Spare Tire Chapter 112

Seeing that Xu Chenghao didn’t speak, Li Nian thought he was guilty. He became more and more excited and directly played on his body: “oh my God, you called me Xiaotiantian before I went traveling. Unexpectedly, you compared with others when you came back… Oh, I really can’t say it.”

Xu Chenghao glared at him: “shut up!”

Li Nian immediately covered his chest: “you are cruel to me. You are cruel to me for a cupping. Oh, I can’t believe that you are such a ruthless man. I knew I wouldn’t let you get it. I also called me Xiaotiantian. I officially announced that we unlocked it. I’ll never be your Xiaotiantian again.”

Xu Chenghao suddenly raised his hand and scared Li Nian to step back and guard: “what are you doing? Did you still have the strength to hit me last night?”

Xu Chenghao really didn’t have the strength to hit him, but he had more lethality. He shook his mobile phone in his hand and motioned, “Jing Yicheng is the one who cupped. If you really have a problem, I’ll call him. What do you say in person?”

Li Nian had counselled Jing Yicheng. Now he was short handed just after traveling. He probably didn’t talk when he met, let alone had an opinion. The threat stabbed him in the heart and counseled him directly: “no, no, no, no, wrong…”

Holding his mobile phone, Xu Chenghao asked, “enough acting?”

Li Nian bowed his head honestly: “enough acting.”

Xu Chenghao: “dare you?”

Li Nian: “I dare not.”

Xu Chenghao: “do you still say it?”

Li Nian: “no more.”

Xu Chenghao sneered and felt proud that he dared to fight with me. As a result, Li Nian was honest and couldn’t keep his gossip mind for a long time. While watching the gift, he gossip and said, “you and Jing Yicheng have made such rapid progress?”

Xu Chenghao looked at the gift and said absently.

Li Nian coughed and kept gossiping: “who are you up there?”

Xu Chenghao was angry when he remembered last night and said impatiently, “what do you say?”

Li Nian immediately understood: “I know, I know.”

Xu Chenghao was a little strange: “what do you know?”

Li Nian: “who is at home and who is below.”

Xu Chenghao: “……”

Xu Chenghao fell down the gift unhappily: “yes, you guessed right.”

Li Nian wanted to laugh and held it back. He coughed and comforted: “it doesn’t matter to be pressed. The people above have to work hard. How tired they are.”

Xu Chenghao despised: “do you think the people below are not tired? Single dogs!”

Li Nian: ”

The two people were unhappy after hurting each other. Li Nian said helplessly, “why should we hurt each other? It’s better to look forward to the future…”

Li Nian said to bring the topic back, but this time he was much more serious: “you and Jing Yicheng are like this. Haven’t you thought about the follow-up development?”

Xu Chenghao said, “yes, it’s Ruan chenxuan’s son’s full moon banquet in a few days. I’m going to take him to see his parents one day and give him a place.”

Li Nian: “??”

Li nianmeng forced, “wait a minute, there’s a lot of information in this… What’s Ruan chenxuan’s son? When did he make a mistake?”

Xu Chenghao said calmly, “it was an Ruoyu that time. Didn’t I tell you that she went abroad with the ball? I don’t know why she was suddenly found by master Ruan a few days ago and was directly forcibly picked up. Now an Ruoyu is in the hospital. 90% of the children are likely to belong to the Ruan family, and the remaining 10% may be a blind cat running into a dead mouse.”

Li Nian said, “what shocked me most was that master Ruan actually accepted the children… It’s reasonable to say that they shouldn’t hate the behavior of having children before marriage?”

Xu Chenghao: “that’s not true. Master Ruan’s feudal point is that he values boys over girls, so he will accept children.”

Li Nian was speechless: “there are many grooves and no mouth.”

Xu Chenghao: “yes, the whole incident is so silent.”

Li Nian asked: “then Ruan chenxuan airborne his son, still pestering you?”

Xu Chenghao: “at least it’s much less than before.”

Li Nian tut said, “this is really one thing down.”

Xu Chenghao thought so. They talked about the full moon banquet. Seeing that the time was about to reach 11 o’clock, Xu Chenghao asked Li Nian whether to stay for dinner.

Li niangang wanted to nod his head. After thinking about it, he hesitated and said, “where’s Jing Yicheng? Does he come back for dinner this morning?”

Xu Chenghao said, “he left a message saying he would go to the company to help me with my business and come back to dinner with me at noon.”

Li Nian choked on a handful of dog food and didn’t want to say anything. He got up and said, “the gift has been delivered. I’ll go home and rest for two days first. When I get over the jet lag, I’ll go to work for a week at most. Bye ~”

Xu Chenghao shouted at his back, “won’t you stay for dinner?”

Li thought not to reply: “I’m afraid what I stay to eat is not rice but dog food.”

Xu Chenghao helplessly watched the other party leave, and finally had time to wash and change his pajamas. When brushing his teeth, he looked at himself in the mirror and found that there were only a few odd kiss marks in front of him and even his clavicle, which could be covered by clothes. But when he leaned and barely took a picture, he would find that a large kiss mark spread from behind his ear to his collar. It was crimson and dense. No wonder Li Nian became a cupper.

Why do you have to kiss behind? Xu Chenghao frowned and went to the cloakroom to change clothes. As a result, he changed from casual clothes to suits. After finding that he couldn’t cover the kiss mark behind his neck anyway, he immediately understood why Jing Yicheng did so.

The goods are definitely deliberately hidden by him!

Xu Chenghao is angry and funny. He doesn’t know whether to say that he is possessive or that his children like to show off.

No, I haven’t settled accounts with him for what happened last night. Now I have to make him suffer, or he won’t be balanced.

Thinking that Xu Chenghao directly took out all the deformed peppers he had treasured for a long time and handed them to his aunt, he solemnly told him: “we must stir fry!”

Aunt: “… Really don’t let go of anything?”

Xu Chenghao: “yes! You can fry these chili peppers. Just one plate at a meal.”

Aunt: “… OK, OK.”

When Jing Yicheng came back, the stir fried red pepper just came out of the pot, and the choking spicy smell floated out of the kitchen and poured into his nose, which made Jing Yicheng tick when he was sincere, with an ominous premonition.

At this time, Xu Chenghao had been sitting in the dining room waiting. Because he didn’t eat in the morning, his aunt specially heated the porridge and asked him to pad his stomach first. It also saved him from eating too greasy and uncomfortable.

Jing Yicheng sat directly beside Xu Chenghao and said in a warm voice, “did Haohao sleep well?”

Xu Chenghao didn’t have a good way: “what do you say?”

Just as Jing Yicheng wanted to speak, he saw his aunt holding a plate of red pepper in front of him, delivering two steamed buns, smiling and saying, “the dishes are ready, you can eat quickly.”

Jing Yicheng: ”

OK, he knows Haohao is in a bad mood.

Jing Yicheng didn’t even need Xu Chenghao to speak. He consciously picked up chopsticks to eat chili peppers and comforted himself with pleasure. Compared with raw chili peppers, fried vegetables at least have fragrance, and steamed bread is good enough to eat. Therefore, Jing Yicheng is willing to eat, even to let Xu Chenghao calm down and directly CD-ROM.

However, Xu Chenghao didn’t buy it. When he came back in the afternoon, he still had pepper with steamed bread. What’s more terrible is that he was not allowed to enter the bedroom after eating!!

Everything else can be said, but it’s absolutely unbearable not to sleep with Haohao. Jing Yicheng listens to himself in bed and Haohao under the bed. He takes advantage of Xu Chenghao’s washing and prying the lock to come in and take a mandarin duck bath together. He is satisfied and holds Xu Chenghao back to bed.

Then the next day’s lunch changed into Wowotou and raw pepper… Yes, the fried pepper is gone. It’s just raw pepper on the plate. It’s simple and clear.

After eating like this for a day, Jing Yicheng pried the lock again in the evening!

Xu Chenghao was ready. When he came in, he beat him with a pillow: “are you finished?”

Jing Yicheng closes the door, leans against the door and punches at will, while quietly locking his hand behind his back. When Xu Chenghao was tired, he gently hugged him and whispered, “how can this kind of thing be over? I can’t wait to die on you.”

Xu Chenghao looked at him angrily: “the sperm is on the brain, isn’t it?”

Jing Yicheng doesn’t speak. He just kisses Xu Chenghao’s earlobe and habitually kisses down behind his ear.

Xu Chenghao shrunk his neck, frowned and said, “I’ll go to the company tomorrow. Don’t leave a seal.”

When Jing Yicheng heard the speech, he immediately increased his strength and sucked hard. After leaving a complete and clear kiss mark, he showed a successful smile and continued to kiss. He was still dishonest while leaving a kiss mark. His hand would always slide up his back along his back. Occasionally, he could do whatever he wanted when he touched Xu Chenghao’s soft leg.

Sometimes people are like this. They don’t expect anything they’ve never tried. Even if everyone tells him it’s very good, he’s not interested. But when one day he broke the ring and tasted the taste of this thing, it was like being opened the door of the new world. In any case, he would not go out from this door and wanted to live in the present all the time.

This is the case with Jing Yicheng.

What’s more, he likes Xu Chenghao very much. He can’t resist his unconscious hook and temptation, and his groans and shyness. Even if it was still pepper and Wowotou that greeted him the next day, he wanted to possess Xu Chenghao and looked at the other side he showed for himself.

Therefore, Jing Yicheng’s bed style has always been from gentle and lingering to crazy and intense, because Xu Chenghao can go crazy as soon as he is in love.

Xu Chenghao sometimes begged for mercy, but when he found that begging for mercy could stimulate the other party more, he immediately gave up. Sometimes he will bite Jing Yicheng’s shoulder. The worst one is to bite and bleed. It hasn’t been well yet. However… Jing Yicheng is a madman. If he is bitten, he will only be more excited!

Xu Chenghao was speechless and even wanted to give up treatment. Although he also thinks it’s normal for lovers to promote the relationship between lovers, and he also enjoys it in the process, but – his ass hurts!

The consequence of someone’s incontinence is not only the death of two people together, but also his ass hurts very much!

Therefore, Xu Chenghao is very unhappy, and his family has never stopped eating pepper, because Xu Chenghao’s idea is that you make my ass ache, and I also make your ass ache.

The author has something to say: Xu Chenghao: come on, hurt each other!

I actually saw someone say that old driver Li Nian didn’t get on the bus. How could he not understand it? Of course, he pointed out loudly that it was convenient to gossip ha ha ha


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