, and then the ghosts forced a few bandits to split up completely due to the insufficient number of missions.

It’s good to kill them one by one, which means that the guy has understood the hint of the game.

The essence of this game is to let them clean up those gold players.

Naturally, if they are killed by gold-fishing players, they will have nowhere to avenge justice, and the game must be fair.

Yes, old players once told them that gold-fishing players have no human bottom line and principles, and the game’s customs clearance style is often accompanied by burning, killing and abuse.

After all, the things you get in the game can be taken out by spending ten points. This time the clearance location is a deserted island. If you change to a prosperous city, what will happen to these people?

Although the game can trap them with tricky customs clearance tasks and limit their energy to do things, these people generally have better customs clearance capabilities than ordinary players, so naturally they can find gaps wherever they can profit.

The game shouldn’t interfere too much with the player’s behavior in the mission world that has nothing to do with the main line. Just like Zhu Yang in the last game, as long as the mission is going, it will be helpless to open the haunted house to the whole city.

Anyway, as soon as a few days or so of customs clearance time passed, they disappeared completely. Even if they robbed the bank and killed people in the mission world, the law could not help them.

So there is a saying that this kind of player is already disgusted by the game, not only is the difficulty of clearance is usually higher than that of ordinary players, especially when the stage is crossed, the game will also be screened out on a large scale.

There are not many such players who can naturally reach the top, but almost all of them can survive such cruel targeting.

It turned out that the so-called screening also included the use of the player’s hand to kill.

This naturally goes against the concept that the game has always conveyed, so it can only be hinted through some details, and the rules will not be stated explicitly, but Zhu Yang did not expect to understand it.

And did not hesitate to take a shot to take the life of a person.

——No, it’s two people now.

Excluding Lu Xin, who was originally a group of undercover agents, and Li Wei, who was not threatened, there were only two people left.

But according to Zhu Yang’s interlocking design, it is estimated that it is also a turtle in the urn.

Several players looked at each other, only to feel that they were surrounded by dangers, and the various ups and downs of the situation seemed to be in the hands of people – no, they were all in their control.

They will be caught as a part of that guy’s letting go. When the previous mission came out, several people still murmured in their hearts that the guy only wanted to be arrogant and enjoyment and didn’t work, and obviously wanted to be a lie-down player.

Now it seems that they are the ones who won.

As soon as they received the game notification and their situation reversed twice, they did not stop upstairs.

The player who had a tattoo with the dragon looking for someone in the villa and split up, when he heard the announcement at first, he thought it was Lu Xin’s hand.

The player who went out with Lu Xin was killed by him.

After all, only by force, the players who fight alone are really not their opponents, even if anyone is attacked, they will not be recruited so quickly.

This player was surprised at first, and then immediately thought about meeting with the dragon tattoo. No matter who they were alone, they would lie down on Lu Xin.

Then the guy pulled his throat and shouted at the third floor: “Hey Aaron, is that girl done? Come down, things are not right.”

After shouting for a long time, there was no movement upstairs, and an ominous premonition passed in his heart, and he approached the stairs vigilantly, just about to go up cautiously.

He heard the sound of splashing water, and the man was startled. He looked up and saw a flood of blood rushing down the stairs.

The other party hid next to him, but fortunately, there was only one trip, and the stairs were dry soon.

The player became more sure that there was a ghost on it, and he shouted again: “Aaron, are you dead?”

There was still silence above.

The player is a little bit difficult, these steps look evil and weird at the moment, but they are also attracting unknown.

He thought for a while, and decided to go up and find Aaron first. If there is anything wrong with that guy, then kill the ghost and hide by himself. Anyway, he alone can’t deal with Lu Xin.

Step by step cautiously stepped up the steps, the body’s vigilance was adjusted to the highest value.

But suddenly, there was a figure in front of him, who turned out to be Lu Xin’s pretty girl.

She stood here intact, but Aaron did not move?

At the same time, the game broadcast the news of the death of the second player. The player was surprised and immediately confirmed that this woman was also a player.

It is even more incredible to be drawn by the intense frequency of the game and the tense atmosphere of successive deaths of players.

This woman was not like that at all, and Lu Xin from her group followed. She subconsciously thought that she had no space to do anything, but she did not expect that Lu Xin had already been instigated by her, which happened to be a natural cover.

Under the emotion of the player, he could only see the female player hiding to the end, and he would catch her as soon as he stepped on it.

As a result, the originally stable stairs suddenly slipped, and the eager movements made him unable to react in time. He rolled down the stairs and fell into the corridor on the second floor.

But he could still see the sight of the stairs, and saw the woman pull back, pulling out the body of a person.

It was Aaron who didn’t respond. At this moment, this guy was bleeding from his throat, and she was holding it with one hand and supporting it on the stairs.

Then as soon as she loosened her hand, Aaron rolled down the stairs. Seeing that he was about to hit him, the player moved aside.

Attention was all upstairs, but a cold light flashed in the next second and pinned him to the ground as he had just rolled over.

Go straight through from the heart, into the wood three points.

The player looked at the face of the woman who suddenly appeared in front of him, as well as the other figure of her upstairs.

Yes, it’s not just ghosts who can illusion.

This is the last thought in the player’s life.

Zhu Yang drew out the knife, shook the blood on it, and then walked out of the villa door carelessly.

She has no psychological barriers to killing. Rather, in fact, ghosts and people in the terrifying world are no different to her.

She can tear up malicious ghosts with her bare hands, and naturally it will not be different just because the opponent is human.

As early as in the first world on the official stage, Zhu Yang was aware of her abnormality. Although Teacher Qiu’s husband was killed by several ghosts, she did her best to facilitate the incident, saying that her hands were not stained with blood. , This is too hypocritical.

Sometimes when looking back on the past, even I was shocked. How did she realize that she was guilty-free and was able to kill her life based on the distinction between good and evil and the difference in position?

Although her three views are different from the universally recognized standards, and there are life threats in the game, it is understandable that most people choose egoism.

But Zhu Yang knew about herself, and compared with others, she was simply less struggling and transforming.

She couldn’t understand the matter for the time being, and didn’t want to bother about it, and went out slowly, and saw the big head waiting on the beach.

And the scar face that came out with him.

When Scarface heard the first game announcement, he noticed that something was quite wrong, but when he was about to run into the house, he was stopped by Lu Xin.

He looked at Lu Xin with a gloomy expression: “I suspected that you had a problem, but I didn’t expect it to be such a situation. Your mission conflicts with them. What good is it to help them?”

Lu Xin said, “What are you doing with so much nonsense? Just wait.”

Scarface hadn’t thought about fleeing, but once he did something, he realized that Lu Xin’s ability was far beyond his imagination.

He didn’t even make a move, and didn’t mean to hurt him, just a few fluttering stones blocked his way out.

After hearing the death announcements of the players inside, Scarface became more and more frightened.

Is the slippery fish hiding in it so powerful? Or several players have escaped and killed the guards?

Then it didn’t take long to see Zhu Yang walking out slowly with a knife.

“It’s you–” Scarface said bitterly: “I should have thought of it long ago.”

Zhu Yang nodded: “Yeah! Don’t blame me, what can I do if the game pits you?”

The super mission game is broadcast, and the player death game is also broadcast, but the ghost killing mission is not broadcast.

These guys thought that none of the ghosts had been killed so far, and they took it for granted that the players in the second group still had a starting point in the mission.

Knowing that Lu Xin had already killed a ghost in his hand and completed the mission of guaranteeing the bottom, these people would naturally not pass Zhu Yang so easily.

But having said that, she really doesn’t look like a player at all, just like the NPC who died early in a horror movie.

Zhu Yang said: “Oh right, you know what the mission of our team is, but you don’t know that there are variables in the evaluation rules, right?”

“Our team’s mission completion is shared. At first, I didn’t know why there was such a good thing. Later, I realized that the game doesn’t want ghost missions to stumble us too much energy. Raising hands can ensure that all members are guaranteed. I can deal with you without any worries.”

“Your rewards are still separate, and the number of ghosts is so limited. There are only two story lines in total. We will take away several of them at the same time. If these are not enough for you to share, there will be no us. You guys will fight on your own.”

“I have given so many hints. If I don’t make a move yet, wouldn’t it be a shame for the game?”

Scarface heard that his face was ugly to the extreme, and was furious: “Dog games play me, it’s not fair.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “Don’t sigh about this. Although Lu Xin said that we belong to the group, we can’t do anything without the key. The information revealed is also limited. The comprehensive evaluation of our players is far below that of yours. When will the game give you this loophole?”

“And it’s not fair.” Zhu Yang smiled coldly: “This is because the island is hidden by the players and there are game restrictions, otherwise the men and women of the island will fall into your hands, and I don’t know where they are now.”

“Just like a desert island, what you have done all the way through customs, it must be very exciting.”

Scarface smiled: “What kind of charity is it now? The dog game can come out of this game, and one by one can be born and die in it, as if it is a good person. I knew we were not treated well, but I didn’t expect it to be forced to death.”

“It’s as if it’s doing some charity on its own.”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “Isn’t it because you have caused too much trouble, making it annoying?”

Scarface was impatient: “Stop talking nonsense, what do you want?”

Zhu Yang said: “It’s nothing, just test it, or have a clear assessment of what stage your ability is in among players.”

Scarface sneered, then looked at Lu Xin and said, “Do you want Lao Tzu to test the knife for this young man? Don’t be afraid of collapse.”

Lu Xin nodded: “Try it, if she can’t help you, how about we let you go?”

Scarface had to bow his head now, and then the two of them put on a posture without talking nonsense.

Zhu Yang didn’t dare to be careless. At this point, her physique and skills did not have an overwhelming advantage among players.

Although she has a high evaluation of customs clearance, she has experienced few occasions, and the cost accumulated by others will not be much lower than her.

Then Zhu Yang lifted the knife and rushed over. She found the angle very tricky, and a sharp knife pointed at the scar face and slashed up. People’s subconscious defensive action is really easy to hit the first hit of this non-ordinary probing routine. Suffer.

But Scarface was originally a practicing family, how could it suffer from this kind of experience loss? He leaned back and avoided the blade, then stretched out his leg to kick Zhu Yang’s arm, kicking her wrist and causing the knife to leave his hand.

Zhu Yang’s reaction was not slow, the knife was released and the other hand swept across, and the weapon returned to his hand.

It even swipes around the opponent’s ankle that hasn’t had time to retract, intent on taking off his leg.

But Scarface turned his ankles flexibly, his toes hit the back of the knife, shook the knife away, and retracted his leg.

He licked his mouth: “Hey! This knife is a good game, but it’s a pity that the skills obtained have not been chewed, and there is no battle experience, right? Still tender.”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Don’t just guard against it, you will be dead if I am so fast, do you really think this is the guidance field?”

When Scarface sank, a metal steel knife popped out of his wrist out of thin air. Is this Wolverine?

Zhu Yang was even more cautious in his heart. After the clear sound of metal collision, fortunately, the other party was not using Edman alloy. Her sharp knife could still fight hard, otherwise she would only be chased and beaten.

To be honest, the more you beat Zhu Yang, the harder it feels. If you say that the other ones may have just practiced fighting skills and conflicting intuitions halfway through the road, then this Scarface is a real practitioner.

The kind with a family background, naturally, can’t be comparable to Zhu Yang’s ability obtained halfway.

People have really maximized the function of strengthening the body, but even if she has the ghost doll’s knife skills, it is a lot of waste. This requires constant familiarization and tempering afterwards, and the experience gap cannot be made up for a while.

The other party was also cunning. Two sharp knives were drilled under his feet during a kick. Zhu Yang would have cut his throat if he didn’t hide, and a strand of hair slowly fell.

A trace of cruelty flashed in Zhu Yang’s eyes, and when he raised his hand, he stabbed him with a knife, and his face was happy. The little girl was irritated and confused.

Easily avoided the knife, but didn’t expect the knife to suddenly drop out of his hand, holding it in a position where he couldn’t reach it, and it was approaching.

Scarface was startled, and he leaned aside, and then he felt another knife pierce in the direction where he was avoiding.

It turns out that, playing the trick of slamming east and west, he stretched out his hand to block and used the blade to separate the attack. Because of the convenient location, he raised his leg and hit the opponent with one knee.

But suddenly felt a dull pain, and something plunged into his thigh with his knee-lifting motion.

Scarface was taken aback, and he wanted to move back quickly, but felt that a strong wind was coming towards the front door. As soon as he turned his footsteps, he hid away, but the sound of the knife sticking into the meat came from the waist.

Impossible, where does that guy get so many knives? There is nothing wrong with playing the other party’s clothes for so long.

But I heard the other person’s voice from the side: “Ah, there is no way to go head-to-head, I still have to play some tricks. But one leg is injured, and where to hide in the face of a straight attack is a good guess.”

“Heh! It seems that I am quite talented in combat.”

The injury on Scarface’s thigh was the next second. He was stabbed in the kidney and the blood was flowing like a shot. He was about to stop the bleeding, but he felt a cold attack.

He saw a cold current spreading along his blood into his body, and the blood condensed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Scar’s face felt cold. Before he could think of measures to solve the game, his throat felt cold and he fell straight to the ground.

Zhu Yang retracted the knife with a sad expression, Lu Xiu walked over and laughed at her and said: “I told you, you won’t be his opponent by fighting alone with melee ability.”

“You have to be thankful that his skills are not as easy to use as you, otherwise you won’t be able to take advantage of this.”

Zhu Yang took off and threw the knife there was an illusion. The next step was also an illusion. She didn’t have so many knives at all, so she made the illusion that she was leaning forward because of the attack.

As soon as the empty door in his stomach came out, the opponent had only his legs free, so he would not let go of his plan to attack with his legs, so he was naturally stabbed. After the knife, he used the phantom to attack his face door and injured his right leg. It was natural at a glance where he would hide.

Zhu Yang’s cowhide was too big, and the result was almost an egg. This was also due to the two abilities of illusion and knife skills in close combat, or who would kneel down.

Lu Xiuci comforted her and said: “Okay! The battle must be to use all of your advantages. What are you doing without sticking to this one? Your current abilities are well coordinated and are basically top-notch among players of the same level.”

Zhu Yang said: “You can say it lightly. My physique is so high that I can only play a few percent of its usefulness. This tells my dad when I was a child that the red envelopes that my uncles and aunts received outside crushed too much money. You can’t bring so much money, so you open an account for me to deposit it, and you won’t be able to give it to me until I am fifteen.

“I can see it and feel it, but I can’t use it. Do you know what it feels like?”

Lu Xiuci didn’t expect that she could pull out some of her own logic, and her eyes drifted a little and said: “Ah, um! It’s so pathetic.”

Seeing that she was going to be angry, she hurriedly hugged someone in her arms and expressed her strong desire for survival when she returned and helped her with targeted training.

She didn’t even dare to mention that she used to be lazy and didn’t learn something about self-defense with Zhu Weixin.

However, Zhu Yang has fitness habits, so it’s better than the average female player.

As for the scar face, it was purely because of Zhu Yang’s ability to pile it to death, and she had lost early when she lifted the knife to slash her.

It’s useless to entangle this, and go back to the villa with a narrow mouth. The players have already come out of the cellar.

Still holding Li Wei who has not been unbound.

In less than an hour, Li Wei saw that the second group that had the upper hand was killed clean, leaving him alone among the group.

Poor, helpless, trembling!

He looked at Zhu Yang, twitching his mouth and said, “I, can I spend my points to buy my life?”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “It sounds like we are like murderous robbers, but you also see the end of the lawless guy in the game? Let you be an undercover agent is to let you freely choose your own position, this time Do you know how to choose in the future?”

Of course Li Wei nodded his head again and again. He admitted that he was a bit too greedy recently. He had the idea of ​​taking the wrong side. In reality, he also knew one or two players of this type. He was hesitant when the other party wanted to bring him into the group.

Maybe this is why he was arranged as an undercover agent, right? Mistakes are only between one thought.

Seeing him like this, Zhu Yang motioned to others to let him go: “In this way, there is still one ghost left. Kill it.”

Li Wei was overjoyed, but Fang Lei was unwilling to say, “Why make him cheap? Now five ghosts have been overrated, and one of us is rated as S grade.”

Everyone also reacted, and they felt that Zhu Yang was still too generous, and the rewards of A-level and S-level were very different.

Zhu Yang sneered and said: “Super? That guy is not worthy.”

He said to Li Wei: “With your means, how cruel and miserable it can be.”

Is the dog than the game testing her? Thinking that based on her persistence in the evaluation of the S-level, she would pinch her nose to supersede an evil ghost that annoyed her?

Oh, I think too much. Compared to evaluation, she can’t bear to destroy her own aesthetics.

After a few players know what the ghost is, although it is a pity, they can barely think about it.

I was asked to throw the bodies of a few players in the second group into the sea. In fact, it didn’t matter whether they were thrown or not. After the game was over, these people would return to reality, their wounds would be wiped out, and they would die before entering the game.

Most of the causes of death are sudden death. In a few cases, the game will be adjusted. After all, it is necessary to prevent people from knowing the existence of the game by any clues.

Because the NPC will come back later, so as not to frighten them, it is better to throw the corpse.

But after Gu Shao and the others came back, the people who had been abducted came out, and the others were missing. Even if they couldn’t guess the whole picture, they knew that something must have happened.

Fang Lei went up to beat Linda again, and after that, Zhu Yang asked Shao Gu to leave the island by boat.

Perhaps the game has come to an end, and the NPCs no longer insist on being an NPC, and they must have their persistence here now.

Just before leaving, Gu Shao asked them why they didn’t leave.

Zhu Yang’s several players looked at each other and said that they would come as a speedboat behind.

After all, their identities are arranged seamlessly, and they are just characters from the game. When they return to school, they will find that these people are not real at all.

No, maybe I will forget them when I go out to sea.

After dinner at noon, at night, everyone sat in the living room, leaving Li Wei alone in the kitchen waiting for the flatheaded ghost.

Others asked: “Will this guy stop coming out?”

Zhu Yang shook his head: “It shouldn’t, after all, the head is smashed flat, it shouldn’t work.”

Sure enough, it didn’t take long to finish, there was movement in the kitchen, the movement of ghosts screaming, and it lasted for a long time before disappearing.

This guy Li Wei seemed to have turned all the frustration he suffered from the player back to the ghost, and abused them to a miserable one.

When the last few players went in and took a look, they all felt how depressed this guy felt.

However, Zhu Yang was still standing and talking, and said, “Well! That should be satisfactory to the mother and daughter.”

The game is only considered to be over at this point. The A-level evaluations that players have received are also considered satisfactory. After all, the S-level is not met.

It’s just that no one knows, but Zhu Yang’s evaluation is still S grade.

Zhu Yang nodded in satisfaction: “That’s a plausible thing, and it’s not in vain to help you clean up the person.”

It’s not that the relationship with the dog is better than the game, but for this kind of person, if you don’t take advantage of the situation when the game is convenient, you will become your own obstacle sooner or later.

At that time, everyone was responsible for cracking down on stray prisoners.

After Zhu Yang finished saying this, he actually heard a gurgling sound, a bit like a cat purring. She really suspected that a dog’s head would stretch out to make her lull.

Suddenly, he was shivered by his own thoughts.

Returning to the bed in the real world, Zhu Yang fell down and pondered the theme of this game.

Reminiscent of Lu Datou’s previous statement that it is related to her future customs clearance style, he asked: “I’m afraid the game is not so simple, just who do you want to be a scavenger?”

“I think the routine is a bit boring now, is it just so little effort?”

Lu Xiu said with a smile: “Of course it’s impossible, there are still–”

Halfway through the conversation, as if thinking of something, a trace of displeasure flashed across this guy’s face, and finally he said angrily: “It’s hard to say.”

Zhu Yang thought there were any restrictions, so he didn’t ask much.

The next day, the two asked Xie Yi and Qu He to get together.

Qu He has always been interested in combing games, especially on occasions of special significance, so he took Zhu Yang to ask many questions.

Instead, Lu Xiuci and Xie Yi sat aside, listening to their discussion casually while drinking wine.

Suddenly Lu Xiu resigned and whispered to Xie Yi: “Someone wants to grab a girlfriend from me.”

Xie Yi took a sip of wine in his mouth, and almost squirted out after hearing the words: “Isn’t it the old way? Look at your girlfriend’s face, this looks too normal for someone to **** it, but the question is that few can beat it so far?

As I suddenly realized, I raised my hands to show my innocence and said: “Say it first. I went to her to help catch ghosts. Although I said I wanted to pick her up, she was unidentified at that time. You are not guilty.”

Lu Xiuci was silent for a moment, but Nima’s own words actually uncovered such an unexpected joy?

He glanced at Xie Yi bitterly, but didn’t bother about it first.

Gritting his teeth and said: “It’s not about you, let alone where your poor self-confidence feels threatening to me? You can afford her for a month.”

Xie Yi forgot about his wealth and didn’t speak, and asked nonchalantly: “Who is that?”


“Puff cough cough cough–”

Zhu Yang and Qu He both looked over and saw that this guy hadn’t drank anything. He was choked by saliva. They glanced with contempt for mental retardation and then turned back to continue the topic.

Xie Yi hurriedly pulled Lu Xiu’s speech out of the box: “I said, brother, your eldest lady is a good-for-nothing. I know that, but we must consider the problem from the actual situation, right?”

“Just because of her virtue, is that something that a person can bear? Oh, it’s not you, we already know your taste.”

“If you think about it, she has entered the game up to now. With her customs clearance style, she has vomited blood from the game several times? One of them was vaguely heard, right?”

Then Lu Xiu resigned and gave him a magical theory: “She also vomits blood with anger all day long, but it does not prevent me from thinking she is cute.”

Xie Yi was silent for a full minute before patting his shoulder: “Observe, don’t take your standard set of normal people on him, ah!”

Are you a pervert with a tendency to self-abuse?

Feeling that he had this kind of thought is amazing, he couldn’t help but curiously asked: “Tell me how did you have this kind of thought?”

Lu Xiu replied: “The game is too targeted for her. I told you earlier that although it seems to be wrong, only our old players know that the game’s preference for her is quite obvious in the long run.”

Xie Yi nodded: “That’s right, but am I not the same?”

Lu Xiu choked with words, but Xie Yi, an idiot, is also a type that looks disgusting with the game at first glance.

Just because of his cowardice and fear of ghosts, Lu Xiuci, who used to be with him, could even feel that the game wants to turn into a whip and pull this guy.

Xie Yi raised his eyebrows: “Look, sometimes it’s so unfair. The game likes to take care of players with unique personal styles. You guys are great every day, but people treat your senses well.”

“Don’t be jealous when you think about it, jealousy won’t come hahaha!”

Lu Xiu said with no expression on his face: “I wanted to talk about something new in the midfield last night, and I was warned by the game.”

“The feeling it gave me at the time was like it was a well-wrapped gift, eager to show off to her, not allowing me to reveal it first.”

Xie Yi: “…”

This, then this is really bad.


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