Scream Queen Chapter 68

Xie Yi felt that with the strange aesthetic of the game, he really didn’t dare to pack a ticket to say that they were persecuted delusions.

What could be worse than the invisible and intangible rivals? After pulling it out, the brothers rolled up their sleeves and rubbed the floor together.

He comforted Lu Xiu and resigned: “But don’t pay too much attention to the game. It is isolated from us. It still likes me. I haven’t seen what it does to me.”

I don’t know if it was an illusion. After Xie Yi said this, the two of them heard a wave of disgust in their minds.

But there is no need to be so pessimistic, but Lu Xiu’s resignation is not as careless as Xie Yi.

Even if the game’s liking level is different from his, there is a feeling of aggrieved feeling that a cat and dog suddenly rushed out to scratch him next to him and his girlfriend.

After pondering for a long time, the two of them came out from the beginning and the end, and they had to go back to the box, where Zhu Yang and the others had also come to an end.

The four of them relaxed Jiu Yanhuan for a while before they dispersed in pairs.

When Lu Xiuci sent Zhu Yang home, he told her that his brother was coming back next week and asked her to come home for a meal.

Zhu Yang knew that this guy had a younger brother, but he hadn’t seen it in years.

The reason is nothing else, because Lu’s parents divorced when they were young. After that, Dad Lu didn’t look for another one. He was just fascinated by work. The father and son lived in China.

His brother was taken to the United States by his mother, and the brothers did not meet many times throughout the year.

Zhu Yang has heard him occasionally make phone calls with his younger brother. Obviously, his brothers have a kind of unfamiliar politeness. Compared with her and Zhu Weixin’s jokes, it’s a bit unspeakable.

Therefore, he does not mention the existence of the other party, and Zhu Yang usually overlooks the fact that he is not an only child.

For this kind of thing, Zhu Yang would naturally join in, so he agreed that the day would be free.

As for Zhu Yang’s internship, what is there to spare his time? Naturally, she thought it was a trip, or decided to find a job.

Without finding anything else, she airborne her father’s company as an intern.

Daddy Zhu was surprised why she suddenly had such a plan. She had said that she should come to the company to help after graduation, but she disliked it.

What is good about being in a family business? ——He did not plan to work properly in my heart.

I don’t understand why she suddenly changed her attitude. This is the premise that she now has her own investment industry.

Then I wish my father suddenly realized: \”Oh, did you lose money on the project? Say it earlier, how many blanks do you need to fill in? Dad will write you a check. If you come to the company to work, the salary is a drop in the bucket.\”

Father, father! It’s really bad for you to give birth to two children who have brains. If you want to give birth to two children whose brains are not good, you can already see the time when hundreds of millions of family businesses have been defeated.

Zhu Yang explained that he just suddenly wanted to try the working atmosphere among white-collar workers, saying that they had a theme that targeted the customer group as white-collar workers, so they had to understand it.

In other words, the business is good, you take the checkbook back.

Of course, this is all an excuse. Zhu Yang suddenly wanted to go to her father’s company. The reason was that some shadow flaws appeared on the jade pendant she sent her father away from evil and self-defense.

This jade pendant is different from the popular one-time talisman paper. Generally, the ghosts in reality, like the ghost in the tape recorder that Lin Qian hit before, are naturally not enough for it to explode to offset the attack.

However, once there are dirty things around, some warnings and adsorption measures will be issued. The flaws above indicate that the place where her dad often stays, the aura may be something wrong.

To this extent, it’s not necessarily aimed at her dad, but you have to check it out, and you will have to be affected if you leave it alone for a long time.

Zhu Weixin saw his sister do a white-collar dress the next day. It was fresh and broken: “This is rare, I can’t imagine you would wear this kind of clothes.”

According to his thoughts, his sister would be a lifelong showbiz. Even if she came out to work, she would still choose an industry that was exquisite in appearance. This kind of well-behaved dress should not have anything to do with her.

Zhu Yang took it for granted: \”After all, it’s my own home, don’t be too ostentatious.\”

It means that if you go to work at another home, you don’t have to worry about it. This bizarre double-standard remark actually drew a burst of relief from the two parents.

Zhu Yang took her father’s car and went to work together. He didn’t plan to airborne to another department to cause trouble to the work rhythm of others, so he treated himself as an intern assistant and followed her father to observe the situation.

I wish my father is also bad-hearted, deliberately teasing her: \”Then, the newcomer, go buy two cups of coffee, hot, no toffee.\”

Zhu Yang, who was playing on the mobile phone, glanced at her dad, not only didn’t mean to move, but instead called: “Go buy me a cup of coffee, with sugar and no milk, 43 degrees.”

Daddy Zhu smiled and said: \”Is you calling me or I calling you? You can get your salary.\”

Zhu Yang drew two hundred pieces and threw them out: \”No change.\”

Got it! Where does this ancestor have such a serious thought to go to work? I don’t know why.

But I’m still happy that my daughter will follow him occasionally. How good is such a beautiful girl? I usually don’t want to come out, I think they are old in their social circles.

The assistant was going to buy coffee but was stopped by Father Zhu. He got out of the car and went to buy it. It was a particularly loving parent-child interaction with him being called by a girl.

Zhu Yang disliked it before he got the coffee: \”I said, Dad, just your perfunctory level, I am the first to fire you.\”

\”Is this coffee 43 degrees? At least 50 degrees. Tsk! It’s also because of the bad conditions in the early years. My mother had limited knowledge and was coaxed by you. In this world, you can’t catch up with my mother.\ ”

I wish my father responded as usual, but the assistant’s face was already a little confused, let alone how accurate the water temperature is, this boss daughter’s picky angle is strange enough.

The boss, who is usually serious and decisive, looks cheerful after being DISS. The assistant feels that he will tighten his skin for a while because of the difficulty of serving him.

Where is the intern assistant here? Said it was his subordinate, but actually came a little ancestor.

However, his worry was unnecessary. After two days of getting along, the assistant found that the other party didn’t call him at all, and sometimes he would rather call her dad.

Not disturbing other people’s work rhythm at all, this point makes the people who work with me look different. This eldest lady is squeamish, but she can understand it.

Zhu Yang followed her father for several days, but she didn’t see anything unusual in the office building. She thought that the dirty thing was keenly hidden.

I was impatient and started to roll up my sleeves to look for it. This day, I saw the director of the personnel department who came in to submit the report and felt very strong.

It hasn’t reached the point where the ghosts are out of the discomfort of the entire space, but Zhu Yang now has so many spiritual skills, and the sensitivity is naturally different from before.

As soon as the personnel director went out, Zhu Yang asked the assistant: “What’s this background?”

The assistant took a look: \”Old Zhao, the company is an old man, and he has been doing things well, what’s wrong?\”

In the friendship of colleagues, the assistant didn’t say much before not knowing what the eldest was planning.

I listened to the eldest lady saying: \”Call in his related information, family background, recent work records, and leave reasons for leave frequency, all of them.\”

The assistant glanced at Mr. Zhu with embarrassment, but heard the eldest sneer: “Don’t worry, Mr. Zhu, I’ll take care of it. You can go to work.”

Father Zhu nodded, and the assistant had to go down and record, but after he left, Zhu Yang did not move.

Daddy Zhu said: \”Aren’t you saying you want to convince me?\”

Zhu Yang said: \”I told the people below to let them be more inertia, what kind of kindness do you have?\”

Happy Daddy: \”……\”

The files came in a short while, and the work was as good as the assistant said. It was quite satisfactory, and there was no abnormal financial situation and leave problems.

In the past few months, I have to say that the one or two employees who seem to be in conflict in front of you have been fired, but this is not too much of a dispute, just work.

Zhu Yang glanced at the files of the two employees who had been fired. The reasons for the dismissal indicated on it were indeed a major fault in his own post.

For a while, I felt that I might not gain anything from the company alone, so I decided to close the file.

Suddenly, I heard the assistant say: \”This employee is a pity.\”

Zhu Yang looked back, and the assistant saw her curiously, and said: “I passed away unexpectedly shortly after leaving the job. It is said that there are relatives in the family who were seriously ill and lived in the hospital. The company also collected donations for her.”

Saying and sighing: \”Since the family has such a heavy financial burden, how to deal with things carelessly.\”

Zhu Yang hurriedly asked his assistant to retrieve the files of the deceased employee, and found that the other party had been an old man in the company for several years, and his resume was clean. It was also a matter of the past one or two months that there were continuous work errors.

Zhu Yang frowned, the assistant seemed to see what she was thinking, and said: “Maybe it’s the family affairs that is holding too much energy? Recently, there have been many mistakes in work.”

Zhu’s company is not in a cruel and oppressive management environment, but it is not charity, and successive mistakes naturally have to follow the rules.

What’s more, before the employee died unexpectedly after resignation, I didn’t hear about the situation in her family. Otherwise, the severance payment would definitely be relatively loose if not talking about the Internet.

After learning of her death, the company also organized donations. The money was used to deal with the serious illness of the family, but because of the death of her only relative, her family followed soon.

If it is for this reason, it is really easy to feel resentful, then it is estimated that the entire unclean atmosphere of the company is the source of this place.

Zhu Yang got up: “Dad, let me go out.”

Daddy Zhu didn’t have time to remind her that it was Mr. Zhu. Seeing that they were muttering about it before, they hurriedly asked: “What? What’s the evil thing? I said, where do you want to run this kind of thing? Or find Master Xie.”

Zhu Yang had to say: “I’m just going to find Master Xie, I’m afraid you will not have time to call him, so I will find it myself.”

When I heard this, I really connected my daughter to do things reliably, and didn’t realize that he was being derogated by his daughter in terms of rights.

When Zhu Yang left her father’s office, he did not rush to leave the company, but came to the floor of the department of the dismissed female employee.

It was noon at this time, and the lunch break was approaching. Except for some people who were still busy, they had basically started to pack and prepare for lunch.

Zhu Yang randomly selected a female employee who was closing the page. The female employee was packing up her information and storing it in preparation for lunch. Suddenly, an electronic personnel file popped up on the page.

The name and photo on that file are not unfamiliar. It’s just that two months ago, everyone worked face-to-face and spent more time together than family members in a year. Regardless of the office relationship, at least the people who got along for so long died suddenly. It’s embarrassing.

But now the file of the dead person suddenly popped up, and it could not be something that appeared on the employee’s computer.

The female employee jumped up in shock immediately, so that the hands on the other side who were packing up were shaking.

\”What’s the matter with you? I was surprised.\”

The female employee pointed to the computer, her face pale and said: “Zou Qing, I just saw Zou Qing.”

Several employees were also frightened by her posture. They turned their heads and looked at her screen, but there was nothing. The files on it were the files she had just packed.

Several people breathed a sigh of relief: \”Are you busy getting dizzy? But be careful, these information is very important, something is wrong—\”

Feeling that this is not appropriate here, a few people came to the pantry.

Secretly said: \”You haven’t forgotten how Zou Qing was expelled? Maybe it’s your instinct in the early warning, please check carefully before sending it out in the afternoon.\”

The female employee was crying: “I really saw it, it can’t be my dizziness, you say-Zou Qing won’t come back to find us?”

Several people were also shivered by her nagging posture, and smiled ugly: “No, no? We have no grievances with her, and we should find Lao Zhao if we look for it.”

\”But doesn’t Old Zhao also follow the rules and regulations? Although it is not close to humanity.\”

One of them sneered: “It didn’t take long for you to come, and it happened with Zou Qing again. Old Zhao just converged, and act according to the rules? Bah!”

\”The old pervert has always liked to do things to female employees. Seeing that Zou Qing has a soft temper and has encountered difficulties at home, he still wants to make an inch of it.\”

\”As a result, Zou Qing couldn’t bear it. When he offended him, the old thing was all sorts of provocations and faults. Zou Qing has been working for several years, and everyone knows how to make such low-level mistakes? How can you make such low-level mistakes? There may be a mistake in the ring.\”

But this is all speculation, after all, they can’t find the original data.

\”Her mother’s monthly medical expenses are so high, and her family’s savings are almost the same. If she doesn’t have a job, she must look for it right away. Although it is said that the car accident is an accident and cannot be blamed, but if you really want to calculate the account–\”

Several girls were speechless one after another, and seeing the chat for a long time, and the lunch break was half past, they formed a team out of the pantry and planned to go to the restaurant for dinner.

Only after a few people left, not far from where they were just now, a figure gradually appeared, it was Zhu Yang who listened all the way in silence.

She found the location of the dead female employee and directly called the people from the technical department to come over, so that they could restore the original data of the report that had gone wrong.

The people in the technical department were busy for a while, and really found that the data had been tampered with. It was not submitted at all before it was sent out. It was the same as the reference to re-verify the revised data after the mistake.

In other words, the initial data is correct!

Zhu Yang also let people fall out of the monitoring that night according to the modification time on the computer. As expected, it was the personnel director who modified it through overtime.

Zhu Yang patted all the results on her dad’s table: \”There are still people here holding chicken feathers and making arrows to bully men and women to death. Let’s clean up.\”

Daddy Zhu was upstairs knowing that her daughter went downstairs and had a lot of battles, but she moved fast, and the employees did not come back for dinner. She wanted to minimize the impact.

But I didn’t expect that she was really caught in such a ugly thing, and Zhu’s face was black.

When the company grows, the people in it will inevitably come from all walks of life. I wish my father felt that he was kind to employees.

Compared with other peers, the treatment is more favorable, various welfare subsidies are unambiguous, and the competitive environment and promotion platform are bright and healthy.

But I didn’t expect such a thing to happen under my nose.

Daddy Zhu was furious, and the personnel director was taken away by the police. Although the death of a female employee is not legally blamed on him, the two points of harassing subordinates and the losses caused by tampering with company data are enough for him to drink a pot.

His immediate boss didn’t please him either, and he was demoted directly. He didn’t believe that he would not know what his subordinates were.

These days, not all the women who go to work are face-to-face, and they have always reacted with a strong temper, but they are still sitting in a good position, which shows that they are farting past complaints.

But no matter what, it will not help the dead employees. I want to compensate the other’s family members, but their family members also passed away.

Zhu Yang explained to her father: \”Don’t worry, we have done everything we can do, and then it’s people’s own business.\”

It took a long time for my father to react, and then he tasted what his daughters have followed him in the past few days.

Then he said in surprise: \”How do you see it?\”

Zhu Yang pointed to the jade pendant: \”When I asked for this thing, the master said that the flaws on the jade meant that the surroundings were dirty, so be careful.\”

I wish my father only regarded this jade pendant as the daughter’s heart, and the value of its own jade material.

Unexpectedly, it was really a profound treasure, otherwise she couldn’t explain the fact that her daughter found out that she had come over and grabbed one, so she immediately put it back on carefully.

He blamed the girl again and said: \”You tell me directly, can I get it if I go to Master Xie? I’m guilty of grinding it myself.\”

Zhu Yang knew that he would still find Xie Yi to do the ritual afterwards, but there is no way. After all, you can’t tell him that your girl can tear evil spirits by herself. It is better to give me pocket money if the money is made by others.

Sure enough, as soon as the personnel director left, the jade of the wishing father returned to be transparent and flawless in a few days. The female employee who wanted to come was still wronged and indebted, but she did not have much resentment towards the company.

After dealing with this issue, the time has come to the weekend. This day is when Zhu Yang made an appointment to go to Lu’s house.

In the afternoon, Lu Xiu resigned and came to pick her up. He said that his brother had already returned in the morning, but after flying for more than ten hours, he slept for a long time.

The land area of ​​the Lu family is larger than that of the Zhu family. The mountain is king alone, but the mansion is not built on the top of the mountain. It is close to the lake. To see all the buildings here, aerial photography is needed.

Zhu Yang visited Lu’s home quite a few times. He had been there when the two were dating in high school, but there was too much hesitation. It would be difficult to meet each other’s family if it wasn’t for a special appointment.

As I said before, Zhu Yang’s family and Lu Datou’s family actually have a class difference.

Her family is just a big money that broke out in recent years, but Lu Datou’s family is a rich family with a century of heritage.

However, the unexpected relationship between the two has never experienced family pressure.

I used to be young when I was in high school, and it can be said that adults are not serious, but now they have been reunited for almost half a year, especially since summer vacation, they spend a lot of time here, and they often go there to play.

Zhu Yang likes his private theater, especially watching the new blockbuster movies is more exciting than the movie theater.

I come here more often, so I greet Lu Datou’s father from time to time, and occasionally have dinner together.

However, Uncle Lu’s attitude towards her is the same as before. This person has a cold temperament, which is different from the personality of her dad who is not very dignified in front of the children. The natural atmosphere will not be too warm.

But for Zhu Yang, he was still pretty and happy at any time. He also received gifts from the other party for birthdays and other holidays. He also gave them two opera VVIP tickets during the Chinese Valentine’s Day. It seems that all the details are for her own son anyway. His girlfriend has an attitude of respecting his son’s choice.

Naturally, Zhu Yang had shown off this kind of thing a long time ago, and her plastic sisters couldn’t help being jealous and envious of her.

I want to marry a rich family, but how can a real rich family marry so easily? Haven’t you seen some female celebrities who failed to enter the house after giving birth to several births?

As for Zhu Yang, her boyfriend was so handsome, considerate, and fooled. She even hoped that a wicked mother-in-law would find something for her, and she didn’t even have a chance to relax her depression by watching a movie with melon seeds.

The car drove into the mansion and stopped at the gate. The Lu family’s younger brother Lu Li was already waiting there.

After seeing Zhu Yang, he cleverly called his sister without waiting for his brother to introduce him.

Zhu Yang had a good first impression when he saw the other party. There is no reason for him. This kid looks like a big head in high school.

But compared to his brother, his facial features are cuter, his appearance is not so aggressive, soft and fluffy chestnut hair, fair and flawless skin, standing under the warm autumn sun, the whole person is clean and cute like an angel .

The child didn’t admit to being born, and he was very enthusiastic with Zhu Yang all the way. Even though Zhu Yang might be more familiar with this place than he, he still pulled her around with excitement.

It looked so much easier than Zhu Weixin’s stupid dog, until when he was tired of strolling around and took a nap in the garden, Lu Datou said he would get them two glasses of juice himself.

As soon as they left, the angel’s brilliant smile collapsed immediately, and his eyes became sharply curved, and the curvature of the corners of his mouth carried a ridicule that seemed to be a natural smile.

The soft voice became indifferent and lazy, he directly said to Zhu Yang: “Dump him!”

Zhu Yang didn’t feel too surprised when she heard this, so she said that the child kept giving her a sense of disobedience.

At first, I thought he had a strange relationship with his brother and his relatives were embarrassed, so it was a buffer to hold her to talk enthusiastically. The original reason is here.

Zhu Yang is accustomed to confronting people, and he is naturally sensitive to the true emotions released by others hiding under the surface. The child’s eyes and aura are not very affectionate to her. Such a well-behaved and warm contact must be just a polite.

But what she didn’t expect was that this malice was second to her, and it was more aimed at his brother.

Zhu Yanghao asked in his spare time: “Why?”

I added a special sentence: \”I have been dating your brother for several years. The relationship is stable and harmonious. Even if you are a younger brother, you don’t know why you have objections, but in the end it is him who is in love with me and does not need others. Can you refer to your opinions?\”

Lu Li smiled, and even the corners of his eyebrows revealed a casual ridicule: “Do you think I am hindering you? No, I am pulling you.”

\”How can I not understand my own brother?\” Lu Lidao:\”He is a cold, light-hearted person, and will not make any effort in a relationship. One day you will understand that he cannot satisfy you spiritually He would feel collapsed and desperate when he asked for it, but he would just sit on the sidelines and would never empathize with him.\”

\”It is true that my brother is excellent, but it happens to be so. Even if the purpose is simple at the beginning with him, he will gradually be attracted to him and ask for more.\”

Speaking of the word ‘simplicity’, Lu Li paused. The meaning of this pure word here is definitely not its literal meaning.

On the contrary, this ‘simplicity’ refers to the external conditions at the beginning, Lu Xiu’s appearance, wealth, excellence, a series of ostentatious capital, etc. These purely materialized factors are called ‘simple’.

\”But he has raised your appetite, but ignores your expectations and desires. In the end, you will find that your life is a tragedy. You are nothing in his eyes.\”

Zhu Yang didn’t know if his words were pure malice or if he really felt something.

Then Lu Li leaned to her ear and continued to instigate: \”Your relationship is indeed very long, but there are three years of separation, right? I don’t know how you got together. But during this separation period, When you left, did he do anything to endure the days and nights of loneliness when you left the country alone?\”

\”Have he tried to keep you, or has he thought of any way to save you, has he made any efforts?\”

Zhu Yang looked at the child in a daze, and saw the smile flashing in his eyes and the fleeting sorrow in the depths.

She wondered, the younger brothers all over the world are stupid, right? And this guy is very technically incited.

If it hadn’t been for her to know the game now, she would definitely be unable to let go of this with her pride.

It’s just that she sighed and looked at Lu Li said: “No, I think you made a mistake.”

\”The premise you mentioned is based on the perspective of looking up. But what about your brother and I—\”

As she said, she made a gesture, placing one palm flat on her chest height: \”He is here.\”

Then another palm was placed at the height of forehead: \”I am here.\”

\”So first of all, it is clear that he is eager to be like me instead of me eager for him. If one day he pulls away, I should be stomped instead of pitifully sighing.\”

\”do you understand?\”

When Lu Li heard this, there was a long silence. His eyes towards Zhu Yang started with speculations to see if she was trying hard, and then he saw that she really didn’t have the troubles of girls in love, and she had her own set. The standards are unshakable.

His expression was surprised at first, and then a wave of unprovoked anger spread.

Lu Li sneered: \”Ah! I forgot, there is indeed, the kind of woman who is single-minded and unmoved by halfway factors.\”

\”I have known you, but I forgot to put your thoughts on this issue.\”

\”That’s right, my brother’s biggest role for you is probably the wallet and the capital to show off. As long as these two points are met, his ideas are not within your consideration.\”

Zhu Yang shrugged: \”So, I am not right about being obsessed with your brother, and you feel insulting your brother by being false to him. What is it about me?\”

After speaking, she said a few words lightly: “Are you Tsundere?”

Lu Li exploded on the spot: \”Who is arrogant?\”

When he finished shouting, he saw the woman’s gaze pass through him and looked behind him. Lu Li was startled and turned back.

Seeing his brother brought some fruit juice refreshments, he stood behind him, and was startled by his sudden gaffe.

\”what happened?\”

Lu Li’s face was ashamed and angry, and he turned his head and gave Zhu Yang a fierce look.

However, Zhu Yang smiled as if he was okay: “Nothing, I just praised him for his cuteness, I guess boys don’t like to be praised like this, it’s blown up.”

Lu Li’s teeth are about to grind, but there is no face to refute. He who rarely knows how to do it today was smashed back today. How can he not be angry?

But when his brother came over, he couldn’t say anything else.

The three of them played for a while. Uncle Lu came home in the evening. Although his face was not visible, he could see that he was very happy when the youngest son came back. Hearing the three children at the dining table talking about the jokes they had recently encountered, their appetite was better than Usually a lot better.

After eating, Lu Xiu resigned and sent Zhu Yang home. Lu Li didn’t know what was going on, so he had to go together.

This guy pretended to be well-behaved in front of his brother. Although the two brothers had a happy atmosphere, there was always a little bit of embarrassment in them.

This also caused Lu Xiu’s resignation to not say anything serious to him, let alone refuse his request. If Zhu Weixin was the one who got in the way, he would slap it up instead.

It took more than half an hour to drive between the two, and the sky arrived soon after chatting.

Hearing the movement outside, Zhu Weixin ran to the door to pick up his sister, planning to taunt the road head.

Unexpectedly, there was one person in and out of the car, looking like a big head, a big tail wolf pretending to be a sinister virtue.

Don’t ask him how he could see it. Black belly and black belly reject radar. Of course, radar with sibling filters will automatically fail.

Zhu Yang introduced them to each other, and Lu Li stretched out his hand with a sunny face: “Hello, Brother Asing.”

Zhu Weixin grinned: “How many months are you?”

The two are of the same year, but they are the same age.

Lu Li answered: “March.”

Zhu Weixin smiled and shook his hand back: “My October, hello, brother Ali.”

What a big man, a little sheep who pretends to be your sister, if you want to be a little brother, let you be enough.

Lu Li’s face went black for a moment, what kind of brother and sister is Nima? So he clenched the strength in his hand.

I wish Weixin a look, hey! Your sesame bag is really your own cobblestone? So it also increased the strength.

Both of them have similar heights and physiques, and both have one or two fighting hobbies, and their hand strength is not bad.

While both sides disliked each other, they angered each other at the same time. One was to look at the other sister’s dislike, and the other was to find the right place to vent their anger.

The two of them broke apart so much that they had forgotten to manage their expressions.

Zhu Yang suffocated a smile and tore the two apart: “It’s done, how about you have to hold your hands all night?”

When Zhu Weixin and Lu Li were separated, they were dumbfounded, Lu Li looked at Zhu Yang incredulously.

The two big men are enthusiasm that she can tear apart by a thin woman? What kind of King Kong did his brother hand over?

Zhu Weixin didn’t have so many taboos, and directly shouted: “When did you get the power of the orangutan?”

Zhu Yang took this guy’s neck and beat him, and said to the two brothers at the door: “It’s too late, so I won’t entertain you anymore. Go back quickly and drive safely.”

Then the tone of the head bowed changed to a rough and sturdy: “Go, go in, and see your sister’s orangutan power.”

Zhu Weixin was thrown in like a chicken and closed the door.

A few days later, Lu Li was about to suffer jet lag, and he was not in a hurry to come out to play, but Zhu Yang had to go back to school.

One is that there is an exam, and the other is that the selection of the next president of the sister association must also start.

Zhu Yang hadn’t figured out a particularly suitable candidate before with cold eyes, but no matter how bad he was, he had to draw a tall one from the short one.

Lin Qian and Xie Xiaomeng accompanied her on the inspection. Lin Qian kept shaking her head and sighed: “I regretted not being the president of my life.”

Lin Qian has been mixed up in the past six months, and the late-night adventure show she took is partnered with another host who is afraid of ghosts.

The uncle is responsible for screaming like a flower, and Lin Qian, a real beauty, is responsible for comforting the uncle, and her way of comfort is also peculiar.

For example, this kind of show must be false and true, and most of them have their own set. It is better to see it as a reality show-style haunted house.

For example, the uncle was frightened by the cabinet door blew by the night wind and the faint white bones inside when she shrank on Lin Qian’s shoulder.

Lin Qian couldn’t persuade him for a long time, so she tore the uncle away impatiently and opened the door of the cabinet: “You are afraid of being afraid! What’s so scary?”

\”You have more than a hundred catties more meat than it, it is a skeleton that is not as good as the late anorexic, and it walks tremblingly in front of you. You have to be afraid that you will sit down in front of you. Can you give people more care?\”

\”What do you mean for a long time? Is it mocking people that they are not skinny enough? They are starving to death, don’t be so cruel?\”

The wonderful combination of painting style and the strong contrast of the laughs made the show more and more popular. Lin Qian is also a famous host now.

Zhu Yang listened to her and said casually: “Unfortunately, you are in the same session with me, so you have to go if I go.”

Otherwise, she would really choose Lin Qian as the next president. After all, this guy has grown a lot during this period, and the gap between him and the other sisters has indeed become more and more obvious.

Then Xie Xiaomeng said: “This year, there are a few newcomers who have just joined the club. They are good, bitch, and unambiguous. The third graders at the lunch table wanted to set the rules for them but were stunned.”

Zhu Yang said: \”Then you should observe more, if you can’t reach the standard with your mouth, you also have to look at your ability.\”

As a result, the game is estimated to be based on her recent worries about the sisterhood. She feels that she can’t find a **** that meets her own standards and is lonely, so she arranges a unique occasion for her.

Zhu Yang didn’t know what it meant when he received the game notification, but it was time to return to the villa and wait to enter the game.

At the open exchange window this time, there are a lot of things that can be purchased, and it’s all sorts of things.

Just looking at the tips for redemption items makes you even more confused about the game, and it is not realistic to buy them all.

Even if you have money, you will not spend so inefficiently.

-Zhu Yang is an exception!

She just can’t spend the money, even if it’s useless, she can still give it to Qu He and the others to help her resell it.

In this window mode, there are usually only one or two really useful props, and the others are □□, but whether you can choose it depends on your face.

Well, the local tyrants are not in this list.

After the transaction, with a sense of weightlessness, Zhu Yang appeared on a road along the river bank. There were three people around him, plus her total of four players this time.

Looking down, they all wore Western-style student uniforms, white shirts, black pleated skirts, and dark gray coats.

It’s a bit like the student uniforms of Korea and Japan, and there are people who go to the same place like them. They should be students from the same school.

Zhu Yang is a bit boring, haven’t you just had one copy of the school? It’s not new again.

It is early in the morning now, and all the students talking in the surroundings are all in Chinese. At first, Zhu Yang saw the uniform and thought he had gone abroad.

So she sighed impatiently: “It’s okay for the copy to be abroad, you don’t need to fly abroad to travel abroad.”

The other three players who were introducing each other were taken aback. What did they say? When on vacation?

This time the three players did not accidentally pull in like Zhu Weixin at the time, and the difficulty of temporary replacement was as blind as his teammates.

They are all about the same age as Zhu Yang, and even the real age may only be a player of Zhu Weixin.

To reach the mid-level at this age, it can be seen that there is no lack of arrogance, but the game will also smooth out the recklessness and innocence they should have at this age.

However, before he came up, he expressed dissatisfaction with Zhu Yang’s absence. At any rate, a few people calmly introduced themselves.

Zhu Yang saw that the players in this game were pretty good, plus her configuration of two men and two women.

Needless to say, the other girl is also a Sayuri-shaped beauty, her delicate temperament makes her feel pitiful at first sight, but the toughness and stubbornness in her eyes can be seen as not something to look down upon.

One of the two boys is a tall and handsome sunny guy, and the other is an aggressive little wolf dog.

This is placed in a realistic school, at least the beauty of the school flower and school grass level.

I thought that the game would wait until later before starting the task, but I didn’t expect it to be clean this time.

While speaking, Zhu Yang sounded the mission instructions in their minds at the same time-

Lift the curse of the small town in the shadow of the immortal beauty Wei Fujiang.

Wei Fujiang, pseudo Fujiang? You pirated the game and didn’t even change the name? Just like the original Sadako (pseudo).

What about copyright?


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