Scream Queen Chapter 98

The other party was looking at him eagerly at the moment, the cold temptation on the previous face was gone, and the elite temperament was gone.

It’s like a child eagerly waiting for sugar.

Zhu Yang was embarrassed because of her, she really didn’t recognize them.

In the game, there are too many brothers from all walks of life, and the temporary and permanent ones are countless, but they don’t show their faces. With the arrogance and shocking glance of the sisters.

It’s normal to leave an irreplaceable impression in the hearts of young people, right?

While being narcissistic, she regretted that she was still looking at her with eyesight. As her time dragged on, there was still no one who could match the number, even if she guessed it.

The smile on the face of the elite youth gradually disappeared.

The people around looked back at Zhu Yang silently, wondering if it was her illusion, and there was a sense of guilt inexplicably accused by Qianfu.

The **** was still protecting him, and hurriedly said: \”Where did the old fried dough sticks call us Yang Yang? Is your age calculated based on your brain development? How old are you this year? I can’t say anything.\”

Only then did the other party react, and it was almost 20 years that he was no longer the kid who was bullied by the widow in the countryside.

This huge change made people recognize at a glance that it was indeed unrealistic, not to mention her who had only been there for ten days, even if the villagers were still alive, they would not be able to connect the two people together if they stood in front of him.

Thinking like this, I recovered a little bit of loss and regained my spirit: “Sister, I am Wang Xinyu.”

Zhu Yang searched in his mind for a while, but still didn’t remember.

It stands to reason that it shouldn’t be. Such a person with top-notch looks and temperament will have no impression at all after unreasonable contact.


Zhu Yang faintly caught a sign in his heart, and tentatively asked the other person: “When we met, what was my name?”

The elite youth froze, a struggle flashed across his face, and then reluctantly changed his mouth——

\”You, you called me a nickname, my nickname is Wang Dagu.\”

\”Puff——\” A few people in the car were not covered at the time.

It is really the image of the other party’s high-end and successful person, mixed with the name of this rustic child with a nose, and it is directly on the people’s laughter.

Wang Xinyu glanced, the sharp phoenix eyes under the lens were oppressive, and the mouths of the three children were pursed.

This NPC has a strong aura, just like they met the dean when they hadn’t become a player yet, and they were ordinary students.

At this moment, Zhu Yang completely remembered, with surprise on his face, he immediately got out of the car and looked at the other person and said unbelievably: “Big dog?”

Overbearing President Wang Xinyu: Is this a response or not?

\”Eh, sister!\” I still bite the bullet and responded.

Then Zhu Yang’s second sentence was: “Where are the two dogs?”

Da Gouzi said hurriedly: \”Little Er is also here. Recently I have a job here and I have to stay for a long time.\”

Seeing that the road is still not a place to talk, he said: “Sister, get in the car. My house is nearby. I will call Xiao Er and Qiao sister back. Everyone is thinking of you.”

The **** is not happy to see this posture: \”Go and go, where does the smelly man want to cut Hu? Yang Yang made a special trip to come back to see me, even if he encounters an old person by chance, it will be a matter of visiting in the future. No. Bring people to the house if the sky is clear.\”

\”You look like a dog, why are you so unruly?\”

Wang Xinyu glanced at the **** and smiled: \”Isn’t this the president of Zhu’s family? You are very busy, and you may not have an impression of me, but a while ago, you and your family Zhang also announced that you are keeping a distance from women. , Isn’t it okay for you to act against the evil before the limelight?\”

Zhang Qian made this statement. It was not that the Playboy messed up and caused some scandal, but that he stopped the bus that was hijacked and crashed into the crowd a while ago, and used crushing force to deal with the gunmen, resulting in zero casualties. Under the premise of defuse a long-planned and closely-acted terrorist incident.

When the video is posted on the Internet, it is said that Zhu’s ghost star, because of its unique existence, is now a household name.

This time, it is even more out of the country, and it is more powerful than human. In the past, the abilities of ghost stars are used for entertainment services. This is the first time that they have demonstrated their strength in front of the public.

Although it has been expected, the sensation that can be caused is almost like a real superhero in reality. After all, all fantasies about heroes can be matched by the opponent.

For a time, Playboy fans have surged, not to mention domestic, even abroad, countless men and women fans, brothers and sisters flooded here.

This guy is obviously frivolous, but he has become the “most secure man” in the world.

Isn’t it right, beside him is equivalent to a superhero bodyguard, and even at the summit a while ago, he also went to a guest bodyguard for the summit.

For a time, the influence became stronger, and the entire invisible network of the Zhu family went to a higher level.

But the turbulent pilgrimage heat makes everyone in the haunted house a little annoying. Fortunately, all of them are capable, otherwise crazy fans and paparazzi would have been lurking in this way.

So Zhang Qian simply announced that she had made a relevant announcement, which was considered to be half of her withdrawal from the front line for the time being, so that she did not have to choke all over the Internet and the playground was also noisy.

The Playboy was a little surprised when he heard Wang Xinyu’s words. Is this their partner?

However, he doesn’t care much, and he doesn’t care about power, but he doesn’t pay much attention to it.

Zhu Yang came up to avert the two of them: “Okay, stop making trouble.”

He said to Wang Xinyu: \”Big dog, it is indeed inconvenient today, but I have to stay here for a while, there are opportunities.\”

\”In this way, I will record the show on Central TV tomorrow. Can you get in from where you work? I’ll come directly to you when I’m finished.\”

\”Central TV Station?\” Wang Xinyu looked surprised, then a smile appeared on his face.

Although she was a little bit reluctant, she still obeyed Zhu Yang’s arrangement and took away her current contact number before leaving, and then let a few people leave.

Watching the other party’s car drive away, Wang Xinyu received a call from his younger brother.

As soon as the other party heard his voice, he complained: “Is that production team reliable? Just told me that someone from my team came in temporarily, it seems to be the family of Zhu’s family.”

\”You said that’s not the case, what exactly is Zhu’s intention to do this time? They are also the ones who said that they were doing business, and they were also the ones who went outside to join in the fun. Brother, you told the production team that they need to join other teams, I have business to do here, I don’t want it.\”

Wang Xinyu remembered the series of clues just now, and then put the whole thing together.

Not only did he ignore his younger brother’s complaint, but instead confessed to the other side: \”No, you are fighting hard to get people into your team, don’t give it to anyone.\”

\”Brother, are you crazy–\”

\”Listen to me, yes, tomorrow will be called sister Qiao, she is the producer of the show, right? Surprise you two.\”

Wang Xiaoer hung up the phone inexplicably. To be honest, it was not a big deal, so he complained to his brother, but his brother’s attitude was abnormal.

Regardless of this, Zhu Yang and the others returned to the haunted house before long.

It is now the headquarters of Zhu’s Spiritual Entertainment Company.

The location is still the original apartment, but the apartment was originally deserted and rarely visited by people.

Not long after Zhu Yang left, Zhang Qian and Mirror Girl bought the neighborhood. With the accumulation of capital and the expansion of influence, they flattened the land. The entire enterprise base for shotguns changed from a six-story building. The shabby apartment has become a vast playground.

The land was haunted at the beginning, and they bought it cheaply, but the market value here is far different than it was then.

Even at that time, even the delivery was not dared to come in. Nowadays, there are many shops around, and the amusement park has a high traffic volume, which has also promoted the surrounding industries.

Zhu’s eating meat, naturally countless people relying on it to drink soup, this area now seems to be the most special symbol of the city, the second commercial center, a place where travel must pass.

When Zhu Yang and the others got out of the car, they were shocked by the magnificent and distinctive architectural style.

The huge haunted castle is like the mansion of the **** devil, beside it is a huge Ferris wheel that has been turned on with neon lights.

Different from other amusement parks, it is the busiest time when it is dark. The crowds are crowded in the eye-catching place. The float performance just passes by. Visitors who come and go wear themed mask costumes in the amusement park.

The grand scene seems to be in Mexico’s Day of the Dead, but it is different from the western ghosts. It is more inclusive and has all kinds of styles.

In the last second you can still see the clowns, the next second may be the Qing Dynasty zombies jumping by, and then it may be the chainsaw massacre.

The three of them looked at the scale in amazement, and pulled Zhu Yang’s sleeves: “This, is this all your industry?”

Playboy laughed and said: “It should be said that this is only one of her industries.”

\”There are also seven playgrounds of this size across the country, distributed in the most developed first- and second-tier cities.\”

Zhu Yang is also weird: \”I just checked the time. It’s only two years since I left last time, right? Why is it so fast?\”

Just now I asked Goubi Game how the flow of time is calculated here, and the other party’s statement is the same as the time she has experienced.

That is, her real time plus game time, but this way it is obvious that the flow rate here is too fast, and the result is explained that the last time she went to another game, this had an impact.

But how to calculate the details, because the calculation method is too complicated, Zhu Yang did not deliberately delve into it at this time.

When I met the kid Wang Dagou before, the description of the game was only recently merged with the copy. In short, it has its own account in the mess.

The flexibility and expansion of time seems to be meaningless in the game, and Zhu Yang has not enough level to touch this area.

The **** replied: “It’s okay. After all, we are like a national surrender. We just want to make money and practice. But the country can develop through this unfamiliar field, and the benefits it can get are even harder to estimate.”

\”And all of our ghosts have also signed a treaty, under certain premises, listen to the announcement, and there are national capital and shares in the playground, naturally everything is easy to say.\”

This is also true. Playboy is already a lot stronger than when she left, and because it is a ghost rather than a ghost, you don’t have to worry about being backlashed when you use it without evil force.

Not to mention the win-win benefits brought by the haunted house culture, but the clarity and order of the existence of soul-body creatures is a great progress in society.

And because of the cooperation of the staff of the haunted house, this country is at the forefront of the world in this field, and many scientific research projects derived from it are also huge profits.

Not to mention that these superheroes are comparable to the superheroes in the movies, but they have even more strength without a trace. It is a great advantage to be able to announce this team of super soldiers.

However, in order to be afraid that they are not blindly responding to everything mentioned above, in short, while showing a well-behaved cooperation, they are also unambiguous to fight for benefits.

Of course, these are all left to professionals. Today’s haunted house company has a combined staff size of hundreds of times.

I deliberately showed Zhu Yang about their achievements, and then drove to the operation building again.

Although the appearance of this place also conforms to the theme of the haunted house, the inside is a normal administrative area, and the staff dormitory building is also nearby.

Compared to a squat hut in front of you, where you have to live in and pick up guests, everyone is now equipped with luxurious accommodation suites, and the workplace is different.

And now the working mode of the ghosts has become more efficient and convenient with the expansion of their operations and the enhancement of their magical powers, and they don’t need to stay in a room all day long.

The **** took Zhu Yang directly to a luxurious lobby by the exclusive elevator.

As soon as I opened the door, I saw dozens of ghosts standing in rows, with the former veterans at the front, and the raw faces at the back.

After the elevator opened, he said at the same time: \”Hello boss!\”

The three children in the back were shocked, Li Shi secretly complained to Yang Keke: “I don’t know, I thought it was the king patrolling the mountain.”

Yang Keke said: \”Isn’t this just the king coming back to patrol the mountain?\”

Xu Wei: \”Undoubtedly the king patrols the mountain.\”

Li Shi: \”……\”

Don’t talk about them, Zhu Yang wants to yell “Flat body!”

But when I go back, I see these people-ghosts, from the beginning they lived in a desolate and desolate corner, and now everyone has a face, and it has a huge impact on the entire society.

Although her goal at the beginning was to create a sustainable vault for herself, she still has the comfort of growing ripe watermelons.

Zhu Yang said: \”I’ll collect a rent, why are you so polite?\”

Zhang Qian stepped out and gave her a scorn: “You’re hurting someone by saying that. You come back once a year if you say it, and there are still pigeons at this frequency. Everyone is very upset.”

This is not a compliment, because everyone knows that the biggest reliance of their ghosts is actually this rarely seen boss.

The haunted house in this world is blown up by Zhu Yang, and other copies will be born, and the mirror girl who recruits new employees all year round naturally pays attention to this aspect.

During that time, I met players from several teams, because they knew that Zhu Yang was just a visitor in this world, perhaps from a higher existence.

The experience summary of other players proves this point, and through the comparison of qualifications, it is understood that Zhu Yang is definitely the best category in their equal existence.

When I came back this time, although it was not obvious, the staff of the haunted house signed a contract with Zhu Yang directly, and naturally had a deep subordinate connection with her.

Feel the overwhelming power that is becoming more and more surging. This is because they have become stronger than before. Not only have they not pulled in, but they have become more distant.

Compared with the intrigue of those above, the power changes, perhaps when they are used as chess pieces to squeeze value.

Don’t look at the singing and dancing now, the cooperation is happy, but the people in the haunted house are always vigilant at all times.

And this requires an existence that can turn the tide when necessary, and this person is their boss.

So because of the rapidly rising social status and the swelling of social status, re-examining the affiliation does not exist.

The thighs are always the thighs, so don’t let go if you hold them tight.

Zhu Yang was crowded and sat down on the main sofa, and the three children she brought back became guests.

The three of them glanced at the ghosts in the room, and estimated their combat power. Can any copy of Nima be evened?

Zhu Yang picked up the ghost doll and turned it upside down: “Hey, I have grown up a little bit. I thought you little ghosts would not grow up.”

The mirror girl smiled and said: \”The president is still the president, but he grows slowly, and the image positioning of a well-run business is not easy to change, so let him stay the same, baby, change the boss?\”

After hearing this, the ghost doll suddenly turned into a six or seven-year-old child in Zhu Yang’s arms. It seems that the power of belief is still useful, at least but the little ghost of Li Gui’s cultivation method can’t grow.

\”That Xiaogang—\”

\”Yes, yes!\” The old man is busy pushing Xiaogang out. This little boy is already cute. In the past, selling melon seed soda in the haunted house relied on the sweetness of the mouth and the joy of the girls.

After hearing what my grandparents said, I suddenly went from a kindergarten age of five or six to a laughing boy of eleven or twelve years old, wearing a plaid knitted school uniform, looking cute and fashionable.

The old man looked at her grandson more decent than when she was alive, and she was relieved.

Zhu Yang noticed his school badge: \”XX International Language High School? Did you go to high school?

Xiao Gang pouted: “What’s the difficulty in going to school, if I work harder, I can skip to college directly.”

\”But my grandparents and Aunt Zhang Jing said that they are still underage now and cannot hire child labor, so they let us continue to school.\”

Said the two children looked at Zhu Yang pitifully: “Boss, can you—”

This seems to be detained, and they can’t be blamed for being ghosts, having cultivation capital, and being famous and having incense, their comprehension is not comparable to ordinary people.

Learning things are natural and fast, as far as the progress of the schoolwork is concerned, they are all at the level of genius children.

The two children are now in high school and the other in junior high school. This is still a long time arguing with the family before striving for a jump. According to the mirror girl, these two guys both ran away from home in order to play truant.

After being targeted for kidnapping by a human trafficking organization, and then there is no more, you can imagine how the human trafficking organization will end up.

Afterwards, the police issued them certificates of merit, but they were beaten by the family’s adults after being pulled back.

The mirror girl touched the heads of the two children and laughed: \”When ghosts were out of control, no one controlled you for child labor, but now there is a law. Ghost children also enjoy the child protection law. .\”

\”The registration age starts to be calculated, and you can only start working at the age of sixteen. We didn’t think much about it at that time, so we reported your age to be younger, but the time of your death is clear through investigations, and I want to fool you. Can’t fool it.\”

\”Hey, study hard, I will do other jobs when I come back to work in the future, and have the same employment opportunities as others.\”

The two children were reluctant, but they were still coaxed down, looking at Zhu Yang’s eyes with pity.

As for her, she mentioned studying at the beginning.

Zhu Yang was a bit hot when the two children’s innocent eyes saw him, so he hurriedly changed the subject: “Tell me about your division of labor now?”

These words made everyone gear up, a rare tribute conference.

Zhang Qian is a manager, generally responsible for external affairs, but also a human being, so I won’t talk about it for the time being.

But by the way, her ex-husband had come to the haunted house to make trouble for her before, but he was so scared that he didn’t even touch the corner of his clothes. Now he is not a member of the same class.

At the beginning, she abandoned her company because of the dispute between the regional managers. It is estimated that in just two years, people will be able to climb to the position of dialogue with their entire brand boss, right?

The mirror girl preemptively said: “I’ll come first. My Dream House has now evolved into a large-scale holographic online game. The theme area of ​​the Dream House in each amusement park has more than 20,000 seats. It is hard to get a ticket and need to book.”

\”In the Dream House, as long as you sit on a specific seat, wear VR glasses and headsets, you can swim in your dream world. The previous date with the lover of your dreams, see your idol across the dimension, commemorate the dead, and force these on the mirror Needless to say the project.\”

\”We also invited a dedicated game planning team to create several adventure games, covering the doomsday, different world continents, deep sea exploration, and the future of science fiction, which will definitely satisfy customers.\”

Of course, if they weren’t for the players, their own experience would be exciting enough, and they would get the same in total, without virtual experience at all.

Otherwise, they all want to play.

Mirror Girl: \”After the efforts of me and the team behind me, the Dream House project has been far ahead in the company’s performance.\”

\”But this does not become my complacent capital. I know my abilities are limited and I dare not be proud for a moment. Now that the boss is back, please inspect my work and give instructions on the next step.\”


Everyone looked at the mirror girl, especially the new ghosts.

As the veteran of the haunted house, the mirror girl is also one of the strongest people in the haunted house. She is always capable and full of prestige, not to be humiliated, and the city is quite deep.

For her own haunted house project, she recruited talents from all sides to keep innovating without mentioning it, and even the people of the profound door could tell each other to help.

Otherwise, who drew the formation of the Dream House? Ghosts are not good at these.

Under her leadership, Zhu’s Ligui company has a very close relationship with Xuanmen. Xuanmen sometimes introduces work here when seeing good ghosts, and the haunted house will also help expand Xuanmen’s influence.

The under-named industry also has mutual benefits. In exchange for the background of the battle between the mysterious door and the ghosts, you have to stare out.

Talking too far, let’s talk back to Mr. Jing.

Did she have such a shit?

As soon as the mirror girl finished speaking, other ghosts also took the opportunity to claim credit.

For example, Ice Girl, as her business grows, she naturally can’t ignore the copyright. This guy also got on the line with Disney.

In other words, her current project is a joint project, and the other party’s setting is naturally more professional than hers. She only needs to regularly exert mana in the ice house.

And because of the beauty and convenience of his abilities, he is often asked by film companies to do special effects, but he has become the industry leader behind the scenes.

The possessed ghost is now able to manipulate many dolls or robots at the same time because of its stronger strength. His theme house is a favorite of children.

As for Playboy, the theme of the bar has changed because of the ghost doll going to school.

This guy doesn’t know where to find countless handsome guys, and fascinates the girls all the time. No matter what the name of his bar is, it is called the Niu/Lang bar.

They are all talking about whether the guy intends to create the same cattle/lang industry empire as the neighboring countries.

Playboy thought, but the law is not allowed. He can only play sideballs. Although there is an age limit for admission, the group of guests who can’t hold him is mainly young rich women.

Therefore, the turnover contributed should not be underestimated.

There was also a pheasant just like him. This guy was being watched closely, and he didn’t dare to mess around all the time, so he just cultivated idols.

Although it is not the kind of entertainment company debut, it is similar to an underground idol, but because of the bold dance style and **** performance——

In short, it is also an occasion to limit the age.

The cat house tea restaurant of the old lady Mao Lian is as popular as ever. Many animals have turned to her and found a new job here.

They were thrown into the animal realm and died in vain. Their fate was miserable, even if they were reborn in the next life, they would not be able to do so. It would be better to enjoy the incense and worship and occupy this terrific cultivation place.

Not to mention being liked by others, it can also be transformed into a destiny, and cultivate into a ghost and immortal without suffering from reincarnation.

Now there are not only cat houses, dog houses, peacock houses, tiger and leopard houses, but also one or two who died of illness.

Those two Gunguns were very popular before they were alive, and when they died they made those who followed them feel distressed.

Unexpectedly, they can still see their souls. Even if the national treasure is ghostly fever, it is incomparable to other animals.

So in the animal tea restaurant, these two are the laziest. They don’t do almost anything, and they steal food from customers, but they are all taken for granted.

Especially when they wear melon hats and Tang suits, and their lazy love to answer and greet guests from time to time, they can be flattered and screaming.

It provokes a group of cats and dogs to complain about grievances in front of Mrs. Mao Lian every day. What can Mrs. Mao Lian do? Let’s not talk about the benefits of these two goods, but the special team is concerned about the existence of others.

Iron-eaters are good for life.

As for Spider-Man, he no longer can only make photo props and gift props due to space restrictions. Now his Pansidong is also a hot topic.

Domestic myths or quirky legends have been restored in his theme house, which is very popular for traditional lovers or foreign tourists who are intriguing.

Like the Ice Girl, he is always invited by some wealthy crews to work as props and special effects artists, and is also one of the industry’s biggest names.

Other haunted house projects have also made considerable evolution and development. The new ghosts, with outstanding abilities, have the opportunity to operate their own theme houses.

But most of them are still learning with the big brothers, and they are arranged in suitable themed rooms.

There is no way. After all, the haunted house was chosen by thousands of games to embarrass her. The difficulty is the most difficult in this world. It is naturally difficult to find a ghost in other places that is close to the strength of the ghost here.

The old lady who used to be responsible for cleaning is now the logistics supervisor of the entire Zhu family because of her work attitude and her veteran status.

Because it is difficult for the old couple to find a job, the future of the grandson is all supported by the haunted house, so naturally he does his best.

The last is Yangui.

When she stretched out her jade arms, Li Shi’s eyes were straight.

Zhu Yang Le said: \”Yo, the cultivation base is getting higher and higher, this is before, which scholar will not die for you?\”

Yan Gui cast a wink at her: “Now many students are dying for me. They receive countless letters and gifts every day, and even prisoners send me blood books, which makes me sad. \”

This guy was originally attracted by beauty, but now that his Taoism is improved, he is naturally more and more beautiful.

It’s not that the celebrity is left over the celebrity, and thousands of people on the Internet seek to make a debut. Since she became popular all over the country, female celebrities dare not make any popular announcements.

If you dare to post this, you must be ridiculed by the sunspot. For this reason, the Yangui also recruited a lot of blacks.

However, she is not the same as the female celebrities that have been packaged. Her painted skin has inherited a long history of thousands of years, and certain cultural and technological faults can be filled here.

It is the darling of the national archaeological culture. When it gets bigger, her existence represents a certain sense of historical glory and is a kind of political correctness.

But looking at the roots and feet, it is not comparable to mortals, except for a few sour words that are not light or heavy, who dares to go too far and blind?

Speaking of Heizi Zhu Yang, only then did he think of this business matter, so he immediately released it back to back.

Introduced to everyone: \”This is back-to-back. The new employees I discovered elsewhere, because they are in line with the company’s philosophy and are full of vision for this job, I bring people back.\”

\”In the future, the network can be handed over to her. With her, there is no need to worry about public opinion problems.\”

Back-to-back ghosts were originally quite nervous, new recruits, and she was airborne like this, if she wanted to be long-term, she would have a good relationship with old employees.

So she also specially wore the beautiful dress Zhu Yang bought for her and put on formal makeup, trying to make a good impression.

In the end, there was no need at all. Zhang Qian directly threw out a contract: \”Yes, I signed it, and I will be the director of the public relations department in the future. I will hand it over to you, and you can make a hand in this aspect. Don’t worry, everyone below You are a veteran, and you have power to assist you. Everyone is learning and walking up to today. As long as you practice hard, your comprehension is definitely not bad.\”

What do they worry about the person the boss is looking for? Her eyes are always harsh.

Moreover, this newcomer, who hasn’t practiced yet, can see that his current strength is comparable to that of them, which shows that his roots are not shallow.

Back-to-back a little confused: \”No, I am very happy that everyone accepted me so quickly, but my boss and I agreed that it is not a technical job?\”

She blushed as she said: \”I want to be an internet celebrity.\”

The atmosphere in the room was silent.

Although the back to back looks cute, but the ability is not suitable for the frontline type——

\”Wait!\” Zhu Yang suddenly thought of it, and said to the girl in the mirror: \”Didn’t you say that you have a holographic online game project now? Then she is under you.\”

\”You can create a virtual idol, so that neither work nor fame is delayed.\”

The ghosts are speechless, and the exploitation of the newcomers is fierce.

Unexpectedly, back to back but satisfied with a smile: “Okay, okay, it just so happens that the venue is also convenient, just where you want to be.”

Ok! Seeing her so silly and sweet, they couldn’t help but want to bully.

In any case, back-to-back capabilities are indeed very convenient, especially in times of crisis, which should have a decisive effect.

The eagerly awaited brothers took turns boasting, and everyone was satisfied with the financial statements for the past two years.

Rao Zhu Yang had been prepared for a long time, and was taken aback by the number, but in order to maintain the healthy development of this side, she would certainly not be greedy to kill chickens and get eggs.

Besides, she couldn’t spend the money, and she didn’t buy it. No matter how she lost the props, the speed of spending points still couldn’t catch up with her own speed of earning points.

So they took a symbolic point, that amount, even the employees felt that it was too small.

Zhu Yang waved his hand: \”The company is mine, but you are afraid that I will lose.\”

He said to the three of Xu Wei and the others: \”Oh, yes, I have a share, although not many, it is a kind of heart anyway, let’s spend it.\”

When the three of them each received a huge sum of money, the whole person was dumbfounded.

Xu Wei hugged her thigh and still had something to do. Li Shi and Yang Keke had nothing to do at this moment except kneeling and looking at the extra balance in the phone.

A staff meeting was happily held, accompanied by DJ ghost music and smoke ghost special effects, time seemed to have returned to when they started with a dilapidated haunted apartment.

It’s just that what they have now is not just a rooftop, but an entire playground.

At twelve o’clock in the evening, the guests were gone, but the lights were not turned off tonight.

The entire amusement park is brightly lit, and it looks like a magnificent neon scene from a distance, but no one knows that this huge handwriting serves only one person.

Just what he said was not enough. Everyone rushed to invite Zhu Yang to his theme field to see how his ability to work has changed from two years ago.

Zhu Yang, who is not very enthusiastic about work and lacks a sense of collective honor, can’t help being moved at this moment.

Sleeping until late is a good risk. Players have good energy, and occasionally staying up late and lack of sleep will not affect their complexion.

Early in the morning, Zhang Qian arranged a car to send four people to the recording field of the show. Playboy also planned to follow, but she was picked up by her.

\”The boss came to play, what are you going to do? When the time comes, all the people around will come over, and all interest will be lost.\”

To the people again: \”If you don’t listen, you are not allowed to run out to play with her without permission.\”

The two little ghosts suddenly became disappointed, and they were caught in the ears by the mirror girl: “What? Do you still want to play truant to find her? Did it rely on her to come back? I don’t know how many people you two have done. Detestable naughty thing, want to fool around buying things for you?\”

The two little ghosts didn’t even dare to talk, and were thrown into school listlessly with their schoolbags on their backs.

Seeing Zhu Yang’s confidence in this world, and the generous shot yesterday, the three children are now in the role of little brother.

The car was parked under the TV station, and the luxury car worth tens of millions immediately attracted the attention of people who came and went.

Everyone thought it was a big coffee or a big guy who came, but as soon as the car door opened, four young newcomers came down.

The key is that the people at the door still know them. This high-profile and cool way of appearance, let’s not say how it came.

Not afraid of offending people.

No, the popular nanny car at the back can be stopped, compared with the front, it looks shabby inexplicably.



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