Scream Queen Chapter 73

Before Teacher Gao spoke, Fu Jiang continued: “It’s yours.”

At the beginning, she only planned to use this excuse to force Teacher Gao to divorce. How much she liked him was not enough, but this guy gave his wife priority over her, which made Fu Jiang very dissatisfied.

She doesn’t consider the consequences of doing things, and her motives are often difficult to say. Such things like showing off charm and making others unfortunate, not only will not self-reflection, but will only take reason and pride in her heart.

But at this time, compared to Teacher Gao and his wife, Zhu Yang’s **** obviously made her angry, and the bargaining chip for threats naturally changed.

Teacher Gao’s face turned green when he heard it: \”Fu Jiang, don’t be kidding.\”

Fu Jiang sat down on the chair and arrogantly said, “Who is joking with you? Teacher, I have your children, do you not agree to do this for me?”

Teacher Gao quickly denied her intention to cover the pot: \”Even if there is, it may not be mine.\”

Fu Jiang looked up at him in disbelief, and saw the man’s insightful expression: “How many boyfriends do you have in school alone? And men who often send you to school to benefit you,” The gangsters who entangled in the street from time to time.\”

\”I didn’t say that it was broken because I respect your private space. It is easier and more pleasant for everyone to maintain such a relationship, but Fu Jiang, you suddenly changed your face, and it is appropriate to throw all the responsibilities on me?\”

\”If you are really pregnant, even if it is yourself, I am afraid you don’t know whose child is?\”

Generally, girls would hide their faces and ashamed if they were almost pointed to their noses and said that their private life was slutty and profligate, but who is Fu Jiang? Shameless can be said to be one of her few advantages.

She was not ashamed when she heard that, but rather proudly said: “This kind of thing requires you to explain it with your wife and the whole school. Let everyone analyze whether the child is yours. Don’t worry, if it is like you Say, the possibility of nothing to do with you is still very large.\”

This is true, but the whole town knows that he cheated on his female students. Is there any difference between his children from time to time?

Seeing that she was going outside, a hint of cruelty flashed in Takagi’s eyes, but he quickly grabbed her to calm down and said: \”You can change your request, let me buy you something? Didn’t I say that I saw a few models last time? A skirt? I’ll buy it for you.\”

Fu Jiang opened his hand and said sharply: “I don’t want a skirt, I want the **** to disappear before my eyes.”

\”Aren’t you a teacher? So many people trust you, just plant a few things about the bitch, is it difficult for her to stay in town?\”

How simple does this idiot think about things? frame? What is planted? Stealing or cheating?

They are not the same as your idiot, and now the limelight is flourishing, and the prestige is not comparable to him, and framing others is not the same as bullying ordinary students. Everyone will subconsciously stand on his side after listening.

Planting someone to steal something? People say they can throw away hundreds of thousands of diamonds. Or is it planted to cheat? That thing can be proved on the spot.

The brothers and sisters of the family are the results of elite education. Not only do they excel in their studies, but Mr. Gao watched them coldly for a while. Those few people have talents in all aspects.

Otherwise, how can you say that the sponsorship and promotion of a high school student can convince all those who have some ability in the whole school, and they are eager to try, that is the confidence built up by actual results.

And to be able to cultivate such a child, one can imagine their origin.

Teacher Gao smiled bitterly: \”I just help you, but you have to consider my range of abilities.\”

\”Although the origins of these four siblings are unknown, you can see which one in the town can compare with them. Even my father-in-law has taken care of the distinguished guests. Come out, no one can catch it.\”

\”You don’t want to be called suddenly, right?\”

But where can Fu Jiang understand people? No matter how rational analysis of the pros and cons is, it would be useless to break it to her.

She waved her hand impatiently: \”This is what you should consider, I just want the result, otherwise–\”

She gave a chuckle, did not say anything afterwards, and opened the inner lock of the office to go out.

Teacher Gao glanced at the office window. If it weren’t for broad daylight, the school was full of people, and countless pairs of eyes saw him come over and look for him. He really wanted to—

In the end, Teacher Gao still agreed to Fu Jiang’s condition, but with a prerequisite, he spent a few days thinking about how to do things.

Fu Jiang was naturally proud, waiting for Zhu Yang’s bad luck, and then left here in embarrassment.

Things were so beautiful to think that they didn’t even see the obvious killing intent of Teacher Gao through the glasses.

However, she might not be able to tell when she saw it. After all, in her eyes, men’s anger was something she could dispel with beauty.

When he returned to the classroom, the expression on this guy’s face was no longer the anger he had when he first ran out. He saw that Zhu Yang’s face was still ugly, but from time to time, undisguised pride flashed.

Zhu Yangchong beckoned next to him, and Yuli leaned forward when he saw it, and listened to her: “I don’t know why, looking at her so stupid, I think we have done so much preparation and spent so much thought on it so boring .\”

Yu Li also sighed: \”It is better to treat the test of the game as the difficulty of the task and ignore her own value.\”

Really, if it weren’t for the deliberately grinning unspoken rules of the game, there might be coincidences that might immediately follow, and the terrible physique of the guy himself,

With this mind, she really thinks about lowering her IQ.

So many people watched you run out of the office and come out again. When you come out, the whole face is different. I’m afraid they don’t know what PY deal you have reached with Teacher Gao?

Zhu Yangdao: \”It seems that the next situation may be more unpredictable.\”

Seeing the three of them look over, Zhu Yang said: “Teacher Gao is a smart person, good at weighing trade-offs, and guessing what that guy has to rely on to make people relax temporarily.”

Although the logic of Pseudo Fujiang’s mystery is incomprehensible to normal people, it’s not difficult to guess the style of her behavior. Her useful weapons are nothing more than the same.

Either □□ or threatening.

Even if Teacher Gao coaxed her temporarily, it was just a stopgap measure. After a long time, the guy was impatient and could easily cause trouble.

Just after speaking, something was stuffed in Bai Youyou’s ears. When Zhu Yang and the others heard it, they were actually intercepted audio, restoring everything that had just happened in the office.

Sure enough, as Zhu Yang expected, with a slight mistake, things might get out of control, but even Zhu Yang didn’t expect her to be like this–

Forget it, there is no word to describe it.

\”Tsk! Really, if the timing wasn’t just right, this guy might be dead, but next time we won’t necessarily be so lucky.\” It’s also rare to be impatient with reason, he doesn’t like having everything ready Later, it was still no match for the coincidence of seamless and undrilling.

Zhu Yang’s attention was on the bug. She smiled and asked Bai Youyou: “When did you put it on?”

Bai Youyou blinked: \”Am I not her best’friend’ now? Say hello every day and say it’s a matter of course?\”

Before that, everyone was tacitly taunting what happened to that bastard, but Bai Youyou didn’t even have any plans to tear up his face with Fu Jiang, as always, facing each other with smiling faces every day.

In this regard, Zhu Yang was ashamed, but did the inconvenience come out?

Bai Youyou said: \”Ayao reminded me that he still keeps an eye on him, so he gave me a lot of good things.\”

Then I saw Zhou Yao taking out a few buttons from his pocket. They were the same as the buttons of school uniforms, and there was no abnormality in appearance.

Bai Youyou can put Fu Jiang on by saying hello every day. Even if there is an inexplicable extra button in his pocket, the average person will drop it and put it away at that time. There is no doubt about it.

Even if Fu Jiang threw it away, he could immediately make up for it.

Zhu Yang took a few of them and said to Zhou Yao: “Awesome, even the usual things, is this all right?”

Zhou Yao shrugged: “You have to understand the structure of the thing itself, for this I have taken a lot of things apart.”

Zhu Yang smiled and patted him on the shoulder: “Your ability is too suitable for high-tech war situations.”

Zhou Yao’s eyes were full of eagerness to try: “Well! I also want to dismantle beam guns, particle cannons, mecha battleships, Transformers and the like.”

Understand, the boy’s romance, but if this guy’s abilities have enough room for improvement, and there is a certain opportunity for him to study in the game world, the future is definitely a big killer in the high-tech field.

Zhu Yang returned the button to him, and said: “You have heard that Teacher Gao has already been murderous, and we must hurry up, but we have to thank classmate Wei Fujiang for the assist, which just helped Gao’s wife make up his mind. \”

Yu Li frowned: \”Do you want to give the recording to his wife?\”

Zhu Yang smiled and said: “I know your worries, a mysterious person suddenly sent this thing, even if she herself has a murderous intent, she dare not act rashly? There is no way to get people caught.”

\”But you underestimate a woman too much, where it is so troublesome, she will understand after a little hint.\”

Then casually threw a pen to Zhou Yao: \”Turn this thing into a pregnancy test stick.\”

Zhou Yao almost didn’t choke to death by his own saliva: \”You, what did you let me turn it into?\”

Zhu Yang took it for granted: \”Don’t tell me such a simple structure, you haven’t studied it.\”

\”Why, why should I study that? Am I perverted?\”

\”Why don’t you just stare when you need it now?\”

Zhou Yao choked, grabbed the ballpoint pen angrily, then turned out the phone to find out the principle of the pregnancy test stick.

The thing is also simple, but because it is not in contact with the real thing, the impression is slightly deviated, and after a few corrections, Zhou Yao blushed before get out of class and handed a two-strand pregnancy test stick to Zhu Yang. .

Then the three laughed and almost exploded on the spot.

Then Zhu Yang threw the pregnancy test stick into his coat pocket while Teacher Gao passed by in class, and used illusion as a cover.

When he got home, his wife turned out the thing and naturally understood everything.

Whether it was Teacher Gao who was not careful, or the little vixen demonstrating at school, she naturally knew what to do.

I have also said before that the background of this small town cannot be embedded in the reality of my country’s national conditions at all, but the economic situation and existing structure here are more in line with the situation according to the towns of neighboring countries.

Speaking of this, I don’t bother to complain about the game cottage.

Teacher Gao’s wife is prominent in her family, and she is one of the most prominent families in the area. This means that in this area, whether black or white, it is his family who has the final say.

To make a person disappear cleanly is actually very simple for their family.

So on the day the things were handed out, Fu Jiang’s whereabouts had to be more closely controlled.

Zhu Yang has a high sense of existence, and it is inconvenient to attract people’s attention all the time. The other three have to pay attention at all times. This is not limited to the school.

On Fu Jiang’s side, even though he thought he had instigated Teacher Gao, his actions did not stop.

She is willing to do anything that can cause Zhu Yang trouble.

After the physical education class that day, Zhou Yao was washing his face at the sink. As soon as he dried his face, he saw Fu Jiang leaning next to him.

Zhou Yao is not the type who can play a lot with girls, it seems inaccessible to girls.

Those who like his type only dare to watch from afar, and few people come up to talk to each other, and they feel impatiently crying.

But how confident is Fu Jiang about his beauty? Seeing that Zhou Yao didn’t plan to say hello to her, he walked away and said, “I want to wash my face too, but I don’t have a towel. Can I borrow yours?”

Zhou Yao didn’t even think about it, “No, can I share toothbrushes and towels? Isn’t it disgusting?”

When has Fu Jiang been so disgusted in his life? Let’s put it this way, she has eaten more than half of the food that men are willing to eat, so don’t talk about sharing towels with her.

Shouldn’t normal people be flattered and think about it?

She didn’t believe in evil, and said coquettishly: “But her face is really greasy and uncomfortable, I just sweated a lot from running.”

Talking and bringing your face closer: \”If you don’t believe me, take a look.\”

I have to say that her beauty is more impactful at close range. The closer she is, the more likely she is to be affected. Moreover, she does not mention the magical charm, just looking at her face.

The delicate facial features, beautiful facial contours, and fat-like skin, the more you focus your attention on her, the more you want to swallow her in one bite.

Fu Jiang smiled, and his heart was full of contentment. No boy can refuse her from this distance, no!

With a smile on his face, he heard a disgusting voice from above: \”Tsk! What are you doing so close? It’s all sweat, and there is a smell of dust. Then you have to count it. Dare to borrow towels?\”

Fu Jiang’s face stiffened, and then furious: \”Who do you mean? You only smell! I didn’t dislike you, how dare you dislike me?”

Zhou Yao was inexplicable: \”Are you Scarlett? Everyone is willing to drink her bath water. Sweatly ran over to take care of people borrowing personal supplies and not lending you. Is it wrong?\”

\”Who is Scarlett?\” Which **** dares to challenge her charm?

Zhou Yao didn’t want to entangle with her. Turning around, he saw two boys washing their faces in the opposite sink, and said: “Hey! You two, this guy wants to wash his face without towels. Who doesn’t mind sharing it with her.”

He nodded to Fu Jiang and said, “I can only help you get here.”

Fu Jiang was anxious, and as soon as he looked up, he saw two pig heads on the opposite side vying to pass the towel over—

\”Use mine, use mine, I only washed it yesterday.\”

\”Fart, I just saw you wipe your nose up.\”

\”That’s better than having a rash on your face.\”

Fu Jiang almost died of anger, staring bitterly at Zhou Yao’s back and gritted his teeth.

Cheng, this one is estimated to be a little devil who only grows tall and does not have a long heart. He has not even opened up his curiosity about women, and is purely a type of giant baby developed by his sister Bichi.

Fu Jiang gave Zhou Yao such a poke, and decided to start with another person who knows the customs first.

Yu Li has been popular among girls since entering school, and he is easy-going and gentle. He is not a kid who knows nothing.

Fu Jiang asked the person under the tree directly, and said, “Student Yu Li is different in my eyes, please associate with me.”

Honestly speaking, it is not surprising that this guy is going crazy. Although he is confident, he is not so narcissistic that he thinks he is really attractive and fascinated by this femme fatale.

It’s just that this guy is not very picky about men, and can give her vanity, material, and good things. As long as she achieves a little, she can accept everything.

Under the premise of being so irritated by Zhu Yang, it is natural that both he and Zhou Yao would be affected by her behavior.

Yu Li just thought it was funny, and said slowly: \”Sorry, classmate Wei Fujiang is no different from other female classmates in my eyes, and has no further thoughts.\”

I was about to leave but was blocked by Fu Jiang: “Are you serious? I’m no different from those ugly monsters? Are they as beautiful as my toes? It’s hard for you to face a group of ugly monsters with a smile every day, right?”

As he said, he hooked his neck: “You take a good look at me. Once you have me, you will become the envy of everyone in the school. When you rejected me, did you really look at my face and consider it? \”

Yu Li provoked her chin and looked at her face carefully. Fu Jiang was proud of it.

Just listen to the other party: \”Fu Jiang really looks very beautiful, no wonder no one resists your charm.\”

Fu Jiang is about to say that you still don’t seize this rare opportunity? He went on to say: \”Heh! But there is something in my family for the beauties. Just look at my sister if you want to appreciate beauty. There is no need to force yourself to endure a vulgar, ignorant, inferior, and stupid person.\”

Seeing that Fu Jiang’s eyes had started to glow, Yu Li smiled and said: “Yeah! Lest you don’t understand, let me just say it!”

\”Fun Jiang, I don’t think your inferior genes are worthy of me.\”

Fu Jiang screamed and was about to scratch his face. Yu Li grabbed his wrist. Before speaking, he heard a scolding from the side——

\”What are you doing? Let go of Fu Jiang.\”

When Yu Li turned his head, he was a handsome boy, a classmate in their class, and one of Fu Jiang’s boyfriends at school.

Yu Li came to investigate the other party and once listed him as one of the relationship lines that might kill Fu Jiang, but he was included in the whole context of Teacher Gao and the whole class.

The other party came over aggressively: “What are you doing with Fu Jiang? This is a school. Don’t think that you can do whatever you want with money.”

Yu Lizheng had a sense of speechlessness in horror movies, and he was too lazy to have a direct confrontation with the other party, so he let go of Fu Jiang’s hand.

Who knows that this guy rushed into the boy’s arms as soon as he was let go: “A Jian, this guy is indecent to me, you help me teach him.”

The boy’s face was flushed immediately, and he was about to rush to beat someone.

Yu Li felt that staying here would seriously lower his IQ. He didn’t have that rich experience with fools.

He said directly and rudely: \”Yes, classmate Fujiang, there is a resident Mr. Qiu near our home who runs a leather business. The family has undergone major changes. In the past few days, he has been rushing to raise money. Not only has he changed relatives and neighbors, but also Collect debts everywhere.\”

\”Like the previous people who asked for money from him, they will all come back. I happened to look at the list and found that Fu Jiang was also on the list. You might as well hurry up to raise money. After all, it is not easy for them recently.

Fu Jiang screamed as soon as he heard it: “Why? The money was spent a long time ago. The old thing voluntarily gave it to me. It’s not a loan.”

\”But I think the amount is quite a lot. Why does he give you so much money for a girl who is not a relative for no reason?\”

\”Of course it wasn’t for nothing–\”Fu Jiang was only halfway through, and he was not so stupid as to make people cry.

——But it’s almost the same.

As long as the guy on the side is not mentally handicapped, he naturally knows what’s going on, and he is instantly jealous: “Fu Jiang, you said that the guy only picks you up occasionally.”

Fu Jiang didn’t give the boyfriend a little bit of guilty conscience, and said plausibly: “What’s up with you? Whom I want to play with is my freedom.”

The boy was about to reach out to catch her, Yu Li stopped, grabbing his arm like a smile but not a smile: “To apply what you just said, is it not good to use violence against girls?”

The boy couldn’t get away and watched Fu Jiang run away. However, this person is not usually a hostile character. With such a little time as a buffer, his performance is not so excited.

Yu Li just let go of him.

He doesn’t have any sympathy for Fu Jiang, but this is another FLAG that kills people passionately or accidentally killed him. According to that guy’s death virtue, it is really eye-opening to live until now.

So when Yu Li returned to the classroom, he clearly told Zhu Yang that he could not wait, if the atmosphere these days were to be compared.

It’s like a few thin threads are tightened at the same time, and either side may be broken first. If there is a result you want, it is to pinch one of them before randomly breaking.

Zhu Yang said: \”Well! It’s almost the same, Ah Yao has monitored the movement of Teacher Gao’s wife and has already decided to do it tonight.\”

The rest of the people looked at him naturally. Once Fu Jiang died, the next battle would be tough.

After school in the afternoon, a few people didn’t leave Fu Jiang behind, and went away in the dazzling sports car as usual.

Today is still an ordinary day. The rivers nearby, the sunset in the distance, and the crowds in twos and threes in one direction on the way to school are the same as before.

Fu Jiang didn’t go home the first time after school. In fact, she rarely went home obediently and on time.

She is obsessed with the bustling business streets at night, the exquisite luxury of shopping malls, hotels and high-end restaurants, and she doesn’t want to stay in cramped rooms.

The money from the earring **** stolen from Zhu Yang before has been spent. Recently, she didn’t know what happened to several fixed sources of income. There was no time for trouble to find her at the unified stall. The parents’ salary had not been paid yet, and the day was just fine. Flies more and more difficult.

However, she is not indulgent in her situation. With her beauty, she wants to go out to play, especially on the bar street, and she will never worry that no one will pay her.

Today, after eating at the two younger brothers of Nabitzhai, Fu Jiang felt that his self-esteem had been hit. It was just when he was so ostentatious that he naturally went to the bar to have a good time.

The constant obsession surrounding her made her feel better anyway, but the quality of the people I met tonight was not very good, and it was positive to take advantage of it, even if she could not afford to buy more expensive wine.

In fact, I can’t blame others. She had a cocktail that she drank when she was attending a party at Zhu Yang’s house that day, and she was adjusted according to it. However, the ingredients for the cocktail were very expensive, and one cup was too expensive.

Fu Jiang felt that he couldn’t get the benefits, so he felt a little lack of interest, and left after playing for a while.

It was already dark when she came out, and she casually walked on the way home.

The Wei family is from an ordinary family and wants to raise such a luxurious daughter. Naturally, they do not have the conditions to live in a good community.

Their area is not a slum, but it is still remote. There are some secluded roads to go home, including an abandoned tunnel.

Fu Jiang didn’t feel it at first, but when he walked into the tunnel, the empty and silent tunnel filled a little bit of echo into a huge one.

Fu Jiang suddenly realized that besides himself, there seemed to be another slight footstep.

She was taken aback, and quickly turned her head. There was no one behind, except for the two large trash cans at the entrance of the tunnel under the dim light, and the two huge openings seemed to choose someone to eat.

Fu Jiang breathed a sigh of relief, feeling scared, but when he turned his head, his scalp was numb.

Because she didn’t know when someone appeared out of thin air in front of her. The other party was completely dark, wrapped tightly, wearing a hat on her head and a mask on her mouth.

Before she screamed, she covered her mouth, and then the big fan-like palms held her head and twisted her fragile and slender neck.

The ‘Kacha’ is crisp and beautiful, and even the moment of death is particularly touching.

Strictly speaking, this person is not a killer. It’s just that he has been doing dirty work with the master all the year round, and he is also unfamiliar with killing.

Just following all the way from school, I have to admit that this is really a rare beauty, what a pity.

A beautiful soul disappeared in this way, but he suddenly felt uncontrollably that he should keep something, and he did not take the most beautiful task object in his career.

The man took a knife from his arms and was about to cut off Fu Jiang’s body.

Then I heard a voice suddenly sounded from the empty tunnel: \”This is unprofessional.\”

The man was surprised, he was not a defenseless little girl, it was impossible for someone to approach until the other person spoke and didn’t notice anything.

Looking back, I saw four figures appearing at the end of the tunnel, and then approached in the dim light.

Actually, there are just a few children who look only teenagers?

Looking at the beauty corpse in his arms, the man suddenly thought of not the premise of being silent from the master’s family, the trouble of being witnessed by four people at the same time, or the judgment of this group of obviously abnormal people.

But there was only one thought in his heart, these guys are here to **** his body, and they can’t let them **** it.

Thinking of this, his eyes were full of fierceness, and the knife was turned in his hand a few times before attacking, but before he touched a few people’s clothing corners, he was hit by a heavy object on his head and fainted.

Zhou Yao threw away the remaining half in his hand and turned his head: “What is this person crazy? How do I feel that his eyes are going crazy?”

Zhu Yang sighed and exclaimed: “You must be a person who is good at forbearing and determined, but I didn’t expect to be easily bewitched like this. Sure enough, the concept of this death is different.”

Speaking of a few people surrounding Fujiang’s corpse, he examined it carefully for a while, and confirmed that he was not injured, but a trace of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.

Bai Youyou said: \”What should I do now? Burn it directly?\”

\”Where is it so simple?\” Yu Li laughed: \”At least after a few rounds of death, the game will not manipulate the coincidence of resurrection or death so that we can really deal with her.\”

\”Yes, because by that time there is no need to control the difficulty of the game, the charm and split strength of this guy is already troublesome enough.\”

Fu Jiang’s split naturally wouldn’t have been so strong at the beginning, really every drop of blood could split a person from the beginning.

After the original work was divided into more than forty points at the beginning, it would not only form more than forty rich rivers. At that time, the blood flowing into the river could split into thousands.

Fu Jiang here is naturally even more impossible, her ability is even more powerful and unsolvable in the deaths.

So now…

Zhu Yang smiled: “Cut off the head and burn the body.”

The three of them were surprised: “Leave your head alone? Keep one for each death, and then burn her when the game is almost the game? Will the game make us so easy?”

Zhu Yang patted the heads of the three of them: \”Just listen to me.\”

Seeing that she seemed to have other plans, the three of them no longer questioned them, and had a foreboding that all of her previous foreshadowings could come into effect.

Zhou Yao was about to find a piece of steel pipe to be turned into a machete. Although the shape was not close, the material was single and it was easy to change.

But before she started to work, she saw Bai Youyou withdraw a machete from her stomach.

Three people: \”……\”

\”My ability to go to you is not a nail?\”

\”It’s not about turning a part of the body into metal. Hey, besides the pig-killing knife, can you take something else out of your stomach? For example, mace and axe.\”

Bai Youyou rolled her eyes: “Isn’t I too weak just because my nails turn into razor blades? If I encounter many-to-one, I just scratch the meat strips can exhaust me.”

\”I can copy the weapons I have used, but I can only copy one of each one at a time. Before, I could only save these cold weapons in the low-level field.\”

Zhou Yao said: “No wonder you pestered me all day to teach you to use all kinds of grabs, it turned out to be filling your own weapon arsenal.”

Zhu Yang smiled and said: \”Then you two are quite suitable for teaming up.\”

\”Unfortunately, this group is not the player who has the final say.\”

Zhu Yang comforted: \”You can also slowly expand your circle of players, and strive to understand the reality now, there will always be a day of use.\”

But this is also a question of probability, which can only be regarded as an expectation for the time being.

Bai Youyou held a knife and gestured: “I, my swordsman is not very good, what should she do if she wants to get bloody?”

Zhu Yang had forgotten this. The girl looked gentle and gentle, but she was actually very rough.

It’s not that the few people in the villa haven’t exchanged gestures. Although the point is up, they can also see the number of each other.

Bai Youyou is definitely cutting off people and flying around, his face is red.

Zhu Yang waved his hand and froze the corpse with Frost. The three of them whistled, the natural ability is amazing.

It can be assisted in the early stage, but in the later stage is a high-injury big move. If it is more feasible, it will bring the effects of manpower that cannot be shaken, which is really enviable.

As soon as the corpse froze, Bai Youyou took the knife and dropped it, and his head was chopped off, put in a plastic bag and sealed, then put his body in the tin bucket he found, poured gasoline on it, and burned to ashes. Make sure to dispose of it completely. , A few people left.

Fu Jiang’s head was put into a glass fish tank by Zhu Yang, covered with a cage. With her current early ability, there is no way to escape.

But when this guy died, some kind of existence really deteriorated, and they felt it as players.

Obviously, it was the alert instinct after encountering the evil things, and it was no wonder that the killer was bewitched as soon as he came.

One reason is that there is no guard against the dead Fujiang, and another reason is probably to face this initial change.

Not to mention, Fu Jiang’s head was frozen by Zhu Yang and turned into an ice sculpture beauty. When this guy shut his mouth and didn’t speak, he was really a pleasing beauty.

After admiring the ice sculptures for a while, a few people went back to their rooms to sleep, and they still had a good night’s sleep.

The next day, Zhu Yang woke up in the morning and ordered a very rich breakfast with great interest, and the chef prepared it for them.

Many things are so rich that they are not suitable for eating in the morning, such as foie gras.

Fu Jiang was awakened by an unstoppable smell of food.

She opened her eyes, her consciousness was still a little fuzzy, and the last memory was that on the way home, she thought she fell asleep when she got home in a daze.

Recently, my parents have no money, and the family is living in a difficult situation. She eats ordinary porridge for breakfast. She can’t lift her energy every day when she smells the poor quality food.

Unexpectedly, today the old woman would be willing to cook such a fragrant thing, and wondering if she was paid, Fu Jiang slowly opened her eyes.

What is eye-catching is the long dining table full of a large table of rich and exquisite food, the dishes are more beautiful than high-end restaurants, and there are all kinds of varieties.

It was as high-end as I saw in that bitch’s house that party.

and many more! Fu Jiang was surprised, that bitch?

Why does the surrounding atmosphere seem to be that bitch’s home? That **** is sitting at the dining table, is she dreaming?

Is it a dream? Otherwise, why is my line of sight like a camera close to shooting, unless I cut my head off and put it on the table, I will have such a perspective.

Fu Jiang was extremely unhappy about dreaming about the bitch, but her high appetite made her reluctant to close her eyes and wake up from the dream.

Zhu Yang looked at her and smiled: \”Huh? Even if you lose your body, will all your desires not disappear?\”

She obviously only has her head left, so she wouldn’t feel hungry, but she wanted to eat it because of her posture.

Fu Jiang didn’t react to what she meant at first, and then suddenly a flash of pictures flashed through his mind——

A man appeared suddenly, grabbed her head, and twisted it hard.

Fu Jiang slowly lowered his head, and saw his reflection on the smooth tabletop.

She had only one head left and was put into the fish tank. She didn’t know what was done at the connection, and she didn’t even see a drop of blood, but the neck was indeed broken and stood only at the bottom of the fish tank.

The fish tank was on the dining table, and she was placed here like a ridiculous decoration.

Suddenly a harsh scream came from the villa.



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