Scream Queen Chapter 78

Fu Jiang couldn’t stop yelling, but even so, it didn’t attract others to stop.

Of course, people are busy at work, and whoever has time to waste time on a telegraph pole in the middle of the road, even if there are occasional glances, will only frown because of the untimely layout.

Zhu Yang’s illusion technique exploded from the mirror girl. The mirror girl itself is a particularly rare powerhouse in the low-level field. The upper limit of skills to enter the intermediate field is also much higher. The success of the last mission also made her strong in various abilities. A lot.

Now her illusion skills will only be stronger than the mirror girl. Although it is impossible to cover the entire town, as long as she follows Fu Jiang, there is no pressure to perform within her sight.

Before his death last night, Fu Jiang was implied by Zhu Yang unknowingly, and he had the dream that scared him the most. After waking up, he tried to verify, but what he got was the same desperate facts in the dream.

It’s nothing more than that Zhu Yang is near her right now, wiping out her existence from the pedestrians on the road. No matter how great the charm of Fu Jiang is, it is impossible to be invisible to others, or to exist on the premise of a dead thing. Make a commotion next, right?

Fu Jiang possesses charm skills, and may become resistant to illusions over time, which is why Zhu Yang can only use this effective method on the blade.

Everything I did at school in the early stage was to pave the way for the last minute, constantly grinding her conceit of her beauty, emphasizing her mediocrity again and again, and finally hitting the ground from a height when she was soaring, and she fell to pieces. .

To be honest, Fu Jiang is not a person with a strong heart. It is not difficult to destroy her spiritually. It is just that this alternative approach, without Zhu Yang’s similar ability to assist, is really not suitable for everyone.

Standing on the road where people came and going, Fu Jiang looked at the crowd passing by ignoring him, as if he was in a montage.

Time passed quickly, and when she came back to her senses, she didn’t know how long time had passed, and she felt a sense of panic that had passed in a hundred years.

She seemed to be here for a long time, it was torture for more than a second, and this feeling made her breathless.

She left the place abruptly and took a deep, uncomfortable breath on the glass outside the store, but suddenly a strand of white hair appeared in her sight.

Fu Jiang slowly raised his head and saw his own appearance through the reflection of the glass. He had long lost his youth and beauty, but turned into an ugly old woman with creases and creases.

\”No, no, it’s not true, it’s not me.\” She backed away busy, but suddenly she saw the mole in the corner of her eye.

She looked at the mole of tears in silence for a long time, and finally fell to the ground, like a withered and shriveled flower.

At this time, Zhu Yang and the four of them had a reminder to clear the game.

The disintegration of the pseudo-Fujian’s self-confidence made her fundamentally shaken by her beauty and charm. This kind of heart is incompatible with the fact of her existence.

The split of Fujiang and the ineffectiveness of charm have lifted the possibility of the town’s deep curse in the future.

The other three people are happy to hear this prompt. If the game says this, it can be seen that the evaluation of the clearance this time will not be low.

Only Zhu Yang’s heart moved, thinking that there is still huge room for upgrading his abilities.

The essence of Mirror Girl’s illusion is to manipulate the five senses. Now in her hands, she can already make deeper psychological hints.

Zhu Yang felt that when this ability reached the point of proficiency, no matter how powerful the enemy was, it would be able to influence or even control it.

But after just trying to adjust Fu Jiang’s perception of time, she suddenly realized that these abilities seemed to be the end of evolution.

If she can let a person experience the length of a hundred years in the real world in one second, is this in a sense equivalent to manipulating time?

But I want to know that it will be a long evolutionary road, I can only temporarily suppress the surging in my heart, step by step down to the ground.

Now that they have completed the game, they are not people who have made a mess and don’t know how to clean up. They still try their best to start and end as long as they have enough energy.

Fu Jiang changed back to an ordinary beautiful girl again, her self-confidence was hit, her personality was still bad, but she was no longer as arrogant as before.

Zhu Yang told her that she had no ability to resurrect now, and let her take care of herself if she still died all day long, because there was only one life.

The club established before in the class, and several talented students who have been helped by Zhu Yang, Zhu Yang also paved the way for them in one go, and each made a short-term plan for each individual’s situation.

As for the follow-up development, it depends on your own efforts and fortune.

The most important thing about Teacher Gao’s wife has to be resolved, otherwise this lawless mad woman doesn’t know what to do when they leave.

Don’t try to get rid of the curse, she came back to Fu Jiang with a murder and dismemberment. The urine of the game waste is not incapable of erasing Zhu Yang’s existence and letting everything start again.

Regarding this question, Zhu Yang directly visited Teacher Gao’s Yue family’s father, and the two chatted for almost an hour.

The other party is quite reasonable, especially after knowing that some good guys on his side came to the door last night and were thrown out like dead dogs, they became more aware of the extraordinary origins of this family, and naturally couldn’t be unreasonable.

The old man was extremely disappointed with his daughter and lost his mind for a respectable villain. Here Zhu Yang mentioned this problem and said that he would send his daughter to live far away and would not let her disturb the peace of the town.

Zhu Yang was very satisfied with the result. After everything was done, it was time for the game.

The four people gathered in the villa, and in a blink of an eye everyone stayed here for more than a month, renting out a house, and living in it for more than a month, not to mention the traces of their tacit understanding and leisure.

Zhou Yao dismantled various tool tables, nailed training corners full of targets, Bai Youyou would pester him to teach her to shoot/shoot, copying many weapon templates from him.

Yu Li would be busy with his own affairs at the table on the side, and would often be hit by the two noisy guys, but still did not choose to go to a quieter place.

Zhu Yang occasionally trains shooting/strike with them, teaches them some easy-to-use knife skills, or holds a cup of hot black tea to watch them mess around.

They plan, train, relax, and enjoy together here. I was about to leave the game now, and I didn’t have the relief that I used to feel.

On the contrary, it seemed that the journey of lingering forever had finally arrived, and the feeling of having to leave is still unfinished.

The four of them divided the things that were convenient to take out here. After all, they were quite valuable.

Said to them: \”I don’t know when I will have the opportunity to be on the same scene again. After I go out, I will be a mosaic in your mind. Keep it and take it out. It’s also a thought.\”

The other three people were in the same mood, but they were speechless after hearing her words: “Sister, sensational, pay attention to the atmosphere.”

\”That is, we helped to remove the hang tags of your clothes one by one, and don’t think about us when you wear them.\”

\”Think, I definitely want to.\” Zhu Yang promised again and again: \”Even if you become a mosaic, that is the unique mosaic in my mind.\”

Three people: \”……\”

But it is true that after returning to the real world, he will not lose his memory about the things in the game, but will hide all clues that may reveal the real identity of other players.

All looks are mosaic, names and some conversations related to identity characteristics are all silenced. The better the relationship is in the game, the more difficult times are recalled after going out——

The feeling of experience is really hard to describe in a word, just like watching a movie that is censored everywhere, the mood of dispelling the sorrow becomes all kinds of sullen and funny.

However, after the trouble, the four of them still felt melancholy at the next meeting in the foreseeable future.

Zhu Yang hugged them one by one, and asked them to work hard to broaden the player’s social circle in reality, so that they always have a chance to meet.

These few people reluctantly separated and left the game one after another.

Several people had a high evaluation of the customs clearance this time. Although they seemed to be light and handy all the way through the customs, they also used unconventional methods to find another way from the beginning.

Want to change to another team and try to keep the rhythm firmly in control at the beginning? It will definitely be played round and round in unexpected inertia, and it is very likely that the mission will fail under the harsh conditions of the last fifty split ceilings.

It’s just that no new skills were revealed this time. Fu Jiang’s charm feature turned into a skill point for illusion, which made Zhu Yang’s illusion even more powerful.

But Zhu Yang didn’t think that there would be less gains from this trip. In her opinion, Fu Jiang itself was a good trophy, but this thing was too lethal, so use caution.

After she returned to reality and talked to Lu Xiuci about the game, even the big head of Lu felt speechless at her scalping behavior.

Fu Jiang’s corpse, this rounding is equivalent to bringing out other game NPCs.

But having said that, she didn’t even say anything about such a peeling game, it can be seen that –

Because Zhu Yang is still at school now and will not be able to come back in a few days, Lu Xiu resigned and made an appointment with her to pick her up at that time, and then hung up the phone after sticking for a long time.

As a result, not long after the exam, Xie Xiaomeng told Zhu Yang that some new people wanted to join the sisterhood.

Zhu Yang sees that this semester is almost half past, why did you go early?

Then I said to Xie Xiaomeng: \”When did our sisters enter so well? If you missed the registration time, you just want to enter? Wait for the next semester.\”

In a competition, you must either be the first to act decisively, or be the last to settle everything into your chest.

The former is superior to judgment and action, while the latter emphasizes rationality over the overall situation.

As for the group of people in the middle, they just don’t touch anything, they don’t have their own judgment and can’t sit still a follower dog who is easily instigated by the atmosphere, and they can be eliminated directly.

The selection of the members of the Sisterhood is the same. When each wave of new students arrives, they are all the proud children from all over the world. After all, those who meet their standards are proud.

Most people would choose to wait and see for a period of time to see if this so-called sisterhood can bring them relative benefits, which is understandable.

It may not be possible to understand the pyramid shape of the school and the entire university city during the short period of development of the Sisterhood, and then react. That is the test.

Every year, the number of applicants in the second semester is definitely much higher than that in the first semester. This is because the time of one semester has already allowed people to fully realize that the existence of the sorority is more than just appearance, and releases the vain girl group.

It’s just that these people who follow the trend generally have a very low probability of selection.

In the middle of the time, unless Zhu Yang personally sees people, he will not accept others’ self-recommendations.

Xie Xiaomeng said: \”It’s really good, I won’t open this mouth to you if I want an ordinary bitch.\”

\”The **** of the white lotus is truly amazing. It is definitely a thing that sells people and makes people count down. Although the person is a little younger, but you believe my intuition, I saw her At that time, it reminded me of the feeling you gave me back then.\”

Zhu Yang glanced at her: “You have been a little fluttering lately, let you be the president’s agent, right?”

Xie Xiaomeng then realized that he had said something wrong, and then explained: \”No, I didn’t mean that you two look like the two of you, or both gave me the kind of intuition that this person is not easy. In fact, you are not the same way. \”

Zhu Yang didn’t want to bother about this idiot.

But Xie Xiaomeng is stupid, but Zhu Yang knows a little bit about her, but this guy has a strong instinct and an amazing desire to survive.

Looking at the videotape incident of Pseudo Sadako at the beginning, whether it is escaping or holding the thigh, this product is fast and accurate, and is born with a strong sense of touch.

Since she said so, Zhu Yang was really interested in seeing this new student who made her look different.

As a result, I saw Bai Youyou in the activity classroom of the sisterhood!

It is the first time for Zhu Yang to feel the changes brought about by the players in the game after they recognize in reality.

The related memories in the brain are suddenly restored by mosaics and □□, facing the people in front of them suddenly realized.

Bai Youyou was also confused, and came over: “I, I suddenly realized that the skills of gang formation are very useful, and I heard that there is a stupid sisterhood in our school. I want to come in and observe, it turned out to be you The established sister?\”

Bai Youyou became a player in high school. In order to reduce the impact in reality, the university also chose to study abroad.

People like them are destined to be unable to follow the trajectory of ordinary people’s lives, and naturally they lack interest in the things around them.

I know that there is a well-known girl group in the school, and the people in it are all famous elite beauties from various departments. Joining is equivalent to entering the relevant interpersonal circle, which is good for the present and the future.

But as a player, Bai Youyou cares about the future? She doesn’t need to work to earn money. Players in the mid-level field don’t say how rich their wealth is, but at least the capital in hand is the wealth that ordinary people can’t save in a lifetime of working.

Every once in a while, I have to go to the game to be born and die, and I have to work hard when I return to reality. Most people will not choose such a tiring life.

Generally, players who reach a certain level will not choose to continue working except for the particularity of the profession or other personal circumstances in reality.

Healthy people are running around to enjoy life, and those who are luxurious are spending a lot of money, and there are also people who use their own abilities to carry out side businesses. In short, most of them are free people and will not be impatient and restrained.

Bai Youyou is of course the same. Going to school is one thing, but after graduation, he didn’t plan to work. He only wanted to do what he was interested in. It didn’t cost money anyway.

So there was a lack of interest in the so-called sisterhood, and even the thought of understanding was not enough, and at first I felt stupid.

Seeing Zhu Yang at this moment, I deeply feel that I still underestimated the hidden dragon and crouching tiger in reality. Maybe there are people I need to look up to hiding in a place I disdain.

Zhu Yang raised her eyebrows when she heard the words, Bai Youyou immediately changed her words with a wink: “I’m stupid, through this time I deeply understand my shortcomings, and many things are taken for granted. The rank is not high enough. An idiot who doesn’t follow the routine is dumbfounded, and has to learn.\”

Xie Xiaomeng on the side was surprised at first that they knew each other, and then after hearing Bai Youyou’s words, he cried secretly.

Sure enough, the top potential Bitch can’t take his own request normally, listen to what it is? I still don’t think I am enough for Bailian.

Zhu Yang knows that for players, especially those who have entered the mid-level field, their abilities have far surpassed the elite category of mankind, and in reality they can live well whatever they want.

Naturally, it is normal to hear a lot of disdain for groups in reality.

But she was really happy to meet Bai Youyou again.

Finally put away the attitude of business affairs, smiled and touched her head: \”Welcome to join the sorority, this is indeed my biggest surprise recently.\”

Bai Youyou can’t help himself: “Don’t worry, I will set the position of the boss as my short-term goal, but it is a pity that you are about to graduate, otherwise I can try to get you off the horse.”

Zhu Yangdao: \”You should get the competitors in the same period first. Several new members this year are not easy.\”

Bai Youyou shrugged: \”Let’s wait and see.\”

Then some regrets: \”It would be nice if I knew them again.\”

The name and appearance of this ‘them’ cannot be recalled anymore, but the tacit understanding and ease that they have experienced together will not disappear.

Zhu Yang’s heart moved, and suddenly thought of a way: \”Will you do video editing?\”

Bai Youyou is unclear so: \”Yes!\”

\”Then you make a video clip of Fu Jiang. Do you remember the joke we made on the way to the mountain? Cut out the movie footage of the car with people cut off and stuff it into it. Let’s pay to push the video to the relevant Subject is the first.\”

Bai Youyou instantly understood her plan, how lucky they are, the last game can directly compare the works in reality.

In this way, if the player has reviewed the game after clearing the level, it is possible to search for relevant information. Then when you see other movie screens mixed in the Fu Jiang video, most people will only criticize the UP editing and perfunctory, and actually use the wrong one. Film material.

But if it’s ‘them’, they will naturally understand this code and come to the door.

Of course, it’s meaningless to review the actual works of the games that have been cleared. Even if you sum up the experience, there is no need to go through the original works. After all, there is no reference.

And this work is also well-known in the horror category, even if it is reviewed, it is mostly to find the original work, and is not interested in derivative entertainment materials.

In fact, the probability of passing the signal to the past is also very low, but since there is such a method, it is a possibility.

Bai Youyou was happy at first, and then he had some doubts: \”Can this be done? Game——\”

Zhu Yang understands what she means. In reality, the disclosure of the existence of the game will be blocked, and the group who wants to discuss the secret line in the game will also be blocked.

Looking at it this way, the kind of gold player has a much greater advantage. First, he pulls his accomplices into the game. Once the accomplices agree to become players, the two know each other. They are a natural alliance, like those in the first mid-level field. Of the players, three of them are acquainted in reality.

Zhu Yang explained this to Bai Youyou: \”Because their advantages are too obvious, and their work also disgusts the game, they are easily targeted.\”

\”But I guess, since gold-fishing players have such a loophole to drill, ordinary players are unreasonably restricted by the rules.\”

Otherwise, the more you go up the middle level and above, the more the players will only have their social circle. The game rules are strict, but it is not impervious.

So Zhu Yang said: \”We are not a secret code discussed in the game.’They’ don’t know this at all. In other words, whether they can succeed is also accidental. This kind of non-subjective tacit understanding cannot be counted as our collusion. Hold it together?\”

\”If this is not allowed, then the game might as well directly let the player and the player not know each other when they face each other in reality, so no circles will appear.\”

Bai Youyou naturally increased his confidence when he heard that he quickly said that he would get things done tonight and spend money to promote it, even if he was ridiculed by the group when he went out of the circle, he made sure that as many people as possible see it.

Zhu Yang wondered if it would cost a lot of money, and said: “Yes, I will transfer some money to you, if it is not enough, then I will need it.”

Bai Youyou hurriedly said: \”No need, I still have this little money.\”

Xie Xiaomeng: \”……\”

She went to the toilet and came back. Is the relationship between the two people so casual with money?

For a while, Xie Xiaomeng felt that the position of the leader of his sorority association was precarious, and he regretted introducing Zhu Yang.

However, finding someone did not happen overnight. The first thing Zhu Yang did was to introduce Bai Youyou to other members of the sorority.

For this member who joined in an exceptional way, the members of the Sorority Association had a certain sense of vigilance towards Bai Youyou from the beginning.

After all, if there is no major advantage, this is generally not an exception. Since this person can make the founder and chairman Zhu Yang treat each other so differently, he is naturally a powerful competitor for airborne.

The position of the head of the sisterhood was coveted by everyone present. Everyone wanted to replicate Zhu Yang’s success and scenery. Seeing that she was about to graduate, the main seat was vacated, and everyone had to maintain the image of a fairy without breaking the head.

Want to give to others again? Dreaming is more realistic.

Bai Youyou was thrown into the cusp of the storm by Zhu Yang, but she was well-adjusted. There have been no major incidents recently, but she didn’t suffer from the small Jifeng.

After all, players who live and die are not comparable to ordinary people just because of their mental quality, let alone others.

After a few days of observation, Bai Youyou’s performance made Zhu Yang feel that finally the sisterhood has found someone to trust, but it is impossible to handover at this time, after all, the qualifications are still low.

After the exam week, there was still no result in finding someone, so Lu Xiu resigned and came here to pick Zhu Yang back.

By the way, tell her that his brother and her brother pinched up during her absence.

Lu Xiuci likes Zhu Yang and has a good relationship with her family. It’s not the stunner who doesn’t know when his girlfriend leaves.

From time to time, I would visit their home to supervise Zhu Weixin’s situation after university.

Zhu Weixin was annoying to him to death, and once hurt him: \”If you haven’t become my brother-in-law, you worry about it? Don’t stare at me for your impressions even if you are earning performance. You are with my parents. It’s full of good feelings, and I’ve become negative here. Isn’t that a waste of work? My sister has the best relationship with me.\”

Lu Xiuci hasn’t taught this guy to speak bad words, but Lu Li satirically came back: “Yes, there is no word in the eight characters, some people will take themselves seriously, and don’t know where the confidence is to pick people. Pick.\”

Zhu Weixin saw that this guy is not pleasing to the eye, raised an eyebrow and said: \”I beg someone not to send me to the door and let me pick it up. If you say your brother, you can forget it. What are you doing here? If you don’t ask me, come and talk to someone. I’ll discuss it later, how okay are you doing?\”

Lu Li said: \”With you? I want to be able to hold my brother and avoid you at first sight. You still need to settle accounts when you are old. Isn’t it shameful that you are at home? Will you trouble people to look around? Tell me what have you done? Brother has seen everything, not ashamed.\”

\”Yo! Aren’t you a little brother? Now I’m a big brother again?\” He resigned to Lu Xiu again: \”Have you heard, there is someone with a lot of knowledge here, I think it’s compared to me. Better to review it?\”

Anyway, these verbal disputes are not a major event. Just pinch them when they meet, and they can’t stop them. It hurts people’s brains.

Zhu Yang thought of what happened before, and asked him: \”Are you and your brother having a bad relationship? I saw you two look close, but there is always something-\”

She didn’t say that word directly, but Lu Xiu’s resignation understood the meaning.

He was silent for a while, seemingly sighed, and said: “We were both young when our parents divorced.”

\”At that time, I was omnipotent in his eyes, and he expected me to do something to redeem it. But I didn’t look back, I was immersed in the disappointment and resentment towards my mother.\”

Zhu Yang understood that his younger brother regarded his elder brother as his only hope and support, but his elder brother was only a child after all. At that age, his heart was sloppy and he could not worry about his brother’s expectations.

No one is born so strong. When he grows up, Lu Xiuci always feels a special sense of guilt for his younger brother, and Lu Li is also immersed in the initial disappointment.

The brothers are not in love with strangers, but they are always embarrassed and helpless.

Zhu Yang shrugged: “Don’t be so cautious, but it’s better that your brother likes you.”

Lu Xiu resigned and smiled helplessly: \”You are joking.\”

Zhu Yang affirmed: \”Really, I told me bad things about you before, but I was not happy with him when I agreed.\”

\”Typical Tsundere, don’t you say that he and Zhu Weixin are pinched? It’s nothing more than jealous of the relationship between you two without a gap.\”

\”You go back and find something wrong, just smoke him twice, the storage is not so rusty.\”

Lu Xiu choked with resignation, wondering if she was joking, but looking at her expression, he looked serious.

He forbidden to think about going back and looking for an opportunity to ask his brother how far he had offended her. If it is serious, apologize as soon as possible, otherwise even his brother will not be able to save him.

This idea of ​​private revenge has already been expressed, is it still far from getting involved?

When the two returned home, Zhu Yang gave her mother the clothes and jewelry made for pretense in the game world.

Especially those clothes, seeing that there is no logo and label, she asked her daughter: “Where do you find a custom master? The design and workmanship are quite good.”

Zhu Yang said: “For those from other provinces, I don’t want to go and customize two clothes specially, right? Don’t worry, mine will definitely have yours.”

Seeing that she had bought so many things in one go, I smiled and said: “What? Earn again recently?”

Zhu Yang nodded: “Business is good.”

Although the cost of this copy is not small, it will only earn more if the clearance evaluation is high. Her father only cares whether she has money to spend, not the specific business.

Zhu Yang really benefited from this great heart, otherwise she would have to work hard to get confused in reality.

After this exam week, the next time I go back to school is more than two months later.

There was nothing wrong with her for these two months, and Lu Xiuci was also free, and the two of them were going to go on vacation.

After the first copy of the intermediate field came out, Zhu Yang said that he wanted to buy an island, and he had already bought it now.

They didn’t even need to make a lot of repairs. The island has its own set of very stylish holiday villas. Judging from the photos, Zhu Yang liked it, so he moved only a few places.

If you look at the progress, it will be done in less than a month, and they can stay there for half a month.

It’s a terrible thing to say, Zhu Weixin is busy trying to get in the head, and Lu Li will not let it go.

When the heads of the two stinky boys approached, at that time Lu Xiuci wanted to hold one of his hands and hit them dizzy.

But after all, he couldn’t be choked to death, so the two people’s trip to the uninhabited island just carried two large living light bulbs.

The key is that the light bulb is still leaking, and it flashes upset.

Lu Xiuci thought that these were the two biggest stumbling blocks on his road to love, but there was something that reminded him of his sense of existence in a timely manner.

The game limits his mission time in advance as soon as he tells the specific travel time.

About five days before departure, Lu Xiu was asked to resign and enter a game. I don’t think this game is a long copy.

Although only a moment passed in reality, he stayed inside for almost a year.

He hadn’t seen his girlfriend for a year, and the moment he came out, he had already begun to wonder if it was possible to kill the game.

Aside from anything else, I ran to Zhu Yang’s house and hugged her as a kiss that was patience to the limit.

At that time, I wish my father and mother hadn’t gone out yet, so I could only sigh that the young man is in good spirits, and he doesn’t even care about the taboo people, tusk tusk!

Zhu Weixin’s face was so spicy that he didn’t understand that the two guys only met yesterday. Today, why did he force the dog food into his throat?

Then I looked at the oatmeal in the bowl, Nima really looked more like dog food, Zhu Weixin couldn’t eat it anymore. There was no class in the afternoon, but she was kicked out in the morning.

Afterwards, Zhu Yang was also considering this question: \”Yes, if the dungeon task takes too long, what should I do during this period?\”

Lu Xiuci said vigilantly: “What do you want to do?”

I saw Zhu Yang shook his head and sighed: “You said that if you have a avatar/body skill, it will be convenient to come out on your own.”

Lu Xiuci coughed up at her shocking words, would he be considered green if he was really like that?

Being so disturbed by the game, Lu Xiuci only feels that his expectation of this vacation has been put on hold for a long time. The key is that the game is unethical, and it is not the day before the trip to do it.

Now that he is back, he has to wait for several days.

However, it is good for them not to go to the island in advance, because during this period, Zhu Yang received a call from Bai Youyou, saying that there were two interesting messages in the edited video sent.

Bai Youyou chatted with the account owners of those two messages separately, and now they can basically confirm that they are looking for someone.

Zhu Yang was naturally happy when he heard the good news. As it happened to be a few days away from the trip, he planned to invite someone out to meet.

The city where ‘they’ lives is actually next door to Zhu Yang’s city, but Bai Youyou will be the farthest if he wants to come over.

And she was too busy with schoolwork recently and couldn’t get away, so Zhu Yang simply asked her to wait for a while, and it would be a short holiday shortly afterwards. Meetings were the same at that time.

Anyway, if she activates the memory here, people can’t run away.

Probably because he was too excited to speak, Zhu Weixin heard the movement and quickly asked his sister: “Who do you want to see?”

Zhu Yang hung up the phone and said happily: \”No, I met the two brothers online, and they were quite agreeable, so I made an appointment.\”

Zhu Weixin became popular as soon as I heard it: \”You see Yuanyuan? What if Yuanyuan came out of P? The net deceives seeing death by the net, you don’t need me to remind you of such a big person, right? \”

After speaking, he split his hand and tried to avoid her cell phone: “What kind of face? What’s waiting for you is definitely potatoes and winter melon, not allowed to go!”

Zhu Yang avoided this guy with a shake of his hand, and poke his forehead with a finger: “Oh, have you taken care of your sister? Can you be patient.”

Zhu Weixin was planning for a long time, and saw that she couldn’t get what she was holding, so she threw her on her body to shame: “You said, how many brothers do you want to raise outside with me behind?”

\”Not many, just two for the time being.\” Zhu Yangdao: \”After all, there are not many young people who meet the standard. I will see that it will be expanded in time.\”

Zhu Weixin’s tears are about to come down: “What is wrong with me, are you doing this to me?”

Zhu Yang ignored his tricks, opened the closet door on his own, and deliberately picked out a few beautiful clothes from the inside.

After making gestures to the mirror, he asked Zhu Weixin: “Which one is beautiful?”

Zhu Weixin stepped forward to open her closet, and pulled out two pieces that Zhu Yang didn’t know how to appear in her closet. Khaki clothes were conservative and somewhat old-fashioned: “This is suitable.”

Zhu Yang took the dress and looked at it for a long time, then looked up at her brother and said: “You and Dad bought it for Mom, and Mom thinks you are too old-fashioned, did you give me here?”

Zhu Weixin glanced to the side, trying hard to ignore the memory of himself and his dad that he had been caught.

Then, seeing Lu Xiu resigning, he hurriedly lived in the alliance.

He opened his voice and said: “Brother Lu, she has raised other dogs with you behind her back.”

Lu Xiu’s speech: \”……\”


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