Scream Queen Chapter 92

Zhu Yang is really rare and conscientious this time. That hair-growth shampoo is not even a popular product with subtle utility in reality, but a boutique product produced in a real game.

Of course, it’s not the game of Goubi. It’s another game, where did she mess up? Can you imagine how irrational she was at that time?

I wish that there are no people who are troubled by hair loss. Even their grandparents were in their 70s or 80s when they passed away. Their hair was full of silver threads, and their hair volume was as good as the average young person.

What’s more, Zhu Yang and the others are young people with thick and soft hair.

The things produced in the game, no matter how wonderful they are, they are absolutely useful.

For life-saving weapons, skills, and props, the price is staggering, but the corresponding hedonic goods in the practical sense are staggeringly cheap.

For example, luxurious dresses, delicacies of mountains and seas, game toys, etc., that space is directly provided for free, as long as your level is high enough.

Just like this kind of hair growth lotion, Zhu Yang thought about it and didn’t remember whether it took ten or five?

In short, the beauty and maintenance category is not only cheap, but also immediate. After all, there are girls who choose to work in a special industry, and they still need to maintain their appearance.

The so-called immediate effect really does not contain any exaggeration.

Seeing that the shampoo that was squeezed up was about to drain, Zhu Yang urged the old woman: “Eh, you rub it yourself, don’t run it on your face. I heard that this thing is very effective.”

Halfway through, she couldn’t go on, because there was too much squeezing, and thick hair appeared on the place where the potion was on her head, but the old woman was dumbfounded and let the potion flow down.

Some flowed to the back of the shoulders, some flowed to the face and chest, and the result became thicker wherever the thing passed.

On the contrary, it was on the top of the head, because the edges were not evenly spread, and some areas were still bare.

There is a mirror in the bathroom, and the old woman sees her appearance, from a horrible mummy old woman to a messy hairy monster, just like rows of enoki mushrooms growing from a piece of dead wood.

Don’t be scary, it’s a shame if you don’t laugh and laugh.

She raised her head and stared at Zhu Yang negatively.

It is rare for Zhu Yang to be kind and do bad things, so he was a little bit silly for a while.

He quickly took out a razor in his hand and said to the old woman: “Operation error, don’t worry, it can be remedied. The woman’s hair must be managed well.”

“Look at the chest hair and back hair, but you are so old that you are too old to be seen. Be younger. Someone will definitely give you the nickname, gorilla, baboon, etc., are you embarrassing?”

Does this little **** think that this will be able to push everything cleanly? The old woman thought viciously and decided to show her a good look.

The withered claws with long pointed black and hard nails were ready to attack, and then the razor had been stretched out in front of my eyes——

“Hey don’t–”

When it was too late, the razor brushed the hair on her head flat, like a harvester, wherever it went, it was so clean that the roots of the hair were invisible.

This little **** moved quickly, brushing it a few times, as if there was an afterimage in her hand, and when she recovered, she didn’t even have a single hair left on her chest and back.

The old woman touched her smooth head in disbelief. She really didn’t leave any one for her.

She has been troubled by hair loss for a long time. In fact, she was very happy when the hair just grew on her head. Although this **** was clumsy, but when she killed her, she could still grab the potion and try it herself.

But now it is gone, even the few remaining hairs are gone.

The old woman went crazy suddenly, and Zhang looked at the shriveled mouth full of black teeth and screamed–


It was only halfway through, and something was sprayed in my mouth. The taste was like ten times the impact of menthol. Cool was cool, but it was also uncomfortable.

Just listen to that little **** said: “The teeth are not good, and the tone is so heavy, so don’t speak too much, otherwise people pass by and you think they are passing through a cesspit. You can’t be so careless when you are older, right?”

Speaking impatiently, he waved his hand: “The few sparse ones are too much to look at, so I just shave them all off. Don’t worry, that shaver is a special effect. Shaving for one year at a time, it is better to be naked.”

I looked at her again, and I saw the old woman’s hand stretched out at a glance: “I’m an eyesore, this nail is really good enough, is it infected with onychomycosis? Can it be so long? Do you want to challenge the longest onychomycosis? Nice record?”

She took out the iron-shaved knife and brushed it twice to trim her nails to be short.

The old woman’s scalp exploded, her magic weapon!

Then Zhu Yang casually tore off the high-level spell on the knife, and nodded: “It looks more pleasing to the eye, but the hand is the second face of a woman, you–”

“Forget it, the first one is not good.”

He took out another bottle of glue: “Come on, let’s deal with your wrinkles. This is a wrinkle-removing glue made by a witch, but the game is only willing to sell me the lowest bargain, only a half chance. Wrinkle removal.”

“But it’s okay to fail, it’s just a sticky and uncomfortable whole body, come and come.”

The old woman stepped back in horror. Zhu Yang casually grabbed a piece of soap and threw it at her feet. Suddenly the old woman slipped to the ground.

Seeing the female devil wrapped in a bath towel approaching step by step, the old woman finally knew that she had kicked the iron plate and shook her head again and again.

Zhu Yang grinned: “You’re welcome, don’t look at me like this, in fact, I feel sorry for the old man, come and come–”

Then a whole bottle of super glue fell on her, and the old woman wanted to struggle, but her whole person was like being stuck to the floor with asphalt.

If this picture spreads out, an old man with all his teeth and teeth out of his body will be teased by a young man in his early twenties who stumbles in the bathroom and struggles poorly on the ground. It would be an appalling loss of humanity.

And the dehumanized Zhu Yang just stood and looked at each other calmly for a long time, then shrugged and said: “It’s a pity, you are not lucky. Seeing that you look European, how can you be so lucky? Gee! Her face is dark.”

“Forget it, put the wrinkles aside first, but you have to deal with this breast first, it’s all hammered to the belly button.”

Saying that there is an extra corset in his hand that looks terribly tight.

The old woman shook her head quickly, where is the horror of ghosts on her face? Very miserable.

Zhu Yang sneered, “I’m not afraid of death. I really don’t understand why you guys who should have been eliminated in the mid-level court are so desperate to add dramas to themselves, all together. What about competing for pay?”

She couldn’t talk while standing, and she was a strange flower. She changed to a player of the same level. Now all abilities are limited, only basic physical fitness is left. It is really not easy to deal with these ghosts.

The old woman was stunned by her as soon as she arrived, and she took the whole ghostly behavior into the ditch. In fact, since she can appear in the intermediate court, even a trash fish is not weak.

Zhu Yang squatted down/over, and said to the old woman: “If I let you go, it will be fine. Help me get some news.”

The old woman nodded repeatedly, only to indicate that she was trapped here. In fact, she didn’t know much, but there was a female ghost who could shuttle along the network cable, which was more effective than her.

Zhu Yang Xindao is not a back-to-back ghost, right? The guy made a call before he was going to mess up.

It turned out to be true, but Zhu Yang had already released her, and now he has to catch her again?

Zhu Yang then asked the old woman: “Then do you know who is Fathead Fish? Whether it is a prisoner or a ghost, is there anyone called this?”

The old woman shook her head. Zhu Yang couldn’t ask why she came. Seeing that there was nothing on the old woman to search, she waved her hand and let her go.

The old woman crawled into the sewer pipe with her body full of glue, feeling like she was pissing. Before she left, she did not forget to take off her hair and the hair growth liquid that had grown out and was removed again.

I think these hair volume is enough for two or three wigs.

Zhu Yangyou took a shower, and then slowly came to the cafeteria. The cafeteria had been open for more than a quarter of an hour, but her share had already been put on the main seat.

The food in this prison is pretty good, and it’s definitely not enough, but there is no cutting corners. The ordinary daily ingredients taste better than the average school, and they can barely make it.

The four female players went to the shoe shop in the afternoon and asked about the task.

The first is the existence of the fathead fish, which is still nothing, and the second is the layout of the prison.

The only areas where prisoners can move are cells, restaurants, lounges, gymnasiums, enlightenment rooms, medical areas, and work areas.

It sounds like there are a lot of places to go. Indeed, if you add up the areas where prisoners can move, the area is really amazing, but this only occupies two floors of Purgatory.

Some prisoners accidentally saw the elevator floor here when they passed the medical room. There are eight floors, which means that the prison area is only a small part of this area.

No prisoner knows the whole picture of the prison, and no one even knows where it is located.

When everyone came in, they were transported by helicopter by air, landed on the tarmac inside the prison, and then got off the plane and changed to a car to drive into the cell area.

Not to mention judging by somatosensory, there is no such opportunity at all, but it can be guessed that 80% of this place is isolated from the world.

It’s not that there are rich and powerful gangsters who want to find out where they are from the outside world to escape from prison, but so far no one can determine the location of the prison from the outside.

It is impossible to escape by rushing out with human power, so the history of escape here is zero.

Zheng Nan approached Zhu Yang and said in a low voice, “You noticed that there are a lot of moving ceilings in the corridor exits everywhere, right?”

“The installation in there is not a temperature control system. They are all sweeping/shooting machines/guns. I heard an old man who has been here for several years said that there was once a prison riot, a vicious attack on prison guards, and almost escaped. We were in the cell area, but when we stepped into the corridor, the first person was intensively shot and killed.”

In other words, let’s not say that they have been smeared by the layout of the prison, even if the route has been confirmed, they will be finished before they can escape the door.

They are still wearing collars at the moment, and they can get their heads blown away with a little wind and grass. Even if their ability returns, they have to deal with the bullet rain.

Zhu Yang heard nothing to say, as long as there is no time limit for the mission, or the ‘fathead fish’ is not clearly in immediate danger, she is not in a hurry to escape from prison.

There are obviously a lot of problems in this prison, but the benefits are corresponding. Zhu Yang never completes the task with the minimum clearance standard, and naturally he loves the difficulty.

Especially just got the benefits.

The task did not progress. The group ate dinner, watched TV in the activity area, and returned to the cell when the time came.

However, prisoners are detained here, and the regularity of work and rest is one thing, but those who can commit serious crimes are mostly energetic and aggressive guys. The amount of work per day is definitely not exhausted.

So every night before the lights out, even if they went back to their cells, the whole cell area was very noisy.

The cells are face to face again, and the corridor is about three meters wide. There is no need to worry about the people in the cells on both sides reaching out and fighting, but it is convenient to scold the door upstairs and downstairs next door.

In particular, male prisoners like to swear foul language to female prisoners and all kinds of unbearable molesting.

But living here for a long time, without a strong heart, female prisoners are rarely cowardly, either verbally scolded, causing the male prisoners to laugh more proudly, or even flirting behind bars.

Zhu Yang and the others came late last night, and they did a little bit of slaughter, but they were still quiet, and they’re going back to their old ways tonight.

After listening to the foul language and the earthy love story for a long time, Zhu Yang finally became irritable.

It’s a kick against the iron fence. The iron fence here is an electronic gate. It seems to have a sense of technology and does not have the characteristics of being easy to shake. Generally speaking, even a big man with more than a hundred attacks can hardly kick too much noise.

But Zhu Yang was stunned by kicking out ‘Duang’, shocking the surrounding inmates.

There was a moment of silence in the area, and Zhu Yang said impatiently: “The wild mice are springing up at night, QuanTM shut up and went to sleep.”

For a few seconds, you could even hear the needle falling in the corridor, but after a while, there was a burst of laughter from the entire cell area.

“So I wish the boss be shy?”

“Good boy, don’t be shy, brother loves you.”

“Well, no matter how great you are, you still have to be moisturized by a man. You are so troublesome to wish the boss spring, right?”

“I wish my boss have big chest muscles.”

“I wish my boss have six pack abs.”

“I am eight!”

“I am JJ eighteen centimeters.”

“I last for an hour at a time.”

“Bow your mother’s awesomeness, I’m the one who gave the nickname the pile driver.”

“I have good ventriloquism.” There are still women who speak out.

The thing is that there is a door, and the sound is everywhere. It is not easy to grasp the source, and each of them is not as scrupulous as during the day. Whether you are a new prison tyrant or not, just open your mouth.

And Zheng Nan, who lived in the same room with Zhu Yang, looked at her face at the moment, and his back was cold.

Seeing her grinning, revealing her two fangs, she tore off the quilt on the bed, and after a few brushes, she tore it into a rope and tied it into a ten-meter-long rope.

There was a cell opposite her upstairs. The male prisoner in it saw her movement clearly and teased and said with a teasing smile: “Oh! I wish the boss is going crazy, who is the one who tore the bedsheets? Hanging?”

The cellmate in the same room pulled him: “You stop, the other cells are far away, and no one will tell you. You are so close, for fear of not being caught, right?”

The prisoner proudly said: “What are you afraid of? With so many people, is it possible that he can still pull me out and beat me? No matter how powerful she is, she can’t stretch her hand so long.”

As he spoke, he saw the inmate staring behind him in horror. The male prisoner turned his back to the prison door because of his words. He waited to look back when he saw the expression of the inmate.

As a result, before he could move, his neck was entangled with something, and then he pulled his whole person to the iron fence.

The man was suddenly twisted, his face flushed, his eyes burst, and he could still struggle at first, but gradually the struggle became weaker.

Upon seeing this, the inmate hurried to rescue him and helped him pull that end of the rope. He wanted to relieve his pressure, but only when he started to realize that he was like an ant wrestling with an elephant.

At this time, I heard the voice of Boss Zhu slowly sounded: “My hand is limited, only a dozen meters, oh, there is also a sheet here, which adds up to more than 30 meters, which is only enough to radiate the surrounding 20 cells. , Really beyond reach.”

“But you seem to have a misunderstanding about my belly? Let your dad hear another voice. Tomorrow, regardless of the man or the woman, I will eat on the ground.”

After speaking, the sheets were released, and everyone around could see clearly that the hapless guy who was strangled had passed out of incontinence.

His inmate hurriedly let him out of his neck, and did not dare to call the prison guard, for fear that the noise would cause anger to the boss.

Everyone really understands now. Is this guy really coming to be their father? Can you be more tricky?

After that, the entire prison was silent and silent all night.

The next day, because of those who passed through Boss Zhu in the evening, they were all trembling, especially those who had spoken molested. They even changed their voice for fear of being recognized.

There is no work this morning, and prisoners can move freely in a certain area.

Several players went to different areas to mingle with the prisoners, then inquired about the news, and secretly became familiar with the layout of the prison area to see if they could find any blind spots.

Zhu Yang went to the exchange room.

As I said before, the prisoners here are not only Asians, other ethnic religions are still more prevalent, so many prisoners regularly exchange confessions.

Of course, this thing, in Zhu Yang’s view, is a model of admitting mistakes, diligence, and unrepentant.

At this moment, Zhu Yang sat in a circle with a dozen prisoners, taking turns to confess his evil deeds.

A black criminal stated that he was involved in multiple crimes such as drug smuggling, murder, and robbery.

A woman said that she was cheating on her husband. She killed her husband, Xiaosan, her husband’s parents, Xiaosan’s parents, and several innocent people involved, and nearly ten lives were on her hands.

At this point, Zhu Yang knows that there is a difference between the law and reality in this world, because a woman obviously has the same nationality as her, but if she commits so many intentional homicides in this world, the death penalty is rarely avoided.

A Latino man said that he is a serial killer, but he is not a loser who specializes in picking children and women. On the contrary, the stronger adult men can arouse his desire to hunt.

One is financial fraud, which is said to be billions of dollars…

After hearing that Zhu Yang finally understood that this Nima is a confession room, clearly showing off the case.

When it was finally Zhu Yang’s turn, everyone held their breath.

This talent has become a hegemon in prison after two days in prison. Everyone with strength and personality can see it. It is a kind of killer every minute.

In particular, she is also a capable person. Once a capable person commits a crime, the scope is usually beyond comparison. Everyone wants to know what felony this guy committed.

Zhu Yang was a mess. They were in jail as soon as they came in, and they didn’t inform them of their crimes during the handover. She really didn’t know what background Goubi Game had arranged for their identities.

But then again, why does she have to admit the identity of the game arrangement?

Before, she arranged for her to buy a house for her brother and sacrifice herself to seduce the rich second generation. Did she admit it?

And, how can a crime committed in a game be called a crime? She was forced.

There should be vomiting blood here!

So Zhu Yang raised a clean smile like a white lotus: “No, I am a good citizen who abides by the law.”

In reality, the pennant sent by the police station was still hung in her father’s study at the time when the sinister marriage in his hometown was punished by her.

“I won’t even pick up the money in my hands.”

Because she didn’t know how to pick up money at all, she didn’t even bother to bend over even if it was on the ground. Although there have been a lot of robberies in the game.

“I have never harmed an innocent.”

Those who kill are all ghosts or evil spirits. Killing those people is also made by the game. Rounding up, she is just a knife. How can we say that the knife is guilty?

“Let’s not torture small animals.”

Now she sees cockroaches with good-looking eyes, and the chickens can be picked up, can there be a girl who is more caring than her?

“I have not had an irreconcilable conflict with anyone.”

After all, if you stabbed it, there would be nothing wrong. Yin and Yang are separated. Some things are hard to be held accountable, right?

“I am not a dark-minded person, I am the focal point of the crowd everywhere, I think you have a deep understanding of this.”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “To sum up, I am a winner in life with a beautiful face and a noble character. It is different from your rubbish. Please don’t look at me with expectant eyes.”

The whole room was silent for a moment, followed by a uniform hiss–

“Bring it to you, you dare to say that you have no criminal record?”

“Everyone talks endlessly. It’s boring if you hide and tuck by yourself, I wish you boss.”

“Yes, it’s not a shame, is it possible that you still treat this as an interview after you get out of prison?”

“I think she has at least five hundred lives in her body, which is still a conservative estimate.”

“Yes, it’s either the invisible big/drug/lord, the worst has hijacked the plane, and when a child cries, he will be impatient and shot down.”

“I feel like a smuggler, the way is wild, fast.”

Zhu Yang: “…”

As a result, the final confession changed from showing off and communication to stupid speculation.

Each of them was well analyzed and well-founded, and Zhu Yang couldn’t help but guess whether her identity this time was a certain female/drug/lord in Colombia.

Finally, the vicious Zhu Yang came out of the communication room, leaving the group of guys to fight against the controversy over their origin.

As a result, when I went out, I saw a prisoner in prison uniform leaning against the wall. I wanted to wait for a long time.

Zhu Yang smiled: “I thought you would be more patient and wait and see for a while.”

The opponent raised his head: “No, you have shown enough cards for us to bet.”

This is a girl about her age, with cold, short hair, short shaved sideburns and back of the head, a ring on her eyebrows, black hair and black eyes, but with deep features, obviously not Asian, but she says Speak fluent Chinese.

She also wears a collar around her neck, showing the identity of a capable person, and her presence here obviously plays a decisive role in the prison group of capable persons.

The other party was also unambiguous, and directly said to Zhu Yang: “You come to save people, we can help, but the premise is to let us take a ride.”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows: “We don’t have that troublesome schedule.”

The cold girl said: “Don’t deny it, it’s called Fathead Fish, right? No one will find strangers in a strange place somehow. Your companion has also been very interested in prison in the past two days. People who come here are basically only When you are shut down, there is no need to worry about it for a generation to understand here.”

“Your purpose is obvious.”

Zhu Yang was still noncommittal. The girl knew that she didn’t see the rabbit or scatter the eagle, but she was happy.

Pulling Zhu Yang’s collar to her side, Zhu Yang subconsciously put his hands on the wall, looking like a wall.

Then the two got very close, and the girl’s mouth was almost close to her ear, and she said in a very thin voice, “There is no prisoner called Fathead Fish. The prison guard here does not use a code, but a job code.”

“But there is a place where people should be classified by a similar code name, and the person you are looking for should be there.”

“Where?” Zhu Yang asked.

“On the first floor, everyone there is named after this form. Although I am not sure if there is a Fathead Fish, but if there is, most of it should be there.”

After speaking, the girl added another sentence: “Maybe it’s not human.”

Zhu Yang came to be interested. According to the harshness of the prison, it should be impossible for the prisoners here to understand this point.

Although it’s just a touch, the amount of information involved is huge.

She asked: “How did you know?”

The girl looked at Zhu Yang, and finally made a desperate bet: “My ability is somewhat different from the record. I heard it when they searched the collar.”

The girl couldn’t help trembling as she said, and then squeezed her fist tightly, and then she pressed the unprovoked chill–

“This is not a place for people at all. Compared with its true colors, the prison is simply a paradise on earth.”

“All capable people will never be spared in the end, so we have to escape.”

Zhu Yang thought for a while, and then it made sense.

Why is it haunted here, why knowing that there are problems in the confinement room, the prison still has no measures at all, and instead chooses to whitewash the peace.

Why did she make such an unusual movement yesterday, and the final interrogation still didn’t stop.

Expected and reasonable, here is basically a research base for the capable.

It’s just the specific research direction, the girl does not know, her time is too short, not enough to let her know more.

Then Zhu Yang affirmed: “This is the sea, right?”

The girl gave her a surprised look, then nodded: “Yes, I heard the sound of water outside, and large underwater creatures nearby.”

The girl’s ability is really awesome, although it is not a combat direction, and it is not mature, but if it is developed, it will be of great value.

Zhu Yang nodded: “That’s difficult. The only means of transportation to the outside world is a helicopter. Even if someone can fly an airplane, they will be gathered at the top level. The place where the fathead fish is located is the lowest level.”

“This is for me to lift the whole prison again!” Zhu Yang murmured.

The girl was surprised when he heard this: “What? No, why do you have such a terrible idea? Do you know how many guards and weapons the entire prison has?”

“The number of prison cells is already staggering. According to the level of confidentiality of the prison floors, there will only be more on the other floors. Even if all of us remove this **** collar, it will be difficult to break through the encirclement.”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “There is no way, after all, I have to go to the ground floor.”

Talking to get up, said to the girl: “But you really can’t be reckless, so let’s, the manpower in your hand will come to me tomorrow. I want to know everyone’s abilities, and then make plans.”

This is almost handing Laodi into her hands, but they are asking for help, the other side is strong, but they can only choose a fight.

The girl said at the back: “My name is Rose, what is your name?”

Everyone in the prison now calls her boss Zhu, because several other players have revealed her last name, but not her full name.

“Zhu Yang!”

Because of Zhu Yang’s superior position, the situation of capable prisoners has improved a lot in the past two days. At least for the time being, no one dares to find fault without reason. Although capable persons will also cling to each other, the number is small, and they are considered a vulnerable group in prison.

After lunch, there was a job in the afternoon, but a prison guard came and called her away.

To say that it is the periodic inspection of the capable person, in short, is a reason to listen to it very nonsense.

Zhu Yang was also happy to go to other areas, and followed the prison guards all the way to the medical room.

Because there are only two floors where prisoners usually move, and all do not take the elevator, the medical room is on these two floors. In short, ordinary people can’t even understand the outside world except for this place.

After Zhu Yang was taken in, he found that the prison’s medical room was actually very good, with all kinds of advanced equipment, medical equipment, new walls, and neat decoration.

And the whole room is nervously clean and white.

A middle-aged doctor in a white lab coat and his assistant received her. The doctor looked ordinary and wore glasses, but his eyes were unusually bright.

Especially when he looked at Zhu Yang, his eyes were very enthusiastic, like a scientific lunatic, for fear that others would not know.

“Miss Zhu, please sit down!” The other party could hold it.

Zhu Yang looked around, but he was not polite, and sat on the chair designated by the doctor.

The assistant next to him brought some equipment, and the doctor quickly calmed her and said: “Don’t be afraid, it’s just a routine check-up, take blood pressure, take a blood and so on.”

Zhu Yang sneered. The voice was not loud, but just when the assistant dropped the tray, for some reason, the assistant’s hand shook slightly.

Zhu Yang said in his spare time: “I’m not afraid, but your assistant looks quite nervous.”

The doctor’s original gentle expression immediately became harsh and mean, and when he turned around, he sternly reprimanded the assistant: “Go out, waste.”

The assistant looked at Zhu Yang. Although he was afraid, he looked at the doctor with a worried look: “But–”

The doctor ignored him, got up and blasted him out.

At this moment, the two of them are left in the entire medical room, and the doctor is preparing to continue talking to Zhu Yang while checking.

He listened to the other party: “Being a prison doctor is really different from ordinary people, and dares to live in the same room with a vicious prisoner.”

She grinned and showed a sinister smile: “Aren’t you afraid that a prisoner will hijack you and threaten the prison to prepare to send it out by plane?”

The doctor smiled, as if talking to Zhu Yang about the weather as if nothing had happened: “Ordinary prisoners need to be guarded by prison guards, but those who are capable, don’t need it.”

Speaking of his unremarkable face, there was a look of superior gaze: “After all, the lives of all of you are in my hands.”

“It’s really an unpleasant statement.” Zhu Yang smiled deeper.

The doctor said: “Believe me, I really want to live with you peacefully. You are the person with the most special abilities I have ever seen. You are different from those dogs whose teeth are pulled out when they wear a collar. ”

“Ah, this is what a truly superior gene should have, and what’s even more incredible is that you did it. I never thought that progress would come so unexpectedly.”

As he said, he pushed his glasses and suppressed his expression: “Sorry, I’m so excited, but you have to understand my happiness.”

Zhu Yang nodded: “I understand, I’m happy too, only when I frown, I find fools everywhere, I’m almost crying with joy, and I understand you.”

The doctor’s laugh stopped abruptly, a flash of light flashed in his glasses, and then the corners of his mouth sneered.

Suddenly, a few steel plates popped out of the chair where Zhu Yang was sitting, and he locked Zhu Yang’s neck and thighs. His left hand was also locked because it was resting on the armrest. Only the right hand reacted quickly and survived.

The doctor stood up, looked at her condescendingly and said: “Although you can blow your head instantly, but you are precious, we can’t bear it, we can only use a little rough method.”

“Don’t provoke me with words. If you cooperate, naturally you don’t have to think about being **** by the big five flowers like this, don’t struggle, this special alloy can’t be destroyed even by your strength.”

Zhu Yang raised his right hand: “But I still have one hand to move.”

“So what?” The doctor sneered and took out the needle for drawing blood from the tray next to it.

“Don’t worry, today is really just a blood draw, but after this, I think it is necessary for you to recognize your position in prison and who you should obey.”

“I suggest you don’t act rashly anymore, otherwise you will be the one who suffers. If you understand your situation, put your right hand down obediently.”

Zhu Yang shrugged when he heard the words, and finally actually actually lowered his right hand.

The steel plate on the armrest popped up again to buckle her, and now she really couldn’t move her whole body.

The doctor was really satisfied. The needle was pointed at her arm and was about to be pierced. He listened to Zhu Yang and said: “I put my hand down, it’s not because of compromise.”

The doctor looked up and saw her grinning grinningly: “Because I found that I didn’t even need a hand to deal with you.”

The doctor was startled, and subconsciously stepped back. The collar he secretly controlled did not relax, but he saw that she did not move at all.

Sure enough, it was just a ruthless word. The doctor breathed a sigh of relief and regretted that he was too excited for a while. After returning to the prison, he ignored it and wanted to see people.

It was true that she should be controlled secretly and then brought over, otherwise she was killed to protect herself, and a corpse was really worth less than a living body.

Just about to make her stop provoking, the doctor suddenly got a cold neck, his eyes fell sharply, and finally he saw his toes.

Zhu Yang licked his tongue and sneered, watching the headless corpse crash.

Suddenly a harsh alarm sounded throughout the room.


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