Scream Queen Chapter 76

Wei’s father was kicked out of his head, regardless of how he punched and kicked Wei’s mother all the year because of Fu Jiang, Wei’s mother had no ability to resist.

That’s because there is a huge gap between the strength of men and women, but in fact, Wei Mu is not incapable of restraining the chicken.

With years of hard work and working several jobs during the most part of the day to make money for her daughter to squander, Wei’s mother has long been made extremely tough and rough by life.

So this was a surprise, not to mention cutting off Wei’s father across the head, but there must be three points into the woods.

Father Wei fell to the ground with a huge knife on his head, blood mumbled out, and Fu Jiang’s pressure finally eased.

But looking back and seeing Father Wei’s appearance, and seeing that he was splashed with blood, he suddenly screamed–


It’s important to dare to love your relatives when they die. The blood on the clothes is important. She is probably killed by Zhu Yang once at school, and fell off a cliff once on the mountain. Even if she died twice, although the picture is not bloody, how much Let her become more careless about death.

Although I was suddenly taken aback, I recovered, and there was still enough energy to call Mother Wei, “You drag him away soon. Isn’t it scary to lie here? Remember to wipe the blood off.”

But before he finished speaking, Mother Wei grabbed his hair——

“My hair, my hair, where are you going to wear my hair?” Wei Mu’s eyes were crazy, and she continued to tugged her head.

Fu Jiang also couldn’t learn to be good. Her mother was so nervous and dangerous at this moment that she couldn’t tell the difference like she was blind.

But then again, she really has this ability to distinguish, and she will never fail to detect the killing intent of others again and again. What’s more, even when others are obviously wrong, she has repeatedly angered her and got dismembered.

She felt angry and unhappy at the moment, and screamed: “What your hair, let me loose it, old lady, do you have such beautiful hair? Can your old face grow?”

Fu Jiang scolded while struggling. How could a lazy and delicate teenage girl be the opponent of the weather-beaten Wei mother?

Suddenly Fu Jiang felt a cold on his hairline, and then there was a drop of water on his face, but he saw a **** color where he could enter his eyes.

The coolness immediately turned into severe pain, accompanied by the sound of something being torn apart abruptly.

Fu Jiang was dying of pain, and suddenly glanced at the full-length mirror in the living room. What he saw was the picture of his scalp being cut along the hairline and the entire range of hair being peeled off.

Mother Wei peeled off her entire scalp and put the hair on her face and laughed wildly: “My hair, my hair, no one can steal it, it’s mine.”

Fu Jiang’s head was **** and bloody, and the scream almost didn’t knock over the roof.

But it is also strange that the density of their houses here is definitely not as good as the spacing between Zhu Yang and their private villas. Generally, if there is a larger movement in the house, it is easy to noisy neighbors.

But at this moment, the Wei family was almost turning over the land, and it was dinner time that everyone was at home, but no one came over to take a look.

I didn’t know when there were four more people on the roof of Wei’s house or how long they had been standing here, but they were indifferent when tossing down below.

At this moment, a few people suddenly jumped from above, lifting weights lightly, as if the height of a few meters was the same as that of white.

Fu Jiang patronized the pain and screamed at this moment, and even Wei Mu approached her with a knife without noticing.

Just when the knife in Mother Wei’s hand was about to fall on her neck, she suddenly softened and fell heavily to the ground.

The **** hair that was tightly squeezed in his hand was also pulled out. Zhu Yang took the hair in his hand and looked at it: “Sure enough, the hair is of good quality and the color is full. The wig I like was stolen. I’m not happy either.”

Yu Li, they carefully checked the traces on Wei Mu’s body, wiped off the blood on her body, and confirmed that there was no wound or assimilation on her body——

This cannot be prevented. After all, in the later stage, once Fu Jiang’s hair sticks to a person, it will take root deeply in the person’s body. Once it is mixed with her cells, it will be assimilated into another Fu Jiang sooner or later.

Mother Wei had just held her hair for a long time, and she was afraid that something would get into her skin. This thing is impossible to prevent.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong with Wei’s mother, Yu Li told Zhu Yang: “It should be fine, but in my opinion, her current spirit is the best–”

Before he finished speaking, he was masked by the screams from Fujiang so that no sound was heard.

Zhu Yang raised his leg with a kick: “Hell a hammer, your mother is not easier than you when being beaten, why didn’t you scream? Shut up!”

Fu Jiang opened his eyes and saw that these **** were actually in his own home, regardless of the relationship between the two, and even the sordidness of the day.

Immediately he opened his mouth and called out: “Hurry up and kill this crazy old woman, and see what she has done to me!!! How dare she, how dare she treat me like this.”

Zhu Yang smiled coolly: “Let’s pull it down. Even after such a piece of barbecued pork can be raised for so many years, I cut it for dinner. Instead, I chopped and mixed dumpling stuffing earlier.”

Seeing that she was really noisy and annoying, she casually pulled a cloth in the living room and stuffed her in her mouth.

So at this moment Fu Jiang looked really pitiful, his head was bald and bloody, and he was treated so rudely.

In order not to clean up the trouble for a while, Bai You leisurely tied her with a rope and threw it aside temporarily.

Zhu Yang told the two boys: “Go to dig a hole in the yard.”

In the evening reflecting the setting sun, some people nearby took their family dog ​​out for a walk after dinner. After passing by Fujiang’s house, they took a look across the courtyard.

But they all turned a blind eye to the fact that two strange boys were digging holes in someone else’s yard, and it was peaceful when they came in from the outside.

Yu Li and Zhou Yao dug a big hole in twos and threes, with a layer of iron at the bottom of the hole. With Zhou Yao in it, this thing can be changed by just finding some iron.

Father Wei’s body was pushed down and burned with gasoline. You can’t just bury it like this. Fu Jiang had seen blood after all, and it was inevitable that he would get a spot on him, and it would be troublesome if it had anything to do with her.

Zhu Yang looked at the flames soaring into the sky, and said with a bad tone: “Look! If you have a relationship with this guy, the result will be **** no matter what.”

“Is it so difficult to let a whole body die?”

Looking at Fu Jiang, who was gagged and moaning aside, he contemptuously said: “You die so dignified, but you are ashamed to brag about yourself. I want to die into your virtue, all the blood and flesh scattered all over the floor, I have no face to see. people.”

Fu Jiang was still unconvinced. He didn’t care why this **** appeared here, why he helped bury the corpse, and he only hated that he was hurt and treated rudely now.

Zhu Yang was impatient to pay attention to her, and the serum scattered everywhere in Fujiang was cleaned up, and he was thrown into a pit and burned to ashes with Father Wei.

Fortunately, the bleeding is not too much, and this guy is able to recover very much. In just a short time, the blood has completely stopped. Finally, the blood on her and Mother Wei was wiped clean, and they were also burned in the fire. Only then can the scene be cleaned up.

Even Bai Youyou was so impatient that she rolled her eyes: “Forgive me, just do it for a long time, I haven’t cleaned up my house so carefully.”

In the game, this girl always carried a knife and slashed everywhere, with blood everywhere. The energy was both joyful and energetic, but I didn’t expect it to be so troublesome to clean up, which is not too much blood.

After all that should be burned was burned, and it was confirmed that there was no unburnt in the ashes, Zhou Yao then wrapped the spread iron sheet into a seamless iron ball with his power, and then buried the soil back. It counted as a person alone. Disappeared completely.

Several people looked at Wei’s mother who was unconscious on the ground and asked, “What about this?”

The mind has become so fascinated, it is definitely not realistic to let it go. With Wei’s mother’s obsession with hair, once he has seen blood, it is estimated that he will follow Fu Jiang and wait for an opportunity.

The terrible thing about Fu Jiang’s ability is to turn ordinary people into demons.

But in fact, this woman is also a pitiful person. She was bullied by her daughter, her husband was domestically abused, and she was caught in the hands of these two things all her life.

To clean up, can’t bear it. If you want to just let it go, ask for trouble.

The three of them were worried and heard Zhu Yang suddenly say: “By the way, did you buy anything when you came in?”

These words sounded like they visited the convenience store when they broke in, but in fact the three players understood that Zhu Yang was asking about the things in the game exchange window.

The three little ones said: “I bought them, but they are all regular props, and I don’t need them for this show. The variety in the exchange window this time is too mixed, which disturbs the sight.”

Not everyone is a big point player like Zhu Yang. Naturally, it is impossible to buy all of them, so I only bought the most conservative ones. Who knows that this is not a ghost world at all, and I actually spent a lot of points to buy batches that I don’t need. Props.

Zhu Yang said: “I bought them all, there should be useful ones?”

After speaking, he rummaged in his consciousness for a while, and finally took out a box of gum.

“Refreshing mint, refreshing. Trying this is useful.”

The three of them were a little confused when this thing was taken out.

No, they remember the mess when they entered the game, there were all kinds of things that were suspected of being money-making, and they were still thinking about who would buy it.

It turns out that someone really took a lot of money to buy a box of chewing gum worth hundreds of points?

Looking at this thing, the green arrow mint you usually eat is the same. This box of a few pieces of chewing gum is equivalent to one million in cash.

Things in the game must have their own effects, but which player’s points are not used for the blade? I have never seen such a random attempt.

However, it just so happened that this random attempt worked.

Zhu Yang pushed a piece of chewing gum into Wei’s mother’s mouth. As soon as she opened the mouth, Wei’s mother chewed unconsciously. After a while, she slowly opened her eyes.

Sure enough, the four of them had already lost sight of the madness and decadence that had fallen and lost in her eyes.

Mother Wei looked around blankly, and was startled to see Fu Jiang’s miserable appearance: “Who are you? Why am I here?”

The tone of the eyes when speaking was as if he no longer knew Fu Jiang, and he was also a stranger to this family.

This chewing gum is really useful, but the stamina is very overbearing. It not only wakes up the delusion of Fu Jiang, but also forgets everything related to Fu Jiang.

Zhu Yang pulled the person up and said: “When we see you fainting outside, we will take you in and rest.”

Seeing Wei Mu’s look on guard against unbelief, she glanced at Fu Jiang, and said: “This guy is self-inflicted and has nothing to do with his scalp at home. Fortunately, he found it early, so he had to tie it up first. The ambulance has been called, so don’t worry. ”

When she said that, Mother Wei really seemed to hear the horn of the ambulance, which relieved her vigilance a bit.

“It’s busy here and I don’t have time to entertain you. Go home by yourself when you wake up.”

Yu Li has checked Fu Jiang’s network, and naturally knows Wei’s mother’s background. She has no relatives in the small town, but she lives in an old house left by her parents and is not homeless. I hope she will forget. For all the misery that your daughter has brought her, start a new life.

Wei Mu also followed Zhu Yang’s words and walked out of the room based on the principle that more is worse than less.

Fu Jiang didn’t pay any attention to her whining, and she felt a burst of pleasure in her subconscious, feeling that this girl deserves the same thing. This thought shocked Mother Wei herself and accelerated her pace.

After Wei’s mother left, Zhu Yang and the others let go of Fu Jiang. As soon as they pulled away the cloth in her mouth, the guy was reluctant to forgive: “Why did you let her go? Didn’t you see my head?”

Zhu Yang said lazily: “I saw it. The new hairstyle is pretty good. It’s amazing that your mother ticks your head and knows to keep the reversible option.”

Then put her hair back on top of her head, and didn’t bother to pester the idiot: “If you are not satisfied, just continue to wear it back.”

After speaking, he took the people and left, leaving Fu Jiang alone in the house and almost split.

However, she doesn’t want to go out much anymore with her bald-headed embarrassment. If she says that death has brought her the self-confidence, because of Zhu Yang’s repeated blows, her charm is not as good as Zhu Yang’s face in the whole class. The guy is not so swollen for no reason.

Hearing Zhu Yang said that she was so ugly, she finally stopped thinking about going out to find a man.

Looking at the mirror with her hair felt distressed, I don’t know how long it will take to grow out.

This wig Jing Fu Jiang hasn’t got a clearer understanding of her abilities, and she even thought she was the Fu Jiang from the beginning.

After twisting his neck twice and falling off a cliff, he only knew that he was not dead, but after all, there was a whole body left at the time, and I don’t know how terrifying his physique was.

Fu Jiang, who was raised by Zhu Yang in the villa fish tank, knew this better than her.

On the way back to the villa, Bai Youyou smiled and said to Zhu Yang: “Sister, you really hurt.”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “No way, go around, you will find that the cleanest killer of Fu Jiang is her own.”

“Really, it’s not so messy and splattered like others. It really doesn’t cause trouble for the follow-up. This is really the only thing that guy is commendable.”

The story line that has already begun to develop is best to go with the flow. If you forcefully interrupt to prevent the tragedy from happening tonight and instruct them to leave, Fujiang will encounter other accidents.

It’s better to let things develop to a certain point, but it can stop for a while, just like a skill cooling down.

As for the piece of scalp that had been cut off, the incident had already happened, and it was impossible not to let her split once. It was too tricky to play the game easily.

The only way is to control the number and scale of the splits within the ideal range, and see Fu Jiang’s reaction tomorrow morning.

Back home, the body of Fu Jiang in the villa has grown up a bit, almost like a few years old.

The fish tank could no longer fit her, so he abandoned the fish tank and put it in the cage.

Zhu Yang also bought her a baby dress, and after putting it on her, it became more like a funny big-headed doll, and Zhu Yang kept taking pictures.

However, after this guy was shaken by Zhu Yang’s screams last night, he knew how powerful this guy was, but he didn’t dare to scream anymore, only insisting on eating caviar and foie gras.

Naturally, I was not satisfied once.

A few people went upstairs after dinner, and Yu Li suddenly asked, “The day after tomorrow, right?”

Zhu Yang said, “I think it will be almost tomorrow.”

Yu Li looked back at Fu Jiang’s current growth situation. It was a bit weird, but thinking about the wigs growing out overnight——

Obviously, he is still not keen on how to choose between conflict and logic in the game.

Early the next morning, Fu Jiang woke up from bed.

She was exhausted when she walked home yesterday, and she flew again and again. She was hungry for a day without eating dinner, but it is impossible to make it by herself.

So I can only go to bed and sleep. Before going to bed, I was still resenting that Bitch just let the old woman go. Even if he didn’t teach her, he could get her something to eat.

The next day Mi Mi Xing Xing woke up, his scalp had grown completely, but his head was still light, and it looked so maddening that he could only wear a wig temporarily.

Fu Jiang smoothly pulled the wig aside without seeing it on his head, ready to go to the bathroom to wash his face.

But after washing, I felt a little itchy scalp, and from time to time there was a tingling pain, like someone was biting.

The feeling was subtle at first, but the tingling sensation became more and more obvious.

Fu Jiang pulled her hair down impatiently, wanting to see what had fallen inside from time to time and got in her.

As a result, I saw a human face growing out of the scalp in the wig. The facial features were exactly the same as her, but because the scalp was in a bowl-shaped arc, it was pulled very strangely, but I could still see that it was her face.

As soon as the face on the scalp met her gaze, he arrogantly said, “Get out of the way, what wig is worn by the bald ugly monster, do you deserve it?”

Fu Jiang screamed and threw the wig face Fu Jiang into the sink. When he was touched by the dirty water inside, the other party immediately yelled–

“Bi Chi, you are going to die? You are so embarrassed to say that you are so embarrassed to say that the counterfeit will die at home. Are you worthy to go out with my face? You **** fished me out.

Fu Jiang was shocked when he saw such a weird split scene for the first time, but the words ‘counterfeit’ suddenly irritated her.

She was startled, and then grinned with a malicious smile on her face: “It turns out that this is the case. I said how I feel uncomfortable for the past two days. It turns out that there are counterfeit goods that counterfeit me.”

Fu Jiang can vaguely feel each other’s existence, but regardless of the head of the body or the new wig essence, this recent death is still their starting point, and they lack understanding of their own essence.

I always feel like a knuckle in my throat, but I don’t know why. Now that I see this human face growing out of my scalp, I suddenly understand it.

Fu Jiang sneered and pulled out some gasoline from his home. Wei’s father is an auto repairer, and there will be some related things at home.

Then he picked out the scalp face in the basin, and threw it to the ground in disgust.

Fu Jiang, whose scalp and face was hit, was about to scold, and was poured a bottle of gasoline on his head. Then he saw the bald ugly monster struck a match and threw it down without hesitation amidst her screams. .

Fu Jiang screamed in the flames on his scalp and face, but the people in front of him were very happy. When the screams gradually died out, the hair on the ground and the face turned to ashes.

Fu Jiang twisted his face again and said, “Also, there are the same counterfeit goods.”

But the hair was burned, and the new hair hadn’t grown out yet. It would be laughed at by that bitch. Fu Jiang didn’t want to go to school today.

I found a tightly-covered hat with the watch and covered my entire bald head before leaving.

Zhu Yang and the others came to the school and had already enjoyed this good show.

Real-time surveillance cameras were installed in the villa, and Fu Jiang’s family naturally did not let it go.

Although it was a deliberate trick this time, it was split again anyway. Within the normal game progress, the game couldn’t help them.

If you want to make coincidences, you have to break away from this line.

However, Zhu Yang guessed that it would not take long. As expected, at noon, Zhou Yao took out his mobile phone to let her watch the Fu Jiang monitoring activity in the villa.

When they left in the morning, Fu Jiang’s body had grown up a bit, from toddler to preschooler.

Before this, the growth rate was fairly constant, but at noon today, without any excess nutrient supply, this guy’s growth rate suddenly accelerated.

By one or two o’clock in the afternoon, he had grown into a full body, and his speed was ten times faster than before.

But Zhu Yang was not surprised at all. He said to the three: “It’s like a movie. After the early stage of the foreshadowing, the rhythm will not be wasted in the place where the climax is repeated.”

In the game, this rhythm refers to time. Everyone who watches the movie knows how irritable it is to drag and drop in a wonderful place.

The three of them thought about it, but this guy is really studying the structure of the game as an entertainment nature, and he has no response to the fact that he is in it and has gone through life and death.

Because what happened on the mountain yesterday, although it only happened in their class, but when the classmates came to school in the morning, it was the time when the fish swim into the sea to spread the gossip.

Although the police station will not deliberately emphasize it, the school will always investigate and teachers and students will be called out for questioning.

In particular, the key student A Jian, through various evidence collections, confirmed that Teacher Gao had an affair with the student, and when he was’pregnant’ and her boyfriend broke through, in order to cover up the facts, he intended to instigate the student to cruelly dismember the female student who was injured by the accident. .

This is really a horrible truth. For a while, the image of Teacher Gao, a respectable person, immediately collapsed, becoming abominable, cruel and terrifying.

Especially the girls, they all took a sigh of relief. What kind of monsters do they see with a smiling face?

Zhu Yang, as the whistleblower and those who prevented the teacher from committing crimes, were naturally questioned again, but the police were kind to them.

This is a little bit beyond Zhu Yang’s expectations. They thought that with the status of Teacher Gao, the Yue family’s head snake, they would be a hindrance in this matter. Zhu Yang even thought that if they were going up and down here, she would always have other ways to deal with them. .

Fu Jiang is not a good thing, yes, but this teacher Gao is not a human being.

Derailment or something, a profanity and a decent, it can also be said that it is willing to fight and suffer. It’s understandable if you want to kill someone. It’s strange that you don’t want to kill her after spending a long time with Fu Jiang.

But if nothing happened to involve more than 40 students in the entire class to be his own accomplices, although Fu Jiang’s demon nature has to pay a large part of the responsibility, but the starting point of the surname Gao himself is so vicious.

If Fu Jiang’s physique is removed and treated as an ordinary case, the lives of so many young children have to be destroyed in the hands of a hypocrite who defends his reputation.

Unexpectedly, this matter was actually carried out in such a serious manner according to the process. Obviously, the prominent Yue family of Teacher Gao didn’t seem to protect him.

Soon after school in the afternoon, Zhu Yang knew the reason.

When they were about to get in the car, they were stopped by a woman who looked elegant.

The woman is Takagi’s wife, but the look in Zhu Yang’s eyes is not kind.

She said coldly: “Is that classmate Zhu Yang? You can take classes here with a smile, but you never thought that you would ruin the teacher?”

“Everything is ruined by you.”

The father did not approve of her low marriage at the beginning, but she was stubborn, but at the same time the couple repeatedly promised that they would not shame their elders.

For more than ten years, he has been doing a good job. As a teacher, the husband has established a respectable position in the school and even in the town, and the family’s attitude towards him has gradually improved.

After the derailment came out, Mr. Gao’s wife was also unbelievable for a while, but after suffering, she chose to defend her husband. Fortunately, her husband was also enlightened.

It was about to be successful, as long as the little girl was removed without knowing it, the husband’s reputation would not be affected in any way.

But these efforts fell apart overnight. After the father knew the matter, he bluntly said that the family would not accept such shameless people and forced her to divorce.

Compared with Fu Jiang, Gao’s wife has no less hatred for this troublesome girl.

Zhu Yang sneered and said: “This is the first time I have heard such a justified accusation and disclosure of a crime. In your eyes, other people’s lives, or the future of dozens of children, do not have the reputation of your husband. Your marriage is important. ?”

“Haha! It can be seen that you are loved by your family. A housewife in a small town really considers herself the princess of this place. What is the life and death of dozens of untouchables for your marriage? I think you are so much. What is the epoch-making peace significance of this marriage?”

“But the truth is, you two are not as important as you think. No one is willing to make concessions for you. Rather than ridicule me here, isn’t what you should do to apologize to the students one by one?”

After speaking, Zhu Yang didn’t care about her sullen face, so he got into the car calmly and walked away.

Yu Li drove the car and saw the person’s eyes looking at them from the rearview mirror: “It’s terrible. It’s not surprising that some of us were broken and killed tonight?”

The other three sneered, and they just came loose. This copy does not have much opportunity to interact with others.

He just returned home and entered the living room, only to find that Fu Jiang had disappeared.

The lock of her iron cage was broken, and she was thrown aside desolately.

It’s just that none of the four of them seem to be accidental. Also, the phone can call up the monitoring screen at any time around the clock, or she would have a ghost if she ran away.

Zhu Yang said: “It is estimated that we will have to wait a while, let’s eat first.”

The three of them didn’t make sense. In this situation that should have been anxious to get angry, they calmly began to wait for a meal.

Zhou Yao plays with his tools. His ability requires a structure that constantly absorbs new things. Fortunately, his memory is amazing, so the results are slow in the early stage. There are many prerequisites and difficult skills to upgrade. It becomes in his hands. The potential is huge.

To be replaced by a foolish fool, this skill is 80% left to be scrapped.

Bai Youyou rubbed his weapon next to him, and when she heard Zhu Yang said that they might enter the scene of a large-scale collision, she knew that cold weapons alone could not go far.

What’s more, her fighting skills are actually only average, so it is necessary to practice firearms and the like.

Yu Li was driving a laptop, and she didn’t know what she was doing.

They have their own business, but Fu Jiang who escaped?

After Fu Jiang came out of the iron cage, he ran to Zhu Yang’s room and wore her beautiful dress, and walked along with a few jewelry, but he didn’t break the room.

It’s not that her temper can’t do this kind of thing, but that she’s afraid of being beaten. She’s been shaved off these two days, knowing that she didn’t dare to do too much in front of her.

Otherwise, just do it, or you will have good fruit next time you meet.

After going to the pawnshop, Fu Jiang got another huge sum of money in his hands. The first one went to the restaurant beforehand and had a big meal.

Those guys ate and drank, and only fed her dry bread. Fu Jiang was greedy for several days, and he was very extravagant in the restaurant.

After eating and drinking enough, I went to the commercial street to buy, buy and buy a pass, which relieved the depression these days.

But before he was relieved, he listened to the clerk in the store smiling and said: “Miss Fujiang, you didn’t have enough money just now, is it all right now?”

Although there was a smile on her face, the female clerk spoke with irony.

Fujiang’s major fashion shops in the commercial street are relatively well-known, and they often spend lavishly here at a young age, and the people who check out are not a man.

It’s fine if you don’t have a good personal opinion. After all, you’re welcome to buy things, but this little girl is not too old, and she is seriously injured by pouring out her mouth, and serving her has to be ridiculed and even ridiculed.

There are not many clerk here, especially the female clerk waiting to see her, so she often speaks sarcastically in secret.

But Fu Jiang didn’t bother to care about the meanness of the ugly monsters this time, and his expression changed after hearing her words: “Oh? Did I buy something just now?”

“Yeah, I came with the owner of the restaurant Song. After buying a skirt, the owner said that he has no money. You are not happy to come.”

Fu Jiang also remembered now, Zhu Yang, Na Bi Chi, told her that there was a counterfeit of her outside, and in the few days she was absent, she lied to her identity.

How can this be tolerated, her beauty is unique, and we must not let counterfeit goods turn her into a popular product everywhere.

At the thought of that bitch’s description, Fu Jiang trembled with anger.

I shouted at the clerk: “That’s not me. How could I be so poor that I can’t afford a skirt?”

“The counterfeit can’t afford to make people spend money on her.”

The clerk was startled, not only because of her sudden reaction, but also because of her explosive three views.

Fu Jiang rushed out of the door and went straight to the house.

After returning home, she found that it was time to get off work, but there was no one at home, but she didn’t care about it.

Even if her parents died on the job due to work-related injuries, it is estimated that she would only be happy to receive two compensations.

She threw something on the table, and after waiting long, she heard the motive of the car coming from outside.

Fu Jiang ran out and saw a counterfeit coming out of a car, saying goodbye to others.

But she hasn’t left yet, so she rushed up and slapped the counterfeit: “Is that you? The counterfeit who slandered and scammed outside against my face, you really dare to be ugly, who gave you the courage to impersonate me, you Am I pretty?”

Before getting off the car, bald Fu Jiang was slapped and slapped. When he looked up, he saw another person with his face appearing in front of him.

The hostility that burned his scalp and face in the morning came out again, and he immediately got involved with Fu Jiang.

“You are a counterfeit. The ugly guys are really shameless when they talk. You are the one when I fell into the toad/mao’s mouth when I was washing my feet by the river, right? There is no place for you in the world. Treat like yours Be together.”

During the tearing, the bald Fu Jiang’s hat was pulled off suddenly, Fu Jiang saw and pointed at her with a shrill smile and said: “Ahaha… I don’t even have hair, and I dare to claim to be beautiful. My eyes flashed. Spent, you ugly can’t replicate my beauty, give up-no, just go to death.”

Bald Fujiang became angry from shame: “This is just an accident. Are you proud of having hair? I make you bald now.”

When she said, she pulled her hair desperately, and at this time the bald head was not afraid of hair, and the disadvantage of fighting came out.

Fu Jiang’s hair was so painful being pulled, but the **** did not have hair to pull her, and for a while, he got the upper hand.

At this time, the people in the car noticed that the outside motive got off the car. Fu Jiang saw it and quickly said, “Quickly, pull this bald ugly monster away.”

The bald-headed Fu Jiang didn’t let him go: “Hurry up and hold this **** for me, I’ll go in and get gasoline.”

The man was unable to find Bei by two identical Fujiang, but somehow he stepped forward and separated them.

This man is not a good thing. What can I do if I ask someone else’s female high school to come out for dinner and shopping?

Before, because he didn’t have enough money to buy clothes, the bald Fu Jiang didn’t let him take advantage. Now I saw two beautiful Fu Jiang.

And once the Fujiang people are in a conflicting atmosphere, their charm is always extremely deep.

The man licked his lips: “Sisters, don’t quarrel, can’t you go in and sit on the bed and talk about it?”

Fujiang people are stupid, but they are easy to deal with men. The bald Fujiang immediately said in a sweet voice: “But if people want her to die, you can help me.”

“You help me kill her, kill her and I will play with you in the house.”

The man’s entire eyes were stiff, and I don’t know why Fu Jiang had such a great magic power right now.

In the afternoon, there was no money to buy clothes to make her dissatisfied, and she didn’t take it seriously, but at this time, even if she said that you would kill someone, you took it for granted.

Especially when looking at another Fu Jiang, when he said that he wanted to kill her, the man’s first thought was not rejection.

But I think she is so beautiful, as long as you kill her and separate her beautiful body, you can monopolize her.

“Quick! Hold her, I’ll get the gasoline.” The bald Fu Jiang was still urging.

The man stepped forward as if he had been hit by a Gu, Fu Jiang quickly stepped back: “Don’t come here, you go kill this fake, idiot.”

Seeing that the man was about to grab him, Fu Jiang screamed, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh, you’ll come out and kill him.”

After the words were finished, there was a figure behind the man. Before he could react, a knife was pierced into his body, and the handle of the knife turned twice.

The man fell to the ground, and it didn’t take long for him to die anymore.

The face of the visitor lifted up, and bald Fu Jiang was not strange when he saw him.

This person was the one who broke her neck in the tunnel and caused her first death.

The bald Tomoe grew out of the wig, but was counted as a split body by the game, inheriting Tomoe’s memories before then.

There is still a kind of fear for this person to appear suddenly.

But he heard him say: “Fu Jiang, are you willing to see me? Fu Jiang!”

Not long after this person killed Fu Jiang, he fell into madness. It was at the same time that Mr. Gao was arrested. Mr. Gao’s wife had no time to manage him, so he slipped out.

From the information of Teacher Gao’s wife, he knew where the four people who stunned him lived, they found the villa, pried the door and entered, and saw Fu Jiang was locked in a cage.

At that time, he was fanatically confessing like Fu Jiang, and after a while, Fu Jiang was afraid to call the other party confidently.

At this moment, he was recruited, and the man looked flattered.

Fu Jiang looked at the bald Fu Jiang triumphantly: “Ugly guys are ugly guys. They have the worst things. They can’t afford beautiful clothes, and the men who use them are useless.

Then, in the panic of the bald Fu Jiang, he said to the man: “Kill her!”

The man’s mind is much stronger than the unlucky ghost who has just died, but he is the first person to be completely charmed by the ontology Fujiang, and the ontology Fujiang has something special in his eyes.

Hearing this, he didn’t say a word, and didn’t even give the bewitching gap of Fu Jiang with his bald head, and broke her neck when he went up.

“Fujie, I did it, I did it, I can do everything for you, can you see it?”

“Yeah! I saw it, well done.” Fu Jiang said proudly: “Go, get out a barrel of gasoline.”

When the bald Fu Jiang disappeared to ashes, Fu Jiang’s expression rekindled his confidence because he easily incited murder.

“Next, we can find another **** to settle the account.”


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