Scream Queen Chapter 93

Zhu Yang’s ability has been sealed now, but she can’t say how much her danger has been reduced.

As a player, the hole cards from the game far exceed the imagination of this sub-world in the game control.

It was also the doctor who entrusted her, or was busy studying her without knowing the situation, but with a collar that restricts superpowers, coupled with the constraints of the whole body’s mobility, she wanted to sit back and relax, too careless.

But this is not to blame the other party. According to the prisoners, the zero escape rate so far and the foolproofness of those who think they can cope have created the other party’s arrogance.

Zhu Yang did not delay either.

There is a space ring hidden in her mouth, and there are countless various things inside, but the volume that her mouth can hold is limited.

Fortunately, when I bought the knife, I included countless blades.

According to Zhu Yang’s ability, he still can’t make it to the point where he can pick up a person with a hidden weapon. That requires not only strength, but also skill and experience.

But fortunately, after she incorporated the power of the fish scale monster, although the specific abilities had to be tested in the right scene, Zhu Yang was not too stupid to learn from the gourd with the skills that the guy himself used.

The fish scale monster can summon a huge water flow out of thin air to flood the space. Zhu Yang asked himself that he couldn’t do this now, but he could still do it with just a wave of water blades.

The water blade still doesn’t have time to master, it is not enough to cause any huge lethality alone, but it is easy to just push the iron-cutting blade to where she wants.

This doctor, who thought he had the power of life and death for those who had the entire prison power, was separated in a flash.

The alarm sounded suddenly, it should have been noticed by the monitoring room.

Zhu Yang can’t delay, for the detonation authority of the collar, certainly not everyone can have it, she must completely eliminate the threat hanging on her neck before the person with that right gets the news and responds.

She faced her palm and spit out a vial from her mouth, which was the dissolving potion that she had previously thought about in the confinement room.

Except for living organisms, it can dissolve most substances and is specially used for relief.

The mouth of the bottle hit the metal shrapnel, and the metal plate melted instantly, and the special metal nearly two centimeters thick was like a thin layer of plastic that was instantly roasted by the tongue of flame.

Zhu Yang got out of sleep with one hand, grabbed the medicine bottle and wiped the remaining potion on other places. The whole escape time didn’t take ten seconds.

At this time, the sirens became sharper, and the muzzle in the infirmary turned to aim at her.

There was a warning on the radio–

\”No. 1047, stand in place, raise your hands, otherwise you will be killed immediately.\”

Zhu Yang just pretended not to hear, and took the doctor’s body to hide in the blind spot. The blind spot did not guarantee to avoid the shooting range, but at least against the wall, the bullet would only come from one direction.

Sure enough, a gun barrel started shooting warnings. Zhu Yang directly used the doctor’s body as a shield, and turned his left wrist away, and he saw a control watch on it.

Had it not been for certain that this thing was here, she wouldn’t have shot it so soon.

Repeated provocations and pressure on the other side are nothing but to stimulate the other side’s sense of vigilance.

The most important thing these guys rely on to deal with the capable is the collar around the neck, especially when she shows such a strength that even if she loses her ability, it is relatively unmatched by ordinary people.

This guy is calm on the surface, it is impossible to be unclear about her dangers, and must be careful to hold the cards to prevent her from acting rashly.

Zhu Yang saw that this guy raised his left wrist inertially three times, all of which were a subconscious reaction when he was threatened, and that was enough to confirm.

The operation of the controller watch is not complicated, it is simple to detonate, and the fingerprint of the other hand is required to release it.

Zhu Yang used the corpse to block the gun awkwardly. The other hand was not easy to pull, so she simply tore off the other arm, flipped one end of the palm and pressed it up.

There was a crisp noise from the neck, and Zhu Yang quickly tore off the collar and threw it out.

Sure enough, the collar exploded as soon as it was removed.

In an instant, the machine gun in the room was no longer a deterrent attack, and the dense muzzle was aimed at her, even at Zhu Yang’s speed, it would be instantly sieved.

But seeing Zhu Yang sneered, the room was suddenly covered with a layer of hoarfrost, and her ability returned.

The entire medical room instantly turned into a world of ice and snow, and the doctor’s corpse had already turned into a popsicle in an instant.

However, this did not prevent the machine gun from being fired, but Zhu Yang’s ice and snow were not meant to cool the room, they were aimed at those gunpoints from beginning to end.

The barrel of the gun burst into flames in the sudden cold, and the thermal weapons arranged in the room were destroyed. The few surviving sporadic planes were no threat to Zhu Yang.

However, this is not over yet. I don’t know when the four pipes will rise in the medical room, and the white gas instantly overflows the room, and there is nowhere to be seen.

The monitoring room is busy doing a group–

\”Did you succeed?\”

Naturally, the monitoring screen cannot clearly see the indoor situation, but thermal imaging can still detect the movement of the only person inside.

Seeing the orange-red figure falling down, the people here were relieved.

\”Bring the person out, pay attention to the opponent’s awakening and resisting in advance, this kind of monster can’t be careless for a moment.\”

\”Is Frozen in her ability record?\”

\”This is what the research office should investigate.\”

Fully armed prison guards wearing gas masks opened the door of the infirmary. The smoke inside had not cleared, and they could not see, but the thermal sensor could clearly locate the only figure lying on the ground inside.

The crowd pointed their guns at the figure and slowly approached them. After confirming that the other party had temporarily lost their danger, two people stood up, put on the collars again, and dragged the person out.

The walkie-talkie in his hand also notified the above that the capture was completed, and everyone was relieved.

The prison doctor is not only a prison doctor, but also one of the chief researchers here.

The opponent was suddenly attacked and killed by the test subject. Although he was responsible for the subsequent losses and the delay in the progress of the experiment.

Investors don’t care how you operate, they only want results.

Fortunately, the existence of this experimental body was a major breakthrough in itself, but the commotion caused by her really had to be controlled within a certain range.

The people in the monitoring room even patted each other on the shoulders, but before they were relieved, they heard an incredible voice from the task team——

\”Who is this? It’s not 1047, bad—\”

Before I finished speaking, I heard a dull sound of physical being hit from there, but the movement disappeared very quickly, because at this time, only one person was standing there on the screen.

Due to the effect of opening the door, the corridor outside the medical room also spread some poisonous smoke, making the monitoring look a little hazy.

However, they can see the process clearly.

After the mission team came out, they noticed something was wrong, and turned the other person’s face, and found that it was not 1047 at all, but a beautiful girl with a mole under her eyes.

The girl was already in a coma in the poisonous gas, but she was not wearing a prison uniform, not even a prisoner or employee here.

So how did this strange girl appear out of thin air in a closed room where there should be only one living person?

This discovery shocked everyone, but the more terrifying thing was another fact.

If this person is not 1047, where is 1047?

The reality did not leave them too much suspense. The last person walking in the prison guard uniform and gas mask suddenly said: “Thank you for bringing me out.”

Everyone was vigilant and wanted to point their guns at the opponent subconsciously, but it was too late, and the opponent’s skills were as fast as lightning.

Grabbing the muzzle of the nearest person, he directly threw the whole person up and smashed them at a few people in the distance, and then moved quickly, hitting their stomachs one by one, and ten combat elites were brought down in an instant.

The other party took off the helmet, and the face of 1047 was impressive below.

Yes, since she can create a large area of ​​ice, it is easy to avoid the detection of the thermal sensor with her hands and feet.

What’s the matter with that strange girl? How did she conjure a living person out of thin air?

Zhu Yang left the medical room and cleaned up the people in front of him, but thanked the fish scale monster’s skills for allowing her to hold her breath for so long.

Fortunately, she made two ice hoods in an instant to store a little air in, but one was useless.

But let alone, Fu Jiang is surprisingly easy to use, but he can’t just throw it around.

Zhu Yang took the guy back, and didn’t know if he was dizzy or dead now-well, it seemed to make no difference to her.

Suddenly there was another harsh alarm in the corridor, and countless footsteps came upstairs.

It seems that the alert has been upgraded again, and Zhu Yang is not good to stay here, so he turned and entered the elevator next to him.

This elevator can only be used by doctors, which is the one where a prisoner accidentally saw the floor.

When Zhu Yang stepped in, the elevator door closed, and she pressed the button on the lowest floor, and the elevator did not move.

This didn’t surprise her, at least it’s red alert now, right? It’s strange to let her go unimpeded.

But why didn’t she choose to take the stairs, instead she entered the elevator and became a turtle in the urn?

Because if the prisoner stays here for so long and no one has strayed into another floor, it is very likely that the stairs will not lead up and down except between the two floors.

But this elevator is definitely possible.

At this time there was another warning in the elevator–

\”1047, stand on the spot, raise your hands, catch with your hands, and be responsible for opening the door to greet you and shooting indiscriminately.\”

Zhu Yang raised his hand, pointed his **** to the elevator camera, and then smashed the monitor with a punch.

The material of the elevator is almost the same as the doors here, and they are hard to destroy by humans. Even if Zhu Yang’s iron-cutting knife bought from another game, he might be suspended for a while.

However, since it is an elevator, the safety structure must be obeyed. She waved to the ground, instantly adding several layers of ice.

Zhu Yang stood on top of the ice with his arms propped on the ceiling, and with a little force, he pushed a hole in it.

Climbing out and standing in the elevator shaft, Zhu Yang took out a knife and cut the elevator rope.

The material of the elevator is a special alloy, but there is nothing special about the cable, which broke under the dagger produced in the game space.

The elevator immediately fell like a rock, and a few seconds later, there was a loud crash.

At this time, Zhu Yang was still hanging from the initial position alone, watching the corresponding floors can be entered from the elevator shaft, and smiled satisfied.

At the same time inside the prison area.

It is not long after the start of work in the afternoon, and the prison still has to be concealed to a certain extent.

Therefore, some manual orders have been accepted externally to maintain normal operations on the surface. In fact, the income from these orders is a small fraction of the real expenses of the entire prison.

The four players are a little worried about Zhu Yang. Anyone with a little brain knows that there is a problem with a long-term haunted prison with regular deaths.

However, apart from Zheng Nan, they have not encountered any abnormalities.

Even for Zheng Nan, apart from answering a phone call, Zhu Yang told her the so-called ghost the next day, which was not considered a real face.

Therefore, they are still at a loss as to their understanding of the situation. It is not clear why Zhu Yang was taken away.

On the contrary, the capable person and Zhu Yang’s connector Ross are more worried, after all, the fact that the guy showed is dazzling.

They can have hope of seeing the dawn, and the prison will naturally not fail to notice her special features.

It’s just that the care came too quickly, and Rose didn’t even know if they had enough time.

But within a few minutes, she didn’t have to think so much, because it had already caused a commotion.

The prisoners were working, and suddenly the alarm rang, and a notice was sent out on the radio to let them all return to the cell on standby.

Everyone complained that the work of the prisoners was not too heavy, and the prison did not promote the degree.

Generally speaking, it is better to work while chatting in the workshop than in a cell where you can’t stretch your feet.

Apart from sleeping, who would like to stay there?

The announcement was faster than the other, and the prison guards became more rude.

Several players and Rose immediately understood that there should be something wrong with Zhu Yang, and the movement was not small.

That’s why here is anxious to drive the prisoners into the circle, in order to concentrate on the guard and focus on the other side.

It is better to speculate that they will have more restraint here and Zhu Yang will have less pressure.

If there is a riot in the prison at this time, even if there is no way of separation/deficiency of the above, you will have to send someone to come over, right?

After all, you can’t kill everyone in one go.

Thinking about this, the reactions of the players and those of the ability are the same.

Taking advantage of the squeeze and yelling gap when going out, he punched the person next to him.

The prisoners are impatient at the moment, and the little movement at this moment is the tongue of fire on the barrel.

The prisoner who was beaten turned his head, pressing the person next to him was a violent beating. The person next to him was wronged and naturally refused to suffer.

In addition, the convicts are often gangs, even if there are many unrelated good deeds, they immediately fight together.

No matter how the prison guards stopped drinking outside, it was useless to pump them with electric batons. Even because of the disparity in the number of people, they were crushed by the prisoners.

After overturning the prison guards’ minds, the prisoners couldn’t hold back their reins in an instant, and they began to run out in groups, and there was another smashing where they passed.

Sure enough, the prison sent more police forces to suppress it. Players and those with abilities were satisfied with the result, but now there are not many restrictions they can do.

Can only do everything possible to escalate the commotion.

But then they realized that they were thinking too simple. When the prisoners came all the way from the work area to the cafeteria, the cafeteria door came down.

Liquid gas was sprayed from the ceiling, which is worthy of being a prison with a zero escape rate in history. This level of riots cannot cause too much trouble.

Before the capable players and players lose consciousness, no matter how unwilling they are, they can only admit that it is simply difficult to escape from here without any preparation.

At this time, Zhu Yang had already slid down from the elevator shaft to the lowest level, opened the elevator exit door abruptly, and reached the lowest level of the prison.

In fact, she wasn’t sure if it was the bottom floor, but the bottom that the elevator could reach was here.

Turning out of the elevator shaft, you have to pass through a porch, and in front of you is a door full of technological texture.

At least Zhu Yang has never seen it in reality. At the same time, he needs a password, fingerprint, and iris test, which are completely configured in science fiction movies.

Zhu Yang glanced at this door, wondering whether the remaining dissolving potion was enough to dissolve a hole through which a person could pass.

Not to mention that everyone in this game is limited in ability, only she has the space ring and equipment obtained from other games that are cheating.

As far as the prison guards and configurations have been seen so far, I am afraid that the dog will count her bug in the corresponding difficulty earlier than the game.

Otherwise, a few intermediate players, especially those who are not technical players, would not be able to complete the task.

It might be possible to change the metaphor or Quhe’s technical type.

Just thinking, the door opened without waiting for her to move.

Zhu Yang was taken aback for a moment, and then reacted, and did not deliberately look for surveillance, anyway, it is estimated that there is surveillance everywhere.

He turned his hand to the sky and walked in with a middle finger, not caring about the obvious invitation to enter the urn.

Sure enough, after entering the laboratory, there is another world in sight.

Dozens of cylindrical glass biochemical chambers are embedded in the wall, and the green potion soaked in are all unheard of creatures on the outside.

Most of them have basic human forms, but there are countless other marine biological characteristics, all of which are hideous and terrifying.

Let any human being see it will only numb the scalp, and physiologically fear the cold.

For example, the one Zhu Yang was facing, the upper body was a human body, but the lower body was the legs of an octopus.

The proportion of eyes is particularly large, accounting for almost one-third of the entire face, and the eyeballs are bursting and yellowish brown.

However, at a glance, this is not the most ugly.

Some heads turned directly into fish heads, and their backs were covered with unknown toad/fly-like skin. The proportions of the limbs were also severely unbalanced. The abdomen turned white and swelled, just like a pregnancy in October.

Zhu Yang even saw a mermaid inside. The upper body was normal, but the lower body was not as beautiful as in the legend.

The fish tail is not so much a fish, but rather like a loach tail, slimy and smooth, and dull and turbid yellow, looking quite disillusioned.

Looking at them row by row, Rao Zhu Yang had developed a patience for the lower limit of aesthetics in the terrifying world, and couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable.

Because the subjects here are obviously human beings.

People are not hiding in the deep sea, long-term creatures, but being transformed into their present appearance.

Zhu Yang didn’t know whether these creatures were alive or dead, but as an individual, seeing so many of the same kind being tortured so beyond recognition, a trace of evil fire was uncontrollable in his heart.

But she didn’t forget the task, next to the biological warehouse to identify whether there was a test body called Fathead Fish.

Ross is right. The naming methods of the test subjects here are indeed similar, and they are generally named after their fusion species and their own characteristics.

For example, the octopus with the lower body is codenamed octopus legs…

From this point of view, the person in charge of this project is quite a bit nasty and humorous, but the scene in front of me makes people unable to laugh.

Dozens of biological warehouses are not too many. Although they occupy a large area, they can be scanned by Zhu Yang’s eyes in a while, and there is no code named Fathead Fish.

But she didn’t find the Fathead Fish, but she found it by accident.

Because she actually saw the flesh of the fish scale monster.

Placed in the innermost biochemical chamber, the body has obviously lost its activity, but it is well preserved by scientific means.

Just like what Zhu Yang saw in the fantasy world, he was covered in fish scales, his face was a bit scratched, and his body was average——

Ok! In short, it is not as pretty as her, which is very important.

The fish scale monster’s body is slightly mutilated, and its body tissues are obviously removed for experiments on a regular basis.

It can be seen that this thing is different from other test subjects. It is a mother body. Perhaps many test subjects here have ingested its genetic variation.

Zhu Yang didn’t understand this aspect very well, but there was no pantou fish on this floor, so it would not be convenient to delay here for too long.

I was deciding to move up, and I felt a gust of wind in my ears.

Zhu Yang tilted his head to hide, and a strand of hair was cut off and blown away in the air. After pulling the distance, he found that there was an extra person behind him.

No, the humanoid monster, because Zhu Yang just saw it in the biochemical warehouse.

It turned out to be the guy with the fish head toad/mao back and the belly turned white and swollen.

The turbid yellow eyes of the other party stared at Zhu Yang, except for the animal hunting instinct, they were irrational.

Zhu Yang’s heart sank, it seems that most of the test subjects here have become beasts.

The fish head monster did not wait long before launching the second round of attacks.

I saw it squirming in its abdomen, and then opened its mouth like lightning and spit out two water injection blades, which is much better than Zhu Yang’s previous killing of the doctor.

The water blade brushed the wall, and a flat and deep gap was cut out on it. Zhu Yang dodged faster, but the frequency of the opponent’s attacks became more intense.

The white and swollen belly was also rapidly swollen and shriveled like an air bag.

While hiding, Zhu Yang noticed that its back seemed to be secreting a kind of mucus.

When creatures hunt, there are few unnecessary actions, especially animals that follow instinct.

She immediately realized what was wrong, and quickly set off a layer of ice wall. Sure enough, those terrifying and tricky water blades were just feints, and the real killer move was here.

The ice layer only rises, and when it comes into contact with the air, it melts like boiling hot water. The melted water drips into the ground, turning into an ominous deep purple.

This Nima is amazing, and it is colorless and tasteless, afraid that it will not fester.

Zhu Yang was angry, a knife appeared in his hand, and flew towards the fish head monster through the ice.

With her strength and accuracy of the knife skills, it is not a problem to be separated by a layer of ice. The fish head monster has two killer moves, but it is not fast, so Zhu Yang pierced the fish head.

The venom also stopped secreting, but Zhu Yang did not dare to remove it for the time being, instead he wrapped the opponent’s body with ice.

Only this action was only half done, and another knife appeared in her hand quickly, cutting it obliquely behind her.

Looking back, there was nothing there.

But Zhu Yang did not let go of his vigilance.

Sure enough, after a while, there was an unnatural wave in the air, and Zhu Yang slashed past again, feeling that his attack had been implemented, but the opponent could still remain invisible without showing up.

This made Zhu Yang not careless for a moment.

Then she saw a few drops of water on the ground out of thin air, and then she smiled. It seemed that it was not useless.

A cold current swept through, and a place in the air was far more visible than an invisible monster, and it was a transparent jellyfish.

The jellyfish was directly frozen by Zhu Yang and turned into a huge electric light bulb standing aside, emitting a purple light.

If it wasn’t for the knowledge that the other party was the result of a brutal human experiment, Zhu Yang would really like to get such a beautiful floor lamp.

At this time, another biochemical warehouse opened, and out of it was the octopus leg monster that Zhu Yang came in and saw first.

As soon as it came out, it showed a strong aura that was not at the same level as the previous two. With a wave of the elongated octopus leg, it directly shattered the two monsters frozen by Zhu Yang, showing the strength of the other party.

This is no wonder, after all, octopus is recognized as a hunting genius.

I saw that this guy was getting bigger and bigger in front of Zhu Yang, and seemed to occupy the entire space. The upper body that belonged to a human was finally small enough to be ignored.

Then the huge octopus legs flexibly waved towards Zhu Yang, and Zhu Yang dodged again and again.

But this guy was very cunning. He moved back but saw that his legs could still creep and grow and hide to the side. The other legs knew how to flexibly cooperate with the attack.

Zhu Yang stepped on its legs and wanted to jump to a high place, but he couldn’t prevent this guy from trembling quickly under the premise of twisting into this angle.

Zhu Yang’s bottom plate was unstable, and the octopus’s legs slipped, and the octopus was entangled in a stagger.

The slimy sucker squeezed Zhu Yang’s body, and she was so sick that she was choking.

Zhu Yang was lifted by the octopus leg over his head and pulled back to his side. Zhu Yang was not easy to use his frozen skills at the moment.

With the strength of this product, Frozen couldn’t restrain it for a while, but it would be fun if she waved her leg and smashed her into a concussion.

Seeing that he was getting closer and closer, Zhu Yang threw a knife at his upper body.

It’s just that the octopus leg has witnessed her two battles, and he was prepared for her attack. The leg dared to catch the knife quickly, which shows its speed.

Seeing she had nothing to do, the octopus’s legs showed a touch of pride, but the other party who was already less than two meters away showed a smirk.

Then I saw Zhu Yang take a deep breath, at such a close distance, there was a sharp noise attack on the ears of the octopus legs.


The few white coats across the screen were so badly prepared that the origin of the crack was inferred from the horrible condition of the confinement room, and when she saw her taking a deep breath, she turned off the sound.

Sure enough, not only did the screen have the upper hand just now, the imposing octopus’s legs slowly loosened her, the whole fish shrank to a normal state and fell softly, the violent eyes were full of bloodshot eyes, and the ears also shed blood.

Other test subjects still staying in the biochemical warehouse were not immune to various degrees.

An old man murmured: \”This is incredible.\”

\”Is this her own ability? Or is it the result of evolution?\”

\”What about other test subjects?\”

\”It doesn’t matter, the most perfect result has come out, it doesn’t matter if all the defective products are disposed of.\”

At this time, a man in the warden’s uniform walked in, looked at the screen, and said to the people present: “Let’s go and meet our finished product.”

Obviously the people on the screen have shown inhuman combat power, but the people in the house seem to be in control, and they don’t want to control her to see what kind of problems.

After Zhu Yang was loosened by the octopus leg, he hurriedly took off the clothes he had snatched from the prison guard, and then got rid of the slimy feeling.

Wearing a black and white prison uniform, she looked very abrupt in this environment. She kicked the cockroach’s leg and came to the biochemical warehouse of the fish scale monster.

Just after fighting with a few monsters, she felt more and more urgent to destroy the goods. It was clear that the main body of power was not a physical body, but staying here still became a prop used by careerists.

Zhu Yang had no pity for the fish scale monster, but now he had plundered the opponent’s power and became the existence of the opponent.

Thinking that the people on the other side of the monitor also looked at him with the look of it, Zhu Yang was in a violent stance and needed to vent.

But it’s coming soon, the other party must be satisfied with what she saw, and her preparations have been arranged, and then it will be up to who is hunting.

Zhu Yang stretched out his hand as he was about to take action on the corpse of the fish scale monster when a sound wave suddenly came from the ceiling.

The sound wave sounded particularly harsh to Zhu Yang, and had never heard it before.

She covered her ears and sent down her body through the glass warehouse. The scales on her body suddenly appeared and disappeared, as if the state of a mermaid was unstable.

At the same time, there was a kind of amplitude, which didn’t make Zhu Yang feel much uncomfortable, but the other party could not do anything meaningless.

Zhu Yang waved his hand quickly, and as expected, there was no way to release the cold current, and his ability was restricted again.

She knelt down uncomfortably, and yes, this is a laboratory, and it must be insurance.

These test subjects are originally the genetic combination of the capable and the marine organisms. Whether it is the marine organism or the capable, both sides must have made a perfect suppression plan.

The electronic door opened automatically at this time, and several white coats and wardens appeared there, followed by countless gun guards.

The prison guards came first, gathered Zhu Yang in a circle, pointed at her guns that there was no dead end, and then the talents walked in slowly.

The collar was put on her again, and the headed old man said in a marveling tone: “It’s even more incredible to look up close.”

He even raised his hand and touched the scales on Zhu Yang’s face: “How do you manage to retract and release freely? Oh my god, it only took less than two days.”

I pinched her finger again, as if I could see a flower on it: \”There are also those endless abilities. I remember that your ability is only recorded on the record.\”

\”Are these all obtained after fusion? No, you are higher than the body seems, is it a derived ability?\”

If ordinary people can obtain supernatural powers out of thin air, the research value of this girl can far exceed original expectations.

Seeing the other party shook his head: \”No, this is my own. Juli is just one of my most insignificant abilities.\”

The old man was taken aback: \”Really? Most people can only have one ability, but you–\”

\”Sure enough, he is the favorite darling of God.\” The other party looked at Zhu Yang with a smile, his eyes were kind of kind, but the words he said were unreasonable and terrifying.

\”But it’s okay, your research value will not be reduced as a result.\”

Zhu Yang nodded and smiled: \”Of course, wherever I am is special.\”

\”It’s just that you, low-level creatures, are not qualified to point fingers at my genes.\”

At this time, the warden behind the old man laughed. The other party was a middle-aged man in his forties, with a burly figure and a kind of kind that smiled honestly, but was fierce when he was serious.

He opened his mouth and said: \”Little girl, I know your performance in the past two days, the life is too smooth, I think I can eat everywhere.\”

\”If you are just an ordinary person, nobody cares how you dominate in prison, but you have shown your worth.\”

\”Unfortunately, you are now owned by our company.\”

Zhu Yang looked at him for a while, smiled, and suddenly asked: “How is your gun drawing speed?”

The warden’s face sank, and he said with caution: \”What did you say?\”

Zhu Yang shrugged and did not answer. Instead, he asked an irrelevant question: \”You should be the most important person in the prison right now?\”

\”Is the suppressor collar wearing, the interference sound wave on, and dozens more rushing to point at me, you think I am the bachelor of the urn, let you let it go?\”

\”But in my opinion, it is your group of rats that I drove to the corner, just waiting to trample them to death!\”

The warden was taken aback, seeing that her face didn’t mean anything bluffing, even if she was stuck in a situation where it seemed impossible to escape, she was still calm.

No, this is not calm anymore, the smile on this guy’s face clearly means that he is winning.

He pressed his hand on the holster on his waist, intending to draw his gun whenever the opponent made any rash actions.

However, in the next second, there was a sudden clicking sound in the air, followed by countless blood streams.

The prison guards with guns in a circle around her, as well as the scientific researchers standing beside her, all fell to the ground, without exception, a huge blood hole appeared in their necks.

No, the blood hole did not appear out of thin air. The warden saw it. Everyone had a cockroach on their neck. These cockroaches continued to gnaw after the corpse fell to the ground.

He quickly drew the gun, it’s okay, the other party is now completely lost, just punch her head.

In the next second, the warden, looking through the glass bin behind her, vaguely saw his body split in half.


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