Scream Queen Chapter 83

When Zhu Yang said the three words “it’s not me”, fortunately, Zhu Weixin was not here.

I am afraid that only he can taste the sadness contained in these three words and his growth path.

How many beats are you counting?

However, Xu Xiao and Wei Jiangli didn’t have the protection in their eyes when they saw her. They made the accusation of’Isn’t you or who’, and they firmly didn’t mean to take the blame for her.

Following the eyebrow lawsuit of several people, there was another crack in the eggshell, and the movement from inside was faintly felt.

Wei Jiangli was pushed back, Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao looked at the huge egg with caution.

Although the mutant species that I saw in the jungle at this moment are still within the familiar range for the time being. And the cubs are generally not lethal.

But who knows what perverted settings the game has done? What if it is not a bird but a snake, or a cruel creature that needs to eat a lot when it breaks its shell?

With more and more gaps in the eggshell, the breath of the three of them became lighter and lighter, and they were full of curiosity at the creatures about to break out of their shells.

Then, finally, a hole was completely punctured in the middle of the eggshell, revealing a bird’s nail from the inside.

After the nail was stretched out, it didn’t retract, and then pulled to the side, and soon the whole paw was exposed.

The size of the paw is larger than that of an adult man’s foot, but the color is immature, but it is certain that it is not a snake.

A claw that came out seemed to have temporarily exhausted the strength of the (small) life inside. It didn’t move for the time being, and it seemed to be ready to accumulate a wave of force to start a new round of shelling.

Zhu Yang picked up the eggshell fragments scattered around. This thing was too thick, nearly three centimeters thick. It can be seen that even if it has just hatched, it is already very strong.

Seeing that the sky was here, Zhu Yang was impatient to wait for it to be completely broken, so he stretched out his hand at Xu Xiao: “Lend me the shovel.”

Of course Xu Xiao knew what she meant, so he took the ordnance shovel out of the space and handed it to her.

Zhu Yang took the shovel and made a circle against the edge of the eggshell. When the ordnance shovel was made, it was estimated that it came from the direction of the weapon. The circle of the shovel head is thin and sharp. The mark left by a sharp knife is dull.

Zhu Yang estimated the thickness of the eggshell and cut the top circle of the eggshell neatly, just like diamond cutting glass.

A refreshing sound of cutting sounded, and then Zhu Yang tapped the eggshell with the shovel head, and the ring of the neatly cut spire slid off and fell to the ground.

The three of them saw the true face of the Lushan creature inside, and a huge version of the little yellow chicken appeared in their sight, with some mucus from the eggshell on its body.

It is different from the shabby chick that has just hatched in reality. Perhaps the reason is too huge. It is already full of soft yellow hair at the moment.

It was cute, with an orange beak, a few dull hairs on the top of his head that were longer than elsewhere, and Black Doudou’s eyes were blank and innocent.

Zhu Yang immediately became happy: “Oh, I just want to eat chicken stewed with mushrooms. The previous pheasant soup is good, the meat is still a bit old, this one is absolutely tender.”

Two steps closer to the eggshell to measure: “This is so big and enough to eat for a long time.”

After speaking, he felt that his face was rubbed, Zhu Yang lowered his head and saw that it was the little yellow chicken.

A pair of eyes are not at a loss at this moment, as if they have found something, and they don’t know what they are happy about, they just keep rubbing their heads against Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang was silent for a long time. Anyone with common sense should know that the stuff that just broke the shell is full of mucus.

In other words, Zhu Yang’s back and forth a few times, his face was confused by the slime unsuspectingly.

She lifted her hand and slapped the bird’s head: \” Rub your chicken head, when you are very clean? Your father, I just gave me two sets of clothes, oh, let me go, this is disgusting.\”

It’s better than the black and yellow slime on the face of False Sadako. The chicken slime is transparent and tasteless.

But the slimy touch was really disgusting to her.

The little yellow chicken was dizzy with a slap, like a circle of stars dancing in place around his head.

Its whole egg swayed in place like a tumbler, and after recovering, its **** eyes looked at Zhu Yang aggrievedly, and even cautiously wanted to stretch out her beak and poke her.

The only pet that Zhu Yang has ever raised in her life is Zhu Weixin. Zhu Weixin is a talking two-legged beast. She can express her feelings. Naturally, she has no experience with the body language of animals.

Turning around and greeted the two people: “Quickly, slaughter, close the shell and drag it back, I will wipe my clothes.”

Before they finished speaking, they saw the eyes of the two looking at her, a look that accuses her of her cold-blooded and ruthless humanity.

Zhu Yang furiously: “What’s wrong?”

Xu Xiao stepped up: “Is people treating you as a mother? How do you treat your newborn baby like this?”

Wei Jiangli also said: “I have never seen a baby bird break its shell, and I also know that someone just got close to you, but it turns out that they get beaten up. Some people have a black heart.”

Pointed to the baby bird again: \”If this is calculated according to the person, it has just been born, right? The newborn baby can be slapped, tusk!\”

Zhu Yang was so cold-blooded by the left and right sentence that he immediately quit: “There are more people who want to recognize me as a father. I want to agree with them all. Now there are groups of early children.”

\”You two give me less nonsense. Take it back together and don’t need you to raise it, right? I don’t even bother to raise a flat-haired beast at home, but now I can’t eat my own food and still take care of this?\”

Survival in the jungle is naturally not here to collect pets, but the mutant species encountered along the way are so unfriendly. When you encounter one that is so close, there is always a sense of contrast.

Xu Xiao said: “It’s not just trouble, right? You see its hair is so soft, it must be comfortable to sleep on a cushion. If it grows fast, it can also help catch nearby snakes, insects, rats and ants, which can save a lot of things.”

Co-authoring really treats people like chickens.

Zhu Yang pondered for a moment, her mouth was stubborn, but even though Gangna Mantis had escaped, she might not come back.

There was another beast nearby, and the egg fell down due to their fighting. If they just walked like this, there would be only a dead end to leave such a freshly broken cub here.

The mutant species in the jungle seem to be hostile to humans, and it is possible that this one grows up and becomes their rival.

But the squishy softness with endless admiration, Zhu Yang is not so angry, it is a rare incompetence.

This is different from the younger brother. The game will end when it is over. This thing obviously treats her as a mother.

After struggling for a long time, finally decided to move this huge little yellow chicken back.

Fortunately, its eggshell is arc-shaped, and it is not too troublesome to drag it with a rope with their strength.

Because of Xu Xiaoqiu, Zhu Yang asked him to pull the cart in front, while sitting on the edge of the eggshell, enjoying the convenience of a rickshaw.

The little yellow chicken was dragged along the way, and the’mother’ sat next to him again, so happy, she rubbed Zhu Yang from time to time along the way, making a crisp chick.

Zhu Yang also confessed to Xiao Shizi: \”Pick up the top of the eggshell that was cut off. It happens to be a fruit plate, and it also adds elements to my bedroom.\”

Wei Jiangli: \”……\”

I knew she would scream!

When they returned to the camp, everyone saw that they picked up a chicken. One was their strange behavior, and the other was the chicken’s huge size.

This shell is so big, what exactly is it like? Doesn’t it cover the sky and sun when flying?

The sharp-mouthed monkey grinned and touched his cheek immediately: “Oh, is this the extra meal you brought back?”

Before he could touch it, he was quickly pecked by the chicken. The chicken looked like it had just broken its shell, and was so fat, unexpectedly fast but extremely agile.

The pecking action was so fast and so that most people couldn’t react, but the sharp-billed monkey gill actually reacted and quickly avoided it.

It can be seen that its hand speed is also unmatched by ordinary people, but this has not attracted most people’s attention.

The quick counterattack of chicks against strangers shows that their aggressive nature is completely different from ordinary chickens.

But he was very sticky to Zhu Yang. After running away, he stretched his head in his mother’s arms.

Zhu Yang liked this aggressive temper. While rubbing the dull hair of the little yellow chicken, she glanced at the people in the camp.

It seems that the three of them have gone out this afternoon, and there has been a dispute here, at least one big fight.

Because at this time, it seems that the people are divided into two groups, one is the executives and women with heavy makeup, and the other is the sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks and the housewives. Both sides ignore each other and look at each other with disgust.

Only Er Niu looked embarrassed and didn’t know where to put his hands. It seemed that there was no partiality, but he made neither of them human.

No matter who Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao were, they turned a blind eye to the atmosphere, as if they hadn’t noticed.

Xu Xiao said: “I’m going to wash tiger skins by the river, who of you is going to have dinner?”

Zhu Yang said: “Help me catch two buckets of small fish and shrimps and come back and feed this ancestor.”

While talking, he flicked the beak of the little yellow chicken. The little yellow chicken happily rubbed her hand as if he knew it was talking about it.

No matter how bad the atmosphere is, under the high pressure of the two mountains, Xu Xiao and Zhu Yang, everyone dare not make their tempers so much that they will not do anything.

So for a while, the fire that made the fire, the boiling water of the water, got busy for the supper.

Zhu Yang first made people boil a pot of hot water, poured the little yellow chicken out of the shell, and wiped the mucus off her body with a cloth towel, and Xiao Shizi helped her wipe it together.

There were several cracks in the middle of the huge eggshell, and a hole was poked out, but it was cut off, and it was intact along the bottom. Zhu Yang washed it with hot water and wiped it dry, and soft grass was placed inside. Make it a nest.

After busy surviving, Xu Xiao also washed the tiger belt and returned with two buckets of small fish. Zhu Yang put the fish in front of the small yellow chicken.

This guy is now clean, the moisture wiped from the towel has long since evaporated, and his body is soft and fluffy.

Seeing Zhu Yang found food for her, she arched her head happily and then immersed herself in bitterness.

Generally, birds that have just broken their shells have no ability to feed, and females feed them directly with their beaks.

But this little yellow chicken showed a strong survival instinct when it broke its shell. Not only did it know to attack strangers, it would also eat by itself. The foot is still unsteady, Zhu Yang just tried to make it stand.

When the little yellow chicken was full, he squatted next to his mother without leaving a step, rubbing it with his soft fluff from time to time, very happy.

It was the housewife’s turn to cook this meal. The executives and women with heavy make-up had just pinched so hard, they still have to work together now.

The sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks had nothing to do, Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao didn’t want to pay attention to him, and Xiao Shizi could feel his contempt for him.

Seeing the herbs that Er Niu picked back before fiddling with them, he leaned forward: “What is the use of these grasses? You teach me to recognize them. It is also useful to leave the wilderness in the future.”

Er Niu didn’t hide his own personalities, so he pointed to the same way: “This is a mosquito repellent, it looks a bit different from ours, but if you smell it, the mosquitoes are definitely not willing to approach.”

I took another small plant that exudes a foul smell of fermented feces. “This is the opposite. Have you noticed that some grasses are near the mosquitoes that tend to attract groups of mosquitoes?”

\”Yes, yes!\” The sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks hurriedly said: \”I only know mosquito repellent, and there are mosquitoes?\”

The second cow said: \”I will only pick one and come back. You recognize it. If you see this kind of grass from a distance, avoid it. The mosquitoes here are always scary.\”

The sharp-mouthed monkey nodded repeatedly, and picked up another herb: “What is this again?”

\”This is Fanxieye, the main effect of venting heat is stagnant, here is sultry, it may be useful, but it should be used with caution, this thing is similar to croton, it is domineering.\”

The sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks are taught again and again.

Zhu Yang gave Xiao Shizi his mobile phone to make fun of him. This guy and the little yellow chicken had a lot of fun together. The little yellow chicken seemed to be very interested in the special effects of the little chicken.

From time to time, he would stretch his beak and touch it lightly, but he did not peck the screen carefully. It was just that Xiao Shizi managed to pass the level at the last step, but he was repeatedly troubled by this guy and failed.

Zhu Yang watched them play casually, but focused on Erniu’s herbal explanation class.

Occasionally, he glanced quietly at his simple looks, and his heart was full of playfulness.

Soon after the meal was ready, everyone began to eat around the fire.

In fact, they wanted to eat in the cave, but Zhu Yang did not allow all kinds of messy smells to appear in the enclosed space.

For dinner, the leftover chicken bones will be boiled with wild mushroom chicken soup. The taste is also delicious.

The housewife wanted to serve a second bowl after drinking all night, but the sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks quickly helped her serve the soup and said: “You just say it. Where does it need to go around such a big circle? My arms are not too tired.”

A few people quarreled in the afternoon, and the housewife and the sharp-mouthed monkey gill were on the same front. Naturally, they had to make a solid alliance posture.

The housewife naturally accepted the enthusiasm of the sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks, and the executives and the women with heavy makeup, even more so, actually fed each other.

From time to time, I looked at them proudly. You two can hug each other so well, so try to see if it can be so?

Stunned the housewife half to death.

After eating, packing up things and washing, they went back to their rooms to sleep.

Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao now have their own small single rooms, so they are naturally more comfortable, but at this moment, Zhu Yang’s room not only has to sleep with himself, but also has to put a fat chicken cub, which suddenly seems a lot of pressure.

She put the chicken coop made of eggshells on the side of her rabbit skin bed and warned: “Don’t turn over? It’s so pressing that I want you to look good.”

But the little yellow chicken was not happy to sleep alone in the henhouse, so he dared to crawl out of the eggshell with a sway of his body, to drill down to Zhu Yang, and wanted to sleep in his mother’s arms.

Zhu Yang watched it tossingly for a long time, grabbed it by its dull hair, and scolded it: \”Do you use a handkerchief as a quilt? It’s bigger than two of your fathers, so I am embarrassed to shrink from me? \”

\”叽!\” The little yellow chicken yelled at her crisply, expressing his determination not to move.

Zhu Yang could only persuade herself over and over again that this is a two-meter-high baby, even if it is two meters high, it is still a baby. After reading it over a dozen times, he didn’t kick it out of the wall.

She glanced at the shell that was abandoned by it. The shell was actually quite large, almost two meters in diameter, about the same as the one-meter-eight-size bed in the house. With this addition, the room suddenly appeared so narrow.

Zhu Yang simply put the whole eggshell that she used to make the mattress into the eggshell, flatten the eggshell, padded the eggshell with rabbit skin, and pushed the eggshell to the corner of the wall, taking a few larger stones to the side. After stopping, a simple circular nest bed was made.

Not to mention, it’s really more comfortable than flat ones. Then he threw the little fat chicken back into the eggshell, crawled in, and fell asleep with its furry body on its pillow.

The little yellow chicken had its mother next to it in its shell. It was naturally full of security. He chuckled in excitement, rubbed Zhu Yang, and fell asleep soon.

Although the treatment of Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao in the single room made the others unfair, who made them not have the ability to call people back and forth? I didn’t have the ability to dig such a big stone pit, so I had to squeeze the stone cave outside, but it was all pretty good, at least it could shelter from wind and rain.

Xiao Shizi didn’t know what method was used, so Xu Xiao agreed to divide his bed in half.

Others did not dare to be dissatisfied with Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao, but they were still not so polite to this half-year-old kid, and some people began to say sour words right now.

Xiao Shizi didn’t care at all. In his opinion, these **** were not qualified to talk to him.

At night, everyone went to sleep, and the housewife was suddenly awakened by the vent in her belly.

She stood up and wanted to call the person next to her to accompany her out. She pushed the monkey’s cheek closest to her, but saw that the guy was sleeping with a dead pig.

Look for someone else. I just had a fight this afternoon, so it’s strange to care about her.

I want to call Xu Xiao, but now Xu Xiao’s room is separated, and the guy Zhu Yang slammed into the bedroom door, and Xu Xiao did the same.

The pain in her abdomen was unbearable again, and she would be unable to hold it in the next moment. Under instinct, she pushed open the cave door first, and rushed out in one stride, and she did not go to the places where mosquitoes are easy to attract.

Just solve it on the spot in a random place on the corner. The nasty is a bit nasty, but it is buried in the ground after the incident, and other people will not wake up tomorrow morning to gossip about it.

The release was smooth, and the housewife suddenly felt a tingling pain from the back of her neck.

She was bitten by a mosquito with a psychological barrier. She was shocked and quickly reached out to pat the back of her neck, but she heard a buzzing sound in her ears.

At some point, she was surrounded by mosquitoes, and the housewife screamed shortly in fright, asking for help.

But the speed of mosquitoes is faster. Hundreds of mosquitoes swarmed up at once. If they were this size, they would double their original power.

The crowds rushed over, just like a locust crossing the border, and it hurts in life. Several of them got directly into the housewife’s mouth, causing her voice to stop abruptly.

Early the next morning, the first executive who left the cave saw a skinny corpse not far from the cave entrance and was so scared to sit on the ground.

Yesterday morning, the old man who was gnawed to nothing, another miserable death this morning.

Other people came out to see this horrible sight, and they fell into panic. No one knows whether they will wake up with more corpses tomorrow morning, or whether that corpse will be themselves.

The sharp-mouthed monkey’s cheeks grabbed Xu Xiao’s collar emotionally and angrily: “You tried everybody as a prisoner yesterday for a long time. What happened? The murderer was not found, and the protection was not done well. You still live in a single room by yourself. Go, don’t you just want to leave us out to fend for ourselves?\”

Everyone was heartbroken by what he said, and the expression on Xu Xiao brought dissatisfaction.

Xu Xiao didn’t seem to care about it, but instead walked to the housewife’s body and checked her tragic condition of being sucked into an adult.

Only halfway through the inspection, and found that something was missing, he saw Zhu Yang brushing his teeth alone in the distance.

The little yellow chicken next to her was able to stand up, but he couldn’t walk yet, shrank next to her, gargle like his mother.

It’s just that it’s not easy to rinse, and always swallow the water.

As if feeling his gaze, Zhu Yang turned his head and shouted to Xu Xiao: \”Check it out, tell me when you’re done, I won’t come here, it’s very pickled over there.\”

Of course, it doesn’t matter what the housewife was doing before her death. At this moment, the appearance of the whole corpse is naturally hard to describe. The pants are not even mentioned, and the death is undecent.

It’s just that Xu Xiao is a little bit aggrieved, as if he is not afraid of getting dirty.

Well, he is really not afraid.

After the inspection, he went there and whispered to Zhu Yang that what he had inspected did not contain any subjective colors. It was just a flat-panel realistic description.

Others were naturally dissatisfied, but after Zhu Yang listened, he didn’t move much. Instead, he began to peel potatoes for breakfast.

Pointy-mouthed Monkey Gill They were immediately dissatisfied when they saw that they were so irresponsible, and they came up to ask her for theory.

As a result, Zhu Yang slapped his head to the ground and sneered: “When do we have the obligation to protect you? When we are a baby?”

\”Now I’m talking to you nicely, providing you with basic food and accommodation, and I’m very grateful to Dade. I want to send you out to fend for yourself. All you need is Xu Xiao’s hurdle. Other people’s feelings are part of the duty? You have a big face.\”

Xu Xiao also shrugged upon hearing this: “I don’t care, I’m just in the spirit of humanitarianism. If I can’t really bring people into the game alive, I don’t have much psychological burden.”

The remaining few people were dumbfounded, even Xu Xiao said so, what else would they dare to offend?

So one by one, they were a little bit mentally minded, and it didn’t take long for Zhu Yang to shout out over there: “The meal is ready, take the bowl to the party leader, the cooking is a little less, I will share it.”

Naturally, others dare not have any opinions.

In fact, from the time when I got up and made noisy, everyone has not even washed their faces, but Zhu Yang has a bad temper and dare not let her wait.

Naturally, Zhu Yang is not a hardworking person, and she is patient enough to wait for such a helper to eat, but her eyes swept through the hands of the remaining people one by one, and the undisappeared green stains in one of her nails made her heart 80%. The confirmation was covered with a stone hammer.

After eating, everyone buried the body of the housewife, and Zhu Yang quietly said something to Xu Xiao.

He nodded and left the camp, but Zhu Yang didn’t mean to go out. Instead, he fed the little yellow chicken and ate fish and shrimp in the open space, and then taught it to walk.

The fat bird still wanted to act like a baby, Zhu Yang said: “Are you studying here, or should I take you to school on the cliff?”

Wei Jiangli twitched his mouth: \”Even if you are so reluctant, it can’t be so fast—\”

Before I finished speaking, I saw the little yellow chicken wobbly stand up, and swallowed the last few words.

Thousands of words turned into one sentence: “Brother Chicken!”

\”So what kind of breed is this? Isn’t it really □□? Can a chicken build a nest that high? But other breeds are not like it.\”

Zhu Yang doesn’t care about this: “Just leave it alone, you’ll know it when you grow up. But you can’t be ugly. If you are ugly, then you can go out and build your own nest. It is impossible to rely on the old.”

Xiao Shizi despised her: \”It’s a crime to follow you.\”

The little yellow chicken didn’t know that he had a Yan control mother, and was silly because the toddler succeeded in flapping his wings.

Xu Xiao came back almost noon. When he came back, he asked everyone to go with him, saying that he found a kind of tree in one place. There was no mosquito and ant around the tree. It should be a natural enemy of insects that is much more effective than mosquito repellent herbs.

The thing was like sweet-scented osmanthus, too small and too complicated, and he couldn’t bring it back much by himself, so he asked everyone to gather it together.

For two consecutive days, there were ants and mosquitoes. Although someone was behind the scenes, but before that person was caught, the only thing to do was to eliminate insects.

So Qi set off with Xu Xiao, except for Zhu Yang.

At this moment, the little yellow chicken is not suitable for running around. He has to put it in the cave and go out on his own. This product has another beak stuck in his mother’s clothes to prevent him from leaving.

Zhu Yang had to stay and watch the camp.

However, the others didn’t make it and were forced to come back. It is said that they met the snake halfway.

They described to Zhu Yang with lingering fears–

\”It’s scary, we are walking, and from a distance we saw a tree with fancy branches hanging on it.\”

\”The strips hang down like willow trees. They look pretty from a distance. I thought it was some kind of unrecognized fruit.\”

\”As a result, I walked in and was going to pick it. Oh my god, I realized that the thing started to move, what kind of tree, it was clearly that the tree was covered with snakes hanging down.\”

\”The color is definitely poisonous. We will fall down when we see someone. Fortunately, we will run away quickly, or we will get a bite. There is no detoxifying serum in this place, and the gods will be hard to save.\”

Zhu Yang could understand the thrills after hearing their descriptions, saying that it was Xu Xiao who wielded the iron-cutting ordnance shovel in the end. After breaking all the way, he saved a group of people from the viper army.

After experiencing this, other people said they didn’t dare to leave the camp. Anyway, there was food and drink here, and the main thing was to find a way to catch the murderer.

They didn’t move, Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao didn’t reluctantly. After lunch, a few people played poker cards made of leaves inside. Zhu Yang continued to kick the fat chicken outside.

This guy is also fast, and can walk steadily after a day. It can be seen that the growth rate cannot be judged by common sense.

In the afternoon Xu Xiao caught a mutated eel, but it did not mutate to the point of exaggeration like an earthworm, it was only slightly larger than an eel.

Zhu Yang simply took out the bottle of teriyaki sauce from the spice package and made a grilled eel, not to mention, it looked like teriyaki eel, but the fat was not as thick as eel. Just a little firewood, it was delicious.

To eat and drink, you naturally have to think about sleeping, but in view of the two consecutive nights of death, let alone whether the housewife’s death was accidental or man-made, at least the old man’s case has not been solved yet.

So the other people are a little afraid to fall asleep, but how can sleepiness be so easy to resist? Although I didn’t do much all day long, my spirits were always tense, guarded and frightened. It was okay to ask everyone to stay up late together. When the sound of sleeping snoring heard nearby, I naturally felt sleepy.

The executive and the woman with heavy makeup glanced at the sharp-mouthed monkey cheek that was already asleep, and took a sip: “He has a big heart, and he is not afraid that he won’t wake up tomorrow.”

But with that said, the two heads began to start little by little after he was impressed, and finally they couldn’t help but fall asleep.

It was quiet in the middle of the night, except for the slight snoring inside the house, at this moment, it was the scream of insects coming from time to time outside the jungle.

Everyone was asleep, but at this moment there were a pair of eyes opened in the dark.

He sat up, made no sound, and drew out from his body, actually pulling out a colorful poisonous snake.

It’s just that the mouth of the poisonous snake is tightly entangled with a kind of bark fiber, and the two fangs are temporarily useless.

The man caught the moonlight coming in from the crack of the door, pinched the snake’s head, and carefully untied the silk thread. The poisonous snake immediately had a big mouth, revealing its hideous fangs.

But being pinched, it was helpless for the person in front of him.

Satisfied, the man put the poisonous snake on the ground. As soon as the poisonous snake left the ground, he wanted to attack him, but was grabbed by seven inches again for two consecutive times before realizing that the man couldn’t chew.

So the poisonous snake had to give up the target in front of him and glide away in another direction. The hissing Shinko knew the location of the prey through thermal induction.

In a blink of an eye, the poisonous snake slid in front of the woman with heavy makeup, opened her mouth wide and was about to bite it, but flew out a sharp knife from nowhere.

The knife nailed the snake’s head to the ground with great precision. The snake was dead, but its body still swayed several times before it stopped moving.

The man was startled, and his heart was bad, but it was too late. The torches inserted on both sides of the cave were instantly lit by two matches that popped out, and the whole cave was suddenly bright as day.

The few people who were in the hall were also awakened by this movement, and when they woke up, they saw the brightly colored snake on the ground, and their faces suddenly turned pale.

The girl with heavy makeup was the closest, and immediately screamed: \”Ah——, how did this thing sneak in? Is it safe for us not to go out?\”

When Zhu Yang heard this, he sneered: \”Now I have to ask him.\”

Everyone followed her gaze and saw that wherever she looked, it turned out to be a sharp-mouthed monkey gill.

The whole body of the sharp-mouthed monkey’s cheeks is hot: “No, you can eat rice, but you can’t talk nonsense. No matter how supernatural I am, I don’t have the ability to let a snake in, right?”

\”We encountered snakes in the morning. We were chased so much that we escaped. When we came back, no one had ever gone out. Except for Brother Xu, who went to the river in the afternoon, who had left in one day?\”

He hurriedly said to Xu Xiao: “Brother Xu didn’t doubt you, it certainly couldn’t be you. If you want to hurt us, where would it be so troublesome? It’s sure that the snake came here in the morning.”

Others heard that he didn’t really have time to commit the crime, so they listened to Zhu Yang and said: “You don’t have to leave, you just brought the snake back in the morning.”

The sharp-mouthed monkey’s gills smiled: \”Bring back where I hide? I’ve been pulling two cows even when going to the toilet all day long. Can I put a snake on him under his nose? Then I was killed soon?\”

Zhu Yang walked over, took out the knife nailed to the snake’s head, and said to Xu Xiao: “Check if there is any thread around him, it should be next to him.”

Xu Xiao stepped forward when he heard the words, the face of the sharp-mouthed monkey’s cheeks changed, and he found several bark fibers on the haystack where he was sleeping.

Seeing everyone looking over, he quickly shouted injustice: “Should I be convicted of this? This is the tree hemp used by Erniu to rub the rope. I rubbed and played with him. It is normal to stick to my body. .\”

Then he rummaged through Erniu’s haystack: \”Here, he also has it here.\”

Zhu Yang took the circle of silk thread that Xu Xiao handed him, and smiled: “Then what’s the matter with the knot on it?”

\”It’s just playing around before going to bed.\” There is no flaw in the end of the sharp-billed monkey’s cheek.

Everyone felt that Zhu Yang was wrong in his inference, but Zhu Yang simply sat on the wooden pier chair.

With a long leg, he threw a bag directly at the cheek of the pointed-mouthed monkey. It was a nylon bag. The bag was not big, but it was swollen inside.

When the sharp-mouthed monkey cheek saw Bao Bao, his face changed, and he heard Zhu Yang’s voice sounded in the stone chamber——

\”I was thinking about harm in my heart, and I didn’t even notice that my own things were missing? How do you describe this in your line? Forget it, I am not very clear.\”

\”Open it, let everyone see what’s inside.\”

No matter how unhappy the monkey’s cheeks were, he had to do the same, but he rushed to think about how to deal with it.

Everyone saw that the opened bag contained two full stacks of banknotes. There should be more than 20,000, but Zhu Yang’s focus is not on money.

She gestured to the sharp-mouthed monkey’s cheeks to unfold a few pieces of paper in the money, and said: “Remember yesterday I asked the names of the three generations of relatives in your family? There is no one with the surname Pei in it.”

\”Then tell me, what does the name on the medical record card and the name on the loan slip have anything to do with you?\”

The sharp-mouthed monkey’s cheeks and forehead were a little wet, and he smiled reluctantly: “This is my brother, his family is sick, and asked me to accompany him to borrow money to pay, so I have been troubled by the bag.”

Talking, singing, and composing: “Oh! I’m trapped here now, what can he do? This is **** life-saving money?”

Zhu Yang sneered upon hearing this: \”Yes, this is people’s life-saving money. People say that the highest level of lying is nine points of truth and one point of falsehood.\”

\”Yesterday I asked you where the people were before you came in. You said that you were in the hospital. This should be correct, because as long as you don’t talk about the cause and effect, who knows that the most inconspicuous one among us is actually a thief with a flash of electricity? \”

The word’thief’ she said was extremely ironic: \”The life-saving money collected by others was finally picked up by your three hands. I heard that you are very good at keeping things in the oil pot. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’m able to catch a snake back in the morning. If you want to come, I’m still home.\”

The sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks angrily said: \”You are all slander you take for granted, and what you say depends on your mouth.\”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: \”Don’t worry, since I asked you to bring the snake back to the show, I will naturally convince you.\”

So far? Means they had expected it?

The sharp-mouthed monkey’s cheeks felt cold. No, it means that what I said in the morning was to go out to pick insect repellent. In fact, there was no such thing. The purpose was to give him a perfect tool for killing people, so that you can enter the urn.

And that kind of technique, no one can do it except him.

The sharp-mouthed monkey’s cheeks were cold and sweaty, and Zhu Yang said: “First of all, let’s start with the old man’s death.”


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