Spare Tire Chapter 110

Xu Chenghao’s window is very transparent. Ruan chenxuan can see that Jing Yicheng is sitting in the opposite cab. And Jing Yicheng doesn’t have to think about it. It must be Ruan chenxuan sitting opposite!

After 30 seconds of standoff between the two cars, Ruan chenxuan took the lead in calling: “I have no malice.”

Jing Yicheng said mercilessly, “your existence is the greatest malice.”

Ruan chenxuan immediately clenched his mobile phone, stared at Jing Yicheng and said, “President Jing is too insecure. He is afraid of this degree.”

Jing Yicheng: “confidence can’t hold some people’s words!”

Ruan chenxuan: “the more president Jing says, the more he proves that he is not confident.”

Jing Yicheng: “sure enough, I guess you can’t understand people.”

Ruan chenxuan choked and said for a long time, “President Jing seems to be more malicious to me than before.”

Jing Yicheng continued to reply: “that’s because you make people sick more and more.”

Ruan chenxuan: “Jing always wants to see people with colored glasses. Of course, the final result is disgusting himself.”

Jing Yicheng: “people like you don’t want to be disgusted if they wear colored glasses.”

Ruan chenxuan: “is president Jing taking the opportunity to retaliate?”

Jing Yicheng: “I’ll take the opportunity to revenge you?”

Ruan chenxuan choked again. When his brain was running fast and ready to say something, he heard Jing Yicheng’s voice again on the phone. He said, “I heard that your son is in good health. Congratulations. Haohao and I are still waiting to drink full moon wine.”

The injury of this sentence was fatal. Ruan chenxuan was directly defeated, and the phone backed away.

Maybe she used to talk too much after Xu Chenghao. Now Ruan chenxuan is really afraid to talk about her children in front of Xu Chenghao. Even downstairs in Xu’s group, she will feel nervous and flustered. She always has a sense of shame that she will be exposed.

So he finally fled and went straight back to his company, trying to calm himself through work. However, there are many trivial things in the company. The most fatal thing is that there are illegitimate children jumping up and down.

They completely ignored the safety of the Ruan family in order to get the upper position, shares and money. Han Haofeng even chose to cooperate with other families to defeat the Ruan family in order to fight him.

Ruan chenxuan thought the goods might be mentally ill. Every time he saw him, he didn’t look good. But Han Haofeng wandered around in front of him every day and said tentatively, “Yo, brother, you don’t look very good today. Won’t anything happen?”

Ruan chenxuan glanced at him coldly: “don’t worry, even if you have an accident, I won’t have an accident.”

Han Haofeng’s face froze slightly for a few seconds and said with a dry smile, “I’m really happy for my father to see my brother so confident. I believe my brother can certainly lead Ruan’s group to a higher level.”

Ruan chenxuan was too lazy to listen. He went directly into the office. When Han Haofeng wanted to come in, he slammed the door and the world was quiet.

Sometimes it’s good for people to have opponents, because the existence of opponents will bring pressure to you and promote your continuous progress. Maybe there will be unexpected surprises, and even you are very happy.

But the premise is – your abilities are in balance and your opponents can put pressure on you.

In Ruan chenxuan’s opinion, Han Haofeng doesn’t have this ability. He doesn’t even pay attention to Han Haofeng. Every time he sees him jumping and playing tricks in front of him, he looks like a child who has just learned to walk. He is childish and doesn’t even bother to fight back – after all, bullying a child is not fun.

The real opponent… Should be Xu Chenghao. They have the same family background, the same age, and even their abilities and means can reach a balance. He still remembered that the information he had read said that Xu Chenghao had let him fall, which was enough to prove that if he became an opponent with Xu Chenghao, it would bring pressure to him.

Ruan chenxuan suddenly felt that sometimes the more contact, the more you can find a person’s shortcomings, but sometimes the more contact, the more you can find a person’s advantages. Xu Chenghao is the latter. He is like a treasure. At the beginning, he will be attracted by the tip of the iceberg. When you get familiar with it, you will find the real treasure behind it.

It’s a pity… He found it too slowly.


When Ruan chenxuan secretly regretted, Jing Yicheng, who found the treasure faster on the other side, stood by the treasure and told what had just happened.

When Xu Chenghao heard that it was Ruan chenxuan, he felt like this: “what’s the situation with an Ruoyu now? He always felt that he seemed more tired after an Ruoyu came back.”

Jing Yicheng is patient: “an Ruoyu’s postpartum mood is unstable. In addition, the child who has always cared about has not met once, so he hates Ruan chenxuan who took the child away. He screams and cries every time he sees him.”

Xu Chenghao was surprised: “Ann Ruyu screamed and cried? Isn’t she of this character?”

Jing Yicheng continued to endure: “it is said to be postpartum depression.”

Xu Chenghao sighed. Unexpectedly, the plot has become like this. When he slowly straightened out the plot and was ready to continue his work, he looked up at several pieces, and Jing Yicheng’s face was very bad, staring at him.

Xu Chenghao didn’t respond: “what’s the matter? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Jing Yicheng was angry: “you not only cared about Ruan chenxuan’s fatigue, but also said that an Ruoyu has a good character! I told you so much and made a special investigation. You don’t praise me.”

Xu Chenghao was almost amused by the wronged appearance. He quickly held his head and kissed him: “you’re the best. You’re so good in my heart that I don’t have words to praise you, and I won’t compare you with others. Are you happy?”

Jing Yicheng pressed down the corner of his mouth: “then you have to do what you say. Don’t compare me with others in the future. You will always think I’m the best.”

Xu Chenghao affirmed, “yes.”

Jing Yicheng was happy at last. Just when he wanted to say something, Xu Chenghao suddenly felt that his nose was a little itchy. He immediately turned to smoke paper and sneezed three times.

Jing Yicheng was startled. He thought he was ill. He quickly put the coat on the chair over him and just found out the temperature scanning gun to measure his temperature.

Xu Chenghao said helplessly, “I just have an itchy nose. I’m not sick.”

Jing Yicheng’s serious face: “how can it itch for no reason?”

Xu Chenghao was whimsical: “maybe someone scolded me behind my back.”

Jing Yicheng didn’t believe this statement. He held his chin and didn’t let him move. He pointed a temperature scanning gun at his forehead to make sure that the temperature remained within the normal range. While raising the office temperature, he told: “remember to drink more water and wear a coat when you get out of the office.”

Xu Chenghao answered perfunctorily as he opened the folder: “good, good.”

Jing Yicheng directly stretched out his hand to press the document: “look up and say it again.”

Xu Chenghao raised his head helplessly: “I know assistant Jing.”

Jing Yicheng was barely satisfied and sat opposite him to help him with his work. The atmosphere between the two people is very harmonious. If it’s time to discuss together, you should discuss together. If it’s time to rest, you can think about the gifts from your parents. I’ll calculate the number of small peppers. When the rest is enough, continue to work. It’s perfect.

Xu Chenghao found that after two harvests, he had 386 small peppers in his hand. In other words, to complete the task, he must harvest 614 in the remaining three planting, reaching an average of 205 at a time.

It seems a little difficult… Especially the 175 chili peppers harvested for the second time makes people have no self-confidence. In case two 175 peppers in a row really break down, it will be more difficult to reduce by 10%.

It seems that with the increase of the number, the area of the greenhouse can not catch up with the result rate.

I don’t know what’s going on in the pepper base

Xu Chenghao calculated that he had not seen it for more than three months, so he proposed to go to see the pepper base at lunch. Jing Yicheng naturally won’t refuse. After dinner, he takes people directly to the pepper base to show him the greatly changed base.

For a long time, when he suddenly saw the base, he would have a new sense of impact. Xu Chenghao’s first attention was that the base occupied a very vast area. Compared with the greenhouse, even one of the planting areas could not match. Seeing Xu Chenghao, he was full of hope for the moment in the future and felt that the 10% result rate might catch up.

After that, Xu Chenghao visited the internal situation. From machinery to security, from layout to decoration, Xu Chenghao was very satisfied and looked forward to the formal completion of the pepper base.

Jing Yicheng said, “it can be completed in another month at most. Next time, if there is another task, it may be directly planted here… By the way, I’ll take you to see the management system.”

Xu Chenghao was led to the operating room, sat in front of the computer and watched Jing Yicheng show his hard work for many months. He praised: “it’s great. I didn’t expect you to finish it more than a month early. It’s really great.”

Jing Yicheng stood behind Xu Chenghao, with one hand on the table and the other holding the mouse for display. When he slightly attached himself, he had surrounded Xu Chenghao in his arms. When he heard the speech, he immediately put his face together with Xu Chenghao.

As soon as Xu Chenghao got close to him and wanted to kiss, he saw Jing Yicheng repeat his old skill and turn around again – Xu Chenghao was ready to directly smile and pop away this time. However, his whole body was in Jing Yicheng’s arms. He was directly pressed and kissed. Finally, the two people continued to take care of the system honestly.

After a long time, Jing Yicheng suddenly said in a stuffy voice, “Haohao, let’s check your legs.”

Xu Chenghao’s ears were a little red: “talk about it in a few days.”

Jing Yicheng buried his head on his shoulder and rubbed: “but I can’t help it.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Jing Yicheng: “we’ll go after work this afternoon.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Jing Yicheng: “I’ll make an appointment now!”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Look, I can’t hold it anymore.

Xu Chenghao is funny and shy, mixed with half and half, but he is not so embarrassed. When he is holding his chin to figure out how to give preventive shots to his family, Jing Yicheng, who finished the call, has been excited and said, “if our legs are good, we can make a big plan for life, and then we can see our parents in two days, get married and spend our honeymoon.”

Xu Chenghao glanced at him and said calmly, “everything in the back has to go through meeting your parents. You have to behave well, otherwise there will be nothing in the back.”

Jing Yicheng was thrown a basin of cold water and suddenly woke up, “yes, I’ll see my parents in a month! My gifts are already looking for. My aunt’s are easier to buy, but it’s too difficult to find good porcelain. Wait for me a few more days…”

Xu Chenghao beat a stick to a piece of sugar. Seeing that he was really nervous, he began to appease: “OK, there is more than a month left. Don’t worry.”

Jing Yicheng rubbed his head, and the whole person was relieved. After a long time, he suddenly said, “in a few months, I will have a real home!”


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