Spare Tire Chapter 105

Mr. Ruan rarely responded quickly and directly grasped the key points he cared about: “pregnancy and pregnancy?”

Jing Yicheng’s eyes mocked, but his voice said indifferently, “yes.”

Old man Ruan’s coughing voice came over the phone, probably because he was too excited. The old man’s voice trembled: “well, if what Mr. Jing said is true, I will buy you a drink myself.”

Jing Yicheng was indifferent. Rather than drinking, he hopes that old man Ruan will quickly pick up an Ruoyu. He’d better press his head to let her marry Ruan chenxuan and let them bind together to be a loving couple. The provincial old man has nothing to do to harass Xu Chenghao.

Mr. Ruan is a famous successor in the circle. It is said that Ruan chenxuan was taught by him. He has been around since he was born. No one is allowed to take him away, which also leads to Ruan chenxuan’s lack of intimacy with his father and even frequent friction and collision. It is also rumored that father Ruan wants other sons because he finds he can’t control his own son. He never uses contraception when cheating.

Of course, these are rumors, and the real situation cannot be studied. However, master Ruan’s desire for control, the desire for four generations and the hope of having an heir are true. Judging from his just reaction, he should be very interested in pregnant an Ruoyu. Maybe he will really pick up an Ruoyu.

At that time, Ruan chenxuan will be busy and will not harass Xu Chenghao again. It’s fun to think about it.

After all this, Jing Yicheng quietly returned to the office, pretended that he had done nothing, and silently watered the pepper seedlings.

Xu Chenghao took time to look at him: “where’s Li Nian? Why aren’t you together?”

Jing Yicheng: “he’s gone.”

Xu Chenghao looked up in surprise: “you won’t have handed over?”

Jing Yicheng: “yes.”

Xu Chenghao: “it’s so fast.”

When Jing Yicheng saw him looking up at himself, he wanted to touch his head: “at least we have cooperated on projects together. I am still familiar with your process.”

Xu Chenghao clapped his hand: “can you touch the boss’s head if you want? Go away.”

Jing Yicheng turned to attack his earlobe: “you are all mine, why can’t you touch it.”

Xu Chenghao knocked him on the arm with a folder: “don’t make trouble, you can’t disturb my work.”

Jing Yicheng immediately obediently stopped and sat opposite Xu Chenghao to help deal with the documents. The two were busy until they got off work in the afternoon and began to live and eat together.

At this time, master Ruan has begun to investigate the authenticity of this matter. After all, Jing Yicheng has a very bad relationship with them. If he deliberately leaves clues to deceive him… Although he hasn’t thought of what Jing Yicheng cheated him for, especially the other party’s past identity is still a rival in love, he actually called in person to say that an Ruyu is pregnant

It’s a little strange to think about it.

The more things you can’t figure out, the more cautious you should be. Although master Ruan is worried, he is also afraid that there is a pit ahead, so he sent someone to investigate very carefully. Even if an Ruoyu’s physical examination report is available, he must check the authenticity again before he can believe it.

The fact cannot be changed. An Ruyu was pregnant before she went abroad.

After a series of careful investigations, master Ruan finally believed that Jing Yicheng was telling the truth. After Ruan chenxuan really had a successor, he immediately began to investigate where an Ruoyu is now.

As for the whereabouts of an Ruoyu, Jing Yicheng has the most say. Since he has called old man Ruan personally, he will not stop him like he stopped Ruan chenxuan before. In other words, Jing Yicheng is too stupid to think about himself before. Why did he stop him? No, why send people abroad and let them mix together? I regret thinking about it.

In a word, after Jing Yicheng deliberately released the water, master Ruan locked the position of an Ruoyu in four days. When he learned that the other party was seven months pregnant, he immediately picked up the person and sent him directly to the Ruan family’s old house.

Ann Rouyu is naturally frightened and afraid, and she doesn’t want to come back. However, as a pregnant woman, she had no strength to bind the chicken. She had to work hard. When she was kidnapped, she could only follow back. When sitting in the living room, I was flustered. I had to hold the skirt calmly and wait for the final sentence.

The sound of the wheel rolling came. An Ruyu looked up vigilantly and saw a serious old man pushed over in a wheelchair. His cheekbones were very high and the corners of his mouth were tightly closed. Although his eyes were cloudy, the examination was enough to make an Ruyu fidgety.

The old man looks fierce. When he doesn’t laugh, he droops his eyes and looks at people. At the moment, his eyes are staring at his stomach. An Ruyu even feels that his belly is a little cold.

Ann Rouyu naturally knew the old man. When she saw him, she was cluttered and even desperate – she knew what their purpose was. They came for the children in her stomach!

Although the heart is nervous, being a mother is just. An Ruoyu quickly got up, pretended to tidy up his clothes, covered his stomach without trace, and said calmly, “the person who had to see me all the way is Grandpa Ruan. I said I would just call. Why bother so much.”

Master Ruan leaned back in his chair and looked at her up and down: “Oh? So you should know why I’m looking for you?”

An Rouyu began to sweat: “I really don’t know what made grandpa Ruan come out to me without your body.”

Master Ruan said coldly, “we’ll know in three months.”

An Ruoyu choked at once, and only after a long time did he summon up courage: “is it difficult that Grandpa Ruan wants me to stay here for three months? Are you going to restrict my freedom?”

Mr. Ruan: “you have been hiding abroad without a fixed place. I’ll arrange a place for you now. Don’t you want to?”

Ann Rouyu subconsciously avoided the old man’s eyes and insisted, “of course not. I can’t afford your good place.”

Master Ruan didn’t expect that the seemingly vulnerable young generation dared to disobey him or even talk back. He immediately tore his face and said, “you can live if you don’t want to. You are pregnant with my descendants of the Ruan family. Where do you think you can hide?”

Ann Rouyu was most afraid of this kind of mandatory detention. Various ideas flashed in her heart. Finally, she decided to rule root: “who said it was your descendants of Ruan family? Grandpa Ruan, you wouldn’t think I was pregnant with Ruan chenxuan’s child?”

Master Ruan had something clear in his hand. After investigation, how could he be provoked by these two words and said directly: “this is my Ruan family and chenxuan’s son. Do you really think I didn’t investigate before I came back to you?”

An Ruoyu strongly supported: “Grandpa Ruan really didn’t find out. If I had children during my love affair with Ruan chenxuan, why didn’t I take the opportunity to marry into your Ruan family and have to go abroad to hide?”

Master Ruan: “because you saw chenxuan with other women.”

An Ruoyu: “then why didn’t grandpa Ruan investigate why Ruan chenxuan and I had a cold war in the previous period?”

Master Ruan frowned, “isn’t it normal for lovers to quarrel?”

An Ruoyu immediately grasped this point and began to talk nonsense: “if it was normal, Ruan chenxuan wouldn’t find another woman, and I wouldn’t break up with him and go abroad.”

Master Ruan stared at her sharply: “what do you want to say?”

In order to leave, an Rouyu began to lie: “because he found that I had contacts with Xu Chenghao and even blocked us at Xu Chenghao’s house. From that day on, we began the cold war and calculated the time… It was just when we were pregnant.”

Mr. Ruan, who had investigated the whole thing, naturally knew that the two had been to Xu Chenghao’s house and that they had quarreled during the cold war, which led to an Ruoyu’s departure abroad. But if you go further, you can’t find anything, because Jing Yicheng participated in this matter. His whereabouts and everything are confidential and can’t be published and investigated, so he really doesn’t know that there is this layer inside

Mr. Ruan had doubts about Jing Yicheng’s sudden telling him about it. At the moment, he became more and more vigilant and said, “whether it is or not, it will be known in three months!”

An Rouyu seized the opportunity and said, “anyway, I think we should inform Xu Chenghao. After all, he is also one of the candidates for the child’s father…”

Master Ruan suddenly raised his eyelids: “miss an!”

Ann Ruyu was surprised.

Master Ruan said coldly, “if you’re saying these words to escape, it’s equivalent to smearing your children and your reputation. At that time, even if the children really belong to our Ruan family, you don’t want to enter our Ruan family!”

An Ruoyu stiffened, gritted his teeth and continued: “don’t grandpa Ruan believe the facts I said? You’re not afraid that the child in my belly is really the descendants of the Xu family. Do you raise it for nothing?”

The two people were deadlocked for a moment. Finally, master Ruan said calmly: “I can inform, but as long as I inform Xu Chenghao, whether his children or not, it can only prove your infidelity. You can’t marry our Ruan family in your life. Do you really want to do it?”

An Ruoyu was silent for a long time. He still looked up and said, “think about it.”

Master Ruan laughed angrily and coughed twice, directly indicating that his descendants pushed him away. He didn’t want to see an Ruoyu at all.

Ann Ruyu suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and sat on the sofa with soft legs, touching her stomach and smiling bitterly. She has been away for so long. I’m afraid Ruan chenxuan has been fighting with that woman for a long time. How can she think of who an Ruoyu is… How can she marry Ruan’s family and become Ruan chenxuan’s wife when she doesn’t even love him and doesn’t want to marry her.

If he has to give up his face to get married, he might as well live by himself with his children. Even if it’s hard and plain, it’s better than Ruan Jiaqiang who eats people and doesn’t spit bones!

Therefore, I hope brother Hao can understand her situation after getting the news and come to save her from here!

An Ruoyu resists her panic, puts her hands on her forehead, closes her eyes and prays. She hopes that the child will not be robbed by the Ruan family, and that brother Hao will come to save her and leave here as soon as possible… As long as brother Hao comes to protect her, the child will be saved!

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