Scream Queen Chapter 80

The housewife was splashed with blood from mosquitoes, looking miserable and terrifying.

It’s just that it’s not the worst, how much blood is the size of three cherry tomatoes? The minimum standards for blood are not up to date.

Blood loss is second. The trouble is that mosquitoes release substances that prevent blood clotting when they **** blood. The mosquitoes that people usually face are just that big, which is easy to say.

After this big mosquito was shot to death, it didn’t stop bleeding for a while.

There is also the reaction of the autoimmune system against foreign substances, which quickly swells the housewife’s arms.

The number of swellings with three big fists is a little bit smaller. It is no different from being stung by a swarm of hornets. It looks very scary.

Sure enough, the housewife was already screaming in pain, and her intense itching made her go crazy.

Xu Xiao stopped her when she saw it, “Don’t scratch! The climate here is hot and humid, and we don’t have medicine. If the wound festers and becomes infected, let’s get through it by ourselves.”

The housewife was also scared when she heard the words, she held it back and didn’t scratch, but she also rubbed it to relieve the itching during the task, just like itching through a boot, which was extremely uncomfortable.

Others saw that just a few mosquitoes were so difficult to deal with, and suddenly realized that the jungle might not be as optimistic as they thought.

Especially the women wearing cool and heavy makeup, they look around vigilantly even when they stand, and they will not stand in one place when they move around, just for fear of being asked by mosquitoes.

Her reaction was normal, because even a few men in long clothes and long sleeves were almost the same.

This makes Zhu Yang, who is still standing carelessly, particularly abrupt.

Suddenly, a mosquito flew over her side. Because of her huge size, most people would not miss it, but it happened to be in the blind spot of Zhu Yang.

The expressions of several people changed, but none of the people who had no conflict with her reminded her, but the young man in Jinyi who had been cleaned up by her subconsciously blurted out——

“On your lap–”

But at the beginning of the conversation, I saw a silver light flashing, and the grasshopper-like mosquito was cut in half by the head, and it fell to the ground and twitched its limbs a few times.

Zhu Yangman glanced at these people carelessly, and there was a hint of playfulness in his eyes, and he became more certain that this game is decisively different from the dog.

Not all players in their games are happy in the same game, but as long as they are in a copy, they are all teammates after all.

Except for a few indifferent and cruel players, most of them still adhere to the neutral and peaceful way of treating others when they first enter the game.

As the so-called people are powerful, they can help.

But here, none of these people are selected first, but most of them are unlucky enough to watch people.

Of course, it is one thing for her to be hateful wherever she is. She has been domineering and arrogant from the beginning, and people can’t bear to want you to suffer.

Xu Xiao once again said that the life of a certain player may be the pass button of this game. As long as the specific player dies, everyone can pass this level safely.

Everyone is an ordinary person, no one has the absolute advantage of force, tearing apart the peaceful appearance and directly entering the cruel Battle Royale mode, no one can guarantee that the one who died will not be himself.

However, if a companion dies’accidentally’, then each death is one-ninth of the shutdown meeting.

Starting from the benefit is the logic right, but can ordinary people really get rid of empathy and empathy in human nature so quickly, even their subconscious reactions are so cold and cold?

Zhu Yang found it fun in her heart. She retracted her previous thoughts. The players in this game still have a certain degree of commonality.

And it must have its own selection criteria, and it is absolutely impossible to pull people in randomly.

Seeing Zhu Yang’s ease, the few people who hadn’t reacted just now spoke up.

The high-level channel: “It really frightened us, these mosquitoes are too hard to guard against. But you are quick to respond. Before we can remind you, you will solve it.”

Zhu Yang ignored him, but looked at the Jinyi boy and smiled: “Didn’t you say don’t be rude? Where did you just look?”

This young man seemed to be only fourteen or five years old, and he was considered an adult by them, but in Zhu Yang’s eyes, he was a few years younger than Zhu Weixin and the others.

It’s still the kind that Xiong owes.

When the young man heard Zhu Yang’s words, his face flushed again, and he stammered: “You, I, I just look at mosquitoes. The bed clothes in the boudoir of the serious women are stricter than you. You still dare to laugh, it’s shameless.”

Zhu Yang laughed, pointing at him and asking Xu Xiao: “Players from this ancient background are often beaten?”

Xu Xiao shook his head: “After all, there are few little ghosts like this. After the first game, the development potential of ancient players is not worse than that of modern players.”

“After all, common sense matters can be made up by returning to the house, but the gap of the times is not easy to eliminate. Compared with modern players, they are more likely to listen to orders, form groups, and generally work harder.”

“The first game of ancient players will not be thrown into an occasion where the background of the times is too far beyond their recognition. Like now, the two cows are the strongest among them than the ability to survive alone, so the good times are sometimes not entirely useful. .”

Said Xu Xiao shrugged: “In fact, compared with genetically modified players and players with advanced technology, are we not ancients?”

Zhu Yang nodded: “Indeed! See how the game is coordinated.”

I asked him again: “You said back to the house, so in other words, after each game, can the player not return to reality?”

Xu Xiao glanced at her strangely: “What are you thinking about?”

“That means that there are many groups and factions on the’house’, right?”

Xu Xiao was amazed by her keenness, but she also knew everything: “Yes.”

He clicked with his chin and walked away from the two cows and the young man in Jin Yi: “For example, if they are lucky, they can join the ‘Emperor’.”

“The emperor?” Zhu Yang smiled: “Which stupid is so crazy? Didn’t get killed by the game?”

Xu Xiao smiled and said: “It’s really the emperor. He was the emperor before he became a player. He used martial arts, everything was extraordinary. He quickly adapted to the game and accumulated enough capital in the early stage. The ancient players’ innate awe of the emperor made him quickly form. It is one of the five major forces in the game space to develop one’s own power, and continue to grow and grow.

“Wow~” Rao Ye Zhu Yang had to marvel, but he also learned from Xu Xiao’s words.

Unlike the dog game, this game is a real Gu mode.

Players will not return to their real world and live in the space city opened up by the game. Allowing grouping means allowing events to exclude aliens.

What’s more, the rules of the game are not friendly, and it is not uncommon to think that it is not uncommon to get enemies inside and gang up outside to get revenge.

From this point of view, I always say that dogs are crueler than games. Compared with other games, they seem to be kinder to players.

At least many of the rules of the Goubi game are based on protecting the players, and only hope that the players will give a wonderful performance in the game, but they do not agree with the meaningless internal friction outside the game.

The concepts between the two games are so different, why did you throw her over?

The dog pretended to be dead than the game meant that she didn’t want to answer her directly, and she had to find the reason for herself.

Thinking of this, Zhu Yang gave it a **** again in his heart.

When she returned to the tent, the bag on the housewife’s arm was already swollen and itchy.

Fortunately, Xu Xiao found a herbal medicine in the middle of the road, which can relieve itching by rubbing it on his body.

However, the woman with heavy makeup was far away from the housewife and said, “I won’t sleep with you, what if you catch a cold and fever at night?”

The housewife is not soft in reality. Hearing this, she said coldly and sarcastically: “Yo! Whoever you like to squeak into the squeaky nest, just drill yourself, if you are not relatives, I will care about you? I have to talk about it.”

He turned his lips at Er Niu again: “Hey, the boss is a bachelor who doesn’t know femininity, but you go.”

Erniu smiled honestly when he heard the words, but the woman with heavy makeup looked at his village head and she was a bit disgusted, and scolded the housewife: “They say that a woman thirty is like a wolf and forty is like a tiger. I am afraid that your husband will be satisfied. I can’t help you, so I can’t walk when I see a strong man? You’re welcome, anyway, your husband can’t know at the moment, just do it if you think. It’s just that the younger sisters are young and beautiful. ”

“Xiao/Sao/Huo you——” The housewife was about to scold her and was quickly persuaded by several other people.

Originally, the jungle was not peaceful, so I had to listen to these thousand ducks. No one was impatient, and the two were persuaded.

At this moment, Zhu Yang’s tent was also set up. She touched the material of the tent: “It’s not bad. It won’t be cut after a while, right?”

Xu Xiao said: “This cost me a lot of money, you can use it carefully.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand impatiently: “I know, if there is a blanket, give me one.”

“Do you think this is a spring outing?”

“That towel should always be there? How else do you wash your face?”

Xu Xiao choked, it is very strange how this guy can switch between sharp and clear and willful and unreliable.

Zhu Yang looked at him incredulously: “No, we have to stay here for a few days if we don’t talk about it. Could it be that you let me not wash my face, brush my teeth, take a bath and change clothes?”

Xu Xiao smiled angrily: “Do you think I am your lead nanny?”

Who knows that Zhu Yang took it for granted: “Isn’t it?”

Seeing that Xu Xiao was unbelievable, she went on to say: “You can’t hurt the newcomer. You didn’t even ignore the obvious hindrance just now. It can be seen that in addition to the guidance of the newcomer, you at least have a survival indicator for the newcomer.”

“This is not a nanny?”

Speaking carefully, he waved his hand: “Go and boil some water, I want to wash my face. My seasoning bag is very expensive, and you will be cheaper if you change this service.”

Xu Xiao: “…”

Regarding the stupid pig or the shrewd newcomer, which is more annoying.

But he still boiled water for Zhu Yang, and it didn’t take much effort. The fire was extinguished after it was set up, and he had to rely on it to drive away beasts at night.

It is nothing more than taking some water from a nearby puddle and burning it on fire.

Zhu Yang washed his face and extorted a set of clothes from Xu Xiao for a change of clothes. He didn’t care whether it looked good or not. It was better than not changing clothes.

Xu Xiao looked cold and mature, but Zhu Yang thought he had a good heart. Before entering the game, it was estimated that his career was a soldier.

Relative to the indifference of several newcomers, as an experienced person accustomed to life and death, he has a kind of compassion for the weak and small, and his standard face is cold and warm.

Zhu Yang occupies a tent and sleeps in a tent alone. It is really uncomfortable outside the wilderness. Fortunately, the dog game may think that she is too much to cheat her this time. Some conscience finds that she is equipped with a mobile phone in such a broken place. .

The Internet is not connected, so you can only play some games, or stand alone. However, the amount of power will not decrease even if you play. It is estimated that there is no charging condition.

In this way, Zhu Yang played for hours and barely felt a little sleepy before going to sleep in a daze.

Sleeping until midnight, I suddenly felt something rolling around under my body, and it hit her from time to time, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

She opened her eyes, got up and turned on the flashlight on the phone to look on the ground, and she saw a snake-like thing rolling under the sturdy cloth under the tent.

Although it was separated by a layer of thick cloth, it also disgusted Zhu Yang. She raised her hand with a layer of cold frost, which directly frozen the snake into ice.

When the ice girl’s skill was in the low-level field, it was just a mere appearance, and the condensed ice was unstable, not solid, and the temperature was not that low.

But after Zhu Yang has upgraded several times, it is no longer a supplementary role for disrupting and weakening in battle, and it is not too powerful to use it directly in battle.

Zhu Yang moved to that area and slept in a different place, but it was dawn after not sleeping long.

Everyone got up and put away the tent, and Zhu Yang realized that the thing was not a snake at all, but an earthworm about the size of a snake.

This Nima is even more disgusting.

Zhu Yang kicked the thing into the fire and burned it to ashes.

Several other people became more and more afraid when they saw it: “Couldn’t all species become dozens of times larger, right?”

Xu Xiao shook his head: “No, it should be only part of it. Even the same species may not have grown bigger. There were mosquitoes by the river before, they were normal size.”

This statement is a blessing in misfortune, but it is not much better. Who knows what the mutation ratio is?

But if you are depressed, you still have to eat.

When it comes to eating, everyone thinks of Zhu Yang, who flew fast yesterday, and looks at her.

Zhu Yang was almost amused by the brain circuits of these people. On the one hand, if she was unlucky, these people would be happy to see her success, and on the other hand, she would find her useful. This kind of guy who eats and scolds his mother is not easy. So many gathered in one breath.

Zhu Yang’s heart was clear, but he didn’t actually put on airs. People who want to know her would have widened their eyes when they saw it, or they would be sure that she didn’t hold her fart in her heart.

She shrugged: “I’m going to catch two fish, but I want to eat fruit. Who of you will pick it up.”

The line of sight immediately gathered on Er Niu again.

Zhu Yang knew that if he said that the young man was born a noble, he had a splendid temperament. But for an illiterate ancient peasant, it seemed that other people thought they were superior before him.

So who is not to be called?

The two cows didn’t seem to mind either, and they agreed in a simple and silly way. According to Xu Xiao, it was true that the ancient working people had a lot of advantages.

When Zhu Yang came to the river, he saw two plump fishes after two swords. I didn’t see the crabs at this moment, but saw a lot of shrimps.

Most prawns are slightly larger than ordinary river prawns, but a few are the size of lobsters. It can be seen that these are only mutated.

Zhu Yang is no matter how big or small, she stretches out her hand for a while, she is so fast that she can’t hide from the shrimp.

But after picking up a prawn, Zhu Yang suddenly saw a fish face appearing in the river, facing her directly below her.

It looked like a catfish with a huge mouth and wide gills, but the fish’s face was as big as a washbasin, and its mouth was slightly wider than her whole person.

Species that were originally dull-faced, looked particularly scary under this huge size.

Looking at it for a few seconds, Zhu Yang seemed to see the evaluation in his eyes.

Zhu Yang tusk: “It’s too big, I don’t know how the meat is.”

As if realizing that it was not easy to mess with, the catfish did not move in the end, but went deeper and hidden in the water.

When Zhu Yang returned with two fish and a lot of shrimps, he saw Er Niu had climbed up a nearby fruit tree.

I don’t know what the fruit is. The texture is a bit like an apple, but the shape is oval. The fruit tree is similar to the coconut tree. The fruit grows at the top of the canopy and is a bit tall.

Erniu picked the fruit on the top alone, but the few people below couldn’t help, so it was a lot of booby.

“You pick a few more, everyone will eat.”

“Eh eh! The one next to it is big, that’s not bad, you can turn it around, and it’s enough.”

The two cows were called and turned around, rubbing their feet, and fell from the tree.

The people around hurriedly avoided and gathered again. At a height of a few meters, it was really easy to accidentally happen.

“Are you all right? Why are you so careless?”

Er Niu stood up with a smile, but it was not a big problem: “The countryman, I’m used to beating and go hunting in the mountains to collect medicine. What’s this?”

When everyone heard the words, they really took it easy.

At this time, Zhu Yang saw something fell out of his arms with sharp eyes. She stepped forward to pick it up and saw that it was a purse with exquisite embroidery.

Silky fabrics, exquisite embroidery, and gold threads on the embroidery thread. A squeeze still has a touch of hand, like a jade touch.

The man with the sharp-mouthed monkey cheek standing next to her smiled when he saw it, “Oh, I didn’t expect you to have a naive face, and how can you be happy with you?”

Er Niu looked back and saw what Zhu Yang was holding, and robbed it back, as if he had reacted too much.

She scratched her head embarrassedly: “Hey! Her family is naturally unhappy, I’m a poor country boy, the young lady from her landlord’s house.”

It is estimated that Dios and Bai Fumi’s play poked the spot of the man present, and the old man continued to comfort him one by one.

“What’s the matter? When you develop your skills in it, you won’t be able to marry a landlord’s daughter when you go out? I’m afraid you will look down on her then.”

Zhu Yang still had the silky fabric touch of the purse in his hand, but he did not speak.

As soon as the fruit was picked, Xu Xiao also packed up the things over there, and came over to help prepare the grilled fish.

Zhu Yang said: “What kind of barbecue in the morning? Have fish porridge.”

“Okay, wait for me to help you grow some rice first.” Xu Xiao has never seen a wilderness like this.

Zhu Yang pointed to a few plants not far away: “Isn’t there a potato there? Use it instead of rice.”

Everyone looked at it, and once the plants grew too tall, they also glanced over last night. At this moment, they were carefully identified and they were really potato plants and leaves.

It’s just that the average potato leaf seedlings are only ten or twenty centimeters when they reach maturity, but these are more than one meter high, and the vines are as thick as a child’s arm, and the leaves are like a fan.

Not to mention who would have thought it was a potato?

It is estimated that potatoes have not been introduced to the place where Erniu and the others live. But he set out first.

Going up and dragging a plant out according to other people’s statements, he, a peasant with a solid strength, had a little effort to pull out a nest.

Good guy, let’s say a few dozen kilograms of potatoes weigh less, the smallest is the size of a mango, and the largest is the size of a basketball.

Xu Xiao: “…”

It is always happy to find a staple food. Although there is no shortage of food in the forest, you can’t stand eating all the meat.

Pulling it out of potatoes in a row, not to mention a few hundred catties, is enough for people like them for dozens of days.

When Xu Xiao put the potatoes into the space, he still laughed: “If it doesn’t take long to complete the task, I can still sell these to the restaurant at a discount.”

Of course these are all jokes, where is the restaurant in the game space?

But when I turned around, I saw Zhu Yang looking at him jealously: “How much storage space is this thing?”

Xu Xiao comforted her: “This is still very expensive. Mine is less than ten cubic meters, and it costs more than a thousand, and there are thousands of cubic meters. But the price is just thinking about it. The high-level bosses are not human. People can afford it.”

Unexpectedly, when she finished speaking, she heard her pounding chest and feet: “Fuck, it’s only over a thousand.”

Xu Xiao felt that it was necessary to popularize with her, the value of points, that number is not the same concept that your eldest lady would easily have hundreds of thousands of packages in reality.

Everyone peeled and chopped the potatoes and put them in a pot for cooking, and then added fish and shrimp meat, which was a soft and warm fish porridge that was easy to digest.

The pot is sponsored by Zhu Yang, but the bowls and chopsticks are made of bamboo chopped locally.

The bamboo here is thick and has a large caliber. The bamboo tube is cut into a certain depth to make a bowl, and the chopsticks are cut into two pieces and grind by themselves, which is like that.

After eating, Xu Xiao organized everyone: “Camping in the wild is not a long-term solution. I was lucky and didn’t encounter a beast last night, but in case I met a group of people, I can’t save everyone alone.”

“It’s better to find an Anza cave, which is easy to defend and hard to attack. It is easy to respond to an attack.”

Everyone naturally agreed, collected the things and put out the fire, and set out to find a suitable place.

Although it is more efficient to search separately, at this time, everyone is unfamiliar with the jungle, most of them are wild survival idiots, and they don’t even use a compass, let alone identify the direction by themselves. In case of separation, there are many trouble.

However, the efficiency of walking together is really low!

Looking at the group of people, leaving aside the physique boosters like Xu Xiao and Zhu Yang, they are only two cattle accustomed to trekking through mountains and rivers.

Others, a pampered family son, a manager who sits in the office and blows air-conditioning all the year round, the housewife and the girl with heavy makeup are not as physically strong, and there is an old man. The one with the sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks has a little extra energy, but see so Many people will naturally follow the laziness.

“No way, I really can’t walk anymore. Let’s take a break.” The housewife and the uncle directly sat on a rock and gasped.

Xu Xiao had no choice but to stay.

Zhu Yang feels that this group of people really run into a leader like Xu Xiao. According to his description, the players of this game did not have any happiness before. There may be a hard indicator to guide new players, but most people will never It is impossible to accommodate such things.

In fact, if ordinary people are in this position and want newcomers to be such stupid idiots who don’t see any potential, they would have used force to force a unified pace of action long ago, regardless of whether they are willing or not, as long as their legs are not broken, it is not a problem.

But Xu Xiao might also have other intentions, and Zhu Yang didn’t think he was just a simple bad guy.

While resting, suddenly there was a slight bump on the ground, like an earthquake.

Several people were surprised when the stone where the housewife and the old man lived was lifted, and they were lifted directly to the ground while sitting on it.

Fortunately, he was not crushed by the stone, but the current situation is no better than that.

Because where they were, a huge earthworm suddenly emerged from the ground. It was much larger than the one that Zhu Yang burned to death in the morning. It was as thick as an adult’s waist. With a mouth full of fangs, he bit at both of them. come.

The fangs in that mouth are layered on top of each other, and once bitten, they are either dead or injured.

Xu Xiao reacted quickly. He raised his gun and shot at the earthworm in a burst, and the bullet hit its mouth, causing it to suffer.

But this did not completely force the earthworm back. After closing its mouth, its body was so hard that even bullets could hardly penetrate it.

Everyone knew that the real body structure of a tiny earthworm was like this, but the form was critical at the moment, and he didn’t care about it.

Xu Xiao narrowly restricted the movement of the earthworm with a gun, and shouted at the housewife and the old man: “What are you doing in a daze? Come here.”

The earthworm twisted frantically, and with its huge body, it slightly crushed both of them and seriously injured them.

After all, the housewife is a middle-aged person, and her physical strength and reaction are quicker. She got up first, and ran to everyone without caring about the old man.

The old man finally got up after standing up several times because of the bumps on the ground, and then he got out of the danger zone.

Without worrying about the two of them, Xu Xiao was finally able to let go of a battle, abandoning the gun, and instead drew a dagger from the leather leggings.

A few swiftly avoided the attack of the earthworm and deceived him. One jump was two or three meters high, and he pierced the earthworm with a knife and pulled down from above along its shell.

Suddenly there was a large opening over one meter in the earthworm’s body, and the tip of the knife was cutting iron like mud.

Zhu Yang touched the knife in his hand, jealous again.

The earthworms were in pain, and they fought back crazily. Because of the special body structure, even if the body was scarred, it was not life-threatening.

On the contrary, it was the motivation brought by its desperate attack, and it shook the piece continuously, and those who stood close had to hold the tree next to it to avoid an unstable center of gravity.

Zhu Yang observed coldly for a while, not knowing the other cards, at least in terms of her empty-handed fighting ability, Xu Xiao is the strongest she has ever seen among the same players.

It is even much better than those gold-fishing players on the island.

It’s just that the vitality of this earthworm is too strong. The so-called breaking through with force, after a long time, Xu Xiao also gradually struggled.

When Zhu Yang saw this, he didn’t bother to wait any longer, his heart moved at will, and hundreds of marbles appeared around the earthworm.

With Zhu Yang’s strengthening, the cockroach’s skills have not yet reached the point of individual qualitative change, but the number of cockroaches that can be summoned by its powerful multiplying ability is not the same.

After Zhu Yang released a few hundred in one breath, the number continued to increase, and Xu Xiao, who was fighting against the earthworms, was taken aback.

After retiring from the battle circle, he thought it was a colony of ants nearby. To be honest, it would be far more terrifying than earthworms if you put it on the stall.

I saw those cockroaches with a few big breaths that were cut apart with the earthworms, and they opened their mouths and began to swallow them.

If the earthworm is unscathed, Zhu Yang will let the cockroach out. After all, the iron-clad scales can’t penetrate the cockroach’s teeth and the mouth has not evolved enough to bite through.

But now that there are so many exposed wounds, it is much easier, and there is a horrible bite between everyone.

The beetle, which was densely packed with eggs, swallowed from the wound, and burrowed directly into the body of the earthworm, eating quickly and neatly.

At first, the earthworm was still rolling on the ground trying to get rid of these beetles, but gradually lost its strength. It didn’t take long for the earthworm, which was several times larger than the python, was gnawed away, leaving only a layer of skin.

The people present swallowed: “Then, what is that? If you put a person in front of them, you will be swallowed with no bones left in two seconds?”

Xu Xiao was also full of shock, but he thought that beetle was a native species in the jungle, and quickly asked everyone to leave here.

“If those things are not enough, we will be in trouble.”

No one was tired this time, and fled here like a life.

Zhu Yang followed the big army, but there was a touch of playfulness on his lips-‘trouble’ right?

In other words, in such a situation, there is still no way to deal with it.

After encountering earthworms and beetles, there was no other danger in the whole.

And because of a blessing in disguise, they rushed to see a cave.

The stone cave is not too big, you can see the whole inside at a glance if you look at the size of at most 30 square meters.

But Miao Miao is spacious in the cave, but the entrance is narrow. There is only a three-person wide entrance, a natural livable stone house.

The inside is dry and covered with cobwebs, indicating that there are no animals patronizing, and there is no need to worry about a beast returning to its nest in the middle of the night to find that its home is occupied.

This discovery pleased everyone, with such a cave, at least temporarily living in this forest greatly reduces the danger.

When you find a place, you have to think about it and clean it up. Once you have a fixed place, you can think about better living conditions.

At this time, the executives stood up and said: “In this way, let’s work in groups, one group picking firewood, one group fetching water, one group looking for mosquito repellent herbs, and the rest clean up the inside.”

This person is afraid that there are too many official accents in reality, and he hasn’t seen him come forward when it is dangerous. Once the situation begins to stabilize, the person like Baozhun is the first to stand up and issue orders to seize power.

However, Xu Xiao did not express any objections, and Zhu Yang did not express any objections.

Naturally, other people have no objection, except for the two cows who can distinguish the herbal medicine, the other groups draw lots to decide which one to do.

As a result, Zhu Yang and Xiao Shizi stayed in the cave to clean, the executives and women with heavy makeup were responsible for fetching water, the old man and the sharp-mouthed monkey gathered firewood, and the housewife and Er Niu picked herbs.

Xu Xiao went out hunting and preparing food with a gun.

The location of the cave is not far from the riverside, but it is no longer the place where they gathered at the beginning, in the upstream section.

Although the group of people acted separately, they were not far away. Everyone in the vicinity could hear the shout, and they could take care of them when they encountered danger.

The task was assigned and everyone went out, leaving Zhu Yang and Xiao Shizi staring at them.

One of them is better than the other.

Zhu Yang is okay. After all, in modern society, she has a simple background and enjoys it, but once she has no conditions, it is not a waste of four bodies.

And the little prince who was born in the feudal dynasty and was at the top of the society would really have never done the housework of a dime in his life, and would not wear the clothes by himself.

Zhu Yang picked a big leaf from the entrance of the cave, threw it on the rock, and sat on it: “Go to work!”

Xiao Shizi immediately stopped doing it: “Why? Are these tedious things a man should do? You women should take care of it.”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Huh? I didn’t see you move when it was the man’s turn to hunt and fish. You said your family is the country’s father, right? Tsk! I didn’t have you when I was responsible, and when I was doing things. Without you, without the thick stature, the nostrils are thick.”

“What? Your family taught you not to lead by example or to kidnap people verbally, right? A few big words should be used to call people, that is really convenient,”

Upon hearing this, Xiao Shizi wanted to scold him first, and then seemed to think of something? There were mixed expressions on his face.

Finally gritted his teeth and said: “Just do it.”

He rolled up his sleeves and went out of the cave, but after a while he came back again——

“What, how?”

Zhu Yangxian also wondered that he was so easily persuaded. For the ancients, the values ​​they identified were much harder to shake than modern people, especially those who came from a prominent family and were mainstream concepts in their own background.

She was thinking about using violence to intimidate, but she didn’t expect that the child would suddenly obey and let her step on the air.

The next reaction made people laugh. Zhu Yang pointed to the outside: “You fold a branch and come in, first clean up the spider web.”

Xiao Shizi sullied his head and folded it out.

Only half of the spider web was cleared here, and a scream came from the river.

Zhu Yang stood up hurriedly, and the two ran to the river, and saw that the girl with heavy makeup appeared in the river.

She looks like a terrifying mermaid right now, because of the clear water quality, she can see her whole picture.

The upper body is naked/struggling desperately, while the lower body is a fish body.

But when you look closely, you can find that where is the lower body of the fish, but a catfish directly opened its mouth and swallowed her into its mouth, and now it has swallowed it.

The executive who was supposed to be with her was carrying his pants, his clothes untidy, and he looked scared to pee.

This Nima, the two are really in good spirits.

When you come out to get some water, you have to take time to send it. The current situation is obviously that after finishing the work, the girl with heavy makeup went to the river to take a bath, but was swallowed by a fish.

Don’t talk about fish, Zhu Yang wants to abrupt these two idiots. Haven’t seen these ferocious species here?

Even if you don’t think the fish will mutate, it would not be good for someone to give you a pinch of those big shrimp and crabs she caught.

Xin Dacheng is so even she wants to give a thumbs up.


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