Spare Tire Chapter 11

The garage was quiet, and the cheering, which was excited and had no control over the sound, suddenly came into Jing Yicheng’s ears, which had not gone far. He stopped, turned and looked at each other from a distance.

The special assistant came forward and said, “do you want to withdraw the people behind Xu Chenghao?”

In the eyes of the special assistant who participated in the whole courtship program, since most of them have given up an Ruyu, isn’t Xu Chenghao a complete passer-by? There is no need to continue to follow him and observe him.

When he said this, the special assistant was even ready for the boss to nod and agree and inform people himself.

Jing Yicheng was silent for a long time and suddenly said, “no, we’ll withdraw when Ruan chenxuan withdraws!”

Special help: “OK, I’ll… Ah?”

Jing Yicheng glanced at him lightly, and the special assistant immediately bowed his head: “cough, OK, I know.”

In the distance, Xu Chenghao’s car started and left the garage. Jing Yicheng finally took back his sight and took out all the fruit candy he carried in his pocket and stuffed it to tezhu: “here you are.”

Special help: “… Thank you, boss.”

Jing Yicheng looked at his deflated subordinates and was rarely relaxed. He patted him on the shoulder and said, “go.”

The special assistant was a little helpless. He put the fruit candy into his pocket and said, “can the person who just took a picture behind solve it?”

“It should be Ruan chenxuan’s. don’t worry.”


They got into the car calmly and left the garage quickly. The empty underground garage suddenly became silent.

Two minutes later, a man with a black cap stood up from the back of the vehicle, breathed a sigh of relief, bowed his head and sent all the photos to his boss, indicating that Xu Chenghao had a secret meeting in the underground garage.

Sent successfully.


Ruan’s group has been very restless recently. Mr. Ruan suddenly turned against his father, was removed from his position, temporarily retired from the stage of Ruan’s group, and even forced to get engaged by the family.

Of course, Mr. Ruan, unwilling to show weakness, rose up and resisted. First, she grabbed Zhou Qian and held the 5% shares she obtained from her engagement with the Ruan family. Recently, she has been working with some new directors and young senior executives to try to turn the situation around.

At this busy juncture, he had to be wary of Jing Yicheng putting pressure on Xu Chenghao again and making trouble behind him. He had always sent someone to take strict precautions. He had to tell himself any news.

So when the person following Xu Chenghao sent a video of Xu Chenghao’s secret meeting with Jing Yicheng in the underground garage, he was still confused for a moment and thought, why are these two people here to discuss things? Isn’t it safer to find a private room?!

As soon as the video is opened, you can see a familiar figure standing by a more familiar car. The other party probably came out in a hurry, didn’t wear a coat, the silver gray shirt was slightly thin, the corners of his clothes were tucked in his trouser waist, showing slender long legs, and was leaning against the luxury car smoking one by one.

He seems to be waiting for someone… Jing Yicheng can still wait for someone?

Ruan chenxuan was surprised and sarcastic. He pressed his fingers on the screen to speed up until another figure appeared from the shooting angle.

Xu Chenghao’s figure is really easy to recognize. He wears a rigorous gentleman’s suit every day. His figure is handsome and his eyebrows are gentle and smiling. Except for the little yellow duck flowerpot he doesn’t know why he likes very much recently, the rest is really unchanged for thousands of years. Ruan chenxuan can recognize him even if he is short-sighted!

Really speaking, although Ruan chenxuan was more vigilant against Jing Yicheng, it was only because the other party was too strong and intended to be hostile to himself, so he had to guard against it.

But in terms of the degree of dislike, he definitely doesn’t like Xu Chenghao!

That’s the man! He has robbed himself countless times to protect an Ruyu, and spent more than 20 years against the reputation of his lover’s fiance!

Thinking about Ruan chenxuan, he was oppressed and twisted his eyebrows and continued to look down.

The video was a little far away and didn’t stop. Ruan chenxuan could only see two people standing face to face, as if they were exchanging something. Are you planning something? Or do you want to target him?

Because Xu Chenghao’s back is to the shooting angle, fortunately, he will not die to block Jing Yicheng. Ruan chenxuan can’t even find someone to see his mouth. He can only guess with a cold face that they must want to take the opportunity to do something to him.

Even if Jing Yicheng left, he always looked cold and gloomy. Ruan chenxuan didn’t care whether he was happy or not. Instead, Xu Chenghao’s last cheering made him wary.

What’s the deal? Why is Xu Chenghao so happy? Is it difficult that the final winner will be Xu Chenghao?

Ruan chenxuan felt that he couldn’t see through each other more and more. Xu Chenghao first refused Rouyu and told her that she would not protect her. Then he spread rumors to discredit Ruan chenxuan and an Rouyu and picked himself out. It seems that he really gave up Rouyu. But after all this was done on the surface, the secret meeting in the underground garage began again. Jingyicheng!

What the hell is he doing?!

The more elusive Ruan chenxuan was, the more alert he was. He watched the video again several times. He wanted to see a flower in the back of Xu Chenghao’s head. He watched it again and again. He held up the little yellow duck pot and cheered. Suddenly, he felt that it was the foolish son of the landlord.

Ruan chenxuan: ”

Forget it, he’d better find someone to watch carefully.

No matter where, the sequelae of the engagement banquet began to ferment. Whether it was Jing Yicheng’s sudden change of lost mind or Ruan chenxuan’s determination that the other two were colluding, they were imperceptibly affecting everyone’s life and judgment.

Xu Chenghao is different. The sequela of his engagement banquet is the blind date Zheng yunyun.

He was almost home, but his mother called back to Xu’s house. Before he came in with the little yellow duck in his arms, he heard a burst of laughter – well, quite familiar and hearty laughter.

“Haohao!” mother Xu was the first to find her son back. She got up and waved, “come on, come on, yunyun is also here. Let’s have dinner later.”

Zheng yunyun got up next to him. After finishing his skirt without trace, he smiled and said, “Mr. Xu, I’m Zheng yunyun. We met yesterday.”

“Well, remember, hello.” Xu Chenghao nodded and was pulled back on the sofa by his mother.

Xu’s mother’s excitement soared and said, “yunyun also sits. Don’t be so unfamiliar. What do you call president Xu? Didn’t you just say you should call your brother yesterday?”

Xu Chenghao immediately said, “just as my mother has been saying that she likes her daughter, maybe we can recognize brothers and sisters.”

Mother Xu’s face suddenly changed. She quietly twisted Xu Chenghao and smiled to resolve the embarrassment: “listen to his nonsense, I was because he was too skinny when I was a child. You don’t know he did everything when he climbed trees and chased dogs. Five sets of clothes a day…”

Zheng yunyun cooperates and goes down the steps: “it turned out that brother Chenghao was so naughty. Now I can’t see it at all.”

“He was beaten back, hahaha.” mother Xu smiled and easily led the topic back to the main topic.

Xu Chenghao sat aside expressionless. When he was really bored, he poked the little yellow duck’s mouth with his fingers, or touched the leaves of pepper seedlings and counted a few flowers.

A few minutes later, the play finally came. Mother Xu looked at the young beauties sitting on both sides of her and said very naturally, “dinner is about to begin. I’ll go to the kitchen and call his father down by the way. You can talk for a while first. Yunyun, you’re welcome.”

Zheng yunyun smiled, “OK, thank you, aunt.”

Mother Xu looked back at her son. Her voice was gentle, but her eyes threatened: “don’t look at your flowerpot! Yunyun came home for the first time and took good care of others, you know?”

Xu Chenghao: “… Oh.”

Mother Xu, who got an answer, left with satisfaction.

As soon as mother Xu, who regulates the atmosphere in the middle, left, the living room fell into an awkward quiet atmosphere. Zheng yunyun looked down and studied the pattern of the tea cup in her hand, while Xu Chenghao fiddled with the leaves of pepper seedlings.

After two minutes, Zheng yunyun looked up slightly at Xu Chenghao and couldn’t help but take the initiative to answer: “what kind of seedling is this? The flowers are so beautiful.”

Out of politeness, Xu Chenghao seriously replied, “this is pepper seedling.”

Zheng yunyun’s smile froze on her face. After a long time, she said, “yes, really… It’s very original to see ethnic pepper for the first time.” she took the initiative to talk, and had to finish kneeling!

Zheng yunyun reluctantly justified himself. Seeing the other party, she still ignored her love and said helplessly, “president Xu, even if you are careless to me, you are a gentleman at least. You can’t treat girls coldly? Or do you think I offended you?”

“I’m sorry.” Xu Chenghao responded very attentively and said, “I’m born with few words.”

Zheng yunyun choked and couldn’t say a word. She had to shut up and wait for Xu’s mother to come back.

Through simple conversation and negotiation, both of them can see each other’s attitude – Xu Chenghao has no idea at all, but Zheng yunyun is quite positive and seems to have fallen in love with him.

The woman’s approval, coupled with the tacit consent of the two families, is now basically waiting for Xu Chenghao to nod his head and live with Meimei.

Xu Chenghao has a headache and thinks that he has to find a way to pacify the woman and her family.

He is a person who will leave sooner or later. He doesn’t expect his feelings in the world in the book, so he won’t marry other women without love, which is unfair to each other.

What’s more, after he left, the original owner continued to live in the world in the book. He was just a passer-by and didn’t think he could decide the marriage event for the original owner.

What if the original owner doesn’t like each other when he comes back? What if the original owner finally dies because the plot is irreversible? Isn’t it more delaying for other girls?

There are thousands of reasons to refuse in my head, but none can really say it. Even if Xu Chenghao is sober and understand again, he can’t say these words to the people in the world in the book.

So how should he refuse Zheng yunyun and strive for once and for all

The original owner’s family really cares for their children. If there is anything to refuse, they certainly prefer Xu Chenghao to speak out the reasons for his refusal from his own point of view, rather than the ethereal world in these books.

But from his own point of view, there is nothing except the passers-by in the world in the book. The original owner’s point of view is probably that he has no feelings or can’t forget the female owner? No, I can’t forget the hostess. I can’t use it. I finally picked it out of the drama circle and can’t go back.

When Xu Chenghao was thinking, his mother suddenly appeared, clapped her hands and said, “it’s time for dinner. It’s time for us to eat.”

Zheng yunyun is embarrassed. Seeing mother Xu is like seeing the Savior. She quickly gets up and walks over.

The smile on the corner of Xu’s mother’s mouth was stiff. She quietly stared at her son and turned to greet Zheng yunyun: “go, his father is already waiting. Let’s go.”

Zheng yunyun smiled cleverly: “OK, aunt hard.”

“You’re welcome.”

Xu Chenghao followed him and hugged his little yellow duck duzui flowerpot.

Father Xu has sat in the main seat and waited. Seeing Zheng yunyun coming, he nodded kindly. It seems that he is also very satisfied with Zheng yunyun.

Xu Chenghao felt that his head seemed to hurt more and he was not interested in eating.

A dinner was badly divided. Father Xu sitting in the main seat and Xu Chenghao on the left had less words than each other. They ate most of the time. Sitting on the right hand side, mother Xu and Zheng yunyun talked happily and drank half a bowl of tremella soup happily.

Finally, mother Xu said, “Haohao, it’s late now. I don’t trust yunyun to go back alone. You can send her for me. Remember to say hello to your uncle and aunt Zheng.”

Xu Chenghao: “… Oh.”

Zheng yunyun smiled: “it’s hard for brother Chenghao.”

Mother Xu answered on behalf of her: “it’s just a matter of a few minutes. It’s not hard.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Just be happy. Don’t worry about my life or death.

Under the enthusiastic command of Xu’s mother, Zheng yunyun sat in Xu Chenghao’s co pilot. Xu Chenghao drove her home and went in to chat with the Zheng family for a while to express that the perfect person had arrived before she got up and left.

After tossing about for a long time, it was dark when Xu Chenghao came home. The nanny knew the news in advance and didn’t cook. She left the light long ago. It was hot and noisy all afternoon. The surroundings were suddenly deserted. On the contrary, Xu Chenghao’s head cleared up and thought of a very important thing.

It’s time for the pepper seedlings raised in the big flower pots on the balcony to bear fruit!

The author has something to say: villain: if the man doesn’t withdraw, I won’t withdraw!

Male leader: they must be linked again. They will not withdraw!

Xu Chenghao:…


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