Scream Queen Chapter 91

If you don’t get angry, don’t get excited, or go violently, the scales are very good.

Look at that brilliant blue color, it should not be the scales of freshwater fish species, and the quality is thick and sharp to the touch. Under the only dim light of the confinement room, it can present a brilliant and luxurious light like diamond cut faces.

In the last dungeon, Zhu Yang had seen a lot of mutant fish. That huge catfish didn’t have scales. They had also seen other mutant species such as carp and crucian.

The fish scales of those guys were scraped off, and the pieces looked like mysterious iron pieces, which could be used as hidden weapons, but this fish scale was actually better than that.

But no matter how beautiful things are, they will only make people feel that their scalp is bursting, especially when Zhu Yang has just felt the shock of secret fear on that fish-scale face monster.

So now the string in Zhu Yang’s mind broke, and a scream came from her mouth, which directly shattered the light bulb in the confinement room, and cracks appeared on the walls and ground to varying degrees.


At the other end of the prison, a room full of monitoring screens, if any prisoner comes in and sees the picture displayed on the screen, it will be incredible.

Because of this tightly controlled but loosely managed prison, surveillance was installed in every corner of the prison.

The surveillance on the bright surface is already dense enough, but compared with the actual number, it is the tip of the iceberg.

For example, the confinement room Zhu Yang was in at the moment, it was clear that the camera had been destroyed by her, but her scene at the moment still appeared on the screen without any dead ends.

Two people who are not wearing helmets are looking at the screen on her side and analyzing something. Behind them, there are other areas of noteworthy monitoring screens monitored by their own responsible personnel.

However, as a scream came from the headset, the two people who were discussing in the last second only felt a sudden needle-like pain in their brains, and then their consciousness went black.

The corresponding monitor screens followed the inhuman scream, and all the signals were destroyed and turned into colorful clutter, and there was no sound in the monitor.

The most important thing is that in the next second there was a trickle of blood from the ears, nostrils and corners of the eyes of the two of them. Their eyes burst and were covered with terrible bloodshot eyes, but everything happened too fast. After it was over, the two of them stayed there. Sitting still, motionless.

If someone comes to try their breath at this moment, they will find that they are already lifeless, but the people behind them are busy with their own affairs and have not noticed it for a while.

After Zhu Yang screamed, he seemed to be calm again. He took down the mini loudspeaker that had appeared on the index finger when he didn’t know when, and threw it back into the space.

The next thing is not so easy to be seen.

She glanced at the fish scale on the back of her hand again, still furious, but she did not force it down.

It’s useless to want to know, not to mention the pits and pits where the scales on the face were just picked up already hinted at the result of doing so.

Zhu Yang sneered. This is really the most disgusting thing to her so far, even worse than the Ghost Bodhisattva who almost cheated her to eat her eyeballs, at least that thing did not succeed.

She spoke, no matter whether the other party could hear it or not, her voice was terrifying and brutal: \”Do you think this is a big win?\”

\”No, no, remember your father’s words, I will catch you, nail your dead fish head to the ground, scrape off your fish scales piece by piece, make a sequin dress skirt, and wait for me.\”

After saying this, the door of the confinement room was suddenly opened——

\”No. 1047, the confinement time is over, come out.\”

Is it so fast? Zhu Yang followed out, and subconsciously glanced at the time outside the corridor. It showed that it was eight o’clock in the morning, which was the time when she was locked in.

She stayed inside for a while, it was impossible for time to go backwards, could it be that a day has passed since the moment she was confused?

Zhu Yang looked back at the closed door of the confinement room, and said nothing.

She was taken directly to the restaurant, and it happened to be breakfast again.

When the people in the restaurant saw her coming, they retreated. Only four players gathered around, greeted her a little, and asked her to eat.

Zhu Yang ignored it, and instead walked directly to the Paul who came to talk to her yesterday.

Stepping on the stool next to him, he asked directly: \”Continue with yesterday’s topic, you said that if there is too much commotion, the person who started will be locked up in the closed room, and then?\”

Paul felt a little tensed when he saw her coming, and his face suddenly changed when he heard her ask.

But he still said in a calm voice: \”What then? The feeling of confinement is uncomfortable, everyone knows, what else?\”

Zhu Yang sneered: \”Did you just say that or were you beaten up?\”

Paul still wanted to be fooled, but he looked up at Zhu Yang, and then saw the scale of her hand on the back of her knee that was not hidden.

This guy was so frightened that he bounced suddenly, just like the soldering iron sitting on his butt.

Zhu Yang grabbed his head and was pulled over as if such a strong man was a little chicken: “Don’t waste my time, others can ask, but with this troublesome effort, you have to do it when you waste time. What can I do to make it up.\”

Paul also knew how to judge the situation. Seeing her strong and extreme, he had to loosen his shoulders, and his voice revealed fear: \”Not everyone is like this, occasionally, I mean occasionally.\”

\”People who come out of the inside will slowly emit a fishy smell, and the skin will be rotten, first on the hands, then spread to the whole body, and finally even on the face.\”

\”Others don’t know, but I’ve seen it accidentally, where are those ulcers, the difference is the fish scales that are very itchy and unbearable.\”

Seeing that he was willing to be honest, Zhu Yang also let go of him: \”Go on.\”

Paul was relieved from the shackles, but he became more aware of the endlessness–

\”Those people will eventually scratch themselves alive and die, and some will attack others, but if they die, the prison will fool them with just one sentence of infection with a skin disease.\”

\”Some have a long onset period, which can last a full month or two, but the shortest is only seven days. The prison will check you every day, but the results are never announced.\”

Speaking, he pointed carefully at the scale on the back of Zhu Yang’s hand.

The expression on his face was frightened and worried, but the expression slowly became like a gradual change. The corners of his mouth slowly raised a sinister arc, and the fear in his eyes turned into a malicious smile——

\”This is the beginning.\”

Then Zhu Yang saw that Paul’s face was covered with fish scales, and he instantly became a fish scale man.

Zhu Yang raised the knife in his hand, and the short knife that appeared in her hand out of thin air hit his neck with a knife, cutting off his head all at once.

But after landing, the other end still made a triumphant smile: “Hahaha…, it’s started, it’s started!”

Zhu Yang woke up suddenly and found that there were still thick and empty concrete walls around him, and the cracks on the walls and the ground were still shocking, all of which proved that Nanke Yimeng just now.

It turned out that she hadn’t gone out at all, even though she had been wary in her heart, the fish scale spirit was still unable to prevent her from pulling her into the illusion.

She glanced at the fish scales on the back of her hand, it was no longer a lonely piece at this moment, it had spread to the entire back of her hand in such a short time, and there was already a seemingly itchiness from it.

Zhu Yang looked upset, and simply stopped paying attention to this hand.

Being disturbed twice by that fish scale spirit, Zhu Yang didn’t know how long time passed.

It’s just that she was thinking about what Paul said when she was just drawn into the illusion. Was it a possibility she had contrived, or was it because the fish scales wanted her to know what was going to hit her heart?

To be honest, this time is really the biggest turtle Zhu Yang has eaten since entering the game, even if their abilities are sealed, the player’s foundation is already here.

I carefully stroked whether I had triggered any special conditions since I entered the game, and the answer turned out to be no.

That is to say, as long as you enter this confinement room, you will do nothing and you will be the way of the fish scale spirit, watching you get infected, the fish scales spreading all over your body?

And every time she was drawn into the illusion, the fish scales on her body grew geometrically, and her attack on the fish scale spirit in her dream was actually invalid, so the difficulty was too great.

It is impossible for the dog to be unsolvable in the game, but this time Zhu Yang is also a little uncertain.

So she took out the mirror and released the back-to-back ghosts inside.

As a result, the guy screamed with Zhu Yang’s legs as soon as he came out: “Ah—-, I don’t want to go in, I don’t want to go in, how can there be such a cheap **** and can’t kill her, ah—-”

Halfway through the call, Zhu Yang slapped her head, and then brightened the fish scales on the back of her hand–

\”Go ahead, what is the origin of this thing?\”

Back to back, the ghost was stunned for a moment, and then pointed at her with a smirking smile: “Hahaha…, you’re done, you are dead, hahaha, aren’t you good? In the end, he still has to die. That guy is really good, and his ability is fundamental There is no solution.\”

Zhu Yang looked at her with a smile: “I don’t know if I die, it’s more than enough to kill you. Oh no, you seem to get along well with the person in the mirror, how about letting you be bound to her forever? It just happens that you are all the time. Looking for good friends back-to-back, that guy is too **** and has no friends, just right match.\”

Back-to-back ghosts trembled and said hurriedly: \”I said, I said, don’t let me see that **** again.\”

Then she looked around for a week, as if she was afraid of the fish scale monster, and gritted her teeth: “It’s useless to tell you anyway.”

\”The guy kept wanting to go out after being detained here, but it was too strong, and was restricted by stronger detention here. The only way to go out was to have an entity.\”

\”First it has to infuse the imprint of its own ability into the human body, and the human will gradually become suitable for its sojourn, and then swallow the soul, and it can take the body as its own, and with the entity it will I can go out.\”

\”It’s just that not everyone can establish contact with it, and the few that meet the conditions, and because they are too weak to change, they died miserably, so it has been trapped here.\”

The ghost looked at Zhu Yang from back to back: “You are very strong, and you may be able to complete the transformation, but it was also your death date at that time.”

Zhu Yang sneered: \”In other words, if I want to prevent the fate of becoming a fish scale monster, I have to cut off the connection with it, right? Simple, just kill it.\”

Back-to-back ghost looked at her sympathetically: “You still don’t understand. Once it is marked, unless it is far stronger than it, you are in a subordinate relationship. Only it kills you, you can’t kill it.”

Zhu Yang didn’t believe it, and there was no unkillable ghost.

But the back-to-back ghosts are clever right now, and they said hurriedly: \”Don’t count on me to help, I can’t do it.\”

Zhu Yang didn’t expect such a weak group of idiots, let alone her, and the players’ abilities were limited, otherwise Zheng Nan himself estimated that he would be able to deal with this guy.

He waved his hand, Zhu Yang didn’t leave her, back-to-back ghost saw that she let herself go so quickly, and immediately, Sa Yazi disappeared.

As if to prove the ghost’s words back to back, the guy left, and Zhu Yang was pulled into the illusion again.

This time Zhu Yang was not polite, and he appeared in front of her while carrying the shovel, cutting off the background with a shovel before he could speak.

It was an engineer shovel like Xu Xiao, except that she posted a piece of spiritual power rune paper that was useful for dealing with ghosts and monsters.

Sure enough, a blue flame ignited at the incision cut by the shovel, and the fish scale monster screamed inside.

It seems like a success.

But yelling, it turned into a triumphant smile: \”There are four more times, hehehe…\”

Zhu Yang returned to reality once again, and when he looked at the scales on her body, it had spread to the entire arm. At this speed, it really only took three or four times, and she would have fish scales all over her body.

There is no expression on her face, some emotions are at the extreme, but her face has no sensuality.

She even touched the scales on her arm, not to mention, just like the tail of a mermaid, each one exudes a mysterious and beautiful charm like a gem.

So everything depends on who it grows on. The long fish scale monster is only left with secret horror and nausea, and she is a big beauty with a dreamlike mermaid.

After being narcissistic for a while, the next wave came again. Zhu Yang raised his hand to reveal two AK47s, and shot at each other.

As if knowing that she has an extraordinary immunity to fantasy, and there is no way to shake her heart, the fish scale monster simply didn’t do useless work anymore and directly faced her face to face.

Zhu Yang loaded the spiritual power bullets in. Her marksmanship was not particularly accurate, but she could achieve a hundred shots at such a short distance.

Every time a bullet hits the fish scale monster, there is a hole, and the hole will corrode along the edge, and ordinary ghosts will die again long ago.

However, the fish scale monster was that the more violent Zhu Yang’s attack, the more proud it was. Under the power of the bullet, it was beaten back steadily, but the excitement on his face remained undiminished until Zhu Yang smashed its face.

Back to reality, Zhu Yang hurriedly looked at the fish scales on his body, almost covering the entire upper body.

Three more! She counted silently in her heart.

Then she suddenly thought, if the number of times estimated by the fish scale monster, this time seems to increase too fast?

Thinking of the power of that bullet, Zhu Yang suddenly understood the so-called connection.

It is estimated that the harder she attacks here, the greater the damage to the other party, and the energy that comes off will be transferred to her, making her more quickly infected.

After realizing this, Zhu Yang did not stand still, waiting for the fifth time.

She directly released the little yellow chicken. If her attack would only turn those injuries into corresponding curses and fall on her, then what about others?

The little yellow chicken was also well-behaved, and he didn’t need Zhu Yang to speak when he came out, so he fluttered and rushed over.

The sharp beak hit the fish-scale monster’s eyeballs, and the fish-scale monster was startled, but she didn’t expect that she could become a helper out of thin air.

It’s just that it’s not weak, so it hides back now, raising its hand is a huge water column overflowing the entire room.

Both Zhu Yang and the little yellow chicken were submerged in. Although the little yellow chicken can swim, it is a terrestrial creature. The water greatly limits its agility and speed.

On the contrary, Zhu Yang, I don’t know if it’s the reason why the body has been transformed in half now. There is no sense of disobedience in the water. She even feels that she can breathe underwater with a little effort.

The little yellow chicken was forced to retreat, and Zhu Yang saw that it was not an opponent, and was afraid that it would go wrong, so he hurriedly took it back.

Back to reality, the entire confinement room was still dry as before, without the dampness that had just been submerged by the flood, and even her body was dry.

However, this time the spread of fish scales on her body was indeed slower than last time, but at this time, most of her body was already covered with scales.

With a move in her heart, the time was almost time.

Sure enough, Zhu Yang’s happy and reckless approach seemed to make the other party more excited and eager, and the sixth time came very quickly.

As soon as Zhu Yang entered, this time he saw the fish scale monster attacked without rushing up.

She just stared at each other and said: \”Remember what I just said? I said I will definitely scrape off your scales, because next time you will die in my hands, now is the last chance.\ ”

The fish-scale monster smiled triumphantly, and suddenly lay flat on the ground: “Come on, you are the only body that has survived the transformation. After occupying your body, I will be able to return to the peak state as a small contribution to you. Respect, what is the pain of scraping scales?\”

Zhu Yang smiled, and suddenly he got a little more in his hand. He stepped forward, and with one knife, a layer of scales was scraped off by the inverse scale.

The fish scale screamed, but the pain could not hinder its desire for freedom.

The more the other party tortured it, the faster the infection became. The previous guys were too weak to reach the ideal parasitic state for dozens of days. Not to mention that it draws strength through painful trauma or even attacks itself. Dare not.

Only a little bit of strength can be poured in through time, and it will die if it can’t hold it.

Only this time, the fish scale monster looked at Zhu Yang greedily in Ling Chi’s pain.

This is so beautiful, her terrifying characteristics come to her, and it becomes so beautiful. Her body is also extremely powerful, and her ability is so powerful when she is restricted. If she is not restricted, she will not be much weaker than her strength.

It doesn’t have to worry about turning its power into a mediocre body where it is restricted, but it can become stronger.

In the painful screams, the scales on the fish scale monster were really shaved off.

Zhu Yang looked at the blood-stained scales and the blood-stained fish scale monsters, and the other’s eyes were full of desire——

\”Quick, kill me, this is the last time.\”

The next time, when it swallows the opponent.

But Zhu Yang smiled brightly: \”I have a question, if once you establish contact, your ability can be two-way loss, does it prove that your strength can be inherited?\”

\”Currently you are the subject and I can only be forced to accept it. But if you disappear, will the ownership of this power automatically transfer to me?\”

The fish scale monster is suffering from scales, but this is not fatal. It is anxious for Zhu Yang to kill her.

The pain made it intolerable, and the impatience screamed: “Don’t understand? You can’t kill me. No matter how many times you kill, I will be resurrected. Hurry up and do it.”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “Is the resurrection very awesome? Someone here must have a lot of topics in common with you.”

When she said that, she took out the mirror and pulled out a Fu Jiang from the inside. The remaining body of Fu Jiang was collected by her. Now it has been split and resurrected in the mirror. More than 20 Fu Jiang choked each other every day, making it lively.

As soon as he was released, Fu Jiang pointed at Zhu Yang and cursed: \”I want you to kill those bitches, I am the only one——\”

The words were all spoken neatly, so Zhu Yang raised his hand and cut from his hand, and then the complaint turned into a scream.

Zhu Yang grabbed Fu Jiang’s wrist, stepped on the fish scale monster to prevent it from struggling, pointed Fu Jiang’s wrist at the goods and poured a few blood in it, and then threw Fu Jiang back into the mirror.

The fish scale monster believed that he could not be killed by his subordinates, and was caught off guard, only to drink the blood and notice something was wrong.

Although Fu Jiang was a fake Fu Jiang when they cleared the customs, but in the mirror, that is, the ghost of the other world, his abilities have quietly evolved.

The speed of assimilation today is not the same as before, and the fish scale monster absorbs it quickly, and immediately has initial results.

It staggered to stand up, and watched as the fish scales on its hands were scraped off. The skin that had been festering and terrifying became fair and smooth, full of charm.

Immediately this blow-breakable skin spread to the whole body, faster than its scales. At any rate, the boarder of the scales needs to draw strength from it.

After a while, in the mirror that Zhu Yang held up maliciously, the fish scale monster found that she had become a beautiful girl with bangs and a mole right now.

It pointed to the mirror and made a gurgling sound in its throat, but after a few sounds, the voice became tactile.

What’s more terrifying is that it found that its thinking has changed, and then saw the woman approach it: “I have a lot of beautiful clothes and jewelry here, do you want to wear it? Do you want to wear it?”

Fish scale monsters have always pursued power and disdain for commonplace things, but at this time, hearing the words of beautiful clothes and jewelry, an irresistible desire suddenly emerged in his heart.

It nodded: \”Yes!\”

Then he covered his mouth in horror, and then found in despair that his personality was being swallowed rapidly.

Looking at Zhu Yang’s feelings, the hunter who was also looking forward from excitement, became bored and jealous with fear.

Zhu Yang looked at the \”Fu Jiang\” in front of her, her eyes filled with the struggle from the soul, which deeply pleased her.

She said: \”On resurrection and infection, you can’t be assigned. You dare to scrape your scales before you die, why are you so heartbroken?\”

The struggle inside gradually became weak and finally disappeared. Zhu Yang felt a steady stream of power pouring into his body.

At this time, she was covered with fish scales, except that the part of her face was slightly different from that of the fish scale monster, and she didn’t have that full face like a panic. On the contrary, she wanted to put on fish scale makeup, with two more baskets on her cheekbones. , Just hit the blush position.

The “Fujie” in front of him said jealously: “Why are you so good-looking?”

Although it has been assimilated into Fujiang, it is still short and still has a trace of instinct and unwillingness from its predecessor.

Zhu Yang slapped her over with a slap, condescendingly said: “Because I am a beauty, a mermaid with scales is a mermaid. And you are a **** ugly monster, and an ugly monster with scales is a fish head. That power is insulting to you.”

Then he pushed Xin Fu Jiang into the mirror without saying a word.

Back to reality, Zhu Yang was able to feel his connection with the sea. This was the first time that he didn’t burst through the game, and he could plunder directly in the game.

This made Zhu Yang look forward to it more and more.

I don’t know if it’s because the fish scale monster is not a human being, and the collar around its neck can’t limit the energy that belongs to it.

Zhu Yang thought in his heart, the fish scales on his body faded, and the whole person turned back to a normal person. Although the time to obtain this power is still short and the specific abilities need to be pondered, there is no lag in using it.

Thank the fish scale monster for giving away the head enthusiastically.

At the same time, the door to the confinement room was opened, and a dozen heavily armed prison guards pointed their guns inside.

Before that, every area in the monitoring room was busy with their own affairs, and someone got up to pour a cup of coffee.

When I passed a certain area, I saw garbled characters on several screens, and the person who received the water reminded: \”If the monitoring fails, you don’t care? What are you doing while sitting? I’ll be caught by the boss for a while. Can’t walk around.\”

After talking for a long time, no one answered, the two people still sat there, and the other side was a little dissatisfied, so they pushed them from behind.

The two of them leaned forward and fell on the workbench. Through their headsets, they could vaguely see the blood spilling from their ears. Turning their faces, there were already two deadly corpses bleeding from the seven orifices.

This movement shocked everyone. The director came over and glanced at the malfunctioning screen, immediately turned on the intercom and said: \”Containment Room 3, red alert, immediately.\”

A group of people hulled and opened the door of the confinement room, and saw that the people inside were okay. There was no problem in the images before all the monitors were damaged.

But the cracks on the ground and the wall can explain many problems. The confinement room is tightly isolated, there are no people nearby, and the wall and the ground are mainly made of steel plates that are several times thicker, and the surface is cement.

The sound is difficult to penetrate, so it’s all in this horrible situation. They only realized it later, but the scene could already judge a lot of things.

Zhu Yang was escorted away. After layers of inspections, the first step was to confirm whether the collar was functional.

Sure enough, as Zhu Yang had expected, before taking off the collar, she put more insurance on her, and countless guns were pointed at her, she did not act rashly in a hurry.

It was just that when the other party confirmed that her ability was limited, she asked her to explain the situation in the confinement room. She smirked: “When she saw a cockroach, she was so scared that she screamed. My voice is a bit louder, so I won’t cause trouble to anyone. Right?\”

More trouble, two people were killed directly.

But their prison is not without the ability of sonic waves, and the other party is not as strong before wearing a collar. This guy is really amazing.

They were about to interrogate, but received a call in the middle. After hanging up, Zhu Yang was sent back and even the confinement was lifted.

Zhu Yang’s heart moved, which is interesting.

What reason would make these people turn a blind eye to such a large abnormal choice?

It was noon at this time, and Zhu Yang was taken directly to the cafeteria.

Everyone saw her come back swaggering in less than half a day, and her complexion shouldn’t be too good compared to the sluggish and decadent people who usually confine them.

It was like the prison manager secretly invited her upstairs to enjoy a good drink.

Coupled with the aggressive slashing of the megalodon gang in the morning, the boss of the prison was completely removed, and the megalodon gang with a large and powerful population has become a group of capable people with only five women.

The prison tyrant should naturally have the style of the prison tyrant. Zhu Yang walked to the largest dining table, opened the megalodon who was about to sit on the main seat, and sat on it himself.

The other four female players also drove away the others at the same time. The Megalodon group dared to be angry but did not dare to speak, but the prison was bigger than the fist. Now that the boss has changed hands, they naturally have to bow their heads.

There was no need to order at all, and someone prepared a meal for them and delivered it. Not only did the main course have enough, but also the dessert and fruit were double.

According to the four female players, many people have surrendered to them in the morning, especially those with abilities.

As a disadvantaged group, the capable people are inferior to chickens when plucking their hair. Finally, capable people do not rely on their abilities and they are so powerful. There are still a few of them. Naturally, they have to hug each other tightly. This thick thigh.

Players are always coming. After all, they don’t really come to jail. Naturally, they don’t need to test too much. It’s good for someone to ask for help.

At this moment, Zhu Yang, the most conspicuous of the group, came back. The terrible confinement room didn’t reduce her prestige by half, and everyone’s evaluation was naturally a little higher.

At this time, Sister Wu said: “This prison has a high mortality rate.”

\”There were no fewer than ten deaths of suicide, illness, and violent conflict that I heard in the morning, and this was only in the past two years. The prison stamp is the above statement, but the real scene is strange.\”

Certainly, several people died in the hands of the fish scale monster alone, and these hapless ones unfortunately met the parasitic conditions.

They encountered two ghosts in the entire prison less than 24 hours after they arrived. The total number must be more than that.

However, the prison clearly knows that there is a difference here, but it still operates innocently, and obviously the purpose is also intriguing.

Zhu Yang didn’t tell a few players about the fish scale monster. After all, the task hasn’t come out yet, so be careful.

However, one of the characteristics of the dog game is that you can’t help thinking, what to read.

After speaking, the task came out.

This time the mission is actually a rescue mission. The target of the mission is code-named Fathead Fish. Players must ensure that they bring the mission target out of the prison alive.

Several people frowned upon hearing the task, and they didn’t even give a specific identity. Who knows if the nickname of Fathead Fish belongs to the prisoner or the prison guard?

If it’s the code name in the secret mission, then they have been looking for a long time just to find someone.

At this time, Zhu Yang stood up and said loudly to everyone in the restaurant: “Who is the fat head fish? Come here!”

The other four female players were a little confused. I didn’t expect her to be so efficient, but when I thought about it, everyone was caught off guard and asked. People didn’t have any subconscious responses to pre-communication, but could make the first round quickly. Troubleshoot.

Sure enough, everyone looked at Zhu Yang blankly after hearing this, and did not look in any other direction. It seemed that there was no nickname among the prisoners called “Pantou Fish”.

So Zhu Yang sat down: “Come slowly, and split up. Two people are responsible for inquiring about Fathead Fish, and the other two people are responsible for clarifying the structure of the prison as soon as possible and guarding the branch.”

He said and joked: “If only there was a handsome engineer who had participated in the design and construction of this prison at this time, because his brother was imprisoned and took the initiative to rob the bank and tattooed all the layout of the prison on his body.”

The female players didn’t have any disagreements. Instead, they should talk to Zhu Yang: “It’s okay. We can also learn from a banker who has been in jail and spend time digging a channel from our cell to the outside.”

\”With our strength, it will definitely not take more than ten years.\”

It’s one thing to be joking. There are so many prisoners here, it is definitely impossible to eat plain rice, and reform through labor must create value.

So except for rest days, there are several hours of working time every day.

There are several processing workshops in the prison. In the afternoon, Zhu Yang was assigned to the soap processing factory, while the others went to the shoe processing workshop.

Naturally, Zhu Yang couldn’t work. Someone consciously filled her vacancy, and the prison guards didn’t care.

She sat there with her feet cocked for the whole afternoon. If it wasn’t suitable, she would have really taken out her phone to play, and she could play the game without the signal.

After work, Zhu Yang went to the bathhouse with the prisoners working in the workshop. There is no hot water in the toilet in the cell and you cannot take a bath.

The daily bath time is after work in the afternoon and before dinner.

There was not enough hot water in the prison, and the water flow was so fine that Zhu Yang was anxious, and she loved to be clean, so she was naturally slower than others.

The bathing time is actually strictly regulated, but Zhu Yang doesn’t plan to bother about it, prison guard!

It’s just that she wasn’t the only one who didn’t leave so quickly. Zhu Yang wiped away the face and noticed that there was a person standing under the lotus next to her.

At first, Zhu Yang didn’t pay attention, only glanced at him to see that the other party had thick hair and plump body.

But it was not right to wash, Zhu Yang felt that his feet were touching strands of hair, which were not the amount of normal metabolism.

When she lowered her head, she saw a lot of dirty blond hair continuously gathering in the outlet along the water, blocking the floor drain, the shocking lot, any girl would feel sore.

Zhu Yang looked up and saw the woman next to him slowly turning around.

The plump body gradually became dry and shriveled, and the plump and erect **** almost fell to the waist, and the skin was also covered with folds and age spots.

The other party raised his head, and the old woman’s zombie-like face showed a penetrating smile. This is an old white woman. His hair is bald every inch, and only a few strands of hair are left around. The scalp is still stained with blood, and looks terrified. people.

The old woman looked at the woman in front of her, smiled, and said in a voice like sandpaper rubbing: \”My hair—\”

Before he finished speaking, he saw that Zhu Yang had an extra bottle of shampoo out of thin air.

Holding the shampoo, she pressed the old woman’s head hard, and she pressed the shampoo and sympathized with her: “Wipe it up, it is said that this hair growth effect is good.”

\”Needless to say, I understand you!\”

After all, False Sadako had also created the hallucinations of her alopecia areata, and the blow is still vivid.


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