Scream Queen Chapter 94

At this moment, Zhu Yang really didn’t have any abilities left in him. The game skills and the natural ability of the fish scale monster were both suppressed.

But she knew that those people put her into the laboratory so easily, the goal was to test her moisture.

If the Mychkin is the subject of the experiment here, then they have to observe the fusion reaction of her, a rare successful sample that has not reacted to rejection.

Although the first two fish head monsters and jellyfish monsters are tricky, they are not too strong in themselves, but from Zhu Yang’s point of view, the octopus legs are definitely not weaker than most mid-level players.

It should also be the wave with the strongest combat effectiveness in the test body so far. If it is only a trial, this level is almost enough.

So the next step is to close the net and take her precious finished product to study.

All kinds of blood draws, slices and slices-well, slices should be reluctant for the time being. In short, judging from these ethical and willful scientific lunatics, they must be gearing up to her.

She deliberately did not use the cockroach skills in the battle, this thing is the most suitable for hidden killer moves.

What measures the other party will take, Zhu Yang can guess at all odds, nothing more than capacity limitations and thermal weapons deterrence.

As long as the marbles were secretly thrown out in advance and the order was given to attack the carotid artery of the person threatening her life at the same time, it was not difficult to kill these people at the same time.

The cockroach has the advantage that as long as it gives an order, even if its ability disappears halfway, it will faithfully complete its mission.

There are cameras all over here, and Zhu Yang often has some weird tools and weapons in his hands. It is impossible for people to know this.

It’s just that this research room is estimated to represent the top of the world’s technology. If they can’t explain things from science, they will definitely subconsciously exclude this option, and then mistake it for her ability.

As far as Zhu Yang knows, this world is not incapable of space. Therefore, it is natural to classify this response to the inhibition of ability.

Just being pointed at by a circle of firearms, Zhu Yang really couldn’t move a bit before that, otherwise there were many old holes in his body.

But the surrounding jailers and researchers were snapped their necks to death in an instant, and Zhu Yang moved. The warden knew that her body was strong and possessed inhuman power even after the collar was restricted.

Pinning his hopes on his gun, Zhu Yang asked this at the beginning.

\”How fast did you draw your gun?\”

I gave him a hint at the beginning, but unfortunately, from drawing the gun to aiming at Zhu Yang, she was not as fast as she rushed out of the encirclement and drew a long knife from the space to split him into two.

If the prison guards surrounding him were still alive, perhaps there would always be a few under so many guns that could respond to her actions, but there was only one person left, and the gun was still in the holster—

Zhu Yang shook the blood from the knife, and there was a smear of blood on the ground.

The highest person in charge of the entire prison should be here. Zhu Yang looked through the bodies of these guys, and sure enough, found from them all the collar control authority bracelets for those with abilities, and there are also different levels of authority cards.

Among them, the warden and the elderly have the highest authority, and they can go almost anywhere in the prison.

Zhu Yang took off the collar around his neck again, took away a bracelet, and chopped off the fingers of the warden and the old man in case of emergency.

Then she swaggered out of the laboratory, and was not attacked temporarily along the way.

Perhaps it is because the monitoring of this floor is not in the unified monitoring management, and you need certain permissions to see the situation here, so the other party has not responded yet.

In short, Zhu Yang directly swiped the warden’s card and went to the upper floor from another elevator.

As a result, I felt something wrong as soon as I entered the elevator.

Because this elevator is exclusively for researchers, it is luxuriously built, not to mention the large amount of space inside, there are even elevators.

Ok? Elevator?

Zhu Yang reacted and looked up at the ‘person’ who shrank the corner——

I saw that the other party was dressed upright in work clothes and meticulous, but his face became paler.

With black eyes and a lifeless period of death, where is a person? It’s clearly a ghost.

Zhu Yang was really speechless about the blind implants in this copy of the game. In the previous second, various biochemical monsters were simmering, high-tech and hot weapons flew together. In the next second, I entered the elevator crash script of the gloomy building.

This is not a match at all, or is the game to prove that no matter how far you go, you still don’t forget your original intentions, remember that you are a horror game, so bring these guys out to show the theme?

Zhu Yang looked at the elevator ghost up and down with critical and disgusting eyes, and the elevator ghost was almost suffocating.

Seeing that Zhu Yang did not speak nor went out, it finally had to speak tremblingly–

\”Then what, what floor to go to?\”

Zhu Yang said: \”How do you plan to scare me?\”

The elevator ghost subconsciously said: “You close the door, my face is on all sides in the elevator, and my mouth is open on the ground, as if I will fall down and be swallowed alive.”

But seeing this female Tyrannosaurus tearing up the deep-sea monsters in the laboratory, and then blood-washing the researchers and prison guards, the elevator ghost obediently shrank in one-third of his own acre and tried to reduce the sense of existence.

At the moment, I only hate myself for boasting about going to the sea at the bald old lady, and promised that the ghosts in the prison can’t just lose their face, and must come to scare her to save face.

@∞好文, all in Jinjiang Literature City

Zhu Yang nodded and finally heard something new, he lifted his chin: \”Go upstairs!\”

\”Good!\” the elevator ghost said.

In fact, this elevator ghost is really not weak, at least as strong as the mirror girl, especially once he enters the elevator, it is his world.

It is easy to kill a person in a closed space with his ability. So this elevator ghost ranks among the ghosts of the entire prison.

But no matter how powerful he was, there was a fish scale monster on it. In the past two days, he felt that the fish scale monster disappeared. When he encountered the old lady with alopecia areata accusing a prisoner of arrogance, he floated in his heart to try her.

As a result, Doutou hit the brutal scene, not to mention the wild force value, in this scene, the fish scale monster was obviously swallowed alive by this woman.

The elevator ghost was stunned, and when he reacted and wanted to run, he was hit.

In the narrow space that originally belonged to his domain, he was so weak and helpless at this moment.

The elevator ghost has never hated the height of this prison like this moment, especially since the two floors are both biochemical research rooms, the height is amazing, and it takes a while to go up.

The elevator ghost saw the guy looking at himself from behind through the reflection, cold sweat came out.

He listened to the other person: “What is your ability?”

The elevator ghost thought of the characteristics and aura of the fish scale monster appearing on her body, and was so frightened that her legs were soft, and she knelt to the ground, hugging each other’s legs and crying——

“My lord, my lord, I’m weak, I’m a spicy chicken. I’m nothing but scaring in the elevator, and my strongest trick is to strip naked and dance a chicken dance in front of others, which makes people sick. The kind of dead people, you can’t look at my ability.\”

\”You see that you are so beautiful and have such a good body. How can I be worthy of you? Oh, I know that there is an old woman who has good ability. As long as she meets the conditions for launching, she can quickly aging her body. How about the blow? It’s amazing, right? I’ll get you that old woman?\”

Ok? The old woman in the bathroom is so capable? However, the relative starting conditions are definitely more stringent, so you have to frighten people’s inner flaws at first.

Seeing that Zhu Yang didn’t speak, the elevator ghost said again: “There is also a good friend who plays back to back all day long. She can shuttle through the network cable. Isn’t this attractive?”

Zhu Yang just a little bit, said: \”It just happens that I have something to ask her for help, you go find her, let her cut off the signal in the monitoring room, and the external transmission signal is also blocked.\”

Speaking, he took out the human leather book that he hadn’t used for a long time, and knocked on the head of the elevator ghost: “I don’t think you fooled me and escaped, right?”

The ghost of the elevator had just been thinking about it, and now he dare not anymore, he felt an absolute appeal to ghosts in the book.

Although I don’t know how to activate it, if this guy doesn’t care about the cost, he can definitely get all the ghosts here.

What kind of cruel stuff did this Nima fool prison recruit?

Elevator ghosts didn’t dare to fool around, and if they were allowed to swoosh, Sa Yazi ran to look for back-to-back ghosts.

At this time, Zhu Yang has also come to the upper level, this level is still the research room, but the level is lower than the lower level.

Zhu Yang swiped his card to enter, and saw countless test benches inside, and even living organisms that were doing experiments were tied to it.

If the floor below is a finished product that already has a separate combat capability, then the inside of this floor is the occasion for the experiment.

Zhu Yang couldn’t stand it, raised his hand and threw out a few marbles. After a while, there were harsh screams from certain corners.

It was the person who realized the invasion and hid and was about to attack her.

Zhu Yang thought that after seeing these two layers, the next experimental scene would not surprise her anymore.

She took the elevator alone and went up another floor. The authority of this floor gradually decreased. The evidence was that someone had already reacted to Zhu Yang’s escape.

Team after team came from various passages, just like the prison guards here do not need money to mass produce.

Because of the death of the highest person in charge, it is estimated that this is an attack at no cost.

The weapons used to deal with her were not limited to strafing guns. Zhu Yang even saw heavy machine guns, but because the entire prison was built on the bottom of the sea, it was within a certain degree.

However, because of this, Zhu Yang didn’t dare to be too big, so he fell into being chased and blocked for a while.

Although her illusion can act as a kid on the scene, the remote control through the screen is useless. These prison guards are simply astonishing to execute orders.

Even if they let them shoot into the void, or blast them at their companions, they will execute without hesitation.

This is why the prisoners suspect that they are robots.

Zhu Yang blocked the passage with ice on one side, and the spreading cold current restricted the actions of the prison guards. On one side, it was resolved, and the other side was only a corner away from her.

Zhu Yang disappeared from the opponent’s eyes in an instant. Before the people in the monitoring room gave a relocation, they screamed at that side, and shook the people who were nearby.

At this time the elevator door opened, a Garlint machine gun was aimed at her, and the door opened was a burst of indiscriminate fire.

Zhu Yang turned and hid in the blind spot next to him, and instantly took out the only large weapon she bought from the space.

The shoulder-mounted bazooka, with this thing, shot in the direction of the elevator.

This is good, let alone the chasing soldiers in the elevator, the entire elevator, including the wall, has a hole in the five-meter area.

Fortunately, the location here is not on the periphery, otherwise the prison will have to blow up a hole.

Zhu Yang patted the barrel, knowing why the stubborn game didn’t let her buy unlimited shells. This Nima was cheating.

All the pictures of that area in the monitoring room collapsed, and the rest of the people fell into dead silence.

One of them kicked over the chair fiercely: \”Why can she conjure so many weapons at will? Or a heavy-duty weapon.\”

The warden was dead, because the guy was just acting on his own and didn’t accept his deputies. At this time, no one came out to coordinate the counterattack.

The barriers of the prison are just like paper in front of the guy.

Realizing that things are far beyond their control, one of them immediately said: \”Send a signal to the outside immediately and ask for support.\”

No matter how big the responsibilities are, there is no time to weigh them. At least one must save his life under the monster.

But in the next second there was a harsh noise in the entire monitoring room, and then the person in charge of external communication was horrified: “There is no way to transmit signals.”

\”What?\” The temporary person in charge hurried over.

Before identifying the problem specifically, I heard a rustling noise from the speaker. At this time, someone hurriedly said: “What’s the matter? Weapon control failure.”

\”The biochemical soldier signal source is cut off.\”

\”Poison gas pipeline control failure.\”

The temporary person in charge gritted his teeth: “It’s those guys.”

The people here have certain authority and know the existence of the soul body. After all, the soul body of the fish scale monster is also part of the experiment.

Even the reactions of the ghosts are within the scope of their records, but they have no way to directly contact the spiritual body, and can only conduct research through spiritual events and subsequent reactions.

But since they dare to do such a bold experiment, they must have countermeasures for all test bodies.

These ghosts have also tried to attack the prison, but the principle of the limitation of the spirit body is not much different from the limitation of the ability. After the confrontation, they suffered two losses, and the ghosts were also honest.

I just didn’t expect to choose to fall into trouble at this time.

The temporary person in charge has a fierce face: \”Activate the spirit-killing device.\”

\”But those supernatural bodies are also precious experimental materials.\”

\”Quick!\” The opponent shouted.

\”It’s late!\” At this time, I heard a voice ringing in the room.

Everyone pulled out their self-defense and aimed them over there, and they saw a ghost appear on a screen. Looking at the silhouette, it was a back-to-back ghost.

Her voice came from the device. The people here have no spiritual power and cannot see her directly, so they can only communicate through the medium.

\”If there are manpower elsewhere, we really dare not act rashly, but now, you are the only line of defense, and the other commanders have no manpower.\”

Everyone couldn’t see each other’s face, but they could feel her grinning a weird smile, and then the entire monitoring room went dark.

When it’s over, the other party draws salary directly from the bottom of the tank, and the power is cut off. Even if the backup power starts quickly, it will take some time.

But now they are racing against time.

Everyone was messing around in the dark, the lights were turned on again, and when all the machines restarted, they found that there were suddenly more people in the room.

The man didn’t know when he appeared, so he sat on their command seat, with his legs folded, and waved at them: “Fortunately, I will introduce myself, I am your new boss.”

\”The control of this prison now belongs to me. I will give you two choices.\”

Zhu Yang gave out a finger: \”One, cleanly change jobs and mix with me. Second, I will send you to the underground to continue loyal to the old boss.\”

The people in the monitoring room sweated coldly, and they were not simple technicians without the strength of their hands. They even had weapons in their hands.

But the other party was sitting in the main seat in the center without defense, but no one dared to act rashly.

The temporary person in charge finally spoke: “You don’t even know who you are against.”

Zhu Yang nodded: “It doesn’t matter, the dead never need to waste my brain capacity to remember.”

Talking about her getting up, everyone withdrew vigilantly and saw that she just came over and glanced at the company’s logo that appeared on the screen that had lost her luck.

Zhu Yang chuckled: “Deep Ocean Technology, I remember.”

Her two fluttering words didn’t say anything, but the people around them were unprovoked.

Seeing that she is strong, the temporary person in charge had to bow his head and asked: “Are you not trying to escape?”

Zhu Yang laughed: \”I have said that this is my site, and I have not escaped this statement in my own field.\”

Now they have to bow their heads, slowly, at least on the surface they can only cast their heads on the boss Zhu in this prison.

Zhu Yang smiled with satisfaction: \”Then I will trouble you to arrange manpower to clean up the mess, but I remind you not to try to contact the outside world. I will let the female ghost watch you, once someone resists.\”

She took out one and stuck it on the wall, and shook the small remote control in her hand: \”Then I had to blow up the whole room to pieces.\”

After talking about the people with cold sweat left behind, after she left, someone immediately approached the place.

I saw that the thing was a smooth metal hemisphere, which was stuck to the wall crosswise, as if it had grown on it. There was no place to open it to see the device inside, let alone disassemble it. @∞好文, all in Jinjiang Literature City

But everyone has no doubt about the authenticity of this thing.

After all, this is a guy who can even carry a rocket launcher out of thin air. If it is better than firepower, the two sides may not be more advanced than the other.

After solving the remote trouble, Zhu Yang went on to return to the sixth floor, and no fat head fish was found on the eighth and seventh floors. If there were no gains on the fifth floor, he would have to consider whether the game was messing up again.

Because she has learned about the general structure of this prison from the monitoring. The bottom six and seven eighth floors are the experimental area, the monitoring area on the fourth and fifth floors, and the accommodation and activities of the prison staff.

The second and third floors are the prison area, and the first floor is the passage, as well as various transportation and large-scale foreign weapons.

The whole layout is fairly simple, but it takes at least a few hours to complete a circle from top to bottom, which is too big.

But Zhu Yang opened the door of the laboratory on the sixth floor and saw the scene in front of his eyes. He was a little confused after preparing for it, but on the other hand, he was a little surprised.

This is not an experimental body with a pile of monsters downstairs, there are at least a thousand biological bins in the huge space.

However, all the people in the biological warehouse have only two appearances, a male and a female, each with strong physique and solid muscles.

The ratio of male to female is about eight to two, which is associated with the ratio of the number of guards in prison and their unrevealed faces wearing helmets from beginning to end.

There is also the ability to execute orders and disregard of one’s own life, coupled with mechanized emotional reactions.

Difficulties There is an endless stream of prison guards here, and they turned out to be batches of biochemical people.

I don’t know which hapless gene was acquired by these guys. The bodies of these two people must be outstanding elites in every aspect, but their duplicates have become regular consumables here.

Zhu Yang came to the main brain, and entered his fingerprints through the old man’s authorization card and the fingers cut from him.

Sure enough, the highest priority for these biochemical people to execute orders is the warden and veteran scientists.

Without thinking, Zhu Yang erased the permissions of the two and replaced them with their own, so that even if the technicians in the monitoring room betrayed, she would not find someone to call.

But in this way, it is true that there is no other guy named Fathead Fish in the entire prison.

But Zhu Yang is not in a hurry. The game says to take away from here, and the goal will definitely be here. It’s just a non-existent problem. What if a certain condition is triggered?

At this time, the unconscious prisoners in the prison cafeteria gradually woke up.

The first reaction was that he would wake up from the cell floor. After all, the first thing after a riot was to isolate people.

But they didn’t. They stayed in the cafeteria intact, lying on the floor all the time, as if the prison would no longer allocate any extra energy to control them after fainting them.

Everyone got up, their bodies were still a little weak, and their emotions were not so excited. The equipment that had been smashed and damaged around had been repaired, replaced, cleaned, and cleaned.

It’s as if their previous riots were unreal memories of everyone.

The other prisoners couldn’t figure it out, but the players and the capable people headed by Rose gradually sank.

Freeing up from the prison, and having the time to repair everything, it means that Zhu Yang has been controlled, and has been controlled for at least some time.

The more calm the other party is, the less the commotion she caused will be to mention.

Sure enough, did you rush in? The only thing I can pray for now is that the prison authorities can still put Zhu Yang back into the prison area. If you are completely isolated from them, then no amount of planning can be implemented.

Then I saw a large group of prison guards coming in, still in the posture of fully armed with guns and live ammunition.

The prison guards awakened those who did not wake up with drugs, and then maintained their discipline, asking them to walk out of the cafeteria one by one and gather in the auditorium.

The auditorium is usually a place for watching movies or holding programs on holidays. Important notices or safety training are also here, which is equivalent to the playground of this prison.

Everyone is unclear, only the player and Ross realize that it might have something to do with what Zhu Yang just made.

Could it be that the prison intends to execute her publicly? This should not be the value she should have for such a powerful person.

A group of people came to the auditorium with anxiety, and stood neatly in accordance with the spacing. When the surrounding people whispered to each other, they heard a sound from above——


Then a man in an upright uniform walked up to the podium. Behind him stood several prison managers.

The man stood in front of the microphone and said to the prisoners below: “As everyone knows, Jusha Prison has been proud of its advanced management, strict discipline, excellent output value, and defensive level of defense since its fifth anniversary. .\”

These are all bullshit, and the prisoner below wants to yawn at the beginning.

After the rhetoric was over, I heard this man enter the topic: \”However, today I want to announce an unfortunate news to everyone.\”

\”The top administrator of Jusha Prison, the Warden of Wales passed away unfortunately at 16:37:48 this afternoon.\”

The mouth of the yawning person was half-grown, and then the whole auditorium burst into deafening cheers, just like a high school night self-study blackout.

To be reasonable, the warden is not a pervert who takes pleasure in abuse of prisoners in the legend. Although he is full of prestige in the prison, he does not often appear in front of everyone.

But leave him alone, just smile.

It’s just a normal logic for the death code warden prisoner to be happy.

The players and Rose were startled, did they kill Zhu Yang? So it is for this reason that it is indeed worthy of public execution.

Several people seemed to have anticipated the man’s next words, exaggerating the atmosphere of the ‘horrible’ murder, and then introduced the murderer.

In short, the warden died in prison, and the management could not fail to bear corresponding responsibilities.

But listening to the other party to announce that there are other things that have priority over punishing criminals——


\”Jusha Prison is an independently operated institution, and the position of head is indispensable, so while we mourn the dead Warden of Wales, we also welcome the appointment of the new Warden.\”

The prisoners below were stunned right away, Nima, the factional battle that broke the prison, was too fierce. The boss only took the throne within two hours after his death?

A fool would believe if he had not said that he had prepared his dragon robe earlier, but there was no deputy warden here, and no one knew who would succeed him.

Don’t let those with weird tempers, they are not as good as the former warden.

Several players don’t care who the new warden is, and are eager to know the result, even the worst?

At this time, the man announced in a solemn voice: “Welcome to the new warden, Ms. Zhu Yang!”


Everyone was dumbfounded, that was the real expression on their faces, and they had everything they wanted, and any cut of it was an expression pack.

The red curtain of the auditorium slowly opened, revealing the people standing behind.

The other party wore a fitted female warden uniform, and poked there aggressively, looking down at everyone.

Black high-heeled leather boots stepped on the floor, sending out a calm and shocking rhythm, and then stood still in front of the microphone on the podium.

There was a sneer at the jaw-dropping prison uniform below: \”Now, I will take over this prison.\”

\”Whether it is a prisoner, a guard, an employee or a ghost, or even a fish in the tank, I will remember it.\”

\”I, Zhu Yang, from now on, will be the only boss here.\”

A few short sentences, it took a few minutes for the people below to digest it.

To be reasonable, when this guy was taken away in the afternoon, I saw a lot of people. I didn’t come back for so long and thought she had some bad luck.

After all, although the prison doesn’t care about forming gangs, her performance is really arrogant enough, and she has to suffer a bit in order to show authority.

But I have never seen a prisoner who can turn an entire prison into a warden, and in a few short hours, he instigated the prison staff and so many prison guards. This is not simply a violent coercion.

The key is that there is only one person on the other side. In history, who has accomplished this feat by one person without any helper?

The prisoners were all Muqiang elements, and they didn’t know who started, and then they clamored into a group.

Finally, a uniform cry was issued-

\”Wish the boss!\”

\”Wish the boss!\”

\”I wish the boss!…\”@∞好文, all in Jinjiang Literature City

Zhu Yang seems to be very useful to this kind of call, she might as well pretend to be forced.

Now that the new warden takes office, he naturally has to celebrate. Not only does the cell no longer need to be returned, the recreation room is also open, and you can watch movies and play games today.

The dinner has been prepared. It is naturally a rich and luxurious seafood feast. In short, tonight is a carnival night.

Zhu Yang had no other idea about the prisoners here. It was the conspiracy of this experimental base to say that the capable people were brought in.

But even so, not every capable person is innocent, and many of them did use their ability to commit serious crimes.

Not to mention ordinary prisoners. Although it is a cover, they are definitely bad guys.

So it is one thing for her to occupy the prison, but she has no intention of changing the most basic operating structure here.

Several players watched Zhu Yang, who was on the stage, with his mouth wide open.

She, what did she do?

I’m not a newcomer anymore, I must have some experience on the game’s clearance evaluation algorithm.

Although the occupation of the entire prison was done by Zhu Yang alone, there was nothing for them, but as a team, stakeholders, how much they would benefit.

From the perspective of the prison’s defenses, how high would it be to occupy it? In other words, once they find the Fathead Fish and sway them out, they will be able to complete the game with a high level of clearance evaluation?

This, this is lying to win?

Yes, when Zhu Yang was doing all this, they were fainted by Vasz, lying on the ground and sleeping.

So when several players and Rose were taken to the luxurious warden’s lounge, their expressions were still blank.

When I walked in, I saw Zhu Yang sitting on the luxurious sofa with a goblet in his hand.

There was a pale-faced guy in an elevator suit who was pouring her red wine graciously.

The former warden liked to collect fine wines, now it’s all cheap, Zhu Yang——

No, this is not the point, the point is that the guy who pours the wine is not a person, right?

Then I saw Zhu Yangchong and the others nodded: “Come on? Sit down, have a drink, I will take off the collars for you, and then take a bath and change clothes for dinner.”

A few female players only felt that their situation was like being brought up by the boss.

Zheng Nan, who had been in the same room with Zhu Yang, took the lead and pointed to the elevator next to him. He said, “He, what’s wrong with him? Didn’t you occupy the prison this afternoon? I never heard of when you hit again. What a ghost?\”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “The little brother who took in the prison by the way, this guy wanted to scare me in the elevator, but was stunned by the elder sister’s domineering spirit, crying and crying to do things for me.”

\”You guys weren’t by my side at the time, these guys were pretty easy to use, I said to keep it, but I don’t have more of these two anyway.\”

Everyone: \”……\”

I’ve never seen a guy who tells the facts as unbelievable as bragging, but the facts are in front of them, and they can’t help but believe them.

And the dead ghost, when Zhu Yang was talking, had a flattering reaction, which made people feel that what Zhu Yang said was still overwhelming.

Sister Wu grasped the point: \”Wait, there is more than one?\”

Zhu Yang nodded, snapped his fingers, and drilled a female ghost from the computer screen on the side.

Is this scene a bit familiar? However, the nature of the abilities of back-to-back ghosts and false Sadako is still different.

This guy can’t curse others through video, Zhu Yang only used the network signal to control the network signal at first. Unexpectedly, after asking specifically, she could actually realize the connection of information, which is pretty awesome.

For example, if this guy is talking to a person on video, she can pull the person from the computer or mobile phone alive.

At that time, Zhu Yang was speechless when she heard of her ability, so how strong are you?

Back-to-back ghosts laughed: “This place does not allow people to use electronic devices, but they killed people in the prison, but they opened the spirit exterminator and almost shattered my soul. I haven’t recovered for a long time. It’s not complete yet.\”

As soon as the back-to-back ghost came out, he almost went with Zheng Nan: “We have met, in the dream, I was under the ice, back to back with you.”

Zheng Nan finally knew how this guy was beaten by Zhu Yang, which was owed.

She twitched the corner of her mouth and said: “Fortunately, fortunately meeting!”

The back-to-back ghost waved his hands: “Where, it’s all under the boss of the boss, and the flood rushed into the Dragon King Temple.”

\”Boss?\” Zheng Nan was surprised.

Back-to-back ghost scratching his head: \”The boss promised to take me out of prison as long as I follow her, and find a good job to cultivate ghosts and be a celebrity.\”

\”And with me, there is no need to be afraid of sunspots, I can clean them up along the network cable, our playground is also those **** who dare to spray.\”

The elevator ghost looked at this guy speechlessly, saying that he and the old woman were still under threat. This guy was completely crippled by the biscuits painted by Boss Zhu.

At this moment, I regard the haunted house I have never seen before as my own home, and I want to escape from this ghost place where there is nothing to be an internet celebrity and see the world of flowers.

The elevator ghost was poking his mouth at the guy’s lackluster heart, and saw Zhu Yang casually sweep over.

He groaned in his heart and passed the wine over flatly–

\”Boss, do you want some more?\”

It looked like he had completely surrendered than a back-to-back ghost.


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