Scream Queen Chapter 85

Zhu Yang was thinking about things in his mind, so he slept so-so during this afternoon nap.

Ordinarily, I only cleaned up people last night, still in such a tragic way, but anyone who is a little scared, although the thief was uneasy and kindly picked up the point of killing each other before he died, but in such a short period of time, greed It is not to overcome fear.

But these two guys can think about it in the dangerous forest, and they can’t overestimate their IQ.

But these two people are not enough to allow Zhu Yang to devote so much attention. Zhu Yang is now considering several other possibilities.

However, only she knows the specific ideas.

The little yellow chicken slept softly, but Zhu Yang touched its dull hair, one of which showed signs of feathering, thinking that this fluff will eventually be replaced by feathers, Zhu Yang did not know why It’s a bit messy.

Outside the cave, Xu Xiao was teaching Xiao Shizi some shooting skills and knives in the open space opened by them. Er Niu was also watching.

There were no traces of idiots around, and it seemed that the air was much lighter. For a while, this piece was a bit quiet and peaceful.

Just like they really came out camping and hunting.

However, this leisure was broken soon, and the executives ran back from the outside without a look of expression——

“Flowers, there are piranhas, flowers eat people.”

When he said this, Zhu Yang stretched out and brought the chicken out of it.

Hearing that, he said nonchalantly: “Mosquitoes can eat people, ants can eat people, fish and earthworms can eat people, so why can’t the flowers be used for species discrimination?”

The executive choked, then looked back at her, and suddenly found that not only her, but Xu Xiao and the young man did not react, as if the meaning he had just expressed had not been conveyed in place.

The executives have average IQ, but they still have emotional intelligence, and they are accustomed to observing words and feelings. They all react like this except for Er Niu, and my heart jumps.

But I convinced myself that this was because these guys were indifferent, and re-emphasized: “I mean Xiaona is dead, she was swallowed by flowers.”

“Tsk tusk! Die in the mouth of a flower, all right! It’s better than dying in the belly of a fish.” Zhu Yang sighed, really mean.

The executives were even more confused. Fortunately, she continued: “Lead the way, what are you doing here? You have to go and see the corpse.”

“Oh, oh!” This was different from all the possible reactions he expected, and the unexpected feeling of loss of control made him a little uneasy.

A group of people followed him to the place where the incident occurred, which was almost three kilometers away from the cave.

It takes half an hour to walk faster.

The two were as timid as a mouse, afraid that the dead ghost went so far just to make a cannon, and they deliberately performed a scene in front of her, really—

However, the game hasn’t even started for a few days after all. Although Zhu Yang and the others are spreading out and exploring the jungle every day, there are only two or three people who dare to go out. With limited manpower, it is naturally impossible to understand every inch of the neighborhood.

Just like here, this is a land with a sunken terrain, surrounded by several rocky mountains, not high, but under the enclosure, it resembles a low-lying only the size of a basketball court.

Because the soil is moist and fertile, the plants here are naturally larger than those outside, and there are obviously many variations.

Among them, there is a huge wild flower growing under the bamboo forest, open, the petals are pot-shaped, and the whole body is gorgeous red. Each of the smallest flowers is the size of a household trash can, and the largest one is like a fish tank.

While the girl with heavy makeup is lying in the biggest flower right now, but right now, the whole person is no longer suitable.

These words have no teeth. To eat naturally is to secrete corrosive mucus to corrode the prey into nutrients.

So the flesh of the girl with heavy makeup has swollen and festered, and the parts of her arms have melted and slipped off the bones.

It’s like melted cream popsicles.

Zhu Yang took two steps forward and came to the huge flower within two meters.

Yibu Yishi followed her, and the little yellow chicken stretched his head and pecked at the small flowers next to him, and those flowers were shrunk by it.

At this moment, the vines scattered around their feet swiftly moved, wrapping Zhu Yang and Xiaohuangji’s feet respectively, trying to use this effort to trip them and pull them into the mouth, and add two more dishes.

But I didn’t expect it to wrap it up. As soon as the sharp weapon came out, the vine was cut off, and the other side was wrapped around the fat chicken. Because of its weight, it didn’t stumble.

On the contrary, it was pulled back by its chicken claws, and then the claw tip popped out again, and the vine was cut off in a daze, showing the sharpness of the claw tip.

Zhu Yang was smirked by this guy, and turned around to look at the people: “These vines are not very powerful. It seems that these flowers are limited in the size of the container and the hunting range, about the size and strength of an adult man. That’s its limit.”

But this is also very powerful, especially if it is **** by vines, most people don’t respond so quickly and can’t find a point of strength. Even if they can win the tug of war with their strength, they can’t show it.

But these are not the key points. Zhu Yang now looks at the executives and makes no secret of his contempt for his IQ——

“So, these flowers don’t have much hunting advantage in the jungle, so you have to judge that the prey has completely entered the trap before you start, just like I just walked so close.”

“If you two mistakenly entered without knowing it, and the unreasonable woman is caught, you can still run back intact.”

With that said, Zhu Yang glanced at his trouser legs and wrists, but there were no traces of rubbing on them.

The executive was taken aback, and hurriedly said: “No, we didn’t come here at the same time, she came to the bathroom alone, I put on the clothes on the other end, when I heard the sound, it was too late—”

As he said, he made a remorseful expression: “I shouldn’t have listened to her. She insisted that nothing was going on around here. Everyone had already turned around these days. Erniu also went out in the morning and pulled me over. Be breathable.”

“As a result, as a result—I shouldn’t listen to her.”

This guy even cried and repeatedly emphasized this point. It can be seen that his working ability is not much higher, but his ability to shake the pot is absolutely perfect.

But after speaking, Zhu Yang sneered: “You two have been to the toilet so many times together, do you need to avoid you this time?”

On the night the old man died, the two went in and out together.

Zhu Yang didn’t even see the holes in this guy’s body, and the rest of them also had almost an expression.

Except for Er Niu who always maintained a dull and honest person, the three looked at the executives, all of them were ‘you are stupid, can you not insult others’ IQs like this? ’

Xu Xiao used the ordnance shovel in his hand to spot the traces on the ground: “Keep your tactics open and take a good look. The woman was obviously dragged away from there. There is no trace of struggling on the ground, but away from it. The footprints only appeared three meters away, and the footprints were those of an adult man.”

“How did she manage to run over to the bathroom without leaving her footprints, but leaving you behind? Obviously you, the turtle grandson, had knocked people out and carried them in and threw them directly near the flowers.”

“Because people with long brains should be wary of seeing this flower. You have no chance of deceiving people too close. You can only start before people know it. You can’t even think of cleaning up the scene. You should not learn from other crimes. , Shame, ah!”

Xiao Shizi also answered: “It’s better to be the thief. He does things at least one step at a time, and knows how to wipe his **** clean every step. It’s really impossible to see this stuff. I heard it’s a senior executive, right? ”

“Such a supervisor is in my house, and he has been chewed up a long time ago.”

The executives didn’t expect it to meet and were broken up by them, and quibblely quibbleed: “No, she wanted to kill me, but I discovered it first, and it was only a manslaughter in the counterattack.”

“The reason I threw her corpse here was because I was afraid of your misunderstanding. I only said about the points. We both had a dispute and died. I couldn’t clean it even after I jumped into the Yellow River.”

“If you don’t believe me, ask Miss Zhu, what she heard was that she insisted on pestering me to force me out, and I simply didn’t want to come out.”

Who knows Zhu Yang said: “I didn’t hear it, I went back to the house after lunch, what can I hear?”

How can executives think that she would deny it? Anxious: “How could I not hear? We are right by your door——”

Halfway through, I thought this explanation was too stupid, so I saw Zhu Yang look over with a smile: “Then you really took great pains to make me ‘hear’.”

The executive seemed to catch a life-saving straw: “Then you heard it, she said it.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “I heard it, so what? Let her take the initiative to accompany you on the show, not too many ways.”

“For example -, you said you guessed which player the pass button is, and you have a solution in mind, but it is not convenient to discuss in the camp, you have to go out to find a secluded place, but two people without the ability to protect themselves leave rashly It will be suspicious, so you have to find an excuse.”

“Other people are fine to talk, but at least they have to pass me. So the woman who is stupid than you really did a show with you according to your design, but she didn’t know that she stuck her neck in like that. Noose.”

The executives turned pale, did not expect their own plans, and the operation process was plain to these people.

Thinking of the thief’s fate last night, he kept denying it, and his heart was full of regrets. He shouldn’t be greedy at the first opportunity.

But this ghost game is not a place where people stay at all. As the thief said before, the more primitive capital he accumulates, the greater the chance of survival in the future. He doesn’t want to die.

Zhu Yang was impatient to listen to his pale sophistry like a repeater: “Don’t read the scriptures, it doesn’t matter whether you kill the woman or not.”

“You two, one bullied a classmate to death at school, and the other killed an employee at the company. You two can see each other. It’s really a good match. I knew there would be this one at noon, but I didn’t stop you. Don’t think about why?”

She said with a grin: “Because you two are superfluous, it’s time to leave.”

The executive heard the words and shouted: “I didn’t, I didn’t kill people. I didn’t work at my own home when I came to work. How can I be so hypocritical? If I can’t bear it, I will quit my job and kill myself. Mean?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “But the game obviously doesn’t think so. Since the murder can be counted on you, I’m afraid it’s not as simple as you said?”

“But I don’t mean to avenge anyone. There is no judge to try you, so I don’t have to explain it so hard.”

After saying this, Zhu Yang took out his dagger and handed it to Xiao Shizi: “Come on.”

Rao is the youngest son who can see the clarity from the side with cold eyes. At this moment, he is also taken aback, looking at Zhu Yang incredibly.

I saw Zhu Yang said: “This is the only point you can get. I didn’t know this rule before. Now I know it. There are no more people. One of them is one.”

“Take it and become stronger sooner.”

Wei Jiangli was silent for a moment, and finally took the knife.

At this time Xu Xiao said: “It’s not appropriate to split the head in front of me, right?”

Zhu Yang laughed and said, “You want to stop me and not stop you.”

Xu Xiao looked at them for a while and curled his lips, but he really didn’t move.

His reaction made the executives, completely desperate, and yelled at him: “The surname is Xu, you’re a **** guide.”

Xu Xiao lazily said: “No, no, the facilitator just occasionally forces you to bring a new person. I really don’t like to be a leader. If it weren’t for becoming a facilitator, you won’t get points if you kill the new person. Cheap kids?”

Xiao Shizi walked over step by step, his eyes gradually turning into the indifference of the superior. Although the senior executives are of adult physique, they don’t have the flexibility of a young man who has a certain foundation in fist…

Coupled with the benefits of weapons, Xiao Shizi easily took his life and got a thousand points.

Xiao Shizi wiped the blood off the dagger and returned it to Zhu Yang. Zhu Yang took it and put it away. So far, the entire nine-member team is now only a small half left.

Xu Xiao said: “Go back!”

Zhu Yang smiled, “Go back? That’s a waste of the gift that others have painstakingly prepared.”

He raised his eyes and looked at the honest man who has always been honest and honest: “You said yes? Erniu!”

Er Niu looked at her blankly after hearing this: “You, do you call me?”

Zhu Yang ignored him and suddenly said to Xu Xiao: “What do you come from, I said? The newcomers who are assigned to you, although there are some who have lowered the average, but the good seedlings are outstanding.”

Pointing to Erniu again: “Such a powerful character, they are all big-name seed players. It is a pity that you can’t easily trust in the screening conditions of your game, otherwise your group will definitely become a climate after a few rounds. .”

Xu Xiao looked at Erniu and sighed: “Yes! But what about the result? Why is it so difficult.”

He said this so much, but Xiao Shizi and Er Niu were thoughtful.

Zhu Yang Huafeng then returned to Erniu: “You are also decisive, and when you seize the opportunity, you should be unambiguous. It stands to reason that you should keep a low profile at this moment. The more people die, the less people will always suspect you.”

“But you know very well that your time is running out.” Zhu Yang touched the little yellow chicken’s chin, raised his eyes and smiled: “After all, the deeds of the old man, the housewife, and the thief are revealed, and it is easy to think of the game for the player. What is the filter condition.”

“Everyone who enters this game is a guy with a life on his back. According to this calculation, the more honest you pretend now, the colder you will feel after exposure. You know that once you expose those inadvertent things, others will see There will be traces to follow. Instead of letting us not know when to wake up, it is better to start first.”

Erniu’s face still had that simple and blank face. Seeing Zhu Yang seemed to be aiming at him, he only promised: “I, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“I, I have killed people. There was a year when the county magistrate ordered to suppress bandits and came to the village to recruit young people. I took a knife, but I never killed a good person.”

Zhu Yang snorted: “Look, it’s boring. I really want to have a good talk with you.”

“Although the positions are different, I admire you from the bottom of my heart, really.”

Then she picked a bunch of flowers from the bamboo beside her.

This kind of flower is called flat bamboo flower, a kind of iris flower, which generally grows under bamboo forest. It is not a rare flower species. It blooms everywhere, but it does not prevent it from being beautiful.

The petals are white to pink and have a delicate fragrance. They are common in rural areas, but they are rare in cities.

Zhu Yang raised the flower in his hand: “Just relying on this little flower, you can induce a person’s greed, and killing someone with a knife is the second thing. The key is that everyone who is dead will definitely come over. This trick is to ask you to enter the urn. what.”

When Er Niu heard this, his usual dull expression finally fluctuated, and his eyes faded from the dazedness of being too naive, and became sharp and cruel. In an instant, a typical farmer’s image was subverted.

At this moment, whoever looks at him will feel that what he is facing is an experienced bandit.

He stared at Zhu Yang closely, his eyes were fierce: “When did you find out?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “In the beginning.”

“Impossible!” Er Niu seemed to be disguised and confident of himself. Perhaps more precisely, he couldn’t tolerate his own deeds, and was actually just playing a monkey under the eyes of others.

Zhu Yang sneered: “Are you quite arrogant? Ha! But you do have the arrogant capital.”

“The thief prides himself on being clever, thinking that he has good hands and feet, with a clean finish, and he is in control. He doesn’t know that all his actions are being led by the nose.”

“It can be said that that guy is just a knife in your hand, what you ask him to do, what he is doing, using his thief’s personality, but you are instructed to turn around.”

“Traps, bamboo chips, silk threads, herbs, whatever you pass, he picks it up, the guy probably thinks that he knows what he can use when he sees anything at will. I think he is proud of this.”

Er Niu did not admit or deny when he heard the words, only said: “If you look at your teeth and claws, you think you are an empty and powerful idiot, but you are underestimated.”

Zhu Yang poked his lung tube specifically: “What? Do you think how clever you are to pretend? Do you know that you are the first to be exposed?”

“That purse, huh! You said it was given by the landlord’s daughter? But when I touched it, it was better than the clothes on the younger generation. Isn’t this landlord’s family contracting the whole country?”

Wei Jiangli curled his lips dissatisfied when he heard the words: “This kind of landlord’s daughter can’t look down on him.”

Er Niu’s face was not good, he looked at Xiao Shizi bitterly, with a deadly expression.

Wei Jiangli also smiled: “You used to think of your master this way?”

Er Niu ignored him, but looked at Zhu Yang again: “Well, how did you expect this now? You are not a god.”

Zhu Yang said: “Of course I don’t know everything, but I know how to use science and technology.”

Speaking, I took out my phone and clicked on the recording and playback. The useless part of the recording has been cut off, and all the sounds of Erniu are at the beginning——

“Brother! I went out in the morning to pick a kind of flower. It’s pretty. You can give it to my sister-in-law. It’s unavoidable to be afraid of staying in this place. You can coax me more. Fate is rare, but you should cherish it.”

Then the executive’s voice came out, and it was a little perfunctory: “Okay, just leave it there, I’ll give it to her later.”

Executives and women with heavy make-ups are supposed to be guns/friendships, and they only take what they need. Where can they bother to spend this mind?

But the things are all handed over, and then they can be handed over to say a couple of sweet words to change women’s flirting and cursing.

So the executives ridiculed Erniu again: “It’s worthy of being able to hook the landlord’s daughter. People with a simple look are shrewd.”

Er Niu’s honest voice laughed and said: “No, I just feel that no matter how hard it is, I can’t wrong a woman. But if you want to pick the flowers, don’t run around. The outside is not flat. There is a big flower as big as a water tank next to this flower. The passing wild boar swallowed it in. It looked scary. I had to tell Brother Xu, who should they accidentally swallow it in the past? Just like the catfish back then.”

When he talked about catfish, the executive immediately thought of the scene of the girl with heavy makeup almost being swallowed by the catfish that day, and then a series of thoughts were drawn up.

But the executive didn’t know it, but thought it was the listener on his side, and he was busy holding the two cows: “Don’t be busy for now, wash your face and say, I wish Miss love clean, you sweat over and talk to her It must be buried.”

Everyone knows what happened next. After washing his face and wiping his body, it seemed like he had forgotten about it. Since this person looked a little silly, he naturally didn’t expect his memory.

The next thing is logical.

Zhu Yang turned off the recording and smiled at him: “I think although you have a concept of modern civilization, but you are not used to using these things? It’s very convenient, try next time?”

Er Niu’s face was green, and he definitely did not expect that he would lose on a small square, and he angrily cursed: “Curious skills.”

Xu Xiao stopped Zhu Yang: “Wait, what did you say you know about modern civilization? You mean he is not a new player?”

Zhu Yang took it for granted: “Isn’t this obvious?”

“Not at all!” But he still trusted Zhu Yang’s conclusion, so he scolded the game: “Ghost games play people again?”

It was him who watched from the sidelines, and other things were probably within his expectations, which he did not expect.

Zhu Yang sneered: “The youngest son is a celestial imperial man. He is so new to play with my mobile phone all the time, just him! I have no curiosity from beginning to end.”

“If you feel that your status is humble and dare not come over to make people feel uncomfortable, it makes sense, but the sound effect hasn’t attracted his attention once. It can be seen that he has already seen it.”

“This guy has taken advantage of his appearance to the extreme. Even when he enters the game, he chooses such a simple and extremely simple dress. There is no trace of modern civilization on his body. Naturally, he cannot be willing to play a pig because of his arrogance. It is nothing more than a big appetite. But now the strength and appetite do not match.”

“I once inquired about the number of games you have played so far, combined with the props you have to speculate on the average reward value of your games, two to four times, never more than five times. This is the number of times he has cleared.”

“This is also the reason why he dared to do nothing and set a trap for us. It is impossible for ordinary people to pose a threat to us, but if the player has a hole card and carefully plan, it is not impossible to fight.”

Xu Xiao was wondering when he himself was arrogant, but there was so much information that he couldn’t remember, so he could only curse this girl and ghost secretly.

Seeing that she had guessed that she was not a new player, Er Niu was very angry.

Then he grinned: “I admit that you are great, but since I knew that I had prepared and dared to come here so boldly, it would be too conceited.”

As he spoke, he quickly backed away and threw something over.

Xu Xiao subconsciously chopped off the thing, unexpectedly there was a bamboo tube, and the bamboo tube was also plugged.

Before they saw Er Niu hanging on his body, they thought it was the kettle he was carrying with him. At this moment, the contents inside were scattered and it was actually full of honey.

Just listen to the voice of Er Niu coming over there: “I have confirmed, there is more than one ant nest nearby.”

Xu Xiao and Zhu Yang were okay, they were quick to hide, but Xiao Shizi and Xiaofeiji were doused with honey.

Xiao Shizi’s clothes are fine, but the fluff of the little yellow chicken is really difficult to handle.

But this is only the first step. Adding some material to the two cumbersomes makes the two people unable to do anything. The real post-action has not yet begun.

I saw Er Niu rolling on the ground, avoiding Zhu Yang’s flying knife, and pulling out a rope from the grass.

Suddenly, Zhu Yang and the others stood on the piece of straw rope that popped up a dozen strands, which was obviously a trap that Er Niu used their morning kung fu to set up.

Those straw ropes didn’t know how to lay them, they were delicate, and they didn’t look obvious before. Once triggered, they knotted like a net, and the speed was so fast, just like a whip.

To be ordinary people, you really have to fall to the ground with a stalemate, and you can’t be entangled in the waist, just like a young man with a little yellow chicken.

However, Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao were also forced to stop their actions by this trap. After the war started, they didn’t even touch the corners of the two cows.

The two of them did not hesitate, and they cut the ropes with their hands up. The ropes hadn’t been completely unfolded yet, and they had been blinded by the results of rubbing them for several days.

But when Er Niu himself saw this, his face was not angry but happy.

Zhu Yang’s expressions changed the moment they cut the rope, and the secret path was not good. Sure enough, there was a piece of rope, and suddenly there was rolling silence on the surrounding rocky mountains.

Countless stones fell from the sky, and the number was like burying them.

Thanks to this tricky terrain and the ropes before, Zhu Yang and the three have been confined within that limited range.

Erniu seems to have been able to do these things. The chain mechanism made of ropes, the stones thrown from the scene are smashed against this side. For a while, even if Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao have monstrous skills, they must protect Xiao Shizi and Xiao Huangji at the same time. Under the premise, he was also embarrassed and avoided again and again.

The honey sprinkled at this time also had an effect. Countless ants came from all directions, densely spread like black water.

Anyone who sees this number will have a numb scalp, and naturally they will not be careless.

But at this moment, Xu Xiao felt the force of breaking the wind, he raised the engineer shovel to block it, and the sound of metal collision came.

It turned out to be a silver needle. This is a trace of some wetness on the silver needle, like something stained.

“It’s snake venom!” Zhu Yang waved away the stone and said to Xu Xiao.

“Hey! That’s right.” Er Niu smiled: “It’s really troublesome for you, Brother Xu. You brought so much in person, and you can’t get enough.”

It’s the snake tree they found for designing crooks before. Although there are a few ordinary people who can only escape, in the eyes of the player, just be careful not to provoke a group of snakes and lie in ambush around to catch snakes to get poison. It’s still easy.

At this moment, they were buried in a pile of **** rocks. Numerous ant colonies had already surrounded them. There were two cumbersomes who needed protection beside them, and there was another one who took the time to put cold arrows.

This trap was laid out, one after another, fierce and tricky. It was true that Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao both had better strength than him, and they were caught in a predicament for a while.

Zhu Yang picked up a boulder the size of a footbasin and smashed it at the Erniu standing more than a dozen meters away. He flexibly avoided it, and he could see that he had reserved a lot before.

Zhu Yang didn’t let him go, and threw it piece by piece. One of the two cows could not be avoided, but he took out the purse right now.

In the meantime, he quickly poured something out of his purse. Fortunately, Zhu Yang had good dynamic eyesight. He could see that it was the same thing as two earrings, but in the next second she knew she was wrong.

The ear studs suddenly became larger, and they turned out to be two shrunken gourd hammers. Erniu held the handle of the stick. The pumpkin-shaped hammer blasted the flying stone, and the stone was smashed with one blow, showing the strength.

Zhu Yang immediately became jealous, and looked at Xu Xiao and asked, “There is room for newcomers who only pass two or three games? How worthless is that stuff?”

Xu Xiao seemed to feel her resentment, and said hurriedly: “That thing is the lowest space pocket, far away is more like shrinking things into your pocket, space is limited, many things can’t be put, it is the most inferior space props. , Don’t be jealous.”

“Besides, in order to hide his space pocket, he has to sew on such a beautiful purse. Does this decay make you happy?”

Zhu Yang looked back angrily. At this time, the ants had already arrived at their feet, and there was no time to toss them.

“No, there are too many ants. Even if you want to jump out of the encirclement, you can’t jump that far, let alone take two people.” Xu Xiao said.

“Unless it attracts the attention of most ants.”

As for how to attract it, it is obvious that as long as someone plunges into the ant pile first, that moment of effort can actually escape.

The Erniu statue not far away also understood this, and smiled sharply: “Yes, yes, kick the chicken and that kid out, how can you two not escape the ant pit?”

With that said, the blow of the poison needle kept on.

Zhu Yang was so annoyed that he opened a poisoned needle and heard Xiao Shizi say: “Go out, no one else will be able to get out. I stepped on the shoulders of me and the fat chicken. You can jump out.”

Zhu Yang is now in charge of blocking Erniu’s cold arrow. Xu Xiao shovels away the ants that have surrounded him, but no matter how fast he moves, he obstructs the ants for a while. As the army behind grows more and more, he slowly becomes weak. Up.

Zhu Yang sneered when he heard what Xiao Shizi said: “I thought you would call for escort.”

After all, the ancient nobles, by nature, considered themselves superior, it was natural for others to protect him with their lives, and it was rare that they would sacrifice themselves.

Xiao Shizi said: “When you slap me, I know that Shizi’s identity has nothing to do with me. I want to push any of you out to cushion your back, and I will die in the end.”

“I don’t want to die down and down like a villain, it’s better to make some use, you are good people, I am willing!”

After speaking, he muttered: “It’s not necessarily dead yet.”

Don’t look at them now looking at all constraints and embarrassment, but since Zhu Yang could have anticipated everything, he wouldn’t be without a response.

Zhu Yang rubbed his hair: “Yes, even if it’s not pure kindness, it’s not bad to be smart and understand at any time, qualified!”

Xu Xiao on the side also nodded: “Well! Passed.”

When he said this, he suddenly put away the engineer’s shovel and no longer confronted the surging ants, and let the ants surge up like a tide.

Er Niu was shocked when they saw this. They couldn’t just give up like this. There must be a difference if they were so simply. At the same time, a bad premonition spread in his heart.

Then in the next second, he saw the ant colony freeze, a foot-thick ice layer spreading out from the inside out, instantly freezing the ant colony completely.

The ants that had just returned to the stream were all frozen in the ice and could not move.

Zhu Yang stood directly on the ice, came out from the inside, kicked off the big rocks in front of him, and looked directly at Er Niu.

“How humble you are to say you are a farmer.”

Er Niu’s face changed drastically, and he exclaimed: “Natural ability is impossible. How can this ability appear in this situation. Are you a high-level player disguised?”

This is the second time that Zhu Yang has been misunderstood as a high-level player. The first time was that her first game was exactly the mission. At that time, she was a big horn for Lu.

However, this also made Zhu Yang realize that this game focuses on rewards. Dogs are more common than the game’s item redemption window. In Zhu Yang’s view, they are not as tall as the game here.

But the games here are very stingy about abilities. I asked Xu Xiao to buy the sky-high prices, the lowest ones are very expensive, not to mention the painstaking upgrades.

In short, the two games have their own focus.

But it wasn’t when Er Niu finished roaring when he explained this, and the woman appeared directly in front of him.

The speed was so fast that he didn’t react for a while, and then the opponent drew a knife with a wave, and Er Niu hurriedly resisted with a gold hammer.

The heavy and sturdy golden hammer collided with the thin dagger, but it was not the dagger that was broken, but the iron tuozi was cut in half.

The incision is flat, and it is really as good as cutting iron.

Two oxen countless counts did not count that the opponent had the natural ability, and the ants often killed the elephants. In the face of the huge number, countless masters were really helpless.

But once he possesses this kind of superb ability, indeed all his layouts are just a joke, not to mention that the opponent himself has such a strong strength.

Within three rounds, Er Niu felt the sharp blade against his neck.

The other party didn’t kill him directly, but the next second he didn’t think this was a good thing.

Just listen to the voice above: “Don’t move, robbery!”


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