Scream Queen Chapter 84

Before Zhu Yang entered the mode of solving the case, he just said that “there is only one truth” to exaggerate the atmosphere and pretend to be forced.

Suddenly, a big fat chicken came out of it sleepily, like a child who hadn’t found his mother when he got up. Hei Doudou’s eyes looked wet.

Seeing Zhu Yang rushing over with his wings fluttering, the huge soft body almost knocked her down.

What is it to force? Breastfeeding!

The **** couldn’t be pushed away, and he couldn’t fight in. In the end, there was no way. Zhu Yang could only let him sit on the side and sit on him as a plush sofa. This brought the subject back.

A mother who is over twenty years old sits on a baby less than three days old. How frantic is this to be put on the social forum?

But the parties looked satisfied.

Zhu Yang drank his saliva, cleared his throat and said: \”Where did you just say?\”

\”Speaking from the death of the old man.\” Wei Jiangli still gave her face, and when he saw this, he handed a ladder over.

Zhu Yang said: \”Yes, start with the old man.\”

\”How did the old man determine that he died of murder and not an accident, do you all remember?\”

Everyone nodded. One was that the bamboo piece that should have prevented them from accidentally touching the trap was pulled out, and the other was the honeycomb honey in the old man’s pocket.

This dungeon is not in the limit state of lack of food and clothing, and Xu Xiao and Zhu Yang are capable, the jungle is rich in resources, and food has not been lacked since they came in.

There are also condiment packs that Zhu Yang brought, so you don’t even have to reluctantly taste it.

Even if the old man is greedy, there are a lot of fruits picked from the cave, honey is not restricted to people, and jerky that is grilled for snacks when cooking.

Zhu Yang has only one requirement, that is, you must not get things dirty when you use them. You are just bored all the time and no one cares about you. Do you need to secretly hide that sticky honey?

\”Let’s talk about the bamboo slices first.\” Zhu Yang touched the soft hair on the chicken: “Before going to bed, all the bamboo slices are still in place. Everyone knows this. According to the results of the previous interrogation, except The old man who went out alone in the middle of the night, and the other people who went to the bathroom before that, all proved each other.\”

The liar immediately said: \”Yes, I have human evidence. How can so many people look at me and unplug the mark?\”

\”Heh! Who said that you must walk over to unplug the mark? It only needs a line, two or three meters away, and it can be done easily.\”

The liar’s face stiffened, and he was thrown a roll of things on the ground in front of him: \”Speaking of which, the bark fiber is really useful.\”

Speaking casually, he glanced at Er Niu and saw that his face was unclear and therefore dazed, and he did not stay on him.

Then he spoke again: “When the tree hemp was collected the day before, except Erniu used to rub the hemp rope, you were the only one who followed around and pondered. The others were too lazy to work and didn’t even touch that stuff. child.\”

The few people who were too lazy to work were blushing when she said that, and the sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks denied: “That stuff is piled in the corner, it’s too easy to get it.”

\”It’s very easy, but the bamboo will be inserted when we come back, and we have to slam it again. The first one is suspect, so from the trap to the cave, no one has touched the bamboo. , Not to mention that it is impossible for someone to do such a big move under the eyes of Xu Xiao and me.\”

\”The only possibility is to tie the twine to the bamboo when inserting the bamboo, and use the cover of the fallen leaves to pull it out a few meters away without being noticed.\”

\”After the trap is done, only you and the executive are the ones who inserted the bamboo.\”

\”You’re not targeting the old man, it just happened that he was out of luck, and he didn’t hold him back in the middle of the night. If you change to another person, you may end up in the same way. Even if no one wakes up, it doesn’t matter. The traps laid down can always come in handy.\”

The sharp-mouthed monkey grinned ugly: \”According to you, the suspects should be two people.\”

The executive immediately became angry when he heard it: \”What do you mean?\”

\”That’s what I mean, why are I the only one suspected of working together? Can’t you look decent, I look poor, and judge people by their appearance?\”

\”Of course, up to now, the suspicion between you two is the same.\” Zhu Yang smiled: \”Although the executives are not as easy to touch the silk thread as you, as you said, that stuff is just piled up next to the cave. , Taking one secretly will not attract attention at all.\”

\”For stuff like honey, only you can do it.\”

\”Why do you say that?\” The sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks denial: \”From just now, you have assumed that I am a shameless man. The evidence of the false accusation has not been shown. At this moment, it is still a conclusion, right?\ ”

After speaking, I saw Zhu Yang pointing to the place where he was sitting, and to the place where the executives were sitting.

In the past two days, Zhu Yang and Xu Xiaoxin dug two single rooms and moved in, and Xiao Shizi slept in Xu Xiao’s room again. There was no change in the position of the others who slept outside. The position occupied by the first day was still sleeping next. .

The sharp-mouthed monkey’s cheeks sleep on the outermost bed of the Lishan cave gate, and the executive is the innermost one, and he has long been hooked with women with heavy makeup, and sleeps together every day.

The dead old man slept in the middle of the room.

Zhu Yang’s meaning is obvious: \”When people wake up at night, it is impossible to go around the innermost circle before going out? The old man will inevitably pass by your place if he wants to go out.\”

\”It is definitely unrealistic to put honey in the old man’s pocket before he wakes up. No matter how long the leaves are wrapped, it will leak out, making people feel sticky and uncomfortable. Besides, everyone drank too much soup. There is no guarantee who will place an order in the evening, so we can only respond accordingly.

\”Contact your hand speed, huh! This chicken in my family has a strong sense of self-preservation, and it is still very fast to peck things, then you can hide, which shows that avoiding danger is instinct.\”

Only then did the sharp-mouthed monkey gill know that such a big foot was exposed here, and quickly said: “I can’t say that I did it quickly. You said so much, but there is no direct evidence.”

The executive sighed: “What’s it? When we went out to the bathroom, you walked through the back door alone and squatted down. Erniu and I asked what you were doing. You said you were tying your shoelaces. You must be pulling at that time. The thread took the bamboo away.\”

Zhu Yang nodded. This testimony was obtained in the previous interrogation, and it should indeed be the hand of the sharp-mouthed monkey at this time.

But as long as he can’t be determined by hammering, he can still argue that he is really just tying his shoes, and they are all wronging him.

Zhu Yang said: “Well, this one really only shows that you meet any conditions for committing the crime, and there is really no direct evidence that you did it.”

\”Then let’s talk about the second person who died.\”

The second person who died was the housewife. She ran out in the middle of the night and was sucked in by mosquitoes.

The sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks said: “She was an accident at all. How did I expect her to have diarrhea? And didn’t you find anything?”

\”Why do you think we haven’t found anything?\” Zhu Yang laughed: \”I just didn’t tell you that it can’t work?\”

When the sharp-mouthed monkey choked on her cheeks, she listened to her and continued: “As for why she had diarrhea, you of course expected it, because this time is different from the old man’s time. It is not accidental. You planned it from beginning to end.”

\”Laugh, joke, I can still—\”

\”Senna leaves!\” Zhu Yang interrupted him and said leisurely: \”You stayed in the camp that day, there should have been unsightly quarrels, right? After returning, they were divided into two groups, even when cooking No one cares about anyone.\”

\”Everyone ate the same dinner and it was all right. She was the only one who had trouble with her stomach, which means that the food in the cauldron is okay. The problem is only in her own bowl.\”

\”I remember that you were the only one who touched her bowl at the time. It was very convenient to add crushed herbal juice to the hot soup.\”

Upon hearing this, the executive and the woman with heavy makeup immediately dismissed the relationship and said: \”Yes, yes! We all fell out at the time, and it is absolutely impossible for her to eat the bowl of the eight-woman. Even the rice is served by herself.\ ”

The sharp-mouthed monkey’s cheeks reflect more than them: “How come you can plant me on someone who has something to do? You just said that I only met the conditions for committing the crime, and it was all your imagination. It was just that she caught the cold at night Does your stomach feel uncomfortable?\”

\”The same can be said, after all, the bowl has been washed for several rounds, and it is impossible to check whether she has moved her hands or feet in the soup she drank.\”

She was so easy to talk that the sharp-mouthed monkey’s cheeks were taken aback, but then she said again: “It’s just that it will be fun next.”

Then Xu Xiao, who hadn’t spoken much next to him, said: “I found a green grass stain on the housewife’s apron. The smell is a bit pungent. It smells like mosquito mosquito.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “We have ordered mosquito repellent nearby. It is impossible to attract mosquitoes. Grass stains as big as nails are impossible. First of all, the weight problem. Second, the chlorophyll of the grass is quite permeable. It is inevitable to leave marks on the hands.\”

\”Otherwise-why do you think I was so condescending to cook breakfast for you yesterday? Except for you, no one else’s fingernails are so green.\”

\”That was when I was learning to recognize herbs with Er Niu, and accidentally broke the leaves stained.\” The sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks hurriedly said.

I have to say that for his sophistry, he must be convicted according to realistic judicial procedures. Even at this point, he really cannot be convicted.

However, Zhu Yang was in no rush. Seeing the evidence presented again and again, there was room for rebuttal, and he didn’t feel uneasy at all.

She is so confident, but her sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks are getting worse.

What he expected was that the little girl was young and innocent, arrogant, and convinced of her own conclusions, but the scene of anger and gaffe after being repeatedly dismissed did not happen.

Then the sharp-mouthed monkey gill heard his most worried sentence–

\”That’s why we set up a game for you!\”

So it was really planned by her? The sharp-mouthed monkey’s cheeks shook so hard that he dared not even hold the last trace of luck.

Zhu Yang smiled and said: \”In your business, I am used to doing things that are easy to do. If you encounter a good thing, you will subconsciously take it in your arms. It is also that killing two people without showing their feet has fueled your ambition, so set a set You just came in, so I feel embarrassed.\”

She pointed to Xu Xiao: \”Yes, I asked Xu Xiao to take you to the snake tree. I wanted him to catch a few venomous snakes and set up an illusion for the snake to chase after him. I didn’t expect it to be so powerful in the jungle, even that stuff. All of them.\”

\”Such a killer weapon that is easy to control and relatively easy to control, how can you not be tempted when you see it? Lucky to kill everyone in your sleep, as long as you are not unlucky enough that the clearance button is yourself, then you can clear the level immediately, instead of waiting In this unknown jungle, waiting for the danger of not knowing when will come, and there are leaders who are only slightly protected from humanitarianism.\”

This kind of people with three religions and nine streams understand the dangers of the world better than ordinary people, and they will not put hope on others. Naturally, there is no burden to harm others and benefit themselves.

Even if this trade-off between the pros and cons is not equal in the eyes of ordinary people.

The sharp-mouthed monkey’s brain was turned around. The snake thing was a trap they set up, but where was the flaw? Still saying that before, as long as he didn’t get caught upright, he refused to admit that the snake was brought in by him, and there was always doubt in this matter.

But the woman is so confident that since the Lord has derived everything, she will naturally not give him room for denial.

where is it? Where does she put the decisive evidence?

Zhu Yang leaned forward, as if hearing the crazy calculations in his heart, his lips lightly opened: \”Look at your hand after hearing it.\”

The sharp-mouthed monkey’s cheeks jumped in his heart, and he hesitantly raised his palm and placed it on his nose. Suddenly, his face changed.

Because he smelled a clear floral scent from his hand.

Living in the jungle has limited sanitary conditions. Except for Zhu Yang and Wei Jiangli, who are pretentious, not everyone washes their hands and face sooner or later, especially the sharp-mouthed monkey gills who don’t care much about personal hygiene.

The body is mixed with sweat and mud, and there are more kinds of smells that are not obvious. As long as you don’t deliberately smell it, it is easy to ignore.

And at this time, he had already figured out how this person calculated him, and indeed Zhu Yang said: “I put flower juice on the bottom of your bowl for dinner, don’t doubt, this treatment is only for you.”

Then she stood up and said to the people in the cave: \”They said that you should pay attention to hygiene and wash your hands sooner or later, but just don’t listen. Now it’s good, denial can’t be resisted, right?\”

Xu Xiao picked up the dead snake on the ground, put it under his nose and smelled it. Sure enough, he smelled the fragrance of flowers that Zhu Yang said.

It shows that this thing came out of the hand of the sharp-mouthed monkey gill, plus the previous things, it can’t be denied.

The first thing was confirmed, and the first person to respond was the executive. He went up and grabbed the collar of the monkey’s cheeks and wanted to beat him: “You **** want to kill us, right?”

As a result, the fist didn’t go up, and he shed blood instead.

It turned out that the sharp-mouthed monkey took out a thin blade and cut him.

A thief, where can the blade leave? For those who cut the bag to eat, it is also possible to use self-protection under extraordinary circumstances.

The executives let go in pain, and took two steps back, not daring to face him directly.

He didn’t expect that this thin monkey, a head shorter than him, could hide such great abilities, and hurriedly said to Xu Xiao: “Brother Xu, hurry up, grab him, grab this murderer.”

Xu Xiao was speechless, and he didn’t even bother to give him a look. Just a small blade is shrunk like this, it is not a knife.

I hold down the person with strength, no matter what he can do.

The sharp-mouthed monkey’s gills held the blade at the crowd: \”Don’t come, warn you not to come.\”

This guy is still saving his life, knowing that he can’t be better today.

Just thinking of pleading, a wretched face suddenly made a pitiful expression: “Please, I just don’t want to die, forgive me this time.”

\”How do you forgive the three lives?\” Xu Xiao said.

\”They are not good people either.\” The liar immediately bit out the dead: \”The old man, coaxing the little girl with sweets and snacks, I accidentally picked up his book and saw it, and there are photos in it.\”

\”Later he didn’t know when he tore it and threw it away. It was nothing but fear that everyone would know about the scandal and dislike him and throw him out. At this age, here is a dead end.\”

\”Hey! What kind of bad guys in our business have not seen? This old thing is **** and has no money, and it can’t help young women at an age, so they shamelessly start with children.\”

\”What’s wrong with me killing him? Killing him is for the sake of heaven.\”

Zhu Yang heard it as if he was not surprised at all: \”This is true. If he was not dead at that time, I will send him to Xitian now.\”

The thief was dumbfounded: \”You know?\”

It’s not hard to guess, even if you don’t reason with sinister intentions, the photo in the keychain explains the problem.

Although it was after the old man died. Zhu Yang learned about everyone’s background like checking their accounts, but when everyone introduced themselves at the beginning, in order to get closer and build trust, it could not be just a name, right?

In particular, the old man, as an old and frail, frail, in order to win the sympathy and protection of everyone, but said that he has no children, loneliness and helplessness, so he lives by guarding abandoned factories.

If you simply like children to ask them to eat sweets, even if they send some gadgets to show their gratitude, will they send a photo pendant with their mother?

This is very telling, and the subtle wording in the note is not so much a memo, it is more like a record of trophies.

The thief seemed to have seen the light: “Haha! Yes, you know, how about it? That old guy is damned?”

\”And that woman, you may not know when you went out. We quarreled, and she took me to complain about the family.\”

\”Said that he was afraid that he could not go back and no one would take care of him. He said that if his sister was still taking him somehow, and then scolded her, what if the woman who marries again beats her son? I regret that I shouldn’t be so impulsive.\”

“Hey! What do you mean by Pinpin? She is a stepmother, do you know? The stepdaughter is dead, I blame myself for being too impulsive, worried that another stepmother will abuse her own child.”

\”If there is a ghost in my heart, I think of others as ghosts. What’s wrong with her stepdaughter, and the people in the brain also taste it?\”

Talking, the thief shouted emotionally: “What’s wrong with me killing these two? I’m walking for the sky.”

After speaking, Zhu Yang’s voice sounded: \”Tsk tsk! The **** who steals life-saving money is pretending to be a messenger of justice now!\”

The thief’s voice stopped abruptly.

Zhu Yang then yawned and said: \”Who said I was trying to get you out for justice? The death of you guys is really not something I care about.\”

\”It’s just **** here that I have the final say, bypassing me and killing people directly, is this a rebellion?\”

After hearing this, everyone glanced at Xu Xiao subconsciously. Xu Xiao didn’t refute it. It seemed that he really gave the title of boss.

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “I’m also sleepy. I’m not a policeman after handling a case late at night, which affects my sleep.”

\”Go, pour some honey on him, stain him with mosquito mosquitoes and get out, and then it’s up to the sky.\”

Everyone was unambiguous when they heard the words, Xu Xiao stepped forward and held down the person, and the thief shouted: “No, don’t push me out.”

But how can other people care about him? When this guy put the poisonous snake, he never thought that they could not live.

The executives were also tricky. In order to fear that he would really have the luck to survive and hide in the dark to retaliate, they even applied honey to his hair and herb juice on his clothes.

Seeing their viciousness, the thief had a hatred expression on his face. He hehe laughed and said: “Don’t think you can sit back and relax except for me. Do you know if you earn points for killing? I also got the notice after killing the old man. The more primitive capital, the higher the chance of survival in the future.\”

\”You kneel and lick her now? Hey! Just see how she sees you guys now hahaha…\”

At this time, Xu Xiao opened the wooden door and threw the whole person out for several meters.

The thief got up, as if running back in a hurry, but the door was closed.

I don’t know if it was an illusion. He seemed to hear the mosquitoes humming around, so he ran to the river quickly, trying to clean the smell of honey and medicinal juice on his body.

But those who stumbled on the road in the dark, unexpectedly tripped over a stone, and fell hard, making it more painful than just being thrown out.

Xu Xiao threw him out with clever energy, looking far away, he was particular about time.

The thief wanted to stand up, but the arm was raised, and suddenly a heart-piercing pain came from his fingers.

Then I saw a crowd of dark and dense things pouring over–


The screams outside did not last long. The swallowing speed of the ants was a little slower than that of the cockroaches, but they were only limited in size, and the number would not be slow.

At the moment when the thief died, an electronic audio announcement rang in Zhu Yang’s mind——

【Kill one player and get 1000 points. 】

This is not the same as the transmission of the idea of ​​a dog than the game, it is indeed a voice broadcast, just in the brain.

Zhu Yang curled his lips: \”Only one thousand!\”

After saying this, she turned around and saw that the rest of the people looked at her complex.

Zhu Yang knows that the liar’s words just made them feel uneasy, and she herself confirmed that killings do have extra points.

Then whether she will kill them in exchange for points, and even Xu Xiao has always been a protector who has been handy to help. Whether she will reach any agreement with her, it is hard to say.

For a while, although the thief died, the trust of the less reliable group in the cave collapsed.

But Zhu Yang didn’t seem to care at all, let alone her, Xu Xiao, even Xiao Shizi was expressionless, and went back to the room to sleep when people died.

I didn’t mean to see the points open, but I didn’t care about group cohesion.

At least on the surface, I don’t know what the idea is.

Zhu Yang pushed the little yellow chicken back to the room. This guy was sleeping deeply. As long as her scent was nearby, it was not easy to wake up. He moved the fat chuck ancestor back in a few steps without making any noise. Wake it up.

Now that the nine players have divided by three, there are six remaining. Exclude yourself and then exclude the leader Xu Xiao. What is the situation with the remaining four, Zhu Yang knows roughly.

To say that this team of newcomers, there are really a lot of powerful roles, such as the thief who was pushed out by her today, it is also extraordinary to say that the mind is capable.

If it were not for Zhu Yang to disrupt the situation, this kind of person has survived the growth period of the previous few games and has been strengthened in the game. The most important thing is that he has one or two skills, and he can definitely go a long way.

But he is not the most outstanding one among this group of new players.

Zhu Yang said at the beginning that this group of guys were not qualified, and they were far worse than the people who had gone through trials in the game field.

This just refers to the initial adaptation to this incomprehensible situation. In fact, it is weak to talk about intrigue, and the players here are slamming them.

However, there are still differences in good and bad, but the brain is not easy to use, now it is half dead.

Zhu Yang didn’t know what Goubi Game’s intention was for sending her to this scene. If it’s just that the horror game is tired of changing to a fresh escape game, it is obviously a joke.

It’s just that no matter how clever these people are, it is difficult for them to make waves in the face of her overwhelming force. Xu Xiao is also pretending to lie down and let you toss.

Although he must have his own plan, he is definitely different from the original intention of the game to bring her here.

It shouldn’t be possible to send her to vacation on occasions that would not pose much danger to herself. Zhu Yang pondered for a while, but still didn’t catch the clue, so he was not in a hurry, and fell asleep on the fluffy little yellow chicken.

The little yellow chicken felt her mother roll on it, turning her head and rubbing her pointed beak from time to time, sleeping soundly.

When I woke up the next morning, the thief’s bones were not far from the cave. As soon as I went out, I could see them. It was quite obvious.

However, everyone has no sympathy, only executives and women with heavy makeup are a little bit oozing. After all, people in modern society still rarely see this.

Zhu Yang suddenly asked Erniu: “Aren’t you afraid?”

Erniu is still so naive: \”We are in a mess, there are too many people outside the dead, and sometimes one is washed by the river and just floats down.\”

Zhu Yang nodded and looked at Xiao Shizi again.

Wei Jiangli sneered: “I’ve seen all of them with my own eyes.”

Also, in ancient times, fate, a powerful class and a grassroots class, are indeed the two extremes where corpses are most easily seen.

He separated his hands to bury the thief’s corpse while preparing breakfast on the other.

A few days later, everyone’s response to the fish is not so big, the fish is light, and it is better for breakfast.

The fish porridge made again in the morning, other people didn’t think anything, but Zhu Yang was tired of talking about these things and wanted to find new ingredients.

Er Niu said that after he had eaten, he could just walk around to see if there were any good things.

Zhu Yang was noncommittal, focusing on the little yellow chicken.

This fat girl only learned to walk yesterday, and today he can run flexibly on the ground, and his body seems to have grown a bit bigger and grows fast.

I don’t know whether Zhu Yang’s room can hold it at this speed.

By now it has learned to peck the ants on the ground. It has a beak with one beak, and its mouth is much faster than when it broke its shell on the first day.

Zhu Yang dares to pack the ticket. This is a fighting race, just like the mutant praying mantis, the sickle on both arms makes it look like a martial arts novel.

Although this product is not specific for the time being, it is estimated that it will not be bad. This is also good, she grows fast, at least she doesn’t know when she will leave, so she can protect herself.

Thinking of this, Zhu Yang thought of the soft touch of sleeping at night, and felt a little uncomfortable for a while.

Scratching his head, determined that he did not wash his hair, and led the little yellow chicken to the river.

There is a shallow stall by the river, the water depth is less than one meter, there is no large aquatic life, it is suitable for freshening up here.

Zhu Yang plucked several arm-sized honey locusts from nearby honey locust trees, and put them by the river to wash their hair.

Acacia is good for washing hair, bathing and washing clothes, but it is still clean, but it doesn’t foam much.

However, I don’t know if this is the cause of the mutant, but Zhu Yang made a lot of foam when he rubbed it, and suddenly turned into a fluffy ball of bubbles.

The little yellow chicken was rare when he saw it, and Le Dian ran over and jumped into the water, pricked his head into the water like its mother, and then came out.

A wet yellow head arched Zhu Yang and asked her to foam herself.

Based on the principle that the sanitation of his mattress should be done well, Zhu Yang really pinched the honey locust juice on his head and started rubbing it.

The fluffy and soft short feathers of the little yellow chicken are actually better for foaming. After a while, a white cloud topped the head of a bird, which broke the fat chirp, and swam around in the water with its paws. ——

and many more! Can this guy swim?

Zhu Yang was stunned. Previously, it jumped down because it was so big that the water couldn’t fit half of its body, but it didn’t happen that chickens are generally afraid of water.

But this guy is obviously swimming!

Not only that, it also swam into the deep water area, drilling a circle in the water from time to time, floating up and holding a big fat fish in its mouth.

Alright, it seems that the most basic predation ability is self-explanatory.

However, Zhu Yang was still afraid that it would compete with the previous big catfish. Although it is unrealistic for the big catfish to swallow it, is there anything else in the river?

Sure enough, I was afraid of talking about everything, and what to read.

When Zhu Yang was about to call his son back, he saw a **** shadow appearing on its feet.

Zhu Yang was startled, the knife in his hand had already been sacrificed, and he was about to throw a knife over the thing in the water.

As a result, the little yellow chicken moved faster. Before the catfish touched it, it plunged into the water and pecked at the fish’s head.

Zhu Yang only saw the fish fleeing desperately without his helmet and armor.

So what was your original intention to provoke it?

The little yellow chicken seemed to feel a little bit, and looked back at its mother, holding his chest up and showing aura in the water.

Zhu Yang took the knife back, then recruited it, and put acacia locust on it again, and twisted the whole chicken into a big white cotton ball.

Zhu Yang also found Xiao Shizi, and asked him to take a few group photos. Unexpectedly, Xiao Shizi saw Lie’s heart and wanted to take pictures after taking her.

This guy is still pretty: \”Pay attention to the angle, I have observed it myself, the angle of my left side face is the most photogenic, it must be good-looking.\”

Zhu Yangpeng nodded: \”If you have a girlfriend in the future, you don’t have to worry about bad camera skills and be rejected.\”

Wei Jiangli has learned a lot of modern common sense here at Zhu Yang, and honestly looks forward to returning to the game space to see the level of technology far beyond his own time.

It’s just that I smiled disdainfully at this moment: “I dislike it? Which one of the ladies in the capital is not for me to choose? What’s more, how can a handsome man of seven feet be indulgence in pleasing women? I want my son to take pictures and dream faster.”

Zhu Yang scratched the photos inside. Two of them were dissatisfied, so he handed the phone back to him: \”Re-shoot these two angles, pay attention to the frame ratio, the one just left too blank.\”


Xu Xiao who sits aside and relaxes fishing: \”……\”

After playing till noon, I fished a lot of shrimp and crabs and went back. The shrimp meat is Zhu Yang’s only meat that won’t be greasy after eating for a long time. He plans to finally make a boiled shrimp, just dipped in soy sauce.

When Er Niu came back for lunch, he didn’t walk far, afraid of danger, but only if he didn’t encounter powerful beasts or aggressive mutant animals. In fact, his survival probability in the jungle was the highest among rookies.

He took out a few pieces of wild **** and wild garlic: \”He found a lot of good things.\”

It’s not bad indeed, the seasoning is there, but without the **** and garlic, it will always taste less.

For this lunch, it was Xu Xiao and the girl with heavy makeup. It is estimated that the girl with heavy makeup didn’t make a dime at home, so she would fight the whole process, but Xu Xiao didn’t care.

The executive who had been fighting fiercely with the girl with heavy makeup did not come out to help her at this moment, saying that it was uncomfortable, and rested in the cave for a while.

Xiao Shizi and Little Yellow Chicken were playing around with cooked and peeled shrimps, but Zhu Yang stopped them all by themselves.

After squatting for a while, I felt bored again, so he asked Zhu Yang for a mobile phone.

Zhu Yang casually said: \”Charging it!\”

After all, Xiao Shizi didn’t know much about this stuff, and the girl with heavy makeup was washing the vegetables beside her and didn’t pay attention.

But Xu Xiao looked back at Zhu Yang when he heard the words, and said nothing.

The executives only came out of it when it was time to eat. Er Niu went out all morning and got dirty. They also cleaned it up now.

Xu Xiao’s craftsmanship is average, and what he does is just what he can do. Zhu Yang was quite regretful when he ate—

\”I knew I wouldn’t let the housewife die so early. That taste of braised pork with braised pork is really good.\”

At first sound, this is just a memory of the housewife’s craftsmanship, but a careful tasting is a bit creepy.

The others exchanged glances secretly, and they were a little bit shy.

After eating, Zhu Yang said that he would take a nap, so he took the little yellow chicken into the room.

In fact, the jungle is hot and humid all day long, but the cave is very cool, and it is really comfortable to sleep on the furry body, especially the belly with breathing, which is very hypnotic.

However, Zhu Yang did not fall asleep in such a hurry while lying in bed, instead he heard the movement outside.

\”Brother~, come on!\” is the voice of a woman with heavy makeup.

The main idea is that women with heavy makeup are asking for joy, and the executives express inconvenient conversations because they are surrounded by people.

As a result, the girl with heavy makeup was almost swallowed by fish before, but now she is still determined. In the end, under her entanglement, Er Niu also went around in a circle in the morning.

The two decided to bring a spear made of catfish bone, it should be fine.

Zhu Yang was amused as they heard their voices fade away.

In her bedroom inside, the soundproofing effect of the cave stone is not comparable to the so-called hollow bricks of modern architecture.

I really want to whisper, where can’t you tell? The two of them murmured in a large open space outside, and she didn’t have a good ear.

I have to make a special trip to tell her.

I have to say that these two can live up to now, it’s luck against the sky, but it’s over.


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