Scream Queen Chapter 72

In a blink of an eye, Zhu Yang and the others have been here for almost a week.

Under the power of money, the decoration progress is naturally fast, and the basic pattern has not changed much. However, with the guidance of professional design, a small town villa with a slightly lagging style immediately becomes a low-key luxury taste mansion.

During the period, the landlord came to see it, and Zhu Yang told him before that the scope of the changes was not large. If he is not satisfied, he can get a certain amount of compensation.

The landlord was talking about Jin Song’s compensation for nearly one-third of the total price of the house, but now he has looked at the changed pattern and no longer talks about it.

It’s simply a shotgun replacement, which can be sold at a price that is more than twice the market price. After all, there are so many luxurious furniture inside.

The girl in the class didn’t know if she actually saw Zhu Yang’s heart at that moment, but she moved very fast.

Two days later, I brought the design drawings tailored for her. Zhu Yang was very satisfied after seeing it.

I thought I needed to make some changes in a hurry, but I didn’t expect that the degree of reduction was particularly high.

In addition to the fact that girls are not professional in the crafting and material research they are responsible for-but these are all things that need to be learned systematically, and Zhu Yang’s top craftsman can make up for this.

The top design will even edit and process the fabric hundreds of times because a piece of clothing can achieve the designer’s texture and ideal color.

For example, an ordinary polyester dress, the proportion of materials added to the fabric will determine its elasticity and strength, and the visual effect and design sense will be different.

The depth of this line is even more likely than the combination of numbers.

Zhu Yang handed the drawings to the customization workshop and added a little bit of his own suggestion. Finally, the ready-made clothes were produced by Saturday.

For the evening party, the skirt was delivered at noon.

When the sunset was about to disappear, the lights of the mansion garden came on, and the invited guests arrived one by one.

As Zhu Yang explained, everyone dressed up tonight, put on their most beautiful clothes, specially made hair and painted delicate makeup.

It’s like attending a graduation party on foreign TV.

When approaching the wrought iron gate, there are waiters waiting, who will open the door gracefully for them, and after entering the door, it is like falling into a fairyland.

I thought it was a remote town, the low price was not high, so the distance between the houses was not dense, especially this kind of private villa.

Unlike the huge amount of money in big cities, villas here usually have large gardens.

In just a few days, Zhu Yang asked people to renovate the garden again, not because of how dilapidated the previous garden was.

Only after reorganization, the artistically beautiful gardening design is presented.

The elegant and dim light is revealed from the flowers and plants, because it is night, and a thin layer of smoke is made of dry ice on the ground, which neutralizes the color of the light more elegantly and makes people enter the clouds.

Along the road to the atrium, where a cool party scene has already been arranged, it is spacious and clear. With the lights of the dishes and the moving music, it seems like a swimming pool with life, making people want to stand by the pool and dance immediately.

Tables lined up with white silk cloth and decorated with delicate flowers are arranged in a row, and foods that make people move their fingers are already placed on them.

These foods were even cooked on-site by the chefs and assistants nearby, using all high-grade fresh ingredients, not to mention the finished product, even the cooking process is art.

Special bands were even hired at the scene, whether it was elegant classical music or fashionable pop music, with the atmosphere at hand, it was a world of difference compared to local underground bands.

Those who arrived first were placed in the lobby, and their own attentive waiters presented hot towels, appetizers and desserts.

However, the arrival time of the personnel is not much different. After all, most of them have been waiting for today’s party for a long time, and it is impossible to be late.

Naturally also Fujiang!

After Fu Jiang pawned the earrings, he spent several days in luxury. For today’s party, he was also surprised to choose the most expensive and dazzling dress available here.

Sure enough, it attracted everyone’s attention as soon as she came in. The boys looked at her in awe, and the girls were jealous and displeased, but no matter what, all the focus was on her. It was better to be suppressed by what has been suppressed this week .

Even though the magic of her human nature has not been fully awakened, as the incarnation of a beauty of desire, Fu Jiang is naturally unambiguous in appearance.

Looking at her white skin and beautiful face, a mole under her eyes seemed to be magical, her long black hair fell away, and she inadvertently swept the waist which was not full while walking.

She is obviously a teenage girl, but she exudes temptation like a walking hormone.

Fu Jiang took the fruit wine brought by the waiter and sneered inwardly. Then Bitch thought that the focus of her party would be herself?

Dream it! With her here, Bitch can only be taken advantage of by being robbed of the limelight and spending money and effort.

The people in the hall were chatting in a low voice, surprised and looking forward to the party that hadn’t started yet.

At this time, the host’s house came out, and the four brothers and sisters also dressed up like everyone else.

The two boys are okay. Although they are formal but not ostentatious, they are both low-key colors, but just like this, they seem to have a better quality.

A gentle and easy-going prince line with a smile at the corner of his eyes, and a wild line with a deep outline and a bold outline, just like girls walking out of their dreams.

The two sisters who were girls obviously had a much softer and more gorgeous color.

The younger sister still adheres to her appearance. She wears a white dress with tiered skirts, her hair is loosely coiled up, showing her small ears and snow-white neck, and her face becomes more adorable.

The bare wrists and necks are decorated with jewelry. Simple and low-key is not an exaggeration, but it definitely does not affect its sparkle.

She is another stunning and beautiful girl who makes people’s eyes shine.

And Zhu Yang, who came out last, really let the air freeze.

She slowly came down the stairs, her skirt flipped in her graceful steps, like a starlight stepped on by her.

She didn’t walk slowly, her manners were neat, and she was decorated with a few simple accessories like her sister.

But others just wear jewelry, but here she is like those crystal jewels desperately giving her existence a thin layer of brilliance.

The whole person is so beautiful that it makes people look forward to seeing her smiling. Although everyone has no body movement, their minds have already turned around like moths attracted by light.

Zhu Yang first came to the girl who designed her dress. The girl’s name was Yu Jia. At the beginning, she was sitting with a few girls and excitedly talking about everything she saw when she came in.

But when Zhu Yang came down from the stairs, his eyes could no longer leave her and her skirt.

At this time, even Zhu Yang came over and she was stupefied, so she saw Zhu Yang turning around in front of her, and then asked her: \”So it is? Have you restored the design in your mind?\”

You Jia was poked by a friend for several times before reacting, and then two lines of tears hung on her face, and she nodded: “Hmm! It’s so beautiful, just what I imagined in my heart. No, it’s more beautiful than that.”

She thought she was just an ordinary girl with a daydream, and she also dreamed that her design could one day become a beautiful ready-to-wear, and even in the big show, she could appear in many beautiful models. In the middle, waved to the audience with glory.

This is just the most secret dream in her heart, even farther away than girls of the same age who long for a handsome prince.

But I didn’t expect one of my dreams to come true off guard.

No one laughed at her embarrassment, only with kind ridicule. When she knew that such a beautiful dress came from her, the whole class was amazed, and then she couldn’t help but applaud.

The girl was embarrassed, so she listened to Zhu Yangdao: “I took a picture of the effect of the ready-to-wear and sent it to the organizer of the contest, and wrote them a letter.”

Seeing a few girls with doubts, Zhu Yang smiled: “I told them that if you don’t pick out this rough stone quickly and polish it, it will be a loss for the entire fashion industry.”

This is really not her exaggeration. Zhu Yang has also seen a lot of the girl’s previous works and is more certain. The child’s inspiration may be a projection that connects other worlds. The fashion collision of different worlds will definitely make the entire industry Shock.

The girls were more surprised at what she said, and Zhu Yang couldn’t neglect other guests.

He went to the center of the hall and said with his wine glass: “Okay, everyone is at ease and have fun.”

The party officially begins!

Moving music, gorgeous food, beautiful scenery, and Zhu Yang, who is good at having fun in the atmosphere.

Even experienced party masters rarely get bored at her party, let alone a group of students who have not gone through the battles.

It didn’t take long for everyone to have fun. They danced around the pool with excitement to the music, enjoyed the food, and played endless tricks as if they would not get tired all night.

The four elder brothers and sisters sat on the round sofa placed in the garden in the gaps, and calmly glanced at Fu Jiang, who had been unsightly since Zhu Yang appeared.

Reasonable reason: “Sister, when are you going to bully people like this?”

Zhu Yang said: \”Of course it has been.\”

All three of them felt it was impossible. Once Fu Jiang died several times, even someone who shines like Zhu Yang would not be able to match the magical charm.

Zhu Yang looked at the expressions of the three of them and knew what they were thinking, and laughed: “Of course I didn’t plan to fight against the virus, but I have my way. Look at it.”

The three naturally said that they didn’t care about shrugging their shoulders: “Don’t, anyway, your current situation is good for us, and we can still pick the fruit with convenience when your path is not clear.”

Bai Youyou is the most familiar with this set of girls, so she asked Zhu Yang and said: “You are deliberately high-profile, which makes people look forward to envy, and you are flattered by the last sentence you said to you. Now she still makes an ordinary girl The future can be expected. After tonight, I am afraid that the whole school will be proud to be in your eyes?\”

\”What are you going to do with this premise next?\”

Zhu Yang shrugged: \”Wait and see!\”

Bai Youyou shook her shoulders in dissatisfaction: “Sure enough, I think the doorway in the girls is simple. There is also a sisterhood in our school. I thought it was naive before, so I applied to join when I went out.”

The two boys looked at each other, then Zhou Yao asked Zhu Yang: “You did this so well, don’t you tell me that you are like this in reality?”

\”I am not like this in reality.\” Zhu Yang said.

But before the two of them breathed a sigh of relief, they listened to her: \”This kind of low-level and rude means, I don’t need it after I go to high school.\”

Seeing the two of them in awe, Zhu Yang smiled: “I know, based on the appearance of you two, the girls must be the most gentle and harmless side in front of you.”

\”But the more you get to the back, especially after college, there are more beauties from all over the world, versatile, long-sleeved dancers. It is much harder to rule them than this.\”

She shrugged and said: \”After all, it is too stupid to target the target, and I can’t use my full strength.\”

Yu Li and Zhou Yao were silent for a while: “Sorry, we will never underestimate girls again.”

No matter how gentle and well-behaved girls are in front of them, and those who can talk about gang formation so strangely, to sister, you are a talent.

At this time, it was lively outside, and no one noticed a figure walking through the hall to the second floor of the villa.

Although it is a young person who is hosting a party, it is after all other people’s homes. Compared with the style of foreign parties, here is the consciousness of being more courteous and not causing trouble to the host.

So everyone wants to play outside the hall and garden. No one rushes to the second floor without authorization. Naturally, people’s bedrooms are not convenient to visit.

Fu Jiang avoided people and came here, opening the doors one by one, and looking at the comfortable and luxurious decoration and bedding inside, he was jealous.

Then skipped the room of the other three people and drove to the last one, and finally found a room like Zhu Yang himself.

The whole bedroom is much larger than her living room. The carpet is as soft as stepping on a cloud. The soft pillows on the high bed and the leather sofa in the bedroom are ignored. Fu Jiang opened the door of the wardrobe and found that the wardrobe was actually there. Bigger than her room.

There are so many beautiful clothes inside that every girl wants to scream when they see it. There is a special glass cabinet for the shoes. Each pair is like a display in a luxury store, and there is a code on it.

At first, Fu Jiang didn’t know what was going on with the code. Then he saw an atlas on the table next to him. Only then did he realize that Bitch’s shoes were actually numbered in the atlas to find a match.

Fu Jiang’s jealous face was distorted, and he was about to get angry and smashed everything in the room, but accidentally touched a button.

Then I saw a group of wall cabinets slowly popping out of the wall. Inside, the dazzling array of diamonds and jewels were dazzling.

After looking at these things, Fu Jiang finally understood why Bitch would treat such expensive diamond earrings as ordinary accessories and threw them away with half missing.

Because compared with the inventory inside, the guys that Bitch wears to the school are really low-key and outrageous.

For a while, Fu Jiang’s eyes were full of jealousy and greed. This guy had a very primitive personality and his behavior was the same.

She has a deep desire for materialism and wants to see good things, but she does not consider the consequences, so she has a history of stealing things at school. For no reason, he was easily caught without sweeping his tail.

It was a rare conspiracy to let someone steal Zhu Yang’s things before, but it was just that Zhu Yang didn’t pursue it. In fact, she could be found after a check.

At this moment, Fu Jiang saw the contents inside but had no other thoughts other than wanting. Seeing that there was no one around, he prepared to open the closet and take out the jewels inside.

But as soon as I stretched out my hand, I heard a voice from the door——

\”Does it look good?\”

Fu Jiang was startled, and when he turned his head, he saw Zhu Yang appearing at the door. When she saw her, no other girl reacted with excitement and accusation on the spot.

On the contrary, as if she hadn’t taken her seriously when she appeared in her closet, then she walked in.

She dropped the necklace around her neck as she walked, and she randomly threw several expensive necklaces wrapped around large diamonds on the dressing table, not caring whether it was worn or not.

Just like throwing earrings at the beginning, it seemed that no matter how high the value was, it was a casual plaything in her eyes.

\”I chose the wrong necklace, in order to wear such a heavy thing? It’s stupid and stupid. Change to a lighter one.\”

Talking to open the closet, I picked a lightweight design from the inside and threw it to Fu Jiang at will.

Fu Jiang couldn’t figure out how she reacted, and was suddenly thrown in his hand again. He lowered his head and saw that the guy was on the chair in front of the vanity mirror.

Of course: \”Put it on for me.\”

The tone was like throwing schoolbags and coats to the maid when he got home.

Fu Jiang was so angry that he wanted to throw away the things in his hand, so he listened to her and said: “Hurry up, or I will push you down the window.”

At first, Fu Jiang thought he was hearing hallucinations, and when he realized that the sinister words were really what she said, he also laughed badly–

\”Ha! How well-dressed in front of people, the easy-going and generous and respected eldest lady, turned out to be just such a thing.\”

Said Fu Jiang as if he found something happy and said: \”Do you dare to push me down? Are you afraid that you will fall short of your performance for such a long time?\”

Zhu Yang smiled: \”Of course not, because when others find your body, they will only believe that a vain, greedy, stealing girl sneaks into someone else’s bedroom with the intention of stealing expensive jewelry, and panic when the owner happens to return I planned to turn the window and escape, but I forgot that this was the second floor and died accidentally.\”

\”Oh to remind you, I remember the design of the courtyard is gravel under the window. I can guarantee that your face will touch the ground first, even if it is not, your beautiful face will be spent.\”

Fu Jiang Huarong paled. The players knew that she was unkillable at this level, but she didn’t know that at this time, her understanding of her own existence was no different from that of ordinary girls.

Oh, she thinks she is the most beautiful.

So after hearing this, he looked at Zhu Yang and said: \”Do you think the police would believe you so easily?\”

\”Of course!\” Zhu Yang pulled out his hair, revealing a long neck: \”After all, you can know from the **** shop’s **** records that you have tasted the sweetness of me, and then it is logical to commit another crime at the party.\”

Fu Jiang was shocked. She knew it, and a anger of being fooled rose in her heart.

I heard the impatient voice over there: “Hurry up, my hands are very tired.”

Fu Jiang bit her lip, and finally walked up and put the necklace on her neck.

The neck was really like a swan’s neck, slender and elegant, with a beautiful skin and a more beautiful bone, but Fu Jiang just wanted to grab her by the necklace and strangle her to death.

But I dare not!

Fu Jiang had to admit that this guy had always given her a terrible feeling, even if she had an easy-going smile on her face, there was a kind of cruelty that could blow the whole person in the next second.

She regards this as a sensitive radar for the same bitch, but it is this inner level that the other party feels omnipotent pressure on her, which is also one of the reasons for her jealousy.

Zhu Yang changed a necklace, looked in the mirror, and said with satisfaction: “It’s much easier.”

He glanced at Fu Jiang again: \”Isn’t this good at serving people?\”

Fu Jiang didn’t explode when he heard: \”What do you mean? Didn’t you threaten me?\”

At this time Zhu Yang had already got up and went out, and Fu Jiangxin was unwilling to go with him.

Still wanting to tear it up with her, I heard Zhu Yang walk to the band, but the singer’s microphone, without greet the people around him, has seen movement coming around.

\”Everyone, through recent events, I have discovered that many classmates have amazing talents outside of study. It is unbearable for me to see these talents being buried.\”

\”I am not overpowering, I just think I can do something. So I plan to set up a club. If you think you have talent or potential in a certain area, you can apply for membership.\”

\”Through selection, once qualified, everyone can organize experience, contacts, and wealth to slightly promote your dreams.\”

\”Although the influence of external forces may be limited, I still have to rely on my own efforts in the end, but I think it is better than doing nothing and spending time in a small town.\”

When everyone heard it, there was naturally another excitement.

I just feel that she is still modest when she said this. It’s hard to say that other people’s help, but she Zhu Yang, don’t say anything else, with her vision and courage, just a little guidance can make people’s dreams go from vain to near. Right now.

It’s like Yujia who designs her dress. Although they are laymen, they also understand that the original whimsical ideas she presented on the drawings are so amazing.

Not to mention that even without those benefits, it is a great honor to be able to associate with people like her and be in a group, eliminating the hidden benefits.

So a party amidst the excitement of the whole process, everyone ended up expectantly.

Bai Youyou knew what routine she was going to do when she heard Zhu Yang’s speech.

I asked her: \”Are you planning to marginalize that beauty?\”

She didn’t wait for her to answer, and said to herself: \”It is true that if everyone does not pay attention to Fu Jiang, and treat her as dispensable, the curse will naturally be self-defeating, but is this possible?\”

\”Not to mention that once her charm increases after death, these methods will have limited effect. Just say that it is convenient for us to do this in school, but her scope of activities is far beyond the school? Do you want to rule the entire town?\”

\”Let’s not say if it can be done, it will take a lot of time, right? By then, Fu Jiang will split to the point where we can’t fight it.\”

Zhu Yang touched her head: “Hey, attention has always been a two-way street. Take this step slowly.”

To the three people again: \”It’s just that we can start to figure out which line the situation will develop from now.\”

The three of them had to wait for the effect when they saw her well.

When she said this, Yu Li first said: “I think the ideal thing is to let her parents do it, shut in a house, and everything is easy to solve.”

Zhou Yao and Bai Youyou also agreed. Zhou Yao said: “Don’t talk about the little bastard. I took advantage of the two days to get to know the background of the leather shop owner and the winery owner. The two shops are ancestral, and the most in the shop A good craftsman is the boss, that is, the two people who have an affair with Fu Jiang.\”

\”Leave them to these guys in order to destroy the body, I am afraid that they will do a strange treatment, and it will cause a large-scale panic at that time.\”

Not to mention anything else, if the two of them go crazy and chop up Fujiang to make wine or peel off the skin and sew them into leather goods, then Nima will really blow up in the town.

After all, I don’t know where the game is limited, and if you don’t hold it tightly, it’s easy to get stuck.

Zhu Yang shook his head and said: “I think it is most appropriate to let Teacher Gao’s wife do something.”

\”Her family is prominent, but I am just a housewife. If you really hate someone and want to get rid of it, most of them are borrowed from others.\”

\”Although the parents of the pseudo-fujiang can minimize the impact, two laymen, and according to the current situation, they are actually the first to have signs, and the scene will be too unclean, even for us It’s not easy to clean up.\”

But if Mr. Gao’s wife is looking for a professional person, it will be different, and even if this is the case, it is most feasible for them to manipulate the killing technique in the middle.

After all, only the killer has nothing to do with Fu Jiang. Others are properly killing with passion. How to kill? Whether or not the blood will overflow, this is obvious.

The three of them thought for a while, but if they controlled it in this way, the influence could be minimized, and it was possible that Fu Jiang’s first death would not attract the attention of others.

Bai Youyou nodded first: \”Agree!\”

Yu Li: \”Agree!\”

Zhou Yao: \”Agree, I can’t do it, I can take a cameo as a killer and make sure it is clean.\”

\”Don’t, I’m afraid the game makes fun of.\”

Seeing that the plan was confirmed, Zhu Yang clapped his hands: “Okay, everyone will act separately in the next few days.”

\”First of all, Yu Li is in charge of leather shop owners and small gangsters, Zhou Yao is in charge of winery owners and pseudo-fujiang’s parents, ensuring that their meeting frequency and conflict probability are below a certain threshold these days. As for the status of the class and high The teacher’s wife and I are in charge of Yoyo.\”

Yu Li sighed: \”I have to be busy next, I really don’t like to follow other people like a pervert all day long.\”

But Fu Jiang, the walking dead, and the **** nature of the game. Believe it or not, once he staggers his eyes, that guy might have a dispute with anyone and be killed accidentally?

After all, Fu Jiang’s death in the original book was just a small accident.

Not complaining enough but complaining, two people do things without any ambiguity.

The next day, the group of gangsters were all caught in the bureau because of street robbery. They were surveillance and witnesses. It was impossible to open one eye and close one eye. They were involved in the hospital and were torn apart by Bai Youyou. A few pieces of meat.

As a result, they were all thrown in from top to bottom. Not to mention a lot, it must have been out recently.

And the leather shop didn’t know where the boss came from. He actually said that there was a large order to go to the market to discuss, but he disappeared as soon as he went.

Let’s say that the first one is okay, the next one—

Zhu Yang looked at the analogy of the entire operation: \”I was a phone scam at the beginning, but in the end I also brought people abducted?\”

Yu Li smiled: \”No, I just arranged for a fairy jump, and held his ID card in his hand, pretending to let him go. The leather shop owner was afraid that people would come to him, and recently he dared not come back.\ ”

He blinked at her as he said: \”Speaking of which, money is good.\”

Then the next day, the owner of the winery was reported that there was a serious hygiene problem in the factory, and was interviewed by the Health Bureau. Recently, in order to keep his family business, he had no time to hire female high school students.

Several people asked Zhou Yao what he did, and he shrugged: “Anyone who finds hundreds of dead mice in food processing places will attract attention, right?”

The three almost laughed, this guy is always rude and direct.

But it is not enough to shift the focus of these people. Fu Jiang also has to make sure that he can’t remember the other party recently, and he only focuses on Teacher Gao or Zhu Yang.

In fact, they have taken all the major factors into consideration in their layout, but in fact, on Fujiang’s side, no one else can think of it recently.

Except for Teacher Gao, who is unavoidable in school, she has been devoting all her attention to Zhu Yang’s family recently.

Since returning from the party, she has felt that the atmosphere of the school is not right. Her mind can’t figure out so many joints, but her intuition can also make her aware of the attention of the whole school, and formally feel the real change in form from the short freshness. .

She seems to have been completely thrown aside, and is no longer the focus of attention, not to mention Zhu Yang Nabite and their brothers and sisters.

In the past two days, even the ugly monster who made her dress has been in the limelight.

It is said that her design has entered the finals after many selections, especially the voice of the online voting for her work is the highest.

And the finished product was also released by the official PO. It was Zhu Yang’s past photos, which were well received.

An ugly **** who cowered and had no sense of existence suddenly became popular. The school also treated her abnormally for a while. Now just entering the finals, it has already raised a banner to celebrate.

In fact, she was thinking simple. Apart from vanity enjoyment, this guy is very ignorant. The contest was held in Asia by a famous international luxury brand and it was a grand scale.

It is an incredible honor for students from a small town middle school to be shortlisted.

But these were not in Fu Jiang’s consideration. She only realized that if she didn’t do anything, her status in the school would fall from the pyramid.

Now even the boys see her as pleasant as ever, but they always compare her with Nabitchi.

In comparison, what, ‘Fujie is cute, but occasionally he is too willful. ’

‘Fujie is beautiful, but sometimes it hurts people to speak. ’

‘I have stolen things, but forgive her if she is cute. ’

But when it comes to that hypocritical bitch, it is a posture of kneeling and licking longing.

So she was ready to temporarily swallow her self-esteem, put down her figure, and joined the club established by Bitch, while maintaining her own attention, she found an opportunity to break that guy from within.

As a result, he was rejected when he opened his mouth in front of Zhu Yang!

Fu Jiang couldn’t believe his ears at the time: “You, what did you say?”

Zhu Yang sat lazily on a chair with her legs folded. There were several girls gathered around her, who looked arrogant as if the skin of the melon seeds was picked up by someone.

Seeing Fu Jiang’s reaction, I repeated it again: \”I said you are not eligible for membership, so I reject the application.\”

Fu Jiang was furious, pointing to a girl next to Zhu Yang and said: “I heard that this ugly monster has joined the club, right? She can come in, can’t I? You are using power for personal gain and jealous of my beauty. You are afraid that I will have you Threatening everyone who dare not accept me?\”

\”Heh! The club that sounds nice is actually the product of your selfishness.\”

Zhu Yang raised his eyes, smiling but not smiling: “Yes, I originally had the right, connections, and money. I can’t bear to see a lot of people, so I can help and fulfill my subjective self-satisfaction.”

\”Who told you that I’m doing charity? Even if I do charity, I don’t need anyone to help me in this non-fraudulent donation, so I can help whoever I see?\”

Fu Jiang angrily smiled: “Okay, then tell me what qualifications this ugly monster has? You are not afraid that the threshold is too low to ruin your style.”

Zhu Yang said: \”It seems that you think you are better than the girls here.\”

Fu Jiang has an expression that you are not talking nonsense.

Zhu Yang said: \”Then I will tell you, this girl is not called Hey, let alone ugly. She is called Yui. Yui’s dream is to be a cartoonist. For this reason, he has worked hard, designed scripts, and studied. In the lens, I spend almost all my extracurricular time working hard.\”

\”I was fortunate to read the manuscript she hadn’t published, and felt promising. All of them helped contact the editor of XX. The feedback from the other party was good, and Yui is also starting to prepare for the newcomer award.\”

\”And you, classmate Wei Fujiang, you are lazy and waste your time when others are working hard. Forget it, after all, everyone has a different definition of life, but you dare to mock others’ talents and hard work, and wantonly destroy others’ labor Results.\”

\”Oh, yes, you still have a history of stealing. Your chaotic private life is not my concern. Your beauty is indeed a major advantage. If you say that you have confidence in entering the entertainment industry and becoming a star, objectively speaking It is not unqualified.\”

\”But you are stupid, low in emotional intelligence, and low in character. Not only will you not get any benefits from helping you, but you will also cause trouble around. I can even imagine how painful the people you work with will be.\”

\”These countless shortcomings will cut your beauty advantage again and again, you have nothing except beauty.” Said Zhu Yang chuckles: \”Oh! Of course you can be proud of having beauty and everything can be automatically served Come on, but what does this have to do with me.\”

\”Your beauty is worthless to me.\”

Fu Jiang trembled with anger, and listened to a few ugly monsters saying: “Yes, to appreciate the beauty, Zhu Yang can look in the mirror and don’t have to endure the rustic hairstyle and arrogant face.”

\”I think I am excellent? This is not a beauty contest.\”

\”Rely on your beauty, talent and IQ will be left to us.\”

\”For the first time I think the world is fair.\”

\”Ah——\” Fu Jiang screamed, pushed down a girl, and then rushed out.

Today Fujiang is still not divided by anger.

Zhu Yang is also a pervert, I don’t know why I want to see her split on the spot with such anger, but this is estimated to have to wait until after being killed.

Fu Jiang rushed into Teacher Gao’s office and shouted: “You will drive me out of school for that bitch.”

Teacher Gao naturally knew who she was referring to, but he closed the door quickly before perfunctory: “You too value me too much, a rich family, I am a little teacher–”

Before he finished speaking, Fu Jiang threatened: “I’m pregnant.”


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