Scream Queen Chapter 97

With Zhu Yang’s beauty, in fact, he really has the heart to enter the entertainment circle, enjoy the attention of all the people, and the fans chase after it. It is really not a difficult task in operation.

Her own conditions are good, and the family is rich, not too far away, at least it is not difficult to spend money to pave a way for her, and the family contacts in this area are not unavailable.

As for her father, it’s not that she has never invested in film and television-related projects. Just find a traffic drama and don’t talk about female one female two, spend a little more money to put it in as a vase, regardless of the number of plays, as long as the role is pleasing, this first step It’s also much easier than other unscrupulous people.

And Zhu Yang itself is not without a basis for hype. Some netizens who have been idle for a long time choose which colleges and universities to choose for their beauty.

At that time, the few college students with higher votes are now more or less developing in that direction, becoming Internet celebrities, performing third-rate TV shows, and opening online stores. In short, they have caught the wave of enthusiasm and realized.

However, Zhu Yang’s original votes to slap these people did not mean to manage the situation.

In fact, her character is vain and swagger, and she is naturally happy to see what she is doing, but relatively, she has always understood the situation.

The so-called celebrity is not a person seen by the public, but a team’s business results, and every move is responsible for this interest group.

To put it bluntly, it is one thing for Zhu Yang to enjoy others’ praise and envy, but she is not happy to pay more for vanity.

She has no special interest or obsession with deduction, and she doesn’t have to put herself in a situation where everyone can make judgments at will.

Like now, if someone scolds her on the Internet, she can roll up her sleeves and go back, but if she wants to rely on the public’s attention to eat, then she will not be able to retaliate in a certain sense.

Because other people will always ask you with a higher moral standard after committing a crime, which is called a public figure.

Zhu Yang has always respected these seemingly glamorous industries, but he didn’t expect the game to arrange such a script this time.

There are about twenty trainees in a room, all of them beautiful young men and women.

Get together in twos and threes, or study dance moves, or chat about training projects and whether the company has the latest internal news.

Several players glanced around, and after a while they confirmed their identities.

The mission scene this time obviously needs good looks, so several players are also young and beautiful teenagers just like the original Fujiang scene.

Zhu Yang actually saw an acquaintance inside–

\”Xu Wei?\”

\”Sister Yang?\” Xu Wei suddenly broke down. The perverted copy of Dengeki School was only her second game, but Zhu Yang’s Fu clearance was highly praised.

With the points accumulated in that level, the self-protection power of the subsequent occasions of course soared. She is not favored by the game like Zhu Yang, and the frequency of entering the game is about three months like ordinary players.

But now it is her seventh game, and she is already a powerful player in the low-level field.

Zhu Yang smiled and said: “I didn’t expect to be able to pass the customs together. By the way, did you graduate?”

Xu Wei said: \”I graduated, I am already a freshman. But you are–\”

Zhu Yang was already very strong when he cleared the customs with them, at least not weaker than she is now. Now that they have gone through so many games, there is no reason for the other party to appear on the same occasion with him.

Zhu Yang waved his hand: \”Come back and do something.\”

I didn’t say it clearly, but Xu Wei understood. After all, she is not a complete newcomer. She has a sweet mouth and has gathered a lot of information from many seniors. The qualifications are only mid-level among low-level players, but those who know do not. less.

In addition to Xu Wei, there are two other players, a girl, seventeen or eighteen years old, with a round face and tiger teeth, and she is very cute. She looks like a Japanese schoolgirl named Yang Keke.

The other guy has fluffy and soft chestnut hair, and has a friendly temperament. He is a handsome boy with a milk dog and his name is Li Shi.

However, when asked about his age, the other party was already 23 years old, a bit older than Zhu Yang, but looked at the same age as Yang Keke.

The two did not look aggressive, but their personalities happened to be opposite. Seeing Zhu Yang and Xu Wei actually know each other, there was a lot of alertness in their eyes.

Without him, this time the players gathered a total of four people, and the two of them took up half of the right to speak. After a little fight, the dominant power is in their hands.

After all, young, beautiful and full of spirits, the two new players this time are also rare and enterprising types.

Zhu Yang’s heart is clear, but it is not obvious on the surface. Strictly speaking, she still prefers this type.

At this time, two people came in from outside, one was the general instructor of the training room, and the other was the person in charge of the trainees.

As soon as the two of them entered the room, the whole room fell silent. Zhu Yang and the others watched coldly and saw that all the trainees were eager to try.

It seems that this company has any arrangements for this batch of trainees, and some of the gossip has leaked out.

The person in charge of the trainee, a capable man with glasses smiled: “I believe everyone has heard of it. Recently, the company launched a variety show and needs some new faces.”

\”We have won six places here, and everyone has a chance, but the final decision is in the hands of the program group. Everyone prepares first. The interview is in the afternoon. Whether you can seize the opportunity or not depends on your own ability.\ ”

As soon as the voice fell, there was a burst of cheers in the room. The total number of trainees in this group was less than 20, and the six places were one-third, which was pretty good.

Especially the outstanding few people, their faces are already showing their will.

As soon as the person in charge leaves, everyone discusses and discusses the program.

Someone said, “Don’t be too nervous, it’s not necessarily when you are fighting for talent, or it is not an art test. Variety shows, there must be different role positioning, otherwise people will not just take an afternoon to choose people.\ ”

\”It is very possible that all of our files have been screened, and they just came to the site to confirm.\”

This is so ridiculous, especially cold water is poured, but it is not without his reason.

As they become trainees, they are naturally not so blind to the rules of operation in this circle.

Regardless of how many of the trainees are exceptionally beautiful and outstanding, they may not be selected this time.

Variety shows want a sense of variety, which depends on the personality, especially nowadays comedy is in the lead, looks and talent are not so outstanding, but humorous, pleasing and personal characteristics are more eye-catching than just beautiful and outstanding.

When other people discussed it happily or worryingly, the players were a bit at a loss.

Now that the game mission hasn’t come down yet, it is not clear whether the selection this afternoon is meaningful to them.

If this occasion is just for the trainee dormitory or company, it doesn’t matter if they mix in or not.

Anyway, they came to clear the customs, not to be a star.

But what about the mission in that variety show?

Is it possible that there is still a challenge to receive the task this time?

Xu Wei secretly asked Zhu Yang: “Sister Yang, how did you come here last time? Is this a similar copy?”

Zhu Yang shook his head: \”It’s completely different. We were in a haunted apartment back then.\”

Xu Wei didn’t let go of her breath, so she listened to her to continue: “But at the time we received the task, there was also a test.”

\”Just arriving at the apartment almost killed a few players. Do all copies of this world like to have an appetizer before the game opens?\”

Xu Wei’s scalp exploded immediately. What kind of brutal occasions would put the player in danger of losing his life without even releasing the mission?

So we are more vigilant about this task: “That afternoon’s selection, let’s squeeze in. If the selection ends the game and a player who has not passed the selection does not have the qualification to pass, then we are not dumbfounded?\”

Yang Keke curled his lips: “It’s easy to say, we are not real trainees. The game puts us into the entertainment company does not mean that we can sing, dance and act in variety shows, right?”

\”At that time, I won’t be able to move, why should others choose us?\”

Xu Wei raised her head, her fingers snapped: “Knock the producer or the director and threaten them to agree? It’s really impossible to follow two people who have the right to speak, and threaten with some black material. You can always think of a way.”

After speaking, the little face smiled brightly: \”We are players, why do we have to sing and dance with others?\”

Yang Keke, Li Shi: \”……\”

Hey, this girl looks like she just graduated from junior high school, right? Who taught her to be so cruel? come out–

I was just slandering in my heart, I heard Zhu Yang laugh next to him, and touched Xu Wei’s head: “That’s right, it’s better than before.”

Xu Wei smiled: “Where, since I saw you grilling ghost slices alive and turning them into meat slices for everyone to eat, I opened up the idea of ​​Yuanyuan, and it was a lot easier to use more brains along the way.\”

Yang Keke and Li Shi unanimously took a step back. They were wrong, and they shouldn’t have thought of not being with such a cruel fellow.

It turns out that these two people have friendship like this?

Although Zhu Yang came in this time mainly to collect rent and settle back-to-back, but the game mission has not been issued yet, and she is not in a hurry to leave the large army.

What if the task has something she is interested in? In a city, it only takes an hour to take a taxi, and there is no delay in leaving.

And when I met a child I really liked, I thought I could take care of it next to me.

After all, even though the Haunted Mansion dungeon was blown by her on this occasion, the difficulty of the original, the newly-born dungeon would not be as low as that, which might be a stepped test for Xu Wei.

At this time, two trainees were discussing this variety show.

The other party unfolded and said: “The official announcement has come out. The program’s name is ‘Damn’, it is to take guests to various haunted houses, cemeteries, abandoned school hospitals, and wherever they go to record.”

\”Wow~, shouldn’t this kind of show be a late night show? There are so many audiences on such a large scale?\”

\”Why not? Since the beginning of the Haunted Entertainment Company, Zhu’s Spiritual Entertainment Company has established several large-scale theme amusement parks across the country. How many people still have only terrible impressions of ghosts?\”

\”Yes, now even the country and society have recognized the ghost status. As long as the ghost finds the relevant department to register information, they can obtain the same rights as the ID card and citizens. Many countries around the world have also established spiritual research institutes.\ ”

\”Look at Zhu’s first famous ghost stars, the traffic is not worse than the first-line stars.\”

\”Hey! I like Miss Yangui. She was elected as a classical cultural propaganda ambassador some time ago. Did you watch the behind-the-scenes editing of the filming record? Hahahaha, I was killed by a group of archaeological experts because she was not professional.\ ”

\”I like Brother Hua the most. He is so handsome. Some time ago, he appeared in a guest movie and played with the actor, and his aura was not lost to the actor.\”

\”But I heard that his attitude towards female fans and male fans is polarized.\”

\”Yes, they said that they only like girls, and they are not indecent, and they absolutely don’t look down on girls being bullied by gentlemen. For him and Yangui sister CP are very hot.\”

\”Let’s pull it down, Yangui sister dislikes him for death, saying that he is an embroidered pillow with strength.\”

\”Why does this sound so strange? But I am convinced by Hua Ge’s strength. Before, there were newspaper organizations that ran around and created chaos in crowded places.\”

\”The hijacked bus crashed into the crowd at the amusement park. Brother Hua jumped out and blocked the car with his bare hands. That’s handsome. I don’t dare to act like that in movies.\”

\”Eh eh! Don’t say it, don’t say it, we can only go out for half a day a week, saying that I want to go to Dream House and Cat House Cafe again.\”

\”Yo! Can’t see that you like cats?\”

\”What do you like?\”

\”If you like it, try to be selected. The biggest investor in this variety show is Zhu, and he will definitely go to their haunted house to explore.\”



A group of people were still discussing, but Zhu Yang took the tablet aside and looked at the exclusive naming on it. It was indeed that she had blindly designed the company’s logo.

So they nodded to Xu Wei and them: \”Hmm! Don’t worry, I will definitely be able to choose, and I will take you to play together.\”

\”Why, why? Who do you want to kidnap?\” Several people thought that her unfounded confidence was a foolproof way.

But I heard Zhu Yang said: \”No, direct shady operation.\”


Four people ate at the company at noon.

Not to mention, dry stars are really not ordinary people who can endure this bitterness. These young people are just trainees, and the amount of training every day is very large, and the intensity is really not less than that of ordinary athletes.

Then, it’s definitely impossible to eat a lot of meat. In order to manage the figure, the diet is strictly standardized and uniform.

Fortunately, Zhu Yang was not hungry when he came, so he ate some fruit and salad and dealt with it.

Xu Wei is a child who is only fifteen years old, just at the age of growing body. If the player’s physical fitness increases, the intake will naturally increase, and it will not be easy to gain weight. She is used to eating delicious food all day long.

He dug a spoonful of carrot puree and put it in his mouth, his entire face was wrinkled so hard to see.

Zhu Yang almost died of laughter, so she took a grilled lobster from the space ring and let her secretly eat without others.

The space ring stores the objects, what they look like when they are put in, and they look the same when they are taken out, don’t worry about the shelf life.

She has been obsessed with space props for a long time. When they buy them, they are like wholesale, and they are classified according to different uses.

Store weapons and tools, store clothing for daily use, store food and drink, and some store things you think you need, such as the sea water you used to store.

Then the ring is put into the ring, as long as the most inconspicuous ring is worn on the finger, it can survive anywhere for a long time.

Naturally, I will not treat myself badly when I eat it. I specially collected a lot of my favorite delicacies and put them in. This lobster was from the prison in the last world. After settled in the coastal city, I ate an authentic grilled lobster and packed it for hundreds of years. Copies.

When Xu Wei had an extra lobster in her hand, the lobster was still warm, so she happily hid it in a small room with no one to enjoy.

Not to mention, this lobster is huge but very delicious, and it is generally not so good.

After eating and resting for a while, I was notified that the casting director of the program group came to pick someone.

Directly set up a few tables in the practice room, and then set up a camera, one is to see the concrete performance of real people, and the other is to see the photogenic effect.

If nothing is wrong, it will be settled soon.

After all, the protagonist of the variety show is not these newcomers, but the traffic star responsible for leading the team.

There are a total of three popular traffic, each with a team, the captain of each team, for the challenge.

Although the newcomer also has a certain role positioning, in the final analysis it is to make a foil for the star, and it does not need to be too harsh.

The trainees will be dispatched one by one, waiting for the number to be called inside, and those who are called will go in and come out soon.

The other party does not reveal anything except for the interview, nor does it look at professional performance. There is no way to estimate how much chance one has from the other party’s expression.

So most people came out from the inside, and the stones in their hearts didn’t fall much.

Zhu Yang was in the back position. Yang Keke and the others went in in front. When they came out, their faces were unlovable.

When asked: \”What are you doing? Didn’t you have no opinion? Why are you scolded?\”

Yang Keke said: “They made me act in horror, saying that the sense of the lens is very important.”

\”Then you act, bite the bullet.\” Li Shidao.

\”I, I acted, but they said I was holding my pee, not panic.\”

\”Puff——\”Don’t talk about a few players, the trainees heard around couldn’t help but laugh out: \”Hahaha…\”

\”I can’t manage this expression well, do you want to be scolded by the teacher for a while?\”

Yang Keke is also excellent in all aspects in reality, and his performance in the game is above the average level. Where has he experienced this kind of deflation? His face was flushed with anger.

Li Shi was still laughing at her, so he was called the name, pulled his clothes, made a “look at me” gesture to the three, and entered the interview room.

Then he came out in less than five minutes, faster than Yang Keke, but with the same expression on her face.

Zhu Yang smiled: “What do they let you perform?”

Li Shi could hardly say: \”When I saw a ghost running with my pants in between, I just want to run and see if I can chop the opponent twice and cut some blood before running? It’s shameful, let me say yes first. What a fuck.\”

As for the funny variety show, in order to improve the effect of the show, some people have to play the harlequin. It happened that Li Shi had a baby face, looking at what kind of startled cowardly milk dog role really fits.

Not to mention, among a few players, he has the greatest chance of being selected.

Zhu Yang? Zhu Yang was sifted from the beginning.

There is no other reason, just because it is so beautiful.

When she entered, everyone in the casting team was taken aback. The most indispensable among newcomers in the entertainment industry are beautiful people, and it is not uncommon for people to look amazing at a glance.

However, the top beauties in the circle are not just those who are born with beauty. Behind the first-class beauty is the design, packaging and long-term management of a whole team.

There is also the kind of big coffee style, otherwise, how do you use the green to describe the newcomer period? It is nothing more than the exquisiteness that has not been carefully crafted, and the aura of no one else.

But this newcomer is not the same. The last stop is a strong sense of presence. The charm of the hair tip is exquisite without much tidying up, which is more eye-catching than the average female celebrity dressing up on the red carpet.

The key is that the other person’s aura really doesn’t look like a newcomer at all. No matter how confident the general newcomer is, after entering this circle and knowing someone outside, they will inevitably be suspicious. When facing an opportunity, the longing look up will be revealed. Their immaturity.

But this was different. The people from the casting team in front of her didn’t seem like she was standing here and being picked by them. On the contrary, it seemed that the boss came to inspect the work situation of the employees.

Let them subconsciously sit upright in a lazy posture.

I came back with professionalism after I recovered, so beautiful, no way.

This is too outstanding, will affect the sense of coordination of the program.

In the women’s team, it is definitely rushing to grab the limelight of female stars, and this cooperation has become an offender.

In the male star team, fans are not happy to see their idol get along with such a coquettish day and night.

However, the casting director felt that he had found a good seed, so he asked Zhu Yangdao: “Although your image does not match the positioning of this variety show, but I have a few roles in hand, are you willing to consider?”

Generally this is another opportunity. Just when everyone thought the other party would happily agree, they heard her say: “No, I’m going to be on this variety show.”

Not to mention the casting team, the trainee leader was suddenly upset when she saw her stubborn and arrogant attitude.

Hurriedly scolded: “Zhu Yang, where do you have to talk about? These are rare job opportunities, but you picked them up.”

\”Knowing that you are arrogant and unwilling to lose the election, but this is not the end of the month assessment, the top few are on, the show has your own plans. Okay, you go out first, don’t get mad.\”

Sometimes it is also anxious to bring this kind of weird-tempered newcomer, and the sense of coordination is not good. To be honest, sometimes some companies will not easily give opportunities.

After all, this industry is for the masses, and it will cause trouble if you offend your dog’s temper if you can’t help it.

Zhu Yang laughed: \”I am not discussing with you and asking you to give me a chance to appear on the show, but to inform you.\”

\”Regardless of whether it is adjustment or modification, in any case, find a way to insert me into the program group.\”

\”Eh you–\” The person in charge is getting angry, and the phone of the casting director on the side rang.

He glanced at the caller ID, raised his hand to signal the surroundings to be quiet, and then carefully connected the call.

It seems that he should be called by the upper-level leader himself. If he is an ordinary higher-level colleague, he should not be so careful.

\”Mr. Zhang, hello, what would trouble you to call in person? No, no, not busy. Yes, yes, there are several newcomers, one or two can do it-huh?\”

\”No, no, no problem.\”

As he said, he raised his head, glanced at Zhu Yang with a somewhat shocked expression, and then whispered a few words over there.

I heard Zhu Yang suddenly speak again: “Oh yes, I have to bring three assistants, I will choose them.”

Hey! You newcomer, dare to mention it, assistant? During the show, it’s nice if you don’t work part-time as an assistant to another star. The newcomer who hasn’t shown his face yet, really treat yourself–

The person in charge didn’t even wink, he heard the quiet room, and the voice of the investor’s boss came through the phone–

\”Yes, plus three assistants, vehicle arrangements, accommodation expenses, and food expenses are all included in ours.\”

The casting director hurriedly said: \”No, no, where can it be?\”

But there is a serious voice: “One is one, but you have made arrangements for the people. You pay attention to the performance design and public opinion. Make sure to let her have a good time. Don’t give me the right to violate this set, and I feel dissatisfied. At that time, everything is said on the Internet.\”

\”If there is a glitch in her reputation, our cooperation will come to an end.\”

\”Eh, this is a bit, our show is not for one person? You originally invested in planning this show to expand your influence and make money.\”

\”The priority is different now. It is more important for our boss to be happy than to make money. Money can be made anytime.\” The capable female voice over there.

This is what you say, Zhu’s dare to say, the only supernatural company in the world, a monopolistic industry, the ghost employees are close to the first-line celebrities, and their superpowers keep pace with the times, and their appearance will not fade over time. .

It’s really equivalent to an entertainment oligarch with several queens and queens, and is not yet competitive. Of course you can make money anytime.

Then I heard the saying over there \”Give her the phone.\”

The casting director had to pass the phone over, and Zhu Yang’s eyes had changed now.

Boss, Zhu’s?

Isn’t this person in front of me with the last name Zhu?

They didn’t think directly about the boss. Seeing her age, they thought she was Zhu’s daughter. This was already a remarkable background.

Zhu Yang took the call: \”Hello!\”

Over there, Zhang Qian’s voice immediately became gentle for several degrees: “Hey! Will you come back for dinner at night? They are so happy to hear you come back, Mr. Hua said that he would cook for you himself.”

Hua always is a playboy. At first, the haunted house was small and the people in charge were Zhang Qian and the mirror girl.

However, now that the scale is large, there are several theme amusement parks across the country, and the veterans cannot be lazy.

Because it is a shareholder of the company, the official name is Mr. Hua, Mr. Jing, Mr. Yan and the like.

There are also people who call themselves “Ye Zong”, like the pheasant, who have given themselves a stage name, but most people are not as troubled by her.

Oh, by the way, the pheasant, because of various historical reasons, the accumulated habits are hard to change, and he always wants to mess around in his own projects, trying to persuade Zhang Qian to get involved in that industry.

Other ghosts and celebrities are all well-known as celebrities. She is not unpopular, but she has been paid special attention to by relevant departments all day long, and her business license has almost been revoked several times.

Zhu Yang has been pondering over what she said to her mother for a while.

He said to Zhang Qian: \”Sure, you sent a car to pick me up. There are four people. By the way, I brought you new colleagues back.\”

Zhang Qian was naturally overjoyed. To be honest, they have recruited many new employees after Zhu Yang left, but they are not as good as the old employees.

This is of course, a place that can become a dungeon, ghosts are not comparable to other places.

After hanging up the phone, the people in the room changed their attitude.

It was not the eyes of a newcomer who looked at Zhu Yang, but the princess who went on tour in a micro service.

The casting director personally sent the people to the door, and said with an earnest attitude: “I will call the director and the producer in a while. Don’t worry, they probably already know it by now. You think you really are. Come and play anytime. , Why wait an afternoon with a group of people?\”

Zhu Yang pretends to be enough to force and embarrass others to work, waved his hand: “Isn’t it just to see your casting quality, it’s pretty good, objective and fair, there is no such messy mess, everyone did a good job.” ”

No, you are just taking advantage of the shady airborne, so dare you to say?

However, with the words of Princess Princess, everyone was really relieved. Of course, she should be comfortable in the show. It would be better to spend more money with a few words.

When he was sent out of the company building by the person in charge, Zhu Yang also said to the other party: “I will ask for the next trip. Any news will be sent to my assistant’s phone.”

The person in charge breathed a sigh of relief and asked again: “What is the assistant?”

Zhu Yang pointed at Li Shi: \”He!\”

Person in charge: \”Good!\”

Li Shi was still dumbfounded at this time. It should be said that Zhu Yang went in and stayed for a while, and when he was finally sent out like his ancestor, all three of them were dumbfounded.

Xu Wei was okay. Although she was shocked to know that she passed the barrier here, she also guessed that she might have managed to run a force here or sold favors to a powerful boss.

Li Shi and Yang Keke were dumbfounded, what do you mean?

Although the players are indeed much more powerful than ordinary people, they don’t necessarily feel so arrogant in such a short time, so that the company and even the program crew will kneel down and lick it, right?

Then he saw a luxury RV parked in front of them, opened the door, and a handsome long-haired guy with peach-eyed eyes looked at their direction with affectionate expression.

But the three players not only did not appreciate the handsome guy’s thoughts, on the contrary, they were tight and their hairs were standing up.

He has already set his posture in his hand, either he has sacrificed the spirit removing props, or his ability is on the verge of being activated.

Because this guy is clearly a ghost!

Not only ghosts, but also the kind of ghosts that are visible to the naked eye, with powerful oppression, and you can feel the strength of the opponent with your eyes closed.

\”Yo! How many face-faced kids are this time?\” The long-haired handsome man’s index and middle fingers are placed together on his forehead: \”Don’t be nervous, you are all the same.\”

Several people took a closer look and discovered that although the other party was a ghost, there was no resentment in the whole body. It was not so much a ghost, but rather a ghost with a small accomplishment.

They have not never encountered ghosts in the good camp in the game world, but they are not unreasonably helpful to players.

This is the first time I have met a man with such a display of carts and horses, which is really flattering.

I saw that handsome guy stepped on his long legs and got out of the car slowly, and then rushed over with a look of idiot like Zhu Yang——

\”Yang Yang, I want to kill me.\”

Before the corner of the clothes touched, Zhu Yang’s shoes were put on his face first.

Zhu Yang directly kicked the person back into the car again, and then greeted the three of them: “Get in the car, this guy will just take a look, it’s pretty pleasing, but there are a lot of pitfalls in your mind, especially girls, don’t talk to him casually , Will be pregnant.\”

The **** flipped up from his seat with difficulty, and then leaned in, pitifully said: “You know that I have a true heart for you, how could it be–”

\”You didn’t mean to cook for me personally?\” Zhu Yang interrupted this guy’s mouth-opening.

The **** smiled and said: \”The dishes are ready, I’ll get them when I go back.\”

Then he opened the car refrigerator, took out wine and dessert from it, and served it to a few people.

Xu Wei and the others are flattered, this is no longer a help level, right?

That wine, some of them are from good backgrounds, but they don’t know much about it at a young age, and they know that the brand is staggeringly expensive.

Taking care of the young girls, Xu Wei and Yang Keke, the other party deliberately gave them juice again, both of which were freshly squeezed.

This attitude was so diligent that it made people a little uneasy, Xu Wei asked Zhu Yang a little nervously: “Sister Yang, who is this? I owe you favor to come and help?”

Before Zhu Yang answered, the **** waved his hand and smiled: \”Where? How can I call for help when I do something for Yang Yang? I am Yang Yang’s whole person, just to die for her——\”

\”Speaker-no, nonsense.\” Zhu Yang kicked him.

\”Oh, I am her little brother.\”

The three almost squirted juice when they heard it, and looked at Zhu Yang incredibly–

Sister, are you so reckless?

The moment they understood the situation, several people thought about the game.

Li Shi asked tentatively: \”Then, what if we—no, what if your boss is threatened by ghosts?\”

When the words were finished, the frivolous hippie smile on the playboy’s face was gone, his handsome facial features became extremely aggressive, and the spirit of a ghost filled the entire carriage at the moment, and ice could be condensed on the seat.

He sneered and curled his lips: “Threat? Which **** would dare to stretch his dirty hand in front of us Yang Yang? Without her, first ask us if the dozen ghosts would agree.”

A few, dozens-

Zhu Yang drank and looked at Li Shi who suddenly hugged her leg: “What are you doing?”

\”No, I just feel my legs are thick, I really want to hug.\”

Xu Wei and Yang Keke kicked them away when they finished speaking: “Who has thick legs? You have thick legs.”

Speaking of a cake and a shoulder squeeze, I have a clear understanding of the biological chain of this scene.

Such a strong ghost immortal is so good that it is dozens of them. Is this really a copy? Is this here to be the devil?

As players, for the first time, they had the advice to let the ghosts in the dungeon, before it was too late, run away quickly.

While talking and laughing, suddenly the car stopped.

The **** dissatisfied: “What’s the matter?”

The helpless voice of the driver in front came: “Mr. Hua, someone overtaking suddenly don’t come over.”

Just as a few people looked up, they saw the black luxury car that almost hit them. The door opened and a handsome man in a suit and glasses came out from inside.

The other party knocked on their car window, and the dude rolled down the window and asked the other party: “What’s the matter?”

After the man saw his face, the tension on his body suddenly loosened. It didn’t look like he was looking for fault, but he thought that there was danger in the car and forced the car to stop and check.

The **** felt the great spiritual power of the other party, and was different from the mysterious people who had harmed them before. This person was upright.

It is estimated that Li Shi just asked him something. He released a dangerous resentment and was noticed by the other party, thinking that the people in the car were in danger.

Playboy is also a well-known celebrity ghost, and he signed a citizenship contract with the government early. He won’t hurt anyone. It should be a misunderstanding.

The man said: “It’s okay, sorry, I’m not young–”

Halfway through the conversation, suddenly seeing Zhu Yang behind the playboy, his complexion suddenly changed, and he couldn’t say anything: “Sister wish?”

Zhu Yang looked up, didn’t recognize the other party for a while, just looked at the facial features, really unfamiliar.



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