Scream Queen Chapter 77

The so-called giving away heads for thousands of miles is a matter of courtesy and affection.

Although Zhu Yang didn’t say anything, he naturally had an account in his heart, remembering the brothers and sisters who gave away their heads since entering the game.

Always remind myself not to forget the existence of these people. In addition to my own efforts, I can’t live without the ardent help of these people.

Without them, what would she be Zhu Yang now? She still far overestimates the upper limit of human IQ.

For these people, Zhu Yang just wanted to say something grateful-thank you for letting me see the truth in the world.

This is not an award, or those who died in her hands would have to crawl out of the ground to be grateful for her unforgettable grace.

But aside from these nonsense, Fu Jiang was not the first to come here.

On the contrary, as Yu Li said before, as far as the eyes of Teacher Gao’s wife looked at them, it is not surprising that there was a murder in the villa tonight.

As a result, this crow’s mouth was really sucked, and the other party’s patience could not even wait for the dead of night.

At that time, the four of Zhu Yang were having dinner. On the first day without Fu Jiang’s, the taste of dinner was different.

Suddenly the door of the villa was kicked open–

Here is an explanation. Someone broke into the house in the afternoon to rescue Fu Jiang, and I will do it again in the evening. It is not that their villa is open to the outside world, but this game world. I don’t know if it is to increase the success rate or how to make trouble.

The security door industry is not particularly developed.

Unlike the reality of the security door industry, which is almost universal in the vast rural areas of our country, the settings and economic conditions of the neighboring country as well as the structure of the town are handled here, and they are more or less modified into four different things.

Some countries allow the possession of guns, and private domains can fire guns for self-defense, so the door of ordinary people is just like that.

But here is not the national conditions that allow guns/guns, and most of the households are ordinary. For this reason, Yu Li also specifically checked the crime rate in this country.

However, for the sake of the game’s progress, Zhu Yang didn’t change the door. Otherwise, like today, people came all the way and found that the door could not be destroyed by violence, so he had to go back and lift the cutting machine.

How awkward is this?

The door was brutally smashed open, and a few big and thick figures appeared at the door, their faces full of ill intentions.

But let’s not to mention that they didn’t do their homework. They were all in ragged clothes. They obviously wanted to pretend to be an addiction, a gentleman, or a homeless man to rob.

With a grinning grin, just about to come in, he listened to one of the young cubs at the table saying: \”Take off your shoes!\”

Several people were dumbfounded, but Zhou Yao changed his mouth again: “Forget it, the smelly feet can’t stand it.”

Fu said again: \”Wear shoe covers, if the floor is dirty, don’t you drag it?\”

He was the one who cleaned the dining table and living room for dinner today.

Several people were amazed at the immobility of these little boys. Not only did they speak up, but the other three didn’t raise their eyelids, and they ate their own food.

This made them feel ashamed and angry, and they were also more vigilant, but most of the vigilance came from whether there were any anti-intrusion devices in the house.

After all, this little **** who doesn’t know where he came from is also a high-profile rich man, and the means of protecting their children cannot be ignored by the rich.

The few people didn’t stop, but they didn’t rush in. They filed in carefully and vigilantly. Seeing that the little cubs were still stuck on the table, they didn’t plan to come down.

One of them picked up a decorative vase on the shelf next to it and slammed it on the ground in their direction.

With a crisp sound, the tiles splashed, but it did not cause any abnormal conditions.

The few people felt relieved and were about to speak when they saw the vase fragments on the ground shooting at them like life.

Go straight to the door, and all sharp cutting surfaces are aimed at them.

Several people were shocked and hurried to take refuge. Two of them went to the left and leaned on a large fish tank with several tropical fish.

After avoiding the offensive of ceramic shards, fortunately, the evil stuff did not return.

Up to this point, they thought it was the latest high technology, but they won’t think so in the next second.

Before he finished his breath, he felt an abnormality coming from the fish tank under him.

One person lowered his head and saw the originally colorful and harmless ornamental fish inside, suddenly opening their mouths to the extreme of mismatched body shape.

There are densely packed layers of sharp and gloomy teeth, and it is a big fish, but it can swallow a fist directly with its mouth open.

The dozen or so fish rushed to the fish tank and bit them with their mouths open. One of them got up in time to escape, but the other was not so lucky.

He was directly jumped up by two fish, biting his face and dragging him into the fish tank.

The fish tank is not small, and it is more than enough to hold an adult. Although the position can’t pull the person down, but now the person is immersed in the water with his entire upper body, struggling desperately like a death, and then there is no movement.

From here, the whole tank of water has been stained blood red, and the inside is not visible, but the people outside clearly heard a creepy tear and chewing.

The picture was too scary, and the man who was left took a step back and hit the wall behind him again.

A decorative deer head hung on the wall. It was originally a dead object. Although its shape is realistic, it may be a real specimen from time to time.

But at this moment, there was a sharp cold light on the antlers.

The man was still silent in the horrible scene of a big living being being torn apart by a few slapped fishes, naturally he did not pay attention to this.

When he reacted, he looked at the restaurant again, and turned his head to look at it with a pair of gloomy deer eyes.

This person was horrified, and the deer head on the wall came alive. Because from its own perspective, it is impossible for them to look at each other like this.

The deer head turned a direction on its own.

Fortunately, this person didn’t react slowly, because the man who came rushing to kill also brought tools, so he grabbed the big wrench in his hand and smashed it on like a deer head.

The head of the wrench was originally bigger than the fist of an adult man. It was a solid clump. If it was photographed in the head of a person, it would have to make a hole if he didn’t die.

The man originally thought it was manipulated by a mechanism set up in the wall, but when the wrench was pulled down, the deer head with only his head let out a painful cry, and then there was a crazy murderous air in his eyes, like an animal going crazy. The same as attacking people.

Its neck could not leave the wall, but its head turned desperately, using its long antlers to attack.

The tip of the antler slashed across the man’s clothes, as if it was cut violently by a sharp knife. A big hole was instantly broken, and the skin on his arm was also aching.

Fortunately, it was helpless to stay away from the other party. Sure enough, seeing him walking away, the mad deer head screamed unwillingly, but there was no alternative.

Even the corners of the little brats did not touch a piece of clothing. The person on his side had already folded one, and the remaining three realized that something was wrong.

They were entrusted to come over, but they never thought of taking their lives in.

Seeing that the situation was different, he prepared to leave immediately, but before turning his head, he heard a loud noise from the door.

Looking back, the door closed suddenly without any wind.

I listened to the little boy on the dining table who reminded them to wear shoe covers: “I want to leave if I get someone else’s house dirty, huh?”

It seems that this is not a matter of coming and leaving. The three wanted to talk, but the other party was too lazy to pay attention to them.

I saw that the vines on the plant stand next to him suddenly grew wildly, like a snake that had come alive, and immediately entangled a person’s hands and feet and dragged it over.

The person couldn’t react, trying to break apart the vines on his hands and feet, but felt that the things holding him were not like fragile plant vines at all, but like iron bars with thick fingers.

Before his hands and feet broke away, his neck was entangled, and within a few seconds he started rolling his eyes, and the struggle became weaker.

When the remaining two saw it, they folded another one in, shocked.

At this time, he didn’t care about negotiating with them. The other party obviously didn’t want to negotiate with them.

The two turned back and rushed to the door, wanting to directly violently destroy and rush out, but found that there was a painting hanging behind the door.

At this time, because the door was closed, the painting was facing them. The content of the painting is a few children having a picnic by the river.

Clear streams, built grills, and burning fires.

It’s just a little strange that none of the children inside are facing the outside of the painting. Or leave a back of his head with his back to him, or look at the fire with only a small side face.

However, there was nothing on the grill, and it was obviously going to be grilled, but not even a fish or a hare came up. I don’t know what’s so good about the empty fire.

As soon as his mind turned his mind, the person running behind saw the children in the painting moving, and turned their heads towards them. The faces of these children were full of greedy eyes and sharp teeth that were not suitable for their age.

Looking at them as if they were delivering food.

The man behind realized that something was wrong, but it was too late. The man in front had already rushed over and was about to hit the door, but he slammed into the painting.

An older adult suddenly disappeared in place, but on the fire inside the picture frame there was another person who had been cracked and roasted on the fire.

The person who escaped by chance backed back again and again. The child in the painting looked at him as if a little disappointed, but there was already one on the shelf, and was barely satisfied, so they turned around and eagerly waited for the raw meat to be cooked.

The painting is still the same, except that there is a figure on the shelf that is not very easy to distinguish at first glance, but the tone of the whole painting suddenly changes from cheerful to gloomy.

The surviving person yelled in horror and stumbled from the kitchen to the backyard garden.

The garden is full of well-groomed flowers and plants, and given that a person has just died on these harmless plants, that person dare not wait any longer.

Quickly preparing to bypass the backyard and run out, only to trip over something in the grass.

He thought it was a stone, but when he looked back, it was a turtle crawling out of the tank.

The man was furious, kicked the tortoise, and got up to continue running.

Before moving two steps, he felt his trouser legs bitten, and he felt cold and looked down.

The one who bit him was obviously the tortoise that was kicked away. The tortoise was several meters away from him, but its neck stretched so long.

He wanted to struggle, but the tortoise had already pulled back, causing him to fall heavily to the ground on the spot.

The tortoise crawled slowly, but it was extremely fast to drag the man back at this moment, and the man was dragged over this distance of several meters in an instant.

The man was also cruel. He had a knife in his hand, struggling to chop the tortoise’s neck. It really made him cut a huge hole. Seeing that the tortoise’s neck would break with another cut, he was able to break free.

But he moved fast, and the tortoise moved fast, and he maintained the action of pulling in one direction. There was no other attack, and people couldn’t find a gap if they wanted to.

The man was startled. He thought the **** would bite him, but what was it doing after pulling it so close?

Then he knew that the **** was going to pull him into the tortoise shell.

The tortoise shell was only the size of a dictionary, but he was born to hold him in as an adult. The man panicked, but it was too late.

His calf had been pulled in, and when he was hesitant to cut off his leg and escape, it had spread to his thigh, and the speed was absolutely incompatible with its species.

In this way, within a few seconds, the man had been squeezed into the tortoise shell, only one head was left outside, and the man was no longer angry.

Only when he lost consciousness, the whole villa seemed to be scattered with a mist.

I saw four people, one half of his body fell in the fish tank, and the disturbed fish wandered beside him, poke him from time to time.

When a person falls on the side of a flower stand, where are there any crazy vines? Another person fainted directly after hitting the door with his head, and in the end, the one in the back garden had a rattan basket on his body, which was obviously only caused by running Tai Chi.

The three Zhu Yang looked at Zhou Yao with obvious meanings——

Duty, clean up the mess!

Zhou Yao was also unlucky, but it was his turn to find fault, so he could only put down the bowl and threw out these sturdy guys who were two full circles with one hand.

Go straight through the huge forecourt pool and throw it on the grass outside the yard.

There were two people who drove to meet them. Seeing this, they rushed up to investigate the four. They were not dead, but they weren’t easy to throw out from such a distance.

Hurriedly dragged the car to the hospital to send emergency treatment.

As for the people inside, they guessed that there was a hard idea in it. The four of them were all broken and they were afraid to send the head away.

Zhou Yao came back after throwing people away, and seeing a few guys who were still talking more, he said first: \”I see, I know, mopping the floor, right? Let me talk after I have eaten.\”

He also exclaimed: “Sister, your skills are better than I thought.”

At first, she used it to cover up the pregnancy test stick to ensure that the pregnancy test stick was not noticed by Mr. Gao before Mr. Gao’s wife found it. The second time she used it on Fu Jiang in the classroom, it was all small.

They thought it was nothing more, but they didn’t expect the coverage to be far beyond their imagination.

The reason is: “How did you burst out? The ghosts with this skill should be invincible and will not be easily taken down. You must have killed a lot of people in this game, right?”

Zhu Yang shook his head: \”No, not only did he not die, but he also accepted a group of ghost employees. When I heard that I had a promising future, all of them changed their minds and broke away from the dark life of resentment, and have worked hard as a star in the ghost world. Now.\”

Seeing a few people with a “you tease me” expression, Zhu Yang said: “Really, those guys have millions of fans on the Internet.”

This was still when she left, and it must have doubled now.

The three little ones rationally felt that this guy couldn’t force the tax, but didn’t know why, but there was a vague sense of absurdity that this might be fact.

Reminiscent of her various styles of bizarre show operations, maybe it is really not impossible, but whether people change their minds willingly or passively is open to question.

The four of them continued to have dinner together happily, and the Fujiang side was almost ready.

Because he found that he could even instigate others to kill for her, this made Fu Jiang’s self-confidence that he was slumped by the recent attack once again increased.

It’s just that I have suffered a lot from Zhu Yang, but I still understand that they are not easy to deal with.

So Fu Jiang made a decision that Zhu Yang saw the moment when her IQ had exploded in her life, and she thought of using the crowd strategy.

So after getting rid of the bald fakes, she arrogantly took the assassin who killed her in the first place, and found the men who had previously been involved in her.

Not to mention, this guy is always playing around for good or vanity, not to mention the depth of the relationship, but there are definitely many ministers under her skirts.

Nearly twenty people were summoned in just one or two hours, and many of them were called directly from the dinner table.

Their family members did not allow them to come out. If Fu Jiang had not died once before, he had not had such a great charm, which made people ignore his family’s obstruction, but now, if he spoils them softly, the other party is fascinated. Tao.

Even toppling his family, he followed out desperately, but the team was full of rivals along the way and it was not peaceful, making Fu Jiang a big head.

Really, once again confirm that this guy’s repeated dismemberment is really not injustice, and the pig’s head in such a large area of ​​Shura Field doesn’t even think about the consequences.

Following her killer all the way, he was the first to have murderous possessiveness in his eyes.

And Fu Jiang is still thinking about beautiful things. That **** is not easy to mess with, but so many people, even if she can’t kill her, once she focuses on killing one or two, she can still be unlucky.

I brought about twenty people all the way to the villa, and everyone was carrying knives. No police ran to stop him. For the sake of the game, I don’t know how many times I have opened the door to Fu Jiang.

At this time, Zhu Yang and the others had finished their dinner, and they were sitting on the lounge chairs beside the front courtyard swimming pool, chatting while eating fruits, and waiting for something.

Looking up, I saw that there were more than 20 people standing not far away. The headed Fu Jiang, a turned serf, turned his nostril at Zhu Yang with his singing expression.

Zhu Yang looked at her, then looked at the number of people behind her, and exclaimed: “Sure enough, it is the person who grew up in the brain. It is much denser than the brain structure of the wig. He also knows the convener.\ ”

\”I thought you would only send three or two kittens as gifts.\”

Fu Jiang said proudly: \”Don’t compare me to the previous me, Bitch! I am different, and the counterfeit goods have been cleaned up by me. Now I am different, completely different from mediocre things like you. exist.\”

She pointed to the people behind her: \”Did you see it? I said I wanted to clean up one person, and these people followed me without saying anything. Even if they killed people for me, they would not hesitate.\”

\”Do you know what this means? It means that my beauty is already a higher-dimensional concept than you. The limelight in the school and the worship of students are all children’s tricks.\”

\”The beauty that is truly unique is that it is not hesitate to let people trample on the law. I won you a bitch, hahahahaha…\”

She was smiling triumphantly, and seeing Zhu Yang suddenly covering her eyes slumped, this desolate appearance made her even more exasperated.

But the **** couldn’t bear it: “Ah~, it’s no good, it’s really no good. Let’s finish the task early and leave.”

He touched the heads of the three little ones separately: \”Although I can’t bear you, I can’t bear this idiot anymore. She even takes pride in her stupidity. Really, sister, I still have a bit of a brain for self-confidence. , Can’t stay with fools for too long and get cut off IQ.\”

Bai Youyou and the others also immediately agreed. Although this time the players are in such a rare co-production, everyone has some feelings. It can be seen that this idiot still has a desire to withdraw from the group to protect IQ.

Fu Jiang’s face turned dark when she heard this, and she was about to scream again. As a result, she met Zhu Yang who was looking up. Thinking of the penetrating power of this **** shattering fish tank, she screamed back.

Forget it, she is not arguing with these guys, they are going to be out of luck anyway.

So he waved his hand behind him: \”Give me up.\”

With her command, the people behind slowly moved.

Zhu Yang saw that she could really manipulate these people to get lost in their minds and kill people. According to reason, Fu Jiang only died a few times now, so he shouldn’t be so magical.

It’s just that the game has been labeled as “secret terror” by her. Since the number of splits must be controlled within fifty, then we can use the logic of the original to think about whether Fu Jiang’s progress is reasonable.

But even so, under the premise that she can fascinate people on a large scale, the game’s restrictions on them should also be lifted, and the task can be truly completed.

The assassin was the first to approach them. This guy didn’t forget that he was knocked out by these guys that night, but his dedication to Fu Jiang made him want to please Fu Jiang with a pebble hitting a rock.

But before he got close to Zhu Yang, he was kicked by the nearby Yu Li and kicked directly into the pool.

The man didn’t care, and wanted to climb ashore to kill someone, but he was stepped on by one foot as soon as his palm reached the shore.

Zhu Yang’s feet were crushed on the back of the killer’s hands, and there was no sense of crisis on the faces of other puppets who were gradually approaching, controlled by Fu Jiang’s charm.

Instead, he turned his head and said to Fu Jiang through these people: “You think you are unique. No one in the world can match your charm. As long as you kill the other self, you will be beautiful and invincible. Out of your palm?\”

Fu Jiang didn’t speak, but the smug smile on her face showed that this was what she thought, and only now did she truly understand her charm.

All men in the world should ask and ask for her. She is different from before. When facing her now, men will definitely only choose their own side when making choices.

There is no obstacle to even ordering them to kill, so the luxury and enjoyment in the future will be inexhaustible.

She felt that life was suddenly enlightened, and the whole world seemed to be in desperate need of her.

At this time, I listened to the **** said: \”I said, you are just an ordinary, unremarkable, unreliable, nothing special about you. You are always worthy to be submerged in the crowd and be the light of others. An unremarkable black spot.\”

\”You are such an ordinary, stupid, shining pig’s head, but you have been tricked by fate, giving you the illusion of your sad vanity, thinking you are unique.\”

Zhu Yang smiled and said confidently: “No, no matter what you become, you can’t give anyone any surprises. If you want to say why, it is that your tricks are the rest of your father and me.”

Fu Jiang was trembling with anger by her word-for-word suppression. She would never accept that she and those mediocre ugly monsters were the same species.

But hearing these words in Zhu Yang, who had repeatedly frustrated her self-esteem, seemed to be particularly convincing.

What’s more, when she burned that bald **** to death, she also got her memory. That idiot was able to lose to Zhu Yang in public at school with his current charm, and he was simply unworthy of having a face with her.

But at the same time she was irritable, she couldn’t help being jealous. She was a beautiful flower blooming in death. Why? Why would you lose to that **** even like this?

Now listening to Zhu Yang’s words, it seems that all the contempt, ostracism, neglect, and the constant fall from the pyramid status during this period of time, gradually become marginal figures that adults can ignore, even those in school Privileges no longer exist.

The unwillingness and pressure that had been going on all the time finally broke out at this moment, she screamed: “Hurry up, cut me this bitch’s mouth.”

But the slut’s beautifully shaped lips slightly hooked: \”They said not to embarrass the rest of other people’s games, do you think you are the only one in this set?\”

Fu Jiang didn’t realize what it meant for the first time, and then saw her raise her hand and snapped her fingers slightly.

For a moment, Fu Jiang seemed to feel a wave of ripples, and suddenly there was a strange solidification in the air.

She didn’t know what happened, but her intuition was not good, so she saw that Bitchi slowly raised her hand, pointing to her: \”Go, kill her!\”

Who is she giving orders? It must not be her three younger siblings, because they did not move at all.

But it could not be the people she brought, all these people were immersed in her charm and couldn’t extricate themselves, and no one except her could use them.

Fu Jiang thinks this **** is whimsical and ridiculous. Does she think these people are still the school’s idiots headed by her? These people are–

However, the expression on Fu Jiang’s face was frozen before the ridiculous words were spoken, because she saw those people really slowly turning around, looking at her with crazy killing intent.

Fu Jiang stepped back step by step. Compared to the fear of being killed, she was even more unacceptable that the guy who did not do anything, could easily order these people, even more under the premise of her charm.

She is extremely obsessed with beauty, she doesn’t think of other possibilities, but thinks that even now, when people can ignore the legal human nature for her to drive, Zhu Yang has an absolute overwhelming advantage over her in terms of charm.

This cognition became the last straw that crushed the camel. It was suppressed time and time again. After rebirth, whenever I thought I could defeat this guy, I would be beaten by the facts every time, and I found myself attracted to her. It’s not worth mentioning.

Even things that she can easily do by raising her hand.

Fu Jiang finally couldn’t help but screamed, and when the sharp knife approaching her was about to touch her, he heard the **** as if he was thinking of something.

\”Oh, by the way, I can’t let the blood stain my garden.\” I don’t know where a dozen sets of raincoats and plastic gloves were conjured: \”Put on and kill.\”

Everyone was impatient for a long time, and after hearing the words, they desperately picked up things and put them on their bodies. Seeing her order so smoothly, Fu Jiang felt even more desperate.

But only the three who stood with Zhu Yang understood what was actually going on.

Because in the eyes of these people, Zhu Yang’s face suddenly became Fu Jiang, and Fu Jiang became like Zhu Yang.

To say that this is the case, Zhu Yang does not have the magical nature of Fu Jiang, and he cannot order others to kill like Fu Jiang.

The place to die is that she pulled so many people over, so many men huddled together and burned with jealousy, and the desire to kill Fu Jiang and divide his body has become more and more time passing by. Just about to move.

They can listen to Fu Jiang’s orders, but instinctively the person who wants to kill the most now is Fu Jiang, so Zhu Yang’s order is simply a point in their hearts.

Naturally, the boulder was rolled back with a twist.

The group put on raincoats and gloves, caught Fu Jiang who wanted to escape, and took turns to divide the body.

In the gap between these people, Fu Jiang saw the **** holding his arms from beginning to end without staining dust.

Ah~~, it’s great, no matter when, this guy is always so calm, he doesn’t even need to get his hands dirty for this kind of thing.

Unlike her, running around and around, the result was still a complete defeat.

At this point, Fu Jiang’s confidence in himself has been destroyed for the most part, just like a wire that was constantly bent in the opposite direction, it was finally broken.

After the group of people separated their bodies, they took off their raincoats and gloves in accordance with Zhu Yang’s orders. Each of them looked dim, severely even drooling, and looked like a car from the mental hospital came full of circles.

After the two boys checked their whole body, they tore off the clothes that were splashed with blood and threw them in a metal box full of raincoats and gloves. They were not thrown out one by one until they were confirmed that everyone was’clean’. .

Then Yu Li called the police and arrested all the people. As for whether they would ask about the murder, or whether they would be treated as a mental illness, they couldn’t take care of it.

Fu Jiang’s body was then divided into nearly twenty parts. Zhu Yang picked up his head and put it back in the fish tank. The other corpses were not thrown away, but they were picked up and thrown into a mirror.

That mirror is not the property of this world, but in the exchange window this time.

This time the exchange window is full of weird life-related things, chewing gum, towels, mirrors, soap, and alcohol.

All of them are very valuable, and they usually seem like cheating. Zhu Yang didn’t know how to buy it at first.

But the only thing she thinks is meaningful, and that is this oval mirror of A4 paper size.

The piercing ability she got from Pseudo Sadako is very useful, many ghosts can’t hide in front of her, and can be caught and beaten directly.

In addition, the mirror also has a certain storage function, but in the afterlife world, most things cannot be thrown into it rashly, and it is inconvenient to store ordinary things.

But Fu Jiang is different. She is more of a virus than a human being. Zhu Yang is looking forward to what her vitality will look like in the mirror world.

The mirror at the exchange window looks no different from a normal mirror, but the important thing is that since it is a prop, you can carry it with you and accompany her to the next world.

From this point of view alone, it is of great value. What if Fu Jiang can play a role in future tasks?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t lose these hundreds of points, it will be used as storage space for special items in the future.

After the corpses were cleaned up, a few people cleaned up all the blood stains without leaving a trace, and then all the cleaning tools were still in the big metal box.

But this time there are a lot of things to be burned, and the things are quite mixed, so I’m afraid it will not be clean.

Zhu Yang took out a bottle of alcohol: “Here, burning alcohol is also exchangeable, it should be useful.”

Ok! It’s awesome to have a local teammate!

Zhou Yao took the alcohol, poured it on it, struck a match and threw it in. As expected, the fire that appeared was burning vigorously and thoroughly, and there was no dust and soot.

In a short while, they burned all the contents thoroughly, and they carefully peeled off the powder, and indeed none of them were left unburnt.

So Zhou Yao was relieved to seal the ashes and condensed into a compact iron ball the size of a basketball, buried in the soil.

After everything is done, things are almost the same, there is still the last step, but Zhu Yang has done the layout.

The four of them went back to the house to sleep in peace. Although Fu Jiang did not wake up one night, her head regained consciousness shortly after her death.

Fu Jiang felt that the place she was in was unreal. She knew that she was half asleep and half awake. She was walking on the street, wearing a beautiful dress, and seeing her face through the glass mirror outside the mall.

The end is beautiful and stunning. Fu Jiang was happy, walking swagger on the road where people came and went, thinking that he was definitely the focus of the crowd.

She has always been like this. The amazing sight and the greed and jealousy in the eyes of others are her spiritual food.

But after a while, she realized that something was wrong, because she was walking on the road, but no one turned her eyes on her, just as she was an unremarkable member of this ordinary bustling crowd.

None of the people who came and went looked at her differently, and no one looked back after passing by.

Fu Jiang didn’t believe in evil, so he rushed to a man and waved his hand, and got an impatient glance from him. It wasn’t that he couldn’t see her, but he didn’t think she was special.

Fu Jiang was panicked by this recognition. She hurriedly squeezed the crowd and escaped from the commercial street, and the people who were pushed behind complained: “I’m sick, go to reincarnation?”

This was an evaluation she would never hear from men before. She ran all the way to school, and the familiar environment gave her a little peace of mind.

Come to the school gate, cheer up, now is the time to go to school, an endless stream of students pouring towards the school gate.

But when I saw her, the reaction was the same as the people in the commercial street, no one looked at her more.

The boys saw her suddenly cheering up in their sleepy eyes, or the girls whispering jealously, none of them.

Fu Jiang’s heart became more and more upset, she took the hand of someone in the class: “What’s wrong with you? Look at me? I’m so beautiful, isn’t it ugly?”

The boy who was held by her hand tilted his head in doubt, and said: “What’s so good about you?”

After saying that I felt that it was not good, I added another sentence: \”Fu Jiang, although it is not good to say that, it is better to go to the hospital for hypothesis. You have been thinking that you are a great beauty for a long time.\”

Fu Jiang suddenly pushed him away angrily: \”You get out of here, why do the ugly monsters say that I am a conjecture? I am a beauty.\”

The boy curled his lips and didn’t say much, but after turning around, he muttered: \”It really looks average.\”

The slight commotion they had here did not arouse the attention of others. Someone passed by her, and they still didn’t bother to glance over at nothing.

Even the ugly monsters who are slightly beautiful and beautiful will not be treated like this.

Fu Jiang finally couldn’t help it, she screamed and yelled: \”Look at me—\”

Suddenly opening his eyes, Fu Jiang looked around, and it was already light, but luckily it was just a dream.

She too, why would she have such a ridiculous dream, it is impossible to happen to her without being noticed.

There was no one in the villa, she still remembered what happened last night, and she was killed again, which made her fall into depression again.

But when he lowered his head, he realized that he was not only a head, his whole body was in good condition, the fish tank was squeezed to pieces, and he had completely recovered in one night.

Fu Jiang got up quickly, ran to Zhu Yang’s room and stole a piece of clothing to put it on, and ran out, she wanted to prove one thing.

Outside the villa area is the road. At this time, everyone is rushing to work, and people come and go.

Standing in the middle of the street, Fu Jiang looked at the same situation in his dream that turned a blind eye to her, and finally screamed.



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