Scream Queen Chapter 90

Zhu Yang opened his eyes and found himself in a moving car.

The compartment is sealed around, and there is no light. It is more like a cargo being transported than a passenger at the moment.

She could feel a few breaths around her, and she should be a player. However, in this situation where they could not see their fingers, everyone did not choose to act rashly for a while.

The car drove very slowly. It passed through two slightly bumpy places and turned four turns. Based on this, it was inferred that the driving place is not outdoors, but it is like a garage or some other closed place.

Sure enough, within a few minutes, the car slowly stopped, and the sound of the car being violently knocked suddenly came from outside.

Then the door at the rear of the car opened and light came in.

Zhu Yang’s first reaction was not to look at the scene outside the car, but to take a quick glance at the four players besides himself.

This time, the players were all women. Two were about the same as Zhu Yang in their early twenties, one looked slightly younger than them, and the other looked at least forty years old.

This is the oldest female player Zhu Yang has encountered so far.

However, this was not the most surprising, because Zhu Yang noticed that their dresses were all black and white striped prison uniforms in the next second.

Not only that, everyone wears an electronic collar around their necks. Judging from the size, Zhu Yang has no hope that this thing only has a positioning function.

She said why she always felt that her hands were a little heavy, because they were in shackles.

As if thinking of something, Zhu Yang quickly touched his finger, felt a touch of coldness, and immediately took the thing off and threw it into his mouth.

Immediately afterwards, there were several fierce urges: “Get off!”

The female player sitting closest to the door stepped down first, and was roughly pushed forward by the guards armed with guns: “Next!”

Several people got off the car one by one, feeling a little sinking in their hearts.

This situation is really unfriendly at the beginning!

In general, the game is relatively leisurely at the beginning, at least most of the time, players have enough time to get to know each other.

But don’t talk about knowing it now, just look aside more without suspecting that the **** of the rifle in the hands of the people who are staring at you will draw you directly.

What’s more, if the thing I wear on my neck is implanted with bombs/bombs inside, I can’t dare to act rashly no matter how strong it is.

Several people were taken into a room, and through the call between prison guards, Zhu Yang understood that they were serious prisoners this time.

From the XXX prison to this special prison, I guessed from the details along the way that this so-called special prison should be built underground or somewhere. In short, it feels like a dark sky coming over.

After the handover, several people were taken to disinfect and bathe and changed into prison uniforms here. During the time, they searched their bodies to make sure that they did not bring in dangerous items.

The action was a bit rough, but it was not intolerable. Zhu Yang was unhappy at the moment, so he knew where the difficulties were.

There was a female player whose hair was easily knotted, and it was even more terrible after washing her hair.

The partial prison guard made heavy moves during the inspection, pulling her hair painfully, and the female player was also grumpy.

Subconsciously, he opened the guard’s hand and pulled his hair back.

When the prison guard saw her resisting, he immediately drew out an electric baton and rushed towards her. The female player resisted, but suddenly a panic flashed across her face as if she had lost some support.

Then she was beaten up with an electric baton, and after a scream, she was dragged by the prison guard by her hair, but did not continue to beat her. After a little punishment, she continued to check.

These prison guards were fully armed, except for necessary orders, they couldn’t hear anything from their mouths, like robots.

It’s just that the other players know now that their skills cannot be used, as if they are restricted by something.

Zhu Yang had already noticed more than that. Not to mention the skills, even all the props saved by the dog than in the game interface were no longer available.

Only then did she understand why the redemption window was blank when she came in, because abilities and props could not be used at all in this game, even if it was bought, it was useless, and everything was not sold at all.

But when he was escorted to the cell after the inspection, Zhu Yang’s tongue tipped the ring that was pressed by her.

I don’t know if it’s because it was purchased in another game, and even the dog than the game has no right to interfere. After entering the game, it was the only one that survived.

The space ring contained all the inventory she bought from another game, and she moved a part of the props from the game.

In the beginning, it was just that the household belongings were too many and poorly organized and placed randomly, but now it has become a life-saving existence.

Looking at the electronic collar around their necks, it seems that their game background will not be simple.

After a long corridor, a heavy electronic iron door opened in front of them.

The atmosphere of silence along the way was finally broken. As soon as the door opened, I heard the noise inside, scolding and laughing at foul language.

Suddenly when I heard the movement by the door, I saw the five new faces of Zhu Yang and the others, and immediately let out a howl of excitement——

“New dishes!”

For a time, toilet rolls were thrown around, and countless hands stretched out through the fence of the cell, waving and scratching, and each face was distorted when squeezed on the iron fence.

Greasy and malicious smiled and shouted, with hunting gazes in his eyes.

A few female players frowned, because they suddenly saw many male prisoners in the prison, which is actually a mixed **** prison.

And although the cells are separated for men and women, there is no strict division of areas. For example, the first cell is a male prison, and it is very likely that it is next to a female prison. Under such conditions, women are bound to be extremely vulnerable to harassment.

The copy this time was really full of malice everywhere.

A group of people passed by the cell, and the foul language inside poured all the way–

“Come in and play, baby, brother promises to make your legs soft.”

“I like the one with short hair, **** and big butts. It’s fun to play. No one is allowed to **** me.”

“I want to **** her too, hey! Beauty, look over here.”

Someone nearby whistled.

“The one with long hair is the most beautiful, I want to **** her.”

It’s not just male prisoners who say this.

Anyway, the female players are not newbies anymore, and there are many occasions to see them. If the average female is really scared to death by this occasion.

A few people walked forward without squinting, and suddenly Zhu Yang felt his hair tugged.

She had long hair. She hadn’t dried her hair just after washing, so she could only drape it, and she was caught by a very long arm from the cell.

Zhu Yang turned his head and saw a bald man with a knotted muscle. The other party saw Zhu Yang’s face, which was even more amazing.

Before he said the foul language, Zhu Yang turned to him and took a step closer.

The prisoners in the other cells were crazy and knocked on the iron railings with the water cups.

All inciting bald head: “Fuck her, **** her, **** her.”

The bald head was agitated by the atmosphere, his face flushed, and his other hand stretched forward to try the sweetness of this pretty **** the iron fence.

But as soon as he stretched out his hand, Zhu Yang was the first to catch it. With his strength, he faced the slender arm that broke when he broke it. It turned out to be like a ton crane.

With a sudden effort, Zhu Yang pulled the bald head directly out of the cell.

In theory, the gap in your prison door cannot be held out by an adult. Under this stubbornness, the end of the bald head can be imagined.

Everything came too fast, waiting for the next second, what everyone saw was that bald face was covered in blood and deformed.

As soon as the surrounding sounds were silenced, I saw the beautiful girl kicking her bald head. The bald head was already in pain, but now it was curled into dried shrimps.

Zhu Yang looked around and chuckled, “What should I do? I turned you over first.”

Numerous cells suddenly became quiet, and the prisoners noticed the collars around their necks.

A few players heard the whispers that sounded–

“It’s a capable person.”

“All five.”

“Isn’t it restricted? Why are you still so powerful?”

“Is that collar used to eat shit?”

At this time, the prison guards pointed their guns at Zhu Yang, and Zhu Yang raised his hands honestly: “No trouble, we want to go back to prison as soon as possible. Has someone disturbed us to settle down?”

I don’t know if it was not her who really shot first, or the strength she showed, or the reason for the first offense.

In short, the prison guards really didn’t pursue Zhu Yang, which made Zhu Yang a little strange. She thought that an electric shock was inevitable.

They have all begun to figure out how much the chances of escape from prison are now, and how much the price needs to be paid.

“Hurry up!” urged the prison guard.

At this time, the surroundings also lost the excitement they had just now, and the eyes of the few of them were also brought on guard and temptation by pure hunting.

The prison here is a two-person room. There are five of them. Of course, one of them has to go out alone, but it is not Zhu Yang, but the eldest sister in her forties.

Before leaving, the eldest sister looked back at the four of them, and all of them were tacitly aware.

Although I didn’t say a word, as long as it is not a rare match between players, everyone is a natural alliance.

Especially in this kind of situation, surrounded by enemies, really called a jailed person who would cling together out of human instinct and subconsciously.

Zhu Yang and the little curly-headed girl who had just been pumped were put in a room, getting on and off the bed, and simple bedding. Zhu Yang had never lived in a cave before.

After entering, Zhu Yang chose the lower bunk. She hated to climb up and down.

The little curly girl also winks. She mixed into the intermediate field and relied more on her ability. Because of luck, she got her ability early. The limited points have been used to upgrade her ability. There is really nothing she can do in close combat.

Even if the physique is increased to the general level of intermediate players, but without the cooperation of the ability, when encountering a gun, it can only be caught.

But Zhu Yang is obviously much stronger in close combat, and his strength should also be stronger than the general level. In this situation where all abilities and props are restricted, physical fitness and fighting skills are the only cards.

Zhu Yang is better than her in this regard, they are a team, naturally they have to adapt to strong people.

This kind of trivial matter does not compete with the other party, but the first to introduce myself: “My name is Zheng Nan, what is your name?”

“Zhu Yang.”

“This copy is too deceptive. It has the ability and props to prevent it from being used. Then what is the purpose of our previous desperate efforts?”

Zheng Nan complained, knowing that this is actually useless, but the daily scolding of the game will help players warm up their feelings.

To say that the only thing all players have in common is the identity of the game’s cheating father.

But Zhu Yang said: “The greater the difficulty, the greater the gain. I hope I won’t be disappointed this time.”

Zheng Nan: “…”

Is this being abused as a trembling M?

Zhu Yang really feels so. She was in the ghost apartment before, and the difficulty at that time was the limit that their average player could bear.

Although her sorrow operation made such a difficult game copy into a vacation copy, the high rewards from the final high evaluation have indeed benefited her so far.

But I got four abilities, and all of them are useful abilities. How many times can this kind of good thing happen?

So she likes more difficult challenges.

It was already night at this time, and I saw the time when I first entered the hall. The prison did not seem to take care of whether they had dinner or not. The cells were allocated, and it didn’t take long for the lights to go to bed.

Zhu Yang touched the electronic collar on his neck. Just now, along the way, he found that more than a few of them were wearing this thing, but most of them did not wear it.

Combined with the few words she just made after the trouble, it is very likely that the limitation of skills is not the handwriting of the game, but is related to this circle.

As for the inability to extract items from the game interface, it should be that the process is also classified as a kind of consciousness, but this is of course only the most optimistic guess. In fact, you have to try to remove this circle.

And Zheng Nan washed and went to bed separately, and Zhu Yangman thought that the theme of this copy was here.

There were no ghosts in the two consecutive copies, and Zhu Yang was still wondering if the tone of the game had changed.

As a result, it didn’t take long for her to realize that the ghosts were strong, at least so far, that she could fight for a while.

Because not long after she fell asleep, there was a notice on the radio saying that there was a call from Zheng Nan, asking her to get up and stand close to the wall, and then a prison guard would take her to answer the phone.

Several players were a little confused when they heard this broadcast, and no common sense should know that the prison is not a female dormitory, and they can answer the phone at night.

Zheng Nan got out of bed and prepared according to the instructions, and soon the prison guards took her away.

Zhu Yang is guessing what the purpose of this call is, whether it is a hint of the task given by the game or a few of their players have background clues in the copy.

Before the train of thought had gone far, Zheng Nan was brought back by the prison guard.

“Say what?” Zhu Yang asked.

Zheng Nan was even more confused than before leaving: “I didn’t hear clearly at all, there were only two vague monosyllables on the phone.”

“Kaobeibeikao or something, I kept repeating it, and there was noise. I hung up after a while and asked the prison guards and they sent me back without saying anything.”

When she said that, she laughed angrily: “How can they answer this kind of call?”

Zhu Yang frowned, he was also at a loss for this. Now the game mission has not been announced, and he is no longer entangled if he can’t think through it.

The blankets in the prison were a bit thin, but the players were so strong that they didn’t think there was anything.

Sleeping in the middle of the night, Zhu Yang was awakened by a sudden movement, Zheng Nan above was always turning over, and nothing stopped like pancakes.

This is why she doesn’t want to live with someone she doesn’t understand. Who knows what makes her unbearable when sleeping?

Just about to wake up this guy, I opened my eyes and saw a person close to Zheng Nan’s bedboard. The person was like being held tightly by a magnet, just facing Zhu Yang in the lower bunk.

Zhu Yang could clearly see her pale face, her long hair that was about to touch her face, and her facial features dripping with blood.

Wait, blood!

Zhu Yang hurriedly said: “Dare to drop a drop of blood, and I will twist your head off and push it out into the toilet.”

The female ghost was silent for a while before she continued to laugh at Kokoko, her mouth grinning behind her ears, which looked even more scary.

The key is that with her expression, the blood at the corners of her mouth gathered to a point, and it was really about to drip down.

However, before that, he raised his foot and kicked it up, passing the face of the female ghost in the middle of the thin bed, and by the way, he pocketed the dripping blood.

When she closed her backhand again, she tore her off the top bunk.

Turned over and got out of the bed, hit the female ghost with a beating, then lifted the sheet, and said with a grin: “When I’m kidding, right?”

The female ghosts were all stunned, and she could understand that she was not scared. After all, this is a severe sentence prison, and the prisoners in it are all wicked people, and it is inevitable that there are evil people who are not afraid of ghosts.

But what she just did was back-to-back for the people on the upper bunk, and the ghost press for the people on the lower bunk.

The fierce people are weak in limbs, how can there be such a flexible reaction?

As if he understood her doubts, Zhu Yang raised a piece of talisman paper in his hand, and smashed at her to prevent this guy from escaping.

Then she pulled her hair to the toilet in the toilet.

The toilet in the cell was very small, and the toilet was not too big, but no matter how small it was, it would not prevent Zhu Yang from performing.

She literally pressed the female ghost’s face into the toilet bowl, and then pressed the flush button, followed by a continuous sound of flushing.

Although this female ghost wouldn’t suffocate to death, this incident also made her sick enough, waving her arms and struggling desperately.

Zhu Yang lifted her head up and smiled: “Oh, can the blood on this face be washed? Then why do you come out to see people all day long?”

Then there is another click inside!

She didn’t expect that this was obviously from a superpower background. The dungeon also incorporates horror elements, but it turns out that unreliable dogs can do something better than games.

No matter what things are messing around, all kinds of elements are smashed indiscriminately, but they are fortunate that this is a customs clearance. If you want it to make a movie, it is a patchwork structure that you can lose your pants without losing it.

No, the scenes of the pseudo-Sadako at the time actually proved this guy’s ability to copy bad movies.

Torturing the back-to-back female ghost with her head lying in the toilet like a corpse, Zhu Yangjin felt a little depressed at the beginning of the game, and her venting method was built on the pain of others, which is really not a good thinking.

After having fun, I had to figure out how to clean up the stall. It would be impossible to let it go. It would be a waste to kill. I thought that the mirror containing Fujiang’s corpse had been moved into the ring of space, so I put the female ghost in it, and live!

After all, there is no mirror in the prison, so it’s really not easy to deal with it on the spot.

After everything was done, Zheng Nan was still asleep. The movement she had just now was not too big, ordinary people couldn’t hear the sounds of ghosts, but players couldn’t be so slow.

The ability to think of this ghost is mainly the ghost press bed and so on, which makes people lack and ignorant in their dreams.

All she is immune to is not that her charm immunity is still there, but that some defensive props are placed in the space ring hidden during the day, otherwise she will be suspended at the moment.

Sure enough, once the female ghost was taken away, Zheng Nan above was much better, and he did not turn over frequently.

Zhu Yang kicked off the dirty sheet and didn’t plan to use it again, took out a cover from the ring to deal with tonight.

Not to mention, they are all pure white sheets, but they don’t look much different.

Early the next morning, Zhu Yang took back the ring again. Zheng Nan got up and complained to her: “I had a nightmare halfway through my sleep last night. I dreamt that I was lying on a frozen lake and it was so cold.”

“The point is that there is a corpse next to me down the lake. I was almost scared to death, but at first there was no way to get up from the ice.”

“Later, there was a monster in the lake that swallowed the corpse in one bite, so I could move. I just ran away all the time. Oh, it’s been a long time since I had such a strange nightmare.”

It was an ordinary complaint, but Zhu Yang said nothing. “Oh, that’s because a female ghost was pasting you back to back across a bed board last night. It was too annoying, so I tore her off and stuffed the toilet. in.”

Zheng Nan is sitting on the toilet and peeing: “…”

Suddenly she jumped up like being burned, lifted her pants, and said in surprise: “I’m going!”

“It’s not kaobeibeikao, it’s beikaobei. Why didn’t I react to such bad street ghost stories?”

In the mid-level field, there is nothing to be afraid of with this level of ghosts, but in this field, the player has been cut off his wings and claws when he enters.

It’s really not only the strength is greatly compromised, but the heart is also the easiest to take advantage of.

Zheng Nan went out with Zhu Yang frustrated and went to the cafeteria for breakfast with the prisoners.

Only a few players have the opportunity to get together.

Zhu Yang and the four were grouped together. Apart from communicating with each other first, they didn’t know much about the prison situation.

Instead, the eldest sister in the same room with other prisoners came up with some useful information.

The eldest sister’s name is Wu Jing, and she told several people: “Our situation is worse than imagined.”

“This prison is full of heavy criminals and superpower criminals, but after wearing the collar, the capable people are a vulnerable group that has been excluded here.”

“Moreover, the prison guards here basically don’t take care of things. As long as the fights between prisoners don’t kill people, cause too much commotion, and don’t damage facilities in a big way, they basically don’t care much.”

Then he lowered his voice and said, “My inmate said that many prisoners doubt that these prison guards are really human.”

All prison guards wear helmets all day long, never show their faces in front of prisoners, and act sternly as if they have no personal emotions. It is easy to think so.

“Huh?” Zhu Yang glanced at the two prison guards with guns beside the restaurant.

Indeed, who is a normal person who would let someone answer that kind of ghost call that is obviously wrong? But we can’t judge this, but it is certain that this prison is indeed interesting.

However, since it involves superpowers, inferring the background of this world is more imaginary. As for the status of superpowers in this world, it is actually evident in prison.

As they were exchanging information, several people came to them with their dinner plates, pulled the chairs beside them and sat down.

Several of them were burly male prisoners, and two of them were white.

This was also what they discovered during breakfast. The prison is not all Asian. There are prisoners of all races, but the proportion is relatively small. When I passed by yesterday, I didn’t notice the limited sight.

It seems that the background behind this prison remains to be discussed.

After the few people sat down, they did not hesitate to show their oppressive power and aggressiveness. They seemed to surround Zhu Yang and the others.

One of them said, “Welcome to Jusha prison, my name is Paul.”

The other party Chong Zhu Yang stretched out his hand, Zhu Yang put the peeled orange peel on it, and asked: “Hello, Paul! I admire polite people, and the same polite trash also looks pleasing to the eye.”

“So what’s the matter? Paul.”

Paul glanced at the orange peel in his hand, but didn’t get angry. He threw the thing aside and said: “Personalized women. Actually every woman has a personality when you first came in, especially you. Those who can.”

“You seem to think you are different, but here is different from the outside or where you were before, look over there.”

Zhu Yang followed his gaze and saw a group of people sitting on a large table, all of them looked unobtrusive, and the momentum was a wave of ruthless characters throughout the prison.

Then there are a few people who wear collars like them, men and women, standing by the table and serving a few of them.

The soup and water were okay. Someone even asked someone to pedicure his nails early in the morning and didn’t know where the nail clippers came from.

These are obviously those who are capable of compromising the environment. Of course, they do not represent all of them. However, other people wearing collars either have their faces on their faces or shrink in corners to make promises. In short, most of them are in a bad situation.

“Prison is not such a simple place. You can live better with the help of friends. You are all smart people, so you know the benefits of making friends, right?”

Talking about the number of people getting closer.

It stands to reason that the prison is the place where news is transmitted the fastest. Several people will not know where they are, at least Zhu Yang is not easy to mess with.

At this moment, it is difficult to judge whether it is coveting beauty or purely drawing in.

Zhu Yang just smiled and said to them: “I just want to make friends, should I be with the strongest person here? Are you the strongest?”

Several people were not hesitating to admit, and clicked on the chin at the man who was giving people a pedicure: “The strongest is that guy. He is called Megalodon, the boss of Jusha Prison, but he is extremely abominable. It’s not treated like a friend in his hands.”

Zhu Yang stood up: “Oh, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t want to be friends, just be grandsons.”

This kind of environment, or build prestige from the beginning, endless harassment awaits you in the future, it is still haunted here, and the task is not coming out. If you don’t sort out the situation sooner or later, you will stumble. .

She asked several people again: “I don’t care about fighting here, right?”

Paul didn’t expect her to be so straightforward and a little confused: “If there is too much commotion, the main criminal will be locked up.”

When talking about the word confinement, he trembled, as if mentioning something terrible that could not be said.

Zhu Yang did not let go of his reaction, and felt that it was time to find out.

The other four players also stood up. Since the prison guards have a limited tolerance for violence, why don’t they try it out?

Although the limitation of skills is disturbing, after the mentality is adjusted, who didn’t start from scratch?

Players like them, if they stand still, they will lose their lives.

The ability is gone, but the player’s physical fitness is not just for fun. As long as it doesn’t match the prison, it’s more than enough to deal with prisoners.

The other prisoners saw that these five newcomers were still women, and they were surrounded by the most powerful megalodon table in the entire prison.

The megalodon looked up and saw that there were five wearing collars, and smiled coldly: “Want to pedicure for me? I have four toes left unfixed. If you want to get a chance, let’s fight, bastards.”

Zhu Yang looked at him condescendingly, smiled, and kicked the man wearing a collar under his feet who was giving him a pedicure——

“Fuck away, I don’t allow people who wear the same necklace as me to wash their feet with the choppy.”

A table of people stood up immediately, and all of them were tall men who were more than one head taller than them, making the female players even weaker and pitiful.

Zhu Yang lifted his foot and kicked, the whole heavy metal dining table slammed into the megalodon, which can be used as the prison boss with two brushes.

When I turned it out, I turned it out from the inside, avoiding the fate of being smashed into the corner by the dining table, but I felt a strong wind before I stood still.

Actually, Zhu Yang grabbed a knife and stabbed him in front of the door. Fights are prone to occur in the prison, so the tableware is made of plastic. Even if it was stabbed, it would not cause much harm to the body.

But the woman was too strong and moved too fast. This kind of person is even a bamboo stick in her hand. The power cannot be underestimated. He subconsciously pressed his waist down, and hid his head.

In the middle of Zhu Yang’s arms, she took advantage of the moment when the megalodon’s center of gravity was unbalanced, she lifted her foot to his calf, kicked him to the ground, and then copied the dinner plate next to it and thrust it into the ground.

The metal dinner plate was directly submerged into the concrete floor, and a whole half was inserted into it.

The megalodon looked at the dinner plate, cold sweat came out on his head, if this thing was inserted into his head, he would have become two petals at this moment, and the woman’s strength against him is crushing.

The megalodon boys were also stunned and beaten by the other four female players at this time. They did not have such good training conditions and opportunities as Zhu Yang, and their empty-handed fighting skills were average.

But the physique is there, and the lack of skills can make up for it, not to mention the fast speed, the opponent has to react no matter how good at fighting.

Fighting in prison is like throwing a handful of flint on an oil drum, without fuse, it can instantly blast the atmosphere.

The surrounding prisoners were excited, and they gathered around and screamed, slapped the table, dropped the bowl, and fell into the rock.

“The megalodon stand up, don’t lose to a bitch.”

“Did you have too much leg weakness last night? Those are five women.”

Zhu Yang stood up and jumped to the one who screamed the most. An orange hit him on the face, and the man was stunned and fell to the ground with a bang.

Zhu Yang jumped onto the table and said to the humanity in the prison: “Listen well, rubbish. I am a good-tempered person. Some people say that the environment here is treacherous, the days are difficult, and friends outside are the way to make money.”

“I fully agree with this, so you have to understand that I am not working against everyone. I am here to be your father. If everyone is unified, won’t most of the conflicts be reduced?”

“Come on, kneel down and call Dad!”

“Hahaha…” A man laughed arrogantly, only halfway through his laughter before being thrown over by a dinner plate.

The dinner plate was directly attached to his face, showing the outline of his facial features. I don’t know how to throw it. How powerful is this control of strength?

Looking at the corpses of the megalodon group of people and the half of the dinner plate on the ground, an orange stuns a person’s giant force. At first, the crowd who was excited to watch the excitement couldn’t help but go back. Shrink.

At this time, the prison guard came late and blew a whistle to Zhu Yang who was standing on the table: “Prisoner No. 1047, immediately get down from the table with his hands on top of his head.”

Zhu Yang jumped down in disappointment, did not resist, and lazily raised his hand.

Then she was put in confinement as she wished, which was easy, she thought it would be more fierce.

Since Sister Wu said that these prison guards feel like machines, Zhu Yang deliberately found an opportunity to touch the arm of one of the prison guards when he was escorted to the confinement room, but he could feel the elasticity of human muscles.

But it’s still early, so I don’t rush to make a conclusion.

Zhu Yang was pushed into a room with only walls on all sides. Except for a vent above his head, there was a toilet with nothing inside.

This kind of place is indeed closed for one day, and most people can’t stand it. Zhu Yang glanced at the surveillance camera in the corner of the ceiling and took out a green bean from his pocket.

There is a mung bean soup for breakfast. The mung beans in it are not badly cooked, but those who have cooked mung beans know that occasionally there are one or two mung beans in a pot of mung beans that are as hard as stones, and the others are boiled. It’s like copper peas.

Zhu Yang flicked his vaguely finger to put the mung bean bullet on the camera, but luckily, it hit the camera, and the camera suddenly sparked and the red indicator light dimmed.

Zhu Yang didn’t act rashly. After waiting for almost an hour, no one came to fix it. Then he fumbled for the collar around his neck, trying to figure out what this thing came from.

It’s just that she doesn’t know much about electronic technology, so she can’t figure it out for a while, but she can try to use props to remove it.

She recalled, but remembered that there was a bottle of potion in the ring that could dissolve many substances quickly except for human skin. This potion was originally used to get rid of sleepiness, but she was worried that if the circle was not dissolved instantly, it would trigger it instead. explosion?

There is also a small gadget that can cut off the signal connection of all communication items after wearing it, and can also make the prison mistakenly think that her collar is malfunctioning, and automatically help her to remove it safely.

But I want to know that before that, people will have protective measures, and they are no less worried than the last one.

After thinking about going, Zhu Yang actually fell asleep in a daze.

In her sleep, she was still in this confinement room, but the whole room became full of water stains and was full of an unpleasant fishy smell.

Zhu Yang frowned, the smell was too unpleasant, she suddenly forgot that she would not have such a clear sense of smell in her dreams.

In the next second, she felt her gaze shift back. She was sitting in the center of the confinement room by herself, but now she seems to retreat back, and the person sitting in the center—

No, that person is still her, can she see herself from behind? From the perspective of a bystander?

Zhu Yang got up, walked towards the self in front, patted her on the shoulder, and saw her suddenly turning back, her face was covered with fish scales, green and densely dense.

Some were smashed, revealing uneven flesh and blood, looking disgusting and hideous.

Zhu Yang was so angry that he raised his hand and was about to hit. As a result, the thing sneered twice, and it penetrated her hand and disappeared.

This was the first time she missed the ghost.

Then a sense of weightlessness came, and Zhu Yang woke up, turning out to be a dream.

Feeling unlucky for a while, she raised her hand and hooked her hair, and suddenly felt the uncomfortable feeling of something caught her hair.

Zhu Yang lowered her head and saw a fish scale on the back of her hand. She stretched out her hand and tugged, and the thing actually grew on her.


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