Scream Queen Chapter 95

Several players asked a few more questions.

After all, this guy occupied the prison within a few hours with his bare hands. What else is there to make a fuss about?

It was Rose who was shocked to see an old woman with thick hair coming in from outside pushing the dining car.

The players have been here for a short time and haven’t seen any ghosts, but Rose has been operating here for a while, but she has personally met this old woman.

Those with abilities don’t know if they are carrying genetic problems, and most of them can perceive the existence of the soul.

Therefore, the scary face of the old woman with bald spots and hair loss like rotten wood is too deep. At first glance, she saw the other party wearing a neat white chef uniform. She can’t hide her thick blonde hair with a chef hat. It can be seen from the outer edge. Envious hair volume.

Although she was still old, she didn’t have the Mai Tai posture. As if feeling Rose’s gaze, the old woman smiled at her.


Those teeth are dazzlingly white, so young and young are incomparable.

Rose couldn’t help being surprised: \”You—\”

She remembers that the tooth is also a black rotten tooth?

The old woman accompanied the elevator ghost and passed the dinner plate to the table, seeing that her hand was neat and clean.

Seeing Rose’s reaction, it seemed as if it was hard to find someone to show off.

The back-to-back ghosts are now working hard to monitor whether the rebellious staff on the Internet secretly go to the outside world. The elevator ghost kicked the iron plate because he heard her cry and doesn’t want to care about her.

She was so proud that she couldn’t find anyone to tell, and when she saw someone making a difference, she talked about like an ordinary old lady who found a good match–

\”Oh, it’s you, did you see it too?\” It said that he stroked the hair on the temples: \”Do you know what I looked like before? There are few hairs falling out, and I feel so distressed every day, look Until you young girls wash your hair, you can’t stand it.\”

\”I feel uncomfortable. When I was young, I also had thick blonde hair. Who wouldn’t whistle at me when I walked down the street? I was angry when I saw you guys pull and pull when you take a bath.\”

\”But don’t envy you now, look at me!\”

She said that she took off the chef’s hat altogether, and suddenly a dense and dazzling blond hair flashed blindly. According to the usual joke, she didn’t need to turn on the light bulb at night.

As expected, Zhu Yang on the side was dissatisfied: \”Tsk! Bring the hat back, this is dazzling.\”

The old woman was disgusted but not angry and rejoiced. She was very proud of the sheen of her blond hair and touched it lovingly: \”Just a bottle of hair tonic and a bottle of ointment, keep it twenty years younger.\”

He stretched out his hand braggingly: “Look at the wrinkles on my hand? There are also teeth. The boss gave me more good things.”

\”I just tried a little bit, and I will continue to use it later, it will definitely regain my youth and become the blond beauty of the year.\”

Rose looked at the three ghosts here.

One was stupidly hung by the painted flatbread, another was dizzy after getting some bottles and cans, and the last one was even cheaper, trying to get someone caught.

I used to think that the soul body was mysterious, so it seemed that it was much simpler than human beings.

After showing off, the old woman didn’t stop chattering to influence them to eat, and she pushed the dining car down happily.

Several players and Rose saw that the situation was indeed worry-free, so they put down their last vigilance and accompanied Zhu Yang to dinner together.

This is a deep-sea prison with sufficient supplies. Although most of them are transported by air regularly from the outside world, the purchase point must be the seaside city, so seafood and shrimp are not lacking.

They eat naturally and extraordinarily rich. They have all kinds of lobster, king crab, sashimi and sea urchin.

However, Zhu Yang had just visited the inhumane laboratory, and was somewhat insensitive to seafood for the time being, but only used ordinary steak.

After the meal, Zhu Yang took off the collar from his neck for a few people.

A few players are okay. Even though the ability to rely on is limited, they still have a strong physical fitness. The time is short, and there are not many feelings other than anxiety.

But Rose and the capable people living in this world, especially those who are still behind bars, really hate this suppressor.

Especially in the prison, the capable people have become a disadvantaged group, but they are clearly unable to resist effectively, and they are aggrieved.

So like Rose, if it wasn’t for this circle, she would like to smash this circle.

The other four players went to take a shower, but Rose didn’t move temporarily.

Zhu Yang happened to have something to say to her, so he held a glass of after-dinner juice and asked her: “Next, what are you going to do?”

Rose didn’t answer her question first, and asked: \”I read your arrangement. You don’t simply want to escape with the mission objective. You even maintain the prison in an orderly system, and you don’t mean to change it. \”

\”Explain that you didn’t intend to let go of the prisoner here, but why did you let me go? Now you don’t need any help from us?\”

Zhu Yang motioned to the elevator ghost on the side, and the elevator ghost took a paper from the table on the side.

Zhu Yang took the paper and threw it on the coffee table. Rose hesitantly picked it up and opened it. It turned out to be her file.

It wasn’t to get her felony, false external file that the experimental individual fabricated, but the file that truly restored all her objective data.

Zhu Yang smiled: “What reason do I have to not let a person go to jail for saving a pregnant woman who was kidnapped by a gunman and using his power to cause the criminal to die?”

Then she shrugged: \”This prison is undoubtedly a purgatory on earth, people like you, lusty careerists can do anything to get you.\”

\”But it is undeniable that most of the people are centralized and isolated, and those who control and supervise should actually stay here, including many of them.\”

\”Their bodies should not be a tool of ambition for loss of human relations, but they should also be responsible for their past crimes.\”

Rose was silent for a while, her companions shouldn’t stay here, but not all of them are eligible for freedom, she understands that.

However, she raised her head and looked at Zhu Yang: “Your rule over here is only temporary. The warden’s long-term lack of contact with the outside world will always arouse vigilance outside.”

\”We are huddled in this prison, and there is no way to maintain it for long. Even you, in the deep sea of ​​isolation and helplessness, not to mention the use of force, as long as the other party cuts off the supply, it will sooner or later kill us.\”

\”Of course you may be able to escape alone, but if you leave these people behind, even if you change a group of managers, the situation is no different from before.\”

Zhu Yang nodded: \”So, occupying the prison is only the first step. Who will deliberately capture a site that will be taken back once he leaves?\”

She turned the computer monitor to one side, and it showed the logo of Deep Sea in standby.

Zhu Yang pointed to the blue and white icon: “The goal is the ultimate boss behind it from beginning to end.”

Rose was taken aback, and immediately understood: “What do you need me to do?”

Zhu Yang said: \”Your ability is very useful, you can go out first, I believe that in your original plan, escape from prison is not the ultimate goal, right? After all, no one wants to hide in Tibet forever.\”

Then Zhu Yang took out a box: “People who are suitable to go out, except for my four companions, you are the only one who can barely convince me.”

\”Go take a bath and sleep, and then I will have you busy.\”

Rose didn’t speak, but took her box without hesitation.

Zhu Yang and the others are not familiar with the world and place of life. Needless to say, Deep Sea Company is definitely a behemoth, but where the behemoth is and in what form it appears in the public eye, it would be a shame to ask the five players to go out and inquire.

They have limited time, so they can’t waste this on the early intelligence gathering, and Rose and the others have planned this.

Zhu Yang didn’t believe that their purpose was just to escape from prison. Someone had to pay for the hatred.

Zhu Yang was the first to believe that Ross and the others had no knowledge of Deep Sea.

Zhu Yang is not suitable to go out now, only let them go to inquire about the intelligence first, and even cooperate with them when they have the opportunity.

Speaking of this, Zhu Yang understands how the dog is more convenient than the player ability arranged this time in the game.

First of all, Zheng Nan’s ability is a thousand-faced person, that is, being able to change the face of herself or others into the appearance of anyone she has ever seen, which is really suitable for lurking.

And Sister Wu’s ability is □□, able to shuttle through the wall structure of non-energy bodies, which means that normally the door cannot close her.

They are all easy-to-use abilities. At first glance, they are also very suitable for jailbreaking, but when you think about it, the order is wrong.

To escape from prison, you have to use abilities, and to use abilities, you have to get rid of the collar, like getting rid of the collar, you have to break through a higher level of defense.

But if you get out of this prison, your ability will be more useful.

For example, pretending to be an employee or even an executive of a certain company, such as easily entering a laboratory with confidential documents or research samples.

And combined with Rose’s powerful induction screening, it is even more effective.

Zhu Yang was sure at this moment. It turned out that Goubi Game originally expected them not only in this prison.

Several players know that the current customs clearance evaluation is high, but most of them are mainly based on Zhu Yang’s contribution, but since there is a chance to grab the evaluation and step up to the next level, why are they not happy?

So I didn’t rest anymore, I cleaned up after taking a shower, and brought some effective whole pieces and tools and funds to prepare to leave with Rose.

Before leaving, Zhu Yang asked Zheng Nan to change the appearance of several biochemical people into the appearance of a warden and several important scientific researchers.

In this way, even if there is a sudden contact outside, they will not be unable to cope.

In this way, after sending away a few people, Zhu Yang had time to start pondering the abilities he obtained from the fish scale monster.

The prison has a water outlet and a huge fresh water purification device. There is an elevator that leads directly to the bottom of the sea.

Zhu Yang and the elevator ghost took the elevator down together, and they were speechless.

Suddenly Zhu Yang ghostly said to the elevator: “Your ability is to manipulate a certain substance in a closed space? Air or water?”

Without waiting for his answer, he guessed: “Most of it may be air, after all, you still need to give people mental pressure, so that you can match it.”

Finished looking up and down the elevator ghost: “The ability is good. If it is used in the water, you can also try to create a small space out of thin air, so that it is convenient if you need to bring a living body to lurk underwater in the future.”

The elevator ghost knelt immediately, snotting and tearing: “Boss, you are my boss, I really have a lot of spicy chicken, not as good as you think, my biggest role is to act as a microphone and Elevator service only.\”

\”Those hapless guys suffocated and died. It’s not my business at all. They are scared to death. I want to have the ability to drain the entire prison air to death. These deflated calves can be used until Now, relying on your wise martial arts to drop from the sky to rescue from fire and water?\”

Zhu Yang nodded: “Well! The old woman and back to back have already said that you brag about all kinds of things behind your back, so long as you are in a closed space, how invincible you are.”

The elevator ghost can’t wait to turn around and pull the two guys out and blow their heads, hurriedly flatteringly said: \”Where, don’t you think I was a wink when you entered the elevator? With two ignorant Just bragging, don’t care too much.\”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Don’t worry, I can get your ability without killing you, but if you remember it in your heart, you will have my share of your ability.”

With this certain look, the elevator ghost became more and more flustered, but he didn’t realize that what Zhu Yang wanted was his reaction that he pondered all the time.

Zhu Yang carefully recollected the abilities that each dungeon exploded. Although most of them depend on kinship and luck, the ghosts in the dungeon who have had long-term sexual contact with her have a greater chance of abilities.

The ability of the elevator ghost and the ability of the fish scale monster are very useful together, Zhu Yang really wants it.

However, it was too early to say this at the moment. When I arrived at the place, Zhu Yang ignored the elevator ghost like a bereaved concubine, and when he opened the cabin door, sea water overflowed in.

This location is at least tens of meters away from the sea. Most people can’t stand the pressure of the bottom. Even with Zhu Yang’s reinforcement, it will not be too uncomfortable, but they can still feel the huge difference from the land.

But now she has no such gap, especially when she comes into contact with a lot of sea water, her body is automatically covered by scales, and she is as kind as a fish swimming into the sea.

The jewel-like scales are more mysterious and magnificent in the deep sea, like a peerless treasure waiting to be discovered.

Zhu Yang tried to travel abroad, and the result was a distance of several meters, not to mention that it was flat, even faster than on land.

Zhu Yang was a little excited, letting go of his emotions and passing through the sea like a swordfish, with high visibility in the clear sea.

As if she could see the lightning-moving trajectory below, the fish in the sea seemed to feel a bit, and when she fell, one after another gave way to a colorful underwater corridor on both sides.

The black hair is floating, like a mermaid dancing, the difference is that the mermaid has a tail, and she has two legs.

But this Zhu Yang is very satisfied. If her legs become tails, she will collapse. Her legs are very good.

When the whole body was covered with scales, it was like wearing a charming one-piece fish scale battle suit. Zhu Yang even tried the hardness of the fish scales, which can be used as a body armor to protect the skin.

In a short while, he swam to a place that was tens of nautical miles away from the prison. Zhu Yang thought that the distance was almost the same, and he was relieved to test the newly acquired ability.

When I was in prison before, I couldn’t grasp the clues, but once I got into the bottom of the sea, those things appeared in her mind like instincts.

Knowing what she could do on the bottom of the sea, she slowly stretched out her hand and lifted it upwards. Suddenly, a water column tens of meters high rose on the sea surface, and she gained the ability to manipulate water.

The water was like she was manipulating ice and snow like an arm, especially contained in the sea, as if it were part of her body.

An unfamiliar water blade on land can clearly control its trajectory on the bottom of the sea. When you raise your hand, a great white shark is divided into two.

And this trick comes and goes invisible under the water, but sensitive people can perceive it through the fluctuation of the current, but it must have a terrifying speed to avoid it.

Zhu Yang felt that he still had to think about the skills used on land, and went back to practice more, so he added another item to the training menu.

There are also fish scale monsters that change a certain amount of water out of thin air. Zhu Yang feels that only a house volume is not enough, so he shamelessly uses a large space ring to store a lot of seawater in it.

When it feels definitely useful.

Zhu Yang spent almost all night on the bottom of the sea, tried all the abilities he could think of, and then returned to the prison with satisfaction.

The abilities of the fish scale monsters are too strong. Although there are geographical restrictions and they have just started, as long as they know that, their own strength evaluation has at least reached a new level.

And as a player, one of the great things is that the ability that oneself obtains, the upper limit of growth will not be limited by the source of the ability.

Just like the several abilities she got in the haunted house, now it has actually far exceeded the limit that the staff of the haunted house can use.

For example, for example, Sister Wu’s □□, it seems that she doesn’t need to carry a key through the wall at the moment, but if she can become a high-level player, it will be more than that.

Another example is that Lu Datou has the ability to control water, but he didn’t get it from becoming a shark. The source is actually incomparable to Zhu Yang.

It was when Zhu Yang used hanging to force Zhu Weixin not to participate in the game, the melon skin caused her to actually hang herself accidentally, the ability that Lu Datou used to cut the rope with a water blade.

According to him, when he first got that ability, he could only control the volume of water the size of a water cup to transfer.

But now, as he gets stronger, one of this trivial ability has become full of lethality.

The water blade is only limited by the upper limit of the level that can be used in reality. In fact, if in the game world, he can operate the raindrops to backtrack, and even condense billions of water needles to attack the opponent at the same time.

When Zhu Yang gained this ability, the scale was not comparable to that level. Once she advanced to a certain level, it was not impossible to set off a tsunami on her own.

But this is a long process of getting stronger, and at that point, she may get closer to the essence of the dog game.

When I came back, it happened to be breakfast time the next day. As a result, Zhu Yang received a notice from the prison guard as soon as he went in, saying that the prisoner was making trouble again.

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows and followed the prison guards to the cafeteria, only to see one by one almost lifting the ceiling here.

It took a while to understand the theme of the commotion. It turned out that these guys thought that they were the top prisoners, so the status of people with related positions would have risen naturally, and naturally they were not satisfied with the previous treatment.

As I approached, I saw several prisoners smashing breakfast everywhere.

Screamed: “What is this? Regular chicken burger? Have you figured out the position? Now the person in charge is our boss.”

\”Last night’s leftovers are more plentiful than this, right? You prison guards still dare to deduct treatment, it’s really fatal.\”

The people around agreed in unison, and noisily reported the name of the dish——

\”I want a ham sandwich.\”

\”I want a lobster burger.\”

\”I want salmon sashimi.\”

\”Can I add some caviar and foie gras?\”

I didn’t hear who said it clearly, the interface was just a cheer: \”OK——\”

Then I saw the one in the front of the station suddenly flew out and plunged directly into the breakfast porridge bucket.

Looking around, I saw that it was Boss Zhu, and my heart trembled.

Zhu Yang glanced at the two prison guards who were forced to the corner by them, who were responsible for sharing food. These biochemicals did not have their own emotions, so they did not have redundant reactions to the intimidation of the prisoners.

But Zhu Yang was irritated by these well-informed guys.

She raised her hand a few more times, and inserted/into the noodle bucket, soup bucket, and milk bucket, respectively, the ones that had jumped the most.

Then he fought among these guys, raised his chin into an arrogant arc, and said with a sneer: “Give a little bit of color and the bones will be so light that there are not two or two left. You really come to enjoy the luxury cruise ship under the sea?

\”Make it clear to me, I just rushed to the sky, and I won’t fly with your trash. I control this prison, and there is no cheapness from you.

It was probably the departure of a few players that gave these guys a sense of tentativeness in their hearts. The first few are probably fools who were stunned out to be the best birds.

However, Zhu Yang was not interested in the undercurrents in the prison because of the formality, no matter how incredible some of them were outside, and how good at strategizing.

If you commit a crime, you have to stay in prison.

Zhu Yang pointed to the food scattered all over the table on the ground: “These are your breakfast this morning. If you don’t finish it, you will save it for lunch. If you don’t finish it, you will continue to serve it. You can only make new dishes after eating. Eat or not!\”

After speaking, he left the restaurant. The severity was not much better than the previous warden, and there was no punishment.

However, they were wrong. When they went to work in the morning, they found that the workload was increasing, and they were not allowed to leave the work until they were finished. They chatted and did nothing in peacetime. As long as they were not excessive, no one would care about it.

At noon, everyone was hungry and hungry and left for work. In the morning, the despised breakfast tasted very delicious.

At this moment, the person responsible for the prison’s forced rebellion was relieved. It seemed that this guy had no intention of changing the status quo, at least so far.

They were also afraid that Zhu Yang would stand on the side of the prisoner and bully the prison management. Although the nature of the prison research area annoyed her, as long as the two sides are normal and orderly, it will be fine for the time being.

A few days later, Zhu Yang was either wandering around in the prison, looking for clues to the fathead fish, or going to the sea to exercise new abilities. The schedule was very tight.

There was a call between Deep Sea Company and here, but fortunately, it was just a routine inquiry, and the warden had not had time to tell the company of her existence.

The biochemical man who transformed from Zheng Nan’s abilities into the appearance of the warden, in the past few days, after instilling all the information about the warden that Zhu Yang could find, it was easy to deal with the past.

On the fifth day, people who went out sent back news.

It was Zheng Nan who contacted her on the video. She excitedly said: “Zhu Yang, we know who the fathead fish is. The game is too **** this time. With such a big task format, it happens to throw people into the sea. Otherwise, we will always Impossible to complete the task.\”

Several other people also nodded. The task seemed to go smoothly. For them, the day changed after sleeping in prison for two nights. They came out to win a higher evaluation.

But who knows that coming out is the beginning of the mission. If they don’t have Zhu Yang’s resolute and vigorous approach, ordinary customs clearance methods may have to wait until the year of the monkey to pass the game.

At the same time, it also proved the actual difficulty of the game and the fact that they lie down.

Zhu Yang came to be interested: “Who is the Fathead Fish?”

He said over there: \”It’s not who, Fathead Fish is not a person or a test subject at all. It is the general name of that research project.\”

Invention project?

The research project here named Zhu Yang knew that it was not a fat-headed fish, otherwise it would be impossible for them to find out how to find it.

I listened to Zheng Nan’s explanation: \”Of course the official name is not like this. We went out and found the headquarters of Deep Sea Company.\”

\”I rented a house nearby, observed for a while, locked a few people in positions, and kidnapped them, restricted personal freedom, and replaced the other’s identity.\”

\”I am now disguised as one of the assistants of the largest shareholder.\”

It seems that Zheng Nan has really worked **** this, and knows that he can’t pretend to be the chief assistant. After all, that requires an extreme understanding of the boss, and even the two will have an extraordinary working understanding between the two, which is easy to wear.

On the contrary, it is one of the small assistants hidden in the team. It is inconspicuous. You only need to do your own work. In the fast pace of work, no one cares more.

Zheng Nan continued: \”The guy’s information is very tight, but he still found a chance for me. I found his file package, and there was a category named Fathead Fish in it. Of course he also did other projects. So according to my own characteristics, what shark heads, sunfish are messy.\”

\”I opened one of the files and saw photos of several experimental samples, and then looked at the geographic coordinates, which refers to us here. But how do we bring out the research project?\”

The nickname of the project named by the big boss himself can’t be wrong, it’s just that there are so many things there, and the experimental sample alone occupies three floors, and they can’t find such a huge transportation tool to transport it all out.

But Zhu Yang understood the real meaning of the game as soon as she heard it. She smiled and asked Zheng Nan and they said: “Is there anything important in the company recently to focus the attention of the media?”

The people who got here are not stupid people, they control their heads one after another, and they are bypassed by the words of the game.

Saying that he brought the Fathead Fish out of the prison subconsciously thought of relying on his own manpower. In fact, once this thing is announced, the relevant department will take over, and no matter how trivial it is, it can give you a clear arrangement.

Just to create pressure on the society, so as to avoid collusion between those in power and Deep Sea, we must make this matter as big as possible.

They have also gained a certain understanding of the world these days after they came out.

Although capable people are often squeezed out because they are different from others, they are not filled with the kind of fire in the street like in movies.

The background is different. Under a social system similar to our country, the general direction of the whole society is still stable and harmonious.

Although ordinary people are quite estranged from capable people, it is impossible for them to remain indifferent to such appalling human experiments.

Even some time ago, a researcher made genetic programming for immune diseases, which caused a huge public controversy and was accused by thousands of people.

The genes of capable people are different from ordinary people, but this is the result of natural evolution, and most people still have a very high line of defense against the bottom line of human nature at the last level.

Zheng Nan immediately said: \”Three days later, there is a new product launch conference. An anti-cancer pill developed by Deep Blue Technology is available. It is broadcast live worldwide, and the scene is absolutely grand.\”

Zhu Yang smiled: \”Then please get me a ticket for the press conference.\”

After disconnecting the call, Zhu Yang copied a copy of the experimental project materials and notified him to prepare a helicopter and plan to leave prison.

There is no need to worry about the high-density of her former people as soon as she leaves the prison. After all, she has reset the authority now, and the person who is the highest priority order of the biochemical man is her.

After finishing the arrangement, let the elevator ghost and the old woman stare at them. If the other party acts rashly, they can definitely stop them before they reflect.

After all arrangements were made, Zhu Yang took a back-to-back ghost and left the prison.

Although back-to-back ghosts can travel through the network, they are too far away and the signals are too messy, which will greatly affect efficiency.

In order to make sure that she was foolproof, Zhu Yang simply brought her to the scene.

Naturally it was stuffed into the mirror again.

Back-to-back ghosts were a little unhappy at the time: “Sister, can we change places? I really can’t stand that narcissistic bitch.”

\”Mom’s three sentences are less than all kinds of praises of one’s own beauty, depreciation of other people’s looks, kills or kills, and recovers two more, one mouth holds 800 ducks, and it’s a big day. I’m going crazy.\”

Ok! Fujiang brand biochemical weapons are indeed amazingly powerful, to be honest, Zhu Yang himself must use it with caution.

Seeing that this guy is indeed pitiful, Zhu Yang let her get into the laptop, stuff the laptop into the space ring, and live together!

The elevator ghost saw back to back to the new boss, praying for her to go quickly, and it is best not to come back when she left, but at the same time, she hated iron and steel.

Why is it so easy to be fooled.

However, he was honest about the tasks that Zhu Yang explained.

Ha ha! After all, the people here are in power, and the switch of the spirit-killing instrument is in their hands, and a knife is always hanging over their heads. Naturally, it is better to take care of them.

Zhu Yang crossed the ocean by plane, and it took more than ten hours to arrive on land.

After getting off the plane and trying to come to the agreed city, it took almost two days to hurry.

Seeing that there were less than 30 hours left at the press conference, Zhu Yang went to the hotel to open a presidential suite, took a bath, took a good meal, and slept well, not in a hurry.

Rose who came to give her admission tickets was shocked by her extravagant style.

To Zhu Yang said: \”Let’s do anything -, you are high-profile enough.\”

Zhu Yang saw that she was wearing the work clothes of Deep Sea Company, and her face also changed, but her handsome temperament was still evident.

He also whistled jokingly: \”This face is not as pretty as you are.\”

Rose’s eyes were deep, and he suddenly said to Zhu Yang: “I am gay, don’t flirt with me casually, or I will take it seriously.”

Zhu Yang: \”……\”

What else can she do besides making her more narcissistic about her beauty and charm?

Rose has to go back to work. She is different from Zheng Nan, who is best at playing others. She was only inserted/into the field today and replaced the status of on-site equipment control personnel.

Zheng Nan couldn’t get away right now, but the few people they came out had all been arranged to go in.

Zhu Yang didn’t linger, got up and changed into a gorgeous silver backless dress. His hair was turned into a charming curl and draped loosely on one side. The forehead was blown to the back, leaking a smooth forehead and a whole piece without any blemishes. s face.

Then put on **** red lips, the end is glamorous.

She has good skin and full momentum, and she is actually very good at controlling these challenging colors, not to mention the flaming red lips, even the black lips are completely fine.

I was narcissistic in the mirror for a long time, and the back-to-back that was released was very envious: “Oh, I want to perform well-dressed too.”

Zhu Yang is actually a bit difficult to mention this to her. With her ability, it is definitely not suitable for Yangui and Playboy to perform directly in the front line.

It’s more suitable to be assigned to an electronic project, but this guy can be an Internet celebrity in his heart, and worry about Zhu Yang.

Seeing that she was greedy, she simply picked out a red dress for her, put it back to back with joy, and hurriedly changed into a costume, thinking that she was about to show up in front of the world, so she naturally had to pack herself.

One person and one ghost only then left the house.

Zhu Yang drove the rented supercar, and the beautiful car was passing by in the city, attracting many amazing eyes and whistles.

All the way to the outside of the press conference, there was a red carpet here.

It seems that Deep Sea has made a lot of effort for this release and also invited stars.

Zhu Yang stepped out of the car door with long legs and stepped on the red carpet with high heels, radiant and more present than the celebrity. For a time, he grabbed a lot of the shots of the little girl in front of him.

But when people aimed at her, they realized that this face was so good that they didn’t even know her, but the other party’s aura was too strong.

Walking with a neat pace, passing by the flow of Xiaohua with wind, he inadvertently glanced from here, because his eyes were tall and condescending.

All of a sudden, the florets are inexplicably lined up-lack of temperament or lack of aura? Or both.

In short, there is an invisible comparison of public executions.

People like her are too dazzling and too natural, and the admission voucher is true and correct, even if no one knows her along the way, no one will stop her.

The press conference was based on the situation of a cocktail party. As soon as Zhu Yang entered, it didn’t take long for him to be accosted by many people because he had no male partner around him.

Zhu Yang dismissed a few indifferently, and no one was uninterested in coming up. Many of them were appreciated from a distance.

She moved a little in the front direction, found the best point of view, and was touched by a waiter holding a tray.

Hearing the other side passing by and saying: \”Be careful, there are snipers guarding the scene.\”

She quickly slid a long note in her hand, which was the position of a sniper.

This was originally to ensure the safety of the employer, but if she didn’t pay attention, she would have fun overturning the ship in the gutter.

After Zhu Yang remembered, he put the note away.

At this time, with applause, the press conference officially began.


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