Scream Queen Chapter 89

To be honest, Lu Xiuci still trusted Zhu Yang.

Regardless of Zhu Yang’s spoiled, selfish and domineering personality, and countless shortcomings, he is still upright on the whole, but the way she reflects her three views is often unscrupulous.

When it comes to feelings, she is very dedicated.

Whether it is arrogance, or always just follow the heart, in short, Lu Xiuci is the only one in her love experience so far.

If she really did something to be sorry for him, it might be time for her feelings for him to disappear completely.

Only before that, she must not disdain sneaking with her pride, she must have kicked him away with a generous kick.

But this guy said this kindly and personally is too permeating, Lu Xiu thought of the worst plan in a hurry.

What about the so-called girlfriend cheating? Of course he chose to forgive her, but the adulterer must die.

cough! Just kidding, but when he heard this kind of thing, his first reaction was to whom it was aimed at. This shows that this guy has no principles for his girlfriend.

Zhu Yang almost laughed to death. How could she, who knows the art of speaking, cause such a misunderstanding.

But looking at Lu Datou’s reaction like this, she was also afraid that she would play off if she continued to play, so she waved her hand and said: “There are no people, but you have an extra son.”

The impact of these words on Lu Xiu’s speech was no less than what he had just said. There was a buzz in his mind, and his mood was like riding a roller coaster.

As game players, they are not suitable for having an ordinary life. Their work and life are well coordinated. However, the most significant difference is that female players are really not suitable for pregnancy.

The ghost knows what you will face in the game. The game will not reduce the difficulty because you are old and weak. Pregnancy will increase your own survival risk out of thin air.

So they have a good relationship, but they also pay attention to this aspect.

Suddenly hearing this news, Lu Xiuci was worried and pleasantly surprised, as well as a deep fear.

He hugged the person horizontally and placed it gently on the bed, carefully covering Zhu Yang’s stomach with his palm, and slowly moving his head over.

Softly as if afraid of scaring people: \”Is it found in the game? Since I found out that I was pregnant, why not use the pass? You are like this-you, if something happens to you, what do you want me to do?\”

Lu Xiu’s remarks were a little incoherent at the end, which shows that countless complex emotions are still happy when they finally come together.

He is thinking about how to deal with the game, but fortunately, many restrictions at his level are no longer a problem.

The average female player may be at a loss, but there are countless pass tokens on his side, and there is no problem in dealing with the lactation period.

Ok! Tomorrow, see which baby products companies are better, and you can consider buying them.

Lu Xiuci has already considered brain supplementation from the birth of the child to kindergarten. He thinks that the child is a very distant matter for him, and he is not in a hurry.

It is always pleasant to be caught off guard.

Being silly, he was slapped in the back of the head.

He looked up and saw Zhu Yang looking at him like a fool: \”What are you doing?\”

He grabbed her hand: “Don’t make trouble, I’ll be a mother for another month, and I’m so shy.”

I’m ashamed of your sister, Zhu Yang regrets joking a bit now.

Sure enough, the smarter the stupid, the hotter the eyes are. She immediately said: “Oh, don’t wait that long, the child has already come out.”

Lu Xiu was dumbfounded and raised his head fiercely: “You are producing in the game? Why are you so big?”

When a player enters the dungeon, it is common sense that his physical condition will be stagnant at the moment he enters the game, and will return to the state he entered when he comes out.

Otherwise, game players, especially old players, after dozens of games, the accumulated game time may even be more than ten years, and there will definitely be a serious age difference on the appearance of their peers in reality.

But Lu Xiuci himself has participated in many long-term missions, especially the most recent one, which has only been pitted by the game for a whole year.

It took a year, and it was indeed enough for Zhu Yang to discover that he was pregnant and gave birth.

But there is a contradiction inside. When a child is born inside, the body will go back to before entering, that is, just before pregnancy.

At this time, there were already two children, one was still pregnant and the other was born, which obviously did not conform to the theory.

Lu Xiuci was shocked, and asked Zhu Yang with a twitching corner of his mouth: “Oh, shouldn’t it be born and stuffed back?”

Zhu Yang smiled contemptuously: “Oh, that’s not true. The birth did happen, but we were trapped on a deserted island and the conditions of delivery were difficult. In the end, I was anxious and used a C-section.”

Lu Xiuci quickly opened the hem of her clothes, her abdomen was smooth and tight, and the vest line and everything were still there, nothing unusual.

But when he thought of the situation she was talking about, he felt pain in his heart, and his voice said with difficulty: “Then, what about the child?”

\”Here!\” Zhu Yang had an extra cloth bag out of thin air in her hand, and she reached out and dug into the cloth bag.

A little chicken appeared in her hand, and the little yellow chicken who came out fluttered its wings when she saw her mother, and ran along her arm to her neck.

The little furry head rubbed her face desperately.

It took a long time for Zhu Yang to find that his mother had a stranger, and his face suddenly showed a super fierce expression.

Facing Lu Xiu’s speech is a threatening cry.

Lu Xiuci sat up silently and wiped his face with both hands to erase the embarrassing expression.

But the corners of the mouth twitched: “Oh, oh! You mean keeping pets.”

Seeing Zhu Yang’s eyes full of ridicule at him, he felt as if he set up a ladder for himself and said: “This, this is also true, sometimes the task time is too long, and keeping a pleasing pet can bring some comfort.”

In connection with her preface and afterword, she really became anxious after hearing it halfway.

Zhu Yang held the little yellow chicken in front of him, “Come on, call Dad!”

The little yellow chicken can feel the scary breath of this person, but it can also feel the breath of his mother when he gets closer. It is still very strong, but it is not so nervous.

It was now smaller, only the size of an ordinary chick. Its small head was crooked and crooked. Hei Doudou’s eyes looked at Lu Xiuci curiously.

Lu Xiu’s speech was coaxed all over by the ‘call daddy’. Below An Wu and Wu, a little chicken that looked nothing special became cute and cute.

He stretched out his index finger and nodded its little head. The little yellow chicken felt warm and comfortable for a while, and then rubbed it again, Lu Xiuci’s smile became softer.

He took the chicken in Zhu Yang’s hand, teased for a while, and gradually accepted the fact that Xi was a father.

After playing for a while, he put the little yellow chicken between the two and asked Zhu Yang: “Such a small one is a big fate, and such a sinister living environment can survive, so it is destined for you.”

Zhu Yang took out the laser gun and shot the little yellow chicken. The nearly two-meter-high fat chicken suddenly squeezed the two to the foot of the bed.

At this time, Zhu Yang’s voice slowly sounded: “It’s not too difficult, Ya is a mutant variety, but it’s skinny.”

Lu Xiuci looked at a chicken that was older than him, but fortunately he was knowledgeable, and besides being speechless, he was calm.

Zhu Yang fell on the little yellow chicken comfortably, rubbing his face: “Hey, before I came back, I took a bath specially for him and used the best shampoo, it was really comfortable.”

The little yellow chicken was rubbed by its mother and hummed comfortably, the whole chicken was sleepy.

Zhu Yang looked at Lu Datou and quickly greeted him: “What are you doing in a daze? Come up to sleep.”

Lu Xiu’s speech: \”……\”

This, the style of this family of three sleeping in one bed is a bit so bad, how well are the parents sleeping with their children?

Ok! It’s really fragrant and soft.

The little yellow chicken fell asleep in a while, and Zhu Yang had just finished shopping, but he was quite excited and couldn’t sleep.

I remembered what Lu Datou had just said, and asked him: “Listening to what you said, is it possible that you have also raised a pet in the game?”

Lu Xiu resigned: “I raised it, but I didn’t bring it out.”

Zhu Yang is excited: \”What is it?\”



\”Yes, the kind on the New Year picture.\”

\”No, I know.\” Zhu Yang closed his mouth.

This big head of Nimalu said that she was afraid of her mentality being out of balance and told her that everything was gradual, but he didn’t expect it to be so exaggerated.

She decided not to ask, so as to avoid envy and hatred.

So I asked him: \”I remember you said that there is no space props, I bought a few more this time, do you want to?\”

Lu Xiu replied: “There are no items, but I upgraded the game interface, which is better than space items.”

Well, the soul is bound, and things appear in your hands or where you can see when you move your mind. It’s not much better than space props that have the risk of being robbed.

Zhu Yang’s eyes stood up: “Okay, you, leave me here and talk halfway through pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, right?”

Lu Xiu hurriedly explained: \”You know, what I can give you at the beginning is also limited. If you build too much, it will ruin your chances.\”

This is true, Zhu Yang has a huge amount of inventory in his hands, but very few are actually used, and she rarely relies on props.

Even with her points, when she has the highest sense of existence, she buys and buys in various ways, and most of them are daily hedonic consumption.

Perhaps these reasons are also the reason why she has repeatedly received high clearance evaluations. Lu Datou has made her own sense of the unspoken rules of the game and her understanding of the game.

Zhu Yang took the opportunity to be hypocritical and awkward for a while, but he didn’t really blame him.

Early the next morning, Zhu Weixin started knocking on the door outside.

Zhu Yang kicked Lu’s big head under the bed and took out the laser pointer to turn the little yellow chicken into two basketballs.

Just like a baby over a year old.

She didn’t want the little yellow chicken to return to reality and stay in the beast bag, but it was not convenient for a normal chicken size.

After thinking about it, I chose a size that is barely acceptable but not too appalling.

When the time comes to bluff the family to be a mutant bird, and then use illusion to add some psychological hints, there should be—probably—probably no problem, right?

Zhu Weixin was knocking on the door and knocking hard, the door of the room opened sharply, and it was not his sister who caught the eye, but a fat and cute chicken——

No, the chicken is so big? Adult hens are a little smaller than this, right?

I saw his sister show off to him with a bright sunny face: \”The cub picked up in my room, you are the uncle.\”


Zhu Weixin looks a bit like Zhu Yang, and his breath is also similar. The little yellow chicken naturally gets close at first sight, and seems to understand his mother’s words, and even responds.

Zhu Weixin immediately exploded: “Uncle, a ghost, where is such a big chicken? Do you know the way, you raise it?”

Zhu Yang waved his hand nonchalantly: “What else can I do? It must be the female bird on the island that was deceived by the scum male bird, who was unable to raise the child alone, so he threw the cub into my room in the middle of the night.\ ”

Zhu Weixin was silent for a while: “Sister, do you think my IQ is only four years old?”

Zhu Yang answered him: \”Do you think my fist is only four years old now?\”

Zhu Weixin succumbed, but looking at the chicken **** is not pleasing to the eye, with a look of disgust and said: “I said, sister, you should pay attention to it. Many wild animals carry infectious bacteria.”

Zhu Yang said: \”No, I took a bath for it, and I will get some vaccinations when I go back.\”

Zhu Weixin is even more difficult to say: \”You bathe such a small chicken?\”

Does his sister keep pets or abuse pets?

However, I am disgusted with disgust, I am still curious: “What kind of breed is this? It looks like a chicken and is so big. The ostrich is not so big, right?”

Zhu Yang barely said: “How do I know? There are so many biological species in the world, and human beings are far from finished exploring? It may also be a mutant.”

Zhu Weixin disliked it after hearing the words: \”Then how hard it was to give birth to it?\”

\”Neither, one stroke of the shovel—\”


\”Nothing? Is breakfast ready? You can call me.\”

\”It’s done, today I have fried chicken breast…\”

The two elder brothers went downstairs while talking, and Lu Xiuci came out of the room like an adulterer.

He became more and more dissatisfied with Zhu Weixin’s ignorance. Originally, he and his girlfriend were on the island. It happened that there were two more brats.

Unhappy, another kid came out of the room in the corridor and saw his brother, a shameless affair man appearing at the door.

I didn’t say anything, but the contempt in my eyes couldn’t hide when I passed by.

Lu Xiu’s remarks that his brother wisely destroyed for many years: \”……\”

Lu Li also expressed shock at the sudden appearance of the huge chicken, his association range is a bit scary: \”This island has not suffered a nuclear leak, right?\”

Lu Xiuci helped to cover up: “Do you think your brother is such a fool?”

Is not it? The eyes of the three of them said so.

Lu Xiuci almost didn’t choke to death. The two owe-bumping little ghosts just looked at him that way. What the **** was she taking down his platform? Don’t want to raise a son?

Zhu Weixin’s cooking skills have nothing to say, and he can’t even make mistakes about the way he pointed to Maimang.

There are plenty of ingredients stored on the island, and what he cooked today was a Western-style breakfast.

Toasted slices of bread, fried chicken and shrimp, squeezed fruit juice, ground coffee, and boiled milk. In short, the variety is abundant.

The four people brought their breakfast to the large open-air balcony on the second floor, enjoying the breakfast while enjoying the beautiful view of the newborn sun shining on the endless sea.

The little yellow chicken sat next to his mother obediently. There was no baby seat on the island, so Zhu Yang put it on the table directly.

When I first put it on, Zhu Weixin disliked it: “What do you do? Put the chicken on the table, you can’t be beaten when you change grandma.”

Later, I saw that the chicken was well-behaved and neither moved nor fluttered his wings. He would eat whatever his sister fed him. When he was happy, he would either chirp twice or rub his head against his sister’s hand.

Zhu Weixin is seriously feeling the crisis of falling out of favor. There is a feeling that he is still a baby, but his sister already has the feeling that other babies no longer treat him as the only baby.

It’s a tongue twister, but I feel absolutely uncomfortable.

Lu Li cuts in: “Some people are out of favor!”

It’s one thing to wish Weixin to be unhappy, but the fighting power is half undiminished, so he sneered back: “I just saw your brother looking for pet supplies on his mobile phone. I said, has he been so dedicated to you? \”

Lu Li suddenly covered his head with dark clouds.

But for Zhu Weixin’s indifference, the little yellow chicken seemed a bit lonely, and didn’t feel so happy all morning.

Zhu Yang fed him a bite of shrimp, and he peeked at Zhu Weixin from time to time. Hei Doudou’s eyes were also pitiful.

Zhu Yang simply put the chicken in front of Zhu Weixin: “Hey!”

In the blink of an eye, Zhu Weixin got an extra ball in his arms, and he was eager to kick it back, but felt the soft and furry body bones and became heavier.

He insisted: “Why, why?”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows: \”Don’t you be an uncle?\”

A typical bear parent spoke, and Zhu Weixin smiled: “I don’t have a nephew.”

When he said that, he felt something fluffy rubbing against him. Zhu Weixin lowered his head and saw the fluffy chicken head with a few dull hairs arching in his arms.

Your brother Zhu Yang still doesn’t understand? In fact, Zhu Weixin likes pets more than her, and is much more patient than her.

In the past, a native dog was raised in the old village. Zhu Weixin had the best relationship with him. When the native dog died, he cried so badly.

He rushed to feed the chickens, ducks and geese when his grandparents fed them. How could he not like such cute chickens?

Sure enough, after a while, Zhu Weixin couldn’t hold himself under the spiritually targeted selling, and he took the shrimp from the plate and fed it like his sister.

Its small orange beak slammed, its cheeks were stuffed, it was delicious and clean, and it gave a squeaky cry after eating it, indicating that it would be needed.

Zhu Weixin can’t stand up even no matter how arrogant he is. Seeing the little yellow chicken, he will choose his own dishes. If he wants to eat something, he will use the tip of his mouth to point away at a little bit.

\”Oh, let me go, this is too spiritual, right? Two-year-olds don’t have such a good taste.\”

That is, to be able to get good in Zhu Yang’s hands must be a guy with a strong desire to survive.

Lu Li sneered looking at it: “It’s so fragrant, huh?”

Looking back, I saw that his brother was unhappy, as if his son’s uncle did not kiss him.

Road Li: \”……\”

When it was noon, Zhu Weixin, who was still full of disgust in the morning, kissed the little yellow chicken.

Especially when one person and one chicken were curled up in his sister’s arms, and someone in the road had no place to stand, I felt that I had found a friend on the same front.

Lu Xiuci had no choice but to appease himself, the children’s uncles weren’t good, and there was a place to get rid of them at night, but they didn’t delay them.

But after listening to Zhu Yang telling him about the characteristics of the little yellow chicken and some deeds it showed, Lu Xiuci felt that this guy should not be an ordinary mutant chicken.

Although the species cannot be seen, there are many variants in the game world, and no one with rich vision can say that he can recognize the tip of the iceberg.

However, since it is a combat race, it is better not to lose its blood, even if you don’t necessarily follow its mother into the game every time.

Or when it comes to how much help is available to her in the future, at least it is still possible to put it in the nursing home to protect her family.

However, Lu Xiuci has little experience in raising pets by himself. The dragons he has raised are more resistant to creation than chickens. The teaching method is—

Naturally, I was teaching a few blindly.

The villas on the island are very large and have been modified according to Zhu Yang and his preferences. I didn’t expect to bring two oil bottles before. I think this quiet place is suitable for dating and vacationing or practicing communication.

So he opened up the basement and turned it into a martial arts room with all kinds of knives/tools/guns/arms and equipment.

The little yellow chicken was still young at the moment, and he didn’t see any racial talents, but his physical agility and powerful strength were visible to the naked eye.

Lu Xiuci taught it fighting physique, but he didn’t expect this guy to learn fast, and at the beginning it was only in vain.

Just like learning other people’s dance on the dance floor before, you can see it. Later, Lu Xiuci corrected himself and taught it to get rid of those vain movements.

Although the language is not clear, he patiently understands the nature of attack and defense.

The little yellow chicken progressed even more quickly. Lu Xiu said in his remarks: “If it weren’t for his young age, his bones were still brittle, and ordinary intermediate players would have no problem with fighting skills alone.”

But no matter how small the foundation is, the baby who is almost two meters away is not the opponent of ordinary grown-up strong men, not to mention the skills now.

Zhu Weixin and Lu Li followed their elder brothers and sisters recently to go crazy everywhere on the island, a few people are not confined in the house, and they have explored everywhere in the forest, the sea, and the sea. Naturally, it is endless fun.

It’s just that they find that they are too impressed to work out two or three hours a day? Isn’t it enough to spend all your energy?

At first, they thought these two were boring, and they had fun diving outside by themselves, but it was not a good time for two of them to play.

A few days later, I also got into the training room, and saw that the bully was teaching chicken to fight. How many people with pitfalls can do it?

Lu Datou was ridiculed by his two younger brothers.

Lu Xiu said in a cool voice: “Don’t tell me, you two are probably the weakest two on the island.”

Zhu Weixin was happier, pointing to the little yellow chicken, tears bursting into tears: “It? Come, come! Boy, sign with uncle.”

This guy stood in the middle arrogantly and hooked his palm to the little yellow chicken.

Zhu Weixin originally had fighting experience and would be guided by Lu Xiu’s speech from time to time. He was of a high standard among ordinary people.

It’s not that I want to bully my nephew, I just want to play with it by looking at its cute and dumb body.

The little yellow chicken looked up at his father, Lu Xiuci squatted down and touched its round head, and said, “You are merciful, and give your uncle some face.”

The little yellow chicken nodded, spread its wings, rushed to Zhu Weixin and made a gesture of “please advise.”

Although he likes his uncle, the skill of protecting his mother must be taken seriously.

Zhu Weixin smiled: \”Yo! The rules are taught well.\”

So he bowed to it, and then deceived him–

A minute later, Zhu Weixin hugged his knees and squatted in the corner doubting life, with dark clouds covering his head.

Lu Li immediately laughed: \”Hahaha…I said your family is good or bad? Is it so difficult to hire a teacher with real skills? You believe in the ostentatiousness outside? I thought I would be invincible if I was able Right? Can’t beat even a chicken hahaha…\”

Then Lu Li took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves: \”Look, see the real strength.\”

Lu Li had blindly worshipped his brother since he was a child. Although his brother’s relationship had twists and turns, he still took his brother as a benchmark in his heart, and he had to learn everything Lu Xiu learned.

And because of the wealthy family background and the vast network of contacts, the instructors you can find are naturally the best.

He has a stubborn personality, so his strength is not bad.

Seeing him gloating, Lu Xiuci moved forward, shook his head helplessly, and touched the little yellow chicken: \”Also give your uncle some face.\”

\”Don’t look down on people, don’t you?\” Lu Li was disdainful, his joints crackled–

One minute later, there was one more person in the corner holding his knees and looking blank, and the dark clouds above his head expanded even more.

When the two of them came out of the basement, Zhu Weixin’s eyes looked different when he looked at the little yellow chicken.

The little yellow chicken is even more proud, with a small breast that is quite tall, and I hope that Weixin has no capital to despise it.

When holding it for dinner in the evening, Zhu Weixin bribed his nephew with shrimp meat, and discussed with it: “In this way, we will discuss each other in the future.”

\”Out there, I am your uncle, and inside you are my chicken brother, how about it?\”

The little yellow chicken is coaxed comfortably, what do such a big kid know? Just like a nasal child who was coaxed by his elder brother and sister to make money, he was easily coaxed.

When Lu Li saw this, he came along. The two cowhide light bulbs looked like chicken thieves, almost not laughing Zhu Yang and Lu Xiuci.

With the company of the little chickens, the fun on the island has increased a lot. When you come back to your senses, the vacation should be over.

Several people feel that time flies quickly, but during this time everyone’s relationship has become much closer, especially between Lu Li and his brother, compared to the almost courteous brothers and sisters before.

Now the way of getting along with being able to vomit, act like a baby, and occasionally lose your temper is much closer.

For this matter, after returning home, Dad also called to express his gratitude to her. At the same time, Zhu Yang also received a gift and letter from abroad.

It’s Mother Lu’s handwriting, but since she didn’t meet her, she didn’t call her rashly, so she used the most traditional way to express her gratitude.

It seems that both parents are aware of this problem between the two children, and they have always felt guilty about it.

This was an episode, but after the little yellow chicken went home, he was met with serious opposition from Zhu Daddy at first.

I don’t like keeping pets, and I hate seeing things running around in the house all day long.

The two sisters and brothers then said: \”You two spent all the time in the house when you were young. It’s just a matter of time. Now that you’re older, you can finally stop and bring an ancestor back. No, you can either put it in the small road house or send the sample to the pet shop. ”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows: “If you don’t let me support me, I can move out to live.”

To say that the national conditions are different, the parents of this age have to be abroad, most of which are driven out of the house early. But domestic children have to fly outside when they grow up, and parents always cut their flesh.

I wish Daddy knew that she had money and bought a house in minutes. Hearing that she had the idea of ​​moving out, my heart suddenly became anxious.

Another wife twisted it with one hand, and said hurriedly: \”Eh eh! Talk as you speak, who is as happy as the outside? Our family is not a family with a bad atmosphere, what’s wrong with living with parents? ?\”

Said and kicked Zhu Weixin: \”Boys have to move out to practice experience, forget it, are you a girl?\”

After that, I stopped mentioning the refusal to keep pets. Anyway, the house is big enough for it to run.

Then he asked: \”Is this a rooster or a hen? When I grow up, I won’t crow in the middle of the night, right?\”

Zhu Weixin said: “Dad, do you think this is a chicken?”

\”I know it’s not, but don’t you know if you don’t? I know some experts, would you like to let them see? I have never seen such a big cub.\”

\”Forget it, isn’t it just a bit bigger, and there are some eight-pods who are everywhere and chewing their tongues behind and saying that the nouveau riche.\”

This is because Zhu Yang came down to imply that everyone in the house was not surprised by the chickens, rationalized subconsciously, and ordered the servants not to take pictures outside. Anyhow, they tried to fool them.

However, the chicken is sensitive to human breath, and it is also very kind to wish father and mother.

Zhu Yang said that if this guy wants to be cute, there are few people who can’t win it.

I also said before that her parents have good relationships, and they are almost fifty years old, and the couple often play romance.

I wish my father would wake up early and make breakfast for his wife and children by himself.

When he chased Zhu’s mother face to face, he often took the lunch box and sent the dishes he made to please him every day, and he defeated the competitors.

Zhu Weixin’s ingenuity is also inherited from him. Although there are fewer opportunities for hands-on over the years, his craftsmanship is still good.

Zhu Yang also got up early that day, went out and went downstairs with Zhu Weixin, and when he entered the kitchen, he saw their father hug the increasingly compacted little yellow chicken on his shoulders.

One arm coaxed his grandson upside-down, one hand turned the frying spatula, and his mouth was still humming. The little yellow chicken patted his wings and beat him, chuckles from time to time.

I wish my father even more happier: \”Yo, good boy has vision, your grandma always dislikes bad, where is it bad?\”


Zhu Yang and Zhu Weixin quit the kitchen silently, which was what they didn’t want to raise a few days ago.

Ignoring the upright wishes for father, the whole summer vacation is almost halfway through this island.

When Zhu Yang got home, he immediately arranged for Bai Youyou and the others to come and meet.

Because it is more convenient to meet in this city, Bai Youyou and Yu Li Zhou Yao both rushed over from their cities.

As soon as he came back, his face was confused by the good things that Zhu Yang brought back. The space ring was sent by one person.

There are countless other useful gadgets, and Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao have acquired many useful weapons.

Zhou Yao even got a hand/gun with unlimited bullets. Zhu Yang told him: “This thing can also be filled with charms. Before the energy of the charms is exhausted, it will be unlimited psychic bullets, but the consumption is not small, so I can save it myself. Money to buy high-level magic charms.\”

Zhou Yao was naturally excited when he got such a cool gun, so he fiddled with it at the time: “Can this be taken apart?”

Zhu Yang: \”…Yes, it should be possible—right?\”

However, thinking that Zhou Yao can replicate infinitely as long as he understands its structure and principles, he patted his shoulder: “Well! Take it apart, don’t feel bad.”

One of the most useful things Bai Youyou got was a small bottle of potion. When Zhu Yang was picking up and sweeping the goods, she realized the use of this humble potion when she saw it.

This thing is dropped on ordinary metal and can turn it into Edman alloy, which is the metal of Wolverine’s claws.

Bai Youyou’s nails can be turned into metal, but it is still an ordinary alloy texture, and after dripping on it, it can become Edman alloy.

At that time, her fingertips can even cut through the alloy steel plate.

Bai Youyou took the things and immediately mutated her nails and dropped them. Sure enough, when she scraped the glass, it was as easy as scraping tofu, and it could even grow.

In the past, she could only stretch her nails into metal by about two centimeters, with limited penetration, and generally only used for sneak attacks. Now she can extend a full ten centimeters and can directly penetrate a person.

After being put away, it was re-mutated and still maintained the texture of Edman alloy, and it seemed that the effect was permanent.

Bai You You Le is broken and excitedly said: \”Thank you sister!\”

It was some strange design drawings that were given to Yu. Zhu Yang was not sure what this guy really needed, so he had to follow his usual brainstorming.

Yu Li was also very satisfied. It should be said that when he knew there was another game, he was very interested in everything there.

Unlike ordinary players, although Yu Li is not a frenzied gold player, he really enjoys most of the game.

Especially when you encounter a copy of interest.

Zhu Yang did a good job and took the three of them here to eat and eat. The three of them lived here for several days, and after a lot of fun, they left each other.

Zhu Weixin was not happy to be broken these days. When Zhu Yang came back with his nephew all day long, he looked at her with accusing eyes, and complained that she would go out to play without them.

Zhu Yang Tieshi’s heart, he didn’t pay much attention to it.

Time flies quickly. Seeing that this summer vacation is almost over, Zhu Weixin is also about to start school.

Before that, she received a prompt to enter the game.

Zhu Yang swept a currency in other games, and he was in a good mood. Watching dogs felt more beautiful than games.

To be able to grasp the entity, I really wanted to hit it.

But when this thought came out, what he got was a proud rumbling, but he was obviously in a good mood.

It is estimated that relying on what happened in the game space before, and another game to force a big victory.

When it was time, Zhu Yang returned to the room and thought about it or brought the little yellow chicken. It belongs to the creature in the game, and the game is where it grows.

It’s just that this time is different. When the game is about to start, there are no items in the redemption window.

In the last game, even if it was an away game, somehow he gave me some seasonings and iron pot.

This time the entire game interface was empty. If it weren’t for the large characters in the redemption window, Zhu Yang would suspect that the dog had been invaded by the game. At this time, something went wrong or the dog had brought it.

But obviously there is no, because with this doubt, the familiar feeling of weightlessness still comes.


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