Scream Queen Chapter 86

Xu Xiao knew that this girl was not particular about it, but she was still taken aback by her enraging ‘robbing’.

Not to mention Xiao Shizi, seeing the drama of the Liang family women falling into the grass on the spot, people and children are a little confused for a while.

It happened that her son was just born, and he didn’t know how to study well at a young age.

From the frozen ant’s paw slid to its mother, a fat chicken cub flapped its wings and made a threatening posture at the two cows.

Trying to add momentum to its mother’s robbery career.

This child is dead!

Just listen to Er Niu sneered: “I have done a lot of killing people and selling goods. I want to give you things. Is there a way to survive?”

It means that whatever he has in his hands will do, but it will be counted as life money.

Zhu Yang raised his hand and slashed his head over. This guy is also a player who has experienced reinforcement, and his mind was also dizzy for a while.

It was different from pumping him and Xiao Shizi at the beginning, thinking that they were ordinary people, and didn’t put much strength in their hands. This was how Zhu Yang put out some strength.

She sneered and snatched the purse from this guy: “Talk about your father’s conditions? I like ritual in doing things. I robbed a career for the first time in my life. As a result, it was enough to grab a farmer in the wilderness. It’s a brisk atmosphere to explain the next rank, and you can’t be confused.”

“I’m particular to myself. I’m a second- and third-level hot chicken. I can’t afford a better storage space. I can’t steal it with enhanced skills. What else is there besides your wallet?”

The purse is indeed a low-level storage, but it is better than nothing. According to the ratio of the pair of hammers, a purse has only about one cubic meter of storage space, but it’s pretty good. There is no such thing as the dog than the game. It.

Every time I want to bring something from the game, I have to charge extra, and I’m stingy.

Er Niu recovered dizzyly, his purse had been snatched away.

In addition to the storage of all his belongings, the purse should have other special meanings, otherwise he would not bring such a thing incompatible with his disguise.

He struggled quickly: “Give it back to me!”

But Zhu Yang had already poured out the contents of his purse.

Those things changed back to their original size after leaving the purse, and suddenly there was a pile of things on the ground.

When Xu Xiao came over to control Erniu, Zhu Yang began to pull the sloppy stuff.

This second cow is also very good, but the experience is still relatively small. The props in this game are so powerful, and it can be inferred that the points are not so profitable.

Otherwise, it will become the Dragon Slaying Sword, just click and send it? Dogs are better than games, and this game will not be any better.

In addition, the 1,000 points for each of the players to kill each other is estimated to only apply to the newcomers in the first game, otherwise such a good chance to score points, this guy will definitely not fake it.

So the belongings of Erniu are of limited value, but the things are still good.

She pulled out a short knife from the inside. It was said to be a short knife, but it was nearly twice as long as the kitchen knife inherited from the ghost doll knife technique and the dagger from Xu Xiao’s capital. It could be used as a conventional weapon.

I am!

In addition, there is a crossbow. The weapons produced here are basically high-quality goods, but this thing is nothing special to Zhu Yang. She still prefers to use guns at long distances, so she handed the things to Xiao Shizi.

Continuing to remove some essential survival items for camping, the final value is two bottles of blue back potion.

When Xu Xiao saw this thing, he couldn’t help but said, “You can buy such extravagant things? No wonder the property is shameless.”

Looking at Er Niu with a smile instead of a smile: “I can’t see that you act bravely, but you are quite afraid of death. Most of the resources in your hand are actually used to save your life.”

Seeing that all his belongings were pulled out, Er Niu laughed miserably: “Hey! Isn’t it cheaper? You guys? I knew I wouldn’t change this thing.”

According to Xu Xiao, this kind of blue rejuvenation potion, even if you are seriously injured and half dead in the game, you can instantly return to the peak after drinking it.

In Zhu Yang and the others, the main horror game occasion may not be so effective, but the game owner’s survival and combat occasions, a bottle is basically a life guarantee, and even the hope of a Jedi comeback, its value is naturally self-evident.

It’s just that the poor Erniu can’t even use this last layer of protection. Who would want this woman to be so powerful? With too great a disparity in ability, these things have played their proper purpose.

Zhu Yang doesn’t have exclusive benefits either. This kind of thing is probably the same as the customs pass, is it restricted to newcomers?

Or the effect will be weakened when the body strength exceeds a certain level.

Otherwise, the big guys have tens of thousands of bottles in hand, and if they are tired from fighting, they will continue to blue, which is almost equal to immortality.

But obviously for Xu Xiao, these blue bottle potions are still within the scope of application. The two bottles of potion were directly divided into one bottle for Xu Xiao.

Xu Xiao was a little flattered, and said, “Are you generous, do you share this stuff?”

Not only here, the head points of the previous executives, she also gave it to Xiao Shizi without even thinking about it. The local tyrant’s disposition is simply more heroic than the advanced players.

Zhu Yang said: “You don’t feel embarrassed to look at me eagerly.”

Xu Xiao: “…”

The little belongings that Er Niu finally saved were cleaned up. Although he was bleeding in his heart, he couldn’t save his life at the moment, so he didn’t say much.

It’s just that he said: “You can take other things, you can leave me the purse, let me take it to death.”

Zhu Yang looked at him with some doubts. Her previous guess was that this guy was a mountain bandit, and the purse was the spoils of the noble daughter who was living outside. However, she guessed that he carried it with him when he was not a new player. It obviously has special meaning to him.

For two years, he said: “This is my wife.”

To say that people are about to die, the words are good, this purse is just an outsourcing, and the pocket sewn into the inner liner is the pocket of space, which is not impossible for him.

It’s just that the youngest son suddenly sneered and said, “My wife? My daughter doesn’t want to be the wife of your mountain bandit.”

With a sharp look at Er Niu, he saw Xiao Shizi holding the purse in Zhu Yang’s hand.

“This kind of embroidering has a special meaning. Most of the noble ladies in the capital honor their parents. Even giving them to their elder brothers is considered a surpass, and they will be given to you as a token of love? It’s like going up with the rules.

“Eighty percent are noble women who have taken over others in a desperate situation. They pretend to be their husbands without authorization, and they really think that the roots of lowliness are different.”

“Then let me tell you this. If the daughter is not in your family’s downfall and fell into your hands, even if you are married to each other, her family will not recognize you as a bandit even if they choke their daughter to death. What’s more, since you only have objects that people originally intended to give to your parents, it is clear what your daughter thinks.”

“You are just a shameless person who has taken an innocent woman. Don’t talk to yourself here. Girls are not happy to become dead souls and are called by your bastard.”

Under the sarcasm of Xiao Shizi, Er Niu’s face turned blue. It seemed that he was wishful thinking about this relationship.

Zhu Yang knew that this child was smart, and he probably knew the status quo. He didn’t expect that he would even notice this, and he would appreciate it for a while.

So he shook the dagger at Xiao Shizi: “It’s better for you to come, and look forward to your future more and more.”

Xiao Shizi pursed his mouth and didn’t be polite to Zhu Yang. It’s no use saying too much at this time, and there are some things to remember.

He wiped it off with a single knife, and the cunning and thoughtful bandit finally could only stop here.

Throw the corpse into the piranha. These flowers are not fussy, and they desperately secrete digestive juices as soon as they receive the corpse.

So far there are only three players left, and only one third of the players are left.

Xu Xiao wiped the blood from the knife and said, “Let’s go, go back!”

Unexpectedly, when he turned around, he was hit by a burst of stench.

The place they are staying now is a natural trap pit, and they don’t know where the stench comes from. It blows like a strong wind and is difficult to disperse.

Everyone was almost vomited as soon as they arrived. Xu Xiao was okay. He didn’t pay much attention to hypocrisy, but Zhu Yang and Xiao Shizi were not only sick at the moment, their entire scalp exploded.

But this gas is not only stinky. With that huge smell, what comes next is the uncomfortable stimulation of acupuncture in the brain.

Then the whole person became dizzy and consciousness began to blur.

The little generation who had not strengthened their physique directly fell to the ground and fainted. Zhu Yang and the others were a little better, but it was also difficult to concentrate.

However, she and Xu Xiao were also cruel, and when their hearts were not good, they immediately gave themselves a weapon in their hands.

For fear of attracting mosquitoes, it would puncture the skin and bleed, but the pain of breaking and dislocating a finger stimulates consciousness, which is not easy.

In this way, I didn’t faint anyhow, but just didn’t faint. The two of them were unstable, and they were kneeling on one knee to support their bodies at the same time.

Seeing this, the little yellow chicken fluttered over its wings and ran over. It didn’t feel dizzy. It seemed that it was naturally afraid of the gas. Seeing her mother like this, she hurriedly used her tender wings to fan the air around her.

But at this moment, the wings have not grown, and no movement can be heard. The whole terrain is also convenient for the odor to circulate in it.

This is true, the mantis catches the cicada and the oriole is behind.

Zhu Yang looked up and walked out a huge figure from the hidden stone mountain.

The figure was huge, twice the size of the little yellow chicken, but the huge size did not make it heavy and dull.

On the contrary, several ups and downs took advantage of the strength to jump from the stone mountain to their vicinity. The whole process was light and silent, and it was difficult for the other party to suddenly launch a sneak attack. The innate cunning and hiding of animals is indeed extremely difficult for ordinary people.

What’s more, the weasel, known for his cunning and agility?

The huge mutant weasel approached step by step, but compared to the three of them, the other party seemed to be more interested in the little yellow chicken.

There was a permeating green light in his eyes, and there was a drop of water dripping on the ice under his feet as he walked, showing how attractive the chicken was to it.

Zhu Yang looked at the beast who should be skinned, patted the little yellow chicken flapping its wings around her, and motioned it to hide behind.

The little yellow chicken did not listen to her mother this time. Instead, she turned to the weasel, with the soft and cute’chicking’ sound in her mouth. At this moment, she heard it was sharp and unusual, and her immature wings spread out to block Zhu Yang. before.

It is to remind that no matter how big it looks, it is a baby chick. The action of the hen to protect the chick looks a little funny, but no one can laugh at this moment.

And Zhu Yang himself, although being stimulated by anger at this moment is the most embarrassing moment so far, but he is not helpless.

But Xiao Huang’s feathery figure inevitably caused a trace of movement in her eyes.

The weasel saw that the chicken was irresponsible, his mouth showed an arc similar to a grin, his body was slightly pressed down, and he was ready to attack at any time.

After walking around them for two steps, he might come forward at any time, tear the body of the little yellow chicken with his sharp claws and teeth, and then bite and drag away the three of them.

Xu Xiao saw that the stimulation of the gas on the body could not dissipate for a long time. He had already torn off the cloth to cover his mouth and nose and punched his nose with his head in his pocket.

The obvious pain again made him more sober, stood up with strong perseverance, took out the engineer shovel and confronted the weasel.

The weasel seemed to know how good he was, and was quite jealous of him, and did not rush into a confrontation before he was completely sure.

The longer the confrontation, the more disadvantaged they are. After all, the weasel can replenish the odor at any time, but they need fresh air.

Seeing that Xu Xiao’s bottom plate was a little unstable, the weasel snapped his eyes and rushed forward like lightning.

It swung its huge claws, like a few sharp blades, Xu Xiao quickly blocked it with an engineer’s shovel, and it turned out to be the same as when he was facing a praying mantis, making a metal crash.

This weasel can be said to be the most difficult mutant species they have encountered so far. So cunning, it can be seen that the IQ will not be lower than that of humans. When they are the least prepared, it is not for him and Zhu Yang to resist, they A group is really planted in the hands of this chicken-thief beast.

When Zhu Yang saw Xu Xiao confronted, he fell into a slump, and wanted to create an illusion for the weasel to fight for Xu Xiao.

But now the brain is stinging, and she can’t concentrate. Illusion requires a lot of mental stability. Obviously she can’t meet the requirements at the moment.

Zhu Yang didn’t panic either. She couldn’t do a good job, so she stretched out her five fingers, and a cold air directed at the weasel.

The weasel’s reaction was swift and he slammed back, but behind it were several ice thorns protruding from the ground out of thin air.

For a while, the weasel jumped to dodge from side to side and moved flexibly, so the ice thorn couldn’t help it.

There was cold flowing out of him, but before it had condensed into ice to freeze it completely, it jumped out of the range of frost. After fighting back and forth for a few breaths, this guy had nothing but scattered ice dregs on the surface of the fur. hurt.

Xu Xiao’s heart became more and more heavy when he saw this. Although Zhu Yang’s unarmed combat was far inferior to him, this guy was capable and smart, and she couldn’t help this stinky beast even if she was using frequent methods now. This shows how powerful this beast is.

With the passage of time, the weasel became more and more weakened by the ice thorn, and the coldness became weaker and weaker. In the end, even after shaking his body, he was able to shake off the frost, and became more and more proud.

Suddenly an ice thorn appeared under its feet in front of it, and it hid easily, just like the previous few times, but this time when its claws landed lightly, there was a clear ‘click’ on the frozen ice surface of the ant.

The weasel was startled, and hurriedly pulled his feet out. With its strength, the thickness of the ice could not do anything.

But it was too late. Suddenly a heart-piercing pain came from its paw, and when it squatted, it was already bleeding.

A sneer appeared at the corner of Zhu Yang’s mouth. Wouldn’t it be easy to bleed?

Then the water of the blood, Zhu Yang directly penetrated the extension of the ice surface, freezing the blood of the weasel into ice, and then spreading to its body.

Of course, the weasel had already realized that it was wrong, and naturally shook his whole body violently, trying to shatter the effects of her ability. In fact, Zhu Yang couldn’t freeze such a fierce creature when he was delicately manipulated and could not reach the peak state. .

But it was enough to make it restricted in movement. Sure enough, the guy’s original agile speed was much slower, and his feet were no longer light.

It retreats step by step, wanting to completely exit the ice layer, supplemented by the smell, and wait for the cold of the body to fade, and it will always consume these preys.

But this happened to hit Zhu Yang’s arms. Just stepping on his foot, another piercing pain came, and the flesh on its paws was lost out of thin air, and there were still a few cockroaches hanging on it. bite.

It turned out that Zhu Yang had secretly placed under the outer edge, and the marbles on the ice surface were too conspicuous to cause vigilance. This weasel did not bounce weakly, and moved quickly. If he noticed something wrong, he jumped out to fight for a long time.

But the ice is full of dead branches and leaves. Under the cover of this layer, the weasel will die when stepping on it.

Sure enough, it wanted to shake off the cockroach on that leg, but the other three legs were not so stable when standing on the bottom plate, and the cockroaches hidden around swarmed up.

Although there are not so many ants, the efficiency is definitely more amazing. After all, a bite is the size of a fist. No matter how big the weasel is, it can’t bear to be gnawed alive in an instant.

Seeing that his limbs were scrapped, the weasel struggled desperately, but Zhu Yang looked ruthless, because he didn’t mean to keep his whole body.

He gritted his teeth and said bitterly: “Even fart at me and gnawed its ass.”

Fortunately, the cockroach babies eat so badly that they have to replace the ants, so they really don’t do such a smelly thing.

The weasel died in a sharp scream, Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao also breathed a sigh of relief.

This Nyima player was in intrigue almost picked up by an animal, and it was cheap.

But this is not a place to stay for a long time. The little yellow chicken carried his mother on his back, and Xu Xiao picked up the little son who was still in a coma. The three of them got out of this area in a bit of embarrassment.

After breathing the fresh air outside, after a while, their stimulated brains improved slightly.

Xu Xiao cursed: “What kind of biochemical weapon is on the **** of that thing? It’s invincible.”

Zhu Yang has a deep understanding. At this moment, she dislikes the smell of Xu Xiao’s whole body very much, saying that it is unpleasant as if she had just been fished out of a cesspit.

So he hurriedly said to Xu Xiao: “Come here, you stinks.”

Xu Xiao: “Sisters, do you want to smell yourself before me?”

Zhu Yang subconsciously sniffed: “Oh~”

After returning to the camp, Zhu Yang took the little yellow chicken to the river and rubbed it for a while. She used several acacia locusts with large arms, and she was rubbed several times with the little yellow chicken.

I don’t want to wear that outfit today. If it wasn’t for the chicken hair that couldn’t be shaved, she would like to shave her baby’s hair and grow it again.

After washing, the shadowy smell of myself from time to time, always holding on to Xu Xiao: “Do you think I still have a smell?”

Xu Xiao and Xiao Shizi who woke up and vomited it up were also rubbing desperately in the river. Now Xiao Shizi helped him rub his back and grinned: “Would you like to peel off the skin on your body and let it grow again? Recovery potion.”

Zhu Yang didn’t say anything, but Xiao Shizi said first: “If it hurts, I really want to peel it off and throw it away.”

Xu Xiao grabbed his head with his backhand and pressed it into the water: “Little brother, you can’t be so squeamish.”

A big man was still under adulthood. In reality, the little boy who was still in the first year of high school at most got up after a fight.

It was night now, and the three of them were grilling their clothes around the fire. They ate casually tonight, and directly grilled some fish and shrimp dipped in seasoning.

While eating, Xiao Shizi suddenly said: “What I killed was my father’s step-sister and half-brother.”

Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao looked at them with fish in their mouths, and saw Wei Jiangli say again: “Of course it’s not just the two of them. I have also killed slaves, rogues and treacherous men outside. Only these two were my hands. .”

He said with a sigh: “I wanted to kill Daddy, but I ended up being pulled here.”

Ah, this kid has already won the house fight at a young age, and only the last step is needed to complete the change of rights.

Wei Jiangli broke off a piece of shrimp and put it in his mouth with balsamic vinegar. The manner of eating was a noble and elegant, even if he was surrounded by a fire in the mountains.

After slowly chewing and swallowing, he continued: “Those who enter the game are all committed murderers. Look at yourself, taste others, and easily guess the game’s selection criteria for players.”

“It’s ridiculous that those guys don’t count the blood on their hands, and they dare to look down on anyone.”

He refers to the second cow, but most people don’t think so thoroughly at the beginning to think about it, and because newcomers are difficult to move in the game, it is instinct to hug each other, naturally everyone will not expose their malicious side.

Stupid people will only be pushed away by the status quo, while smart people know how to explore the way. In fact, once you understand the screening criteria in your heart, you can look back and look at the honest two cows and the younger generations who are less than fifteen years old. Is the most terrible.

“Based on this premise, Brother Xu also deliberately threw a so-called’clearance button’ bait. Everyone who does even a trivial thing has more taste. The conditions are limited, and it is under your nose. In fact, just be careful and avoid it.”

He looked up at Zhu Yang: “I was terrified by spiders that time. I was not afraid of spiders before, but after I almost died of poisonous spiders, I became scared.”

At the moment, he is probably in a completely relaxed state. He doesn’t care much about word order logic when he thinks about what to say.

Zhu Yang and the others learned about his background. Not only is this guy from a noble background, his mother is also prominent and strong. He was born as the eldest son and was appointed as the eldest son.

You should know that the death rate of children in ancient times was high, and even the children of the nobles often died. Therefore, unless the circumstances are special, there are very few places for newly-born children.

It’s just that the father and mother are a strong union, and there is no feeling between the husband and wife, so they treat each other as guests.

Wei Jiang contracted the wind and died before his birth mother was five years old. Later, his father continued. Because the family background is far from that of the original partner, he is naturally pleased with her husband in every way. Over time, the two couples naturally have a deep affection, and the honey is mixed.

Later, the son was born in the next room. Wei Jiangli’s biological father was satisfied with him, but could not stand his migraine for Yaozi and his wife’s pillow wind for ten years.

In addition, Wei Jiangli’s mother clan was a little bit ashamed recently because of the court dispute, and he wouldn’t hurt his muscles and bones, but he had to keep a low profile when staring at him.

People who are famous for a hundred years are low-key, and that is not something everyone can deceive. His stupid stepmother slapped her nose on the face, and her husband’s obvious preference for the younger son to encourage her ambitions, she even dared to plot to murder the son.

No matter how stupid this person is, he can hold the government office for ten years at any rate. The point is that sometimes smart people really can’t predict what a fool can do, and they really almost capsized in the gutter.

After that incident, his father actually tried his best to protect his stepmother. You just put the person under house arrest, and detained him for delicious food and drink, which slightly saved his son’s face, but his father didn’t, he just knew to exonerate his stepmother. .

It’s also because his grandparents have passed away, otherwise he will have to break his father’s head. Really, the aunt in the family is a little pitiful to be bullied by you?

Wei Jiangli no longer had expectations of his father. He directly set up a situation to overthrow his father, and personally pour into the mouth of his stepmother and younger brother in front of him. If it weren’t for the look above, it’s not suitable to be so obvious. At that time, he sent all three of the family to Huangquan Road.

Wei Jiang said, “I’m not a good person. If it’s just a test of my innocence, even if I do that, it’s a pretense.”

“But I know how to judge the situation and keep promises, so if you want to find someone who can give you back, Brother Xu, I won’t let you down.”

Xu Xiao smiled: “Oh! Do you see this?”

As he said, he laughed and patted Xiao Shizi on the shoulder: “The two cows claim to be clever and have exhausted functions, but they are not as good as you can see through the morning.”

A group of people fight with white knives in and red knives out of it. Let a kid lying on the side and doing nothing to lie down and win.

Zhu Yang sneered: “You are really wicked, shit, “Clearance button”, you can do it at the expense of you.”

Most of the people who enter this game are not good people. Except for a few special occupations, such as military/human or special/police, ordinary people have human lives on their hands. Except for a few that are reasonable, most of them can start with the same kind. What is it?

They have bad luck in this situation. They don’t have a good person. Let’s have another stimulus of the ‘clearance button’. As the danger of the jungle opens, there must be someone who wants to get rid of the early clearance.

Another finds that there are points for killing people, and the greed can’t stop.

Although Er Niu knew that Xu Xiao was deceiving people, he had his own purpose, and he would do everything he could, and then other people’s hands would get rid of the extra players.

The rewards for ordinary customs clearance are limited, so he naturally thinks about taking the wrong door, but the goal has always been Xu Xiao.

It’s just that Zhu Yang is too strong and shrewd to expose him early. Otherwise, with his cunning, although Xu Xiao knows that this kind of person must be acting stupid, he will never guess that he is an experienced player. It’s really uncertain. Carelessly.

Zhu Yang initially anticipated that the guide could not kill novice players casually, and thought Xu Xiao deliberately designed the newcomers to kill each other to achieve a concealed purpose that he did not disclose.

But later it was discovered that this was not the case. His purpose looked sinister, but he was really a reliable person at the critical moment. This did not only refer to ability.

So his intentions are worth pondering.

Xiao Shizi is smart, and he has gotten the minds of the two strongest people in the team. Without Zhu Yang’s many clues, he can see that Xu Xiao is looking for a companion at a glance.

Thinking of this, Zhu Yang suddenly flashed a light in his mind and asked Xu Xiao: “What new rules of the game will be introduced?”

Xu Xiao looked at her in surprise: “Have you guessed this?”

Zhu Yang nodded: “According to your previous statement, although the game space is serious, but everyone enters the game as a random individual, then your screening is meaningless. You will never be the kind of person who likes to be judged. Right?”

“Of course not.” Xu Xiao smiled, perhaps because he felt that in the end these two people had reached the expected value in his heart, so he no longer hesitated and said bluntly: “Because the next game is to form a team.”

“The selected leader is the captain of the team. I don’t know how many people are selected besides me, because this is the first game. I have to wait until I return to the game space to find out.”

“It’s only certain that the teams specially trained in the game will definitely be of great use in the future.”

“However, the first thing I need to care about now is how to select the teammates who can deliver the back. After all, the tasks will be bound in the future. You also know the origins of our game players. Those are not people who can be easily trusted. ”

Zhu Yang nodded and expressed his understanding: “Yes, even if you can’t do pure kindness, at least you have to understand that the stabbing in the back or the idiot, whichever is a headache.”

Then she exclaimed: “No wonder I said that the quality of your players is so high. There are three talented people among the seven. They turned out to be the seed players of the elite team.”

Although this ratio is less than half of the players, think about Zhu Yang in his game rookie field, it is good to see a bright and craftable material in a game.

Excluding the character of good and evil is not counted, the young man, Er Niu, and even the thief, are all incredible characters.

But unfortunately, if these people are likely to stand out on ordinary occasions, as long as they are given a period of growth, I believe they are definitely high-quality players.

The three of them were chatting, but suddenly they felt something was wrong. Many snakes, insects, rats and ants swarmed towards them.

They hurriedly got up to prepare for the battle, but the opponent was obviously not coming at them, and actually ran directly through them into the forest, as if a monster was chasing them behind.

Zhu Yang and the others thought it was because some mutant monster appeared out of thin air, could it be that the newcomers who could die were all dead, so the game increased the difficulty.

As a result, he suddenly saw the river, which was far away from them, was already in front of him.

You couldn’t see the river at a glance from the cave before, but now you can see it when you lift your eyes. The straight line distance from them is up to fifty meters.

“Why so fast?”

Xu Xiao said: “What else? The game time is almost over.”

“But we are still here.” Xiao Shizi frowned.

“So, we must have not completed the mission.” Xu Xiao said and looked at Zhu Yang: “Our mission is only to survive, but you – it doesn’t have to be.”

The meaning is obvious, you stand up to the person in charge.

Zhu Yang smiled: “You know!”

“You didn’t hide it much, I can’t guess that I am a fool.”

At first she still had Zhu Yang, but as people died more and more, she was not worried about showing her strength.

Xu Xiao smacked his lips: “It’s just that I didn’t expect you to have the natural ability, and that the bug that gnaws on the earthworm is also yours. This is not considered as an illusion interference.”

“The game is not kind, look at other people’s plug-ins, how come it is so difficult for us to have a pedigree or ability?”

Fortunately, he didn’t know that the sword skills were also exploded, and there was also the mirror shuttle, which was not shown because of the limited conditions, otherwise it would definitely be more unbalanced.

Who expected Zhu Yang to be more dissatisfied than him: “Look at the things you sell, and then look at our poor stuff?”

“You only have more than a thousand points in one space. The seasoning packages I have fed you these days, as well as the iron pot for cooking rice and water are all worth one-tenth of your price.”

Xu Xiao blurted out after hearing this: “Huh? Why doesn’t it grab it?”

The two formed a Tucao Game Alliance for a while, and Xiao Shizi got used to it for a long time before he understood what this meant.

Looking at Zhu Yang incredulously: “Are you from another game?”

Asked Xu Xiao again: “How do you see it?”

Xu Xiao waved her hand: “Do you carefully recall how she usually talks?”

In fact, there are a lot of details, especially the obsession with his tools and the scorn of points.

At first, he thought that this guy had an innumerable difficulty with points. Later, her ability gradually unlocked, the front-to-back connection, and the posture that she was all capable but empty-handed.

Although the result is incredible, it is true.

Wei Jiangli’s first reaction after confirmation was: “Then you still follow us back to the game space?”

“Should it be?” Xu Xiao replied for her: “Since she can get points, it means that the game recognizes her participation. The points must be exchanged for goods in the game space, at least let her buy something.”

But this did not comfort people at all, and Wei Jiangli was a little bit depressed for a while.

Xu Xiao ignored him and poked Zhu Yang: “At the current speed, this water can flood the entire forest tomorrow morning. You are thinking of how to clear the customs.”

At this point they had retreated far, and the cave they had lived in was about to be submerged.

Zhu Yang said speechlessly: “But the point is that my dog ​​than the game did not give me a task at all.”

After saying these words, there was a flash of light in her brain–

Yes, I didn’t give her any hint, didn’t I just ask her to find something?

What is the broadest intelligence she has learned here? It is that there is more than one similar game, and there is actually an elite team being prepared here.

Zhu Yang’s mind turned so fast, why did Goubi Games send her to another game? Why does she need to know this information? What does this mean for games?

All the clues are intertwined in the brain, and then gathered into a clear conclusion.

Zhu Yang opened his eyes and said: “Between games and games, there will be levels of normal competition in the future.”

No matter what the purpose is, in short, the players specifically selected by the game may be more than these two games. In the end, players and players will have a battle for one purpose.

Xu Xiao set up elite clan groups here. These groups are different from ordinary players’ customs clearance mode. This is the reminder of this game for its own players.

The prompt method of the game is to hide the answer in the task. Whether you can understand it depends on your comprehension.

After all, the competitive relationship must always be fair.

Sure enough, as soon as Zhu Yang’s voice fell, the news of successful customs clearance came in his mind, and the rising river suddenly stopped.

In the next second, the three of them flashed in shape and disappeared in place.


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