Scream Queen Chapter 9

Zhu Yang has always felt that encountering this ghost is the setting of Shanzhai Sadako, which is a blessing in misfortune for the bad luck of the unprovoked stall.

After the first seven days of reminding and the frantic temptation on the verge of death, the female ghost was so angry that she was vomiting blood but still couldn’t really take her own.

They all point to an important iron law, that is, you cannot claim your life before seven days, or you cannot claim your life directly.

At this moment, the second hand moved away from the twelve o’clock position, as if it were a signal, and Zhu Yang could even feel a sharp breath of relief.


It shows that the seven-day limit has arrived, and the rules can no longer protect the minimum safety of prey.

And Zhu Yang looked at the picture of the empty house that had appeared on the screen, and the corners of his mouth also twitched with hunting excitement.

The video content this time was different from the past. After the empty room lasted for a few minutes, there was a flash of snow on the screen, and then there was a well in the line of sight.

Zhu Yangxin said that the copycat of this thing is really thorough, but according to the ghostly change when she dreams, it is indeed like a long-term swelling in water, sticky and moist.

Zhu Yang held his breath. The female ghost came out after twelve o’clock in such a support, and she expected it to go smoothly. She was really afraid that the female ghost would not come, or the procrastination would exhaust the patience of the crowd watching.

But then again, for several days in a row to be so cruel and inhumane by her, it is an individual that cannot bear it, let alone a ghost incarnate of obsession and hostility? Naturally, as soon as the ban was lifted, she couldn’t wait to die.

As the wellhead’s existence in the picture gradually became clear, a hand appeared on the edge of the well, followed by a black-haired covered face, wearing a white skirt, and a figure with twisted limbs crawling out of the well.

Step by step came over, and the whole room was holding their breath.

Immediately afterwards, the figure quickly reached the screen and emerged directly from the TV.

First stretched out a pale black hand, and then dripping wet hair. The female ghost seemed to be struggling to crawl, but she was really drilling outwards bit by bit.

Xie Yi has been catching ghosts for so many years, and he has not visited the murderous house less often, but this is the first time he has seen this infiltrating scene.

He felt that Zhu Yang was a bit too big, and the atmosphere in the whole villa was quiet and weird, but he guessed that the drunks who reacted in the next second would disappear with panic and screaming.

Sure enough, looking around, everyone’s expressions were dumbfounded, with a daze and dullness characteristic of being drunk.

At this moment, a voice broke the silence, but Zhu Yang did it himself.

I saw her smile excitedly: “Is there really a ghost coming out? Come and write it down, we must be the coolest party in the world.”

He yelled again: “What are you doing in a daze? Didn’t you see the lady ghost getting out so hard? The boys went up to help, and others gave me support.”

Immediately, the people around were as excited as they received the instruction.

Some girls immediately set up the camera, the more powerful guys went straight up to drag people-ghosts, and others crowded around the TV.

The uniform response applauded: “Come on! Come on! Come on!”

Xie Yi dared to bet that the female ghost was originally murderous, and the figure crawling outside became stiff with naked eyes.

Then he shrank slightly, giving people the illusion of wanting to climb back, making it easy to guess that this female ghost lady was probably a severe social fear patient during her lifetime.

Normally, kill some people, crawl out of the TV and claim their lives. Basically, they are one-on-one. I have never seen such a large number of people.

But now she couldn’t help her anymore, a few drunk boys couldn’t help but pulled the person out of the TV in two or two.

As soon as the female ghost fell to the ground, there was a burst of cheers overturning the roof in the villa.

Someone excitedly said: “My cousin who went to study in the United States yesterday showed off to me, saying that the sisters there will be higher than the domestic style, saying that their initiation ceremonies and parties are all exciting and exciting. I will send her the video tomorrow. Look.”

“Yes, right! Going to a few haunted houses and abandoned mental hospitals to explore is pretty cool, and put up a believer who claims to be a devil without knowing which comics he learned from the magic circle, and let those who think of themselves see what it means A real ghost party.”

“This thing is enough for me to blow up for a lifetime, and it will increase at least tens of thousands of fans on ins.”

Everyone rushed around the female ghost, and treated her as a show off curious conversation if nothing had happened.

Someone hurriedly took out his mobile phone to take a picture-

“Can you look into the camera? Oh, forget it, your hair is covered, and it’s the same if you don’t look at it.”

“Hey! Don’t hide back, okay?” A girl complained: “If you hide behind, my face will look big. What is the first rule of the Sisterhood to take pictures? You must not engage in malicious small actions that make people set off. Why are the ghosts playing such cleverness.”

Someone touched the female ghost again, and found that it was a real entity, and said with surprise, “I can really touch it, I thought my fingers would pass through.”

“How did this crawl out of the TV?”

He looked at the large sticky moss on his palm again: “Huh~, what is this? It’s disgusting.”

“I said, why do you smell like a rotten mouse? If you want to come out to other people’s parties, don’t you talk about spraying perfume to clean up, or even taking a shower?”

Do these idiot drunks know what they are doing? What are you talking about? Tomorrow morning when you wake up and think about it, you will surely be scared of half your life.

Xie Yi stiffened his neck and watched the female ghost’s reaction, but he shrank more and more when the female ghost was babbling.

It is estimated that I regretted my impulse at this moment, and couldn’t wait to get out of it when there were so many people.

She is now an entity, and although the advantage of the entity is that she can finally strangle the bitch, but she doesn’t have the convenience of being like a shadow.

This room full of handsome men and beautiful women, presumptuous and gorgeous, is a circle that she could not achieve before she was alive, even if she looked forward to it, she felt ashamed.

Now that she seems to be standing in the spotlight, being watched by these people wantonly talking, the female ghost has an unspeakable sense of embarrassment and shyness.

The so-called sneaky thing is most afraid of excessive attention and exposure. At this moment, she is like being roasted by a searchlight. Where can there be room to find the **** battle?

At this time, a girl suddenly said, “By the way, what if the photos and videos we send out tomorrow, if others don’t believe it?”

“In terms of visual effects, it looks like a fifty cents special effect, which is not as realistic as in other movies.”

“Yes, it won’t show off at the time, but it will lower our style.”

“No, you guys are stupid? People–ah no, ghosts are all here, so they don’t believe it? The big deal will be live broadcast then.”

Xie Yixin said that those of you who did not say that you are sober and dare to face the female ghost, even if you dare, you have to consider whether you will be checked on the water meter.

But the thinking of these drunks at this moment cannot be measured by normal people at all.

Someone said, “Then just absorb her as a member of the sisterhood.”

“Aren’t the sisterhoods and fraternities popular to design a mascot now? No matter how unique the mascots are those stupid dolls, is there any real Apiao as a mascot?”

After talking about this proposal, everyone unanimously agreed, and everyone looked at Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang Hao sat on the sofa in his spare time and looked at the female ghost’s eyes–

Although she couldn’t see her eyes, the sight from the strands of hair was obviously eager to try.

After so many confrontations, Zhu Yang had found out the nature of this female ghost jealous and vanity, and saw her look expectant.

He said unceremoniously: “No!”

Ok? Xie Yi looked at Zhu Yang differently. He thought this guy would take the opportunity to stabilize the female ghost. After all, the situation is now very good, and he shouldn’t be annoyed on the spot if he wants to do anything.

Sure enough, the female ghost heard her answer, and the look from the hair curtain became vicious.

Someone persuaded her: “Why? What a strange thing, the opportunity for our sisters to become famous is now. As the boss, you have an obligation to grasp it.”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “As the boss, I have to be responsible to the sisterhood. Of course, the momentary curiosity can attract attention, and I am also happy that you can show off in front of other schools.”

“But don’t forget the minimum standards for entering the Sisterhood. Just like her, you don’t even have the qualifications for the primaries? We are delicate and elegant ladies, and we are not cheap Internet celebrities who rely on nausea and hunting.”

“If the impression of us outside is fixed as the sister group with female ghosts, how low? Who will pay attention to your own excellence and brilliance? So it’s good to have a party, you guys, excited Don’t come up.”

Everyone had been led away by Zhu Yang’s mind at this moment, which made sense.

Someone said unwillingly, “Is it really impossible? It’s not that the female ghost can change form, or change to a more normal one?”

Then she urged the female ghost to change back to her original form, and the result turned out to be ordinary.

To say that being a female ghost still has a visual impact, but becoming the way she was before her death is the kind that can’t be found in the crowd.

Everyone was quite disappointed, and Zhu Yang waved his hands: “Let’s do it, thank you for coming to my party to cheer up. Now the photos are taken and the photos are also recorded. It’s all about you, let’s go back!”

The female ghost saw this **** really as if she had come out for a walk, and after she was humiliated and shaved for her life, she came and flicked.

Suddenly, it seemed that her hostility was more than ten times stronger than at the moment of death, and she saw her chucking her neck, turning her head 360 degrees, and then screaming with her mouth wide open, she was about to rush like her.

She saw her limbs twisted strangely, but her movements were not slow, and she came to Zhu Yang in an instant.

He said viciously like a bellows in his mouth: “Go-die!”

Zhu Yang did not expect her to be so agile behind her entity. Also, if there is no certain fighting power, such as an adult strong man who wants to claim his life, wouldn’t it be the life he was easily killed?

But Zhu Yang was also prepared, she quickly moved aside, and then she didn’t know when there was an electric shock baton in her hand.

With the highest horsepower, Zhu Yang is not sure whether the physical attack is effective for the ghost, but she feels that since the so-called “game” mentioned by Zhu Lina, the rule-making person cannot have any room for counterattack. Not to players.

Moreover, ghosts are afraid of thunder and lightning. This theory is more popular everywhere. If there is no thunder and lightning, electric shock can be used.

Perhaps it was because of the online blessing of Professor Yang, the electric shock was really effective.

Zhu Yang stood up from the sofa and said in a condescending manner: “I hate the wicked guest who is not winking. Please go well. If you have to kill someone, then don’t blame people for losing face.”

After speaking, he snapped his fingers and said: “Throw it out?”

The boys who had just pulled the ghost out of the TV said blankly: “Where to throw it?”

“What do you guys say? Is it possible to throw it out? Even the female ghosts at night have to consider the safety of others? What if you encounter a gangster? Of course, where did you get it back?”

Then he pointed to the TV and said: “Shove it back into the TV.”

“This, can this work?”

“Try it, since you can come out, it should be no problem to go in again?”

Several people discussed uncertainly, but the female ghost heard Zhu Yang’s plan, but her face changed, and her expression flashed with fear and horror where she could not see under her hair.

She was busy trying to get up, but a few boys had grabbed her hands and feet, and she was about to pull her toward the TV.

The female ghost struggled desperately, her strength was great, much larger than that of an ordinary adult man, and as if recklessly, after being suppressed by a few boys, she felt that her hands and feet were broken and she was desperately breaking away from the restraints.

This scene looked a little creepy, but the atmosphere of drunkenness and the clamor of conformity infinitely lowered common sense and morality, and was inspired by impulse to infinite malice.

The people around suddenly began to booze again, and several boys were also getting more and more twisted in the booze.

Zhu Yang noticed, and a malicious smile appeared on her face: “Oh~~, you dare not go back to the TV?”

Her voice was not loud amidst the clamor, but the female ghost heard it clearly. Her body stiffened, and then a horrible premonition came.

Just listen to the **** calling the human next to her: “Go help, it’s up to you now.”

Xie Yi’s face was convulsed and stiff all night, and now he had to admit his fate.

The female ghost wanted to fight her hands and feet, but she didn’t expect that as soon as Xie Yi met her, the female ghost could feel that her energy was significantly weakened.

She almost forgot that the man that Bit Chi brought back was a natural restraint to ghosts. Because of him, many operations were greatly reduced.

But I didn’t expect that this threat would not decrease but increase after being solidified.

The female ghost screamed. In this gap, Xie Yi and several boys have already lifted her up.

Then, in the posture where she came out, she plugged it back into the TV intact.

Sure enough, although it was a visible and tangible entity, it was stuffed into the TV without any lag, and it was even more magical than top magic.

As soon as the female ghost Fang returned to the TV, screams came from the screen, as if the world inside could not tolerate her.

The female ghost wanted to get out again in agony, but only when she emerged, she was held down by Xie Yi.

This time he was the only one, with one hand fluttering on top of her head, but the female ghost felt that she couldn’t move forward despite her life’s strength.

No, she can’t come back. She has to kill her as soon as she crawls out of the screen. This is an inherent setting that she absolutely cannot violate, just like being unable to consolidate in less than seven days.

She will die for the second time, even more desperate and painful than giving up her life as a human being.

The female ghost had clearly felt the more and more painful, she desperately wanted to get out.

But I heard a light and fluttering voice over my head that only the two of them could hear——

“Give up, the outcome is determined, you have already lost, it is the players who win, and the impeccable victory.”

The female ghost looked up desperately, looked through the hair curtain, and saw that **** brought back the man who thought he had a rare physique but was not in a silly state.

At the moment, he looked at her indifferently, and the cold voice pronounced the result of the game.

The female ghost suddenly realized, and then let despair spread all over her body, her struggling movement gradually stopped until she lost her voice.


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