Scream Queen Chapter 99

With such a high-profile lineup, and the posture of gangs forming a spring outing here, why didn’t the other three guys choose to come here? If it bothers the big coffee like a silly star chaser, it is the trainees in their practice room who have been blinded.

Li Shi, who had seen the boss’s background and benefited from the boss, made up their minds to hold the boss’s thigh tightly.

Naturally, there is no need for Zhu Yang to speak at this moment, and they are always on the front line to support the boss.

So Li Shi and Yang Keke were not happy after hearing what they said: \”I ran into the class teacher when I was skipping class, so what did we do? Take care of yourself. Our boss is alone outside, so we can’t worry about it. It’s noisy, but I can’t get hands anywhere, not to mention whether we can care about our boss’s golden body, what if our boss stumbles and bumps into it?\”

\”Yes!\”Yang Keke is also a sharp-mouthed type: \”I have never heard that walking around is obstructive, you are still a company, how can you laugh at us when you see it outside?\”

The other trainees were stunned by these two guys’ crazy talk and backlash.

Don’t these guys have a fever in their brains? Just as a foil to the last variety show, although it is also a good opportunity, if you are lucky, you will directly enter the public eye.

But this is starting to float? I’m afraid it’s not stupid.

So someone took out the phone directly: \”I’ll call the agent, I won’t tell you, let him tell you personally.\”

\”I thank you, we have already terminated the contract with the practice room and it is not under their control.\” Li Shi said.

Several trainees were dumbfounded: \”Cancel the contract? Why?\”

Although all the people in the practice room are in a competitive relationship, they often show off each other, but after all they have been living and eating together for so long, they all have a dream of becoming popular.

Suddenly someone gave up so suddenly in the middle, there was no sign and no reason, and it always felt like a step on the air.

I saw three guys triumphantly saying: “We have thought about it. Instead of chasing unrealistic dreams, it is better to work hard.”

\”Now I have found promising jobs, those imaginary ones, just casual hahahaha…\”

Seeing the silly smiling faces of these three guys, the other trainees silently stepped back.

Do these guys really think that it is easier to press Bao on others than to make their own heads? I don’t know what kind of fascinating soup Zhu Yang poured into them, but for a while, he was in awe of her fooling people.

This has made the competitors lame.

When he was defamation, he heard a commotion from the side.

They thought it was a big coffee who came in, but when they looked back, they saw a man and a woman surrounded by them.

Both looked elite and capable, full of aura.

The man is in a dark suit and glasses. The director and producer are all following him.

The women are bigger than the men, and they are also a capable women’s suit, stepping on high heels, and looking across the place, they are full of scrutiny and selectiveness to everything on the scene.

All the staff were stretched for no reason. If the man is a big man, the lady will be here now.

Although the boss has a high status, he is very busy, and he doesn’t know much about the problems of the industry, so he can speak a little bit better. But the current tube is different. A pair of eyes will blow up even if you sweep your scalp.

For fear of being singled out for something wrong.

Several trainees collided with each other: “Who? Such a big show? The director and the big coffee are all around.”

There was a well-informed person next to him, and he replied in a low voice: “I don’t know this? The boss of Xiuxing, as well as the high-level of the TV station, they are all right.”

\”Oh, by the way, one of the main guests of this show, Wang Xin, is also with them, the younger brother of the boss of Xiuxing, and the little prince in the whole circle. They are different from other traffic sources. Who dares to meet? Put on the predecessor score?\”

\”This show is that they hit it off with Zhu’s, and I don’t know how they became interested in spirituality.\”

After listening for a while, everyone understood, and then asked: \”Then the two came here today to cheer for Brother Xinyi?\”

\”Sure, or who else has such a big hand?\”

After I finished speaking, I saw the eyes of the two of them light up.

Xiuxing’s boss is okay, barely stretched, the chief planner next to him. The capable woman known as Qiaojie in the industry had wet eyes for a while.

The two walked quickly, and the people standing in this area were surprised and full of expectation and curiosity.

Then I saw sister Qiao grabbing a trainee’s hand, her eyes were full of surprises and emotions——

\”After so many years, you won’t come back to see it, didn’t you say it was good to borrow from you? Don’t give me a chance to pay back…\”

He said that he was about to cry, and the people around him were dumbfounded.

It belongs to the recent popular film and television themes-is this person afraid of being worn by the soul?

With Dagouzi’s background, Zhu Yang naturally remembered those people from the beginning.

In fact, it is not very far from that time. For them, more than ten or twenty years have passed, but Zhu Yang has only entered the game for less than two years.

The child suddenly became an adult and was unable to sit in the same seat with the impression. Although the adult has changed a lot from before, he can see the shadow of the past.

When Ah Qiao was admitted to a key university, he was in a township middle school where there were not enough teachers in such a remote area, and he could not get several undergraduates in one grade.

If you can do this, you can see that people are smart.

Reluctantly, my parents are pretending to be shit. Such a family’s hope of getting rid of poverty and becoming rich is actually used as a reserve commodity for the brothers with a runny nose and intellectual disabilities.

Search for poor value when you are not enough, and sell it cheaply when you need to spend money.

At that time, this girl was eighteen years old, but she looked as skinny as she was fourteen or five. The place is poor but poorer, but there is always no shortage of food.

Ah Qiao’s family is also a good hand at raising pigs and chickens in the village.

But according to the two children of Dagou Ergou, she didn’t dare to cut meat at home. The mentally retarded brother was stupid and greedy, and he was not used to being decent by his parents.

I never leave it to my sister when I eat by myself, just don’t eat it, or throw it to the dog to not let my sister eat. If my sister stretches out the chopsticks, she will deliberately open her chopsticks.

The end of the bear is hopeless.

Zhu Yang had only met her a few times at the time, and it took less than tens of minutes to get together, but she was used to being a local tyrant, and she did not see a young girl with good aptitude withering in ignorance and ignorance.

Even at the time of 20,000 yuan, she would buy ice cream for passers-by. But for the girl who is struggling to pursue hope, it is a life-saving straw to change her destiny.

She didn’t think about anything else, but she didn’t expect the three children to be better than one now.

Looking at Ah Qiao, except for the outline of the facial features, there is no trace of the little pitiful back then.

Although the whole person is not well developed due to puberty, he is still short, and he is only six meters tall in high heels.

But the aura was at least two meters eight meters, and only then did she suddenly make an expression in line with her appearance, which looked a little pitiful.

Zhu Yang was a little at a loss seeing others like this, and said: “I am not, and I didn’t expect it to be so long in a flash.”

Big dog Wang-no, President Wang suddenly said coldly: \”Yes, I can’t recognize us for a long time.\”

Zhu Yang looked at the overlord who was a little over eight meters tall, but his impression of him as a kid had changed suddenly and had not been resolved. He always felt that a kid was looking at him with time accusing.

For a while, I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty.

The people around were naturally shocked, and some familiar ones had begun to exchange quiet gossips.

[Where does this newcomer come from? It seemed that it was not the daughter of a big boss who had airborne, and caused the top to come down and personally take care of it. How can the attitude of the two big brothers be like a child who has no baby? 】

Although both of them are older than her, sister Qiao is old enough to be her mother.

Outsiders are surprised, and the friends in the same practice room are even more surprised. The game inserts the player’s identity, which naturally supports related memory tampering.

In my impression, this guy is not someone with a background, and there is usually no high-profile. Before she had a better opportunity, she didn’t see any other way forward.

Then again, does this network need to stay in the practice room?

The three of them were holding their hands and looking at each other, and there was another commotion at the gate.

This time, it is true that the big traffic guys have come in. It is not someone else, but Mr. Wang’s younger brother, Wang Xinyi, one of the four big traffic niches in recent years.

As soon as he came in, he saw his elder brother and sister Qiao were there, still in surprise.

Yesterday his brother had such a statement, but he did not expect that he would really find someone specially. He knew about sister Qiao’s recent itinerary. He was so busy that he pushed today’s for this inexplicable reason. Come to work?

I saw the two talking to a tall figure, with a stupid expression on their faces.

Wang Xin is also a bit disgusted. The more he grows up, the more his status and social status are reborn, the two of them calm down. Not to mention being capable and serious outside, they are also serious at home.

This unpromising posture should have returned to Wang’s Village.

However, the girl who talked with her back to him and her elder sister had a clear sense of existence, even if she was from her back, she could see her extraordinary demeanor and posture.

Combining what his brother said before, the Eight Achievement is the airborne player, Wang Xin also curled his lips, and slandered his brother and sister Qiao again in his heart, but stepped forward to greet them.

\”Brother! Qiao sister! Are you really here?\”

\”Oh here! \” The two didn’t pay much attention to him at all. Anyway, he was the stupid brother who wanted to see him. He could see him everywhere. The whole face was vomiting and his attitude was extremely high. Perfunctorily, his eyes still cling to the other person and did not mean to move to him.

Wang Xin also choked, and when he was about to speak, he turned around when he saw the person in front of him.

Her movements are not hurried or slow, just hear the subconscious reaction of business behind her, and then the whole face slowly reveals the whole picture.

First, the forehead was smooth and full, the hairline was thick, and the contours and arcs of the face gradually transitioned from the side to the front. There was no dead corner.

Then the delicate facial features caught attention at once, but before she had time to take a closer look, she would be dazzled by her more existential eyes and temperament than her beauty.

Wang Xin also reacted first—it was indeed pretty, looking at it from such a close distance, it was more eye-catching than the famous Hua Dan in countless circles he had seen.

Wang Xin also reacted secondly—compared to being pretty, he seemed familiar, and then his memories surfaced.

Wang Xin is also the first…

With a beep, tears burst out, clutching Zhu Yang’s shoulder and saying: \”Where have you been——?\”

This ‘Where is it?’ was screaming like weeping for three days, just like the child who had been separated from his mother in the playground for most of the day was finally found.

Although most of the work was staff, the audience continued to enter the venue. Seeing this popular traffic star suddenly burst into tears, everyone was frightened.

The good guy has secretly turned on the phone camera and will make a proper headline GET tomorrow.

The production team doesn’t know which one they sang. Their show is a supernatural variety show, right? Isn’t it “waiting for me”?

Or Wang Xinyu saw that his younger brother was too embarrassed, and said to the humane next to him: \”Find a place for us to talk alone.\”

At this moment, it is still too early to start recording the show, and there is still a main coffee who hasn’t arrived, so naturally there is no delay.

The people at the scene immediately led them to the exclusive rest that Wang Xinyi had prepared for Wang Xinyi. Seeing him tightly holding the hand of the beautiful newcomer, his heart was frightened.

This guy doesn’t know how cruel his fans are, right? The last female celebrity who wanted to follow him in the scandal was so hot that Mom couldn’t recognize it.

Now he dare to come out publicly? ——No, openly sticky with girls? Don’t tell the truth, it is estimated that tonight’s hot search version will be slaughtered, causing major network platforms to be paralyzed.

Do you want the ward to get ready over there?

Cut off the search of everyone outside, the four entered the lounge and closed the door.

Zhu Yang took a step back and sat on the innermost part of the sofa: “Say okay first, don’t cry with me, I can’t stand this scene.”

Dagou and Ah Qiao are okay. After all, they are older brothers and sisters, and they are much more mature, but Ergou is not happy.

When he was a child, he didn’t have a black belly with his elder brother, and he was always under protection. Although he was in this circle, he couldn’t be stupid, and he was also clever and clever.

But the personality is indeed much more lively, so I immediately jumped onto the sofa, pulled Zhu Yang’s arm, and rubbed her head against her arm: “You are not a human.”

\”At the time I said let us go, my mother dragged us away, and didn’t say when to meet, and didn’t leave contact information. We have looked everywhere for so many years, looking everywhere~~\”

As he said, he cried again, seeing his brother’s head big: “Get up, talk hard.”

\”You are jealous.\” Ergou gave his brother a glance.

You usually carry it too much, and can’t let go of the burden at a critical time? With those little eyes, his brother wanted to hit him.

Zhu Yang had to touch his head. Not to mention, the two children looked attractive when they were young, because they didn’t inherit the shortcomings of their dog head dad.

She also carried forward the advantages of Sister Wang who had a good foundation. Now that she has grown up, she has not suffered any disability, and she has become completely reborn.

The boss is a tyrant who is not easy to tease, but the younger one is very young because he became a star early, and now he is sticky like a suckling dog, which really made Zhu Yang couldn’t help but start playing twice.

Smashed his mouth: \”This hair is not soft when I was a child, is it too hot?\”

The two dogs choked up, as an artist’s styling every day, there are a few good hairs.

Hearing Zhu Yang said again: “Be careful to protect your hair. Although your dad has limited influence from your appearance, you still have to pay attention, don’t be bald.”

Now let alone Ergou, he is the president of Big Dog King, and his scalp is numb. If it weren’t for his concentration, he could hardly help touching his scalp.

I saw that there were three bottles of potion in Zhu Yang’s hand, and one person handed a bottle: “Come on, this is a hair growth lotion, and the wipe on your head will be effective immediately. You will find time to shave and wipe your hair. You don’t have to worry about hair loss in this life. Even if you are eighty years old, you are still bushy.\”

Then he said to Ah Qiao: \”You can use it now, tut, this is poor, with so little hair.\”

If this is something someone else, who would dare to say it in front of this overbearing strong woman? Not afraid of death. But at the moment, the overbearing producer heard this extremely taboo topic here, and indeed took the medicine bottle with joy.

Moved: \”Thank you sister!\”

The assistant who brought them in without water shook with goose bumps. Sister Qiao, have you forgotten that you are almost four years old?

Because Wang Qiao was not taken seriously by his parents since he was a child, and after having a younger brother, he treated him differently. He was undernourished for a long time, so he grew thin and small, and his hair was yellow and thin.

When I was young, I looked fine. In the past few years, I have passed the 30th hurdles, and I have become more and more worried. Every day I see my hair in the bathroom on the stall at home, and it hurts like a knife.

Although it has spent a lot of money on maintenance, the foundation is too bad, and the work pressure is too high, and no effect is seen. At the moment, it is already reluctant to take care of the hairstyle, but it is already considering hair transplantation.

Unexpectedly, her sister would solve such a big problem that had troubled her for a long time.

Zhu Yang and the others came from mysterious, but they changed their destiny by raising their hands, and after reuniting with Wang’s brothers, they also learned about what happened in Wang’s Village.

They are all smart people. With the growth of age experience, they naturally know that the other party is not an ordinary person, and always have a kind of omnipotent confidence in her in her heart, worshiping her own savior.

There is no need to deliberately provoke anything, and no need to deliberately explain, she is the only one who can give them this almost blind confidence.

Zhu Yang then slapped Er Gouzi’s head and said: “Tell me about you guys. To be honest, I am shocked now, you have changed too much.”

She showed a heartfelt gratification: \”I am very proud of you.\”

The three of them all started from scratch and have made great achievements in their careers. They have heard countless praises along the way, but this sentence is what makes them most delighted and moved.

It is as if all the efforts have been finally recognized.

Big dog Wang Xinyu said: \”After listening to you, my mother took us out of the village and rented a house in the town to settle temporarily.\”

In the beginning, Wang Sao set up a mobile food stall in the town. In a small country town, it is still convenient to do business, at least without being chased by the city management.

It’s not that they haven’t encountered the chaos, the rascal customers, the drunk guys take advantage, the little gangsters pick things, and the malicious instigation of peers.

But Wang’s Wife gritted her teeth, and compared to what happened in the village, these were nothing.

I get up early every day and I am greedy for the dark, coupled with the good taste of the food, the weight is sufficient, the people are sincere, and I have saved a small amount of money for most of the year.

In addition, the money given by Zhu Yang and the reselling of the unnecessary electrical appliances in the house in Wangjia Village is also a small one hundred thousand.

Wang’s wife bit her teeth and took her son to live in the districts and counties.

After dragging the children to transfer schools, a large part of the money was spent. Without any real estate and economic confidence, I just started anew in a new place and lived my life.

The two children pity their mothers for their hard work and are naturally sensible. After Wang’s wife left Wang’s village, her **** fate seemed to be reversed.

Not to mention many opportunities, in short, relying on my hard work and endurance, I have saved a fortune in a few years.

So he moved into the city with his two sons, bought a house, set up a store, and had a great time.

At this time, the eldest son was worthy of a junior high school graduation, and his second child was three years younger, and happened to be in junior high school.

The already excellent children have a better educational environment, the family works together, and Zhu Yang has taught them how to become a leader in the group. The two have accumulated several years of experience.

Although he was born at a very young age, his double quotient is extremely high. Everywhere are children from other people’s homes. They are popular in the eyes of classmates and teachers. They are very young and energetic. Where is the pitiful way of being excluded from others?

Later, when Wang Xiaoer signed up for a singing competition in junior high school, he was originally studying to make do with not being a nerd.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a good ranking, and because of his likable appearance and high emotional intelligence, he repeatedly witty words on the show at a young age, and the lens feels particularly good, but it has entered the public eye in one fell swoop.

To become famous when he was young, he embarked on this path.

It’s not that he has not experienced the bitter ups and downs in the circle, but he is wronged here, and his brother is unambiguous.

It is not an ordinary type of work, and it is very easy to quickly accumulate contacts among the powerful.

Because he can catch ghosts and exorcise evil!

Zhu Yang was a little surprised when he heard this: “Ghost hunting? When did you learn it?”

Although in the copy, the ghost bodhisattva has ruled the village chief for a hundred years, under its mana and the grievances of the ghost brides, living people may become ill after a long time.

For example, almost everyone in their village has a certain amount of spiritual power, and she can use the human leather book with the village chief’s blood. She has known this for a long time.

It’s just that there is no teaching in the door of metaphysics, maybe it is more than enough to deal with some people who are not good enough to protect themselves, but they are really grieved, and they will die. People like people with this physique to nourish.

When the two brothers heard this, Hao Ran said: “Actually, my sister did not go to reincarnation at the beginning.”

\”Huh?\” Zhu Yang was taken aback, and then he understood.

The ghost brides at the time killed the ghost and bodhisattva, and the owners went to find the people who harmed them.

Those who can be sacrificed naturally have no obsession with family members. If the people who should be killed are killed, they will enter the cycle of reincarnation.

But their sister Xiuxiu is different. Although Xiuxiu was sent out by her shameless dog father, her mother has been desperately protected, and her younger brothers miss her all the year round.

Although the village has been destroyed, the orphans and widows are living outside, so she can’t be so relieved to leave the village alone, so she followed her mother and younger brother out of the village, lived with her family, and thought about each other.

Being enslaved by a ghost is a dark pain, but at the same time a century-old spirit also gave them the opportunity to practice.

Otherwise, Sister Wang has encountered countless troubles in her life, and it is not that there are no evil people who want to use poison to target orphans and widows, but with a ghost sister by her side, many things are naturally much easier.

Because of the closeness of the two children to their sister and the worship of Zhu Yang, they didn’t find ghosts scary, but were rather interested in it.

Especially the boss, even let his sister teach him how to control ghosts and exorcise ghosts. With his cleverness, he knew that these would become paving stones for his future.

Although Xiuxiu is not from Xuanmen, who knows better than ghosts how to deal with ghosts? Naturally, I did my best to teach my brother.

Not only that, but he often visits the territories of the great ghosts, under the guise of pulling in a relationship, arranging sinister experience, and even collecting the cultivation secrets of metaphysicists.

In this way, the unreserved teaching of a Liguiyuanxun really cultivated a profound genius from the wild road.

When Wang Xinyu went to university, he began to look for customers purposefully. He could hell, and relying on the benefits of worship, he has a few ghost brothers who can make errands.

Under the screening, the first customer was confirmed, a bizarre and haunted commission from a wealthy businessman’s house, and he pushed himself in front of others with clever techniques.

After a few years in college, he started his own path as a master ghost hunter. Because of his true ability, he spread word of mouth among wealthy businessmen.

Status is almost the same as Xie Yi in reality.

Having accumulated favors and entrepreneurial capital, it was enough for his personal connections and the energetic boss to take care of his younger brother in the superstitious entertainment circle.

It’s just that when Wang’s wife suffered from stomach cancer when they were in college, she died and Xiuxiu didn’t want her mother to be alone on Huangquan Road, so she followed.

Wang Xinyu, who was the only relative in the world, had a morbid desire to protect his younger brother, and he took advantage of the trend and entered this circle.

Relying on his own abilities and connections, as well as the convenience that ordinary people cannot match, although it is a rising star, it has developed over the years because of its unique vision and rapid development momentum. It has also squeezed into one of the established giants and replaced a declining giant. Name, one of the new mountains in the whole circle.

Although there are competitors who always mock Wang Xinyu and ridicule Wang Xinyu’s property by catching ghosts, he still has to be sour and sour. When encountering evil things, he still has to prepare millions of wine and delicacies at home.

He clearly asked Mr. Wang to come to the humble house to have a drink, still pointing at the other person to see if he really hit the dirty stuff.

And how he uses his wrist in business is one thing, but in metaphysics, there is always one and one, and you will never undermine the principle because you are a competitor.

This is well-known in the industry, and no one will go to death and offend him. It is more convenient to act.

As for Ah Qiao, her experience is much simpler, but it is also a **** path she smashed by herself.

Before school started when she escaped, she first found a place to work, because she looked thin and poor, and everyone around her took care of her.

She also knows to be grateful. She has a good relationship with her classmates, roommates and colleagues, and she has excellent grades. She has scholarships every year and is loved by teachers.

Later, I was recommended to the TV station for my internship and got a good job. I worked hard for more than ten years and climbed from the bottom to the top.

Not long after she graduated from university, she met Wang Xiaoer on TV. At that time, he happened to be participating in the talent show, and Ah Qiao was only one of the lower-level staff.

When the villagers reunited, she also saw the ghost of the dead Xiuxiu. Although she was a little scared at the beginning, she was a little sister who grew up together.

Later Xiuxiu also left, leaving only the three of them to support each other.

The Wang brothers are Ah Qiao’s competitive bargaining chip in their own company, and Ah Qiao is also a convenient bridge for them to walk in the circle. The three of them work together, and today all of them are soaring.

This is simple to say, but it is a wonderful entrepreneurial script to go through it carefully.

Who would have thought that the two children who were squeezed out by the curse of the whole village at the beginning, and one who was about to be sent to the factory by the patriarchal parents, might be married to the farmer’s match girl in two years because of tens of thousands of yuan in gift money , Is this situation less than two decades later?

The three of them came out one by one, and they were all a legendary script.

After Zhu Yang listened, he couldn’t help being amazed. With his usual sharp lips, he couldn’t find any extra words.

I had to admire: \”You are so good, really good, so good!\”

The three of them looked at each other and smiled, asking who they most want to share today’s success with, except for the sister-in-law who didn’t have time to see, it was her.

The warm atmosphere was fermenting in this room, but the four of them didn’t know that there was an uproar on the Internet at this time.


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