Scream Queen Chapter 87

Zhu Yang opened his eyes and was relieved to see the little yellow chicken next to him.

\”What’s the matter with your game? If you say log out, log out without delay. What should the player do if something is not done? It is not humane at all.\”

Xu Xiaole said: “Humanized? When you play online games, do you still expect customer service to accept your complaint?”

Zhu Yang Zhenzheng said: \”Why can’t we? The cost of playing games is a bit high, ordinary games hurt money, our game hurts our lives, what’s the difference? Learning from players’ opinions to improve experience and visibility is not the meaning of the existence of games ?\”

Xu Xiao was shocked: “How do you know? No, why are you shouting so loudly?”

Regarding the nature of the game, in fact, many rules and controls can be seen in the focus. As long as the brainy players summarize the clues in the future, they will always have some insight.

But this kind of thing is that the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees wisdom, and the concept between games and games is also different.

For example, Zhu Yang’s dog game is compared with the game here, except for the most obvious difference in player screening requirements and reward structure.

The most obvious is the difference in attitudes towards killing each other between players.

The dog is better than the game. Because Zhu Yang has a high rating for clearing all the way, various Sao operators take turns to play, except for the first intermediate field, she kills the gold players under the hint of the game, it is really not her eyelids Anyone died underneath.

It is said that the higher the level, the stronger the competitive relationship between players will be, and fighting is inevitable, but the various regulations in the early stage, the dog game still tends to protect new players.

So most of the early players were killed in the hands of monsters in the horror world, but very few died in the hands of players.

But the game here is much cruel compared to this point. Not only does it have to face a cruel road to customs clearance, but also beware of cold knives from teammates.

In terms of nature, compared to the dog game, it can be regarded as a child’s style of painting.

However, this is also determined by the nature of the game. Players in the Goubi game return to reality after completing the game, and the game here directly establishes a game space.

It is like having people move bricks. The treatment of ordinary external workers and the prisoners who are incarcerated and managed in prison is naturally different.

So Xu Xiao horrified this guy, who is an experienced player, and he still treats the game with such a big heart?

At this time, the little yellow chicken fluttered its wings, and opened its eyes in the next second from the jungle, and went to a strange place, making it very uneasy. Subconsciously, it looked to its mother for a sense of security.

He hugged Yuanyuan’s head and rubbed the fluff on it. It was OK, there was no more smell like the weasel fart.

Then she should not be there anymore.

The place where they are now is a modern villa with a strong atmosphere, which is very different from the original appearance of the jungle.

After Xiao Shizi opened his eyes, he couldn’t help but look around him curiously. Although Xu Xiao and Zhu Yang were there to popularize his science, he could only understand the epoch-making shock by seeing him in person.

Xu Xiao smiled, holding his neck: “Let’s go, let me infuse you with common sense first.”

As he said, he took them to a corner of the living room, where there were all extra decorations, and there was a big circle with a diameter of two meters on the ground.

Xu Xiao pushed Xiao Shizi to the center of the circle, and suddenly a burst of light flashed, and disappeared in Xiao Shizi’s mind.

After opening his eyes and coming out from the inside, looking around is not the kind of confusion.

However, Zhu Yang took a good look at Xu Xiao’s residence and asked him: “Are you living alone here? Your games are very generous.”

Then I looked out from the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, and I could overlook the countless lights below.

This is a huge city that cannot be seen at a glance, more prosperous and denser than any other in the world Zhu Yang has been to.

But it is also polarized.

Xu Xiao’s residence was halfway up the mountain, and he looked up and looked around at houses of the same level as him, but looking down, the residence became simpler as he went down.

Zhu Yang even saw a tin house similar to a refugee cave at the far bottom.

However, the house here is actually moving. She saw with her own eyes that within a short while, there were two ordinary independent houses moving up, and then the appearance of the house changed and became more luxurious and spacious.

Zhu Yang smiled: “Oh! Your house is still happy to be adjusted according to the level of people?”

Xu Xiao gave her a surprised look, but he had seen her cleverness, which was not a fuss.

He also came to the bed, watching the dim and bustling lights below: “Yes, the house and the player are bound together, the higher the level, the higher the living.”

He pointed to the lowest slum: \”The new players who have just entered can only live there, and then there are studio apartments, then duplex apartments, and each player in the intermediate field is a single house.\”

As he said, he motioned Zhu Yang to look up at the highest point in the opposite distance: “The five big bosses living on the top of the game space, where the living area is no less than the palace.”

Zhu Yang looked from a distance and saw a palace standing at the top. There was a huge halo standing in the sky, and the patterns inside were quite simple.

He pointed to Xu Xiao and said: “What is that?”

Xu Xiao looked at it and said: “That, it’s the emperor’s clan emblem, and the other four big brothers also have it, but my perspective is inconvenient. But this thing was the emperor’s first rise.”

\”He is the one who played the concept of **** to the utmost.\”

Zhu Yang nodded. The players in the Goubi game are scattered in reality. It is very painstaking to manage the network of players, and it is difficult to form a group.

There is no such restriction here. Gu Yang generally puts all players together, allowing the best to stand out, dividing forces, and ruling others.

Put the hierarchy of the entire game space on the cards, and the best ones are naturally dazzling.

But Xu Xiao is also not bad. Goubi game sends her and Xu Xiao to the same game, so the two should be in the same level.

It didn’t take long to enter the mid-level field and the treatment was extraordinary, which shows that he is also an excellent player along the way.

But as the two people spoke, they saw a house nearby disappeared.

\”This—\” Zhu Yang understood what it meant before asking.

The house is a treatment tied to the player, so it is obvious what the disappearance of the house means.

Xu Xiao also sighed: \”So, although the night scene here is beautiful, it’s really not a good time to appreciate it.\”

Look at the bright lights outside, suddenly disappearing two houses for you, you will know that someone like you has died in the game.

Although all kinds of intrigues in the game world are dead and alive, but seeing this situation here, it is inevitable that the rabbit will die.

Xu Xiao pulled Zhu Yang and Xiao Shizi and said: “Let’s go, although this is not a good place, but there is no tomorrow, so when you are free, everyone will be drunk and dreamy. I know a few interesting places. , Take you to see and see.\”

Zhu Yang said: “How long can I stay here?”

Xu Xiao shrugged: “As long as you didn’t redeem your points, should you still mind playing at this time?”

Zhu Yang no longer struggled with what he said. She was really curious about this place.

Not only is this the home of another game, but the worlds she visited in her previous missions were quite ordinary, and they were all places where references could be found in reality.

So for this kind of dystopian city, she is very strange.

Zhu Yang and the three changed their clothes. They also said that the house is the player’s binding treatment, so all the things that can be used in the house are determined according to the level of the house.

Food, daily necessities, clothing, entertainment tools, and even decorations are all available. Just select in a sorting screen and things will appear in your room out of thin air.

Zhu Yang dragged the icon for choosing clothes on the screen. Xu Xiao has a lot of clothes to choose from because of his high level, and he is not limited to men’s clothing.

Zhu Yang was jealous again and smacked his lips: “How nice is to be able to take away a house like this?”

Xu Xiao was taken aback by the thoughts of this greedy lady, and she actually heard something in the next second: “How much is such a house? Can I buy it with cross-service points?”

\”Sisters, your tone is too big, there are many good things here, but you think they are all cheap? Don’t pretend to buy and buy without a hundred thousand points.\”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “It just happened that the last game required a lot of money. I pulled my boyfriend’s inventory and added my own. Two million points should be available.”

Xu Xiao: \”……\”

Zhu Yang: \”…Why did you kneel down?\”

Xu Xiao: \”No, I suddenly felt that your legs are so thick, I really want to give a hug.\”

Xiao Shizi put on his clothes and came out from the inside. He happened to see this kind of worthless virtue and glanced at him contemptuously: “The captain of the team is not always bound, right? Can I compete?”

I really don’t want to work under such a dull guy.

Xu Xiao hooked his neck and rubbed his head. While Zhu Yang was going to change his clothes, he said: “You know what a fart, I asked about the points rules of their game. Actually, it is not more generous than our game. , The quality of what I bought is not as good as ours.\”

\”Those who can save this wealth, although it is impossible to form a power like the Five Big Brothers because of their limited nature, but in terms of personal strength, they should be on par with the Big Five.\”

Although Xiao Shizi has been perfused with common sense of modern society, he still focuses on the vision he has cultivated over the past ten years, so the clothes he chooses are ancient costumes.

But going out is not surprising, because the source of players is too mixed, there are different eras and different planets, and there are all strangely dressed.

The young man stroked his hair in dissatisfaction, and did not say anything. In fact, he was a little excited about his yearning for a higher level.

He has seen Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao’s ability, especially Zhu Yang.

Xu Zhuyang’s ability only appears in fairy stories. According to her, she can’t watch it for the time being.

What kind of realm will it be in the future?

Stumping their mouths, the two saw Zhu Yang in a dress coming out of the dressing room, followed by Yibu Yixi’s little yellow chicken.

A few people met in the jungle. At first they saw her in a casual and simple dress. They knew she was beautiful, but under that condition, people would generally not pay attention to their faces.

She cleaned up a bit now, and her attention was inevitably focused on her appearance. The good thing is that she has a slim figure and amazing beauty.

Xu Xiao blew a whistle and said happily: “Walk around, it’s my turn to chuckle tonight, how good is such a beautiful woman to take out?”

Seeing Xiao Shizi blushing, haha ​​laughed again: “Children are fun.”

Wei Jiangli said in embarrassment: “When I came here, my family was negotiating for me. You single dog who doesn’t even have a girlfriend are embarrassed to say others?”

Xu Xiao choked. This special cat shouldn’t instill common sense into him as soon as he came. What did the game mess with an ancient person?

After tidying up, the three of them went out and walked to the garden to see the little yellow chicken following.

Xu Xiao suddenly said: “This, where we go, isn’t it good to take children?”

Zhu Yang touched the little yellow chicken’s chin, so comfortable that there was a gurgling sound in its throat.

Suddenly I was a little curious: \”Speaking of why it can come out with me? Oh, of course I am very happy. I was afraid that it could not take care of itself when separated. But your game is too honest, right?\”

\”The shop is full of good-quality and cheap props, and I still care about food and housing. Even the godson in the game is afraid that I will be sad and packaged with me. It is so silly-no, where can I find such a considerate game? \”

Xu Xiao looked at her with an expression of ‘you have a bag in your brain’, and suddenly heard the sound of vomiting blood.

He explained to Zhu Yang: \”The game’s proceeds can be taken away, and there are even occasions for finding props. Although this guy is a living entity, he is not a human being, so it is your trophy.\”

\”So good?\” Zhu Yang thought that a dog would take ten points more than the game’s personal belongings. He immediately felt that the bowl was not as good as the pot.

The dog suddenly grumbled dissatisfaction than the game.

Cheng Chengcheng, the two games have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The three people in the Talking Room have already arrived in the entertainment area. Although most families have everything they need, they always like to get together.

What’s more, in this repressive and dangerous world of horror, many people need to vent their pressure hoarsely, so the entertainment area is full of people, and every store is booming.

Xu Xiao told them to popularize science: \”Playing here is free, but the consumption level is linked to your own level.\”

For example, if you can only eat home-cooked stir-fry in your own house, don’t expect to order sea cucumber and abalone in the entertainment area. In this game space, all treatment depends on your level.

In order to stimulate players to climb up, this game really does everything possible. In contrast, dogs are more Buddhist than games.

But it’s not that low-level players can’t enjoy the advanced service quality at all. If there are high-level players willing to take you to play, it’s a different matter.

Xu Xiao first took them to a restaurant for dinner. With his authority, the expensive ingredients in the real world are basically no longer a problem.

The service in the restaurant is also very attentive. The waiter should be an NPC made by the game. Seeing Zhu Yang with a little yellow chicken, he even asked intimately: “Do you need a child seat?”

Zhu Yangxin said, big brother, you look at the body shape of this product anyway, and then his heart changed.

Also, I really want to see how little yellow chicken sits in a child seat.

Then answered: \”Yes!\”

The waiter smiled and went to prepare, and Zhu Yang and the three began to order. Xu Xiao’s current level, the dishes displayed on it, are not inferior even if they get the real Michelin luxury restaurant.

However, he was only medium here, and Zhu Yang asked: “If you are an advanced player, can you eat better?”

For the first time, Zhu Yang’s imagination was limited by poverty.

Xu Xiao said: “I have a few high-level player friends. In their menu, the materials are not limited to the normal category. If you reach the level of the boss, you have to eat dragon liver and phoenix gall and fresh fruit juice.”

Speaking in a low voice and Zhu Yang said: “After all, they have been to those places.”

Zhu Yang knows that, in fact, smart people can understand a lot from these aspects. The difficulty of the copy of advanced players can be seen from this.

After ordering a few dishes, the waiter also brought the little yellow chicken’s child seat.

Contrary to what Zhu Yang thought, the chair was not a huge seat that matched the size of the little yellow chicken, but was similar to an ordinary baby seat.

Then Zhu Yang personally saw the little yellow chicken sitting in, the size of the whole chicken changed from a giant chicken of nearly two meters to the size of two basketballs.


Xu Xiao smiled and said: “Save space. There are still players who raise pets and mounts, and even some players have the same race. The restaurant is so big, so naturally I have to find a way.”

Zhu Yang’s attention is not on this: \”Is this downsized device available for sale? Is there a more flexible one? For example, you can zoom at will without affecting its activities.\”

Then he complained: “Although my house is big, there are still family members at home, and my boyfriend has more servants. There is a private island, but I can’t just throw it there alone?”

Xiao Shizi also nodded: “Yes, it is because my family owns a thousand lands, and the difficulty is to hide.”

Xu Xiao: \”…I will really kill you, believe it or not?\”

The food came up with a smile, Zhu Yang and the others were okay, but the little yellow chicken was not picky about everything.

This is also true. You can eat fish and shrimps out loud, or you can swallow them alive. Naturally, the stomach cannot be weak.

The three of them came out of the restaurant after a delicious meal, and then entered.

When Zhu Yang went to Macau and Las Vegas, he went to gambling/games, but the most luxurious and lively gambling/games were not as good as one-tenth of here.

The area of ​​the entire hall was unimaginable, and it was also learned that it was the reason for the people coming and going, so Zhu Yang couldn’t even see at a glance.

There are all sorts of weird gambling/gambling projects inside, and each gaming table is surrounded by people with different clothes, obviously from different cultural backgrounds.

It seems that it is not only food, music and art that can break the barrier of racial communication, but also gambling/gambling.

Zhu Yang is not interested in gambling/gambling, but he can’t help being shocked by this unprecedented grand occasion.

Sure enough, there is a world of horror where there is no tomorrow, and many people choose to live in drunkenness and dream of death and enjoy it.

According to Xu Xiao, there is a red light district next to the casino, but most of the players listed for business are players, including men and women.

In fact, the conditions that the game provided to everyone at the beginning were fair, but some people chose the path that they thought was easier.

Points and general props can be transferred between players, which is similar to a dog game.

And in the game world, although the phenomenon of gangs, cliques, gangs, and each other is serious, players must not use violence between players, and they must go to the game to engage people.

Various transactions naturally arise at the historic moment, but the registration and operation of the game is still very formal.

This serious attitude makes people choking silently, meaning that chaos must be chaotic in order?

Well, following the secret fear of dogs than games, she knows that this game is obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It seems that it’s not easy to play games. I feel so nervous and on the verge of going crazy every day.


Zhu Yang thought so sincerely, and suddenly heard two vomiting blood.

There is a dance floor for tens of thousands of people in the casino, Zhu Yang likes it.

The music inside is something she has never heard before, and it is said to be a product of a civilized planet with highly developed music.

The music there has a strong resonance with the spirit, and can even be used for the treatment of mental illness.

Zhu Yang stepped onto the dance floor. Sure enough, the music came together to make the whole person happy. This is not the same concept of crowds and atmosphere.

It’s as if the whole person’s soul is freed from the **** or the whole body is relaxed, or the catharsis is exhausted. It is not only a lot of fun, but also relieves the huge pressure.

Even the ancient nobleman who was holding him like Xiao Shizi couldn’t help stepping onto the dance floor after standing outside for a while. He didn’t restrict his dance moves, even if he was dragged by the little yellow chicken in circles, he was thrown out quickly.

But the whole person’s anxiety about being in the game world, and the anxiety about the future also disappeared a lot.

Xu Xiao lived here for a long time and got used to seeing them, but not so fresh. So he sat outside on the dance floor and watched them dance while drinking.

It stands to reason that Zhu Yang’s party queen should be the focus everywhere, but today the focus on the dance floor is not her.

It’s her!

At first, the little yellow chicken just followed her mother into the dance floor and circled in circles. Later, I saw that Zhu Yang danced more and more hotly, and he even learned.

The key is to learn it soon!

Can you imagine a two-meter-high little fat chicken flexibly twisting and spinning on the dance floor in various dance poses?

Pixar’s animal animations are not so cool.

In the end, everyone was attracted by the little yellow chicken. Zhu Yang and the others didn’t jump at all, fanning the rhythm around the goods.

Seeing his mother’s praise, the little yellow chicken became more and more eager to express himself. The dance steps on the various projections were easy to come by. This kind of ethnic talent makes people wonder if it is the sound of the chicken in Africa.

At the end of the last song, the entire dance floor bowed down to this chicken.

It is said that here tonight there will be a king of the dance floor, sponsored by one of the five big guys who loves music.

Little yellow chicken’s votes soared all the way, and instantly defeated other competitors with an overwhelming advantage.

I was pushed all the way to the stage and got a prize. It was a mini loudspeaker, the size of a ring, which I usually wear on my fingers.

It can magnify any sound you want to amplify between several times to hundreds of times, and adjust it as you like, which is very smart.

The little yellow chicken rushed back down and gave the loudspeaker to Zhu Yang. At this moment, Zhu Yang doubted that Goubi Games would send her here to scan the goods, right?

So he hugged the hairy head of the little yellow chicken: “Oh, hey, it’s my son. He knew that he would make money and raise his mother before he became an adult.”

Xu Xiao listened to this, why is something wrong: \”Son is such a use in your eyes?\”

Zhu Yang ignored him and happily put the loudspeaker on his index finger.

She was still worried about how to upgrade her sound attack skills, so she fell asleep and encountered a pillow. Although there are many props on the road side that can help her to maximize her strengths, and even affect her soul, it is even more subtle than this. .

But one is that most of the levels are not unlocked, but high-level items are used to influence the evaluation. This kind of purely physical improvement is best used at her current stage.

And other game props, shouldn’t it affect the evaluation?

The three of them didn’t expect that there would be such a good thing when they came out to play, so they joked to see if there were any leaks, and then went to see.

As a result, it turned out that three of the five big guys were coming tonight, and one of them casually scattered some gadgets and came out to add some color to the various activities.

It’s a gadget for the big guys, but it’s a useful and practical thing for ordinary players. All tonight, there is a lot of excitement.

Zhu Yang heard this: \”I would rather meet these big guys you are talking about.\”

Xu Xiao waved his hand: “They are also at the top level when they come to play, but the appearance and images of the five people are not a secret. I’ll show it to you later.”

Zhu Yang nodded. If there will be cross-server competitions between games and games in the future, not only the representatives of each game choice are the strongest, but also the top group of people. After all, the level is not enough, and there is no qualification to know this.

Well, it is obvious that the strongest people in this game can be beneficial and harmless to know in advance.

Xu Xiao naturally understood her plan, and said with a curled lips: “Your game really wants you to be a girl.”

Enlarge people directly in the camp to find out, and you can also grab a wave of props by the way. Who of them has experienced this kind of warmth in the game?

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “Don’t worry, your games will definitely be more convenient. You must be fair in everything.”

As they were talking, the three of them were stopped by someone.

The temperament of the group that stopped them is a bit like the gold-fishing players on Zhu Yang’s side, and they are both types of thugs.

The posture is impressive, but those thugs are hard to beat.

Even Xu Xiao’s face was a little dark when he saw it, which shows that he has little strength.

He said solemnly: “Something?”

\”Don’t be nervous!\” The big guy headed by said: \”What can I do here? I have to die.\”

But no, what the game space can’t do is not necessarily in the game copy.

Xu Xiao did not relax his vigilance, and saw that the big man had passed him, and said to Zhu Yang: “Beauty, newcomer?”

They linger all the year round. With such a conspicuous face, you shouldn’t be unimpressed after seeing it once.

Zhu Yang said: \”Yes, this is the first time here.\”

The big man laughed, and then took out a business card and handed it to her: “It’s so pitiful, it’s not easy for women to live here, especially for beautiful women like you, you shouldn’t have participated in so many fights.”

\”Your advantage is obvious, why not use it to make your life easier?\”

Zhu Yang took the business card, with XX massage club printed on it. These guys are obviously leather/strips/guests in the red light district.

Zhu Yang shook his business card and asked Xu Xiao: “Didn’t you say that players do business in that area that is managed by the game? Why is there still such a leather/strip/customer?”

Xu Xiao replied: \”Although only one person is required to register, you have to consider the source of customers. These people are responsible for attracting customers and collecting commissions in various ways. If they don’t cooperate with them, they will even cause trouble to others. Do business?\”

Zhu Yang nodded clearly, and said: \”If you have a dispute among players here, how is the punishment calculated?\”

Xu Xiao was surprised by her question: “The wrong party will deduct a certain amount of points. According to the degree of disability, a normal fist punches 100, maimed 3,000, and fatal 10,000.”

Except for the top bosses, who dares to consume so much? In the game, it is often hard to survive a game and earn less than three thousand.

Once the points are deducted, your whole person will be wiped out. A sensible person will not do such a stupid thing. If you really want to kill a person, how good is the game world?

So in the game space, most violent conflicts are just one or two punches, which makes people feel distressed to death.

Xu Xiao asked her: “Why are you asking this?”

Zhu Yang raised his hand and squeezed the knuckles: \”This determines whether I will fight for literary or martial arts next. It turns out that I only deduct points, which is very cheap.\”

\”Hey you–\”

Xu Xiao was taken aback, but he could only speak. Zhu Yang had already punched out like lightning, and hit the big man’s nose with a fist without mercy. The bridge of the big man’s nose was instantly beaten.

The opponent was caught off guard by this punch. At any rate, he was a strong strengthening player, otherwise he would have been killed on the spot.

It’s just that the nose is a fragile part of the human body, and the big man also shuts down with one blow, and the people around him are all confused.

At this time, I heard an announcement sound in the hall–

[A player who violates the rules and deliberately attacks, deducts 100 points from the player. 】

The few people behind the big man were already thinking about rushing forward, but they were poured cold water by the announcement.

Whenever a violent incident occurs in this game space, it will be broadcasted nearby, meaning a warning, and the second is to cool the atmosphere.

When everyone heard it, they had to sigh that this girl was still too impulsive, and it was a good time to hit someone, but this punch was one-tenth of the point of a pass, which was in exchange for life.

Unexpectedly, as the broadcast sound fell, it was another beautiful female voice.

The voice said nonchalantly and nonchalantly: \”Huh? Only one hundred for such a heavy punch? So cheap?\”

\”I see, as long as there is no disability, there will be no qualitative change in the charge, right?\”

As he said, he plunged into the group of people like a whirlwind, fisted to the flesh for a while, and the sound of broken bones rang out, and was sometimes thrown out along with the corpses being pulled on the ground with their heads pulled.

The people around were dumbfounded. This Nima’s deduction was all points. For a while, it really hurts to watch.

Whether it is the person who was beaten or the person who hit, it is distressing.

The key is that the woman can’t count herself, and there is a fat chicken next to her beating people with her, and this account is naturally counted on her.

But before slapped twice, Zhu Yang was thrown back to the back of Xiao Shizi: \”Watch it!\”

Although the little yellow chicken is very talented, but the bones are still tender, these players are not vegetarian, and it is not good if the injured.

Although the average number of players in that group was below Zhu Yang, they couldn’t stand the crowd. At first, they were confused and couldn’t believe that a newcomer would dare to be so horrible.

They don’t want to deduct thousands of points for nothing.

Later, I realized that this guy was not a new player at all, and he became angry. The so-called double fist is hard to beat four hands.

Zhu Yang’s fighting skills are not top-notch, and he naturally fell into a slump for a while when he thought about fighting back.

However, these people also pay attention to the rhythm, or they will not hit you. If you want to hit you, you will have no strength to fight back. It can be seen that they are afraid that there are too many meaningless fists and waste points.

When Xu Xiao saw this, he wanted to go up and help, and was drunk by Zhu Yang: “Stop, can you help? You’re poor!”

Xu Xiao felt like a poor young man with a passion for blood. He wanted to help the old man who fell on the road, but he had to weigh whether there was a mine at home.

Exactly the same feeling.

Zhu Yang was caught by two people, and the remaining one was about to sneak attack from the side.

He was already pretty sure, but who wanted a sudden silver light flashing, he felt a cold in his arm, and when he looked down, his entire arm had fallen to the ground.

The blood spewed out, and Zhu Yang randomly pulled a person in front to block the blood, and then stabbed the other person’s kidney without thinking about it.

The broadcast of the machinery kept coming–

[A player who violates the rules and deliberately attacks, deducts 100 points from the player. 】

[A player who violates the rules and deliberately attacks, deducts 100 points from the player. 】

[A player who violates the rules and deliberately attacks, deducts 100 points from the player. 】


[A player who violated the rules and intentionally attacked and became disabled, and 3000 points will be deducted from the player. 】

[A player who violated the rules and intentionally attacked and became disabled, and 3000 points will be deducted from the player. 】

Zhu Yang drew the knife out of the opponent’s body, shook the blood on it, and sneered: \”Yo! The body was stabbed and pierced, and it was only sentenced to be disabled? You guys can resist what.\”

The people around were stunned by her extravagance regardless of the cost. In the fight just now, this person was stabbed for almost 10,000, right?

What is the concept of ten thousand? You can directly buy a powerful bloodline and upgrade it twice, which can greatly increase the player’s survival capital and buy countless good weapons.

And the few people who fought with Zhu Yang were also scared, for fear that this guy had no bottom out.

Xu Xiao closed his mouth and realized that this was indeed not something he could participate in.

Seeing the disappearance stopped, he said to Zhu Yang: “Forget it, it’s not worth it to die.”

How easy it is to kill it in the game.

Zhu Yang didn’t care: \”It’s less than 100,000 to kill all.\”

She sneered, stepped on the face of one of them, and smashed: “Don’t **** yell at a woman when she sees a woman, is a woman a tool for you to make money? Is it?”

\”Why don’t you want to sell yourself so much? There must be perverts interested in you. Don’t doubt your own charm. You can build your own body and make a lot of money. Why go around such a big circle? I’ll help you. .\”

He said that he raised the knife and looked at the person under his feet with unkind intentions.

At this time, a shrill voice came from outside: \”Stop!\”

The crowd followed the prestige and saw a middle-aged man in ancient costume, dressed in a decent dress and holding the dust with his hands.

However, Zhu Yang’s eyes were good. The dust brush looked at the minutiae, not just for sweeping dust, it should be this person’s weapon.

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows: “Something?”

The **** covered his lips and smiled: “Your Majesty and the two gentlemen, invite the girl upstairs to narrate.”

The people around took a breath, but looked at Zhu Yang’s face, thinking about her extravagant energy just now.

Her strength is obviously only an intermediate player, and her body is well developed, it is impossible to accumulate many points.

Such a lavish, could it be a lover brought up by a big boss?


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