Scream Queen Chapter 82

The old man was gone, but the clothes that belonged to the old man were intact on the chewed bones.

Xu Xiao went down to explore the bone age of the corpse. It was indeed an old man over half a hundred years old.

The situation is now obvious. It is obvious that the old man came out to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, fell into a trap and was swept away by the ants.

But after seeing the panic over the corpse, it was not so much sympathy for the death of the old man, other people were more worried about whether there was an ant nest hidden here.

I saw ants on the river beach before, but if people persecute them, they don’t. But the tragic death of the old man prevented everyone from being optimistic about that species.

If that thing hits at night-no, you don’t have to wait until night. If there is a shortage of food during the day, the people in the cave will have ready-made food reserves.

As long as the number is right enough and swept in a dense circle from inside, even Xu Xiao may not be able to guarantee the safety of all the staff.

For a while everyone was in panic, but people were used to finding reasons to justify complaining.

So while a few people were whispering, a housewife returned to her soul and complained to the bones of the old man in the pit: “I don’t know what night a person will wake up in the middle of the night. Can he die when he gets old?” \”

\”It must be he who fell and bleeds out and recruited the ants. What can we do if those things are marrow-savoury?\”

Although the others didn’t say so much, they faintly agreed with the housewife.

\”Why did he fall in?\”

\”Is old and dizzy? Maybe those who are confused at night have forgotten the trap.\”

\”This old man is also big-hearted, really think this is his own home? What an accident has happened now?\”

In fact, from the perspective of the reduction in personnel, the old man is too old and has no physical mobility. Not only will no one feel a pity when he is dead, but it is a kind of ease to unload the burden.

With such less than two days of effort, naturally there is no emotion.

Several people complained endlessly, but they heard a sneer from the side: “An accident? I’m afraid it might not happen, right?”

Pointing to the surroundings of this trap: \”Where did the marking bamboo pieces on this side go?\”

The bamboo slices are quite conspicuous. Because Erniu was afraid that someone would miss it, they also found a red juice dyed fruit and dyed the split three-finger wide bamboo slices into a conspicuous purple red.

At this time, when Zhu Yang mentioned it, everyone remembered to look around. As she said, there was no trace of the bamboo along the trap.

I didn’t even see it under the pit.

At first, everyone felt it was an accident. They were worried that the ants would take the initiative to devour people. They didn’t pay much attention.

Now that I have tasted it, there is a chill from the bottom of my heart.

But this is not over yet, Zhu Yang then pointed to a certain part of the skeleton and said: “Brother Xu, what do you see that is?”

She said that Xu Xiao did as well, and opened the place she was pointing at. It was rubbed on the old man’s clothes, and a sticky mark could be seen with the naked eye.

Xu Xiao checked and said to her: “It’s honey!”

There was no surprise on Zhu Yang’s face, and he said: “This is really a coincidence.”

How could this be a coincidence? The fool knew by now that someone deliberately murdered the old man.

First, he threw the trap mark, and then viciously used honey to attract ants. At first glance, it looked like an accident.

The executive standing next to Er Niu and the man with the sharp-mouthed monkey cheek immediately grabbed Er Niu by the neck with a punch.

The physical strength of the two bodies is far worse than that of the Erniu, but they are always adult men, and they are not comfortable under hard work.

After beating several times, they both screamed: “Pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger, right? Just say how busy you are and don’t know how to get tired. The original idea was that?”

The man with the sharp-mouthed monkey gill said: “Bah! It must be him. He wants to kill us so we can pass the level. If you are lucky to kill two, will you hit the pass button?”

\”Unexpectedly, I didn’t expect that you, a farmer who didn’t know the word, really let us stumble. Everyone is fine, but you have a bad heart.\”

The two of them fought and kicked again, and while still taking advantage of the gap, they said to Xu Xiao: “Brother Xu, this person can’t stay, it’s a disaster to stay in the team, it’s better to simply–”

The two cows are used to being honest, not good at words, and because they are ancient grassroots, they are faintly at the bottom of the player group when they enter the game.

Everyone who has heavy work threw it to him by default, and there is no obstacle to it.

At this moment, he was beaten, and he was clumsy and couldn’t catch the gap to defend himself. When faced with the conviction of two people with good eloquence, sentence after sentence, he just kept saying: \”It’s not me, not me. \”

\”Okay!\” Zhu Yang said slowly: \”I was blind just now, but now one by one has become Bao Qingtian, it is really a decisive decision.\”

The executives were a little unwilling to be ridiculed by this sarcasm, and they scorned their necks and said: \”Who else can he have?\”

\”It is him who makes the trap, but who can put honey under.\”

When digging the pit, a few people worked together, but other people didn’t put much effort into it. Most of them were lazy and let Er Niu do it alone.

But you need to pay attention to trapping. Except for Erniu, people who have no hunting experience can do it well. So all the pits are sealed by him. So if anyone puts honey underneath, there really is none except him. other people.

But Zhu Yang pointed to the bones of the old man: \”The honey was not at the bottom of the pit from the beginning. Look at his pocket and the bitten leaves next to it. It was obvious that someone had stuffed it into his pocket.\”

Xu Xiao also turned the old man’s pocket again, lifted the skeleton again, and checked the traces below.

They nodded to Zhu Yang above, “Yes, there are the remains of honeycomb oar shells and leaf fragments in their pockets. Who should have wrapped the leaves with honey and threw them into his pocket.”

He said again: \”I just opened him and took a look. There was no honey at the bottom of the pit.\”

Everyone listened to Zhu Yang again: “Of course it couldn’t have been in the trap at the beginning. When I brought the honey back, the trap was sealed early, and I had already started to sprinkle leaves on it.”

This result made the executives and the sharp-mouthed monkey’s cheeks a little uncomfortable, but they loosened the two cows, but they still squinted their necks and said: “That’s not the initial setting, it might be him.”

\”Of course, but in my opinion, the suspicion between you two is much greater than him.\”

The two of them were startled, and said quickly: \”Don’t talk nonsense, can this be a joke?\”

Zhu Yang smiled: \”If I remember correctly, the two cows went out to go to the bathroom once after dinner and before going to bed, and they were still with you two, but you two had more times than him.\”

\”In other words, he has been under the eyes of others, and there is basically no chance to destroy the mark of the trap. It is you two—\”

Her unfinished intention was obvious, and the two hurriedly waved to deny.

Pointy Mouth Monkey Gill took the lead: “I have only been out twice, once with the three of us, and the other with him.”

He pointed to the executive: \”He went there three times, and I didn’t see it the other time.\”

Seeing the suspicion, the executive suddenly said that he was on him, and he quickly found someone to prove it: “Then I didn’t come out alone at that time, I was with Mei Mao.”

They are talking about women with heavy makeup. Although the two of them had a catfish panic by the river during the day, they did not dare to mess around everywhere, but it was okay to go to the bathroom together.

After the executive proved himself, he pointed to the housewife and Xiao Shizi and said: “Why don’t you talk about them?”

Xu Xiao said, “Little brother Wei has been with me. As for the eldest sister, she didn’t go out because of fear.”

She had a deep memory of being bitten by a mosquito before watching it.

The executive pointed at Zhu Yang again: \”Speaking so vigorously, what about you?\”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows and said: “Me? I have no proof.”

He said that everyone gathered their eyes on her, and their eyes became subtle.

I heard her extremely arrogant: \”But if I want to kill you, I need to go in this circle?\”

\”As long as you avoid Brother Xu, it takes only five minutes to kill all of you. This counts your escape time. Count for yourself from the day before yesterday to now, how many chances did I have?\”

Her defiant appearance is really annoying, but she dared not say anything. The most overwhelming thing is that when she said this, Xu Xiao also nodded to express the truthfulness of her words——

\”Well! Indeed, because you want to kill everyone and raise your hand, even if you face me, I dare not say that you can keep everyone.\”

Because Zhu Yang’s current speed, power, and knife skills seemed to be just the tip of the iceberg in Xu Xiao’s eyes, not to mention that she had other cards.

So Zhu Yang happily concluded: \”So the current situation is that Brother Xu and I are the two lowest suspects, and although you have obtained an alibi for the time being, it is just putting your suspects in average value.\”

\”Eat breakfast first. During this period, no one is allowed to make eye contact or make eye contact. Once found, he will be treated as the highest suspicion. After eating, he will slowly sort out the matter.\”

The people couldn’t bear her suddenly becoming the warden, but they treated everyone as prisoners, and they wanted to express their dissatisfaction right now.

But Xu Xiao, the only reliable one of them, said: \”Yes, just go ahead and eat first.\”

It seems to agree with this idea.

In the previous two days, when they showed a force far beyond their abilities, everyone didn’t feel much, but when they really encountered a situation, the gap between the other party and himself came out.

People with big fists really have such consistent thinking patterns, and only they can regard their situation as equal.

But once something goes wrong, the other party can decide everything alone, without thinking about everyone’s opinions.

Then the two ignored what everyone thought, and Zhu Yang asked Xu Xiao to look for other clues in the trap.

It really made Xu Xiao pull out a slap-sized notebook in the old man’s trouser pocket. Those ants were also tricky, they were all chewing on their meat, but the clothes were somewhat damaged. It seemed quite picky.

Zhu Yang took the book and turned over the insider, but didn’t mean to tell other people the content.

A few people could only silently light the fire, cook the food, and Zhu Yang slowly washed his face and brushed his teeth.

Toothpaste and toothbrushes are not available, but there is a wicker-like plant found here. After chewing the branches, small soft strips will appear on the fracture, which is similar to the touch of the bristles of a toothbrush. It can be used as a toothbrush.

And Xu Xiao simply washed and sat on the stage at the entrance of the cave, watching the people present, really supervising.

Everyone didn’t dare to say a word to avoid suspicion.

It’s just that Xu Xiao, as a guide, for Zhu Yang-no, not so much accommodating Zhu Yang, but rather conforming to the trend of disputes between their newcomers.

He acts as a guide and protector throughout the whole process, but there is always a kind of side view, and after their disputes are resolved, he will follow the trend.

It’s just that Zhu Yang has the upper hand every time, so it seems that he has been listening to her.

After having had breakfast, Zhu Yang separated everyone and asked them to enter the cave for ‘interrogation’.

When it was the first turn, everyone looked at each other, but Wei Jiangli said happily: “I’m first.”

After saying that, they entered the cave with Zhu Yang. The cave door was not closed, but everyone was asked to stand far away and could not hear what was said inside.

The interrogation was conducted by Xu Xiao. He had a long military career and later became a mercenary. Although he is good at combat, he still has basic interrogation skills.

But he didn’t expect that Zhu Yang, a layman, could keep up with his rhythm.

That’s not right. To be more accurate, it was his interrogation that was the main one. Zhu Yang would ask one or two questions that seemed irrelevant but definitely made people respond to interesting questions from time to time.

It can be seen that she has a certain idea of ​​certain things in her heart, so she makes an analogy.

When he asked about the family status and membership structure of everyone, although there was no way to verify this, as long as this is not a person with a liar and a strong psychological quality, under Xu Xiao’s high pressure and fast pace, as well as repeated inquiries, it is easy to lie. Bare feet.

Although everyone is unclear about why these questions are asked, after all, they are separated from reality as soon as they enter the game, and the motives for killing cannot be measured according to the network of reality.

But Zhu Yang’s hard-line attitude doesn’t care about their opinions. You have to answer what you ask. If you don’t want to answer, and you can’t win the trust of others to remove the suspicion, then don’t blame them for expelling the team.

After all, no one wants to have a guy standing next to him who might push you from behind.

In this jungle, no one except Xu Xiao and Zhu Yang can live alone.

Through Xu Xiao’s questions, Zhu Yang sorted out the general life of these people in reality.

When he asked about the family structure of Xiao Shizi, he learned that his parents are still alive. Besides him, there is a younger brother and a younger sister.

Zhu Yang has been paying attention to the subtle changes in his expression, and suddenly asked: “How is your relationship with your younger siblings?”

Wei Jiangli was taken aback, but there was no ups and downs in his emotions: “Just like that.”

But Zhu Yang’s next question changed his expression: “You and your younger siblings are not the same father and the same mother? Given that you are a world son, the possibility of a different biological father is relatively low, so your current mother is a continuation?”

\”You—\” Wei Jiangli’s expression was shocked and complicated, but in the next second he shrugged his shoulders, and did not deliberately conceal information about some things.

However, Zhu Yang didn’t go deep after asking a few questions. Wei Jiangli seemed to be fully conscious but abruptly finished. When he came out, he nodded his head.

Then the others went in in turn, asking questions similar to Xiaoshizi’s pattern.

Zhu Yang still inserts some seemingly spontaneous questions from time to time.

It’s like a housewife complaining that her husband is too useless, and when her son is too naughty, Zhu Yang suddenly asked: “Do you still have a child in your family?”

The housewife was taken aback: \”Well, how do you know?\”

\”You just said that your son likes to play pachinko machines, and he ran the store without looking at it. The boss borrows money and he buys coins to play, but you have to redeem it with the money. During the period, he scolded even a younger brother to watch Can’t live.\”

Looking at the housewife, she said with a smile: “People who live together, even if they don’t deliberately mention it, they will inevitably reveal their existence between the lines. Why did you say that you only have one child when you asked about your family status?”

The housewife’s face changed, and then she smiled awkwardly: “Hey, this is not a glorious thing, just my husband. When I was married, I was second marriage, leaving a daughter to follow him in front.”

\”But you also know the suffering of being a stepmother. The little girl thinks of her own mother and treats me as an enemy, and the relationship is not good.\”

She explained this, Zhu Yang was also not commenting, asked a few more questions, and let her leave.

When it was the turn of the girl with heavy makeup, Zhu Yang was not interested in her family structure. After asking the regular questions, he smiled and said: \”You and that woman were by the river before.\”

\”To be honest, I’m on your side, what age is it, it’s normal to love men and women, girls have the right to control their bodies, and only those who use chastity as a bargaining chip/dog/female/slave can grow up Put that **** on her lips, and besides, her life is in danger. She only cares about girls being ashamed. Are you sick?\”

The speech that scratched the other side’s itch really won the approval of the girl with heavy makeup, and she nodded and said: \”Yes, yes, I think so too. I kneel and behave on my own, and I am embarrassed to accuse others. What the **** would I like? It’s her shit.\”

In an instant, it felt like a young girl had the same three views.

Zhu Yang continued to fan the flames and said: “They are all college students, I can understand your thoughts, you are right, but these middle-aged aunts are too lazy to take a look at her all day long to pick the corner ticket in the vegetable basket. If you leave school, This kind of nosy **** was beaten to death long ago.\”

\”There is a girl like this in our school, she has her feet all day long, but she still likes to be nosy, and then someone helped her to become famous, and the whole dormitory was crowded out for the whole grade.\”

The girl with heavy makeup smiled and said: \”Ah? You have this kind of **** in your school? Then you are good to talk. In our place, I don’t know that we just ignored her and didn’t force her to jump off the building. \”

After a few more conversations, the girl with heavy makeup was also released.

Xu Xiao took a sip from the cup in his hand, and said, “The girl is terrible.”

I don’t know who it is referring to.

As for the executives, the sharp-mouthed monkey gills and the Erniu, Zhu Yang did not have any significant surprise problems.

But let Xu Xiao focus on whether there were disputes before they entered the country.

Except for the executives admitting that there are inevitably conflicts at work, the sharp-mouthed monkey swears from heaven to earth, saying that he was in the hospital and wanted to make trouble with others.

Er Niu said that he was hunting in the mountains, and there was no chance of conflict with others.

After everyone’s interrogation took turns, Zhu Yang didn’t rush out to announce the result, even Xu Xiao saw that she was not combing the testimony just now.

Instead, he opened the two relics found on the old man, a small notebook, and a keychain wearing several pendants.

The pendants on the keychain are quite naive, a bit like a child’s headdress and so on. They are quite complicated and should be given to him by his granddaughter.

Zhu Yang opened a pendant inlaid with photos. Inside was a photo of a little girl, who appeared to be his granddaughter.

When I opened the small book, it actually recorded the record of what sweets and snacks he gave the children on X year X month X day.

Xu Xiao also took the past and flipped it over. Seeing that there were no clues, he smiled and said: “This old man and the child have a good relationship.”

Zhu Yang shrugged: \”Who said no?\”

After everyone had asked for a round, they didn’t say who the murderer was or who was most suspected.

Everyone was generally relieved, and it was good not to be suspected, but at the same time there was a murderer waiting for an opportunity among them, which was also horrifying.

At this time, someone asked Zhu Yang with dissatisfaction: “As a result, everyone was tried as a prisoner, and nothing was found?”

Zhu Yang looked at the questioning person with a faint smile: \”This shows that my judgment requires a rigorous basis of facts, and I will not rashly wrong people.\”

\”If you really want a suspect, can I testify against you?\”

That person’s face changed, and now the whole team can almost be said to be Zhu Yang’s words, but as long as she says who is suspected, it is easy for others to believe, not to mention that this guy has a sharp mouth and throws you a bit of suspicion that you can’t argue. Can’t do it.

Then he dared not talk too much.

At this time, Zhu Yang walked to the corner of the cave, where there was a pile of twine, a plant fiber peeled off from the bark found by Er Niu.

Seeing that she was watching, Er Niu scratched his head and said: \”I want to twist some rope out. Although the quality is not comparable to that of Brother Xu, this thing is enough to tie everything together. The rattan is not strong after all. .\”

Zhu Yang nodded: “No, it’s more useful. How long have you been rubbing here?”

Erniu said: \”Yesterday I wanted to rub the herbs after smoking, but suddenly remembered doing traps, so I dropped half of it. Today I continue rubbing.\”

Zhu Yang stopped paying attention to this, and suddenly asked: \”Who inserted the tag yesterday?\”

The executives and the sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks said they were the two, but they just smashed the bamboo into the soil, nothing special.

Then Zhu Yang seemed to have read this article and stopped mentioning it.

Someone scatters dirt to bury the bones of the old man, not only the bones, but other people feel that this has never happened, so they even fill in the trap.

Anyway, the beast didn’t prevent it, but it killed people. The poor trap that was dug for a long time yesterday was filled with the hula la la.

Only Xu Xiao, who was on the sidelines, turned his mind and seemed to understand something, but seeing Zhu Yang like this, he was naturally more of a okay person.

Zhu Yang ignored it, as if he had committed another hypocrisy, let Xu Xiao check if the cave could be widened.

Xu Xiao said: \”Yes, yes, this piece is a monolith, but what do you want to do?\”

Zhu Yang took it for granted: \”Of course I want a single room. I have already been two nights. Can’t let me sleep in the same room with so many people? Some people snoring, I don’t have to count. ?\”

Snoring housewife, Erniu, sharp-mouthed monkey cheek: \”…\”

Xu Xiao really wanted to surrender with these sisters, but I was also idle, and the food was still sufficient. I don’t need to go out today, so I can help her.

Then Zhu Yang saw that he took out a military shovel from the space, and that shovel also had the same origin as the dagger.

I saw Xu Xiao dug out two small rooms less than ten square meters in two different directions in the cave just like digging tofu.

Short is shorter, but it’s almost taller alone, and it doesn’t hinder the movement.

Although the others were reluctant, they could only help carry baskets of dug stones.

A few hours later, a cave was expanded into two bedrooms and one hall. After cleaning it up, two more bedrooms were added after decoration.

Zhu Yang took Xu Xiao’s shovel, tut, admired, and said: \”You can have strength. Although this shovel is easy to use, you don’t have the arm and physical strength. You have to kneel after digging for a while.\”

Xu Xiao could see it, this guy’s eyes are poisonous, and things are good or bad at a glance.

Quickly took back the shovel: \”This thing is expensive.\”

Although they are all ordinary military props, no matter how ordinary things are, it depends on the materials, right? His shovel can be used as a tool, if it is tunnel warfare or trapping, it will only be done in twos. It can also be used as a weapon, capable of offensive or defensive, and its lethality is not comparable to swords.

Although it looks ordinary, it is more expensive than some fancy swords in the game space.

Zhu Yang pouted and gave up the robbery.

He also heard Xu Xiao going out to beat a tiger and leopard, his name said: “The conditions are here, why don’t I make it better.”

He said to Zhu Yang again: “I’ll help you dig the bedroom and you will help me decorate it later.”

Zhu Yang laughed: \”I thought you were a person who would sink into bed after a long sleep.\”

Xu Xiao sneered: “Sleeping on a hard bed doesn’t mean that I won’t enjoy it. The house in my game space is still not small. When will I entertain you?”

What he said changed Zhu Yang’s expression and suddenly thought of the worst possible.

If this game and the dog game are in the ring-in-the-ring relationship, wouldn’t she be able to go back after this one?

If you let her go to that game space and complete the final achievements of the game step by step, she will be put back to reality. Although the reality is only one second past according to the rules of the dog than the game, when and how long can she see her parents and brother Lu Datou?

Xu Xiao thought she was unhappy about the game. It was true that few people were happy at first, so she just let her go hunting and relax.

Wei Jiangli had to follow after hearing it. He claimed to have learned boxing skills, but to Zhu Yang and the others, he was a three-legged cat.

But the physical strength is good, and the body shape is flexible, and the two of them agreed without worrying about the burden.

Others are a little dissatisfied with the two of them leaving at the same time, but how can they be controlled by others? We weighed whether it is safer and easier to go deep in the forest or in a cave.

The rest chose to stay in the cave.

Zhu Yang understood that Xu Xiao went to the depths of the jungle, saying it was to spread his fur, that was a joke.

As long as customs clearance is involved, there are evaluation levels, especially if there are different strengths in a team, if a group of people rely on Xu Xiao’s protection to pass the customs all the way, then his rewards will definitely not be the same as others.

Therefore, triggering a challenge can be regarded as one of the ways to improve the evaluation. Although it is accompanied by a certain degree of danger, although Xu Xiao is low-key, he is not a conservative person who acts for stability.

Another purpose-

Just as Zhu Yang thought, put that group of guys there, the trust in the group is completely broken at this moment, and the murderer is hiding in the middle, which needs to be guarded. Without the high pressure of them, let it ferment. There are other gains.

It’s just that I don’t know if Xiao Shizi insists on following, whether he has tasted the three flavors, or is simply chasing the strong.

No matter which one is the same, you can stand up against other players.

I don’t know if the time to enter the game is short. At this stage, the main word is the reason for the survival period. The game has not arranged for them to hold back the big move.

Zhu Yang thinks that the danger of this game is far more than that they encounter these kinds of mutant creatures now.

Sure enough, you can’t think about this kind of thing, think about it, you will be easily beaten.

They walked for a long time, and as expected they found the traces of the tiger under a small hill, and waited there for a while, only to see a big tiger with hanging eyes coming back.

Much sturdier than ordinary tigers, but there should be no variation, and not as big as the rabbits that Zhu Yang hunted yesterday.

In the game, there is no animal protection. Xu Xiao didn’t use a gun. He overcame the tiger three or two times, letting blood out with one knife, and he liked to mention a tiger skin.

I took another tiger bone and tiger meat, which I can take back and try to make it and eat it.

There is water everywhere in the jungle, and there is a big puddle near the hunting tiger. It is said that the puddle is nearly ten meters wide. It should be formed by accumulated water on rainy days.

Xu Xiao shaved his fur right here and started washing tiger skins.

In the middle of the wash, he saw him pull the tiger skin in his hand and jumped up and backed back several steps.

Immediately afterwards, Zhu Yang and the others saw dozens of egg-sized objects jumping out of the water, bouncing flexibly at the edge of the puddle. If they couldn’t get out of the water, they probably jumped directly onto the shore.

Xu Xiao himself escaped those things, but it was inevitable that there were several on the tiger skin.

He moved fast, stepped on it one by one, and shook his force against the puddle with the tiger skin, and then threw the thing on the white back.

It turned out to be a group of leeches!

It’s just that the leech is not only big, but it’s still waiting to jump? When hiding in the bottom of a puddle before, it looked like black pebbles, and suddenly it was impossible to guard against.

Fortunately, it was Xu Xiao.

Zhu Yang and the others looked at the tiger carcass being thrown by the pond, and the leech that jumped up quickly got into the flesh as soon as it touched.

The speed is so fast that it makes the scalp numb.

The three got up: \”Forget it, go to the river to wash, the sun will soon go down.\”

It’s okay to encounter a beast at night, and encounter this kind of disgusting and disgusting species, no matter how awesome the master is, it is impossible to guard against.

But they just got up, when a chilling wind hit, Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao reflexively jumped back.

Zhu Yang dragged away the youngest son by the way.

After standing still, the crown of Xiao Shizi’s hair was directly cut off to half of it, and the expensive gold inlaid jade ornaments fell to the ground, his hair also fell off, and even a strand of it has been cut.

If this is an inch away, the top of his head will have to be cut off.

Xiao Shizi’s face turned pale, and the cold sweat suddenly came down.

The three of them looked up, and there was a giant praying mantis standing opposite.

The mantis was the size of an adult, but its huge size didn’t affect its agility. It stood light and had plenty of energy. Just by looking at this slight shaking, you could tell how fast it was moving.

The two huge sickle-like arms seemed to be shining coldly in the sun.

With a wave of its arm, a tree surrounded by two people was divided into two. The cut was neat and smooth, showing its power.

Zhu Yang pushed Xiao Shizi far away and said: \”Go and hide behind the stone.\”

So they confronted the mantis head-on with Xu Xiao.

Zhu Yang was holding a dagger from where Xu Xiao came around in his hand, and Xu Xiao holding an ordnance shovel in his hand. This kind of animal that is too agile is not suitable for use with a gun. The body couldn’t resist it with a sickle, but there was no defense.

Zhu Yang’s sword skills are really good, but they only drew a tie with the mantis, and they had to be distracted to deal with Xu Xiao.

The sound of metal crashing made people’s teeth sour, but the pace of fighting was so fast that people couldn’t fully respond.

At this time, Zhu Yang’s physical disadvantages came out. She had little fighting experience, and the blessing of knife skills made people use their physical fitness better than ordinary players.

Compared with the praying mantis, which fights with other animals in the jungle every day to fight for food and survival resources, the hunting method is clean and without a trace of extra action. It is simply a natural fighting expert.

Zhu Yang even had the illusion that he was fighting the praying mantis, one of the five heroes in Kung Fu Panda. After less than two minutes, he had to switch from offensive to defensive and was robbed of the dominance of the fighting rhythm.

Xu Xiao wasn’t much better there, but his shovel defensive ability was much higher than that of daggers, so he still had more power for the time being.

Seeing that he couldn’t take down the mantis by force, Zhu Yang didn’t bother with it. It was important to save her life. She had at least one arm and a broken leg if it was chopped with a sickle.

Then the mantis saw that her figure suddenly changed into several, and three more slashed from the back and the left and right sides.

Mantis was startled, and immediately mobilized his reaction to the limit. The shadow of his sickle arm danced, and he wanted to resist these waves of attacks at the same time.

But he didn’t expect that the sickle was swung empty, and the rhythm was chaotic for a moment under inertia. At this moment, Zhu Yang hidden his body shape and stabbed it into its abdomen.

But after the poking, she quickly avoided, and half of it did not stay. Sure enough, the next moment the mantis’s sickle she avoided swung past her position.

Then the green blood came out. No matter how terrible the praying mantis was, he knew that he couldn’t fall in love after being seriously injured, so he looked at the two of them unwillingly and ran away quickly.

The two dared not chase rashly. Who knows if this thing is targeted at family members? A few more will be enough.

Xu Xiao put away the ordnance shovel and glanced at Zhu Yang. Her fake action just now was not clever, and the mantis’s reaction was also strange. It must not be the reason for the figure skills.

But what is certain is that the mantis was defeated because of her.

What a terrible newcomer!

Seeing that this is not a place to stay for a long time, the two called out Xiao Shizi and planned to go back together.

Xiao Shizi’s hair is loose, and now he has to pick up a wooden stick. He feels ashamed that his embarrassment is useless.

Zhu Yang was about to comfort him as long as he faced difficulties in the game, he was sure to become stronger-because those who did not become stronger were dead.

Suddenly a huge bird egg fell in front of them.

It turned out that it was in the bird’s nest above a big tree that was just cut off by their fighting.

The bird’s egg is huge, the widest part is almost two meters in diameter, and it is more than two meters high. Is this Nima a dinosaur egg?

As I was thinking about knocking around, I heard a click, and the egg shell cracked.

Zhu Yang quickly withdrew his hand, a subconscious reaction of breaking the vase when he was a child to blame Zhu Weixin——

\”not me!\”


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