Scream Queen Chapter 96

This deep-sea company has a history of several decades. From a small research room to the current global biotech giant, its company’s development history has always been legendary in the industry.

On the huge and clear screen of the launch station, Deep Sea’s decades of development history, as well as several of the world’s breakthrough achievements and glory, are described one by one.

Then came the speeches of the CEO and the big bosses. The release of various values ​​gave a clear and intuitive understanding of the company’s market value and world influence.

Of course, these are nonsense that can be skipped for Zhu Yang, if she has the time to remote control.

However, she still has no shortage of patience. She even took out her mobile phone when she had time to make sure that the current press conference was indeed broadcast live on the whole network.

She even saw herself on the screen several times.

Standing conspicuous, beautiful, and very strong, it is hard to be ignored.

Under the live message, there were even people who asked her about which country she was a star. Obviously, no matter what the occasion, there are a lot of people who don’t care about the theme.

After half an hour of nonsense ended, this press conference finally entered the topic.

The highly motivated person in charge explained another trans-epochal initiative completed by Deep Sea in a provocative language on stage.

The screen shows different pictures based on his word order rhythm.

The design inspiration of anti-cancer drugs, the hard work of research and development, the doubts and frustrations encountered along the way, and the excitement of finally seeing the dawn of success.

It is worthy of being a world-class giant company. When it comes to true MLM, those small workshop-style MLM sites are simply not enough.

At this moment, the minds of people all over the world are mobilized, because the clinical trial results on the screen have proved that the advent of this drug, cancer for humans will no longer be a disease of death that has changed.

To be honest, Zhu Yang felt complicated when he saw this scene. The company’s development into an industry oligarch must be the result of the life-long dedication of countless scientists.

Before coming, Zhu Yang had also learned a little about their history. It is true that many of the things on the surface are great inventions that benefit all mankind.

It’s just that some careerists don’t seem to be satisfied with ‘greatness’, they even want to ‘rule’, even above the top of the world, and regard themselves as gods.

Once such a person becomes dissatisfied with the current political structure, social model, speed of reproduction, and various countless reasons, should the next step be to reshuffle it without hesitation?

This may be the villain in the cliché doomsday movies, but it has to be said that the control of the core of human nature has always been extremely accurate.

Zhu Yang casually raised his hand, stroked the diamond necklace on his neck, and made a vague gesture.

The people lurking in the venue immediately received instructions.

The action begins!

Hundreds of marbles were scattered one after another, covering the entire venue. The sniper in the building next door couldn’t solve it for the time being, but after knowing the location, Zhu Yang had a way to deal with it.

When the waiter passed by, a customer put an empty wine glass on the other party’s tray, and said: “Thank you for another martini.”

However, he was filled with a tray of the other party, and the other party took off his uniform jacket and smiled at the guests: “I’m sorry, I’m off work.”

The guest is dissatisfied and expressed that he wants to complain, but where can he see the other person’s shadow when he looks back?

Zheng Nan, disguised as one of the assistants, threw the information in her hand at the person next to her. The person standing next to her happened to be the boss’ chief assistant.

The other side said: “What are you doing?”

Zheng Nan held the face of the strange woman and smiled: “The boss is looking for, I have to work.”

The chief assistant subconsciously glanced at the boss sitting on the chairman, but the other party did not give any instructions: “The boss didn’t–”

But the other party only left him a neat back.

Many people in the main control room are busy, this kind of live broadcast to the whole world cannot tolerate the slightest accident, and everyone is cheering up.

Most of the press conference has now passed, and everything went smoothly, which made everyone feel extremely honored.

Hold on for a while, and it will surely end successfully.

It’s just that a female ghost wearing a red dress appeared in the busy room at this time, sneered, just picked a socket, and got in.

Everyone felt a slight fluctuation in the screen they had been staring at, but this phenomenon occasionally appeared as long-term eye fatigue, so the person who noticed it blinked and didn’t care about it.

In the power system control area, there were originally two security guards with live ammunition.

At this time, a man in overalls with a work permit came over, and the two immediately pointed their guns at each other——

“Did you go to the wrong area? No one is allowed to approach here. Leave immediately.”

The other party looked up at the sign above blankly, and said hurriedly: “I’m sorry, sorry, I’m going to the main control room, the boss explained that there is a break.”

He said that he raised a folder in Yang’s hand.

The two security guards relaxed a little, but did not put down their guns, they should go to the left when they were about to scold each other.

Two needles were shot out of thin air in the folder, so fast that after the first person was hit, the second person didn’t have time to pull the trigger.

The two fell softly to the ground, and the expression on the face of the staff member who had gone the wrong way changed from reckless to indifferent.

Open that folder, and there is a bunch of miniatures pinned in it.

Zheng Nan is not a player with a superb military value, nor is it extremely smart. It is just that he can rely on this ability that does not have too much advantage to come to this day, and naturally has his own smart way to respond.

She put away the gun, quickly carried the two fainted guys into the control room, and at the same time put on the security clothes and changed her face and body shape into one of them.

Standing in front of the door after handing in the opponent’s gun, he said to the communicator on his ear: “I’ll do it here.”

If the power is cut off during the press conference when something interesting is being played, it is not fun. Back-to-back can control the network but can’t control the power, which is very important here.

At this time, the anti-cancer drug session has come to an end in the conference hall.

Deep Sea is not a low-key scientific research company, on the contrary, the other party has been committed to operating its own influence.

Therefore, the products developed are also various. Each new product released has not only the main project, but also many by-products.

The by-product this time is a beauty cream, which claims to be able to solve most skin problems of any skin type.

It is not a product that requires long-term observation of traditional creams, but an immediate effect.

At the same time, the screen showed the use of dozens of volunteers who participated in the experiment. Whether it was acne, scars, spots, large pores, dryness, or small wrinkles, it seemed that they could be solved in a few days.

After a week, the skin of each experimenter was renewed, as if they were moulting.

Women on the entire network are excited. Based on the premise that Deep Sea has never exaggerated the effect of advertising, the following messages are all about wallets.

But Zhu Yang now understood that in this so-called press conference, anti-cancer drugs are not the main thing at all.

It just so happens that this cosmetic cream that pleases the female market is their real goal.

There should be more than one research room like a prison in Deep Sea, and the projects are estimated to be different, but it just so happens that the cosmetic cream project comes from Fathead Fish.

Zhu Yang has carefully read the research materials these days, except for human body research and human cloning manufacturing, all of them use that prison as a research base.

One is that it is really hidden, isolated from the world and difficult to escape. But a more important reason is that a contaminated mineral mud was found in that sea area.

The reason for the pollution is thanks to the fish scale monster. From the analysis of the data, it seems to be the secretion of hormones.

The research laboratory thoroughly studied the fish scale monsters, and naturally they would not give up even these minutiae.

It was discovered that this kind of mineral mud is extremely permeable and aggressive, and its impact on the human body seems to be good from the outside.

However, after Deep Sea’s editing, coupled with the large-scale market release of documents, it can be seen that the other party has taken a tentative step from the purpose of controlling humans.

Whether it is live or online, the beauty-loving people are caring.

At this time, the person in charge smiled and said: “We will randomly select lucky ladies at the scene to show the magical effect of this beauty cream in front of the world.”

Almost all the women on the scene raised their hands, and there were many female stars among them.

The person in charge was very satisfied with the atmosphere in the venue, so he simply ordered a lady in the front row.

The one who didn’t die was Xiaohua who was executed by Zhu Yang on the red carpet before, and the other side looked incredibly excited.

After all, this opportunity for global attention is not always available. The world’s attention will be on her for a long time. This is an exposure rate that no amount of domestic resources can buy.

The actress stepped on high heels and was about to go up, only to take two steps before she was pushed by a horizontal arm.

Zhu Yang pushed the actress away and walked up with great momentum. He didn’t know that she thought she was the one who was targeted, and just pushed away a hindrance in front of her.

The natural aura, the aura of walking with wind, made the people who were clearly visible around just now a bit embarrassed.

The female celebrity who was pushed stumblingly made her eyeballs explode. She knew the direction of the Internet from her assistant when she came in.

As for the traffic, there are more fans and more sunspots, all of whom are laughing at her being crushed by a passerby beauty.

She doesn’t believe this is a coincidence, it must be a deliberate hype by a newcomer who is about to debut.

But I didn’t expect that the other party would even dare to **** this kind of thing. The female star is not good to make a commotion here, but I have already made up my mind about how to use this thing to sell the miserable hype, and I must not make this bitch.

The person in charge saw a beautiful woman coming, not the one he ordered, but he didn’t mind.

After making a warm-up joke, he complimented Zhu Yang and said: “This lady is a real beauty. I can’t see any flaws on her face at such a close distance.”

“I want to ask, how much do you spend on facial care for a year?”

Zhu Yang took the microphone and smiled at the camera. It was different from the filter shots of the entertainment conference, which showed that the entertainment industry’s singing and dancing were all different.

This kind of product launches all use high-definition lenses without filters. There are often female stars under this kind of lens, and the beauty of the prosperous world is gone.

Even a little imperfection of makeup will be magnified infinitely, not to mention the state of skin quality, the imperfections of facial features, and the firmness of facial muscles.

So when the close-up of the lens is aimed at the strange beauty, the huge screen or the end of the whole network viewers really can’t find any flaws.

Even if the baby’s skin is not so good, right? All kinds of licking messages appeared online.

Then I listened to the beauty and said: “There has been no statistics before, but since using Deep Sea’s products, it is true that skin care costs have been greatly reduced. One bottle is better than six bottles. With Deep Sea, I think other beauty care brands are available. It can be completely closed, and in the same era, don’t you feel ashamed to run so slow?”

This remark was too much touted, and even the person in charge was a little surprised. Some people on the Internet have questioned ‘Qing Ben, how can I be a childcare.’

To be honest, it is not a good move to belittle other brands in my own press conference now. Those who were present at the scene wondered if they had mixed in.

One pink top ten black.

But the person in charge doesn’t care too much. Although the other party’s words are arrogant, that is what their company will eventually achieve. This is a kind of arrogance that is extremely confident in their own technology.

But he still said modestly: “This lady has praised, and we also maintain considerable respect for our competitors in the same industry. Healthy competition is the prerequisite for healthy market development.”

I was about to enter the subject to test the cream. Although this person’s skin looks flawless, modern society is seriously polluted by industry. Even if the surface looks perfect, some potential problems cannot be avoided. The contrast can be seen immediately under the micro lens.

The staff pushed up the products and various tools, but saw that the beauty picked up a jar of cream on her own.

Smiled to the following: “I want to declare that what I just said is not flattering. Maybe people will think this is an exaggeration. But believe me, you know Deep Sea’s efforts for this small jar of cream. You can understand the greatness of it.”

Endless? The person in charge was a little dissatisfied with this woman’s unauthorized performance, but at this time he was still stuck in which country’s celebrities were self-hyped.

But then things took a turn for the worse.

The other party uttered a sentence that buzzed everyone present.

She said: “Traditional cosmetology research is still not bold enough. It is restricted by all kinds of **** human relations, morals, and laws. It turns around in a closed space, and it hasn’t been a breakthrough.”

“But you have to know that many women can even kill people in order to be beautiful. Why don’t these companies consider the needs of the market and stand still in irrelevant places? Look-our world clearly has so many things to use.”

Then she turned her head and looked at the person in charge with a smile: “Our deep sea company is different. From the beginning to the end, meeting the market is listed as the first prerequisite, and the contradiction with it, even the law and human nature will be trampled on to you.”

“This awareness is not at the same point as ordinary companies such as you. So, what else is necessary for you research laboratories without sacrificing consciousness?”

As soon as the words came out, the audience was in an uproar. Although the words were unclear, everyone with eyes could smell the amazing melon.

The person in charge changed his face and hurriedly motioned to the security guard next to him to pull him down.

It’s just that as soon as the security guards ran to the stage, they couldn’t help but drag him away. The company did not know what to do, but in the eyes of the people on stage, it was true that he had obeyed the order to pull down the crazy woman who was talking nonsense with the microphone.

Zhu Yang brushed her hair, and she was the only one left on the stage.

So he took the opportunity to pay a salute to the camera: “It seems that the person in charge of the press conference decided to take a break, so let me, a deep-sea die-hard fan, be shy and continue.”

“As we all know, Deep Sea never makes false and exaggerated advertisements, and strives to use visible facts in everything. As an iron fan, I will naturally not violate this rule.”

“Speech is pale, so let’s record from the picture, come into the deep sea company’s efforts for today.”

Then a shocking picture appeared on the huge screen, a tragic human experiment that was carefully edited and condensed.

People suddenly have the illusion of being in a horror science fiction movie, but the most lacking of the media is professionals.

Preliminary judgment with the naked eye is that there are no traces of processing at all. In other words, these videos are 80% real?

For a time, the flashlights woven into a starry scene, and all the shots, including the guests’ mobile phones, were also aimed at the screen.

The people at Deep Sea Company realized that it was not good, and immediately contacted the main control room through the walkie-talkie, but the people in the main control room had already sweated coldly, but they could not regain control of the screen.

No, it should be said that most of the staff are staring at the picture in front of them dumbfounded.

Deep Sea does a lot of dirty work behind the scenes, but most of its employees are still proud of their employment with global companies, but today they see their company tearing away the pickled sludge in the back ground.

Most people are still in the shock of being hit by Sanguan.

There was no way in the main control room, so they told people to go to the power room and cut off the power to the entire building.

But a large group of people can’t reach the destination. The original simple route structure is now as complicated as a maze.

In the corner where no one noticed, only the figure of a female employee flashed by. It was one of the female players. Her skill was a maze, and even the straight line path with her ability could become a ghost hitting a wall.

Even if two lucky ones reached the destination inadvertently, Zheng Nan’s hand stretched out within minutes to clean up.

The screen output area has been completely occupied by Zhu Yang, and the press conference site was not idle. The crowds of security pushed away the guests and wanted to go up and arrest people, but they felt that there was something on their necks.

Then an unfamiliar, cold female voice came from their earphones: “Don’t move, whoever dares to move, just bite his neck.”

On-site security is only done with salary, not a desperate squad, the people who are truly intrepid have been resolved.

For example, the hidden sniper in the opposite building and the personal bodyguard next to the CEO have become less polite to these people. The remaining players and Rose scattered in the field don’t have to deliberately target anyone.

Whoever dared to get a step closer to the podium area was an anesthetized shot over it, and some wanted to dig out a gun to solve the person on the spot, but in any case they could not hit the target.

Zhu Yang had already hypnotized the audience, but the people were still on the podium, but the position of the station was slightly off.

Once he dared to shoot on the stage to expose his position, Zhu Yang’s player who was hiding in the crowd also raised his hand and shot the opponent down.

So the situation in the court was messed up for a while, but it calmed down after a while.

The actions of Deep Sea Company proved the authenticity of these images.

Zhu Yang patted the microphone: “Quiet!”

“I personally regret the commotion just now. The press conference will proceed as usual. I believe that everyone is still a little confused about these unfounded information.”

“So let me give you a specific explanation.”

She pointed to a picture: “Let’s talk about it first. This is a deep-sea prison research base located in the Atlantic Ocean. The coordinates are on XX-XX. The experimental project of this base was kindly named Fathead Fish by the person in charge of the deep-sea company.”

“I like this name very much, and one of today’s flagship products, the source of raw materials for beauty creams is from this.”

“Let’s focus on this fish-scale humanoid.”

Zhu Yang pointed to the photo of the fish scale monster, and there was a snapping sound at the scene.

She continued: “This creature is the mother of most of the test samples in the Fathead Fish Project. Its genes are strongly aggressive. You can see that the modified body inside is simply a collection of marine life.”

“I can’t believe that these various derivative species come from one mother, and most of these test subjects are capable people during their lifetime.”

“It can completely change the genes of biological species, and the mineral mud infected by its secretions. Deep Sea has already shown this powerful effect through dozens of volunteers. The most surprising thing is that they have been genetically edited and have been Means of control.”

Then there was a video showing the researcher ordering the mutant species to do various instructions on the screen, but the mutant was too violent and highly aggressive, and it was simply a powerful biochemical weapon.

All the people present, including those who are watching the live broadcast online, have formed a message vacuum after a tumultuous period of watching and discussion.

Everyone who saw this scene felt numb, especially the beauty lovers who were waving banknotes before.

Is it true that with this product, the obedience factor to Deep Sea is imprinted in the genes?

As long as the other party makes any measures at the right time, he can have hundreds of millions or even billions of simplified biochemical soldiers?

Even if you can’t make complex commands, how about controlling humans to attack each other? What about implying hypnosis in the election? Or directly screen and obliterate humans?

Not only was the human ethics trampled by the experiments of the capable people shocked the entire world, the company’s ambitions, tangibly, had almost threatened itself with the shocking conspiracy that made it impossible for everyone to sit on the sidelines and watch the fire.

After all, there is one of its own in the surprising number of pre-sale orders.

Everyone at the scene was angry. The police were already on their way to the building. People near the building had already surrounded the area. In just ten minutes, someone made a simple protest sign.

No matter the back of a piece of A4 paper or advertising paper, or simply a T-shirt on your body, the crowd kept approaching here and surrounded the headquarters of Deep Sea Company.

At this time, on the giant screen that was played simultaneously outside the building, the statement of the strange beautiful woman had come to an end.

In the end, she concluded: “This is me. For the deep sea company, I admire the courage to trample everything for the sake of product development. I think this effort should not be buried under tens of meters of deep sea.”

“As fans, I have an obligation to publicize the idol’s efforts behind the scenes. So far, thank you for your patience.”

When he said that, he was really serious and bowed to the stage, and then he left the stage as if he had retired.

In addition to the shock and anger at Deep Sea, everyone is wondering who this strange and beautiful woman is, how she obtained these precious materials, and arranged all of this in the tightly guarded press conference.

There is an online discussion that this must be a plan that lasts for several months, and every step is accurately calculated. This will destroy a world-class rights organization in one fell swoop.

The opponent’s team will not be less than a hundred people, and it will cover the elites of various industries, otherwise it will be impossible to accomplish this feat.

But this team of “hundred people” elites gathered at the exclusive elevator entrance on the upper floors of the building at this moment.

As soon as the big men escorted by the bodyguard opened the door, they saw a few people headed by the woman on the podium standing in front of them.

The opponent did not hesitate to pull out, but his wrists broke before he could pull the trigger.

Zhu Yang walked forward slowly. Those big men were male and female, all over forty years old, and they all dressed in the style of the superior.

Seeing that things were already powerless, one of the old men looked at Zhu Yang with sharp eyes: “Who are you anyway?”

A hard drive appeared out of thin air in Zhu Yang’s hand and threw it into the other’s arms: “We are human.”

At this time, the game issued a notification to complete the task. It seems that the relevant state departments have found the coordinates of the prison.

When the police from the special operations group arrived, the top executives of the Deep Sea Company were half-frozen in the ice, waiting for them to catch them.

As for the lady at the press conference, there is no trace, but the hard drive found from the person in charge is already a lot of important evidence.

The other party should be an organization of capable people, but it didn’t seem to want to participate in the follow-up investigation. Afterwards, relevant departments secretly searched the world and failed to find the person at that time.

Zhu Yang and several people stood on the roof of a building hundreds of meters away. Because of the isolation of illusion, others could not find them for a while.

Looking at the crowds outside the headquarters of Deep Sea, it was as if people from the entire city had gathered here. This really caused the world’s anger.

Zhu Yang and the others did not plan to stay longer after completing the task.

He said to Ross: “For those who are capable in prison, I have sent the real crime files to the relevant departments. Innocent people believe that they will be reviewed again. If you are not at ease, you can follow up and use public opinion to pressure.”

Rose listened to her explanation, to be honest, she hadn’t thought about it a week ago, and the goal she had been working hard for would be achieved so quickly.

It was almost like a dream, until now she has a sense of unreality.

Then she hugged Zhu Yang and whispered: “Thank you, you have done enough, and I and my friends sincerely thank you.”

Zhu Yang laughed: “I told you I already have a boyfriend, right?”

Rose shrugged and returned his regretful hand: “Yes, it’s a pity.”

It smells so sweet and so good to hold.

The other four players are a little confused. When did the script start? Although Rose is the head of Zhu Yang, he acts with them most of the time, right?

However, this girl’s country is straightforward and unrestrained in feelings, and will express it without hesitation when she is indeed attracted.

Eros’s cleverness also guessed that a few of them would disappear soon, so they were particularly reluctant to leave.

After sending Rose away, a few players had time to say their final goodbyes.

To be honest, this mission didn’t last long, and everyone didn’t see much depth, but the unprecedented movement and the sense of glory that brought down a world power giant gave a few people a different kind of tacit understanding.

Especially the joy and neatness in the cooperation, and the high evaluation in the results, are all very exciting.

Especially the difficulty of this level, under Zhu Yang’s vigorous operation, it was so light.

Reasonable God teammates are not enough to describe the opponent’s ability, and when they go back, they may have to lie down and shout sixty-six.

Each expressed their hope of clearing the level with Zhu Yang again in the future, and the four female players happily left the game with their points.

This time, Zhu Yang broke through too fast and vigorously, except for the harsh copies of traps everywhere, and the clearance evaluation revealed a 3S. After all, her speed is really close to the limit of this game.

Back to back to Zhu Yang’s side, because he was about to leave, he promised to take her to the haunted house, so she stuffed her into the mirror that pretended to be Fu Jiang.

The mirror bought here should be taken away.

Back to back can’t be disgusted at this moment, can only bear it.

Before going out, Zhu Yang confirmed the reward. The points and so on are just a series of numbers for her. The important thing is that the bursting abilities and the corresponding skill points increase.

Although this time is not as bumpy as the haunted house, it is not much different.

In the real game, the abilities of the fish scale monster have been captured, and finally two skills have been revealed, namely back-to-back and elevator ghost.

Back-to-back because I wanted to go with her wholeheartedly, and Zhu Yang himself had the ability to wear glasses before, and was compatible with her ability, so it broke out in Zhu Yang’s expectation.

The elevator ghost’s ability is estimated to be useful to scare her three meals and supper that day. Only then did Zhu Yang know the specific scope of the opponent’s ability.

It’s not bad as she expected. It is to manipulate the air within a certain range, but it is even more useful in a closed space.

If it can be used in an open environment, such as creating a vacuum environment around a person out of thin air, then it is really invincible.

Of course, this is also her evolutionary idea, but now, it is convenient to use it with the abilities of the fish scale monster.

Out of the game, Zhu Yang immediately released the little yellow chicken.

Good guy, because the scene was not suitable, it was suffocated, and when he came out, he arched into mother’s arms.

Zhu Yang was afraid that it would be seen by his family, so he quickly turned it into a normal appearance, and slept softly.

When I went to find Lu Xiuci the next day, because he had gained three more abilities, he couldn’t help but scream in front of him.

Lu Xiuci’s abilities are countless, and to be honest, he has reached the top of a game, such as the dog in the game, Xie Yiquhe and the others, and the emperor they saw in another game.

Everyone’s abilities are listed as a superstore, and in a sense they are really close to the gods.

Although Zhu Yang has gained a lot of this, he can’t see enough in front of him.

Where can Zhu Yang see that this guy is exaggerating, and there is no wave in his heart.

Raising her eyebrows, what she Zhu Yang wants to show off, can she be satisfied with such a clear soup and a little water? Don’t let people kneel on the ground and call her father, it’s just plain blind for her.

So Datou Lu saw her taking off her clothes one by one.

Looking up at the broad day outside, he didn’t expect this kind of good thing to happen, and his heart immediately drifted.

Zhu Yang raised his hand and motioned him not to move, and then the beautiful jewel-like scales covered his whole body.

The bright luster and the mysterious aura in the fish scales really make people feel like being on the bottom of the sea and dating the most beautiful mermaid princess.

Lu Xiuci touched it in amazement, and said dizzy: “This is so beautiful.”

Zhu Yang opened his hand: “My charm is more than this?”

Then the scales of the fish continued to change from her consciousness, and after a while, the neck went down to the chest area, revealing the beautifully shaped collarbone and shoulders.

After a while, the legs contracted upwards, staying at the hips, as if wearing a **** short skirt with fish scales.

All kinds of close-fitting dresses, uniforms, X fun styles, only unexpected, nothing impossible.

Looking up, Lu Datou had already covered his nose in embarrassment to conceal his lack of interest.

Zhu Yang pushed the person down on the wall and blew to him: “Is this ability amazing?”

What can Lu Xiuci say? Anyway, it was a nuclear weapon that hit him with precision.

After that, he was eaten alive by the beautiful mermaid, and at the same time felt that he seemed to have misunderstood the game before.

I also suspected that it was robbing his own girlfriend. Now that I saw it, I was thinking about giving benefits everywhere. Lu Xiuci’s hatred of the game disappeared a lot in an instant.

But he didn’t notice that a certain vomiting blood was ready to toss about this **** who was cheap and good-natured.

Because he has to send back to back to the haunted house, after all, that guy has done a lot in the task, and Zhu Yang can’t wait while others are thinking about it.

So he told Datou Lu and decided to return to the world of the haunted house in the past two days.

Lu Xiu was surprised: “So fast?”

“Isn’t there a promise? What’s more, it’s time to go back and develop.” Zhu Yang said.

Lu Xiuci nodded: “Then you want to participate in the game?”

Going back to the occasions where you have cleared the level, generally speaking, players go back with a purpose, and they must participate in the level. For example, at the beginning, Lu Xiuci and Zhu Yang met in the game.

However, players like Zhu Yang who have exceeded one level can easily pass the level even if their strength is compressed in the low-level arena.

Therefore, the rewards given by the game are also limited. If you have other purposes, you can simply ignore the game, unless it is a cruel occasion that is obliterated before it is completed, otherwise it is okay not to make the money.

Zhu Yang thought for a while: “It depends on the situation, what if you are interested?”

After two days of rest, Zhu Yang used the props Lu Datou gave her, set the coordinates, and returned to the haunted house.

Of course, the Haunted House dungeon was blown up by her, and it would certainly not be the same game theme as before, so after Zhu Yang opened his eyes, he found himself and several players in a practice room.

Looking around, there are young, beautiful, handsome men and women sitting around.

This is actually a trainee training camp for an entertainment company?


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