Scream Queen Chapter 81

But in view of the previous experience of Zhu Yang and Lu Datou pressing the ghost back to the bottom of the bed, it seems that she is the least qualified to complain?

In short, it depends on whether it is causing people trouble, but what you think in your heart is the same thing. At this moment, people are about to be swallowed by catfish, whether they should be saved or saved.

The catfish seemed to notice that someone had gathered on the shore and moved three points faster. But Zhu Yang is also unambiguous.

There was a kind of pliable plant cane by the river. She pulled one down and threw it at the girl with heavy makeup: “Hold on!”

However, this is obviously an overestimation of a woman with heavy makeup. At this moment, she just closed her eyes and struggled to call for help. She didn’t have the ability to actively cooperate with shore rescue.

The Er Niu who ran over quickly said, “Shall I go down and fish her?”

Zhu Yang raised his hand to stop his diving posture: “The water is deep there, I don’t know what else is in the lake, don’t she hasn’t come up yet, you go down and eat one get one free.”

After speaking, he quickly pulled the cane back, flexibly rolled a loop in his hand, and re-directed to the direction of the girl with heavy makeup.

This time, she trapped her upper body, and Zhu Yang greeted everyone: “Come and pull.”

To say that her strength alone is not unable to live by tug-of-war to **** people back, but in the case of certain things have not been verified, she temporarily intentionally compressed her ability value to the impression of an ordinary person. Inside.

It can make people feel very powerful, but it is not in the unshakable range. These naturally have her intentions.

A group of people quickly grabbed the rope at her command and began to compete with the catfish in the water.

The ducks that have been imported are in a position to fly now, how can the catfish be willing?

As a result, the mouth closed, and he swallowed the person desperately, and continued to drag and roll underwater, trying to put pressure on the people on the shore with the huge body and water resistance.

Everyone has seen the whole picture of this catfish. It is more than three meters long, has a huge head, and its circumference is no smaller than that of the earthworm in the morning.

Less to say, the weight is hundreds of thousands of catties. The few of them are indeed struggling to compete with them, and they are even repeatedly dragged to the surface of the river.

In the middle of Zhu Yang’s tug-of-war, she was secretly playful, and it seemed that she was not the only one paddling.

Seeing that the girl with heavy makeup was screaming in pain because of the pulling of the two sides, the side on the shore was about to lose her advantage, and suddenly a bullet flew from the side.

The bullet grazed everyone’s side and plunged directly into the catfish’s eyes. The catfish was shot through its head, and its body was still moving inertially.

Xu Xiao followed with another shot. It was also at the position just now. The fish stopped moving, and the fish’s body gradually turned white belly and floated on the water.

Compared with the crowds, including Zhu Yang, who either paddled or were powerless, Xu Xiao was the only hope these people could count on after being in danger.

However, unlike the random sweeping/shooting of earthworms in the morning purely to restrict movement, once this guy opened his posture and aimed a little, his marksmanship turned out to be so powerful.

Because the catfish is big, its eyes are not small, and the target is relatively obvious. At that time, the thing was in motion.

Xu Xiao solved the catfish, and immediately came to join the group and pulled up the girl with heavy makeup.

Of course, this also includes the catfish carcass that has been biting her without letting go.

As soon as she landed ashore, the woman with heavy makeup desperately broke free from the mouth of the fish. This experience almost didn’t make her sick.

The slimy liquid in the catfish’s mouth was covered all over her body, and she screamed directly.

Zhu Yang stepped forward and kicked the catfish and looked at its mouth: “Fortunately, this thing is just getting bigger, not a man-eating catfish, otherwise the teeth have bitten people through.”

But that said, women with heavy makeup are not much better now.

His body was disgusting and slippery, because he was going to the river to take a bath at the time, and his clothes were not worn. Except for Zhu Yang and the housewife, everyone present was men.

The two ancients, Xiao Shizi and Er Niu, looked ashamed. Once they were out of danger, they didn’t dare to look anywhere. Xu Xiao’s attention was also on the fish side.

But the uncle, the man with the sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks, and even the executive who had just had a shot with the heavy makeup girl, looked at her naked body with a smirk.

Zhu Yang said impatiently: “You should wash and put on your clothes first.”

It is estimated that the girl with heavy makeup will not dare to take a bath directly in the wild in this life, let alone let her enter this river?

Even now there are a lot of people, and the water in the shallow stalls is only 20 or 30 centimeters high, so that there will be no giants, and she dare not go.

In the end, someone else used a bucket to help her lift the water and pour her clean.

That bucket also has a background, because everyone found mutant bamboo in the bamboo forest before.

The bamboo here is thick and strong, the diameter of the variant species is about the same as the bucket, and the height is straight up into the sky.

They chopped down one piece and then split a few knots, which is a natural bucket.

During the washing of the woman with heavy makeup, Xu Xiao broke the catfish, and Zhu Yang went up to try it.

Then he said, “The meat is too old to eat,”

Xu Xiao smiled: “You can be fortunate that this is in the jungle field. Although there are many dangers, there is no shortage of food. If you are short of food and clothing, you can still choose?

Zhu Yang shrugged, not commenting on this, and took this opportunity to finally borrow Xu Xiao’s knife.

Splitting the fish with a brush, it turned out that old fish is as easy as cutting tofu.

Seeing that she liked it and the sword technique was neat, Xu Xiao temporarily lent this dagger to her, and wondered whether she was from a martial arts family in reality.

Zhu Yang is naturally happy, the meat of the catfish is useless, but it is not without other contributions.

Zhu Yang shaved off the fishbone, and as expected, this thing matched the hardness of the horns and distributed it to several other people.

“Take it, tie a branch and take self defense.”

Everyone would not be unhappy, but when the men divided their weapons, the woman with heavy makeup and the housewife suddenly quarreled.

The reason is that the housewife has been chattering by the side when women with heavy makeup wash themselves and put on clothes.

They complained that they were looking for things for everyone to do. Although this jungle does not lack food and drink, with the help of Zhu Yang’s seasoning, the first few meals are fresh and it really looks like that.

But no matter how good the food is, it can’t resist the thrills everywhere, the whole forest climate is dull and irritable, and this inexplicably tied to the game.

I don’t know if I can go back alive to meet with my family and friends. Naturally, my emotions will be with the flammable oil drums, and I will complain when I find a vent.

Women with heavy makeup are not good either, that is, when the clothes are not put on, the attention is focused on covering up their shame.

As soon as I put on the clothes, I felt that the housewife’s voice was harsh. What caused everyone’s troubles, reflection? nonexistent.

Then he opened his mouth and said impatiently: “Shut up, Bapo, everyone has no objection. You are the only one who has a lot of spitting stars. How much does your man neglect you? Menopause is only in your 30s.”

When the housewife saw that she dared to talk back, she was furious: “Little prostitute, you are going to die. I have seen a loose waistband. I have never seen you so loose and almost lifeless. I have only met a man who has been less than a day away. The waves are posted, but your parents are not here. It’s better to feed the fish with a daughter like you.”

When the girl with heavy makeup heard it, she turned to look at the housewife, her eyes were full of viciousness: “Hehe! You are an eight-woman, who usually bargain with people in the vegetable market, to be in our school, your mouth is so cheap Nosy, I was slapped to death.”

The housewife also sneered: “Yeah, are you still a student? Going to study in the belly of a dog, I want to have a daughter like you, no one can blame me if I choke to death without trouble.”

The two looked like they were about to pinch, but suddenly something white and flowery was thrown among them.

Looking back, seeing Zhu Yang, the other party said, “I’m so intrigued, it would be a waste of noisy and noisy here? Come and scold the river, maybe you can learn from the master star and comprehend the magic of scolding and scold Dehe directly. The fish and shrimp in the pond are fried, that’s amazing.”

The girl with heavy makeup and the housewife dared to open their mouths at each other and curse everything, but they didn’t dare to say to Zhu Yang.

Both of them were ordinary people, and they would be half-hearted to fight, but Zhu Yang’s words, except for Xu Xiao, even the strongest adult man Erniu was slapped and slapped.

This guy didn’t bother to slap her hands. It was estimated that their teeth were loose, so the two sides curled their mouths, and did not dare to make any more noise.

The girl with heavy makeup said: “I just fell apart because of the fish, so go back and rest for a while.”

Zhu Yang said: “If you don’t die, just continue to work. When you are frightened here, the game will give you subsidies for vacation?”

The girl with heavy makeup was anxious, but she didn’t dare to yell like a housewife, so she gritted her teeth and said: “Did you not see that I was swallowed by a fish just now?”

“So?” Zhu Yanghun said indifferently: “Is it right for everyone to quit when they encounter a small situation? Then don’t talk about working together.”

“Whoever wants to be lazy, make it clear that someone needs to support it. Let’s consider it. I will not raise waste, but if someone is willing to do two jobs, I have no objection.”

The woman with heavy makeup immediately looked at the executive, who was a little embarrassed for a while.

The task is still assigned by him. Everyone has his own business. He is the only one for women with heavy makeup to carry water.

Although he was an adult man, the people in the city had never done farm work in his life, and such a big bucket made him unable to eat very much with the water.

But the girl with heavy makeup just had a good time with him anyway, she was too unwilling to be convinced, so she was a little impatient with Zhu Yang, the shit-cutter.

So in the official language, he secretly changed the concept and said: “Miss Zhu, we are a collective, the most taboo is to care about and be compassionate.”

“You saw her just now. How can a girl stand this scare? If you are in the same position, what do you think now? Don’t you feel chilly?”

“When others take a rest for a while in some situation, you feel that the treatment is unfair, and you also instigate everyone to go lazily together, so what’s the efficiency? This kind of little belly is not a good idea, Miss Zhu.”

Zhu Yang smiled directly when he heard this, and looked at him and said: “I guess the main source of your company’s grassroots employees is freshly graduated college students, right?”

“Talk to people about dreams, honor, and sense of collective belonging, but don’t talk about remuneration and money. All day long, they rely on their thin-skinned people to use people as cheap labor, and they have a clear view of their own exploits, and they have to criticize several layers of righteousness. skin.”

“You enjoy the artillery, and you are not the one who is taken away by the fish. You have to get it through. After all, you are the one who takes advantage. At this time, I am embarrassed to let everyone share the mess after you enjoy it. ”

Zhu Yang spread his hands and said, “What qualifications do you have to point out our ideas? You are paid? There is no saying that one can overwork. The reason for working together is to increase efficiency. In the final analysis, it is for yourself. ”

“I put it here, I won’t do more work for the waste that doesn’t belong to me, it depends on whether other people want it.”

Others were naturally skewed when they heard this, and they only remembered Zhu Yang’s sentence, ‘It’s him who enjoys it. What everyone has to clean up at this time is the mess after he enjoys it. ’

A joke, women weren’t in their stomachs for sleeping fish, so why should they work more? I’m too busy with my own business.

The executive was ridiculed by Zhu Yang, trying to imply that the other party did not have a sense of teamwork to prevent everyone from rejecting her. Instead, she was thrown into the boiling water in a few words.

However, the old You Tiao in the society is also thick-skinned, knowing that this woman is not easy to provoke regardless of the strength of the force or the lips, so she doesn’t entangle herself much, and directly bypasses her and negotiates with the absolutely trusted Xu Xiao in the group.

“Brother Xu, look at—”

Xu Xiao seems to have no intention of participating in their situation disputes except to ensure their survival rate as much as possible when necessary, and even as the leader of the protector with the highest value of force among a group of people.

He also seldom emphasized his sense of existence, so much so that everyone thought he was very talkative.

When Xu Xiao heard this, he naturally followed the result of the confrontation they had seen before, and shrugged: “Zhu Yang makes sense.”

“Furthermore, the cave has not been cleaned up at this moment, and there is no rest when I go back. You should fetch water first and fill the puddle.”

Xu Xiao said so, and naturally even if the matter was settled, the girl with heavy makeup stared at Zhu Yang bitterly, she didn’t dare to mutter.

They dug a small reservoir at the entrance of the cave. Not only can pure water cook and wash things, but if there are beasts visiting, it is also a small barrier, but it takes a lot of time to fill the pool.

Seeing that they were out of danger, they were told to carry water only in the shallow water area of ​​the river, and everyone scattered and went on to work separately.

Don’t look at Zhu Yang being so frustrated when others are lazy, when it’s his turn, he just threw all the work to minors.

Although Xiao Shizi had never done any work, he was not a clumsy type. He struck the order of work for a while, stumbled at first, and then did well.

He cleaned the cobwebs, threw the extra small stones out of the hole, and used a set of spare clothes that Zhu Yang borrowed from Xu Xiao, and a cut out of the too long cloth as a rag.

After a few hours, he even cleaned up the cave as if it were, at least it wasn’t the way it was dusty and nowhere to sit.

Xiao Shizi seems to have a sense of accomplishment, and the more he works, the more vigorous he is. This child is inherently hygienic and has a high standard of hygiene.

After finishing, I planned to clean it with clean water again. However, when I wiped it to the mouth of the hole, suddenly a colorful spider appeared in front of me with two fist-sized spiders.

They didn’t see any spiders when they were cleaning the webs just now. They thought these were waste webs. How could they have thought that they found one after the cave was cleaned up?

Xiao Shizi’s whole person was directly stiff. The spider was so big that he had only seen it in his life. With eight unfolded legs, it looked like a big crab.

Xiao Shizi’s face was pale and cold sweat began to erupt on his forehead. He was not afraid of spiders before, but after that time–

He wanted to escape, but he didn’t listen to his footsteps and couldn’t move a single move. He couldn’t make a sound even when he wanted to call for help. The whole person seemed to be frozen by acupuncture.

Seeing that the spider got closer and closer, less than **** away from his hand, his hideous mouth/parts occupied his vision.

At this moment, I suddenly felt a strong wind in my ears, and I saw a silver light flashing in my eyes, followed by the sound of metal entering the stone.

In the next second, the big spider in front of him was nailed to the wall by the red heart, and it was nailed by a sharp knife.

The spider’s legs twitched twice, and then there was no movement, Xiao Shizi felt his body start to warm up.

Then I saw a hand stretched out from the side, took out the dagger from the wall, and looked at the spider on it, surprised: “I don’t know if I can eat it.”

Xiao Shizi’s voice has changed: “Can you still eat this stuff?”

Zhu Yang is always hypocritical, and disgusting things such as insects to some girls is more disgusting than fear.

I don’t know if I now have the ability to control cockroaches, and my tolerance to insects has become much greater.

In particular, this spider is big and beautiful in color. It can definitely be kept as a pet in reality, and it doesn’t feel obstructive.

He replied to the child: “I heard it tastes like chicken.”

Xiao Shizi only felt that his body swayed a little bit. Seeing that the spider’s corpse was really itchy in its neck and hairy, he said, “Or throw it away?”

Zhu Yang said: “What? Are you afraid?”

Xiao Shizi wanted to be strong, but when he glanced at the spider, a trace of trance and fear flashed in his eyes, as if thinking of something.

He blushed and nodded, “Huh!”

Zhu Yang likes bad taste, but it is not the kind of joking with no wink. Seeing that he is really scared, he also threw the spider out, directly out of the cave.

Xiao Shizi breathed a sigh of relief. At this time, the cave was almost cleaned. He glanced at Zhu Yang. Now Zhu Yang is wearing Xu Xiao’s spare clothes.

It doesn’t fit anywhere, but she has a good body and temperament. She wears loosely worn menswear a few sizes, and she has a lazy and handsome beauty.

However, the shirt was still short-sleeved, and most of his arms were exposed. It was not bitten by insects. It was just that there were some small scratches on the delicate snow-white skin.

Xiao Shizi coughed and attracted Zhu Yang’s attention. After Zhu Yang looked over, he took off his outer shirt and threw it to Zhu Yang: “This is for you.”

Zhu Yang wanted to say why she is wearing this wide-sleeved robe so hot? I saw the red scars on my arm.

It didn’t hurt. Her skin looked delicate, but in fact, the player’s physique was very durable. She didn’t even feel it, but in the eyes of others, it was uncomfortable.

A smile flashed in her eyes, the robe in her hand felt cold to the touch, and she didn’t know what material it was. The moon-white brocade fabric was embroidered with dark patterns. It was a rare embroidery craft in reality.

Zhu Yang stood up and gestured. This young man was about the same height as her, but she was actually quite the right size.

Zhu Yang accepted it, and planned to change it into a long skirt, so there was another change of clothes.

Since they were kind, Zhu Yang would naturally reciprocate her love, and now she was bored after doing things, so she took out her mobile phone and borrowed him for fun.

Xiao Shizi-he also told Zhu Yang his name, Wei Jiangli.

After Wei Jiangli came here, everything was beyond his own knowledge. The primitive jungle environment was fine. After all, the world is so big.

The gun Xu Xiao had used several times before, although shocked, could barely touch weapons such as arrows and crossbows.

But this thin square piece will shine, and there are still little people moving inside, which is really shocking.

He took the phone in a novelty, and when Zhu Yang taught him to play at first, he was careful to touch his fingers.

He quickly retracted his hand at one point, as if he was being scalded, especially seeing the small animals inside change positions with his movements, emitting colorful special effects, and various sound effects cheering, which made him wonder if anyone was Locked in.

“This, is this a magic weapon?”

Zhu Yang laughed: “Relying on mentally retarded games to control the enemy? The enemy will cry.”

Zhu Yang has repeatedly confirmed that there is nothing terrible about this thing, and even gave him a simple science popularization of the principle of invention, giving him a vague concept.

Only then did Wei Jiangli put his guard down, and happily played Xiaoxiaole, and then couldn’t stop playing.

When it’s time to eat, I don’t want to let go, a posture that an internet addicted teenager has just developed.

When Zhu Yang saw Xu Xiao’s joking eyes, he wiped his face speechlessly.

He slid the phone in Wei Jiangli’s hand and clicked at him, and the child’s face appeared on the phone screen.

Not to mention, it’s pretty photogenic.

She threatened: “I have taken your soul and soul, and if you don’t obey, I won’t pay you back.”

Wei Jiangli curled his lips: “Are you stupid? The face is a small portrait of yourself. From yesterday to now, you don’t know how many times you have clicked at yourself. If you want to really capture your soul, your soul is not enough.”

Zhu Yang: “…”

Xu Xiao patted his thighs, haha, and said, “I told you to bully the ancients who have no knowledge, they are ignorant, and they are not stupid.”

He said to Wei Jiang, “My child, that’s not bad, I am optimistic about you.”

He wasn’t joking casually, but it was because the children of ancient nobles were mostly more powerful than ordinary people by nature. Generally, the ancients also emphasized blood and identity. As long as people are smarter, they can easily attract crowds.

Don’t really think that modern people have a great sense of superiority. Honestly speaking, the advantages of the times will be smoothed out once you return to the game space.

Then this kind of royal children, the ruling class players taught by the great Confucians of the world, the average modern silly people are really better than others.

Of course, in terms of proportions, there are certainly few such people, and the most famous of them is the ‘emperor’.

After having a quick meal at noon, I have to continue working in the afternoon.

The executives and women with heavy makeup have to continue to fetch water. Erniu and the others will light the mosquito repellent herbs they have collected and smoke them everywhere, and the old man and the firewood they have picked up are not enough.

Zhu Yang and the others finished finishing the cave, but they didn’t plan to be idle. They couldn’t let her sleep on a hard and cold stone slab, right?

She didn’t have such a low standard of accommodation, so she greeted everyone and left the cave.

When Wei Jiangli saw that she was about to go out, he followed him. Before leaving, he heard Er Niu say: “I plan to make more traps around. I’ll make a mark. Please pay attention when you come back.”

As they said, they raised the bamboo in their hands: “I put the bamboo in the place where there is a trap, don’t forget.”

Others naturally agree. Everyone has no strength to protect themselves. Of course, the safer the place, the better.

At this moment, Xu Xiao also responded to Zhu Yang’s request and made a door for the cave in Splitting the tree. The door needed was slightly larger than the normal door. It was still easy to do. Xu Xiao even had nails and hammer wrenches. Simple tool.

In any case, whether you have a door to block the wind and rain, you don’t have to worry about huge mosquitoes flying in at night.

Zhu Yang and Wei Jiangli walked along the outskirts of the forest and did not go inside the Tai. After all, she did not guarantee that she would be able to cope with all the conditions on the island.

But the harvest was not bad after a trip. I found several kinds of fruits. I don’t have to worry about vitamin intake for some time in the future. I saw some fragrant flowers on the outside and I plan to pick them when I come back.

The biggest harvest was seeing chunks of honey on a cliff.

Not a honeycomb, but honey, honeycomb honey! At least two or three meters long, layered on top of the cliff, it looks like a beautiful gem under the sunlight.

From time to time, there are bees spinning on it, but the number is small, and there is nothing to worry about.

The height of the cliff was only about ten meters, and Zhu Yang was immediately happy, plucking several huge banana leaves and spreading them on the ground.

Explain to Wei Jiangli: “Look here, don’t let the honey spill.”

After speaking, with the help of the dagger, he climbed to the cliff with two strokes of force, grabbed a sturdy tree with a crooked neck that grew out of the cracks above, and raised his hand to the honey cake.

She was so strong that a big piece of honey would fall under one tap, but because of the height, the honey that fell fell into several pieces immediately.

The translucent golden syrup spilled out, lining the green banana leaves, very beautiful.

Wei Jiangli was born in wealth and wealth, and I have seen these everywhere. Even eating a watermelon thought that the thing grew in the shape of cut seeds and slices. It was very fresh.

At a young age, the childlike heart is easily hooked. Seeing the honey fall, there is a wave of excitement on his face.

Seeing that the honey cake was about to be washed out by the honey flow, he hurriedly lifted the banana leaf and stopped it back.

And shouted to Zhu Yang above: “Get more.”

Zhu Yang was waving a couple of bees that came over, bowing his head to tell him that he couldn’t finish eating too much, just come and fetch it after eating.

I saw a huge figure appearing behind him at some point.

Wei Jiangli was squatting to pick up honey cakes, feeling that his shadow was suddenly covered by a huge black shadow.

He turned his head violently, and was stunned. Behind him turned out to be a rabbit two laps bigger than a tiger.


The rabbit is harmless in appearance. It stands to reason that it will be the same even if it grows bigger, but this gray rabbit, with blood-red eyes watching him, the exposed front teeth are still dripping with this salivation, a posture of being out of vegetarianism. .

The contrast is too great. If you say that mosquitoes are annoying, earthworms and catfish are really disgusting on the outside, and the mutated things feel uncomfortable for people.

But the huge contrast of the rabbit really makes people feel cold.

Wei Jiangli moved aside silently, but when his body moved, the rabbit rushed forward quickly.

This thing is good at speed, and Wei Jiangli was thrown to the ground.

The rabbit had opened his mouth and bit him, and the fishy smell of his mouth confirmed that it was a carnivore.

He sighed in his heart, and closed his eyes subconsciously, feeling that he was pouring hot blood on his face.

Wei Jiangli thought it was his own blood, but he didn’t feel any pain for a long time. On the contrary, some heavy object was pressed on it and almost squeezed out his internal organs.

He opened his eyes and saw Zhu Yang sitting on the rabbit, the knife in his hand directly pierced the rabbit’s head.

The neat posture reflected the light in Wei Jiangli’s eyes. For the first time, he felt that this was much more attractive than those who help the wind and weak willows and the pompous ladies.

In the end, she heard her say: “The little rabbit is so cute, let’s use it for braising?”


But in the end, Zhu Yang still disliked that the rabbit meat was too old, but it was just a blanket short, so he used that sharp knife to peel off the whole rabbit skin in threes or twos.

Seeing her ferocious appearance, Wei Jiangli silently collected the honey with banana leaves.

Zhu Yang saw this: “This thing will leak out, you wait for me to cut two bamboo tubes and come over.”

He also peeled off the fat and flesh on the rabbit skin. There were no conditions for tanning. Moreover, Zhu Yang didn’t have the skills, so he could only do it.

I took the river and washed it many times until there was no smell on it. Although the dense forest was hot and humid, there was plenty of sunshine in these places by the river. It was like the afternoon sun exposure, so it should be dry before long.

Zhu Yang looked for branches to dry the rabbit skin, and together with Wei Jiangli he picked a lot of fruits and flowers. The sun was about to set while playing and the skin was dried.

Because it hasn’t been chemically softened, it must be a bit hard, but the fur on the surface is soft, and it’s not just used to hit the bed, so it has little effect.

The two returned with a full load, and the other teams in the camp were almost done.

Xu Xiao not only made simple doors for the cave, but also made several simple wooden beds with extra wooden boards.

Zhu Yang put the rabbit skin up and nodded in praise: “Yes, it looks a little bit barely.”

I also saw her inside and out asking for dinner and setting up caves.

A simple vase made of bamboo tubes with wild flowers was used to decorate the cave, and more than that, she also made a few simple decorations out of bamboo.

A large bamboo tube the size of a fruit plate is cut and split in half from the middle, and banana leaves are placed underneath. The fruits are then beautifully placed on top according to the aesthetic structure, and a tube of flowers is next to it.

The tangy fruity fragrance and the fragrant flowers and plants, and then changed the structure of the room according to her instructions, and the remaining wood was split into several wooden piers of different heights to form a coffee table and a stool.

There is a set of bamboo tea set above. When pouring water, the guy will pinch a delicate flower to pin it on the edge of the cup.

Where is the savage cave in the primitive jungle? It becomes a theme apartment with original style in minutes.

Dinner is also exquisite!

Xu Xiao went hunting in the morning, and the harvest was not small. He shot several hares and pheasants. There were no mutations, and the meat was normal and had good quality. There was also a small wild boar.

In the evening, I didn’t deal with it casually, and the seasoning was enough. Now there is honey, I made a honey sauce chicken wings, bamboo shoots roasted rabbit meat, pork bone soup, sauce-flavored pork ribs, and boiled prawns.

Because of the fact that the girl with heavy makeup was almost swallowed by a fish, now everyone has a bit of fish, so they don’t eat fish.

One person first comes to a bowl of thick and fresh pork bone soup, and then uses potatoes as the staple food, and eats a mouthful of fragrant.

Especially Zhu Yang, beside him was a glass of juice squeezed out by the original method, with a small decorative umbrella made of bamboo sticks and flowers on it, and he took a couple of sips from time to time.

I don’t know how this tropical rain forest mixes and mixes the game. Species, what I see so far is common, but the climate is not like the place where these species live.

However, it is an indisputable fact that the soil is fertile in the sun, and the fruits are particularly sweet. Zhu Yang likes to drink juice, which is naturally beautiful.

And Xu Xiao only felt that this girl is a person who can live.

He had never seen such a dangerous rain forest, and he was so determined to pursue the quality of life.

I heard Zhu Yang said: “Your game, it’s pretty good. It’s a survival escape, but I care about everything, for fear that we won’t have enough to eat, um! Not bad.”

In a trance, it seemed to hear the sound of vomiting blood again, but it seemed to be slightly different from the sound of a dog than a game.

With enough food and drink, the accommodation conditions and safety guarantee are all up to the next level, everyone is naturally happy.

But the soup tastes delicious at night, so I can’t help but drink more. It’s okay for young people, like the old man, who can’t hold back the night.

So I went to the toilet several times before going to bed.

However, there are traps everywhere outside. For safety, Xu Xiao put a flashlight on the table and asked those who want to go out to bring it with him.

Zhu Yang slept on a piece of soft rabbit skin alone, and the quality of his furry sleep was much higher than that of others.

At night, she seemed to notice that someone was getting up again, but she didn’t care and fell asleep until dawn.

When the dazzling light was shining into the cave at breakfast, everyone woke up and realized that the door of the cave was open.

Obviously someone who went out early in the morning complained dissatisfied that they didn’t know that they would close the door and wake up to sleep. What if something slipped in?

Only when I woke up I got up to wash my face and make breakfast.

The housewife couldn’t help but went out to go to the bathroom. The others in the cave were still sleepy, and then it didn’t take long to hear her screaming from outside.

A few people were agitated, and they flew off in a doze. They ran out of the cave and saw the housewife sitting on the ground, shaking her fingers at a triggered trap.

The trap was a hole dug, covered with spikes cut from bamboo, covered with banana leaves and covered with dead branches and dead leaves.

At this moment, the trap had fallen, and everyone approached and saw a skeleton with scattered flesh and blood hung on it, which was obviously still fresh.

From time to time, an ant passes through the bones and emerges from the eye sockets of the bones, as if squeezing the last bit of meat.

Everyone was shocked, looked at each other, and realized that the nine of them had become eight.

It was the old man who was missing.


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