Scream Queen Chapter 88

Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao followed the **** onto the elevator to the top floor.

The **** led the way, although he was full of expression and talked freely. But it gives people the feeling that there are rules in the hair.

The feeling of imperial power over all living beings in the feudal era came to the surface. Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao are okay. After all, they are under the red flag and have no respect for imperial power.

But Xiao Shizi subconsciously showed an obvious tension.

In response to Xu Xiao’s words, games can infuse them with the common sense of the progress of the times, but the three views that have been shaped since childhood are not so easy to change.

With the comfort zone of the spirit and the desire for the strong, the “Emperor” is almost the primary choice of ancient players.

After all, relying on the big tree is good for the cool, this kind of cohesion is not comparable to other players.

Xu Xiao got on the elevator and said to Zhu Yang: \”It’s all said to be low-key, let’s play off now?\”

If you want to say that this level of fighting can make a big boss of that level look different, or even ask it specifically, that is too much.

What kind of copy did the boss experience? What occasion have you never seen?

Zhu Yang’s uproar seems to be inhumane in the eyes of ordinary players, and it is not even enough to raise his eyes from the big guys.

You want to say which big guy saw Zhu Yang’s beauty from the monitor from above.

But this is not a good thing. Although people are polite on the face, it is obvious that the honor of the boss is not so good.

Therefore, Xu Xiao was unavoidable.

However, Zhu Yang replied: \”What is it? Less than 10,000 points to meet your top bosses here, and also meet three times, this fee is so cheap that I want to cry?\”

Now let alone Xu Xiao, even Xiao Shizi was shocked, and the two of them looked at her one after another, their expressions tending to grow in awe.

\”So say you—\”

Oh day! No wonder she was so violent suddenly.

Just say that when she was on the island, so many idiots endured for several days? Even though the guys just said they were doing things like women, they wouldn’t be attracted to them.

But after all, she handed her a business card and said two sentences, and her mouth was not dirty.

She directly beat her without going through the process, obviously not in line with her mood of being happy just getting the prize.

So this guy made this idea?

Xu Xiao wiped his face: \”Why are you sure that they will see you? Or else they don’t put this in their eyes at all?\”

Zhu Yang glanced at Xu Xiao: \”Others, maybe you can’t make any waves, but you–\”

Xu Xiao said before that it was recent that he was selected as the captain of the combined team. Before he had time to find out how many people like him were, he entered the game dungeon, and planned to start a secret connection after returning.

Since he can inquire about things, it is naturally impossible for the bigwigs who are the apex of the game players to be unclear.

It is even possible that the big brothers have already experienced similar competitions.

Xu Xiao can be selected as the team captain by the game, just like Zhu Yang was sent over by Goubi Game, there must be something unique among players.

It may even be in the eyes of bigwigs early, and it is on the seed list of all forces.

Such a person, coming out of the game with a stranger, a player who uses points as a stream, it is strange that the big guys don’t pay attention.

Xu Xiao was completely convinced, so he said that he was the same person. Why does this guy have a long mind? In reality, it must be a ruthless character who sold her and counted her money, right?

Then Zhu Yang added another sentence: \”But if I predict a mistake, I will not lose.\”

\”It also proves that my own points can be used by you. There is no reason why your game can only deduct my points and not let me consume.\”

\”Spend a small 10,000 points to confirm my purchase value of millions of dollars, it is still a good deal. Hey!\”

Saying that her face already showed the excitement that every woman had brought enough money and was about to go shopping.

Xu Xiao and Xiao Shizi were dumbfounded, and then heard a clear sound of vomiting blood in their minds.

In the past, if there was something like nothing, they all thought it was an illusion, but now they are sure that something really vomited blood because of this anger.

The elevator stopped in the room, and several people walked out of it in turn.

What catches the eye is the luxury that humans can imagine. Zhu Yang is used to extravagance. The world’s top main house is not unoccupied, and I am also amazed by it.

The game here limits the player’s freedom, and the treatment provided is unimaginable. It is a kind of compensation, but the premise is still strong.

Just about to enter, Xu Xiao and the others were stopped–

The **** waved down the dust and said: “Your majesty and the two gentlemen only said to meet this young lady, please wait outside.”

Xu Xiao and the others hesitated, but they had to follow suit. The three of them are not qualified to be entangled in the big brother’s territory.

Zhu Yang didn’t care, even she pressed the little yellow chicken who wanted to follow her next to Xiao Shizi, took out her mobile phone and handed it to him: “Hey! Play the game by yourself and wait for mom to come out.”

Reluctantly, the little yellow chicken took the phone with his more flexible wings, opened Xiaoxiaole and played with Xiaoshizi.

Zhu Yang was taken through the hall by the eunuch, and walked around the long corridor for a long time. People are deeply impressed by the large floor area of ​​this building, and the top floor only serves a few big men.

Finally, the **** took her to a halt in front of a magnificent jade gate, which was carved with lifelike totems, and ordinary people could feel the endless sense of oppression just standing in front of them.

At this time, the door slowly opened, and three people sitting around a card table were greeted.

This room is a hundred times more luxurious than the outside, and there are many people around, but once you look in the huge space, your sight will not be disturbed by those foreign objects.

Anyone can easily understand that the three casual people sitting at the poker table are the core of the entire space.

Zhu Yang’s arrival did not arouse any of them, even their eyebrows were not raised.

Said that she was invited to come up, but it was completely the emperor’s style of summoning the people. You can get them, but when they have time to think of you, it is unknown.

Zhu Yang looked at the three of them.

The one with his back to her didn’t see his appearance, but his hair was tied into dense braids, and his dress was also hiphop style. Zhu Yang could see the big and thick gold chain around his neck from behind.

The other is an uncle in his fifties, holding a toothpick in his mouth, and actually looks quite savory, the typical prodigal type who has a smooth melody in his life.

The one facing Zhu Yang, wearing a black dark-patterned dragon robe, meticulously tying his hair with a golden crown, standing upright, with sharp eyebrows, exuding a strong pressure just sitting, I think it is the’emperor’ Up.

Perhaps her gaze was too straightforward, and the **** on the side yelled in panic after noticing: “Xio has to look directly at your Majesty.”

\”Heh!\” Pay attention to a chuckle, not only did he not get half a point, but he walked forward on his own.

The **** was startled, and he wanted to stop him with a wave of the dust, but was easily avoided by Zhu Yang, who had expected him. After a second, he approached the card table.

At this time, the **** did not dare to stop anymore, it was a felony to lose his attitude in front of your majesty.

In the huge room, in addition to a few of them, the big guys may sit or stand with their own people behind them.

It’s just that the uncle and the younger brother behind the dirty braids are much more casual, and the emperor’s camp is as neat and majestic as the guards.

But without exception, anyone here has a higher level than Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang’s situation at this moment is like a baby chicken who has strayed into the wolf pack, and it should be shivering under the fierce light.

The weak and helpless figure is getting lower and lower.

But she didn’t, stepping on Hen Tiangao’s aggressive sound and neat pace made it difficult to not pay attention.

Not far behind the emperor, a female player in palace costume frowned when she saw her, but did not speak.

Zhu Yang came directly behind the emperor and stood still. Others thought she wanted to sneak attack on her own.

I saw that she was just watching what games were playing at the poker table.

Unexpectedly, the three people played the easiest way to draw ghost cards, but because the table was too big, the three did not get up when they were drawing cards.

When it was his turn to draw who, he raised his hand slightly at his position, and a golden phantom appeared on the opponent’s card, drawing away the card he wanted to draw.

Lu Datou said that the real world and the game world with her are too restrictive, and most of their strength will be suppressed.

Therefore, Zhu Yang has never been able to see how strong a player of their level is.

With just this hand, you can see that it is so different from her level.

When it was the uncle’s turn to draw the emperor, the uncle raised his hand, and a ghost of a hand appeared on the emperor’s playing cards.

When the uncle was about to draw a card, Zhu Yang said: \”Draw the second card from the left.\”

As soon as she said this, the whole space gasped, not to mention the people in the emperor’s camp, even the other two camps were surprised by this girl’s tiger.

But the uncle really moved his hand in the direction Zhu Yang said: \”here?\”

Everyone was shocked again, this guy is also a big boss, he doesn’t pay attention to things?

Then I heard that Hu Niu colluded with him: “Don’t, now the ghost card has gone to the third from the right again.”

The uncle listened to her move again.

\”It’s the seventh from the left again, um! Now it’s the fifth from the right again.\”

The uncle said to the emperor dissatisfied: \”Say good luck, if you want to fight for speed, you said earlier, and then exchange it for you to cheat.\”

The emperor probably had never seen such a rascal person, and finally opened his mouth: “Who is cheating?”

At this time, the beauty in the palace costume behind him also stood up: \”The true gentleman watching chess without speaking–\”

Without finishing the next sentence, Zhu Yang raised his finger and said: \”My time is precious. I didn’t come up to watch you play poker, but all of us came up. Naturally, there is no reason to run for nothing, so I had to think of a way. Compress your wasted time belonging to me.\”

She was the weakest in the audience to say this, how arrogant, that filthy braided hippie immediately laughed: “Oh, impatient grumpy girl, I like it, he ignores you and I care about you, sit here !\”

He patted his thigh as he spoke.

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “Thank you! But people who don’t wear good pants are not qualified to chase me, you are almost knees, if it is to hide the short legs, the body is also worrying, and the bottom line standards are not up to the standard. To.\”

Zhu Yang opened his mouth and lost it, not thinking about the prizes he had just won.

However, she is very popular right now, given that she knows several big guys in their game world, she really doesn’t have any special awe for these so-called big guys.

In fact, it’s just like that when she gets acquainted, not to mention that she never doubted that one day she would be able to keep abreast of these people or even reach the top.

Although these people treated her as a dispensable little dried shrimp, Zhu Yang himself would not be ignorant of himself.

She offended the two big brothers in this succession, and the emperor and the hippie brothers naturally stopped doing it.

Don’t look at Zhu Yang slaughtering the Quartet below, but who can not afford the 10,000 points for the murder?

Someone stood up right now, wanting to show this woman who doesn’t know the height of the sky.

At this time, the emperor threw the poker cards in his hand to the table, his face was obviously displeased with distraction.

He turned around, raised his eyebrows lightly, then looked at Zhu Yang, and then said: “Who is in charge of the defense?”

As soon as these words came out, not only the emperor’s people, but also the other two people became quiet.

I saw a middle-aged brawny man in armor standing up, his level was significantly higher than Zhu Yang, and he was very imposing, obviously a strong man in the game.

This person said solemnly: \”The minister neglected his duty, he should apologize for his death!\”

After speaking, he actually took out the saber and put it directly on his neck and wiped it across. In an instant, there were more corpses in the room.

Not to mention Zhu Yang, even the other two people present there was no sound.

The emperor of the five big brothers is definitely the most special one. No matter how the other four people are cultivated, the people who follow them always want to get something from this huge force.

Because of the differences in background and three views, in the final analysis, most people still start for themselves. Even if the boss suddenly wanted his own life, it was impossible to die without a word.

And it’s still such a worthless reason.

This kind of thing is only here for the emperor, so the emperor’s single strength is not necessarily the strongest among the five big brothers, but the power is the most detached among the several big bosses.

[The player violated the regulations and intentionally murdered to death, deducting 10,000 points from the player. 】

There was a cold, inorganic voice, and it seemed that even if he committed suicide, the account was counted on the emperor’s head.

But the emperor’s expression was the same as Zhu Yang who was asking about the trouble just now, and he didn’t care about this point.

He raised his eyes, and when he and Zhu Yang were sitting on the chair looking at each other, he slightly raised his head and looked up, but at this moment, Zhu Yang deeply felt that he was the one being overlooked.

The emperor chuckled and said: \”Will your life be more valuable than him?\”

A string in Zhu Yang’s brain broke, and this guy’s meaning was obvious.

The player just now was obviously an advanced player, but he didn’t feel sorry for losing his life for this little farce.

It’s her turn, unlike the group of players struggling on the ground floor downstairs, there are so many people on this floor who have too many points to spend.

Her life is just a loss that people don’t need to raise their eyelids.

Zhu Yang was silent for a long time, and her tall and tall figure seemed a little slender in the huge hall at this moment.

Just when everyone thought she was about to be swallowed by this cruel level, she suddenly laughed.

He opened his mouth and said: \”It’s sad!\”

Her words made the air freeze again, and she was seen coming to the place where the guard just fell.

At this time, the corpse had been dragged down, and even the blood on the ground was quickly cleaned up.

Only Zhu Yang seemed to be able to feel the temperature of life above, she looked at the emperor——

\”How good do you manage this place, you have reproduced your own kingdom in the game. Control the player’s life and death, and cover the sky with one hand.\”

\”Heh! But don’t you think that the reminder sound is harsh after every execution? Do you need these preconditions for killing before this?\”

\”No matter how large the power is, it still has to be within the rules of the game. What does this remind people? We can’t empathize with each other, but you must have a deep understanding.\”

As she leaned closer to each other, she curled her lips and said harshly: “It doesn’t look like a prince with full wings, but there is always a desperate emperor on it?”

The emperor’s eyes were cold, and he grabbed her hair and pressed it on the table.

Zhu Yang didn’t even have time to react. This was the first time she experienced this kind of inability to fight back.

The beautiful palace costume came over: “Your Majesty, let me come, there is no need to get angry for such a lowly person.”

\”You come?\” Zhu Yang is under the control of others at this moment, but apart from being unwilling to be suppressed by force, there is no panic on his face.

\”Your boss didn’t dare to move his hand, how can you scumbag, how can you?\”

\”You—\” the palace-dressed beauties should be from noble births, and rarely hear these vulgar words.

Hearing this, he pulled out his hairpin, and that hairpin suddenly became the size of a sword: “A little girl in a mid-level field, if you take your sword to sacrifice my sword, it will insult me.”

Unexpectedly, she hadn’t moved yet, but saw her majesty take a look. It was obvious that she should not be troubled.

The beauty in the palace dress was shocked, but she did not dare to go against the emperor’s wishes.

Zhu Yang seemed to have eyes behind his back, and laughed: “Hahaha…, that’s right, he can be a big king on one acre of land, and he won’t be afraid of pulling the splits if his legs are too far.”

She opened the emperor’s hand, stood up from the table, and said to the three big men in front of me: “I thought you would have any special treats, but it really disappointed me.”

\”If you only know that you are just playing the game of exchange students for foreign games, I will not even be interested in it.\”

The uncle laughed and said: “You can’t say that? Your identity is special, we can’t help but there are two kids outside.”

They are all human beings, and several big bosses are the ones who know the game best. Xu Xiao’s selection and formation of a team can’t hide them, and the opponent has just come out of the game. Then suddenly appearing next to Xu Xiao, who is the stranger with a lot of points, the answer is obvious.

In their experience, what hasn’t been experienced? It is even possible that he has been an exchange student and went to other games.

Zhu Yang shrugged: \”The game requires team formation, and your insiders do small moves. If it is the ignorant guys at the bottom, forget it. You all have a clear mind. Is this deliberately fighting the game?\ ”

She touched a card on the table, which happened to be a ghost card, and was thrown to the uncle’s table by raising her hand.

Weak to death, a middle-level shrimp, in front of them, he does not hide his edge——

\”You think that your own power is not enough to attract the eyes of the game, want to drag it down and become your own father?\”

The trio’s expressions sank. At their level, it is impossible not to be jealous of the game, especially the nature of their game. Once one of the five moves, tens of thousands of players will be implicated.

Therefore, the game is extra vigilant to them. It is no problem to call the wind and rain in the game, but when it comes to the violation of the will of the game, it is a matter of principle.

The absolute authority of the game must not be provoked, even by them. What’s more, it is obviously unwise for the cross-server exchange students to offend another game under the high pressure of one game.

And the ones who can be selected as exchange students are mostly the favorite players of the game. In the copy, life or death is irrelevant. In the game space, there is something wrong with leisure, for fear that other games will find no excuses for them in the next joint field. Right?

At this time, the emperor came to Zhu Yang, squeezed her chin and smiled coldly: \”Make sure you go back alive. What happens during this period will be very variable.\”

Zhu Yang didn’t even think about raising his hand and slapped him on the face–

[If the player violates the regulations and attacks others, 100 points will be deducted from the player. 】

However, more obvious than the mechanical cue was the gasp of the people behind the emperor.

\”Be bold!\”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: \”Let me remind you that you have been subjugated for at least 800 years, and you can play a bunch of houses by yourself, don’t be ashamed, ah!\”

When he said that, he said to the unbelievable emperor: \”Speaking of which, the cost of provoking troubles is low on your side, and the deduction of points is over. Like us, all the damage done will be returned to the messenger intact. \”

\”Oh, yes, the points deducted just now, I have objections. It was not me who did it first. Why should the responsibility be counted on my head? Is your game trying to blow a black whistle? This is an international dispute, I will let it My game is a good negotiation.\”

The uncle laughed a few times: “Hahaha! Little girl, you actually expect to bargain with the game, I have never heard of it–\”

Before I finished speaking, I heard a reluctant electronic announcement——

[If the player violates the regulations and attacks others, 100 points will be deducted from the player. 】

This time it was obviously the emperor’s deduction, that is to say, in such a short time, the negotiation really came out.

Zhu Yang was standing in the middle of them, and a rookie stance overwhelmed the boss at this time-mainly the boss is now unbelievable.

She raised her chin: \”Unlike you unpopular losers, I have a very good game relationship with my family.\”

\”I protested for the cold reception I received here. After all, it’s not game time. I deserve to be treated fairly, right? But obviously you didn’t show the spirit of the host. For this, I will entrust my game to apply for your game. Spiritual compensation.\”

Everyone was speechless, and it was not the players who did not come across the server to show their faces before, because in the future they will become competitors in the joint field, and it is usually inevitable to pull out and take a meal.

This was originally a routine operation, but who would have thought of provoke such a shrewd and big face?

The point is that this guy is their daughter of the game, right? They have never heard of a game that can be so biased.

Zhu Yang swaggered out of here, and went along with them a good wine. If you know that it is enough for their collection, it is no different from Xianlu Qiongye.

It also deserves its name: \”This is a stimulus to the dead just now, and I need some alcohol to suppress my shock.\”

Before saying this, can you think about the person in the hall that you stabbed the kidney?

The three big guys looked at her leaving back, and the uncle suddenly smiled: “I like this girl.”

From the beginning, the dirty braid who didn’t say anything even said: “Why do I always have the feeling that she doesn’t seem to be bluffing, but that she is used to things that do not put high-level players in the eyes?”

When I said that, the uncle also suddenly realized, he said that there is a subtle feeling, this guy’s tiger, there is a kind of strangeness in it.

It was just that the emperor who was targeted at the most obvious frowned, feeling a flash of inspiration about what had just happened.

He didn’t think much about why the game will have regular cross-server joint competitions before, but just now it seemed that a feeling was passing by.

Xu Xiao and the others saw Zhu Yang come out and brought a good bottle of wine. They really thought she was treated well.

I want to reach out for Zhu Yang’s wine: “Oh, how embarrassed is this?”

Zhu Yang opened his hand: “I’m really sorry, it’s not for you.”

But today she must praise the dog game for being so powerful at a critical moment.

It’s just that she has been dealing with dogs for so long than games, and she can almost figure out each other’s urine.

If this kind of competitive relationship can make the other party deflated, it will definitely work hard.

With this out, there was nothing to go shopping outside, and the three of them returned to Xu Xiao’s house.

Zhu Yang is also gearing up, stepping on the circle and beginning to lose.

You can click to open the exchange interface, it is obvious that the game was learned after Zhu Yang vomited blood, and the relevant rules were quickly changed.

Firstly, bloodlines and superpowers are not open to players outside this server. Secondly, the purchased weapons and props must not exceed their own level, and there is also a purchase restriction.

Zhu Yang knew that it was impossible for her to buy it happily. After all, the points on her body really let her buy it. The game cannot personally make wedding dresses for other games, and build a strong opponent.

Regardless of Zhu Yang, he is still quite satisfied, after all, there are many practical things that intermediate level can buy.

Of course, we can’t say that Zhu Yang’s things are cheap and they can earn points.

On the contrary, Zhu Yang and the others belonged to a horrible occasion, and the spiritual defense and attack items were amazingly expensive here. If you want players here to go to the Goubi game interface to buy, buy, and buy, they will also think that it is a price jump and frantically sweeping goods.

This is the deviation caused by the difference in the nature of the game.

This time, Zhu Yang’s clearance evaluation is based on the standards of this game. Because it is a novice screening field, the difficulty is limited, and she won’t get many points to enter at her level.

Adding to the fact that the thief’s Nan Ge only has 5,000 points, Xu Xiao is about the same as her.

It was the youngest son, because it was the first game of the rookie, and he was attracted by the captain, as well as the two heads sent by Zhu Yang. It was a lot of rewards, and he had more than 10,000 points.

At first, Zhu Yang was worried that the points earned from the mission would not be enough to spend. Now that he can use his own, he naturally let go.

The first thing she bought was the space props. With her level, she could buy less than one hundred cubic meters, and she even bought a few without hesitation.

There are large and small, these storage spaces are generally made into the style of a ring, which can be adjusted according to the finger, which is very convenient.

Then I bought dozens of sets of boutique packages for outdoor camping. These items are cheap, but the quality is really not what the real world can imitate. It will always be useful to prepare them. Even if the game is not available, it is also useful for Zhu Weixin during camping. Okay.

Speaking of Zhu Weixin, she saw a cool suspension maglev sports car inside, which did not need to be recharged. Zhu Yang hesitated and bought it.

Although giving it to Zhu Weixin at this moment will scare him to death, but this is the opportunity. If you can’t send it out, it’s okay to take it out and take a look occasionally.

Then there was a wave of knives and weapons, the most inferior was the dagger Xu Xiao gave her.

Because Bai Youyou is also good at using weapons, Zhu Yang bought more and went back so that she could copy it.

Things like guns/arms from the far surreal era can be taken back for analysis by Zhou Yao.

Zhu Yang even found and bought a lightsaber, like the one in Star Wars, but he can only purchase one, which makes Zhu Yang a pity.

After buying a wave of weapons and various devices, Zhu Yang turned to the back and found unlimited cleaning supplies and unlimited basic clothing.


Xu Xiao watched her do it from the sidelines, this prodigal lady is really true.

A set of cleaning supplies plus a set of basic unlimited-use clothing. This Nima adds up to 1,000 points. Why is it not good to buy so many points?

Not only that, she also collected a lot of fast-growing seeds.

\”Why are you buying this stuff?\” Xu Xiao was a little confused.

But she really answered: “You can change chefs who don’t suit your taste. What if you can’t find the raw materials that don’t match the taste? I’ve eaten potatoes all the time these days. I’m greedy for rice and ordinary vegetables.”

\”Next time you encounter a similar situation, you can also plant it yourself.\”

Does this guy really take games on vacation? The experience learned each time is that you must not bring less XXX next time.

After buying, buying, buying, Zhu Yang looked at the little yellow chicken.

The rule of this game is that everything that belongs to you can be brought back to the game space, but the dog game does not.

She was afraid that the little yellow chicken would stay here when she left for a while, wouldn’t she be dumbfounded?

I rummaged through the interface, and finally let her find two useful things.

One is the lowest-class spirit beast bag that can be repaired. It can hold living things, but it has a limited volume. The little yellow chicken will definitely not fit.

Then the second one is a large and small laser gun, which Zhu Yang has been looking for after seeing it in the restaurant.

It’s just that the restaurant is a low-end, big-ticket item, and this can really reduce the creatures to a certain range.

Of course, I have seen this kind of technology in movies. It can only be said that the game space is impossible.

He also bought a set of children’s toys for the little yellow chicken, which is said to be exclusively for combat pets.

Of course, it’s not that he didn’t bring anything to the head of Lu, but he didn’t necessarily use these intermediate players’ permission products.

So Zhu Yang bought a combat suit, which is the style of the black one-piece suit of the super heroine in the movie.

cough! The purpose is, of course, two people must first go to the bed to ponder.

When the purchase was almost done, Zhu Yang stopped and looked at the hundreds of thousands of points he had spent.

Zhu Yang hates that iron can’t become a steel track: “What’s the matter, little brother? This purchase speed can’t keep up.”

In fact, you can’t buy bloodlines, you can’t enhance your ability, and you can’t buy high-end weapons that exceed the level. The things she can buy are really not very expensive.

It’s another embarrassing situation where there is nowhere to spend money.

When the parting came, Xiao Shizi returned her cell phone in a depressed mood.

Zhu Yang took a copy of the photos taken by the two and passed it to him, touched his head and said: “Don’t worry, we are already determined to be the joint players in this round. As long as we get to the end, the one we will meet most. Don’t die before this.\”

\”I should tell you this, right? All day to slander and offend people, it is not strange to be killed one day.\” Xiao Shizi said dissatisfied.

Seeing him awkward, Zhu Yang said to Xu Xiao again: “If it’s a mixed field next time, let’s work together and share the spoils together.”

Xu Xiao smiled: “Sure, as long as you don’t change hands and sell me.”

\”Don’t worry, sell it for a good price, and the money will be half of you.\”

Xu Xiao smiled and pushed her: “Hurry up and go.”

Zhu Yang knew his character, the more entangled, the more sad, and no longer entangled.

Point the laser gun at the little yellow chicken to turn it into an ordinary chicken size, then put it into the spirit beast bag, and step into the aperture and return to reality.

She didn’t close the window when she entered the game, so now the cool sea breeze is blowing in from the window.

Because of the different games, the characters in the memory of this game are not covered by mosaics, and Zhu Yang can still remember them clearly.

She was a little confused, which is fine.

\”What are you thinking?\” Lu Xiu’s resignation suddenly sounded from behind.

He opened the door and came in, holding a glass of water in his hand, watching Zhu Yang come out of the game in a rare sense, and he was surprised for a while.

Zhu Yang is a very heartless guy. To be able to make such emotions, it is estimated that he encountered some impressive people in the game, right?

When Zhu Yang saw him coming in, he immediately thought of the little yellow chicken.

To be honest, she was abruptly becoming a mother to others, which means he likes to be a father. The mutant species brought out in the game world, and the IQ is quite high, naturally cannot be treated as ordinary pets.

It’s not necessarily true. If the two are not married, they have to discuss raising a baby first.

I was a little embarrassed to pull the arm of the big head on the road, and said in a rare warm tone: \”Aci, I want to discuss something with you.\”

When Lu Xiuci saw her like this, she felt a little bit in her heart. She usually takes care of what he wants for granted? Anyone who reveals such a soft consultation will definitely throw a thunder out of thin air.

\”You say it!\” He fluttered in his heart, but his face was calm.

Just listen to Zhu Yang said: \”You entered the game a year ago, remember what I said? This game, it is indeed too variable.\”

\”What kind of people you will meet, what relationships will be established, what bonds will develop into, these are all unexpected. Besides, you are not around, me! It is inevitable to be empty and lonely to stay alone, just—\”

Before I finished speaking, I felt my shoulders were tightly bound. Zhu Yang looked up and saw Lu Xiuci with a brutal expression——

\”Go ahead, what is the name of the person I am going to kill?\”


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