Scream Queen Chapter 7

Zhu Yang closed his mouth quickly, even knowing that this female ghost could not be a substantive demon seven days ago.

However, starting from the daytime on the fifth day, this all-pervasive manifestation is indeed overwhelming.

In fact, the female ghost is not strong? Not at all, although it can’t be compared with the real Sadako, but it’s a gradual horror. First, he bumps into a ghost at night, then is disturbed in his dreams and can’t sleep peacefully. Finally, even during the daytime, you can see that face.

For another person, this kind of lightness, little by little mental delay, accompanied by the seven-day imminent death warning, is enough to destroy a person’s spirit, and even some people will not survive the seven-day official death.

But Zhu Yang didn’t know if it was in Zhulina’s house that day, with full expectations, but after being named and targeted by the female ghost ignoring the rules, as a certain string broke, something changed in his heart.

In short, her malice towards the female ghost and the determination to kill her are no less than the female ghost’s determination to herself, but she doesn’t think these pictures are scary, but Ge Ying still has it.

Zhu Lina saw the fork held for a long time and Zhu Yang didn’t pick it up, so she asked, “What’s the matter? Don’t you want to eat grapes? Eat!”

Hearing these words in Zhu Yang’s ears, her voice changed and emphasized, full of roughness and yin and yang, as if she was instigating her to swallow her eyes.

Zhu Yang had to confirm whether this ugly ghost was simply controlling her senses, or whether even Zhu Lina could influence it.

After all, the two are still very different in nature. What if she can control the actions of others and let people attack her?

So Zhu Yang said, “Zhulina, you eat.”

Julina was taken aback for a moment, confused, but still obediently stuffed grapes into her mouth.

From Zhu Yang’s perspective, it was the image of a mouthful of rotten black teeth chewing on the juice of the eyeballs, which was very shocking.

After swallowing, he made a provocative smile, with scum on the teeth.

Zhu Yang said in his heart that this female ghost really broke the jar. I guess I saw a scene where she was more afraid of disgust than ghosts last night, so I decided to change the law and disgust her with heavy tastes.

So Zhu Yang immediately decided to change the battlefield. The school people came and went, which was obviously not good for her.

She stood up and told Zhu Lina: “I’ll go back first. If there is a class in the afternoon, I will ask for a leave. Pay attention to Lin Qian and don’t let her be lazy.”

He called on Xie Xiaomeng: “You drive me home.”

If halfway the female ghost turns a pedestrian or a traffic light into a dead head to scare her, it will be accompanied by the risk of a car accident. Zhu Yang is not willing to take this risk.

Zhu Lina has no objection. She has been a human being with her tail clipped these days, but dealing with Lin Qian is much more practical than with Zhu Yang.

And this is the fifth day. It stands to reason that the female ghost can appear in the daytime. She suspects that Zhu Yang had seen the female ghost so she wanted to go back, but she didn’t know how the female ghost appeared in Zhu Yang’s eyes.

But Xie Xiaomeng was quite reluctant. In her opinion, Zhu Yang’s villa was now a haunted house, and she was frustrated.

Zhu Yang said: “There is a handsome guy in my house, are you sure you won’t come?”

The handsome guy can be pulled down, even if you still want to hunt for beauty now, it may not be cheaper for her. Rather than a handsome guy, it would be better to say that Bitch’s lewd prestige is more.

Xie Xiaomeng made up his mind to only send her home and never enter the door.

When I parked my car in the garage next to the garden, I saw a handsome guy sitting on a hanging chair outside to enjoy the sun.

To be able to get a handsome evaluation under Zhu Yangfa, it is definitely above the standard.

Xie Yi was able to run a celestial master at such a young age, and his looks and temperament were absolutely unique.

Xie Xiaomeng’s eyes straightened immediately, and immediately forgot about not entering Zhu Yang’s house.

Zhu Yang ignored the **** idiot, and found the tape when he entered the door.

As soon as Xie Yi came in, he saw her fiddle with this, and said: “Don’t you say that you can come out at any time on the fifth day to scare you? Why didn’t you see it this morning, and you started to miss people?”

Zhu Yang ignored him, but instead called out in the room: “Hey, are you there? Just show your shape now, and attach to these two goods, or I need to prepare some watermelons or basketballs for you. The dead head medium?”

There was silence in the room. The two parties had greeted each other, and Xie Yi and Xie Xiaomeng, who entered the room together, were immediately disturbed by her operation.

“Are you really going to recruit her?”

Zhu Yang waited for a long time, but the female ghost still couldn’t come out, so she said again: “What’s wrong? Don’t be shy, didn’t you just come out with a nickname at school? Do you want me to call you a nickname to come out?”

“Rotten teeth girl? Nose? Onychomycosis? Ghost without salt? Hey~~~, it’s coming out.”

Xie Xiaomeng and Xie Yi already felt that Zhu Yang was Shi Lezhi, and were busy trying to persuade them. They saw Zhu Yang moved a cushion and sat in front of the TV. They were very close, as if they could talk face to face with the people on the TV.

She clicked the play button, and the picture came to the small black room. When the female ghost sat on the dressing table to dress up, and then looked at the people off the screen through the mirror, Zhu Yang hurriedly paused here.

“It’s okay, I know you can see my words and deeds even if you can’t come out, but I can’t see what you want to say behind your face, I always feel like speaking to the air, now I can barely do it.”

After speaking, he turned out the phone, but when he took it out, he thought the screen of the phone was too small, so he asked Xie Yi to return the tablet she lent him to play games.

Open the school forum neatly with a tablet. Although Lin Qian is stupid, she is still quick in her professionalism.

In just a few moments, the building has been built up, and the reply has been hundreds of floors. A bright red H.O.T at the back shows that it is already a hot topic.

Zhu Yang opened the post happily, and aimed at the female ghost’s sight on the TV: “Come here, I know you have a miserable heart in the small dark room all the year round. If you have a psychological problem, you have to educate you, not all day long. Trouble finding beautiful women.”

“As for girls, even if you are a ghost, you have to pay attention to style. Look at people like Nie Xiaoqian and Sister Zhenzi, don’t they just spread their fame? You want to take the line of Zhenzi and this heart is not incomprehensible, but painting a tiger is not the opposite. Dogs are always bad, right.”

“So I thought of a routine for you today, do you know how to call it black and red? Since there is no such condition to follow the idol route, let’s take the comedian route. It will definitely help you open up a path in the ghost world.”

Zhu Yang was right. At this time, the children and ghosts can perceive her every move in all directions. What’s more, when Bitch turned on the TV, he really couldn’t even watch it.

So in the afternoon, the female ghost was forced to watch the ridicules about her appearance on the forum, about which domestic ghost film copied the classic female ghost heroine, and later even diverged to how this appearance was able to rise. When the heroine.

[Is there a mine at home? I’m embarrassed to guess the unspoken rules like this. 】

[No, since there are mines who want to make movies on their own, why don’t they get plastic surgery first? With so much money, even if you have teeth, open the corners of your eyes, trim your chin, and cushion the bridge of your nose-tut! So speaking, there is no need to move at all. 】

[Upstairs, what are your misunderstandings about the modern level of plastic surgery? Why should you embarrass the doctor for things that God can’t do? 】

[Crooked building, Crooked building, isn’t it about discussing how this guy He De can be compared with the rip girls, Chu Renmei and others? A reasonable guess is the hype marketing of the bad film before the release. 】

[How much traffic is the university forum? As for? On behalf of myself, I won’t go to see it anyway. 】

[Good job, since the propaganda party dared to shove in shamelessly, so shamelessly, how about we choose her first? 】

[Yes, yes, hurry up and move on to the next link, isn’t it that there is money in the P-picture competition? There is a chance to get ten thousand for P pictures. Isn’t the shopping cart waiting to be emptied? Is the game skin not attractive enough? Hurry up! 】

Zhu Yang shared and comforted: “It’s okay, don’t look at the scolding now. Isn’t there a saying that bottoms out? There are many such routines now. I am not afraid of scolding, but I am afraid that there is no heat. Oh! Seeing that someone has already started uploading P pictures, the efficiency is really fast.”

“Let me see, this one puts a candle on the head of a dead person in the refrigerator, and this toilet pops up with a P word bubble borrowing toilet paper. Hahaha is really humorous. Oh, this one is also good, you open your mouth P A bamboo rat went in.”

“Cough cough cough! I can’t do it anymore, the bamboo rat can’t survive this stalk, right? Wow, this is a more talented person who grows flowers and white teeth, and gives you a fresh and good tooth.

“I like this. If you want to give this big brother a shady operation, the first place is not good and against public opinion, at least you have to send him to third.”

Zhu Yang held the tablet and leaned forward and backward with joy in front of the female ghost, and then Xie Yi and Xie Xiaomeng looked at the female ghost who had been attacked by her brutal and inhuman spirit all afternoon. A ray of green faint blood was shaking.

Obviously an internal injury!

And the female ghost came alive from stillness, and the two watched her stretch out their hands, trying to stretch out the screen and chop off the neck right in front of them——

Strangle her! Strangle her! Strangle her!

It’s clearly right in front of you, less than a centimeter, right in front of your own eyes, why can’t you reach out? There will be one day tomorrow until the seventh day, but the female ghost feels that she can’t stand it for a second.

Xie Yi and Xie Xiaomeng watched awkwardly all afternoon and witnessed how this **** humiliated and mocked the female ghost.

Can you bully ghosts these days? I’ve never heard of this special operation.

Until the female ghost is so angry that she is internally injured and there is no real way, she can only flee away with hatred.

Xie Yi twitched his mouth: “Well, Zhu Yang, I think, do you have any misunderstandings about your situation?”

Xie Xiaomeng felt the same way: “Yes, I now think that the female ghost is the one who was killed after being tortured for seven days. I, I think she is pitiful now.”

What happened in the past few days has been smashed. It is obvious that Zhu Yang is the villain.

Zhu Yangbai glanced at them and stood up and said: “Okay, let’s eat! Tomorrow we can end.”


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