Scream Queen Chapter 8

Maybe it was the result of a few hours of torture in the afternoon, or the result of the last night’s dream.

That night the female ghost did not come out to find her presence, Zhu Yang felt familiar, and fell asleep until dawn.

Today is the sixth day, and after midnight tonight, which is the seventh day, the female ghost is likely to be able to make a substantial attack.

Rao is Zhu Yang, who has always had the upper hand.

She felt that just in case, she still had to explain what should be explained.

So when Xie Yi came to the restaurant for breakfast, he saw Zhu Yang calling home to explain his funeral.

But the way of explanation is also unique.

“Hey, Asin! If I don’t call you tomorrow, all my things will belong to you.”

Zhu Weixin didn’t understand why his sister suddenly delivered welfare. According to the past, she was a little suspicious of her fishing law enforcement.

Busily said: “Sister, if you say this, it’s useless for me to take your things. Can I still wear your clothes, bags and shoes? You won’t be trying on me? Didn’t you go to your room to get them? thing.”

Zhu Yang despised him: “Stupid, just reselling them is worth a lot of money. Have your parents come back recently? Don’t run around this summer, stay at home and they will serve tea and pour water to be obedient. Coax them. Do you want to be filial?”

“There is also a box under the cupboard in my room. If I don’t regret calling you the day after tomorrow, you will return Lu Xiu’s resignation for me.”

Zhu Weixin listened more and more wrongly: “Sister, why do I listen to you, so like explaining the funeral?”

Then there was an anxious cry in his voice: “Couldn’t something really happen to you? You are looking for someone and raising money in the past two days. I used to blow up your card when you went shopping. You even dare to contact Brother Lu.”

Zhu Yang secretly scolded these Er Que for being stupid at ordinary times, and he was so clever at a critical moment.

He changed the subject and said: “What does it mean to dare or dare? A big living person whose surname is Lu is not a snake or beast. Who did your sister counsel him when he grew up so old?”

Zhu Weixin pierced her and said: “But you said that he was a pervert with inconsistent appearances, and he was only looking for him when he was lame. Sister, you forgot how you temporarily changed to volunteer to clean up your baggage and escape the field?”

The worst thing he did in this life was stabbed by this fool, and Zhu Yang became a little embarrassed and angry: “Okay, let you do something to force you so much. Anyway, you remember the things, be obedient! I’ll be obedient in the summer vacation. come back.”

“Sister, maybe it’s me—”

Zhu Weixin didn’t finish speaking, so his sister hung up the phone. Although she was full of energy on the phone, she cursed herself with the slightest prestige, and it seemed that there was nothing wrong with her.

But Zhu Weixin just got more and more frustrated as he thought about it. He didn’t even think about what to do all day. When a friend invited him out to play, he also refused.

When it got dark, the anxiety grew stronger and stronger. Zhu Weixin put down the bowl and finally decided not to listen to his sister’s greetings. Even if he was scolded, he had to make it clear. All immediately took out his mobile phone to book the ticket.

Unfortunately, the flight that is close to this time will not arrive until early tomorrow morning.

However, Zhu Yang finished his unlucky brother’s explanation here and gave Xie Yi the reward in advance.

Not only did he not discount because he was a counterfeit, on the contrary, it was more than promised.

Xie Yi was a little flattered: “Oh! Which one are you?”

Zhu Yang sneered: “If you give it to you, just keep it.”

I didn’t say anything else. Xie Yi was able to stay here these days to support her. It is appreciated. As for her previous threats, the other party has done a tricky business and made a small difference. If you really decide to leave, you will worry about you if you have no time for him. Gu’s little girl?

Zhu Yang didn’t want to arrange things too thoroughly, just like her own real pill. To tell the truth, if the low female ghost can really kill her, Zhu Yang feels that she will not be willing to become a ghost.

By the time everyone is a ghost, she can start a fair fight again, and she will not admit that she will lose to the low one.

Yesterday’s post selection results have come out, Zhu Yang happily paid the bonus.

Those who won the bonus went to the forum to show off again, which attracted people’s envy for a while. Although the amount was not large, it was not a lot for ordinary students, not to mention P pictures, which is much easier than memorizing words and writing papers.

So some people said below that the same games are coming.

When the petitioners were almost there at noon, Zhu Yang said slowly—

[Actually, that Shanzhai Zhenzi is still a beautiful female ghost from Chu people, who harassed me recently. I don’t know who got my address and phone number, and delivered the video by express delivery. After reading it, I made death threats every day. Today is the sixth day. Although I know it is fake, I am still very scared. 】

Because of the various foreshadowings a few days ago, when the news came out, the crowds were excited-even if they didn’t like Zhu Yang, it had to be for money.

[This is obviously Shanzhai Zhenzi, so disgusting? 】

[Huh~~, a call like this a day is just like being stared at by a pervert. 】

[Bulling a girl who lives alone? Is this guy from our school? There is such a perversion among us? 】

[This is illegal, right? Did you call the police? 】

Running towards the sympathy of the victims, although opinions were divided for a time, the basic wind direction was still filled with righteous indignation.

Soon the news on the forum spread, and people from the sorority association called to comfort her by the usual friends.

The previous claim of being surrounded by ghosts and monsters was too absurd and no one would believe it, but to say that I was harassed by abnormal sending of videotapes and phone calls, the credibility was 10%.

Everyone hated iron but not steel: “Why don’t you say it clearly at the beginning, it’s just a pervert, it’s worth worrying for so long?”

“That kind of person is a mouse in the gutter. He is proud of hiding in the dark and playing in the shade. Once exposed to the sun, you think he is no better than anyone else.”

Then someone said: “Isn’t there a party tonight? Let’s stay there together and see what tricks the idiot in the shade do.”

Everyone agreed for a while. The atmosphere blew up. When there were more people, the excitement of the community and the excitement of the crowd, let alone the abnormality of telephone harassment, just tell them that there is a real ghost, so many people dare to one. Check it out.

Zhu Yang hypocritically said: “Is this not good? Although weird power sounds funny, but many things are really inaccurate, this matter is wicked, or the party should be postponed, and I will find a way to solve it- ”

Before she could finish her words, everyone refused at the same time. They all emphasized that tonight, all the things that should be played at the party were played, and they hadn’t seen any ‘ghost’ yet.

You Zhu Yang, as the host, things are all up to here, and that is absolutely not a disappointment.

Zhu Yang thanked him again and again, put down the phone and called a nearby supermarket, and ordered a batch of wine.

Xie Yi smacked his lips when he saw it: “You want to force the female ghost to dare not come out because of the number of people? But why are you buying so much wine? If you are all drunk and paralyzed, isn’t it the female ghost who is asking you? A good time?”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “This thing is also particular about it. It’s so courageous that it can make them drunk, but I can’t let them fall over. Anyway, I have experience.”

Xie Yi was still uncertain of her idea: “It is true that the best way to deal with ghosts is to expose yourself to a crowded place, but even with so many people around on the seventh day, the female ghost may not be able to succeed. But it won’t take a lifetime.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “I never thought of just protecting myself under that ugly force. I said I would kill her. It was her soul-searching day after the early hours of this morning. Is it not mine?”

Xie Yi was silent for a while and gave her a thumbs up: “Gang, sister, you are a pure man.”

Zhu Yang opened his hand: “You are poor, you are of great use tonight. When the time comes, be smart and watch me wink.”

Xie Yi is planning to say that we two have such a tacit understanding? Some guests have arrived.

The first ones to arrive were Xie Xiaomeng and Zhu Lina. They were the people who really knew what Zhu Yang’s situation was. They were both scared and amazed at Zhu Yang’s operation.

When Zhu Yang saw that they were both here, he was very satisfied with it. Even if he knew that it was a real ghost, he would dare to come under the advantage of the group, and the performance of other people would not let her down.

As soon as the two arrived, she was asked to put out snacks, and the drinks were also delivered.

When all the sorority members arrived, the atmosphere was set up soon after the crowd became more crowded, and then other guests came to the door one after another.

Even at this moment, Zhu Yang’s party invitation list still has a threshold.

Xie Yi looked down from upstairs and said in amazement: “Wow! This is really, a room of handsome men and beauties is very high-spirited, I have participated in entertainment company parties, and those trainees’ battles are just like that.”

Xie Xiaomeng rolled his eyes and said: “Where can the trainees compare to us? Most of them are withdrawn from middle school and high school, right? Is there anything else to see besides the face and the packaged characters?”

“We are high-educated and high-value future elites. I wish Yang to select members of the Sisterhood. The lowest standard is the flower, so don’t join in the fun, and you can’t just look at it, you don’t have any dry goods in your mind, and you have no money. One or two shots are not enough.”

“And the boys we are negotiating with are also talented men in various departments. It can be said that in so many schools and departments in the entire university city, our sisters are both at the top of the pyramid and monopolize the top male resources. Otherwise, why do you think everyone envy? We, sharpen our heads and want to squeeze into this circle?”

Xie Yi has seen what is a textbook-level gang formation. To be reasonable, he feels that Zhu Yang, a strong woman who does not become a politician in the future, really buried her talent.

At this time, everyone was almost there, and the hall was lively, with warm and beautiful pop music on the speakers.

With Zhu Yang as the axis, everyone laughed and had fun with each other, and it didn’t take long for them to have fun.

Time always flies quickly when you want to have fun. When it was twelve o’clock in the night, Zhu Yang looked at the people who had been drinking silly and commanded one action, and their brains could not turn around. It was almost the time.

At this time she stood up, turned off the music and clapped her hands to instigate: “The prank ghost film said that on the seventh day, she would crawl out of the TV to find someone to kill her, just like Sadako. In that case, we countdown welcome. How is she? Just like counting down to the New Year.”

The surroundings were quiet, and the loud voice suddenly shouted: “Come on! Said to catch ghosts for Zhu Yang to be brave, let’s welcome the female ghost empress together.”

He was so drunk that he didn’t even know what he was talking about. So a group of people gathered around.

Knocked on the table, the bench, and the wine glass, watching Zhu Yang put the CD in, and pressed the play button.

At this time, the wall clock in the living room just happened to be at 12 o’clock in the hour, minute and second hands.

The seventh day, start!


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