Scream Queen Chapter 70

To be fair, Fu Jiang is really not the type who can talk to people for a long time. On the contrary, she is also a type of domineering behavior.

It is really rare to be so “honestly” all day.

Now that I know what I need to know is almost the same, then people are useless.

Thinking that Bi Chi might be eating expensive dishes in the restaurant, tasting wine and talking and laughing, but she can only wander around the crowded night market, Fu Jiang is itchy.

Then she pursed her lips and made a charming smile. She thought of a good idea to let the defiant Bitch stay away calmly.

Bai Youyou was bored and waited for Fu Jiang to buy ice cream and received a text message on the way——

[Second brother is here to find you! 】

The second brother of God, who didn’t know, thought it was the brother who was worried about playing outside and the sister who had forgotten the time to find out.

A few of them are arranged in family size according to their age, except for Zhu Yang and their age difference of three years, they are all the same age.

The month is the biggest, and Zhou Yao is the second, she is the youngest.

Saying that the second brother is coming, it’s nothing more than seeing her take the lead and someone can’t sit still.

She hasn’t decided whether to do anything, but when this newsletter came, competitiveness and oppression helped her make a decision.

However, there are so many people in the night market at the moment. Regardless of her delicate appearance, she is not quietly attacking.

The teammates in the past wondered how she had a good affinity with such a brutal and **** skill, and Bai Youyou was also helpless.

I still have to lie to that guy to a quiet and clean place, otherwise killing her will only make the game difficult.

After thinking about it, I suddenly realized that Fu Jiang said he was going to buy ice cream, but it has been quite a while, and the dessert shop is not far away.

Just thinking about getting up and looking for someone, Bai Youyou’s eyes moved and she sat back again.

There was no reason, because she didn’t know when a few gangsters had already surrounded her, looking at her with malicious eyes.

Bai Youyou looked scared, and her eyes were watery like a deer: “Who are you looking for?”

The gangsters around her became even more excited. One of them said: “I’m looking for you, didn’t you say that I should go to the riverside to grill?”

After talking about a few people, he forcibly pulled Bai Youyou away. Bai Youyou was panicked and at a loss, and seemed too scared to even call for help.

They could only raise their heads and use their eyes to ask passers-by for help. One or two who noticed her were punched by the gangsters who walked in front of them before they came up.

Several people pulled her directly through the back of the row of stalls, and through the grass to the secluded riverside bridge hole.

When Bai Youyou was pulled out of the night market, she saw a shadow flashing by the light box of a shop.

If it weren’t for her to be a player, whose eyesight cannot be matched by ordinary people, she would have missed the sinister smile on the faces of that person and that guy and expecting something.

There are some Japanese dogs in Bai Youyou’s heart. She still thinks that she has moved fast enough, but she didn’t expect that in terms of her mobility, this monster that seems to have not been demonized is unambiguous.

Even if the average person wants to do bad things, there will always be a process, whether it is an inner struggle or a cumulative qualitative change.

This guy is good, as long as there is dissatisfaction in his heart, he can do it immediately without hesitation.

To be honest, this kind of unprepared decision made Bai Youyou quite admire, but unfortunately the other party did not have the intelligence to match it, and the motivation was hard to explain.

At this time, she had been dragged to the ground of the bridge hole by the gangsters. It was dark and secluded, and there was no one at night. It was no longer suitable for blackmailing or addicts to gather.

Bai Youyou also reduced the panic on her face. A small face was expressionless, and she waved away and grabbed her hand a little impatiently. Her voice was no longer the usual sweetness and softness, and she said indifferently: “Isn’t it talking about barbecue? ?”

It was surprising that the two people who caught her were pushed away at once, but I didn’t care too much to see that she couldn’t run here, and the others only acted as the two guys loose their hands.

Seeing Bai Youyou’s reaction, several people laughed and said, “Oh! Little sister is angry? The hospitality isn’t enough.”

“Come on, tell brother what you want to eat? Is the sausage good?”

“The sausages are good, there are several here, you can choose any, you can eat all of them hahaha…”

These **** are only in their early twenties, not much older than them, but being young will not diminish their greasy nausea.

Bai Youyou has struggled all the way since entering the game, and nearly twenty copies of the game are enough to allow her to see the evil of human nature that she has never heard of before.

Even because of the weak appearance, not only ghosts or NPCs, but also sinister ideas by teammates.

But occasionally one or two teammates now have more than one meter of grass on the grave, so don’t look at the girl’s young age, for such foul language, it is really not touched at all.

What are you doing? What kind of anger can’t be eliminated by cutting the opponent? If it doesn’t work, cut twice.

So Bai Youyou sneered: “I like to eat meat strips more than sausages, especially brisket and thighs. Don’t freeze them, just torn them off and grill them.”

The little gangsters are happier, and the leader directly drags off his shirt: “Little sister likes breast and thigh meat, come here, brother will bite you, but be careful, don’t get into your millet teeth .”

This little beauty actually stepped forward, stretched out her soft white hands like dough, and touched her chest.

The soft touch immediately made the other party feel comfortable, and the envy and eager voice around him became louder.

Then I saw a weird smile flashing on this beauty’s face, and her five fingers changed her claws and pulled down——

With a visually fluttering movement, five **** skin and flesh wounds suddenly appeared on the opposite bastard’s body, and the blood burst out at that time.

The sound in the bridge hole stopped abruptly, followed by a painful wailing.

“Ah–” the little **** fell to the ground and screamed, but the others saw Bai Youyou slamming his hands.

The meat foam on his hands was thrown to the ground. It was exactly five whole meat strips over ten centimeters long.

Take a closer look at her original fleshy pink, round and lovely nails, which have long turned into metallic black, like slices of sharp scrapers.

Bai Youyou turned her head and smiled: “Don’t you want to barbecue? The meat is ready, set fire.”

The pure white rabbit turned into a bloodthirsty demon, accompanied by a **** howl, the contrast at this moment was too shocking.

I don’t know who reacted first. First, one person screamed and ran out, and then the bridge hole was full of scattered figures.

After there was no one in the bridge hole, Bai Youyou walked out boringly, and washed the blood on his hands with the water in the river.

He sneered and muttered to himself: “Tsk, it’s really hot!”

Although she was not at ease, it was all right.

At this time Fu Jiang is no longer in the night market. Bai Youyou doesn’t know where her home is, and Naxin directly went to the door to kill the idiot, but she must run into Zhou Yao now.

In this task, everyone is so full of virtuous competition, and she has no trouble not complying with that potential tacit agreement.

She took a step first, and then Fu Jiang gave a move, and then ignoring the order and entanglement would not look good, only let the next person continue.

Bai Youyou returned home unwillingly, and at the same time Fu Jiang also returned to his home.

It’s just that she didn’t know that there was a figure that had been behind her since she left the night market, silently.

Fu Jiang kicked to the gate of the yard, and looked at this shabby house with a sigh of relief.

She wants to live in luxuriously decorated high-end apartments or spacious villas, rather than nesting in this poor and gloomy place every day, eating the garbage that some people call pig food.

It was getting late, but Fu Jiang didn’t shy away from disturbing others, knocking on the door impatiently.

She wrapped the key and was too lazy to take it out and open it. There was footsteps inside, and she opened the door quickly. It was Wei Fujiang’s father.

Wei’s father was very dissatisfied with his daughter’s late coming, so he hurriedly pulled her in: “Fu Jiang, why are you coming back now? Did some man ask you out again? He said what he wanted and told him that he would satisfy you. , Don’t look for those men.”

Tomie was already in a state of irritation, and he sarcastically said, “Satisfied? I said I want to move to a villa. Did you satisfy me? I said I want to buy beautiful clothes for this season. Did you satisfy me? Did you satisfy me that I was going to eat foie gras?”

Father Wei said: “Didn’t you just take you to buy clothes and have a big meal last weekend? You also said that you like Dad the most.”

Fu Jiang sneered: “You can only eat once a week. You can be thankful that the daughter you raise is me. I don’t choose anything to feed me. If I want to change, I will die of starvation.”

Then he said: “What I like is my father who paid for me to buy things. Are you rich now?”

Father Wei hurriedly took out his pocket, took out a few banknotes from it, and prepared to give them all to Fu Jiang.

At this time, Wei Mu walked out and said, “My husband, I have to pay the utility bill tomorrow. The air conditioner in Fujiang room was on every day last quarter, and the electricity bill was quite high.”

Father Wei waved his hand impatiently: “I know, I will think of a solution tomorrow.”

He said that he would still pass the money left at home this month to Fu Jiang. Fu Jiang was about to take it, but suddenly a hand stopped the banknote: “What can you do tomorrow? You borrowed all the money.”

“I borrowed it from my brother, right? It was agreed to be used for living expenses, and you gave it to Fu Jiang all at once. There are so many days left this month.”

When Fu Jiang saw this, he hung up his face immediately: “Dad, if you don’t want to give it, just say it, don’t sing with mom.”

“It wasn’t much at first. You can’t just go out for a meal at will. Who can I show you this money?”

Father Wei hurriedly said: “No, there is only so much on my father, you know, if there is one, I will definitely give it to you.”

Fu Jiang yelled impatiently, “Why is my father a poor man.”

Father Wei aggrieved: “Wait a little longer, the salary will be paid in ten days, and there is really no way now.”

“There’s no way you can’t steal it?” Fu Jiang took it for granted.

After speaking, my mother slapped me: “What are you saying to your father?”

Fu Jiang raised his head in disbelief, unable to believe that this old woman who he disliked and hated dared to beat her.

But without any reaction from her, Father Wei directly slapped his wife on the face.

He quickly wanted to touch Fu Jiang’s face, but she opened his hand disgustingly. When Wei’s father saw the shocking red marks on her white and tender face, he was immediately furious.

Turning around, he punched and kicked his wife again: “How can you hit my Fujiang? Did my woman let you hit like this? Ah? How about hitting you?”

Wei Mu cried repeatedly, and the living room was chaotic.

But Fu Jiang was irritable and unbearable: “Dad, can you keep your voice down? Mom is too noisy. Go back to the room and fight. I want to rest.”

Upon hearing this, Wei’s father actually grabbed Wei’s mother by the hair and went back to the room.

Fu Jiang returned to his room and slammed the door. Everything at home made her unhappy.

Especially when she thinks that another **** is now in a warm and spacious mansion, enjoying black tea and soft pillows on the high bed, she is even more angry.

Why can the guy who ignores her beauty–

Anxiously taking off his school uniform jacket and preparing to change clothes, Father Wei opened the door without authorization and entered from the outside.

Licking a smiling face to please: “Fujie, are you sleeping now?”

Fu Jiang said impatiently: “Sleep, go out!”

Father Wei walked over and held his daughter’s shoulders: “It was just that the woman was not good. Dad has helped you fix her. Don’t be angry, OK?”

If we say that in the first few days of each month, when Wei’s father had just paid her salary, Fu Jiang would still have a good face, then at the end of the embarrassing month, Fu Jiang was simply impatient to see him.

Father Wei didn’t see her face, he became more and more obsessed as he watched his daughter’s figure, holding a strand of her hair in his hand, and putting it under his nose to smell and smell.

Seeing Fu Jiang was about to get angry, he hurriedly took away the garbage bags and left the room.

Both the Wei family and his wife both have jobs, but because of the huge expenses of their daughter, they have been living very hard.

The two often work overtime until late, so the garbage is only thrown out at night.

Father Wei took two bags of **** out of the house. One big bag was the sum of all the **** in the house, and the other small bag belonged to Fujiang’s room. One bag in one hand and one bag were never mixed.

When he came to the trash can not far away from the house, Wei’s father threw the big bag of trash into it, without nostalgia. This is the normal attitude towards trash.

But he squatted down/opened the other small bag, carefully sorting them into categories, throwing them into the trash can like ordinary garbage, while the hair belonging to Fujiang or the fragments of nails were carefully wrapped in a handkerchief. Good to put away.

Throwing out the trash did not finish for half an hour.

During this period, Wei’s mother in the couple’s bedroom also moved.

After her husband left the room, she cried for a while with a swollen nose and embarrassed face. She didn’t receive any comfort or mercy, and she had to dry her tears and sit up silently.

Then she opened the closet and took out a locked box, carefully unlocked it, and then removed the photo, jewelry and other memorials, revealing a small flip box at the bottom.

Take out a jet-black wig from the box with a beautiful texture like silk.

This wig was made of Fu Jiang’s hair. Her hair grew very long that year and it was too difficult to manage, so it was built to a normal length.

Mother Wei collected her hair and made a wig.

Mother Wei gently put the wig on her head, taking photos in the mirror fascinatingly, and even combed the wig carefully with a comb, as if it were a part of her body.

“It’s so beautiful~” she murmured, not sure if it was the hair or herself after wearing the wig.

Then there was a sound of closing the door. Mother Wei was taken aback. Knowing that her husband was back, she hurriedly took off the wig and hid it.

If you let him see it, he will definitely take the wig away.

I just don’t know if it was too hurriedly and too hard or where it was hung, Wei mother only felt that the scalp was pulled off the moment he took off the wig.

But she didn’t care and locked things before her husband returned to the room. Before long, the whole house turned off the lights and plunged into darkness.

On the roof of a house less than 20 meters away from their home in a straight line, he used a gun to aim at Fu Jiang’s window, intending to use her to kill her when she was asleep. However, Zhou Yao, who had been overwhelmed by the fire, was silent. Put the gun back.

He is not an analytical type, but he is also not a fool and has a strong instinct.

The signs exposed by this family are already very obvious, although the pseudo-Fujian may not have been killed yet, it has completely aroused her physique and turned into an undead beauty that no one can resist.

But he was almost certain that if he slaughtered the opponent right now, the game would definitely make a person grow under the wig, or the nails that the man put away.

Of course, you can burn the entire house, but as long as there is a trace of pseudo-fujiang outside, the game will never give you such a simple and complete task.

I used to have a fluke of testing, but now I can almost confirm the hint given by the game.

Wanting to seize the opportunity to kill her before she really mutates, this is nowhere.

If you have to kill it, you may have to cause trouble. Everyone has learned the game.

Zhou Yao had to go back to the villa depressed, and ran into Bai Youyou who came back with the same depressed look at the door.

She was cleaning her nails, as if there was something stuck in the nails and not getting out.

Seeing him, he raised his head: “Yo! Brother, didn’t you say to pick me up?”

Zhou Yao blurted out: “Oh! I didn’t get anyone, and didn’t want to run in vain, so I just skewered skewers outside and drank a few bottles of beer.”

The two looked at each other and said at the same time: “It’s useless!”

“Find out, I took the initiative to give up the action, which is different from someone being shaved.”

“I’ll just wait and see. If you really want to do it, it will be over before anyone arrives.”

“Then what will you see by the sidelines? I can get you so bad in less than a day? Isn’t this a setting that you can know by reading a comic?”

Bai Youyou choked and didn’t want to fight with him. When he returned home, he saw’sister’ and’brother’ sitting on the sofa drinking black tea and playing chess.

He pouted and stretched out his hand aggrievedly: “Sister~, look at my nails, I can’t get the meat stuck out.”

When Zhu Yang and Yu Li looked down, they saw a pair of white hands that were tender and tender, with round nails and fine nail beds. Of course, this kind of stuff was stuffed in and it was difficult to get it out without tools.

Zhu Yang saw the faint bloodshot eyes in the nails, and knew that the girl had opened a scoop.

He smiled and said, “Be careful that a person grows out of your nails at night.”

Bai Youyou shook: “It’s not her.”

As he said that, he told the story about the pseudo-rich Jiang who instigated her to do her, and said, “I still want to make friends with her. How can she treat me like this?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Want to kill her friend?”

“But I really love your plastic and double-label personality.”

Yu Li and Zhou Yao looked at each other. This style of painting is popular among girls now?

How malicious is the game to cook a few big sesame fillings together?

However, even though they got nothing today, Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao are not really a pity. It should be said that if people take advantage of this bargain, it can only be a surprise, but it is expected that they will not give up.

After all, the game pursues drama, and the good thing like the end of the play is rarely leaked from the fingers.

Bai Youyou returned to the room and saw that the three of them went out to buy things and didn’t forget to buy their own shares. They were as big as a more comfortable soft pillow, as small as a toothpaste and toothbrush in pajamas.

I was overjoyed, I just felt that so far, the players in this game are getting along the most tacit and pleasant.

But the next morning she knew that she still underestimated Zhu Yang’s purchasing power.

When this small town is of such a small scale, is she able to rent villas, decorate villas, and buy bedding and clothes already in the limited space and play to the limit?

No, when the three of them got up and saw a luxury car parked downstairs, and another business car brought a few staff over and sent Zhu Yang’s online purchases to the villa, the three of them were confused. .

Zhou Yao said: “Are you planning to settle here? Can these be retired?”

They looked at the exquisite boxes that were opened one by one, which were full of expensive jewelry and famous clothing.

There are also four sets of school uniforms, the style of their school, it can be seen that the texture is the difference between Ferrari and small three-wheelers.

Zhu Yang said: “I spent ten times the labor cost and let people customize it overnight. The decent school is not easy to wear private clothes, and it does not affect the students. However, the broken school uniform makes it impossible for me to wear it. Up.”

Zhu Yang felt that he was more and more able to worry about others now. Like the previous electric shock school, it was originally not a serious school, so there is no such worry.

But the three of them don’t think so!

Sister, do you really know how to write the word swagger?

Tucao replied, but the three of them also knew that this was probably just wishing the central bank to move. She supported their actions, and they naturally cooperated with her.

And in fact, they have been taking advantage.

Bai Youyou said: “Sister, how much have you spent on going out?”

Zhu Yang said indifferently: “The last time I earned 40 million extra rewards, this one can be a little extravagant.”

Isn’t it a little bit?

But looking at her like this, the goal that should be targeted is not just to clear the level. If this game is like her extravagance, reaching A-level will only save money.

But fortunately, many things can be brought out with ten points, and there will be no blood loss.

Zhu Yang urged the three of them to change their clothes, and the boys decorated them with delicate diamond cuffs and other low-key details.

Girls are much more convenient. She wears a chic hairpin studded with broken diamonds and a lovely gold-plated bracelet for Bai Youyou.

The material is secondary, but the design is more important. A small bracelet is worth tens of thousands, let alone issuing a card.

Zhu Yang smiled and said: “This brand is a bit like our H house. I was only going to make do with some, but I didn’t expect the design style to be quite satisfying to my appetite. This time I can buy something and go home again.”

He said happily: “Thank you for the quality of this world. I am really worried that people outside the town will not be able to get in.”

It was the clothes that had to be removed again, but this time someone was asked to remove them in the game and then take them out. She saw that the two older boys were quite free.

Yu Li and Zhou Yao, who had just changed their clothes, were stared by her.

The four of them drove to school after breakfast. Zhou Yao drove the car, he was only 18 years old in reality, but he actively learned a lot of skills in the game, which is naturally the same for others.

Zhu Yang bought this sports car, not for performance, only for pretending, the brand of this world car is not very different from reality.

But even people who don’t understand cars, when they see this car, the first thought that comes up will only be ‘very expensive’.

The streamlined body, cool appearance, and dashing figure suddenly stopped at the school gate when the school was about to close, and four dazzling and beautiful handsome men and beauties descended from above.

Not to mention the students, the teacher guarding the school gate to check their appearance was dumbfounded.

Where is going to school? It’s just a daydream special for idol dramas. Everyone who gets out of the car glows from head to toe.

Yesterday, I saw their brothers and sisters in the family and they weren’t like ordinary ones. I didn’t expect such a dazzling background.

Teenagers and girls of this age are always interested in crude and direct material ostentation, otherwise, the theme of idol dramas of the same type will not endure.

The students who were about to rush to the classroom were no longer in a hurry. They gathered around the school gate, whispering in surprise and envy.

Fu Jiang usually came to school late, and he came here wandering when the door was about to close, and I just saw this scene.

In the past, wherever she went, it was an existence that attracted the attention of others, but now no one looked at her.

Fu Jiang grinned his teeth and saw that the few people had entered the school at a superior pace, where they passed like a magnet, and the surrounding group of guys followed them like shavings of iron.

As soon as I entered the classroom, I heard the chirping voices of the girls——

“It is the flagship model of the N family this season. I read it in the magazine, so I brought it to school?”

“I checked the price specially, because when I saw the advertisement on the Internet, I liked it too much. The bracelet is more than 40,000, and the card issuing is several times more expensive. Doesn’t it hurt if it breaks?”

“My younger sister’s is okay, it’s basically a girl’s light luxury, and the two earrings of my sister are the real thing.”

“Yes, although it looks low-key, it is such a big diamond after all.”

Fu Jiang followed the discussion of the people and looked at him. First, he was surprised that Bai Youyou sat here well, but she saw her being taken away with her own eyes.

Originally, I was in a good mood waiting to appreciate the heavy face of Bitch, or the other party was too frustrated to come to school.

But in the next second, Bai Youyou’s eyes were caught by the diamond-inlaid lily hairpin on Bai Youyou’s head. The hairpin clearly showed that she and Teacher Gao hadn’t bought her for a long time.

It is said that although the tigress in his family has money, he is tight with him. Even if he usually eats and has gifts, there is nothing he can do with such expensive jewelry.

Looking at the **** of her sister, there is no ostentatious decoration on her body, only two simple stud earrings, but a closer look reveals that it is absolutely valuable.

Fu Jiang only got a little bit of pocket money when he lost his temper last night. Under the extreme materialistic comparison of the luxury car jewelry beyond the scope of high school students, the dissatisfaction in his heart has been twisted and poisoned.

This is more than that. Seeing her come in, the girl who has a good deed sarcastically said: “This is the beautiful and golden life winner.”

“They are all handsome men and beauties who walk together. They don’t look like some people—for some benefit, they are surrounded by fat-headed uncles and ugly and ugly gangsters all day long, and these boys at school are just stupid and blind.”

After Hua finished speaking, the chair was kicked over, Fu Jiang grinned badly: “It’s blocking the way, ugly!”


The girl wanted to tear, but she was stopped by the people around, and she saw Fu Jiang walking straight like Bai Youyou.

He smiled and said: “Where did you go last night? I didn’t see you when I came back from buying an ice cream. I looked for it for a long time.”

Bai Youyou raised her head, her eyes flashed, and a smile suddenly appeared: “Oh, a few brothers said to invite me to have a barbecue, but they found that there was no fire, which made me look forward to it in vain.”

Fu Jiang received a call from gangsters yesterday, saying about monsters. She was half-dreaming and half-awake and impatient to deal with them, so she didn’t care much about the content.

Now it seems that someone in her family rescued her, right? Gee! It’s really convenient to have money.

Then I saw that their clothes seemed to be different, and asked: “Your clothes—”

Bai Youyou smiled: “Ah! Oh, my sister made it to order overnight, saying that the fabric of the school uniform is too ugly, and the skin will be rough after wearing it for a long time.”

He secretly said to Fu Jiang: “We don’t care, she can’t stand it anyway, she has to let us change too, and said how vulgar is the skin to endure this friction.”

Fu Jiang glanced at the school uniform on his body, faltered and did not lift the table.

At this time, the class bell rang, and there was an exam in the morning. Originally, the teacher came over after considering a few freshmen, and the study progress did not adapt.

But I didn’t expect all of them to adapt well, and I continued to test them individually, and found that they were at the forefront of the school. I was very happy for a while and praised and praised several people in the class.

Good-looking, rich, smart, dare to be better?

The fact is!

The fourth episode is physical education, boys and girls put on gym suits.

Because he was going to play basketball, he took off his jewelry and put it in the locker.

As a result, in a match against another class, Zhu Yang dragged four pieces of waste wood to kill the basketball team of the other class.

The gym suit with short-sleeved shorts is worn on her, the perfect curve is exposed, and her long hair is randomly tied into a ponytail, handsome and neat.

Basketball plays freely in her hands, offensive, defensive, dribbling, fake moves, running like a snow leopard hunting gracefully, I have never seen any girl playing basketball with such momentum.

With sharp eyesight, with the momentum wrapped in Wan Fu Mo Dang, at any point in the court, in any pitching posture, the basketball can enter the basket steadily.

The girls were already blushing and screaming around, and the boys gradually stopped their matches and watched them, and then all they were left with was to call and applaud.

The physical education teacher burst into tears, as if seeing the future hope of the national team.

In other words, is this really a technology that high school students can have? Although the opponent’s ability is limited and the defense is not enough to watch, but the speed and the accuracy of any point on the court, can professional stars do it at any time?

But Fu Jiang’s focus was different. She looked at the person in the court, and the skin on her whole body was as smooth as jade, without any blemishes.

The posture is agile, with strength and elegance emanating from the bones. The two contradictory properties blend into a breathtaking beauty.

Sweat ran down her chin and across her neck, like a sparkle.

Regardless of any other factors, the two are the same in appearance. Fu Jiang is a malignant flower that has not yet blossomed, and its charm is still within the normal range.

And Zhu Yang’s body has been strengthened again and again through games, and the accumulation of spiritual power condensed by multiple abilities is usually good, but when he really wants to release his charm, it is actually very incredible.

It was an attraction that was completely different from the pseudo-fujiang, just like a bog without bones and a dazzling glow.

Fu Jiang was shaken and panicked for the first time. She walked up, patted the shoulders of the two boys, and asked them to say something.

Then the two boys left the gym without being noticed.

No, someone paid attention. The three players kept paying attention here in a low-key and vague manner, but they didn’t see any movement.

They probably also know that Zhu Yang’s purpose is to use the pseudo-Fujian’s jealousy, comparability, and sense of materialism to continuously grind her heart, trying to catalyze something.

But they can’t guess what kind of inner-level chemical reaction will be brought about by doing this. Anyway, the pseudo-fujiang is temporarily unable to move, but they can watch it.

At the end of the game, the whole stadium was talking about Zhu Yang, Zhu Yang, and Zhu Yang.

In fact, it is not now. Since the four of them appeared yesterday morning, others may not have noticed, but Fu Jiang himself knew that few people discussed her in the past two days at school.

Fu Jiang is very persistent about whether he is the most eye-catching focus among the crowd. Zhu Yang is also the same in this regard, but his expressions are different.

After the physical education class, everyone went back to the locker room to take a bath and change clothes. When Zhu Yang put on his school uniform and was about to get the earrings, he found that only one pair of earrings was lying there.

Zhu Yangle is going to steal only one, which is interesting enough.

Bai Youyou leaned over when he saw the situation inside, exclaimed: “Sister, why is your ear stud missing one?”

As soon as this was said, the entire locker room was silent for a moment, and then hurriedly came around, seeing that there was really only one left in it, and everyone panicked.

“Will it be brought to the ground by clothes? Everyone helps to find it.” A girl said anxiously.

It’s impossible not to check such precious things. When that happens, everyone will be suspicious. If you say it, you won’t see anyone.

For a time, the entire locker room became a mess, and Fu Jiang walked out slowly.

“Don’t bring such a valuable thing to school. Look at it. If it is missing, it will cause more trouble? We have to be suspects for no reason.”

He looked at Zhu Yang and said, “When Zhu Yang killed the Quartet on the court just now, I didn’t expect to face this kind of embarrassment when he came back?”

Some girls are not happy to hear it. In fact, they also think this is troublesome, but they subconsciously want to take Fu Jiang: “You don’t talk coldly, maybe you stole it, but you have a history of stealing things, not Teacher Gao suppressed it. You have been remembered.”

Fu Jiangdao: “You need to show evidence to say this. People around me have seen the gym where I went out together.”

The girl bit her lip unwillingly, and didn’t want to entangle her with this kind of thing. It was important to find the earrings first.

When I was busy, I heard Zhu Yang said: “Forget it, don’t look for it.”

Fu Jiang and the other girls looked up and saw that she took out the earrings left in the cabinet and said: “It’s just a pair of earrings, small jewelry. There is definitely a risk of loss when you bring them out. Which girl doesn’t lose some ears inexplicably a year. Pin hairpin rubber band?”

“If you lose it, you will lose it, so there is no need to look for it.”

As she said, she threw the other one away. The earrings drew a beautiful silver light in the air, and fell into the trash can accurately, just as accurate as her shots on the court.

Then the two sisters walked out of the locker room carelessly, without a second glance in the trash can.

Just like the expensive earrings that are still valuable even if one is lost, they are as valuable as the other garbage in them.

The girls in the entire locker room were dumbfounded. They didn’t hear a sound for two or three minutes, and then they couldn’t control their sights into the trash can.

Only Fu Jiang’s face was pale.



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