Scream Queen Chapter 79

Because of the phrase ‘raise another dog’, Zhu Weixin received a solid beating.

The kind of mixed men and women team, full of tacit understanding, extremely high efficiency, screaming and crying so much.

Afterwards, Lu Li was so happy when he saw him like this. “My brother is not ambiguity in beating people now. Look at this condition, this quality, it is really uniform and precise, where he usually beats. Such a perfect bruise?\”

Zhu Weixin heard that this **** was bragging about his brother again, and regardless of what was worth fighting for, he immediately retorted: “Fart, my sister hit that piece.”

\”Apart from my sister, who else can know the weakness of my body? Strength and angle are not wasted at all, and there is less color. When I look back, I will tell my parents and they will only say that I am hypocritical.\”

\”This experience, this cruel courage, is that what your brother can compare? Your brother is still ten years away.\”

Road Li: \”……\”

You just got beaten up, brother, right? There is no need to brag about your sister like that, the more you brag, the more pitiful you are.

Zhu Weixin was lying on the sofa, all over his body hurts, but his mouth was sharp.

After a speechless speech to calm Lu Li, he screamed again: “Oh~~~, sister! Give me medicine.”

Zhu Yang brought a bottle of medicinal wine over, and when his muscles and bones were loosened, he rubbed the medicine for him, and he ran around alive again.

But on the way to kneading the wine, it became sour and refreshing, no less than another beating.

Lu Li missed the wonderful moment when he was beaten. At this moment, watching him scream so badly, it was also very relieved.

Had it not been for his brother, he would have taken out his phone to record this beautiful moment.

However, Zhu Weixin has a thick-skinned face and has been drawn into this way, and he has not forgotten about his sister’s “brothers”.

Zhu Yang felt that if he were not a player, in fact, with Zhu Weixin’s personality, he might be able to get along with “them”.

Only when it comes to games, Zhu Yang subconsciously doesn’t want to let Zhu Weixin get in touch with related people.

Let alone the possibility of being involved in the game, there is always an inexhaustible common language between players, and there is naturally a tacit understanding in communication.

Just like people who share a secret.

Zhu Weixin, the stupid dog, looked stupid, but he was actually very smart, and I was afraid that he was very sensitive to it. Over time, if he felt that he was excluded from something, that would be a beeping dog.

So some people have something that they can’t like for themselves, so they just take it for granted that they can get along well, and it’s better to keep some distance at the beginning.

Zhu Yang agreed on the time and place to meet with ‘them’ on the Internet. The cities where both of them are located are not far from here, but if it is a compromise, they will come to Zhuyang to save time, so they will come to Zhu Yang on weekends.

Zhu Yang booked a seat in advance and made some preparations to entertain them.

On that day, Lu Xiuci accompanied her, and it didn’t take long after entering the box to see the two big boys pushing open the box door.

Just like when I saw Bai Youyou, the memory processed by mosaics and silencers presents its original face without any flaws.

Zhu Yang was very happy, and the three of them were very excited to hold hands.

\”I didn’t expect to meet again so soon, so I don’t have to wait for the next task.\”

The three of them compared the difference between them in reality and in the game. At this time, the waiter came in and served them dishes. The look in Yu Li and Zhou Yao’s eyes was a bit subtle.

The two people’s originally cheerful faces froze. Zhu Yang thought about it, and suddenly tasted it.

She laughed: “Should your memory wake up when you two met at the door, the look of ten thousand years was misunderstood?”

Really, putting the situation just now, coming in one after the other from the gate, walking and seeing the oncoming people, from trance to surprise, the reaction of seeing enemies in the past life.

Not to mention that the waiter guided by others looked wrong, even in retrospect, he was full of goose bumps.

However, there is still a slight difference between the two in reality and in the game.

It’s not that there is any change in appearance, but in terms of temperament, compared to the ostentation in the game, in reality, it is more low-key and restrained.

The two of them were taken aback when she said this, and shook their heads: “No, we are low-key in the game, but you made us high-key and we made it high-key.”

Then Yu Li explained: \”Our age and experience are always shortcomings. This time teaming up with my sister is the most relaxing and pleasant, but as Yao said before, in the past customs clearance process, we start from confirming the player team. , Our opinions and tendencies are always easy to be ignored.\”

Zhou Yao nodded and sneered: \”Looking at our young age, I thought something came to us to say a word, especially the most funny, sometimes there are more than two leaders in a team, when they compete with each other , Always take it for granted that we are the best to fight for.\”

But in the end, it was them who walked from the low-level field to the middle-level field step by step through the screening. Since there are so many self-righteous idiots in this world, over time they have developed a behavior style that does not fight for the initiative in a meaningless situation at the beginning.

Anyway, when the gears of the game start to turn, it is not doing things with their voices, even if the incompetent people get the upper hand, they will be eliminated.

Therefore, Zhu Yang, who will not underestimate them at the beginning, and prove his leadership ability with the advancement of the plot, will be completely convinced.

It’s just that players may be sharp in the game, but in reality many people choose to keep a low profile, especially those with outstanding appearance.

Acts that are too ostentatious can easily cause trouble for oneself. For example, Zhou Yao’s dangerous objects manipulated all day long, and those appalling analyses and assumptions are not suitable for exposure.

So they are still popular in reality, but they don’t feel as ostentatious as Zhu Yang asked in the game world.

After all, Zhu Yang is actually not so many strange things that will die without being limelight.

Then Zhu Yang introduced Lu Datou to them.

Lu Xiuci had a vicious eye, and it was natural to see at a glance that these two children were of high aptitude among the players. It is said that there is another young kid like this.

And such a good group of people actually gathered in an ordinary mid-level field, which shows that the dog is generous in games.

Originally, being able to meet high-level players was a rare good thing for Yu Li.

Not to mention the personal resources behind the high-level players and the intelligence network, but if someone guides you in the direction of skills, it is also infinitely beneficial.

Moreover, this brother Lu, regardless of his aura or looks, fits their vision of being a big boss.

The two greeted one after another: “Brother Lu!”

But after speaking, he couldn’t feel the sense of awe he deserved.

Seeing him, the eyes were full of ‘So it’s him who got the wrongdoer’’ ‘He looked glamorous on his face, and every one of them was raided.’ ‘Brother are you okay? ’’S subtle empathy.

Lu Xiuci took a sip of water in silence. Should he be happy that his girlfriend is showing off his presence around, or should he protest her way of showing off in private?

But in general, the meeting was easy and pleasant.

Knowing each other in reality, after unlocking the memory, there is a lot of worries.

Anyway, they are close to here. It is convenient to come over to Zhu Yang or Zhu Yang to find them in the past. You can contact them anytime if you have any tasks.

Because the two will have classes tomorrow, they didn’t spend the night here tonight.

Zhu Yang took them to a few interesting places and ate a lot of good things. They were close together, and the tastes were similar.

After a day of playing, it is natural to return with satisfaction.

But Zhu Yang didn’t go home tonight. Lu Datou was shaved by the game and stayed in it for a full year.

This was only two days out, and it was the time when I was not satisfied. This experience, Zhu Yang sounded very distressed, and naturally wanted to give him a good treat.

Never admit that it is being forced to a certain extent. Mustangs are fun, ahem!

As a result, the two lived directly here for three days.

According to them, any trip to the island right away will bring two big light bulbs that nourish electric sparks, so don’t expect to have much fun on it.

So on the day of the trip, Zhu Weixin, who hadn’t seen his sister for several days, said that his nose was not a nose or an eye.

Grabbing his sister’s arm, he sarcastically said: \”I don’t know which day my sister is in love with, and I can’t see anyone in two days, huh! If this is married, I am afraid that it will not be a year or a half. I can go back home again.\”

Before Lu Xiuci spoke, Lu Li choked on him: “I don’t know, I thought there was a baby in the house who wanted to remove the diaper, and he couldn’t live without anyone for a moment. You are already a mature little brother. Can you wash the bottle yourself? ?\”

\”Some people are watching the clouds and breeze now? Why didn’t they hear you say that when they were taking three meals a day to look for their brother at someone else’s house? Come on, the bib that you ate was in my house last time Take it, let your brother feed.\”

Lu Li became angry from embarrassment: \”You haven’t been weaned yet, and you have the ability to let your sister coax you to sleep.\”

Who wants to wish Weixin to take advantage of the situation and fall into his sister’s lap: “Sister, help me sleep.”

Zhu Yang was anxious for these two guys to be quiet. Hearing the words, they pierced his hair with fingers, stroking them, and smoothing his back unhurriedly, like a dog, so comfortable Zhu Weixin hummed, I really fell asleep after a while.

Road Li: \”……\”

He laughed at the shameless idiot while watching the tacit understanding of the two siblings.

He looked at his brother unconsciously, but saw that his brother was looking at him.

Lu Li was a little embarrassed for a moment, thinking about turning away without incident, he saw his brother smile, and then patted his leg to signal that he could also sleep.

Lu Li immediately exploded: \”When I was a three-year-old child?\”

After talking about it, I ran back to the cabin, but after I really sat down inside, as my embarrassment gradually dissipated, what was left in my heart was a trace of regret.

This made Lu Li even more unbearable, and he fluttered on the sofa, rolling irritably.

The four people got off the boat and went ashore. The scenery on the island is even better than in the previous mission world, and they live up to their careful selection.

This time they came here without bringing anyone, because Lu Xiu resigned, they would sail, not even the crew.

So they have to unload the materials they brought when they get ashore, although they can also be prepared in the villa in advance, but it is also fun to do it yourself.

Of course, unloading is the task of the men. As soon as Zhu Yang got ashore, he was arranged on a beach chair and brought a glass of juice to her, watching the three people come and go like worker ants.

In a place of oneself, there is no vigilance during the mission, and all of them are relatives. Accompanied by the scenery of the island, it is definitely a unique holiday enjoyment.

It’s a pity that whenever people want to relax, the game will always jump out to show their sense of existence.

Zhu Yang was drinking the juice, and received a notice to enter the game at night.

Let’s not talk about Zhu Yang. The first person to break down was Lu Xiuci, and then he showed a bright smile: “Go to the game!”

\”What kind of fried game?\” When Zhu Weixin came over, he heard his words, thinking that he had lost blood through pesticides.

I got in touch with his sister’s university before, this guy came to the door for the first time and talked about the props and Q coins.

So he asked: \”So what game are you playing? Need to stare at it every day? Brother Lu, you just buy the game company and call your dad to do it. Why don’t you just have a few million? ?\”

After speaking, he was pressed back by his sister rubbing her face: “Go cooking, and I’m proud of you when I use pesticides all day long.”

However, compared to Lu Xiu’s resignation, Zhu Yang did not fluctuate so much. It is probably the reason why the last game has been very rewarding, both inside and out.

I have gained such a great benefit, at least I will complain in the near future, and I will not be very kind.

After coaxing Lu Datou, Zhu Yang began to prepare to enter the game.

To be honest, Zhu Yang is already considered strong now. Although she has not yet reached a qualitative change, the threats and help from the average mid-level field to her have been minimal.

After the last Fujiang session, Zhu Yang had a foreboding that there might be some special occasions next.

But she didn’t expect this to come so quickly, and she also understood that Lu Datou had told her that the mode of the game was far more than what she had experienced so far.

Even the rules you are accustomed to, are likely to be changed suddenly in a certain scene, which makes people unable to adapt, let alone the people who are right and left.

Zhu Yang stayed in her room at night, Lu Datou was there, although it was only a second, but he would be watching when she was by her side.

When the time came, Zhu Yang looked at the exchange window of the development. The exchange products displayed in the last Fujiang occasion were strange enough, but he didn’t expect this one to be even more amazing.

There are only three things: seasoning spree, lighter, and iron pot.

There is a series of remarks behind-this product does not have any special function, it is equivalent to the actual item, and it is sold in major shopping malls, so players should not misunderstand.

Oh, there is another sentence at the bottom: the final interpretation right belongs to the game.

Then the prices of those things are 100 points for the seasoning package, 200 points for the lighter, and 50 points for the iron pot.

In total, these things that are less than two hundred yuan in the supermarket, once they change hands, they will sell for 3.5 million, a full 17,500 times.

The robbers don’t dare to be so pitted. Why does this dog explain so much than the game?

Why not just mark one sentence [Dear player, I am your father. 】

Zhu Yang wondered if this dog was more generous at her spending money. He earned a rebate by staring at her, but he just took the knife and bought it.

She even bought two lighters and iron pans.

Well, it smells so good!

There was a sense of weightlessness, Zhu Yang felt the fragrance of the grass in the air before she opened her eyes, and she felt herself lying on the ground.

I opened my eyes and saw that there were a few people lying around, and they looked like they were about to wake up.

Zhu Yang immediately realized that something was wrong, did he have such a big reaction when he entered the game? Before that, every time I woke up in the game world, I was somewhere.

Although there was a moment of weightlessness, the impact of that moment of jumping and switching was minimal. How could there be such a state of waking up while lying in all directions?

In this way, Zhu Yang became more vigilant in her heart, and she was not the first to jump up, but when everyone else was about the same, she followed suit and got up.

He saw a man with a silent temperament and sharp eyes sitting under a tree a few meters away from them.

The man looks in his thirties, wearing clothes that are suitable for jungle warfare, smoking cigarettes, and stubble, but the outline is deep and very flavorful.

He is the kind of uncle who is very popular in mercenary movies. He has a tough temperament, but he is not as flirty and evil as the few gold-fishing players that he met on the island before.

The whole body exudes a kind of charm of blood and gunpowder precipitated on the battlefield, and a solid and powerful feeling spreads out.

Zhu Yang immediately picked up his spirits. This is really the most prudent player of the same level she has encountered in the game, except for Lu Datou.

As if he felt her gaze, the man raised his gaze and glanced at her, but he didn’t stop at her. Even Zhu Yang’s beauty seemed to be dispensable to him.

Seeing that everyone was almost awake, the man said: “Let’s go, it will rain soon, find a place to settle down first.”

When he finished speaking, an impatient voice came: “Who are you? Where is this? Is the TV station tricky?”

Zhu Yang turned his head and saw that the girl who spoke was a girl with heavy make-up. She looked about her age, but looked like she was out of condition, which was completely different from what a mid-level player should have.

Even if it’s a beginner’s field, it was the first to go through the trials and learn of the existence of the game, but it was not rashly drawn in. Such a lack of understanding is obviously not the player’s reaction, right?

But when I took a closer look, I found that the girl with heavy makeup was not the only one who did this virtue, and the others also had a dazed expression.

It’s just that they either chose to wait and see in silence, or were so scared that they couldn’t speak. The girl took the lead to speak, and everyone immediately screamed.

Zhu Yang frowned as he listened. There were eight people besides her. Except for the man sitting under the tree, the other seven were all the same.

They all expressed their disbelief as to why they suddenly appeared here. The babbled babble was doing what balabala in the last second, and appeared here when he woke up in the next second.

Then someone who looked like a housewife even ran over to try to pull the man and asked him: \”Is it you? You stunned me to tie here, why did you tie me? My family has no money.\”

Zhu Yang saw the man breathe out patiently, as if he had had enough but was helpless about it. Obviously it was not the first time he had experienced such a thing.

He leaned aside, avoided the women’s pull, stood up, looked at these people in front of him and sneered: “Why are you here? Ask me instead of asking yourself, so that the answer will come faster.”

Everyone was obviously dissatisfied with this explanation, but a thought flashed in their subconscious minds, and then their faces changed, because there really was a voice that didn’t belong to them directly sounded in their heads.

Zhu Yang looked at them as if everyone felt their hearts, but he didn’t respond in any way, and he didn’t get a response when communicating with the game. They also had the virtue of lagging behind the task release.

Taking advantage of this gap, she looked at the seven people: in addition to the housewife who just rushed on, and the girl with heavy makeup who started talking.

Among the other five people is a man who looks like a company management, a man with a rickety figure who has read at least sixty, and a man with a sharp-mouthed monkey with slippery eyes.

Zhu Yang has not experienced many games, but he has seen dozens of players, many of whom are not outstanding in appearance and aura.

But at any rate, a game needs to go through a selection field. Being a player means that some aspects stand out among ordinary people, so I have never seen a group of players with such a low average quality.

Even such an old man has his arms and legs.

However, this was not the most extraordinary. When Zhu Yang saw the remaining two people, he completely doubted where he was.

In her opinion, perhaps she is the one who really ran on the wrong set.

Because these two people are clearly dressed in ancient costumes.

A patch of coarse cloth and linen, with a simple look and a dazed face, just like an orion farmer who can perform well in an old drama in a costume drama.

The other is another extreme. He is graceful in brocade clothes, and the crown and belt on his body are inlaid with gold and jade, so it is not luxurious.

Of course, people usually suspect that these two are cosplayers or which studio they are rushing from.

However, Zhu Yang made it clear that the hair of the two men was not a hood, and there was no difference in color between the hair, nor was it a hair extension.

Such long hair can last for more than ten years. Which actor will maintain this style for so many years?

Not to mention that the accessories on the young man in Jinyi are all real good things, let’s just say that Zhu Yang gave her father the jade pendant to ward off evil spirits.

Shan Yushi’s fineness is considered good, but it is not as good as the jade pendant on this young man, and no film crew can be like this.

As if feeling her gaze, the boy looked over, his face flushed suddenly, and he concealed his face and yelled: \”Unconventional, unconventional, unconventional.\”

Zhu Yang looked down at herself, dark gray short-sleeved T and black shorts, a common summer dress for girls.

Not only the boy, but the other farmer also looked at her, looking at her and the girl with heavy makeup, with a shameless look that these two women should be soaked in a pig cage.

Several other people were baffled by the old antique reaction of these two people. Even the over 60-year-old grandfather would not think there is any problem with the young girl wearing it.

The girl with heavy makeup immediately became angry when she saw the reaction of the two of them, and wanted to yell at them when she pointed at them.

However, he saw Zhu Yang slowly walking in front of the two of them, and one of them slapped them to the ground with a slap.

Especially the young one, everyone even saw him in the air with a 360-degree rotation before landing.

Then he looked at other people: \”If you dare to whistle, do you believe it?\”

Everyone was taken aback by her sturdiness. Can a girl be so strong?

Just forget the young one. The other one with patched clothes looks like a strong body who has been working all year round. She is more than twice her size. She is just like a paper fan.

It is estimated that the farmer has been at the bottom of society for a long time, and when he encounters a hard fist, he has curbed his attitude.

It was the young man in Jinyi, who had a spine, got up and covered his face and stared at Zhu Yang in disbelief: “It is unreasonable, I am the son of Wei Guo, a mere female generation, how dare you—”

Before he finished speaking, Yokohand slapped again and was slapped to the ground.

Zhu Yang’s existence, which is clearly different from humans, has long attracted Xu Xiao’s attention.

It’s not just the strength and strength that is different from other newcomers.

At first, Xu Xiao sat under the tree and watched coldly, and noticed that she was the first guy to regain consciousness, but she was not in a hurry.

When everyone did not understand the situation, she was not so at a loss. On the contrary, she appeared uncoordinated when everyone started to be conscious of their situation.

But this situation didn’t bother her for long. Xu Xiao thought she would be quiet, but she didn’t know that she was not that interesting at all.

It’s time to meet, Xu Xiao walked out: “Okay, I think you guys also understand why you are here.”

\”To blame, blame yourself for bad luck. If you have time to be noisy, it is better to think about how to complete the task. Of course, if you think that this kind of day is dark and you feel that it is clean now that you are dead, then assume that I have not said anything.\”

The company executive hurriedly said: “How to complete the task?”

Xu Xiao smiled lazily: “It’s not difficult! This time, it will be done if you live.”

When he said this, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. At first glance, it was a primitive jungle, surrounded by lush woods and diverse vegetation, without any trace of modern civilization.

But as long as there is water and food, survival is not a big problem, even if there are beasts in the forest.

As long as they don’t encounter a group of beasts, there are so many of them. Seeing that Xu Xiao still has weapons on his body, he can still set fire to drive him away.

Although the environment is a bit tougher, the problem is not big.

It’s just that I didn’t let up my breath, I heard a sneer from the side.

\”Not difficult? Whose standard are you talking about?\”

Several people looked back and saw that Zhu Yang was saying this. To be honest, most of the people present didn’t have a good impression of the girls who were picking and finding fault.

At this moment, when she saw her cold words and irony that hit everyone’s confidence, the girl with heavy makeup said harshly: “Did you not hear the voice just now?”

\”Say that we were selected to participate in this broken game, either choose to clear the game, or die. Is it difficult for you to not participate? If you have a spare tire here for you, can the difficulty be reduced?\”

The housewife also kept saying: “It’s not bad, at least you don’t have to work hard, as long as you let me go back after it’s finished, it will be fine. My son is still waiting for me to cook, and the fire on my stove is not turned off~~ \”I finally broke down and started crying.

The expressions of other people are also full of solemn and sadness, and the game didn’t say how many games should be cleared. If the reincarnation has been so invisible, then what will be the situation when they return?

Zhu Yang is really impatient to care about these guys who have not reached the minimum standard of quality, but she has determined that this game is not a regular occasion at the moment.

Either she strayed into another game, or this ghost game has a trick.

Speaking of this, I have to be amazed at the first guess. Is this kind of dog more than a game?

Although these people didn’t say much, their rules and patterns are obviously different from their own.

Judging from the player’s quality, the difficulty of the game is obviously limited. I really don’t know the meaning of her presence here.

The point is that the dog is still playing dead.

Zhu Yang pointed to the ant underground: “Be happy, let’s take a look at this thing first.”

When everyone looked down, they saw a group of ants moving. This might be why Xu Xiao judged it was about to rain.

But the blame for that team of ants is that each foot is the size of a bee, which is more than twenty times the size of an ordinary ant. The whole body is black and bright, carrying food several times the size of the body into the hole.

\”What kind of ant is this big?\” Several people were startled, afraid of being stung back.

\”It’s an ordinary ant.\” Zhu Yang said, and then looked at Xu Xiao: \”The flowers and trees here are also much larger than usual. I’m afraid it is a mutant species like this that is everywhere in the forest, right?\”

Xu Xiao’s eyes were stained with a smile, and he was noncommittal about Zhu Yang’s words, but said: “The girl just said, it’s not difficult, you must always complete the task before you can go out.”

Speaking like thinking of something: \”Oh of course, every game will have a pass button, find it, you can pass the pass even if you haven’t completed the task.\”

\”What is it?\” Zhu Yang asked.

Xu Xiao suddenly laughed a little strangely: “A player’s life, but which player is the specific one, you have to judge by yourself.”

When Zhu Yang heard this, he grinned: “In other words, players are allowed to attack each other, right? Interesting!”

As soon as their conversation came out, everyone around them was shocked, and then they were quite cohesive just now, and the atmosphere of working together to clear the customs suddenly loosened.

Everyone is more wary of each other, and no longer the optimism just now.

Xu Xiao smiled and patted his gun: “You are not afraid.”

Zhu Yang said: \”To be true, this group of people wake up to now, I don’t know how many times have been dead in your hands. It is hard for others to say, at least for you, this rule is not applicable.\”

After speaking, he looked at him and said with a smile instead of a smile: “Furthermore, even if there is a melee, I or you will die, maybe.”

Xu Xiao shook his head: “You don’t look like a newcomer, but you don’t look like an experienced one. I really don’t know why the game should pull people with such a high initial value into this occasion.”

What he said, is it not a rare thing to have a strong initial ability?

Zhu Yang looked at the two ancients over there. If the players in this game are not on a timeline or on a planet, there is indeed a serious deviation in the initial value.

For example, Zhu Yang used to only think that players are in the same social background, at most, only at home and abroad, everyone starts/points different, but the wide range is still equal.

But there are modern people and ancient people here, so it’s not surprising that people from the future world or other backgrounds appear.

In case someone has genetically modified innately, or someone is born in the world of martial arts, the world of magic, or the interstellar age, compared with ordinary people, the initial advantage is crushing.

In this situation, the pursuit of fairness will definitely not be random team placement-but then again, this game does not necessarily pursue the principle of fairness or has any special protection mechanism for new players.

But in any case, just the screening background of this player sounds much taller than a dog than a game.

What if she wants to change jobs to play other games?

This thought came to mind, and there was a grunt of dissatisfaction in my mind.

Zhu Yang caught a scolding [Oh, you are not dead? Didn’t pretend to die? What exactly is the task? Which one of these plays will not be explained? 】

But the game still did not answer her!

Zhu Yang secretly cursed bad luck. At this time, the sky was already covered with clouds, and there was a faint sound of thunder, and it was indeed going to rain.

Xu Xiao said again: “Let’s go, find a place to hide from the rain.”

Everyone no longer had any objections, but before Zhu Yang left, he took out a knife and pierced a few crabs and some fish by the river.

The fish looked normal, but the crab was very big. The ordinary freshwater crab was about the same size as the king crab. It was still a larger one, weighing at least ten catties.

Xu Xiao glanced: \”Give it to me.\”

Zhu Yang Zhengchou, this thing was not easy to handle, and when he heard the words, he threw it there, and the fish and crab disappeared when they touched his hand.

Zhu Yang is even more jealous. Is this an item for space storage? If the ability is good, if it is an item, she hasn’t bought a space item so far. It depends on the exchange of this high-end and atmospheric product.

Before it started to rain, a few people found a place, and Xu Xiao took out a tent in twos and threes and set it up.

There was another fire and grilled the fish and crabs Zhu Yang caught. Zhu Yang now knows where the spice package comes in.

Unlucky to take out and sprinkle, where is Nima sprinkling salt and cumin pepper? Sprinkle gold is not so expensive.

However, the fish and crabs in the lake are surprisingly big, and the meat is not very old, but the shell is hard, and the scales of the carp are like pieces of iron.

The man named Erniu who claimed to be a hunter also put the crab’s tongs away and tied it to a branch, saying that he could be a weapon for self-defense.

The rain came and went fast, and it stopped before they finished their meal.

But at this time the sky was already dark, and it was night.

Xu Xiao confessed: \”The danger in the jungle is not yet known. You better stay away from me.\”

At this time the middle-aged woman asked: “That night, so many of us would sleep in a tent?”

Xu Xiao said: “If you are not afraid, you can sleep by yourself.”

Zhu Yang said: “Do you have an extra tent? Well, give me one.”

She said that the housewife was happy: “Well, one of our three women sleeps.”

Zhu Yang sneered: \”Thinking too much, I sleep alone.\”

\”Why is it not your tent?\”

\”If I dare to live alone, you dare not, my bravery is my business, why should I be brave for you?\”

The housewife choked and wanted to argue, but she didn’t know if she was uncomfortable after eating crabs, so she clutched her belly and got out of the tent.

Xu Xiao frowned, how long he had said, and said: “Don’t go out alone, find someone to accompany you.”

The housewife doesn’t need to be connected. One of the two women has a bad temper, and the rest are men. How can they be together?

She went out to find a bush and could only solve it on the spot.

Here Xu Xiao was setting up a tent for Zhu Yang, and other people around them suddenly heard a scream.

Several people hurried to follow the sound, and saw a woman half-length emerging from the bush, with three mosquitoes on her arm.

Each of the mosquitoes was about the size of a grasshopper, and was desperately sucking blood, the blood bag bulging in the abdomen was like a red cherry tree.

Xu Xiao stepped forward and quickly slapped the mosquitoes to death, but the blood you spilled poured out the housewife’s face, and the amount of blood was shocking.


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