Spare Tire Chapter 104

Xu Chenghao forgot how he answered. Anyway, when he came back, Jing Yicheng said solemnly, “you promised me.”

Xu Chenghao said loudly. For the sake of being in a good mood, he didn’t study deeply: “then you sleep in the guest room and accompany the aunt. You’ve cleaned up. Go.”

How can Jing Yicheng, who has slept in the bedroom, see the guest room? However, before he could continue to cheat, Xu Chenghao said first: “ouch, my leg hurts… Have I been standing too long? No, I have to rest. Good night, good night.”

With that, Xu Chenghao turned and walked to his room. When he closed the door, he warned, “don’t pry the lock or hang it out of the window!”


The voice fell on the door and was mercilessly closed. Jing Yicheng stood alone in the living room for a while and sighed at his position from bedroom to guest room… But now this situation is really much better than he thought before he came back, and he can also be satisfied.

When Jing Yicheng returned to the guest room and lay in bed, he suddenly felt this atmosphere, as if he had never left and Xu Chenghao had not been injured. He was still so warm and got along so well.

He is still waiting for himself

This kind of cognition is enough for Jing Yicheng to satisfy everything. He covers the quilt and sleeps happily, ready to recharge his energy and prepare for tomorrow morning.

A good night’s dream. When the next morning, the alarm clock and the knock on the door sounded at the same time. Jing Yicheng’s voice couldn’t be stopped across the door. He said clearly, “Haohao should get up. It’s eight o’clock.”

Xu Chenghao opened his eyes. After restarting his brain for a few seconds, he struggled to raise his hand and turn off the alarm clock. He replied, “I know, I know.”

Jing Yicheng asked, “can I come in?”

Xu Chenghao didn’t want to talk and lay in bed remembering the temperature of the quilt.

Silence returned outside the door, as if someone had left without a response. After thinking about it, Xu Chenghao got up and got out of bed. When he washed and changed his clothes and thought there would be no one at the door, he opened the door but was stuffed with a bad strawberry bouquet.

Jing Yicheng gave a skilled kiss: “good morning.”

Xu Chenghao was in a better mood: “thank you. Why is it so good today?”

Jing Yicheng thought: “just celebrate president Xu’s formal abandonment of the wheelchair.”

Xu Chenghao: “fool, you should say that you don’t need a reason for me.”

Jing Yicheng said with a learned expression, “I can still say that. I’m afraid you don’t believe it. I’ve prepared a second reason.”

Xu Chenghao wondered, “what’s the reason?”

Jing Yicheng said solemnly, “today is the first day I become president Xu’s assistant. I hope I can take good care of president Xu and make President Xu satisfied in the next time.”

Xu Chenghao was amused. He stuffed strawberries into his mouth and said with a smile: “it’s no use saying good words. I won’t be friendly when I really start working.”

Jing Yicheng: “well, as long as you are unhappy, you can hit me, scold me and bite me, mainly to make you happy.”

Xu Chenghao was elated when he received so many love words in the morning. He secretly decided that if Jing Yicheng made mistakes in his work today, he could forgive him.

However, what Xu Chenghao didn’t expect was that more surprises were still ahead.

After he finished his meal and went downstairs, he looked at the white world and was stunned for a long time. Then he said, “it’s snowing???”

It’s spring. Why is it snowing again?

Although Xu Chenghao was a little confused, he stepped on the snow with great interest and walked out of a trail of footprints. Jing Yicheng followed him silently. When he arrived at the garage, he suddenly came forward and covered his eyes.

Xu Chenghao subconsciously grabbed his wrist: “what’s the matter?”

Jing Yicheng said, “close your eyes first.”

Xu Chenghao obediently closed his eyes, but his ears carefully distinguished what the other party would do. There was the sound of keys clattering and the sound of garage door starting. It seemed that there was no difference as usual.

Just thinking, the hand covering his eyes suddenly let go. When Xu Chenghao opened his eyes, he saw that more than a dozen round snowmen were neatly placed in the parking garage in the past, which was many times larger than that of last night, and there were colorful buckets as hats, carrot noses and scarves, not to mention how exquisite.

More importantly, in front of a pile of snowmen, there is a snow-white duckling to lead the team. After comparing Xu Chenghao, as like as two peas, the snow duck is exactly the same as the flower pots in his own little yellow duck.

Xu Chenghao moved and wanted to laugh. “If the snowman did make complaints about this duck,” he said.

Jing Yicheng said, “the little yellow duck is also a witness of our love. I’ll surprise you. How can I leave it?”

Xu Chenghao deliberately disliked: “who has love with you… Besides, it was agreed to make a snowman together. You don’t count.”

Jing Yicheng had been ready for a long time. When he heard the speech, he took out a small shovel and bucket from the corner and said seriously, “how can you say that you don’t count? I can be ready as long as you want.”

Xu Chenghao was a little excited: “but I have to go to work…”

Jing Yicheng: “it doesn’t matter, just half an hour.”

Xu Chenghao couldn’t resist persuasion. He nodded and agreed, “OK.”

The two happily piled up snowmen in front of the garage. Although they were not as good-looking as the round snowmen in the garage, Jing Yicheng mercilessly destroyed the better-looking snowmen and took out carrot scarves and buckets to wear for his own snowman.

Xu Chenghao put a scarf around the snowman and said happily, “I thought I couldn’t make a snowman this year.”

Jing Yicheng whispered, “I will do whatever I promise you.”

Xu Chenghao looked back and said, “well, what did you just say?”

Jing Yicheng bent down and rubbed his forehead. He noticed that his cheeks were cold. He immediately said seriously, “I said it’s almost time. We should go to work.”

Xu Chenghao suddenly recalled: “yes, it’s time to go to work, but where’s the car.”

After Jing Yicheng called his assistant and said “come here”, he quickly hung up the phone and began to tidy up the scene. After closing the garage door, he worried: “does your leg hurt after standing so long?”

“No.” Xu Chenghao was helpless: “I recovered well. You didn’t ask the doctor.”

Jing Yicheng pursed his lips. If the doctor didn’t say that proper exercise was helpful for recovery and couldn’t stay still, he wouldn’t agree with Xu Chenghao to abandon his wheelchair.

While talking, the assistant has arrived by car. When Xu Chenghao sat in the car, he felt a burst of warmth and shivered because of the sudden temperature difference. Seeing this, Jing Yicheng immediately covered his legs with the prepared blanket and reached out to warm his hands. He took care of them more carefully.

Xu Chenghao couldn’t help smiling. He was just about to say thank you. Looking out of the window, he suddenly felt wrong. After careful observation, he was shocked and said, “why is there no snow outside? Is it only snow in our community?”

Jing Yicheng is silent and warms his hands seriously.

Xu Chenghao knocked him with his head: “talk.”

Jing Yicheng hesitated for a long time before answering, “Haohao, have you ever heard of artificial snowfall?”

Xu Chenghao: ”

There are many grooves without openings. Xu Chenghao did not know whether he was ready to make complaints about his efforts to spend money, or whether he was the one who was always chasing love. If you don’t say anything else, it must be on the morning news!

Xu Chenghao reluctantly pulls back his hand and hugs the little yellow duck’s tuzui flowerpot and wants to be quiet. He felt that he had found a sand sculpture lover, mainly because he was tired.

Jing Yicheng looked at Xu Chenghao’s reaction and felt nervous and said, “Haohao, are you angry?”

Xu Chenghao: “no, I’m just a little tired.”

“Then you’ll have a rest,” said Jing Yicheng, reaching out to cover Xu Chenghao’s hand and nervously waiting for Xu Chenghao’s reaction.

Xu Chenghao pulls out his hand. When Jing Yicheng’s heart clicks, he suddenly holds his hand with his backhand and pastes it on the little yellow duck flowerpot together.

Jing Yicheng was immediately happy and felt that this meant that he was not angry. Haohao liked the surprise very much.

The car was quiet again. After playing all morning, the two finally arrived at Xu’s group company. Two hours have passed since normal working hours.

Before Li Nian left, he began to worry about whether Jing Yicheng’s becoming an assistant would affect their diligent president Xu and bring the hard-working president Xu to the side?

——I think the answer is yes. After all, who is late with the boss on the first day of work! It would be strange if it weren’t for Jing Yicheng!

Li Nian roared in his heart. When Jing Yicheng came to the shift, he still had to work tremblingly and explain seriously. When it comes to making an appointment, Jing Yicheng suddenly asked, “how many times can Ruan chenxuan make an appointment a week?”

Li Nian turned on the computer and looked at it: “on average, four times a week.”

Jing Yicheng’s face was a little cold: “it seems that he is really free.”

Li Nian: “yes, but even if he was free, we Xu never agreed.”

Jing Yicheng naturally knows that while he is happy, he hates Ruan chenxuan’s entanglement. It’s a pity that Zhang Yun still protects him. Otherwise, Jing Yicheng will tie people to the hospital and forcibly let him recover his memory to see if he has the face to find Xu Chenghao again.

And Zhang Yun. I don’t know if Zhang Yun’s brain was caught by the door. He helped Ruan chenxuan to this extent in order to involve the older generation. It’s hopeless!

The more Jing Yicheng thinks about it, the more angry he gets, especially when he looks at the appointment records again and again. No, he has to make some trouble for Ruan chenxuan.

Thinking about it, Jing Yicheng took the time to contact his assistant. After finding the news of old Ruan who had not been out of the mountain, he directly dialed the phone: “elder Ruan.”

Master Ruan was silent for a few seconds. His voice from the phone was full of vicissitudes: “I’ve heard Mr. Jing’s name for a long time. What’s the matter with Mr. Jing contacting me?”

Jing Yicheng opened the door to the mountain and said, “I just heard that the Ruan family has added children. I came to congratulate you.”

The silence on the phone was longer. “What does Mr. Jing mean?”

Jing Yicheng said carelessly, “Oh, don’t you know?”

Master Ruan: “what should I know?”

Jing Yicheng flashed a cold light in his eyes and said coldly, “your grandson not only pried the corner of someone’s house for 20 years, but also got pregnant and raised a fetus abroad. Don’t you really know?”


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