Great Celestial Master
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Great Celestial Master

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese Posted by: Editor Posted on: Updated on: View: ? Views
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Synopsis Great Celestial Master

This is the Machine Translation (MTL) of this Chinese Web Novel – Great Celestial Master MTL 

Calculating numerology, breaking feng shui, subduing demons and catching ghosts.

At some point in the metaphysics world, a young Celestial Master appeared.

There is a talisman at hand, covered with exotic treasures, and even the magic weapon for catching monsters is awesome.

The saliva of envy that everyone in the metaphysics world is watching is flowing. Everyone has speculated that such a local tyrant’s little guy came from which family.

Si Yang’s fingertips touched his lips: Shh, I’m from the immortal world. Don’t tell others.

Cold on the outside and hot on the inside loyal dog attack (gong/seme) vs golden finger against the sky friar receiver (shou)


The protagonist is not the Virgin, not the Virgin, not the Virgin! Do whatever you want, do whatever you want! Say important things three times!

He was born as a monk, cold, strong and cruel. He is the protagonist, so please don’t morally kidnap him!!!

The plot is slowly extended. Sometimes several stories will be involved. Don’t look at all kinds of moral kidnappings at the beginning of one story!

The plot is more than emotion and the attack will be very strong in the late stage. It is definitely not weak, but it is estimated that it will be very late

Lei has been arranged, please measure whether you watch it or not. Please watch it harmoniously. Don’t participate in the rooster. We don’t tear it!

Content label: Supernatural monster horror modern overhead shuangwen

Search keywords: protagonist: Si Yang, LAN Jinxiu ┃ supporting role: ┃ others:

Author: 婻书
Alternative Names: 大天师 | Great Celestial Master Fish MTL
Chapters: 282 (Completed)
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Type: Chinese Web Novel

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