Spare Tire Chapter 111

This sentence was sad and sad, especially when Jing Yicheng said it with a smile and bright eyes. Seeing that Xu Chenghao was more distressed, he couldn’t help rubbing his face: “you would say such words, so I can’t go back.”

Jing Yicheng was rubbed to his face and twisted. He struggled and said, “of course, you can’t go back!”

Xu Chenghao suddenly laughed, “you’re so ugly.”

Jing Yicheng: ”

Xu Chenghao looked at the mouth he was squeezed into and looked at the little yellow duck duzui flowerpot placed on the table. He immediately abandoned Jing Yicheng, picked up the little yellow duck duzui flowerpot and said with emotion: “it turns out that not all duzui are good-looking.”

Jing Yicheng: ”

He couldn’t help but extend his magic claw to Xu Chenghao, hold his cheek and squeeze him fiercely: “poof -”

Xu Chenghao glared: “what are you laughing at?”

“I smile…” Jing Yicheng pinched Xu Chenghao’s cheek and looked around. In Xu Chenghao’s increasingly vigilant sight, he calmly said, “of course it’s because you’re cute.”

After thinking about it, Jing Yicheng added, “in my eyes, you are more lovely than little yellow duck’s mouth.”

Xu Chenghao looked at him with disbelief, and suddenly broke away. Jing Yicheng pinched his face and bit on his hand: “let you laugh at me.”

Jing Yicheng felt no pain at all. When he took back his hand, he found a circle of shallow tooth marks on the back of his hand. Suddenly, he looked straight at Xu Chenghao and kissed on the tooth marks.

Xu Chenghao was inexplicably hot in his ears. He had to force himself against the other party’s line of sight and calmly walked out with the little yellow duck: “it’s getting late. We should go back to work.”

Jing Yicheng’s eyes suddenly lit up, as if he had been opened to a new world. He was watching Xu Chenghao’s red ears all the way behind him… Is this shy? Did he seduce Haohao? It turns out that Haohao is so shy and cute~~

Jing Yicheng looked more and more lovely and liked it more and more. He didn’t restrain his eyes at all. He stared at Xu Chenghao, who heated up rapidly. When he almost spontaneous combustion in situ, he finally couldn’t help it: “you drive!”

Jing Yicheng: “well, I drive.”

Xu Chenghao couldn’t help but lift the little yellow duck’s flower pot and knock him on the head: “you’re going!”

Jing Yicheng takes a breath. When he recovers, he finds that he subconsciously sits in the back seat with Xu Chenghao. He really can’t drive. He rubbed his forehead, put his hands on the back of the cab and the co pilot’s seat and jumped directly to the front. After unscrewing the key and looking at the empty co pilot, he realized later: “Haohao, don’t you sit in front?”

Xu Chenghao coldly refused: “no, I want to rest in the back.”

Jing Yicheng: “the front is OK. I’ll help you put your seat flat.”

Xu Chenghao: “No.”

Jing Yicheng is helpless. He can only quietly adjust his rearview mirror and try to find a place where he can see Xu Chenghao.

Xu Chenghao: “you drive well!”

Jing Yicheng: “… Oh.”

After being reprimanded, Jing Yicheng was finally honest and started driving silently. Although he wanted to drive faster and get to the company earlier, he was worried that Xu Chenghao was not safe to rest in the back. He could only control his heart to step on the accelerator and drive the car as smoothly as possible.

Xu Chenghao almost fell asleep when he felt the car stopped before he opened his eyes. However, the rest is really more energetic. Xu Chenghao won’t be sleepy in the afternoon and handles things more smoothly.

He was busy all day. When he got off work, Xu Chenghao didn’t remember the appointment. Looking at the scene of the car, he thought he was going to be kidnapped and trafficked: “where are you going?”

Jing Yicheng: “didn’t you make an appointment for a physical examination?”

Xu Chenghao: “… I really made an appointment.”

Jing Yicheng: “when did I joke about you?”

Although Xu Chenghao was very moved by this sentence, he couldn’t laugh at the current situation, especially when he thought of going home ooxx after the inspection.

After all, he hasn’t eaten pork

With this nervous, resistant and a little excited mood, Xu Chenghao checked his body and was directly told by the doctor: “Mr. Xu is not suitable for strenuous exercise at present.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Jing Yicheng: ”

At this moment, the two men showed the same expression of disappointment, and asked in unison, “when can it be?”

The doctor said, “it should be low-intensity activity in three months. It will take at least half a year to recover.”

Jing Yicheng showed his high IQ at this moment, frowned and said, “you mean fitness?”

“Of course.” the doctor agreed. Of course, when he saw his face, he immediately reacted and coughed: “if it’s another kind of exercise, it’s not impossible, but you should restrain yourself when you’re young. Well, restrain yourself.”

Jing Yicheng asked, “is that ok?”

Doctor: “yes.”

Jing Yicheng just wanted this answer. After hearing this, he immediately abandoned the doctor and left the hospital with Xu Chenghao and the examination report.

Xu Chenghao looked at his driving speed and was a little nervous. He reminded him, “slow down, slow down!”

Jing Yicheng said quietly, “I think you say this at night, so you can’t slow down.”

Xu Chenghao also said quietly, “why do you think you’re up there!”

Jing Yicheng: “I’m stronger than you.”

Xu Chenghao: “this kind of thing is not good for too long?”

Jing Yicheng: “then my waist and abdomen strength is better than you.”

Xu Chenghao: “no!” he is a man with strong waist resistance!

Jing Yicheng continued to think, “but your legs are not perfect, so they are not suitable for it.”

Xu Chenghao turned his face: “then wait until I’m completely well.”

Jing Yicheng immediately coaxed, “OK, let you up.”

Xu Chenghao questioned: “really?”

Jing Yicheng: “I never lie to you.”

When Xu Chenghao thought about it, he felt a little excited and quickly excited at the thought that he could be the crazy and violent villain in XX book!

The sense of expectation successfully replaced the sense of tension. Xu Chenghao came home and ate more to supplement his strength in order to perform well in the evening. Then… There was no more.

Jing Yicheng spent one night telling him how many postures he could have on the top. What’s more irritating is that each other would ask, “are you very tired on the top? Well, how about being good next time?”

Xu Chenghao sneered and wanted to have another time? no way!

As soon as he woke up the next day, Xu Chenghao drove Jing Yicheng out of his bedroom. Jing Yicheng stood at the door in his underpants. When he was picking up clothes, he watched the door open again. When he was ready to go forward to deceive people, he was directly hit in the face by a little yellow duck pillow.

Well, the little yellow duck pillow is also abandoned.

Jing Yicheng wants to laugh and feels that Haohao, who is angry, is also cute. He can only reluctantly pick up his clothes and go back to the room with the little yellow duck pillow to clean up himself first.

In the bedroom, Xu Chenghao closed the door and fell directly on the bed, wrapped in a quilt and angrily said: system, I want to complain that you sell my fake goods!

[Ding – system 2333 must declare that the products of the universe are all high-quality products, and there is no saying of fakes.]

Xu Chenghao was so angry that he beat the bed: but my back hurts!

The system was silent for a while and expressed humanized emotion for the first time — [maybe this is Tian Haohao, who can’t stand the bull’s strength.]

Xu Chenghao: ”

[Ding – through the detection of system 2333, you can’t get up without this waist, so the anti-counterfeiting strong waist is not a fake, and the complaint is rejected!]

Xu Chenghao: “……”

Well, he doesn’t want to talk. Let him be alone.


When Jing Yicheng pries the lock in, Xu Chenghao has fallen asleep. It’s the first time for this kind of thing. Besides, he still bears these things. He has the ability to get up and drive Jing Yicheng away. After all, Jing Yicheng’s physical strength… Can only be described as terrible.

Although Jing Yicheng will be distressed, he will not change. He kissed the sleeping person happily, cancelled the other party’s alarm clock and muted his mobile phone, and specially told his aunt not to call him to sleep until he woke up naturally and go to work by himself.

Let Haohao rest enough, he should not be angry.

With this in mind, Jing Yicheng became more and more energetic in handling official business. He didn’t know that Xu Chenghao was awakened as soon as his front foot left and his rear foot was awakened.

No matter how much he arranged, he couldn’t compare with Li Nian: “where’s Xu Chenghao!!”

The aunt who was cleaning was startled and hurriedly said, “Mr. Xu is still sleeping. You can’t make noise.”

Li Nian was surprised: “now he can’t afford to go to work ten minutes from normal? No wonder I want to block his car on the way. I can’t. I have to get up!”

Then Li Nian raised the volume again and shouted at the bedroom, “Xu Chenghao get up!!!”

Aunt: “because Mr. Jing said to let Mr. Xu rest more and wake up naturally!”

The two people spoke almost at the same time, but their aunt’s words were relatively long, so they were slightly backward. When Li Nian reacted, he immediately said with horror: “aunt, what did you just say?”

Aunt reluctantly said, “Mr. Jing said to let Mr. Xu wake up naturally.”

Li Nian was silent for two seconds, picked up the salute and walked out directly: “I’m sorry, aunt. I may have been awake all night and went to the wrong door. I’m really sorry. I’ll go right away. Bye!”

“Li Nian!”

Before taking two steps, Xu Chenghao’s voice came clearly from the bedroom and said word by word: “dare to go and try!”

Li Nian: ”

Although Xu Chenghao didn’t get up angry, he was very irritable when he was suddenly woken up when he was tired. When he came out in his pajamas, he brought his own low pressure. When he rushed up, he pinched Li Nian’s neck and angrily said, “if you visit empty handed, you’ll die. Now I’ll give you a chance to save yourself.”

Li Nian surrendered with both hands: “yes, yes, all the salutes I brought today are gifts for you.”

Xu Chenghao let go: “you open it first, I’ll see what’s going on, and I’ll consider whether to forgive you as appropriate.”

Li Nian immediately opened the suitcase and said, “look, it’s all the local iconic gifts I’ve collected, including food collections.”

Xu Chenghao squatted down to check. Li niangang was going to squat down to introduce something. He suddenly found something. He automatically stood up straight and pointed out loudly: “lying in the slot, was someone cupping with his mouth behind your neck???”

Xu Chenghao: “


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