Scream Queen Chapter 71

In the end, the monitor called the teacher in time to avoid breaking the head for grabbing the trash can.

The teacher was also shocked when he picked up a huge diamond from the trash can. The boys in the class knew it before the next class started.

They were amazed at the inhumanity of this house, and they were still talking about bringing such valuable things to school without fear of losing them.

After all, their school is not so rigorous and simple. After all, there is such a middle school in the town. There is no screening for the admission criteria. There are some who bury themselves in school, and there are also some who make trouble all day long.

Unexpectedly, since people wear it lightly, it is really treated as an ordinary accessory, and the posture is lighter than the earrings bought by girls of the same age in the ten-yuan store.

After all, if you buy it at a ten-yuan store, if you lose it in the right style, I will regret it for a while.

After the last class in the morning, the head teacher Gao came to the class to return the earrings to Zhu Yang.

His wife has a good family background and is one of the best here. There are also some jewellery collections in the family. He will naturally develop some eyesight when he sees more.

At first, I thought it was a girl wearing a glass or crystal material for play, but when I took it back to the office, it turned out to be a diamond.

According to the squad leader, the other one was probably stolen. In terms of value, it is definitely a major theft case. Report to the police. At this time, most of the police in the town bureau were able to move.

Teacher Gao hurriedly found Zhu Yang and said: “You put this one away first, do you want the teacher to call the police for you?” This is not a trivial matter. If anyone dared to steal this, it would simply put the reputation of the school on the bottom of their feet. ”

Generally speaking, if there is a theft or conflict between students, the school’s solution is naturally to solve it internally and never go outside.

What’s more, what a scandal is it to alarm the police station?

But Zhu Yang’s value is too great, and no one can deal with this loss and muddy of at least tens of thousands.

Looking at the high-profile and extravagantness of these freshmen, although they were not clearly stated in the files before the transfer, they were obviously from a distinguished family background, so you shouldn’t be negligent anyway.

I have to change other students, and the value of the lost things is within the normal range. It is estimated that I was called to the office earlier to tell me why I brought such valuable things to the school.

Some things are more cautious to be extreme.

Teacher Gao looks right now. He is young and elegant. He is humorous in class and patient with students. He is deeply trusted by his classmates, especially the girls.

Zhu Yang didn’t know if his relationship with Fu Jiang was also set by the game, but his attitude towards him was normal.

Hearing the words, it doesn’t matter:”Don’t use the teacher, you should just accidentally fall somewhere. Since transferring school yesterday, the classmates have been enthusiastic and friendly to help us adapt. This intention is very precious to me. I don’t want to put any classmates, especially the cute girls in the class, into an embarrassing situation. ”

“They are very good, and should not be questioned or speculated because of this accidental and negligent accident. ”

The girls in the class changed their eyes when they looked at Zhu Yang, feeling sweet in their hearts.

I used to slander her for bringing such a valuable thing to cause trouble, and I couldn’t help but feel convinced by this demeanor and emotional intelligence.

Teacher Gao didn’t know how to react to her indifferent attitude: “But this—, at least take back the rest. ”

No one can handle such an expensive item.

But Zhu Yang said casually: “No, there is no reason to throw it away. If the school really doesn’t know what to do, let’s make up for the restaurant. ”

This is the fact that the school has more than a thousand mouths, which are used up to eat quickly and are distributed to everyone. No one can say that.

Seeing that Zhu Yang didn’t care and insisted, Mr. Gao had no choice but to bring the diamond back.

The group came to the restaurant, and after knowing that the guy was picky about eating last night, Fu Jiang couldn’t help but cast his eyes on her.

She wanted to see if Bi Chi was starving to death at school, but unexpectedly, not only Zhu Yang, but also the other three did not go shopping.

But I didn’t see them bringing a lunch box, sitting in the restaurant without knowing what to do.

But it didn’t take long for him to see two people in neat uniforms carrying several layers of huge boxes in.

The box is full of color and elegant pattern, and looks high-end atmosphere. Then the two owed them gracefully to Zhu Yang, and then they placed the box beside the dining table and began to arrange the dishes in the same way.

It turned out to be here to deliver the food, but they have a restaurant with such a good service in this town?

The delivery is not a takeaway boy riding a motorcycle or an idle clerk in an apron carrying a plastic bag to the door?

Has anyone seen this kind of lunch box?

And how did they get into school?

The people in the restaurant are dumbfounded, there are too many slots and I don’t know where to start vomiting first. A few people have a strong sense of existence, and even the people who are eating stop and look here. For a while, there is an unreasonable quietness in the restaurant at lunch time.

Fu Jiang watched the dishes set out. Because of her parents’ love, many men were willing to pay for her. They had more knowledge than her peers.

I have tasted a lot of high-end food, and I can see that these guys eat food that can only be made in high-end western restaurants, such as appetizers, main dishes, fruits, desserts, everything.

Fu Jiang suspected that if the venue was not inappropriate, these guys would still let people serve meals in order.

And the foods eaten by several people are different, and others don’t. The appetizer that Bitch eats is her favorite foie gras.

Fu Jiang, who thought his lunch was tasteless, felt even more that he was chewing rubber.

After tasting two bites, the guy frowned unsatisfactorily, and pushed an expensive dish that was beautifully arranged like a work of art–

“Sure enough, I still can’t like this. I don’t know why I suddenly wanted to eat it today, but one bite is enough. ”

Zhou Yao’s appetizer is pan-fried scallops, which is also a delicacy that is expensive to make and must be eaten right away.

The scallops on his plate were perfectly golden, and they looked very beautiful, and he didn’t know how these people could deliver them and keep the temperature.

Hearing Zhu Yang’s words, he cut a small piece of foie gras from her dinner plate: “Not bad.” ”

Zhu Yang shrugged, gave him the foie gras, and started eating his own main course.

Her main dish is Wellington steak, and the other three ate lamb chops or duck, which are dishes that the best western restaurant in town can’t make.

The perfect color and exquisite display, if you have seen it anywhere, it is only a food show on TV.

Just like that, Bitch was still picking and picking and didn’t eat a few bites at all.

When the food delivery person saw her lack of interest, he immediately asked: “Is it not to your taste?” ”

“If you don’t like it, our head chef in the faction will come over immediately. ”

It turned out to be called from a hotel in the city to cook for them?

Is this the daily life of the young lady of the rich family? Everyone was amazed for a while.

Zhu Yang replied: “Fortunately, I am quite satisfied, but I have a bad appetite. ”

With this hypocritical and pretending appearance, Fu Jiang not far away chewed on the heads of his chopsticks.

Then there was a smile on her face, and some school uniforms were so crookedly that the boy who had written the bad news on her forehead came in.

I didn’t go anywhere else, and went straight to Zhu Yang’s table and collapsed on the stool——

“I’ll just say why it smells so fragrant outside. Today, the restaurant is making new dishes? Yo, it looks good. ”

After finishing speaking, the person next to me said: “No, why is it that only your dishes are different? how? Is it to open a small stove now or do you start selling food in limited quantities? ”

When they sang together, they obviously came to find fault, but none of the four on the table gave them a glimpse.

A few unscrupulous students couldn’t help their faces when no one was taking care of them, but it was not a problem at all whether there was any interaction between them.

The one standing in the front bends down grinningly: “Don’t care if it’s sold out, what if I want to eat these? ”

Especially when I look at Zhu Yang and Bai Youyou’s words: “beauties have eaten, we don’t mind if we eat it again, right? ”

As he said, he stretched his hand to their plate–

Just stretched out, a silver light flashed, the hand of the bad student immediately fell down, and then couldn’t move forward.

Looking down, it turned out that a fork had nailed his sleeve into the dining table.

Yu Li, who was closest to them, turned the rest of the knife in his hand with a smile, and the delicate silverware flipped flexibly in his slender fingers.

“If you want to eat, you can tell me, just throw it to you, don’t run to the table and grab it yourself, it’s indecent! ”

It took a long time for a few unscrupulous students to realize what he meant. They were treated as dogs wagging their tails under the table.

For a while, a few people turned into anger, regardless of the idiot who couldn’t pull out the sleeves for a long time, just slap the table and lift the stool.

Here is a player, any one who can stab these spicy chicken like sticks with just one finger.

The reason why Yu Li’s fork was stuck on his sleeve instead of the back of his hand was because it was a school and the **** scene was not conducive to the physical and mental health of young people.

To be outside for a while, someone’s palm has opened a few holes early.

Before a few people touched their hair strands, Yuli took a knife, first pulled away the face of the nearest person, then picked up one person’s collar and lifted it back, and smashed it with the next two. Get down.

Finally, hold down the head of the person who reached out at the beginning, and press that person’s face directly at the dinner plate.

” Don’t you want to eat it? Now you are allowed to eat, but the table manners need to be discussed in any posture. ”

The whole process was downplayed, even the other hand was useless, not to mention the need for the other three to help.

At this moment, several people were shaken to a lot of strength, and the girls around them blushed as their heartbeat accelerated.

Yu Li looks like a typical gentle prince. If Zhou Yao doesn’t feel close to others, he was the boy who attracted the most attention from girls when he entered school.

Lifting the person on the table to the ground, Yu Li was about to sit back. There was a sudden pause and looked at a girl sitting diagonally behind.

The girl was startled, and her face blushed when she met him, and saw that he took out a handkerchief and handed it over: “Sorry, it splashed on your clothes. ”

The girl didn’t pay attention to it herself, and when she looked down, it turned out that there was a drop of water stains the size of a fingernail on the sleeves, which is probably the splash of soup.

This is something that I didn’t even pay attention to, the other party is so careful.

Faintly receiving the handkerchief, the girl and a table of companions almost couldn’t help screaming.

Due to this turmoil, a few people have no appetite. On the way back to the classroom, Zhou Yao looked at Yu Li in awe: “It turns out that you are of this type.” ”

“Which type? ” Yu Li asked.

“It’s normal to be chased and cut by groups of girls behind. “Zhou Yaodao:”The opportunity for you to enter the game shouldn’t be the central air-conditioning——”

Before he finished speaking, Yu Li tied his neck around his neck. Turning around, Yu Li smiled and said: “Brother, I’m just cooperating with our sister. ”

“She wants to create a perfect dream that adults will envy. As a tacit companion, she naturally has to cooperate with her in her performance. ”

Then he turned around and said to Zhu Yang: “But the food delivery is really embarrassing. Fortunately, we have a strong heart, otherwise we can’t eat anymore. ”

Zhu Yang smiled: “I was rushing to poke people’s hearts. In fact, I still want to eat hometown food even more. ”

Yu Li stopped moving, let go of Zhou Yao who had been strangled by him rolling his eyes, and came to Zhu Yang: “I probably understand your idea, but is it useful? ”

“Once that guy dies once, his ability will wake up. No matter how strong you are, you will ultimately be no match for her magic. ”

Zhu Yangdao: “At that point, it’s natural to have another plan. I just want to see if she can split up on the spot before she dies. ”

Naturally, Yu Li would not believe her, but solemnly said to the three of them: “In fact, I was thinking that because of the player’s experience against ghosts and their own skills, they naturally have resistance to Fu Jiang’s charm. ”

“But is there any limit to this resistance? To what extent is the game’s ability for the pseudo-Fujie restored relative to the comics? Or what adjustments have been made? ”

As he said, he stopped:”In the final analysis, when the pseudo-Fujian splits to what point, will we be completely powerless? ”

Zhou Yao and Bai Youyou both had their faces solemn when they heard what he said. This is the difficulty of this copy.

The game doesn’t allow them to kill the pseudo-Fuji River to clear the water prematurely, but once the pseudo-Fuji River starts to split, it’s almost impossible to guard against. You never know where there may be a fool who has died ten thousand times and never knows to converge. Kill, then where did her flesh and blood scattered.

There are only four of them, and Fu Jiang’s first death game has clearly indicated that it cannot be controlled by them, and it is extremely difficult to control the number.

——After all, apart from each other, no one can be expected to work for them, no one.

Who knows that Zhu Yang said at this time: “Fifty! ”

“What? “The three turned around.

“The game gives us a limit of fifty. Beyond this number, either the situation is no longer under our control, or her charm will directly affect us, but I prefer the former. ”

Zhu Yang now has illusion skills in her own right, and it is definitely not easy to shake from the spiritual level. Fifty splits can make Fu Jiang affect her, so the difficulty of this game is too high.

The three were shocked: “How come? Only fifty? If someone killed her and split it into several pieces, it would probably be more than this number, right? ”

Zhu Yang almost certainly said: “The game will not give meaningless numbers. It said that when the pseudo-fujiang splits to more than fifty, the mission will fail. This should be the reason. ”

“The counterfeit here can’t be fully substituted with the familiar one that we are familiar with. That one simply cannot belong to the category of biology. It is more like a conceptualization of a certain concept. If this is the case, it is impossible to appear in the intermediate field, at least the difficulty of the advanced field. ”

Just like the fake Sadako she met in the trials, if the real Sadako came, she would have knelt early.

In the same way, according to the standard of Zhen Fu Jiang, I am afraid that they have to kill all the people in the town to complete the task. After all, as long as there are humans and the dark side of human nature is still there, Fu Jiang can be said to be immortal.

However, this kind of clearance method that destroys humanity and brings shocking consequences to the game world cannot be encouraged by the game.

Therefore, Zhu Yang is almost certain: “The core benchmark of the pseudo-Fujiang has been changed. She is not a purely conceptualized product, and can be eliminated. ”

“Being still delineated within this small town, the scale of the story will naturally shrink. ”

If you really die dozens of them at a time, just a trash can or a river will grow a lot of blood on it, so they don’t want to play.

“So at the beginning, her divisions were not too intensive, but after a certain amount, this restriction may not apply. At that time, we cannot control the situation. The real test of this game should be us. Coordination and control. ”

Zhu Yang raised his head and looked at the three of them:”Because in the next intermediate field mission, I am afraid that a surreal large-scale occasion will soon appear. ”

“For example, war, such as doomsday, and another example is a world where humanity is no longer in a dominant position. ”

The three of them were stunned for a while, and carefully savoured the missions that they had participated in since they came to the intermediate field. In this watershed mission world, the threat of the ghosts themselves is the second place, and the missions often give a deeper purpose. .

Listening to her now, it suddenly dawned on them that, in fact, they had a kind of intuition themselves and they were ready to face the eagerness of a larger battlefield.

The scene in the field is completely different from most of the single situational copies in the past, and even the relationship between players will change.

The three of them looked at Zhu Yang, and if they passed the screening, they would continue to meet such a powerful guy.

Finally Zhou Yao asked: “Why does it have to be fifty? ”

There must be the subjective operation of the game. If it is really only fifty Fujiang, it is okay for the four of them to grab and control one by one, but obviously the difficulty of the game will be set in this stage.

Zhu Yang shrugged: “Fear of secrets, it looks uncomfortable when there are more. ”

The three of them only thought she was joking for a while, but suddenly and seemingly there was an instinct that she might have guessed right.

After analyzing this way, several people have become more aware of what they should do.

But he didn’t expect to delay for a while outside, and when he returned to the classroom, he saw Fu Jiang acting as a monster again.

Fu Jiang was also stimulated during lunch. Compared with what the guy ate, what he ate every day was basically pig food.

That’s not a big deal. I can deal with it calmly and gracefully if I continue to find faults for her. Now she is dying of anger, but she hasn’t seen any embarrassment on Bichi’s face. This is something Fu Jiang cannot tolerate.

When I returned to the classroom, I saw a few ugly monsters gathered together to discuss something.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, but I’m a little scared. After all, with such a great competition and so many people participating, I’m afraid I won’t be able to pass the primary election. ”

“Anyway, you just post your work online, and you won’t suffer if you fail, and your design is very beautiful. ”

“Yes, yes, I have seen the pictures from the PO on your homepage, and I feel that it is not inferior to the professional concept pictures, at least the aesthetics are eye-catching. ”

“Not to mention the awards, there are tens of thousands of prizes for the finalists, and there are a lot of pieces of meat to try. If it is really brushed off, the organizers will not use the trumpet to notify them everywhere? Just do it when there is nothing like this. ”

The girl was moved by the persuasion of her friends, and she looked at the drawing paper in her hand, and she seemed more eager to try.

But suddenly the small circle of several people was knocked open, and one of the girls staggered over. She subconsciously helped, and the painting in her hand fell to the ground.

“Don’t get in the way, ugly guys. “A few people turned around, and it was Fu Jiang.

She looked down at the drawing paper on the floor and smiled sarcastically: “Ah~, can I make up for being ugly and fantasizing about having talent?” ”

“It’s ridiculous, this cheap thing is worthless, and you still want to compare with the top designer? ”

He said that he stepped on it, leaving a small footprint on the white paper.

Tomoe smiled badly: “Hmm! Now it’s worth a little bit. After all, the footprints of a beauty are more meaningful than poor lines. Thank me. ”

The girl who belonged to the drawing almost didn’t shed tears on the spot, and several of the girls exploded, and they went up to tears with Fu Jiang.

Fu Jiang didn’t let the wind down. In her opinion, these ugly monsters didn’t even have the qualifications to challenge her.

There was a lot of noise, and then someone picked up the drawing on the ground.

The girls turned around and saw that they were the new classmates of Yu Li, and their noise suddenly became quieter, and they were a little embarrassed that their vulgar behavior was seen by the longing handsome guy.

The girl who drew the sketch saw her drawing being looked at carefully, and was so shy that she didn’t even dare to ask to come back.

Then I saw classmate Yu Li handing the drawing to the side. Next to him was naturally his sister, Zhu Yang, the leader of this glamorous family.

Zhu Yang looked at the patterns on the manuscript, but he was really impressed by this small place, Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger.

I said before that the world’s clothing and jewelry brands are different from reality, which means that the history of fashion development in this century is different from what Zhu Yang is familiar with.

The design styles of several well-known brands here are refreshing for Zhu Yang, so the classic elements of the natural real world are also fresh here.

Although this girl’s design is immature and still in its infancy, it is really similar to a certain classic brand in their reality.

I don’t know if it was her own idea or the inspiration projected from the real world in her mind——

In fact, the two statements are similar, and there is no doubt that this girl is talented.

Zhu Yang smiled: “Is this your work? ”

The girl nodded, her face flashed with unconfident shyness, especially after being so humiliated and degraded by Fu Jiang.

Classmate Zhu Yang, they are real rich people, they must often deal with luxury accessories, let alone the design of a female high school student who has never seen a small place in the world.

The girl lowered her head and tightened her fingers tightly on the corners of her clothes, but she heard a voice saying: “Excellent design. ”

People around them looked up in surprise, and saw Zhu Yang smiled: “The brush strokes are still a bit immature, but it will not hinder the stunning work of the work. It is really hard to imagine that such a unique inspiration can be found here. ”

Then I asked the girl: “Can you tell me what you think about the combination of materials and the selection of fabrics? And here, the sky blue sand pattern achieves the texture on the drawing paper through this embedding process. How did you get the inspiration? ”

The girl looked at her in amazement, and was bumped by someone next to her before she hurriedly poured out her thoughts.

I was a little stuttered because of my nervousness. When I finally said about the craftsmanship, I was a little shy and said: “That’s my sister’s tutu is broken, and the family has no money to buy a new one, so my mother thought of a way -”

She said embarrassingly, especially the girls in the class were ridiculed by Fu Jiang and ridiculed, so she became more sensitive to this aspect.

But I heard Zhu Yang praised: “Sure enough, art comes from life, so go and contribute. Such excellent works should not be buried here.” ”

Then he frowned at the conspicuous footprints above: “But this one has been scrapped, please draw another one. ”

“Good, good! “The girl took the drawing paper.

I listened to classmate Zhu Yang saying: “By the way, I haven’t chosen a suitable dress for the party this weekend. Are you interested in helping out? ”

When the girl heard it, she immediately swept away her shyness and nodded her head again and again: “Yes, but I actually imagined you wearing a dress when I first saw Zhu Yang. ”

Then I realized that this statement was not right, and explained again and again: “No, because classmate Zhu Yang is still in shape and has a special temperament, my inspiration continues to flow when I see you. ”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Then I look forward to your work. Just hand over the design and concept to me before Friday. ”

To the students who have almost returned to the classroom, he said: “For the first time, we should take the initiative. The four of our brothers and sisters are going to have an exchange party this Saturday. Please show your face.” ”

“Don’t bring gifts, put on your most beautiful clothes, empty stomachs, and rest the night before. You should be able to play late. ”

There was a surprise commotion around immediately. There is no saying that there are frequent parties in the small place. Generally, the group activities of young people are also organized by the school, which is extremely boring.

They have only seen this kind of activity on TV. What is a party held by the rich?

Luxurious villas, beautiful garden pools, delicious food and beverages, and young men and women dressed up all make people yearn for.

It’s just a pity that classmate Wei Fujiang, whose eyes widened with anger, still remained undivided.

After school, the siblings got on the sports car again and left, leading the way, looking forward to envy, but Fu Jiang looked at her boyfriend riding a bicycle at the school gate, and suddenly felt irritable and tasteless.

The boy thought she was in a bad mood again, so he drove the car to catch up with her quickly: “What’s wrong with you, Fu Jiang?” Hurry up, let’s go to the mountain to play. ”

Fu Jiang glanced at the bicycle disgustingly: “What a broken car, it hurts me, so I would rather walk.” ”

Then he lost his temper to the boy who was chasing him: “Don’t follow me, what do you want for me? Even buying a skirt is timed. ”

The boy is embarrassed: “I’m already saving money, and soon, the part-time salary next month will be enough. ”

Fu Jiang disdain: “Forget it, no, when you can afford it, that skirt will be out of date. ”

It’s better to say that it is out of date in her heart. She was raised by Zhu Yang out of thin air. Whether it is food, clothing, or housing, all the things she wanted to see before are now rubbish.

Thousands of dresses per piece? She could only see Zhu Yang’s tens of thousands of accessories that he could throw away at will, as well as the equally valuable custom clothes.

The boy was scolded and hurried away. Fu Jiang swayed outside by himself but didn’t go home. He was about to find Teacher Gao, but in the middle of the journey, he ran into the group of punks she had asked for help last night.

The one in the lead was gone, and the rest looked at her and asked: “What happened to that little monster? ”

“One paw went down to cut off several pieces of meat on the belly. Brother is in the hospital now and needs an analgesic injection. You didn’t say that when you said that you would do a little favor. ”

Fu Jiang can use these occasional use, but can’t squeeze out the benefits at all, is impatient.

I waved his hand impatiently:”When you saw that the other party was a little girl, didn’t you just pass by when you were very happy? Why is it useless to question me? Is there any benefit for me? ”

A few gangsters don’t do it:”Don’t overdo it, the boss has been so badly injured, you have to accompany him, right? ”

Fu Jiang sneered: “That kind of useless guy wants a woman to accompany him, is he worthy? ”

Of course the gangsters couldn’t help but she said no, she was about to come up to pull people, and then heard a horn sound from nearby.

Several people were startled, and turned around to scold them, and saw that Mr. Gao was sitting in the car.

There is only one middle school in the town. These **** naturally graduated from that school, and they naturally know who Teacher Gao is.

He didn’t really matter, the point was that his wife’s house in the town was definitely not easy to provoke, and a few gangsters looked at Fu Jiang unwillingly, and had to leave cursingly.

Fu Jiang quickly got in the car and hugged Teacher Gao. Teacher Gao pushed her away: “Don’t make trouble, you are outside now. ”

However, she did not refuse the intimacy of the beautiful female student, closed the window, and drove to the top of the mountain.

After some intimacy, Fu Jiang leaned on Teacher Gao and said coquettishly: “What is the origin of those new guys? It is really uncomfortable. ”

Teacher Gao is naturally much more mature than other boys of the same age with Fu Jiang. He knew the urinary **** of this girl, but could not refuse her young and beautiful body.

Then he touched her hair and laughed:”Only classmate Zhu Yang makes you unhappy, right? Our beautiful and unmatched Fujiang also has a sense of crisis. ”

Seeing that she was going to be angry, he hurriedly said: “But don’t worry, you are more attractive than her in the teacher’s eyes.” ”

He didn’t say false about this. Fu Jiang really has a kind of magic that makes people lose his mind. Otherwise, he is such a sensible and intelligent person who knows how to judge the situation, and he will not cheat on female students even when his wife is strong.

Zhu Yang and Fu Jiang are two concepts. Her attraction is more of people’s desire for dreams and success, but less of desire.

At least when he met Zhu Yang, he didn’t mean anything other than teachers and students.

Fu Jiang sneered: “I’m afraid people will look down on you too? ”

To say that Teacher Gao is also one of the best men here. The family has money (although his wife’s), and he is generous to her (using his wife’s money), looks handsome and can coax people, and is more stunned than the younger one. The kid is much better.

But since Zhu Yang came, she felt that everything she had had become dull, and she was full of dissatisfaction at the sight.

Even Teacher Gao, to be honest, although she has always despised the recklessness and poverty of young boys, Zhu Yang’s two younger brothers are completely different.

Although young, each has its own charm. Even here, there is an inexplicable experience and a sense of strength that does not match the age.

This powerful feeling does not even come from the sought-after looks and prominent family background, it is something purer and more dazzling.

Suddenly Fu Jiang thought of Yu Li’s posture of cleaning up several peers when he raised his hand. It is estimated that the little Baihua was also found and rescued by two brothers last night.

Fu Jiang suddenly thought of a good idea, that **** was so unhurried.

How about making her two younger brothers fall in love with a woman at the same time, and then turn each other into enemies?

Fu Jiang was proud of thinking about it, and did not consider the possibility of failure. After all, no man can resist her charm.

Teacher Gao refused so decisively at the beginning, but what happened?

Thinking of this, she laughed and said to Teacher Gao: “Teacher, send me to the pawnshop, I want to be something. ”

Teacher Gao didn’t know it at first, so on the way, he suddenly thought of the diamond earring that Zhu Yang did not see today.

Originally, he wondered if Fu Jiang was jealous of others–it was not the first time this guy broke up or stole things because of jealousy, but he didn’t expect that she would dare to steal things of such great value.

Teacher Gao didn’t order her, after all, how could she listen to others? This caused a commotion but involved myself.

But I didn’t want to get involved with this. After I came to the foot of the mountain, I used my wife to call him on the excuse of putting Fu Jiang on the side of the road and went home by himself, never intending to send her to the pawnshop herself.

Fu Jiang was angry that this guy always took his wife first. Before the bad idea over there was finished, he was thinking of ways to divorce Teacher Gao.

You asked her if Teacher Gao really got divorced, and she succeeded in seduce Zhu Yang’s two younger brothers, how to deal with this chaotic situation?

She didn’t think of this step. Who said that like someone else’s request, she must respond to the promise?

Therefore, this guy will be frequently divided into corpses in the future, and her horrible physique will be eliminated. She is not injustice at all by her mortal character.

After Fu Jiang got a large sum of money from the pawnshop, he went straight to the commercial street and bought the most expensive skirts and shoes there. He also went to a high-end restaurant to have a big meal, which was not a small sum of money. After a few hours , There is not much left.

After Yu Li came back in the evening, Zhu Yang knew that his money had raised a chick.

But this was also unexpected to her.

Bai Youyou didn’t eat with them yesterday, and she was not absent tonight, but Yu Li had been out for a long time.

It was said that the girls washed their handkerchiefs and wanted to return them to him.

Bai Youyou curled her lips: “The identity of a handsome guy is convenient, ah~, why is the world so malicious to girls? ”

Zhu Yang also nodded: “Yes, where can you take advantage of good looks? There was a head that took care of himself ugly, saying that his appearance affected his performance. ”

Zhou Yao and Bai Youyou heard: “Your friends in the game? ”

“My boyfriend. ” Zhu Yang casually said.

The eyes of the two of them looked at her suddenly became compassionate and kind, and they were about to say something to comfort her, so they listened to her and said: “But he is a high-level player, this time the expense is a bit high, and next time I don’t know what the scene will be. Don’t care if he wants points to come and be here. ”

According to her extravagant extravagance, this ‘key point’ is not just a little bit.

The two children immediately became angry with the rich, and Yu Li came back after a few children, obviously not only playing with the girls.

Yu Li is straightforward: “When I was taking the girls to eat dessert, I saw Fu Jiang frantically buying it in the commercial street. This payment is yours. ”

Zhu Yang ignored his ridicule and asked: “What did you find out?” ”

Yu Li also knew that he couldn’t hide from her, so he sat down:”Based on the clues provided by the girls’ chat, I went to a few places after sending them away. I thoroughly sorted out the current social relations of the pseudo-fujiang and listed them. The lines most likely to cause her death. ”

The three people also gathered around, this is the key.

“The first thing is that regardless of the relationship between her and Teacher Gao, the girls in the class can vaguely see signs. They didn’t say it directly, but there were some hints beyond words. ”

“Needless to say, this line was originally dismembered and killed by the whole class. Only the eyes will not ignore this line. ”

“Next, I secretly visited Teacher Gao’s home, wondering if his wife was really ignorant of the relationship and found something interesting in their home. ”

As he said, he threw an envelope over, and the three of them opened it. Not surprisingly, it was Fu Jiang’s photos and investigation materials.

“So it’s not impossible for Mr. Gao’s wife, this is my second priority. ”

“According to the characters that the girls have witnessed or heard in the town and appeared next to her, there is also a small gangster who is involved with her outside the school. This one was sent to the hospital by You You, and it is not ruled out. The possibility of trouble and manslaughter. ”

After all, what coincidence can’t the game be arranged?

“There are also two married men in the town, the owner of the winery and the owner of the leather shop. They have a close financial relationship with her, and there is also the unusual atmosphere in her home that Ah Yao noticed. ”

“Of course this guy has a lot of people involved, but based on the analysis of conflicts and the offensiveness of the parties, these are the ones that need urgent attention. ”

After he said Zhou Yao, he clapped his hands: “It’s amazing, the guy with the heart can really help out eight generations of ancestors in one sentence.” ”

Bai Youyou was also dissatisfied:”In vain, I also took the initiative to inquire with her herself. ”

Yu Li smiled and said: “This kind of thing is still more objective from the side, but you don’t have to be frustrated, at least if it wasn’t for the game to set limits, you would be the first of us to complete the task. ”

Bai Youyou doesn’t appreciate his compliments. She understands that she is white and black. This guy is an analysis emperor and has a different path.

Then the question is: “It is better to start from that line now. ”

Zhu Yang smiled: “It should be said that we make that line the best trigger point. “


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