Mr Xie And His Cat
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Mr Xie And His Cat

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Synopsis Mr Xie And His Cat

Within the demon race, there was a notorious demon who was known as the demon king and he suddenly disappeared one day. When Xie Yan went downstairs to throw out the trash, he found a half-dead silver gradient cat lying next to the trash can. Perhaps due to fate, the kitten followed him home and he decided to take it in. Soon after, Xie Yan realised that the cat was intelligent and had a spiritual consciousness, but it had a bad temper and didn’t allow Xie Yan to touch it.

He cared for the kitten tenderly for more than half a month. As a result, the kitten jumped out the window and ran away while he was sleeping. Before he could find his cat, he met Ji Qinghuai by chance. It was the first time they met but for some reason, he felt an odd sense of familiarity.

Ji Qinghuai seemed to know his living habits and other things that no one else would know. There were many indications that there was something odd about Ji Qinghuai, so he was wary of this person. However, when he found his cat’s bell with Ji Qinghuai, Ji Qinghuai could no longer hide.

Xie Yan stopped Ji Qinghuai and asked, “Young master Ji, you abducted my cat. Shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

Gong: Ji Qinghuai
Shou: Xie Yan


Author: Su Baimiao / 苏白miao
Alternative Names: 解先生和他的猫 | Mr Xie And His Cat MTL
Chapters: 64 (Completed)
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Type: Chinese Web Novel

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