Spare Tire Chapter 100

A good night’s dream.

When the alarm clock rang the next day, the two people in bed opened their eyes at the same time. Xu Chenghao stared at the handsome face magnified several times in front of him. His brain just woke up from his sleep was still a little dull. Who is this?

Jing Yicheng approached silently. Before the man in front of him returned, the thief kissed him on the lips: “good morning.”

Xu Chenghao raised his hand to cover his face and forbade him to move. He closed his eyes and buffered for a few seconds before struggling to open his eyes again and sat up.

Jing Yicheng sat up and said, “I’ll get you what you’re wearing today.”

Xu Chenghao held his cheek in a daze and his brain was restarting

Jing Yicheng was so cute that he couldn’t help looking at it. The more he saw it, the more cute he felt. He couldn’t help but get close to him and hold him in his arms: “Haohao?”

Xu Chenghao frowned and pushed him away: “brush your teeth and wash your face.”

Jing Yicheng kissed his hand: “OK, I’ll bring it to you.”

Xu Chenghao wanted to say that he could go to the bathroom, but looking at the other party’s cheerful appearance, he was too lazy to talk, holding his chin to continue buffering.

Twenty minutes later, Xu Chenghao finished washing in bed and was completely awake. When I went to the cloakroom to find clothes, I turned around and saw Jing Yicheng coming in: “what are you doing here?”

Jing Yicheng stretched out his hand to show his bathrobe: “I have no clothes to wear.”

Xu Chenghao looked at their height. “You’d better let the assistant send it. My clothes will be small for you.”

Jing Yicheng looked at his clothes: “can’t you really wear them?”

Xu Chenghao: “you are so much taller than me. What do you say?”

Jing Yicheng regretted that he couldn’t get Xu Chenghao’s clothes. He could only give up with a sigh and mention other topics: “Haohao, can you stand so long? Why don’t I change your clothes for you.”

How could Xu Chenghao not see his mind? He rolled his eyes and said, “our relationship is not so close. Go out!”

Jing Yicheng can only turn around silently and go out.

Xu Chenghao said to his back, “by the way, change your clothes and leave my house quickly. Don’t think I’ll forgive you if I take you in one night.”

Jing Yicheng’s back suddenly became deeper.

Xu Chenghao pretended not to see, changed his clothes and went outside… The door was suddenly opened. Li Nian, who was sticking to the door, quickly straightened up and smiled: “I’ll put my wheelchair at the door for you and come out for dinner after I’ve finished.”

Xu Chenghao shouted to him: “yesterday, the film doctor said he recovered well and could walk, and the wheelchair could be removed.”

Jing Yicheng showed up: “the doctor also said that you can’t exercise too much and need protection. Your fracture is less than three months now, and you can’t withdraw in a few days.”

Xu Chenghao frowned and was obviously reluctant: “it’s just a few days away.”

“It’s not even a few hours away.” on the physical aspect, Jing Yicheng insisted strangely, held his shoulder and coaxed: “good boy, just sit for a few more days.”

Xu Chenghao sighed and could only sit in the wheelchair again, cover his legs with a blanket and pretend he couldn’t walk.

Jing Yicheng worried that he was angry, he coaxed people and pushed his wheelchair to the dining room.

Li Nian, who had no one to pay attention to, kept up silently. He was speechless by two people in love… Kicked over the dog food!

However, what Li Nian didn’t expect is that there is no most meat hemp, only more meat hemp! In the past, the inhumane and cold-blooded big iceberg Jing Yicheng was more considerate and virtuous in front of Xu Chenghao. He served a set of dishes and water. Li Nian couldn’t eat and made a jealous voice of a single dog: greasy!

Fortunately, on the way to dinner, the assistant brought the clothes. Jing Yicheng temporarily left the table and opened the door. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Li Nian took the time and asked, “it’s agreed not to forgive him for hanging for a few days? You’re so unforgiving

Xu Chenghao felt guilty when asked. He bowed his head and said, “I didn’t forgive him. I’ll drive him away right away.”

Li read a face and I believed your evil: “drive him away and climb the window at night?”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Li Nian: “I can’t speak, can I? Since I’ve forgiven you, why climb the window and go through the door?”

Xu Chenghao: “I said I didn’t forgive.”

Li Nian: “go to bed without forgiveness?”

“No!” Xu Chenghao suddenly raised his voice. After being whispered by Li Nian, he said, “can you stop thinking about these messy things!”

Li Nian: “do you want to tell me that you two young lovers who have just left for two months have been covering their quilts and chatting all night?”

Xu Chenghao said, “can’t you?”

Li Nian: ”

Li Nian looked at the wheelchair, nodded and said, “OK, for the sake of your leg injury, I’ll improve the credibility of this sentence by 40%, and the rest still shows my attitude.”

Xu Chenghao poached egg poached and tucked up: “who make complaints about you all day, Li Nian, you are not an object.”

Li Nian was so angry that he rolled his eyes: “you give me annual leave to go on a blind date!”

Xu Chenghao: “what kind of affinity do you have? You can digest it inside the company.”

Li Nian: “the company knows that I’m the most tired. Who dares to digest with me… It’s your fault that I can’t find an object for Xu Chenghao!”

Xu Chenghao silently terminated the topic and pretended that he had just said nothing.

Of course, Li Nian couldn’t let him go, but Jing Yicheng suddenly returned and asked, “what are you talking about?” Li Nian counseled, sat up in silence and said calmly, “business.”

Jing Yicheng’s eyes swept past him. Without saying anything, he sat next to Xu Chenghao again and said in a warm voice, “I’ll take you to work later.”

Xu Chenghao glanced at his changed clothes: “do you remember what I said in the cloakroom?”

Jing Yicheng said quietly, “I forgot.”

Xu Chenghao: “it doesn’t matter. I can say it again. Change your clothes and leave my house quickly!”

Jing Yicheng knew he couldn’t hide, so he had to say, “OK, I’ll leave after dinner.”

Xu Chenghao saw that he was rarely conscious, so he didn’t continue to say anything. As a result, I didn’t expect the goods to go out with him and want to get on the bus with him: “didn’t you say you left?”

“Yes, I just came out from home to take you to work.” Jing Yicheng took the man to the car and sat in.

Xu Chenghao had nothing to say. He was so angry that he pinched his face: “Why are you so thick skinned in one night’s Kung Fu?”

Jing Yicheng raised his hand to hold his wrist and rubbed his fingers dishonestly: “always strive for it.”

This is what Xu Chenghao said when he was angry yesterday. Now he is even more embarrassed. He silently shakes off his hand and forces him to be cold, pretending that he doesn’t know Jing Yicheng.

If Jing Yicheng sees Xu Chenghao’s cold face when he first comes back, he may be flustered and worried that he is really angry. But after getting along last night, Jing Yicheng concluded that Xu Chenghao was just hard spoken and soft hearted. He had regarded this small emotion as an alternative coquettish, and the more he looked, the more lovely he became.

Of course, the lover should be spoiled. Jing Yicheng is very happy to see Xu Chenghao stretch out his paw. He is not only happy, but also wants to kiss.

Xu Chenghao frowned and pushed away Jing Yicheng, who was getting closer and closer. He said coldly, “what are you doing? Stay away from me!”

Jing Yicheng rubbed his forehead: “Haohao, why are you so cute.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Just ask him how to hang him in sweet words for a few days!

Li Nian: ”

How can he resist the urge to die with them! Dog man! Too much!

Fortunately, Xu Chenghao’s home is not far from the company and will arrive soon. Li Nian timely resisted the impulse to get out of the car and put the wheelchair away. Watching Jing Yicheng put Xu Chenghao in the wheelchair, she thought she should be able to go now?

Jing Yicheng hates having to go. How can he leave in the underground garage. He pushed Xu Chenghao to take the people to the office and began to ponder over lunch: “Haohao, what would you like to eat in the morning? Can you eat more now?”

Xu Chenghao watered the duckling’s tuzui flowerpot and said indifferently, “don’t worry, someone cares about me.”

Jing Yicheng immediately frowned: “who?”

“My mother.” Xu Chenghao looked up at him: “what do you want to say?”

Jing Yicheng: “… Nothing.”

Xu Chenghao smiled: “let’s go if there’s nothing. I should go to work.”

Jing Yicheng reluctantly said, “I’ll pick you up this afternoon.”

Xu Chenghao opened the folder and pretended not to hear. After Jing Yicheng left, he sighed and became really busy.

The company was busy years ago and years later. Xu Chenghao piled up in the documents. Except for eating in the morning and chatting with his mother, he was basically busy.

Jing Yicheng was as busy as Xu Chenghao because he closed the research institute yesterday. The two people didn’t have time to meet in a day, so the people who saw the needle came.

When he learned that Ruan chenxuan made an appointment to meet, Xu Chenghao’s first reaction was to refuse. When he learned that the other party came with flowers, he said he would not see anything.

After Li Nian ran back and refused, he returned again soon: “he said it’s ok if he can’t see. I hope you can answer the phone.”

Xu Chenghao’s attitude was firm: “No.”

Li Nian ran away again and spread the word. This time it was completely quiet.

Just when Xu Chenghao thought he was clean again, there was a sudden click outside the window – this is the 16th floor!

Xu Chenghao was startled. He suddenly turned his head and saw a UAV flying out of the window, constantly crashing against the window with its fuselage. There was a piece of paper hanging on the fuselage. It was hastily written in black handwriting: “answer the phone. I promise I won’t bother you again after I say it clearly.”

Xu Chenghao didn’t believe it. When a strange number called, he continued to hang up. He secretly decided that if he called again, he would tell Jing Yicheng!

After a meeting, the UAV changed a piece of paper: “I have recovered my memory. I just want to tell you what happened recently.”

Xu Chenghao frowned and connected when the other party called again: “whose party did you attend last time?”

Ruan chenxuan: “Zheng Xiaoxiao.”

Xu Chenghao reluctantly believed, “what do you want to say, apologize and ask for forgiveness?”

Downstairs, Ruan chenxuan put the information just found into his pocket and said calmly as far as possible: “I want to meet and talk in detail.”

Xu Chenghao: “if you want to say, say it. If you don’t want to say I’m dead.”

“Wait.” Ruan chenxuan said helplessly, “OK, please give me ten minutes.”

Xu Chenghao: “you say.”

Ruan chenxuan: “what I said in the hospital last time was serious. I proposed to you at the whole body price!”

“Pa -” the phone was hung up mercilessly.

The author has something to say: Xu Chenghao: call to complain!

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