Spare Tire Chapter 107

An Ruyu was really stunned by this sentence. He played this sentence again and again in his mind. It took a long time to reflect what it meant. He immediately screamed, “what are you talking about? You can’t like him!”

Jing Yicheng’s tone is rarely proud: “how impossible. I not only like him, but also am with him.”

Ann Rouyu screamed, “impossible! How can you be together? Do you know Xu Chenghao said these words? He didn’t say it himself. I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!”

Jing Yicheng: “don’t you believe it. Do you think we have to pass your certification together? You think it’s too important to see yourself. I tell you, it’s just to make you have some face. Don’t pester Xu Chenghao again. I’ll take care of you myself without master Ruan!”

The voice fell and the phone was ruthlessly hung up. An Ruyu looked at the mobile phone screen in disbelief. The whole person was shrouded in shock and daze. She couldn’t understand what the hell was going on now – the man who once liked her and pursued her was actually with her ex fiance? They’re together???

Ann Rouyu is more and more unbelievable. Even though she had heard Xu Chenghao say she liked men, she still didn’t want to believe how the two rival lovers could get mixed up… Why? Why are they together? How can they be together? They shouldn’t be together!

With strong resistance, an Ruyu keeps dialing Xu Chenghao’s phone number. When she can’t get through, she goes crazy. It’s like seizing the last straw and desperately calling Xu Chenghao, hoping to get his denial and tell herself that he and Jing Yicheng are not together.

However, the mechanical prompt sound that could not be connected kept ringing, and the warm sound that once belonged to him did not appear. An Ruyu became more and more frightened and even began to feel fear. Because she knows that in this case, if even Xu Chenghao doesn’t help her, no one will help her.

If Xu Chenghao doesn’t help her, the child won’t belong to her and will separate from her and become the child of the Ruan family… An Ruoyu feels the piercing sight of the Ruan master, and the fingertips on the mobile phone screen are trembling… No, this is her child, all her spiritual support, she won’t give it to the Ruan family, this is her child!

The violent emotion rolled in my heart, as if even the pregnant belly had a continuous reaction and began to ache. An Ruyu didn’t pay attention at the beginning. When the real pain came, she couldn’t stand it. She directly covered her stomach and wailed, “it hurts… My child… Help my child…”

Old Nguyen, who had been watching coldly, suddenly turned pale and said angrily, “find a doctor! Find a doctor quickly!”


Ten minutes later, Ruan chenxuan, who was informed to go to the hospital, arrived in an emergency. Looking at old Ruan sitting outside the operating room, he was surprised and said, “Grandpa? Are you okay?”

Master Ruan: “why, do you want something to happen to me?”

“No, I didn’t get a call saying you asked me to go to the hospital…” Ruan chenxuan looked at the operating room and frowned: “you’re not in good health. Why don’t you take a rest first and I’ll wait.”

Master Ruan glanced at him: “do you know who’s inside?”

Ruan chenxuan: “your friend?”

Master Ruan: “it’s my grandson.”

Ruan chenxuan thought he was talking about Han Haofeng and an ruotong. He suddenly clicked in his heart and said quietly, “why didn’t you see Han Haofeng?”

Master Ruan: “why did your son want him to come?”

“My son?” Ruan chenxuan asked, “why didn’t I know I had a son?”

Master Ruan waved angrily. The people standing behind him immediately stepped forward and presented the document bag with both hands. Ruan chenxuan took it and took out a stack of materials inside to read it carefully. His face was quickly gloomy with what he saw, and he didn’t speak for a long time.

The materials clearly describe his hot fight with a woman named an Ruoyu. He doesn’t hesitate to fight against the Xu family for her, quarrel with her family for her, and use the old generation relationship for her… There are no loopholes in the timeline. Ruan chenxuan can’t deny the authenticity of these materials even if he has no memory.

Ruan chenxuan stared at these materials. The first thought in his mind was that what Xu Chenghao said was true.

No wonder he hated himself so much and said that he would never be a stranger. It’s no wonder that every time he shows his kindness and confesses to the other party, his face is unspeakable, and his eyes are subtle… It turns out that what he said is true, but all his conjectures are false, which can even be called nonsense.

But… How can your heart lie? He clearly has feelings for Xu Chenghao. He clearly feels that Xu Chenghao is different from others. If he doesn’t like it, what is it? Just because of hatred?

Ruan chenxuan has been completely confused. His past and present become two individuals. His past self believes that he likes Xu Chenghao by virtue of his feelings; Now I live in the data, constantly proving what I have done and that he and Xu Chenghao are enemies.

… no, no!

Ruan chenxuan suddenly looked at the data again and carefully looked at the things that Jing Chenghao and Xu Chenghao had participated in. The conclusion was that Xu Chenghao and Jing Yicheng had also fought as rival lovers before, and the relationship was no better than him.

Then why can they be together now?

Ruan chenxuan was unwilling to replace the lost moment he just rose. He wondered why he lost to Jing Yicheng and why Xu Chenghao chose him instead of himself. Obviously, everyone was connected at the beginning. Why? Why did he lose to Jing Yicheng in the end?

Ruan chenxuan suddenly turned to look at the operating room, his eyes slightly cold – is it because of this woman?

Mr. Ruan thought he was worried about the child after reading the materials, and said happily, “don’t worry. If we give birth prematurely, we will have a blood test directly.”

Ruan chenxuan couldn’t help shaking his fist: “I won’t marry her!”

Master Ruan: “I won’t let such a woman marry into the Ruan family, but the children still have to be brought back.”

Ruan chenxuan didn’t speak. Since his illegitimate son, who had no impression, was engaged to an ruotong, rumors such as pregnancy would be raised from time to time, saying that birth is the eldest son, and those who will be parents will also be honored at that time. If Ruan chenxuan had no children, he would naturally find a way to withstand the wind. If he could save trouble, he could accept it.

And… If there were offspring, Grandpa would be more receptive to same-sex intercourse.

Ruan chenxuan rarely looked forward to the child and sat quietly on the bench waiting for the operating room to open.

I don’t know how long later, the door of the operating room was pushed open. The doctor came out first and took off his mask and said, “mother and son are safe, but because of premature birth, adults and children have varying degrees of physical damage and need to be hospitalized for observation and treatment. You go through the formalities and move directly to the ward.”

Master Ruan said, “can I see the children?”

Doctor: “the child needs to be carefully taken care of in the incubator. He can’t see it for the time being.”

Master Ruan was disappointed. “When will he come out?”

Doctor: “it depends on the child.”

After saying that, the doctor turned and left, and then an Ruyu was pushed out. Ruan chenxuan glanced at each other from a distance, glanced at each other’s pale face, and suddenly tightened his heart. He was a little worried

Ruan chenxuan didn’t expect that he would care about a woman who had no impression. Is it the habit that once haunted me again? Did he really like this woman?

Ruan chenxuan was still in a daze when he saw an Ruoyu leave and hesitated to see each other. On the other hand, Ruan Laozi had already left with the nurse holding the child, hoping to have a blood test immediately.

The nurse said: “at present, the routine cycle of paternity testing is 7-10 working days. If it is urgent, it will take at least 1-3 days to come out.”

Master Ruan: “hurry up and hope to get the result as soon as possible.”

Nurse: “then ask someone who needs a blood test to come with me.”

Master Ruan turned his head sideways and found that Ruan chenxuan didn’t come with him. He immediately frowned and asked, “where’s chenxuan?”

People around him whispered, “I seem to have followed miss an to the ward.”

Master Ruan’s eyebrow wrinkles became more and more obvious: “go and call him back!”

“Yes.” the people around him left immediately after they finished. After finding Ruan chenxuan, he took the trance looking person to have a blood test.

Ruan chenxuan was also immersed in shock. After completing the blood test steps, he finally remembered that he had a son. When he wanted to see it, he was told that the child could not watch in the incubator for the time being, so he had to leave and sit down on the bench in the corridor of the hospital.

He thought the day was too chaotic, as if he lived in dreams filled with unrealistic bubbles. He didn’t know how to face Xu Chenghao, how to face this woman, and how to become a father… For the first time, he wanted to quickly recover his memory and put everything back on track, but in fact, he was worried that he had a headache and his brain was still blank.

What’s more irritating is that at this time, Jing Yicheng also sent a message to deliberately stimulate him——

Jing Yicheng: “congratulations to President Ruan on becoming a father. I also hope that President Ruan will have a little self-knowledge when he has children. Don’t pester president Xu again. At least don’t lose face to the children.”

Ruan chenxuan saw the news and directly dropped his mobile phone. He was angry and couldn’t say a word. He really hates Jing Yicheng’s proud face!

However, it was useless for him to drop his mobile phone. The TV that kept broadcasting promotional films in the hospital hall suddenly changed the painting style and broadcast the report: “a good news was interrupted. In order to celebrate Mr. Ruan chenxuan’s first father, a little yellow duck was specially broadcast, hoping that he would enjoy his family.”

Then the large screen promotional film also became the MV of the little yellow duck. With catchy music, one little yellow duck after another twisted their ass and lined up to go into the water: “Ga ~ GA ~ GA GA ~ ~ I’m a lovely little yellow duck ~ ~ Huang Huang’s body shakes long ~ ~ walking left, left, right, right ~ ~”

Ruan chenxuan: “… * &% ¥#@#

The author has something to say: Mr. Jing, who is unwilling to disclose his name: cool!


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