Scream Queen Chapter 75

Fearing that this guy would not believe in evil, Zhou Yao even took Fu Jiang’s head to visit Wang Ba Chi.

After all, a normal person can never predict what a fool will really do in the next second.

Then Fu Jiang really stared at the two turtles in a Jingqu water tank in the back garden for a long time.

The tortoise’s neck was still sticking out of the water, sniffing on her unformed embryo-like body, and then retracting her head in disgust.

Fu Jiang screamed again: \”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

\”Bought too many flowers, flowers and grass, so I spared some goldfish bastard.\” Zhu Yang replied: \”Eh, I said you can’t just click it quietly?\”

\”It’s a shame that they only have the aesthetics of their own race. You don’t like it. If they can really understand what you are now, you can’t be scared to death.\”

\”You are scared to death, you are ugly, you are jealous of me.\”

It seems that after one death, he becomes more confident and self-confident. It is the same on both sides.

Zhu Yang showed her the screen of the phone with a smile: “But I just sent a picture of us together, everyone doesn’t think so.”

Fu Jiang glanced at the homepage of Bi Chi. There were hundreds of times more fans than her, and the display was posted ten minutes ago. Just a while ago, there were hundreds of comments and thousands of likes.

The message inside is unintentionally not to praise and slander the **** and demean her.

And without exception, they all attacked from the perspective of beauty. Even if someone accused of shutting up and scolding, Fu Jiang was not ashamed but proud, but denying her beauty made her intolerable.

I was furious on the spot: “Are these people born blind? No one has eyes, so why do ugly monsters call me ugly? Ah–”

The three little ones on the side just watched Zhu Yang tease people with such a low-level wrist. The key is that the idiot really took the bait without saying a word. The target of this task is too difficult to make people feel powerless, but stupid to exceed the lower limit, also makes people unable to refresh.

Anyone with a brain would not believe that such photos can be published on Internet platforms to make people talk about it. The anti-human beauty head and embryonic body postures, when they are released, don’t make people relish and make people panic, OK?

Sure enough, the creator of this guy thought from the heart that she had a magical charm, and it didn’t matter whether she had a brain or not, so she was lazy and didn’t stuff her brain.

Even if you stuff a lump of okara, it won’t be like this.

Under the time of teasing Fu Jiang, the resident chef also called and said that the dinner was ready and it was already on the way.

Zhu Yang motioned Fu Jiang to stop talking and scared people.

Fu Jiang was crying, thinking he got a bargaining chip: “Oh, I see, you perverts, imprisoning beautiful girls without authorization, are afraid of being known, right?”

\”As soon as people come, I call out for help, exposing your real sinister faces in front of everyone. You don’t want me to make trouble. All the good food belongs to me, as are the villa’s bathtub, soft bed, sofa, and beautiful clothes. mine.\”

\”The key is to get me out of this **** Wangbachi first—\”

Before I finished speaking, I was stuffed with two walnuts in my mouth: \”Come on, fill your brain. I sincerely suggest that you bring some walnuts with you from now on, and eat two walnuts before you speak, so as not to put your stupidity Scattered all over the floor.\”

After speaking, Zhu Yang took a piece of tape from Zhou Yao and sealed her mouth, and threw the walnuts left in her hand to Bai Youyou.

Bai Youyou took the walnuts and smashed them with a bare hand, and said with contempt: “I was fooled by her when I chopped her head last night? Let me say it’s not my fault.”

When Fu Jiang heard this, he looked at Bai Youyou in disbelief, the meaning in his eyes was very obvious-“So it was you who killed me? You said we were friends?”

Bai Youyou said: “Don’t you remember who killed you? You don’t even have a bad mind, and your memory makes you bitch?”

While eating the walnut petals, he said: “Let’s go out for a walk after eating and find your corpse. Don’t say that I’m not righteous. It’s just looking at your young corpse in the wild and thinking that we are friends. So I chopped off your head and come back to talk about comfort?\”

\”I didn’t expect you to wake up by yourself.\”

Fu Jiang remembers that the person who killed her was not these four guys, but a middle-aged person who didn’t know her, but now these are not important.

Importantly, dinner was delivered right now, and a group of guys put her head on the table as decoration.

Not only that, but one of them even ate two bites and said, “Well, it’s okay this morning, although it’s a bit oozing, it’s just a human head anyway.”

\”But it’s like this—it’s a bit overwhelming.\”

It refers to the embryonic body connected under the head of Fu Jiang. The scene is really stranger than watching the baby corpse specimens bathed in formalin in the hospital.

At the moment, Fu Jiang had already taken out the walnuts, and looked at the caviar and foie gras greedy.

Zhu Yang actually doesn’t like these two dishes very much, but Fu Jiang likes them the most. What she can’t stop is to order them as decorations.

Hearing this, Fu Jiang sneered at each other: “You ordinary people, just be jealous. Seeing that, my beauty is helpless even if I die. Is there someone who is so favored?”

Bai Youyou sneered: \”A big-ticket guy really dare to say it.\”

\”What did you say?\”Fujiang was furious:\”Have you seen such a beautiful person like me?\”

He glanced at Zhu Yang and said reluctantly: “Except for your sister Bi Chi.”

Before Bai Youyou could answer, Zhou Yao said: “I see, there is another one of you who is going to school well during the day.”

\”Huh?\” Fu Jiang was shocked.

Then Yu Li flipped out the phone and showed her some photos slowly. There was a time watermark on them: “Hey, I was taken in the activity class today. To be honest, we were shocked when we saw each other. \”

\”At the beginning, I didn’t know how to explain the painful fact that Wei Fujiang had been killed. Who knew that the language had not been organized yet, and the new Fujiang had already appeared in front of us.\”

\”The other party claims to be an only child, there is absolutely no other person in the family who looks the same, your family, town, and school, no one has any doubts, and your death last night did not cause any commotion.\”

\”It’s like your death is a dispensable thing, and then immediately replaced by the top of the top. Fu Jiang seems not as special, so important, so irreplaceable than you said.\”

Fu Jiang’s whole embryo-like body was trembling with anger, looking terrible and funny, and then the whole person went crazy: \”Ah——, that counterfeit, how dare she? Ah——\”

Zhou Yao and the others covered their ears, looking at Zhu Yang embarrassedly: “Sister, how long do we have to bear with this whistle?”

\”Yes, this Nima screamed all day long, and screamed after just a few words. I’m almost nervous. \” Bai Youyou also said.

The key is that the continuous blow to her can’t be stopped. You said that you can stop her from interacting with her mouth. It seems a bit inhumane (?).

But seeing that Zhu Yang didn’t care about this guy’s voice, he seemed to have good resistance, and under this shocking background BGM, he didn’t even pause to eat.

Zhu Yang slowly swallowed his steak and wiped the corners of his mouth. Then he said: “What’s this? Ignoring mental pollution is also part of training. The environment will never be squandered just because you are squeamish.”

Bai Youyou was the first to be unhappy when he heard this. Oh, did you say that now? That morning, when the fine wig Fujiang provokes you, and you twist your neck when you shoot it, what counts?

Treat others with strictness and forgiveness.

Zhu Yang couldn’t hold back under the accusation gaze, so he had to tut: “Okay, let me deal with it.”

Then I took the spoon and knocked on the edge of the glass fish tank: “Hey! Howling a hammer, does it bother your appetite if you don’t see it?”

It’s okay if she doesn’t say that, when Fu Jiang gets more energized, she screams deliberately and provocatively when her face is pointed at her: \”Ah——\”

As a result, Zhu Yang’s face collapsed, and suddenly he let out a scream–

It’s not blowing. The three of Bai Youyou could even see a ripple in the air, and then the fish tank cracked at once. It was so big that there was no water in it right now.

Then everyone felt a piercing attack. The three of them were already covered by Fu Jiang’s noise.

Fu Jiang faced the sound wave, his head hitting a bell at the time, and his entire dizziness rolled his eyes again and again.

As soon as Zhu Yang’s voice stopped, he tore a piece of bread and stuffed it into his mouth, with an arrogant expression on his face: \”Compared to me, looking for death!\”

After a long time, the three little ones tentatively put down their hands covering their ears, looked at Zhu Yang and asked: “Sister, have you learned the lion roar from the renter?”

After Zhou Yao said this, he was hit by Yu Li: \”It should not be possible, copyrighted.\”

Zhou Yao looked at him with a stupid expression on you, the meaning in his eyes was very obvious–

Are you talking about copyright with the game?

Zhu Yang is noncommittal and can’t tell these guys that your sister is naturally talented, coupled with the tempering of psionic energy, without game extraction, she has generated an amazing offensive skill, right?

For the next meal, Fu Jiang didn’t scream anymore, and his entire head shrank in the fish tank with apathy, and from time to time he let out a cry of grievance.

I can’t even scream, but the self-confidence that suddenly burst out today is an illusion~~~

After one night passed, and when he woke up the next morning, Fu Jiang’s body had grown to the size of a child of one or two years old.

It seems that the game has also shortened the growth time here for the plot, but this is also expected.

After breakfast, a few people went to school. After they came to the school to gather, there was a bus waiting there.

Generally speaking, there are still few going out to sketch in this season. It is between summer and autumn, and there is no strong seasonal mark. Therefore, only their class is out, and no other classes participate.

That wig Jing Fujiang was naturally there, but he didn’t provoke Zhu Yang when he came today. It is estimated that the losses suffered yesterday are still vivid.

Teacher Gao, the head teacher, counted the number of people, except for one girl who was sick and did not come. After confirming that there were no omissions, she put everyone in the car and drove to the suburbs.

The students are naturally in a high mood along the way. Although the scenery is average at this time, it is more interesting to go out and play than to go to school.

One by one was restless in the car, playing cards, listening to music, ran to eat snacks, if it weren’t for Teacher Gao to drink, he could lift the roof of the car.

Zhu Yang and the four of them were playing poker. Looking at the scene, she suddenly thought: “You said, will this car be driving? Everyone suddenly cut the whole car from the middle. People stopped and cut, only the heroine who happened to be lying on the ground to pick something survived?\”

The three of them laughed, entering the game world, everyone must more or less do their homework in reality.

Not to mention, at least watch two more horror movies to broaden your imagination and ghost routines, right?

But the classmates who watched them play cards were scared and shrunk by her bad joke: “Oh, where did you get such a terrible idea?”

puff! terrible?

If you follow the original plot, you will all participate in the dismemberment of one person today.

However, due to recent influence, the atmosphere in the class is quite different from the beginning. At least most people have their own pursuits and efforts.

Instead of being immersed in thoughts of a beautiful girl or being jealous or possessive, the whole class is shrouded in a strange atmosphere.

At the destination, everyone got off the car, and the mountains and rivers were also refreshing.

A group of people put down their bags, first moved around in the open space, and then played toss the ball together.

Teacher Gao sat on a small hill not far away and looked at the students so as to always pay attention to their safety.

Zhu Yang, the four of them, didn’t play ball because they were addicted to playing poker in the car. After getting off the car, they continued to win the game. Several classmates watched the battle.

Fu Jiang didn’t take part in this naive game either. Seeing Teacher Gao sitting on the hill, he turned his eyes and looked for him.

Behind him, a sweet voice called: \”Teacher!\”

Teacher Gao turned around and saw Fu Jiang, and smiled: “Fu Jiang, why don’t you play ball together?”

Tomi Jiang smiled and said: “Just play with the ball. Compared with that, the teacher won’t forget what I asked you before, right?”

Teacher Gao’s smile stiffened, and there was a trace of coldness in his eyes. He let this guy escape the night before, but he didn’t expect that he couldn’t relax at all. After two days, he became aggressive again.

He is going to comfort each other first, his wife has arranged another person, tonight–

Fu Jiang continued: “Teacher, it seems that my pregnancy didn’t bring you a sense of urgency at all.”

If he wanted to say something threatening, he heard a voice from behind: “What did you say? Are you pregnant?”

Fu Jiang turned around, it was her’boyfriend’ Ajian, and the boy’s face was unbelievable at the moment.

But Fu Jiang has no embarrassment at all: “It’s not yours, it doesn’t matter to you, Teacher Gao, I’m discussing with him now, don’t disturb us if you go away.”

Teacher Gao knew that this idiot was unreliable long ago. As long as a narrative was made in her mouth, it would be equivalent to being picked up from beginning to end, without the need for others to chase after him.

Sure enough, when Ajian heard that his girlfriend dyed his head green, the object was the teacher whom he respected, how could it be able to stand it.

When he came up, he pulled Fu Jiang, and Fu Jiang was a little hurt by his strength, so he struggled to shake his hand away.

As a result, the two of them forgot that this was the edge of the steep slope, and Fu Jiang fell from the **** when he stepped on the air.

It smashed directly near the people who were playing the ball, and the whole person didn’t react.

There was a sudden scream from the crowd: \”Ah——\”

Everyone gathered around and looked at Teacher Gao and A Jian who had not yet reacted standing above them. Regardless of the cause and effect, it was obvious how people fell.

Everyone began to panic. After all, it was only a high school student, who suddenly encountered this matter and didn’t even dare to go up and confirm it carefully.

Someone said: \”What, what should I do? Is it dead?\”

\”Call the emergency number first, or just call the police?\”

At this time, Mr. Gao and the others came down from the mountain. Mr. Gao walked into the crowd, took Fu Jiang’s pulse, and after confirming that there was no movement, he heard these words.

He glanced at Ah Jian, and couldn’t let this guy be taken away. This guy already knew his relationship with Fu Jiang, and the kid in this guy’s stomach didn’t dare to 100% confirm that it was not his.

Because the pregnancy test stick made by Zhu Yang and the others was taken home in a daze for his wife to find out, Teacher Gao believes in Fu Jiang’s pregnancy at this moment.

Once the scandal of his involvement in the stomach of college students is exposed, all his dignity is gone, and he will pay for his so far management for a bitch. How can Teacher Gao be willing?

So he hurriedly stopped the students who were about to call, and guided them: “Don’t worry, people fell off while pushing and shoving Ajian. Once the police or ambulance was called, Ajian had to carry on his back. The charge of manslaughter has ruined his life.\”

Everyone reacted to this logic and looked at Ah Jian.

To be recognized by Fu Jiang as a superficial boyfriend, according to her vanity, it is naturally impossible to be mediocre at school.

In fact, before the arrival of Yu Li and Zhou Yao, Ajian was second to none among the boys in school, both handsome and popular. He was very popular among his classmates, and many girls had secret crushes.

Because of a watery **** that killed him all his life, it was true that everyone was a little unbearable at the moment.

Then they looked at Fu Jiang’s body, and there was another strange feeling in their hearts. The girls suddenly felt that it was best for her to disappear silently.

But the boys have a vaguely possessive desire to grow up. Although Fu Jiang is dead by now, it seems that they can do something to own her.

Teacher Gao went on to instigate: \”There is no one here except us. Sometimes there are students who do not listen to the arrangement and disappear since then. Think about it, the person is dead, although this is what everyone does not want to see Yes, but for irretrievable results, is it worth it to have a companion?\”

\”Well, the girls are watching the wind around them, the boys take off their clothes and cut the corpses. Forty or so of us, each of us took a portion and threw it elsewhere. No one could find the corpse. The case can only be closed as missing.\”

His words are like magic. Everyone with normal three views will refuse to hear it. However, because of the conformity in the group, the teacher is in a position of authority in a class, and the situation is at a time when people are at a loss. It seems that there is something in the heart. Kind of desire.

The whole class was silent for a while, quite a bit to move closer to Teacher Gao’s statement.

The atmosphere in the entire open space at this time became very strange and silent, and a faint smile appeared at the corner of Teacher Gao’s mouth.

Just about to speak, I heard a voice: \”Four K, there is one left.\”

\”Wait, King Fried!\”

\”Tsk! Why is Wang Zhai in your hands again? Did you let people play?\”

\”I can’t do anything about the fate of the Chosen Girl, or you can forward my photo to see if I can split it by luck.\”

These voices suddenly inserted/intruded, bringing everyone back to their souls like a sudden bell ringing, and the malice that swept like a whirlpool was suddenly dispelled.

When everyone turned their heads, they saw that the four playing cards slowly finished the last one before standing up.

Everyone was too panicked just now, and only then found that one person died without delaying those guys from playing cards.

But watching them slowly walk over, I don’t know why the rush of being led by the nose just disappeared, and the water in my mind seemed to be charged again.

Zhu Yang’s consistent image of omnipotence gave people a sense of peace of mind just looking at her. This sense of authority was even greater than that of Teacher Gao. Suddenly, there were several undetectable sounds of relief from the crowd.

Some girls came around: “Fu Jiang fell from the mountain, what should I do?”

When Teacher Gao turned his head and saw them, he felt a sigh. He just didn’t know why, but he had forgotten this person, and his whole mind was caught in the thought of how to solve Fu Jiang completely, forgetting everything.

Just listen to Zhu Yang’s answer to the girls: “What can I do? Cold! This guy is so skinny that he’s just less than ten meters in height, and he won’t die.”

There was a moment of silence around me, and suddenly I felt that this guy’s brain was convulsed?

It’s almost three stories high, and I fell head-down. Didn’t you see anyone moving? Teacher Gao has also checked the pulse, and it is already cold.

Is it possible to expect this guy to jump up in the next second?

I saw Zhu Yang walking up to Fu Jiang’s body, raising his hand to slap her on the head——

\”Hey! What time is it, still sleeping! Don’t you think the wind blows cold?\”

Fu Jiang didn’t wake up, and then slapped up again.

Everyone was stunned for a while, is this Nima whip the body? But the people in the class have filters for her, and the girl who is more sensitive for a while has already begun to cry——

\”Student Zhu Yang, Fu Jiang is always looking for you. I thought you didn’t deal with it. I didn’t expect—, but she is dead. Accept the reality.\”

Everyone sighed for a while, but before they finished, they saw Fu Jiang’s body really moved, and then the closed eyes broke away, and the whole person stood up with his head shaken.

In the stunned people, they frowned and touched the back of their heads: “What’s wrong with me? How do I feel that my head was beaten up?”

Everyone looked at Zhu Yang when they were horrified. This is all right?

Teacher Gao responded quickly, and immediately said with satisfaction: “Fu Jiang? You are fine, just now you and A Jian accidentally fell off by pushing and shoving, everyone was scared to death.”

Since everyone was okay, the whole class was also relieved. They were so fortunate that they didn’t realize what was wrong with Teacher Gao’s words.

But suddenly I heard a mocking sneer: “It’s okay? It’s okay? She’s okay, but you don’t have to be, Teacher Gao.”

Teacher Gao shook his heart and saw Zhu Yang looking at him: “The student fell off the cliff accidentally. As a teacher, you not only didn’t want to be treated at the first time, but instigated the student to divide the body, hey! This kind of teacher is posted online, Even the world will be shocked?\”

\”You actually want to clean up the responsibility with two light sentences. Let’s not talk about the personal grudges between Fu Jiang and you. It’s worth your pains to pull the whole class into the water, even if there is nothing in the middle, you have anti-social personality like you. , A guy with a cruel character is not worthy of being a teacher, right?\”

Teacher Gao quickly explained: \”I just want to protect A Jian——\”

\”Protection? The three of you were on the top of the mountain, and something happened, but you repeatedly hinted that it was A Jian’s accidental murder. But you didn’t mention the reason for their pushing, and you, as a teacher, did not act at such a close distance. \”

\”In order to protect a student who deserves to pay a certain price for his mistakes, you let the whole class of innocent students break through the taboos of human relations, and with the original beautiful fellowship between the students, kidnapping everyone and turning them into a murderer of cruel corpse.\”

\”Teacher, are you really thinking about the students? Have you thought about the fate of the students present after today? After regaining your senses, some will be full of blood and panic on their hands all day long, and some will be Tortured by guilt, even being strangled in humanity and reduced to a cold demon, who will have no respect for life in the future.\”

\”Will someone go to a mental hospital, or commit suicide, or even form an anti-social personality like you? Ha! Teacher, you said that you think about students, your hypocritical appearance really makes me sick.\”

Teacher Gao was beaten by her sentence-by-sent questions, and the eyes of the students around him gradually changed.

To talk about seditious motivation, he can’t compare with Zhu Yang’s innate leadership personality, let alone this is a fact that is justified.

The students have tasted it too, yes! Only one person died accidentally, so why do you want to divide the body so cruelly? Where is protection, decomposition is to cover up crime.

Only when everyone becomes an accomplice, can a secret be guaranteed not to be leaked.

Teacher Gao has always been quite prestigious in the class. At this time, everyone’s eyes looked like a sinister murderer and he couldn’t help taking a step back.

It’s just that his sleekness as an adult prevents him from being knocked down like this, so he smiles ugly: “Zhu Yang, what are you talking about, the teacher is not clear.”

\”Since everyone is okay, let’s keep playing.\”

Everyone looked at him incredulously, but saw Teacher Gao smiled: \”I know that Zhu Yang is quite prestigious in the eyes of students, and she naturally responds to what she says. As a teacher, it is regrettable not to be liked by classmates, but Zhu Yang It’s not good to incite the whole class to frame Teacher Lai.\”

Then he glanced at Fu Jiang: \”Especially in the absence of casualties, it is naturally impossible for the school to listen to you.\”

This is self-confidence of their own influence, and it is not enough to make the school directly believe in the students’ side. Even if everyone corrects at the same time, no one really has an accident. Teacher Gao’s wife’s house in a small town is a local snake. The person whose mouth is pressed down.

The scene where the students face up to the teacher they have always worshipped and trusted to tear apart their appearances and show their ugly faces is a real sense of sinister and shameless adults.

But Teacher Gao is already confident, as long as he can fight against Zhu Yang, even Fu Jiang as the party concerned.

At first, Fu Jiang was full of anger when he heard that Teacher Gao wanted to instigate the whole class to divide her body, but after that, Gao Mu hit Zhu Yang and framed the teacher.

Seeing that the opportunity to drive away the **** came, she left behind in her heart to clean up Takagi’s priority level, and hurriedly said: \”Yes, it is so high-sounding, but in fact it is just stepping on others to fulfill her own status. \”

\”Whoever stands in front of you will be destroyed by insidious means, first me, then teacher Gao.\”

The students looked at her in disbelief, never expecting that there would be such a bad guy in this world.

Obviously, this is what Fu Jiang understands, but these students are not as good as Teacher Gao.

Zhu Yang didn’t mean to make a fuss at all, but smiled and said: “You two are really good match, one is sinister and cunning, the other is stupid and poisonous.”

\”But the two idiots are still stupid, thinking that if they don’t recognize that they stubbornly roll around their necks, they can be treated as if it didn’t happen? There is no reason to swallow them back.\”

Then everyone saw her second brother Zhou Yao casually taking out a voice recorder and pressing the button.

Teacher Gao’s clear voice came from inside: \”The girls are watching the wind around, the boys take off their clothes and cut the corpses…\”

Teacher Gao’s face turned pale all of a sudden, Zhu Yang smiled and reminded her: “Oh, yes, regarding the cause of Fu Jiang’s fall, I want the police to investigate further, naturally there are other surprises.”

\”Did you say so? A Jian classmate.\”

Ah Jian was the most muddle-headed in the whole process, but at this point, Fu Jiang also completely angered him by maintaining Teacher Gao’s behavior. Moreover, Fu Jiang was indifferent to what would happen to Teacher Gao, but he was disappointed that this guy really did nothing. of.

Naturally, he doesn’t care what Ajian will say.

Yu Li threw away the mobile phone in his hand and said with a smile: \”I called the police when Fu Jiang fell down. Doudizhu always has to be alone.\”

Then he smiled and glanced at the surrounding students: “Fortunately, you didn’t follow Teacher Gao’s statement, otherwise the police came on the way to divide the body. It must be spectacular to see the scene.”

Everyone shuddered, they were all a deep fear, and they didn’t know what was going on at that time.

The police arrived soon, and after hearing Zhu Yang’s explanation, they took Teacher Gao away.

When things got to this point, everyone had no intention of playing, so they got in the car and got off.

Only when Fu Jiang was about to get on the bus, he was pushed down by a few girls.

Fu Jiang was furious: “What are you doing ugly?”

The girls said: “Oh nothing, there are no seats in the car, you can only feel wronged and walked home when you came up last.”

\”You fart, there are so many vacancies in the car.\”

\”Where is it? Did you read it wrong?\” Then he smiled: \”Oh, it’s a pity, there should be a vacancy in the police car, but it’s already far away.

He said with a cold expression: “In fact, you should have been in a police car, as a corpse.”

Fu Jiang looked up and saw that everyone in the class, including the boys, looked at her with disgust and indifference, and everyone who had calmed down was still online at this time.

I just thought that this bitch, Zhu Yang did not care about her predecessors to help her, she actually went to the high teacher who was about to kill her, she was stupid and hopeless.

The tricks of the school girls’ disputes can be called cute by the boys when they meet, but it is impossible to think so at this moment.

Fu Jiang said dissatisfied: “What are your eyes? Isn’t that guy okay, I almost died. Do you want to exclude me together?”

The few girls closest to her bend their eyes and smile: “Yes!”

Then he kicked her down, the bus door was closed, the car started, and she drove away.

Leaving Fu Jiang to experience the harsh rejection that he has never experienced in his life.

The mountain is not close to the town, and there is no car passing by for most of the day, and Fu Jiang has nowhere to hitchhiking by beauty.

It was noon when they left, but it was almost dinner time when she walked back to town.

Fu Jiang fell on the bed when he got home, and yelled, “Ah—-, those ugly bitches, I want them to look good.”

Hearing the noise, Father Wei opened the door and walked in. Seeing her embarrassedly asked: “What’s wrong? My Fu Jiang was wronged outside? Who bullied you? Tell me.”

Fu Jiang irritably and impatiently scolded: \”Tell you there is a fart, you are an incompetent waste, I can’t even afford decent food, don’t I ask you not to come back before the next pay? There are so many sofas in the factory , Can’t you sleep there?\”

Father Wei hurriedly coaxed her and said: “Don’t say that. With my Fu Jiang at home, how could I stay somewhere else? Are you hungry? I’ll cook for you.”

In fact, Wei’s father is an extremely male chauvinist. Apart from having a daughter, not to mention cooking, and even housework will never share a little for his wife.

Fu Jiang didn’t bother to please him: \”Who do you want to see if you are not successful? Faced with you, this trash face is very angry.\”

Speaking, grabbing the bag and got up: “I’m so bored, I’m going out to live tonight.”

It’s okay to find anyone, have a good meal, and find a place to soak in a bath. The house is so poor that there is nothing, and when you are exhausted, you can’t do it if you want to comfort yourself.

Seeing that she was about to go out, Mother Wei asked: “Fujiang, where are you going to eat soon?”

Fu Jiang pushed her away: \”Go away, old woman.\”

Wei’s mother was pushed awkwardly, and subconsciously grabbed forward, but finally caught Fu Jiang’s hair.

Fu Jiang screamed in pain: “You hurt me, **** it, don’t let go, let go, die old lady.”

But Mother Wei was stunned, and suddenly went crazy and said: “This is my hair, my hair, I said why it’s gone, you stole my hair, you give it back to me.”

As he said, she was pulling on Fu Jiang’s scalp, as if she was about to tear her hair from her scalp alive.

Fu Jiang was so dragged that he couldn’t get away, and he screamed in pain. At this time, Wei’s father rushed out and hurriedly pulled his wife away rudely and threw him aside.

Feeling painful to Fu Jiang’s hair: \” Fu Jiang, are you okay? Does it hurt?\”

Fu Jiang simply had enough of this place, pushed Wei’s father away and stood up and wanted to go out, but Wei’s father looked at his empty hand and the unrelenting figure of his daughter.

Panicked for a while, and hurriedly stopped her: \”Can’t you not go out? Who can have a dad treat you well? It’s all so late, be good!\”

Fu Jiang screamed: “Don’t stop me, get out.”

Who knows that Wei’s father, who has always followed her, suddenly his face flashed with hostility: \”Are you going to find another man again? You are mine, just my rich river——\”

As he said, he dragged people into the house. Fu Jiang couldn’t help but was in a mess, and suddenly he found that Wei Mu, who had just been thrown away, was standing behind them with a knife.

Seeing her looking back, Wei’s mother grinned, and then swiped a knife on Wei’s father.


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