Scream Queen Chapter 74

This scream was called a magic sound, and it was no better than Zhu Yang, who was known as a whistle.

Thanks to the large distance between this villa and its neighbors, otherwise someone would have looked around to consider whether it was time to call the police.

However, Zhu Yang and the others didn’t let the cry last long, so they picked up the kettle on the table and poured it into the fish tank.

Fu Jiang is now supported by his neck. How far is his mouth from the bottom of the fish tank? After a while, half of his face was submerged, and there was a burst of bubbles in the water, and the scream became a gurgling sound.

Fu Jiang raised his eyes and saw that Bi Chi withdrew his hand: “Roar a hammer, there is only one head left, where is such a high vital capacity?”

\”No, the point is not here, right?” Zhou Yaodao: \”Where does she get her lungs now? The point is why she can still speak.\”

\”She can wake up with only her head left, and other unreasonable things are not important at all, right?\”

After talking about a few people, they looked over, tweeted around her head, and finally came to a conclusion——

\”It’s still pleasing to the eye when you are dead. When you open your eyes and open your mouth, it destroys the atmosphere. What do you think the creator of her thinks?\”

\”I said the same.\” Zhu Yang raised the spoon in his hand: \”Would you like to dig out your eyes and tongue?\”

Three people: \”…! For dinner, don’t tell such disgusting jokes.\”

Zhu Yang: \”……\”

Fu Jiang finally realized what was going on. It was just that she didn’t know her physique at first, and she was naturally scared to see that she had only one head left here.

Although the conversation between the few people was ferocious, it was perhaps their nonchalant attitude that calmed her down.

She screamed through the water: “What did you do to me? Did you do something under the table to hide my body?”

\”You perverts, I can’t spare you guys–\”

The sound was buzzing across the water, but it was understandable anyhow.

But after saying this, Zhu Yang grabbed the whole head out and put it directly on the table.

During this period, Fu Jiang naturally saw through the reflections of the desk in the air that she had indeed broken from her neck, and the interface was sealed with a thin layer of ice so there was no bleeding, but she was really only one head left.

She was about to scream again, but suddenly a broccoli was stuffed in her mouth.

Subconsciously chewing in, the smell of vegetables that she didn’t like made her frown…

After the death of this guy, he didn’t know how to adjust his body structure, and he could still speak and even taste things in full without anything.

The broccoli that Zhu Yang fed her didn’t leak out of her neck. This is because the real stomach is connected to a different dimension.

But Fu Jiang, an idiot, didn’t know whether to say she was stupid or big-hearted. Just now, she screamed at her situation again and again, and now that she was fed, she didn’t start to cry.

Directly to Zhu Yang said: \”Bah! I don’t eat broccoli, it’s unpalatable, I want caviar and foie gras.\”

Talking about the eyeballs, he ordered some of the most expensive dishes and motioned to Zhu Yang to feed her.

Zhu Yang didn’t even refute, he really dug a spoonful of caviar from a nearby dish and fed it to Fu Jiang.

Fu Jiang opened his mouth with satisfaction, but saw the spoon in front of her for a while, returned to the mouth of the bitch, and took a bite.

While chewing, there was a delicious expression: “Well, I have never liked the taste of caviar very much. This time I actually tasted a flavor that I never felt before.”

\”Fujiang-san, it turned out to be a meal looking at you.\”

Fu Jiang’s mouth was flat and crooked, and he was about to swear in a sharp voice, but he put up a posture, and a spoonful of soup appeared beside his mouth.

She thought she was teasing her again, so she heard the **** call out: \”Blow!\”

Not to mention Fu Jiang, even the three little ones on the table were dumbfounded, and Zhu Yang said impatiently: “This thick soup is very hot. How can I eat it without blowing it?”

Naturally, Fu Jiang would not listen to this bitch’s call. Just as he was about to spit in, he heard a cool warning: “If you dare to do burying at the table, I will put you in the toilet and brainwash you.”

After speaking, there was a head facing her: \”Hurry up, my hands are not sour?\”

Fu Jiang is not a guy who can weigh the pros and cons, but soaking in the toilet is still too shocking. After a struggle, he couldn’t resist the pain in his head, so he blew aggrievedly.

After blowing a spoonful of cold, Bi Chi took it back and ate it contentedly, and then handed over another spoonful.

I also admired the chef’s craftsmanship: \”This creamy mushroom soup is rich and mellow, let me make it tomorrow.\”

San Xiao glanced at her, twitching his mouth: “Sister, do you think what you two look like now?”

\”What?\” Zhu Yang looked at them inexplicably.

\”Cat and Mouse!\”

Tom Cat also asked Jerry the mouse to blow it through the soup, but the difference was that Fu Jiang could not drink the soup like Jerry the mouse and frightened Zhu Yang by standing in the spoon.

Not to mention whether she can move her head by herself, or whether the spoon can hold such a large head, this idiot really does not have the wit of Jerry’s anti-killing.

If you dare to be disgusting, Zhu Yang will definitely get her hair out.

In the end, Fu Jiang finally became impatient: \”When will I blow? I want to eat too.\”

\”Oh!\” Zhu Yang said that she was not stingy either, grabbed a piece of whole wheat bread at random on the table and stuffed it into her mouth, both gagging and satiating, let’s live together!

And Fu Jiang angrily watched that she actually spread foie gras on her own bread, and the bread in her mouth felt coarser.

Fu Jiang’s body does not grow fast, and it takes about a week to grow into a full body without interference.

So at this moment, the girl is just a head, but Zhu Yang still plans to go to school.

When he left the house, he put this guy in the fish tank and locked it in the cage, smilingly confessed: \”Be careful of the house.\”

Fu Jiang hurriedly said: “Hey! What happened to me? You haven’t told me yet.”

She is stupid no matter how stupid she is, seeing these guys’ nonchalant attitude towards her terrifying state, and knowing how much they know, and even being connected.

Zhu Yang replied: \”Where do I know your own body? Think about it for yourself.\”

After finishing speaking, I despised a sentence: \”But it is difficult to understand with your IQ, but after all, people cannot stop exploring themselves, come on.\”

After speaking, he gagged the guy’s mouth and went out. It would always be troublesome to let this guy yell in the villa.

However, they were not so eager to go out and rest assured. Zhou Yao installed all-round monitoring in the villa. The four people’s mobile phones could see the home situation at any time, and there would be prompts when someone broke in.

At the speed of the player, it only takes a few minutes to sprint from the school to the villa in a straight line, and it is not afraid of any accidents.

The students in the school didn’t respond to Fu Jiang’s absence in the morning. It was commonplace for her to arrive late and leave school early.

Except that boys sometimes guess that they overslept when they talk about it, girls are not even interested in discussing it.

In school, the focus was on Fu Jiang no matter how much she hated her, but he did not deny that the attention was just turning around her inadvertently.

Then I am envious, jealous, twisted, and tortured by my hate emotions all day long.

But after Zhu Yang transferred to school, at first the girls were just happy to finally have a beauty who can directly fight Fu Jiang on beauty.

It is natural to have good feelings and enthusiasm for the existence of Fu Jiang’s arrogance.

But the more you observe, the more you discover that, apart from beauty, Fu Jiang is simply beaten by people in all directions. In contrast, the most outstanding and arrogant beauty in the town is contrasted with a vulgar and ignorant village girl.

The girls were just gloating at the beginning, and their eyes skipped Fu Jiang and placed more bets on Zhu Yang.

It’s just the same attention-grabbing, and the longing for the latter in a positive sense makes this attention much better for me.

Not only does she have the charm to make people climb closer, but she can actually change her future.

The girls naturally become more and more disdainful of focusing on Fu Jiang, who is useless except to make themselves jealous and twisted. Recently, everyone has tried their best to develop their strengths in order to get Zhu Yang’s approval and her guidance and help. .

This unknowingly marginalized atmosphere is also one of the reasons for Fu Jiang to panic.

Halfway through the morning, it was Teacher Gao’s turn to attend class.

Regarding the vacancy of Fu Jiang’s seat, his mouth was filled with satisfaction after the lecture.

To be honest, he didn’t expect to turn over the article so easily about his derailed student.

When Fu Jiang threatened him by smashing their relationship, he was even murderous. The reputation and status of his painstaking efforts can’t be destroyed by a small crime.

But he underestimated the slut, thinking she was just blindly stupid, unexpectedly stuffing the pregnancy test stick into his pocket.

After going home and found a showdown by his wife, she said that Kai Kai was unexpectedly forgiven, but the wife’s request was that the little girl could not stay in the world to be an eye-catcher.

Teacher Gao hopes that this matter will only end between husband and wife. His husband is not so good at talking. If he knew his wife was so good at talking, he would have a showdown.

Last night, his wife arranged for someone to go out, but Fu Jiang had no news today. So far the knife hanging over his head disappeared. How could Teacher Gao be upset like this?

It’s just that the mood hasn’t been relaxed for a long time, when the class was in progress, I heard the classroom door being opened.

\”sorry I’m late.\”

It was Fu Jiang who appeared at the door. The other party didn’t care about being late, and after greeted him, he sat back in his own position.

Teacher Gao only felt that his throat was pinched by a hand, full of unnaturalness that had concealed himself. After a long time, he started to lecture, but his mind was no longer in the classroom.

what happened? Didn’t that guy solve Fu Jiang at all? The opponent is just a high school student who has no power to bind the chicken, how could he miss it?

With this doubt, Teacher Gao could only suppress his mind, but in the end he couldn’t help it. So he asked directly in the class: “Fu Jiang, your family-do you have twin sisters?”

Fu Jiang raised his head and expressed disgust at this statement: “I am an only child, teacher, how could such a beautiful face appear again.”

After talking about it, the girls sneered at the front and back desks: \”That’s all, I really dare to say it.\”

Zhu Yang, who was sitting in the back row, didn’t say this. When was it your turn to be mad?

Only after speaking, I saw Fu Jiang raised his head and glanced at himself with a smile.

The girl choked, what’s the matter? This guy looks and feels more beautiful today.

The face is still the same, with only more indescribable charm.

Fu Jiang was impatient to pay attention to these ugly monsters, and only glanced back at Zhu Yang in the back row.

She woke up early this morning, not knowing why, as if she had a sudden sense of clarity.

The depression that had been hit by the **** one after another was swept away, as if he was omnipotent and confident that he was the most beautiful.

This discovery made her eager to come to the school, and as expected, the unique sense of attention seemed to come back along the way.

Everyone saw her as if they had also discovered something new in her, leaving a stunning look wherever they went.

She looked at the **** sitting in the back row, and felt that it was nothing but that at the moment. How did she lose to this guy before?

No, she never lost.

Fu Jiang was active in his heart, awakening with death and transformation.

However, Zhu Yang and his entourage were surprised by her presence here. No one expressed surprise. On the contrary, there was such a sense of implementation.

The head of the body was in their hands, and the body was incinerated. It was so simple that the situation was completely controlled in their hands to have ghosts.

This is also the reason why Zhu Yang left a head. The retention of part of the body can curb the number of proliferation scattered in the outer part.

The rhythm of their clearance is like controlling a swimming pool that opens the water outlet while receiving the water at the same time. You can’t rush or slow down. Keep the balance on both sides before you can control the situation.

It stands to reason that the early Fujiang cannot regenerate through hair and nails, but if they burned the whole body last night without leaving a trace.

The difficulty of the game failed to reach the preset standard, and the rule of keeping incomplete was lifted. After all, this would not be regarded as breaking the curse. New rich rivers must always come out.

In order not to cause trouble for himself, Zhu Yang also took great pains to deal with the corpse, and finally chose to leave only one head, so that the main body still exists, and the game is looking for trouble, and it is impossible to use all the conditions.

As far as they knew, the wigs in Wei’s mother’s hands and the nails in Wei’s father’s hands could be scaled up in the part where Fujiang was left outside.

The nails are too fragmentary and should not be a climate, so that wig is the first to bear the brunt of——

For this reason, they even sneaked into the hospital and the school archives to check Fu Jiang’s medical history from childhood to adulthood, and confirmed that she had no body tissue left behind, and no blood records, and then made the plan.

So they are almost certain that the Fu Jiang in front of them is the wig at her house that is fine, and everything is as expected.

It’s just that the body of Fujiang’s body didn’t grow out in the first night, and a wig grew out of it overnight, naturally it was the pot of the game again.

In the pursuit of drama, this dog game sometimes sacrifices part of the logic. Therefore, in the game world, you must have both strict thinking and wild imagination to keep up with the absurd rhythm of the game.

Perhaps Zhu Yang had a tacit understanding with the game after the last copy, and the momentum of the two sides’ hedging has been temporarily suspended. Zhu Yang hasn’t called it a dog in his heart for a long time.

Suddenly called again, Zhu Yang seemed to hear a grumble of dissatisfaction in his mind.

But get out of class is over now, and a few people are silently watching the wigs, because the other party has directly rushed over to them.

She kicked on the boy’s chair at the table in front of Zhu Yang, gesticulating: “Get up!”

The boys usually indulge her more. Recently, Zhu Yang has brought a little bit of change to the atmosphere in the class. Sometimes, in the big environment, Fu Jiang does not dare to be as partial as before when he commits public anger.

But today, as soon as Fu Jiang entered the door, everyone’s eyes were brightened again, as if the people who had been used to seeing them suddenly became more fresh.

The boy not only gave up his seat altogether, but also helped Fu Jiang to wipe the chair. This diligence made Fu Jiang quite satisfied.

After sitting down, he looked at Zhu Yang with a sullen look, and said, “I want to join the meeting.”

After speaking, Zhu Yang didn’t wait for Zhu Yang to answer, then he corrected himself and said: \”No, I want you to be the boss of the club.\”

Zhu Yanghao watched her in his spare time, and only felt that although her hair was fine, but she probably ran out before her brain grew well, but when she thought about it, she couldn’t get better.

This guy is so stupid that he can really make people angry sometimes.

Zhu Yang smiled: \”I will not say when my privately established club will open up the campaign mechanism, nor will I say if you are allowed to do what you can do to perform your duties, you don’t understand this anyway.\”

\”I just want to ask you one sentence.\” Zhu Yang leans forward slightly, with his arms resting on the table, and his upper body forming an elegant arc: \”Where do you deserve to rule talented people?\”

Fu Jiang should have said: \”I am beautiful!\”

She stood up, looked around the classroom for a week, arrogantly raising her chin: “The talents of these people are not worth mentioning in front of my beauty. Even my beauty may inspire them enough.”

\”Even if there is no inspiration, if I am the boss anyway, people will pay more attention to this group, so that their sense of existence, which is not much better than the corner mouse, can be noticed.\”

\”This reason is sufficient, right?\”

The girls in the classroom exploded as soon as they heard–

\”What are you going crazy again? Haven’t you learned well yet? I’ve had enough of you bragging about it.\”

\”Give us back inspiration, what inspiration? See how shameless a girl is at this age?\”

\”If you want to show off your beauty, go to the boys. The club is not a place for lazy guys like you to stay. It will help us? It’s a laugh. You are fallen and don’t hinder everyone’s efforts.\”

This is due to boys accusing girls of being mean and being good at using Fu Jiang’s simple temperament to hypnotize me.

However, the club established by Zhu Yang helped not only the girls, but also worked for their own future, but also conformed to the trend. At the moment, there is no one to help Fu Jiang.

However, whether the people around them are filled with outrage or stand by, they will not affect the confrontation.

Zhu Yang knows that this guy is really not wrong in a sense, not in other industries, especially photography and painting. Fu Jiang, a beauty with a unique charm, can easily become their muse.

This is not surprising, once you concentrate on expressing her beauty, you will get caught up in it, and finally get lost.

In the original work, there seems to be a painter who finally painted Fujiang with a hideous face like a monster, which was regarded as the treasure. The painting was dismissed by Fujiang, but the painter really saw the essence of her seductive power through her skin.

But in the end, Fu Jiang was divided and died by the opponent.

Fu Jiang was now more confident than ever. She patted Zhu Yang’s desk with both hands, interrupting the clamor in the classroom.

A fascinating smile appeared at the corner of his lips: “You are the ugly ones. If you don’t understand my beauty, please take a look and compare with this **** to see who is the most beautiful That one.\”

\”Who is worthy to be the real boss.\”

\”Every day I see this vulgar fan being touted to heaven, I almost laugh to death, come! Let’s see who is the best one.\”

Everyone in the classroom only felt that she was losing her heart, Fu Jiang and Zhu Yang were similar in beauty and style.

But Zhu Yang, regardless of his cleverness, talent, background, insight, and momentum, has smashed Fujiang several streets. This is a recognized fact.

I don’t know where her self-confidence suddenly came from today, but the mocking words just came to her lips, but suddenly found that this girl with crude behavior at this moment is so stunning and moving.

There seemed to be a whirlpool-like magical power on his body, constantly attracting people’s attention.

Suddenly no one was the same as before, and said frankly that she was not as good as classmate Zhu Yang.

Fu Jiang smiled with satisfaction, and hooked his “boyfriend” not far away: “Ajian, tell me who you think is beautiful between me and Zhu Yang?”

The boy named Ajian said in a trance: “Fujiang is more beautiful.”

Fu Jiang was even more proud, his eyes turned to other people: “Where are you?”

Everyone looked at her subconsciously, and then turned their gazes at Zhu Yang, and Fu Jiang followed everyone’s sights to look at her in time.

She just wanted to watch this guy being pushed down by everyone.

But the smile on her lips was still there, but suddenly she felt something was wrong.

Na Bitchi was still looking from the sidelines, with a smile on his face, looking at her as if watching a stupid farce, this look made Fu Jiang very upset.

But she’s a dull and vulgar fan, but she still can’t compare with her——

Wait a minute? The idea that had just spawned was desperately denied by the discovery in front of him.

I saw that **** supported his chin casually, sitting there lazily, his posture remained unchanged, but his body gradually rippled away.

Obviously it is a person sitting there, but at this moment, it feels incompatible with the same kind around him. It seems that the whole body is covered with a different kind of luster, not visual, but a deeper feeling.

Just like Fu Jiang gives people a particularly different feeling today, it is not a change in appearance, but a strong attraction that has always been ideal.

This sense of incongruity made Zhu Yang’s whole person look more attractive, as if he saw a miracle, it made people unconsciously amazed.

Fu Jiang couldn’t help but stared blankly for a while, and then he heard someone next to him say: “It’s really dazzling.”

\”Sure enough, Zhu Yang is more beautiful.\”

\”Humhhhhhhh! Talented and beautiful, well deserved.\”

\”I even felt like I was in heaven just now, she was like an angel.\”

\”Are you too? Me too.\”

Not to mention that Fu Jiang is unbelievable, the three little ones almost got goose bumps from the cold by the people around them.

They also saw with their own eyes how Zhu Yang became dazzling beyond the human category, but they were players, so naturally they would not think that it was a psychological special effect brought about by beauty.

Reminiscent of everything before, this should be one of her abilities, right?

But the three of them didn’t guess the nature of this ability. At this moment, they only guessed the charm ability she got on a certain gorgeous female ghost. They were surprised that this guy could actually fight Fu Jiang directly in charm?

But let’s not mention the reaction of the three people, Fu Jiang came here early in the morning with confidence, but the facts actually deceived her.

She could feel her evolution, but Bitch was actually even more crazy than her.

No, is it because she has curtailed her charm, and she just couldn’t bear to let her release her full strength before? What kind of monster is this **** really?

Fu Jiang was hit badly, and ran out of the classroom amidst the sneers around him.

It can be said that he died before he was appointed as a teacher—not so serious, but the blow was a certainty.

Zhu Yang saw her running out of the house, tusk, regret: \”It’s still not angry and split in place, isn’t this all awakened?\”

The three of them were not interested in Fu Jiang at the moment, and asked around her: “You said you also have charm skills. If you can fight her, why are we so roundabout?”

Zhu Yang alone gave a thrill: “What do you want to do? I just added a halo to myself, and then arranged the illusion of falling into heaven for a moment, and at the same time stimulated their dopamine when everyone looked at me. That’s it.\”

\”To put it plainly, the charm of others is the most primitive and natural enchantment. I processed it later.\”

\”Illusory spell?\”Similarly: \”That’s also very powerful.\”

Although Fu Jiang became stronger, the utility was limited, but they suddenly thought of what Zhu Yang said before–

The so-called attention is not unilateral.

She can deceive everyone’s eyes, making everyone think that she has overwhelmed the magical beauty Fu Jiang in charm, and the same is true for Fu Jiang naturally.

Fu Jiang’s abilities are nothing more than charm and division, and she herself has no resistance to illusions.

Before she died, Zhu Yang had taken away most of her sense of attention, which severely affected her self-confidence.

Resurrected after death, she was touched at the moment of her awakening. Fu Jiang might not know why, but that unprecedented confidence is a manifestation of her own awareness.

As a result, he came with confidence, and his head was slapped back.

The three of them finally understood Zhu Yang’s thoughts. It is true that Fu Jiang must be eliminated, but to what extent can she be truly eliminated and the curse eliminated?

She has lived in this town for more than ten years, leaving too many traces and cursing for a day. No matter how many bodies are wiped out, she will treat the symptoms but not the root cause.

But what is the standard for breaking the curse? Is she completely dead? Or did the people in town completely forget her?

It is not that the three of them came here without thinking about the subject of this task, because as far as the content of the task is concerned, this is simply a false proposition.

It does not give you a clear standard, and as the overlord of the game, the final interpretation power is entirely in its hands.

But Zhu Yang took a different approach, thinking of letting Fu Jiang go from self-doubt to even denying himself.

Yes, think about the essence of this immortal beauty.

Vanity, arrogance, □□, vulgarity…

But among the countless shortcomings, there are two that are most noticeable, that is, confidence in one’s own beauty, and absoluteness that is unattractive to oneself.

What if she loses her self-confidence and her spirit falls into doubt about her own charm?

This is almost a fundamental denial of her own existence. Following this line of thought may have miraculous effects.

The three of them couldn’t help but admired Zhu Yang and gave Zhu Yang a thumbs up. They were really convinced by the guy.

Bai Youyou opened her cup. This is the juice she made for herself in the morning and handed it to Zhu Yang: “Sister! Give you a drink.”

Yu Li thumped her shoulders for her: “How is the strength?”

Seeing the two clever, Zhou Yao didn’t know what to do for a while, and suffocated for a while: \”Then, then I will soak your feet when I go home.\”

Zhu Yang touched the heads of the three of them: \”good~\”

As a result, after only drinking two sips of juice, I felt a little bit about going to the bathroom, so I got up and walked out of the classroom, followed by Bai Youyou.

But when I came back, I passed a classroom and heard a croaking movement inside.

The two saw that this classroom was still the activity room of the Zhuyang Club. She founded this club because she had outstanding results when she came, and she won several contest awards.

Secondly, Zhu Yang’s talents are outstanding, and it is suspected that the family is prominent, and the school is naturally all convenient, so not only did she give her a classroom as an activity room, the decoration tools inside were all money from the school.

When the two opened the door and went in, they saw a figure holding a utility knife slashing wildly.

The curtains and sofas, the walls of the tables, the awards received from the competition, and a picture of Zhu Yang hanging on the wall were all scratched.

Hearing the movement, the other party turned his head, and it was Fu Jiang who was red-eyed with anger.

At this moment, she smiled distortedly and jealously, looking at Zhu Yang’s face, and then at the utility knife in her hand, showing a bad smile.

\”Ah~, are you here? Just so, it saves me to find you.\”

Speaking, holding a knife and stepping closer: \”Aren’t you a pretty face? It’s the same for a few strokes?\”

She got closer and closer, but the other party didn’t mean to hide, let alone dodging, there was not even a trace of panic on her face, even her little white flower sister.

Upon seeing this, you even had a look in your eyes that you had forgotten to think: “Could this guy’s charm be exchanged for IQ, right? I knew how to use my brain before, but now I don’t think about the consequences at all.\ ”

Bai Youyou nodded: \”Sister, you insulted your brain, where does she have it?\”

Fu Jiang screamed: \”Ah——, you turn me into an ugly monster.\”

Before the knife fell, she was grabbed by her hair and twisted her neck with a click, which was cleaner than the person who killed her last night.

When Fu Jiang’s consciousness was about to disappear, he realized that he seemed to be killed again.

No, why do you say it again? Then she remembered what happened in the tunnel last night, she had already been killed once.

It’s just that if you want to clear these up, you have to wait for the next resurrection.

Zhu Yang retracted his hand and saw Bai Youyou staring at her dumbfounded, and said plausibly: “What are you looking at me? I’ll just let her die and calm down.”

OK, OK! Anyway, this guy has already died for the first time. If they kill it once, it shouldn’t have much effect, right? probably.

This elder sister is always able to strategize in one second and be mature and steady, but in the next second, she will be too naive and capricious.

However, the two of them wiped off the blood coming out of her nose and mouth and burned it so as not to grow branches.

The corpse was put directly on the sofa by them, making it look like he was asleep.

Fu Jiang’s memory passed down before and after the moment she split.

It’s just that this wig was shrewdly not split from the dead Fu Jiang, but it still inherited the memory of the other party, I am afraid it is also game manipulation.

However, although the game will be slightly adjusted, it should not change the basic rules. After the split, the Fu Jiang will not remember and share, otherwise this guy will know that there is a head in her house.

But seeing her reaction is obviously not known.

It takes several days for Fu Jiang to grow a new body after being dismembered, but it does not take long for him to resurrect in a full body state.

In the last class in the morning, she came in from outside. When she came in, she glared at Zhu Yang, but there was also a trace of fear in her eyes.

It is estimated that she is not accustomed to death yet, when she is accustomed to death, she will be old fritters.

The last class was for Teacher Gao, and now he looked at Fu Jiang with no surprises.

Before the end of get out of class, he contacted his wife, who said that he did not receive the assassin’s receipt last night, and when he heard that Fu Jiang was still alive, he sent someone to contact the assassin.

As a result, the people below said that the other party had become a little weird, and when asked him what happened last night, he couldn’t remember, and sometimes became crazy and said who he wanted to find.

It is estimated that there was a hidden illness, which happened just before the murder last night, allowing Fu Jiang to escape.

When the get out of class was about to end, Mr. Gao told everyone to go out to sketch tomorrow, going to the mountains, and then told what to bring, and ordered them carefully before leaving the classroom.

And because Fu Jiang was squeezed in Zhu Yang, he didn’t dare to be a demon again throughout the afternoon. Today, the first day of Fu Jiang’s resurrection, it was still peaceful.

Although that guy died again halfway through.

When he returned home in the afternoon, Zhu Yang asked Zhou Yao to take Fu Jiang out.

When they went out, it was naturally impossible for them to put a big head in the living room, and Zhou Yao used iron to convert an airtight metal box to seal Fujiang in before leaving.

The iron leather box had no opening. It was a seamless box made by Zhou Yao directly using iron on the outside of the fish tank, and he had to change the form to take it out.

As soon as he took it out, Zhu Yang burst into a burst of uncontrollable laughter.

\”Hahahahaha…\” Zhu Yang pointed to Fujiang Road, whose eyes were locked in flames: \”Look at your stupid hahaha…\”

Some bodies have grown under Fu Jiang’s head, but the body looks like an embryo that hasn’t formed yet, with an already grown head against it, it looks creepy.

Of course, ordinary people look terrifying, but Zhu Yang is used to seeing ghosts, and listens to her all day long to brag about her beauty.

The only thing left was joy when she saw this. She even took out her mobile phone and handed it to Bai Youyou: “Come on, take a picture of the two of us.”

Fu Jiang was not mad at her: “Don’t laugh at you bitch, I’m starving to death, give me a meal quickly, I want to eat caviar, I want to eat foie gras.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand nonchalantly: \”Don’t worry, you won’t die, it’s just that you don’t have enough nutrients to slow down. I will put you in the dung pit and you will be able to blossom.\”

\”You just entered the cesspit, I can’t spare you—\” She screamed and jumped.

\”Yes yes yes! I’m afraid of you. \” Zhu Yang looked at her, inexplicably kind of love to care for the mentally retarded: \”If you can’t think about it for a while, urinate and defecate in my fish tank, Ayu and Ayao will clean up How spicy are your eyes?\”

\”Looking at your face, taking care of you is sexual harassment, looking at your body, and thinking too much, is it a dilemma?\”

Yu Li and Zhou Yao quickly drew back: \”Why, why are we? Isn’t this bad?\”

Zhu Yang said: \”Do you want to make the two girls bloody?\”

But you and Bai Youyou are more energetic than we are when you chop up.

The big guy couldn’t say it here, and the two looked at Fu Jiang Dao ferociously: “Don’t mess around?”

\”Dare to throw you into the backyard and raise you with the bastard.\”

Fu Jiang: \”……\”


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