Spare Tire Chapter 1

“Xu Chenghao, you want to die!”

The gloomy and cold voice came from hell, with heavy blood and oppression.

Xu Chenghao’s head was dizzy. Before he opened his eyes, his hair stood up under the pressure of this momentum.

It’s dangerous!

His intuition is constantly shouting these three words, and his perception improves rapidly, struggling out of the barrier that traps him.

He opened his eyes with a brush. When focusing, something crossed his eyelids and dyed his red eyes, which filled the whole world with ominous blood. The man standing opposite was staring at him with cruel eyes, like hell.

Xu Chenghao takes a breath and doesn’t understand what’s going on now – if he remembers correctly, he was hit by a car running a red light when he was at a red street lamp!

What’s going on now?

Where’s the man! Where’s the woman! Where’s the plane!!

Xu Chenghao stared cautiously at the man in front of him. Because his eyes were uncomfortable, he couldn’t see his face clearly, but the other party’s hostility was very obvious. He wanted to turn him into a hedgehog!

Unable to figure out what the situation is now, Xu Chenghao can only use the time to wipe his eyes with his head down to give himself a buffer.

The helicopter’s rotor blades constantly fanned the air and rolled up the dust. Xu Chenghao’s clothes were blown by the wind. He found that his clothes were not his long casual clothes, but a gray three piece suit. The low-key sapphire Cufflinks glittered in the moonlight, shaking Xu Chenghao’s eyes and heart.

Something’s wrong… Something’s wrong with the cliff!

Xu Chenghao wiped the blood from his eyes and looked up again. The man standing in the distance obviously thought he was procrastinating and became extremely impatient. The killing opportunity in his eyes was not hidden.

Even so, Xu Chenghao still has to admit that the other party has a beautiful face, a deep and handsome appearance, which is perfect to be impeccable. Standing in place is a dazzling light spot, which can not be ignored.

The other party slowly opened his lips and looked at Xu Chenghao squarely, but what he said was not what he said to him, “an Ruyu, I’ll give you the last chance to come by yourself!”

Ann Rouyu?

Without waiting for Xu Chenghao to carefully recall where these three words were heard, he suddenly leaned against his back, a trembling body, and replied in a faint, slightly crying voice: “Jing Yicheng, please let me go. I really don’t like you. I have someone I like!”

Jing… Jing Yicheng!!!

These three words were like thunderbolts that suddenly exploded in Xu Chenghao’s head, making him dizzy and buzzing all over his head.

Sleeping trough, Ann Ruyu! Jing Yicheng! This is clearly the stupid Mary Suwen I saw when I was bored at work!

Did he die and wear cannon fodder?

Yes, all the contents of Mary Sullivan have been deeply imprinted in his mind and clearly visible after he left indelible spiritual trauma because of his foolishness.

Therefore, from the current standing confrontation scene, Xu Chenghao quickly found the node he crossed from his memory in three seconds – he met the Shura field as soon as he opened his eyes!

Mary Suyuan wrote a book called “overbearing president falls in love with me”. In it, the female owner, an Ruyu, is delicate and simple. She grew up under the care of a gentle and affectionate man. Halfway through, she helped the gloomy and nervous villains because of her kindness. Finally, she was with the overbearing man.

Yes, Xu Chenghao’s current identity is to protect the female owner from childhood and was dug into the wall by the male owner!

Speaking of this character, when Xu Chenghao looked at it, he always thought that this man was a fool. For the sake of the female Lord, the female Lord was bullied and protected by him since childhood. The female Lord liked others. He broke his engagement himself. Later, the female Lord was entangled by villains. He stood up and was finally sent abroad with his legs broken.

This is not the end. The female owner ran with the ball. He also had to help take care of being a godfather. The female owner and children were kidnapped. He died with the villains. Finally, the male owner and the female owner lived a happy life!

This is the only winner of the best Lei Feng award! This article is the biggest fool to promote men and women together… No, the biggest hero!!

Far from it, this Shura field is now.

In front of the villain, there is a weak and trembling female Lord. Now the male Lord is on his way, and the female Lord can only rely on him.

In the original work, it was the second man who saved the woman, but… But!

The next second, the man will arrive. The woman immediately abandons the man and jumps into the man’s arms to cry. Finally, the woman faints and is sent to the hospital by the man.

Well, Comrade Lei Feng, male 2, has been forgotten.

Oh, no, the villains deeply remember Comrade Lei Feng and vent all their anger at his failure on him. In the later stage, they madly suppressed Man 2 and his family, resulting in the loss of Man 2’s legs and being sent abroad by the family that can’t bear the pressure. This is the end of the suppression.

Therefore, after saving the female Lord here, he will be greeted by the dark road of being abandoned by the female Lord, forgotten by the male Lord, hated by the villains, and losing his legs to endanger the family.

Xu Chenghao looked down at his legs in silence – he finally survived. He didn’t want to lose his legs for the time being.

During this period, an Rouyu and Jing Yicheng failed in the negotiation. With Jing Yicheng’s voice falling, “don’t blame me for being rude”, the atmosphere of the scene suddenly became tense.

Xu Chenghao noticed that the people behind him were close to him. Out of a gentleman’s style, he stepped forward and stepped aside. As a result, he didn’t expect that the other party was close to him again, and this time he held his arm tightly with both hands.

Xu Chenghao: ”

When Jing Yicheng’s eyes swept to the little hand on Xu Chenghao’s arm, his eyes immediately became gray and gloomy. His right hand reached to his back, took out a black object, rotated in the palm of his hand, and walked directly.

Xu Chenghao looked at it and started to sweat. It was a gun.

An Ruyu’s sobbing voice sounded on her back. Her voice trembled and said, “what about brother hao? What about us?” she even shook her hands holding Xu Chenghao’s arm. She wanted the whole person to shrink into a ball.

Xu Chenghao didn’t speak, and an Ruyu didn’t need his answer. Their attention was on Jing Yicheng. Listening to the firm and heavy steps in the wind, the pressure was oppressing their nerves one by one.

Jing Yicheng looks at Xu Chenghao with a slight look in his eyes. It seems that as long as he dares to move, he can raise a gun to kill him on the spot – his killing machine has spread to his fingertips and will touch the buckle at any time.

At this moment, Xu Chenghao clearly understood the difference between reading novels and entering the novel world!

The other party is a big villain who is gloomy and paranoid in the text, just like a neuropathy and slightly abnormal. He can’t feel anything when reading the text.

But when the other party stands in front of you and is pressed by the silent but majestic momentum, you will understand what reality means!

It will make your body react consciously and keep alert to each other; Your cold hair will stand up because of each other’s cold breath; Your heart will be afraid and worried because of the weapon in his hand!

And reading novels… This is just a description. You will even be excited to duel with villains and male two Shura fields!

Xu Chenghao stared at the villain approaching, and the sound of footsteps knocked on the tense nerves. After Xu Chenghao understood that this is a completely live world at the fastest speed, he became more and more cautious.

Jing Yicheng stretched out his hand to an Ruyu: “come here!”

An Ruyu hides behind Xu Chenghao and doesn’t dare to look at him.

Jing Yicheng turns to look at Xu Chenghao, who looks back.

The eyes of both sides are intertwined, just like a war in the air. They take out their fiercest eyes and stare at the enemy, trying to threaten and frighten them.

Fifty seconds later, Xu Chenghao was the first to blink, a little sour

Jing Yicheng’s eyes and even look have never changed. In the eyes of people who really have strength, Xu Chenghao is like a young beast. No matter how big his eyes are, he pretends to be fierce, but in his opinion, it is still watery and has no threat.

He looked at Xu Chenghao with a smile. “You want to stop me?”

Xu Chenghao blinked and still felt uncomfortable. He simply kneaded his head and said in a stuffy voice, “I can’t stop it anyway.”

If the other party hadn’t stared at him first, Xu Chenghao wouldn’t stare back without blinking for 50 seconds.

Jing Yicheng looks at Xu Chenghao silently, as if he is worried about his tricks.

Xu Chenghao is still touching the dried blood on his eyelids, guessing that he may have been injured before.

It’s about too late. Jing Yicheng has no patience to wait. He directly reaches out to an Ruyu. The other hand holding the weapon is always hanging on the other side.

Xu Chenghao knows that as long as he catches any movement, the other party will raise a gun and shoot his head directly.

——The name of madman is not in vain. Jing Yicheng can definitely do it!

Fortunately, Xu Chenghao really doesn’t want to take care of the female owner. The price is too high for him to pay.

What’s more, isn’t the man on his way? The woman waved her hand upside down and cried a few times to delay the time. It’s estimated that the man can come, which is better than letting him take two legs, isn’t it?

Xu Chenghao hangs his eyes. Jing Yicheng easily catches an Ruyu hiding behind him and wants to drag her out.

Ann Ruyu was scared crazy. She hugged Xu Chenghao and cried, “brother Hao! Brother Hao, help me!! I don’t like him. I don’t want to go with him!”

Xu Chenghao asked, “how can I save you?”

An Ruyu was stunned and stared at him. Tears swirled in his eyes and wanted to cry: “brother Hao…”

To be a hostess, an Ruyu’s appearance is very qualified. Her clear and tearful eyebrows and eyes and elegant and refined face are like a blooming white lotus without losing its fragrance and beauty.

It’s a weak little white flower that men want to protect when they see it.

However, it’s a pity that no matter how beautiful and weak the little white flower is, it’s not as important as his legs. What’s more, there will be no accident when the man is rescued!

Xu Chenghao knows that the reason why the original owner came out to be the wronged leader is because of love.

But now he doesn’t even love the woman. It’s impossible for him to help each other and lose his legs.



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