Scream Queen Chapter 69

Tomie, anyone who has dabbled in Japanese horror comics is no stranger to the famous immortal beauty, who has countless shortcomings such as vanity, greed, inferior character, profligacy and so on.

With its beautiful face and talented charm skills, both men and women, young and old, can’t help but be attracted to it, and then have exclusive desire and killing intent on it, and finally kill it.

Fu Jiang will be resurrected after a brief death, no matter what state he was in when he died. Even if the corpse is divided into countless pieces, she can split into completely new individuals based on broken/corpse/blood/flesh.

Like a leech!

However, the vitality of the leech can’t be compared with this one. Any part of Tomoe’s body will split into different individuals if it leaves the body, even if it is blood stains and hair.

Even when the opponent is in extreme emotions, it is possible to split.

She doesn’t have much strength in her own right, but it just so happens that this incomparable split characteristic makes people feel tricky.

It can be said that Zhu Yang has encountered the most difficult NPC to destroy so far.

I don’t know what state Fujiang is in now. If it was fine at the beginning, if it was already in a split state, and there are individuals who are missing, then they really have nothing to do with their lives.

Fortunately, there are other statements after the game is assigned. In order not to destroy the world structure, Fujiang’s range of actions is limited to this small town.

A few people were relieved, but this was just the truth, such a big killer really has no limited scope, the world has long been occupied by Fujiang.

Walking on the street and looking around is the dense Fujiang, just ask, is it scary? No matter how beautiful a beauty is, it makes people feel numb all over.

Then the game added a limited rule-

The number of Fujiang Splits shall not exceed fifty. Once this number is exceeded, the mission is deemed to have failed.

Several people glanced at each other and seriously doubted whether this was a pit dug by the game.

Fifty seems to be a very wide number, but in fact, Fu Jiang could split into so many as long as he died once. After all, is it normal to kill people and chop them into hundreds of pieces?

And because of the game’s urinary sex, it’s not that there are forty-nine cheating things like this.

The first thing to do is not how to deal with Fu Jiang, but to determine what state the other party is in now.

I hope to be in the initial state.

The four of them had their own thoughts, and they didn’t speak much when they walked in the direction of the flow of people to the school.

But the students passing by could not help looking at them, then showed fresh and stunning eyes, and then whispered in groups.

For this closed town, the appearances of a few are indeed too conspicuous. All four of them are handsome men and beauties, and they have a temperament and a sense of fashion that are incompatible with the town.

Although everyone wears the same school uniform, and a few people don’t wear special accessories, it gives people a sense of expansiveness and envy for no reason.

Zhu Yang and several people are also the focus of the crowd in reality, and they are all at the age of school. They are used to this scene and have no discomfort. It is better to say that this is their normal state.

Zhu Yang suddenly raised his head and looked at a boy in the crowd. The boy unexpectedly collided with the beautiful woman’s eyes. He was taken aback for a moment, and his face blushed.

Then he plucked up the courage and walked over: \”Are you the new students transferred today? Do you know how to get to the Academic Affairs Office?\”

\”I don’t know, lead the way!\” Zhu Yang said: \”Keep a distance of three meters away from us.\”

The boy hadn’t digested the other party’s neatness as if he was seeking help, he was confused by the following sentence: “Why, why?”

Zhu Yang and three other people looked at him at the same time. The boys only felt the pressure was overwhelming, so they heard Zhu Yang laugh and say: “Good for you.”

The beauty smiled and said nice things in a sweet voice, but why did she feel stabbed? An illusion?

Following the introduction of the boys all the way to the Academic Affairs Office, the boys reluctantly left until the class bell rang.

Several people found the head teacher of the class they were about to attend, and the other party was also surprised by the sudden appearance of four children with such bright appearance.

After I recovered, I was a little rushed: “Well, let me go to the teacher first, take advantage of the early class to get to know the classmates, and arrange a seat.”

\”In the early self-study, you and I asked the monitor to take you to pick up the books, oh yes, I heard that you asked to live on campus, if the formalities—\”

\”No, we don’t live on campus.\” Before the head teacher finished speaking, Zhu Yang denied: \”The home has arranged a place for us.\”

The head teacher didn’t say anything, but the other three players were surprised by her self-assertion.

Another female player walking behind asked Zhu Yang: “Why are you ignoring the game arrangement? Although it is convenient to move outside the school, you can only get inquiries about the situation when you live in school and get familiar with the students?”

Zhu Yang smiled: \”I can find out where I can find out. Why do people who are not easy to inquire about telling you an outsider who has not been here long?\”

Seeing her dissatisfaction, Zhu Yang said: “Don’t worry, I will make people willing to pour everything to me.”

It’s as if a rare secret is worthy of her being treated differently or temporarily.

Zhu Yang is familiar with this kind of thing, junior high school, high school, university, this game mode is simply to maximize her natural advantages.

Seeing that she was so confident, the three players immediately understood what kind of guy this guy was in reality, with a surprised expression on her face.

The speaking room has already arrived in the classroom, and a commotion in the class caused a few people as soon as they entered.

Many students who had been studying outside the school had noticed them. They were still gossiping early in the morning. Today, the school will transfer a lot of handsome men and women. There are more good people who compare the beauty of the transferred students and how they are, and they have different opinions.

Unexpectedly, they were all assigned to their class.

The teacher Gao knocked on the table, and it took a long time to recover quiet. He looked like a good-tempered person, and he was very popular with students. He said helplessly: “Just you guys will make trouble, and you will scare new classmates to other classes. Now, let’s see if you lose.\”

There was a burst of laughter in the classroom, but a few players calmly found the target person for this mission.

Beautiful brunette woman sitting in the back row of the classroom by the window.

Looking down from the podium, the other party looked so outstanding. Her black, soft and shiny hair flashed with gem-like luster, her appearance was beautiful, her look was arrogant, her bangs were all right, and her eyes had moles of tears.

At this moment, he was frowning and looking at the podium, seemingly dissatisfied with the commotion they caused and the attention of the students.

There are a few undisguised targeting meanings in his eyes. To be more precise, the main target of this unpleasant projection is Zhu Yang.

Tomi Jiang was extremely irritated by the intuitive alarm bells of his age who encountered threats to him.

When she came to the classroom in the morning, there were students whispering. Unlike the obsessive admiration of boys and the silent jealousy of girls where she used to go, the attention paid to her was much less than usual.

Tomi Jiang was unhappy at the beginning of the day, she used a sweet voice to insert/into the topic of the boys: “What are you talking about?”

The boys turned their heads, showing their admiration to please, and they talked about the road.

Fu Jiang was short of interest after hearing this, ah! That’s how it is in a small place. It’s rare and weird, and it can be exciting for a little bit of shit.

Pretty? laugh! I can really say in front of her.

Fu Jiang casually fiddled with his hair, with disdain in his heart, when he heard a girl who didn’t know if she was interested, she suddenly amplified her voice: \”…especially the one who took the lead, is more beautiful than Fu Jiang?\”

After talking, several people seemed to perceive Fu Jiang to look over, and then made a gesture to confirm the comparison, and then nodded: \”Well! Although Fu Jiang looks good, but the aura is really incomparable, no one Dare to go up and talk, Xiaolin in the next class leads them and dare not get too close.\”

Fu Jiang’s expression was distorted for a moment. These ugly monsters were nothing more than jealous of her popularity, and then a little bit of rumours were slanderous. Fu Jiang didn’t believe it, but he was still unhappy.

She has a morbid obsession and narcissism about her beauty. No one can attack her by this.

The boys around also heard this and immediately retorted: \”That’s not what it said, right?\”

Fu Jiang nodded silently, yes! That’s it, let these ugly monsters recognize the reality, no matter how insincere they are, they can’t change the fact.

Then I listened to the boy’s next sentence: \”Fu Jiang may just have been watching for a long time and lack freshness. It should be a while later, everyone has adapted to the shock of new classmates.\”

Fu Jiang only felt that the old blood in his throat was almost choked out. He looked at the boys incredulously, but he didn’t refute?

I thought about going to see it after class, but I didn’t expect that not long after the morning class started, the people on the topic would come to their class as many as possible.

At a glance, Fu Jiang realized that his threat might have come.

The other party is a bitch, she can be sure just by smelling it, but what is terrible is that **** is really beautiful, not the sad and ugly creatures who desperately put on makeup and hair to buy beautiful clothes can not shake her sense of existence. .

She stood on the podium and turned a blind eye to the people in a classroom. The commotion and attention of the people did not make her half proud, but she was accustomed to it for granted.

Just like the queen patrolling the unfamiliar tie, everyone’s admiration and admiration are taken for granted, whether they are familiar or not.

And she Fu Jiang, in the eyes of the other party, has also become a member of these many beings.

Fu Jiang only felt that a string in his mind was broken, and at this moment, he saw the woman and looked over with feeling.

Fu Jiang immediately converged his mind and put on a helmet and armor to stand in battle, raising his spear high as if the two armies were facing each other.

But before she pulled away, the other party passed her, as if that glance was just a casual glance, and her existence didn’t make her stop.

and many more! Is this guy blind? Didn’t you see her beauty?

For a moment, Fu Jiang tightened his nails on the table, what else is that he regards the other party as a threat, but the other party ignores him the most damaging self-esteem?

She looked up and saw that several people had already written their names on the blackboard, and then introduced themselves in order.

The handsome guy who seems to be outgoing and sunny is called Yu Li, the one with unbelievable temperament is called Zhou Yao, and the other girl is called Bai Youyou.

And that bitch’s name is Zhu Yang.

The teacher arranged seats for several people, exactly four people, and added a row directly behind the middle group.

After sitting down, several players casually glanced at each other.

It is basically certain that Fujiang is still the original form, at least for this small town.

If the other party has died once, the surrounding atmosphere will not be so heartless. Although the atmosphere in the class is a little weird, it still belongs to the category of normal emotional interweaving.

Fu Jiang’s charm to others and the human pollution to the people around him cannot be achieved overnight. Human beings have different bottom lines. After crossing, it is easy to lose personality, but the first line of defense is the strongest.

After the class, the students gathered around, and because of the good atmosphere during the introduction, everyone dared to talk.

He asked them what their relationship was, and Zhu Yang said casually: “Brothers and sisters.”

Everyone was surprised: \”But your last name——\”

\”Not a dad.\”

There was an uproar around, it seemed that some terrible information was known, but it was not right? You can’t be a mom at your age.

The other three players were a little bit confused by Zhu Yang’s rhetoric, and Zhu Yang did not explain.

It was just after the people dispersed that they said to the three: “You are young, and it seems that you didn’t end up in the rookie field. If you can walk to the rookie field so quickly, you must be a type of player with a strong personal style and independent opinion.”

\”At the moment of knowing the game mission, I am afraid that they have their own plans, and with the confidence that they have won all the way, they all believe that their plan is the best.\”

Zhu Yang raised his eyes and looked at the three of them, and the other three looked back unceremoniously.

Honestly speaking, after the mid-level field, after a selection of class trials, compared with previous players, the advantages became more prominent.

Not to mention the several bandit players in the previous game, the opponent’s willfulness is worrying, but the clearance ability is absolutely top-notch in the same period, but it is completely wiped out by the game and Zhu Yang.

Even among the players in the same group as her, Li Wei and Fang Lei are not simple characters.

This game is even more powerful. It is surprising to occasionally encounter newcomers with one or two eyes in the novice field, such as Xu Wei, but the role of the middle field is like wholesale.

Although the game hasn’t started yet, Zhu Yang knows that the confidence in the opponent is proof that he has won all the way and that he has no luck at this step.

She smiled: \”In this case, let’s not waste time on persuading each other. Reluctantly unifying the pace will limit the use of personal abilities. How about acting according to our own ideas from the beginning?\”

Hearing these words, Zhou Yao, who had a glamorous temperament, laughed and said happily: “That’s right, I thought this time there would be players who preached based on their age. Really, a group of people walked up and down slowly in a group everywhere. I’m tired of watching it.\”

It seems that he likes to fight alone.

Yu Li also laughed and said: “That’s really helpful. I was still trying to convince you to support my opinion. Everyone seems to be very opinionated, not to instigate.”

This is a black-bellied heart.

Bai Youyou also shrugged: \”I don’t care, I am flexible in comparing prices.\”

The four happily reached a preliminary consensus, and some people would be curious that Zhu Yang had to accept her younger brother to carry her bags wherever she went. If it is not accepted, it can only be a situation, that is, a more suitable bag is followed.

Such as Lu Datou or her brother.

So why did she give up the initiative to control the entire player team in this opening?

There is no other reason, different types of brothers naturally have different methods of harvesting, and they cannot be generalized.

Four people went to the restaurant for dinner at noon. Naturally, it was a commotion. The aunts who sold rice were all surprised by the beauty of the four children.

A large spoonful of meat hit their dinner plate, regaining consciousness and strangled.

However, Zhu Yang looked at the level of food in the cafeteria and didn’t have any appetite. When he called, he put the meal there. He took out the phone and didn’t know what he was reading, and he didn’t mean to eat.

Suddenly her arm was hit, and a dampness came from her elbow.

When I looked up, I saw a person standing next to me, as if passing by accidentally, the soup bowl on the dinner plate was a bit inclined, and it was the spilled soup that had stained her sleeves.

Looking at it again, this reckless person is not someone else, but Fu Jiang.

The other party looked panicked and apologized, but his eyes were full of provocations——

\”Sorry, I was so careless. Fortunately, only a small piece was stained. You won’t blame me?\”

It was true that the clothes were stained the size of two coins, or she seemed stingy if she didn’t show her care, and everyone in the restaurant also looked over.

The boys were only surprised that it was such a coincidence that the recognized school flower Fu Jiang and the new eye-catching beauty collided.

But the girls are more or less aware of Fu Jiang’s urinary sex, this **** is definitely coming to find fault and pretending to be a white lotus.

It’s just a consistent routine. First of all, you will be tempted in public. If you get angry with her, there will definitely be countless boys accusing you of being careful and unmeasured, but if you have to be patient, then wait for the opponent to make progress.

Fu Jiang looked at Zhu Yang with temptation in his eyes, and he saw the other person answering: “Well, no, the clothes are a little dirty, little things.”

Fu Jiang made a relieved expression when he saw this. Just as he was about to say something with a smile, he saw Zhu Yang take off his coat unhurriedly.

Her **** posture is very beautiful, not the kind of hint of deliberate temptation, but reveals casual elegance and visually smooth beauty.

One by one, he unbuttoned the buttons one by one, flexible and light, and then opened the hem, the open collar slipped from the shoulder, revealing the white shirt inside.

Between the swing of the arm, the beautiful curve carried a dazzling strength and strength, as if it was hidden in this slender body.

Fu Jiang’s gaze was unconsciously attracted by her every move, and he came back to realize that the people around him were the same. The boys looked amazing, just like they usually see her.

But the difference is that the girls do not have contempt and jealousy in their eyes. They are even more obsessed than boys, and many of them blush with shyness.

Fu Jiang was surprised and jealous for a while, and then his face was muddled by a coat.

She tore off the clothes from her head, and said, “It’s hard to hear that,” Bitch said, “Return it to me.”

\”By the way, don’t add softener, it tastes too cheap.\”

Fu Jiang was furious, but at any rate, the fighter plane could still be free to control the emotions and anger. She held the jacket and showed an aggrieved expression on her face.

\”I, I really didn’t mean it, I obviously apologized.\”

\”Hmm! I accept your apology.\” Zhu Yang said: \”So the clothes are washed for you.\”

Then he wondered: \”Do you apologize here only in verbal form, without actual action?\”

\”Then I borrowed money or broke something, and I don’t need to pay it back, just a sincere apology?\”

When Fu Jiang choked, some girls around said: “Isn’t it, people forgive you for your recklessness, why do some people feel wronged when it is so natural to wash their clothes?”

\”It is estimated that I am used to taking advantage of it. After all, if you act like a baby, many people will forgive her for others.\”

When it comes to this kind of thing, the girls are a fire. Many times, it is clear that Fu Jiang provokes them. Once they get angry, they will be accused by the boys of being indifferent, and help them to forgive the guy without authorization.

It’s so generous that the suffering master didn’t say anything.

Sure enough, the boys have double standards. If this happened to any of them, those guys would think that it was a fuss.

But I changed to another beauty who looked like Fu Jiang and didn’t know them so well, but no one dared to come forward and be a peacemaker.

Perhaps these guys can really sit back and be fair when they have the same value, and it is natural that they are responsible when they realize that they have made mistakes.

Fu Jiang saw that the boys were like saw-mouthed gourds, but the girls were instigated one by one, and their faces were not good.

At this time, she was still just a beautiful school girl who was jealous of ordinary men and women, and she did not have the ultimate charm that death conferred to extend people’s nausea desires, and still could not inspire large-scale cult-like incitement.

I was about to find a boy to act like a baby and let him speak for her, but I heard the girl next to Zhu Yang speak——

\”It’s just a coat, forget it.\” Bai Youyou looked at Zhu Yang, with a sincere plea in his eyes: \”Sister?\”

Zhu Yang raised her eyebrows. This girl’s acting skills are pretty good, much better than Fu Jiang. To be honest, Tomie’s tricky part is her indelible characteristics and disease/poisonous deceptiveness.

Even if the character is a girl who is in a bad way, it is a pity that the brain is quite stupid, and everyone can kill her.

According to Zhu Yang’s aesthetics, his death was too uncharacteristic.

Seeing Bai Youyou seemed to have a plan, Zhu Yang did not refute her face. It may be that the person who is the next president of the sorority association has caused a headache in reality.

At this moment, Zhu Yang saw a clever scheming girl, Bai Lianhua, how to see and love it.

He raised his chin: \”Okay, throw away the dirty clothes, this one—\”

Fu Jiang thought she was going to ask her own name, so he listened to the other party and changed the conversation: “Forget it, the name is not important, I can’t remember it anyway.”

Fu Jiang almost vomited a mouthful of blood, and after holding it up, he didn’t have a paw to scratch the bitch’s face.

But at this moment, the overlapping legs of the other party changed directions, and Fu Jiang subconsciously looked at her legs.

This guy is tall, with a pair of long legs, straight and slender with even muscles, small and round knees, but the skin is smooth and tender like white porcelain. They really are the legs of a Barbie doll.

But Fu Jiang noticed the firm texture, as if there was a strength hidden in this slender beauty.

It is estimated that before she scratched her nails, she was slammed by this leg.

Fu Jiang was a little embarrassed. At this time, Bai Youyou glanced at her ‘sister’ and reluctantly said: “Alright, alright, I will throw it away for you.”

Saying that, he blinked at Fu Jiang, and Fu Jiang immediately expressed his gratitude, but his heart was full of disdain.

On the contrary, all the girls around were gloating. Seeing Fu Jiang, who was usually arrogant, was treated as a foot-washing maid for casual play, it felt so sour.

Sure enough, no matter how arrogant people are, they can’t stand the comparison.

When the two boys, Yu Li and Zhou Yao, saw Bai Youyou and Fu Jiang going out, they both shrugged, especially Zhou Yao sneered: “Woman!”

By the time school was over, Bai Youyou seemed to be mingling with Fujiang, and the two beautiful girls were laughing and laughing, like a beautiful landscape.

The sudden addition of two beauties in the class made the boys happy, and there was less time to run the corridor after class. They couldn’t help but go to the bathroom, and they would be envious of the boys in other classes.

After the end of the day’s schoolwork, Zhu Yang confirmed that the game was really a plagiarism dog. There was no late self-study in the third year of high school. After school in the afternoon, it was a variety of club activities. Is our country a national condition?

But at this time the other three players remembered that Zhu Yang rejected the arrangement to live at school this morning, and said: “Where do we live at night?”

Zhu Yang said that he had made arrangements and motioned for the three to follow her.

The three of them didn’t know, so when they stopped in front of a garden villa, they asked her dazedly: \”No, this is the hidden game configuration? It is so generous? How did you know?\”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: \”Where is there such a good thing? I rented it.\”


\”Noon!\” And sighed: \”Fortunately, the level of information can keep up with the times.\”

In reality, the three of them are still students who care about the living expenses of the family. Even if they become players, they have a wealth of money, but they don’t spend so much money.

Seeing Zhu Yang spending so much in one breath, I was a little bit embarrassed.

Zhu Yang said impatiently: “Why do you say this, who can cook? I’m hungry.”

Looking at the looks of a few people, I know that they are spoiled and spoiled at home. Who is good at cooking? They can only go out to eat or order takeaway.

At this time, I heard Bai Youyou say: “Excuse me, Fu Jiang asked me to visit the night market at night, so I won’t eat at home.”

Zhu Yang didn’t respond, but the two boys raised their eyebrows and smiled: “You move fast, why? Do you plan to do it now?”

Bai Youyou was noncommittal, and only said: “Help me leave a door.” So he put on a white skirt and went out.

It is true that Fu Jiang has not been split yet, and both the charm and the charm skills are still in the initial state, which is the best to deal with.

Taking advantage of this time to kill her in one breath, find a way to completely destroy the body, it is clean and neat.

Think about it, the middle-level game is not that simple, so Bai Youyou dare not pack up the ticket, and even whether he will make a shot tonight depends on the situation.

Zhu Yang and two handsome big boys were left to have dinner.

Zhu Yang was about the same age as the two because of her younger brother, and they were both proud and energetic teenagers. They had a good impression of them.

As for the two boys, naturally they would not have any unwarranted feelings towards such a beautiful young lady. Yan Gou’s tolerance made the three of them happy to get along.

I went outside to find a nice restaurant and ate, went to the only large shopping mall in the town to buy some daily necessities, and then went to the only pedestrian street to buy some changes of clothes.

The two big boys were also gentlemen. They took the initiative to help Zhu Yang carry the bags, which made Zhu Yang nod his head again and again: “You are the best attendants so far.”

Really, if you eliminate the occasion where Lu Datou and her brother are there, they are really smarter than the other guys.

The two boys persuaded themselves for a while that she was a female and didn’t care about her, so they didn’t give it to her and threw it back.

\”I can understand buying clothes, but why do you find a decoration company? Is it possible that you want to redecorate after living for a while?\”

Zhu Yang nodded: \”I plan to re-decorate the first floor, and it won’t change much, but at least the soft furnishings and some parts of the furnishings will have to be greatly changed. The style is a bit old-fashioned.\”

\”Why? No, does the landlord agree?\” Zhou Yao asked.

\”Already negotiated with the landlord.\” And said: \”I want to be the boss of the school, naturally everything has to be the coolest and the most desirable. Although I have no experience in a small place, my own standards cannot reduce.\”

The two of them pulled their mouths at the words, and asked logically: “Sister! In reality, are you studying abroad?”

\”No ah.\”

\”Then your family asks you to organize parties all day long and have parties at home?\”

\”Just don’t stay in the house where your parents live.\”

Oh, see, it turned out to be a trench.

But regardless of whether Zhu Yang went out to buy and buy, the two boys did not spend less, but they were more pragmatic.

The reason is okay. Although the items bought are strange, they are still within the scope of understanding.

But Zhou Yao, Zhu Yang actually saw him assemble a gun with his own eyes.

Zhu Yang pointed to the gun he was playing with: “I remember that we only accompany you into a grocery store. When did you ran out halfway to find the blackheads here, and made people trade with you peacefully regardless of age? \”

Zhou Yao raised his eyebrows, sat on the table with one leg hanging down, and shot them with a gun in his hand: “Handsome, right?”

Yu Li sneered: \”Are you so violent with your ability?\”

Zhou Yao dismissed: \”What can I hide my ability?\”

Speaking of grabbing the air conditioner remote control on the side and throwing it at the other party, the air conditioner remote control suddenly became a TV remote control.

Yu Li pressed down on the TV, and it turned on.

Zhu Yang understood: \”Can you change the form and structure of matter?\”

I looked at the bits and pieces on the table again: \”But the skill is still in its infancy, and the appearance of the changed objects cannot be too different. No wonder you just bought so many steel **** in the stationery store.\”

Zhou Yao nodded, and determined to win: “I will upgrade it to a gun that can be turned into a gun by grabbing an umbrella.”

This ability is also good. Although it sounds unremarkable, it is not suitable for direct use in combat, but if you think about it carefully, it can actually work in any situation.

But that said, there is no bad ability, it depends on how people use it.

After Zhou Yao assembled the gun, he slammed it into his backpack, changed some weapons, and said with his bag: “I’ll go out.”

\”Do you want to do it tonight?\” Yu Li disagreed.

Zhou Yao said: “The intermediate field can’t be that simple, but in case, I don’t want to be monopolized by a little sister.”

He said again: \”I know you two have other plans in mind, but I am not a strategic type, I am an intuitive type, so I will go ahead.\”

The door slammed shut, Zhu Yang and Yu Li looked at each other and shrugged.

The reasoning is: \”Why do you want to do useless work.\”

Zhu Yang said: \”Yes, even if you kill now, even if you successfully pass the level, the evaluation is the most C-level, which is not worthwhile.\”

Metaphor: \”……\”

OK, sister! Treat NPCs as piglets to raise fat, you are even better.

And Fu Jiang, who was raised with fat, was having fun at the night market with Bai Youyou.

Both were uneasy and kind, each had a purpose. Bai Youyou was sure whether Fu Jiang really hadn’t split yet.

Although the atmosphere in the class is still within normal limits, who is this guy? Regardless of the age of Renyi Girls’ high school, in fact, any corrupt relationship can be involved.

What if she had been killed once before? If the killer is not a school-related person, it is understandable that the impact spread to the school.

It’s not that she is cautious, but that the game is really capable of doing this cheating.

Fu Jiang kept inquiring about their origins, focusing on Zhu Yang.

Bai Youyou did do, but in her opinion, it was not a threat. One was that the other party was not as beautiful as her, and the other was that the other party’s temperament was not very aggressive, and he did not have the kind of pressure of **** that made people breathless.

Regarding the background of the four of them, Zhu Yang had long been an editor, and he explained that the three of them had a unified voice.

Bai Youyou’s actions on this side, Zhu Yang didn’t make trouble, but did not make trouble. She naturally reciprocated herself, and would not trouble Zhu Yang’s plan.

So, following Zhu Yang’s settings for the editor, Fu Jiang came out inadvertently.

Fu Jiang is getting more and more popular. He is beautiful, rich, and a family of handsome men and beautiful women. Where is the shabby place she lives in now? Parents are mediocre generations, and being a daughter for them would be regarded as insulting oneself.

My father was just an ordinary worker. Even if he spoiled himself, his pocket money was limited, and he had no conditions to eat his favorite food every day.

But if you are a coquettish, there are men who are willing to take her to eat, but the men in the town are not very good, the rich are full of fat, the good-looking, poor and unassuming.

Teacher Gao is better, but there is also a wife at home, and she doesn’t even spend much time with her.

Hearing that Zhu Yang and her brother and sister came to live in the most luxurious villa in town, her face was a little ugly, and she tried her best to ask Bai Youyou: “Oh? Your family must be in good condition, right?”

Bai Youyou naturally knows that this vain guy is scratching the wall in his heart, and he is also wicked, and said: “I don’t know this, my sister is in charge of the money at home.”

\”We can just care about what we want, but my sister is really very particular. I don’t eat the food I don’t like. I was hungry at noon today. In the evening they went to the Red House, hoping that the food there was more to her taste. Eat some, or you will only have to ask Mom and Dad to send the chef over.\”

The Red House is the most expensive western restaurant in town. This town is not small, but it has all the internal organs, and the game map is easy to copy from other people’s background, regardless of whether it conforms to the national conditions.

The economy of the town is not bad. There are hospitals, cinemas, supermarkets, western restaurants and cafes, and luxury stores, but the scale is definitely not comparable to the urban area.

Fu Jiang’s mouth was smoking, and he had never seen anyone more exquisite than her, so he casually said: \”Yes, you can’t stop eating, right?\”

Bai Youyou said: \”I said the same thing, but my sister said that it is impossible to be born with a picky taste. Obviously, foods that I don’t like have to be stuffed forcibly because of fullness. This is not human behavior, but feeding pig.\”

Sighing while looking at Fu Jiang’s expression: \”Fortunately, I don’t have such an appetite, otherwise I have to accompany her to starve.\”

Fu Jiang’s nose was almost flat and crooked, and he smiled ugly: “Speaking of which, I want to eat ice cream, you wait for me here, I will buy it.”

Bai Youyou also pretended not to pay attention to her emotions: “Okay, bring me one, I want chocolate.”

Fu Jiang turned around, his expression collapsed immediately.


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