Spare Tire Chapter 113

Prompted by mutual harm, the deformed pepper in the family quickly bottomed out at the rate of 100 a day, which is also enough to prove how greedy someone is.

Xu Chenghao was worried about whether the pepper would not be enough. Fortunately, six days later, when it was time to harvest the pepper, the red pepper in the greenhouse hung on the pepper seedlings. Although it could not be seen that it was deformed and complete, it was a lot when looking at it.

Xu Chenghao looked forward to it. When the machine was started and all the pepper was harvested, he spread the pepper on the table and counted the two sides carefully. The deformed pepper was still not counted, but the quantity was considerable. The whole pepper was lower than expected, and a total of 187 peppers were harvested.

The harvest still did not reach 205. Xu Chenghao swept all the peppers into the cloth bag. He was worried that he could not complete the 4.0 task according to this development.

There are still two chances, 427 short. If you average it, you must reach 214 at a time. It is more difficult than 205, and the probability of completion will be less

Xu Chenghao put the seed in the machine, watched it automatically shuttle through the greenhouse, and wondered if the greenhouse was not enough, so he needed to expand the place and increase the yield.

“Gaga, Gaga ~ ~” the flock of ducks suddenly appeared. The little yellow duck with Q bomb shook his body spiritually, burst out a large area of fountains and began to irrigate the newly planted pepper.

Xu Chenghao returns to his senses slightly and turns around to see that Jing Yicheng doesn’t know when to come and is helping him finish his last planting task.

Xu Chenghao stared at him.

Jing Yicheng also looked at him seriously: “what’s the matter? What do you want to say?”

Xu Chenghao: “I’m thinking… You have to pay the fruits of your labor after eating so much pepper.”

Jing Yicheng lowered his voice and said, “don’t I work every night?”

When Xu Chenghao heard the speech, he immediately pulled his ear and gritted his teeth and said, “I told you to look less at the mess. Look what you’ve learned.”

Jing Yicheng came up to him with his strength, rubbed his forehead and comforted him: “OK, I won’t say. We’ll work as Haohao wants.”

Xu Chenghao immediately couldn’t look directly at the two words of labor. He said for a long time: “I just want you to plant pepper… It seems that there isn’t enough space in my shed.”

Jing Yicheng immediately recommended: “my research institute has just been changed into agricultural machinery, and there are many places for planting and research.”

Xu Chenghao: “I think so, too. I’ll give you some seeds later. You can plant them first. When the results are achieved, give me all the harvested peppers.”

Jing Yicheng didn’t want to be alone: “come with me, too.”

Xu Chenghao turned over the old account: “didn’t you say I can’t get in where you work? I think it’s better to forget it. Go yourself.”

“Those who are not allowed to enter have been closed. Now they can enter.” Jing Yicheng flattered: “you can enter, whatever you want.”

Xu Chenghao himself was a little curious. Seduced by Jing Yicheng, he finally agreed. Before the lunch break was over, he went to the legendary Research Institute with Jing Yicheng.

The location is as remote as expected, but the floor area is very large. There are layers of checkpoints around. It takes 20 minutes to enter the door. There is a sign of agricultural machinery on the left side of the door of the Institute, and a slogan of Zhang noble people do not enter on the right side.

Xu Chenghao looked at the slogan and wondered if someone often came to Jing Yicheng and hoped that he would return to his original research institute. Very likely.

After opening the door and entering the Research Institute, the decoration inside was white to dazzling and completely sexual indifference. For a moment, Xu Chenghao thought he had come to the hospital. After all, the decoration style was so similar to the researchers who came and went in white coats.

Jing Yicheng took people all the way to his office. The decoration style remained the same, but the color changed from reflective white to dark black. The whole room was dark and depressed when the lights were not on.

Xu Chenghao frowned, “I don’t like this color“

Jing Yicheng turned on the light and said, “OK, change it right away.”

Xu Chenghao stood in front of the window, pulled the blinds and looked out: “the whole institute is white outside and black in the room. Are you sure they will be in a good mood when they study?”

Jing Yicheng stood behind him and held his waist with one hand. He looked out along the slit opened by the pickpocket and said calmly, “no, it’s just the environment I used to be. Their own offices and accommodation can be decorated by themselves.”

Xu Chenghao turned to look at him, “did you like black before?”

Jing Yicheng hesitated and said, “you can hide yourself after turning off the light.”

Xu Chenghao didn’t speak. As soon as he turned back, he was held in the back of his head and turned back again. Jing Yicheng asked, “Haohao, don’t you have anything to say?”

Xu Chenghao: “No.”

Jing Yicheng was wronged in an instant: “why don’t you comfort me?”

Xu Chenghao: “you’re doing so well now. Comfort me and let go!”

Jing Yicheng not only refuses to let go, but also holds the back of Xu Chenghao’s head and forbids him to hide from himself and ask for comfort. Sometimes it’s easy to catch fire by kissing. Especially in the most familiar and previously thought gloomy environment of Jing Yicheng, he will be particularly excited. Kissing, he suddenly holds Xu Chenghao’s ass and directly holds people up.

Xu Chenghao was startled. His legs subconsciously hooked his waist and said nervously, “what are you doing? This is your office!”

Jing Yicheng said in a stuffy voice, “I’m excited because it’s my office. Haohao, I want to occupy you here.”

Xu Chenghao was angry and speechless: “aren’t you afraid of someone coming in?”

Jing Yicheng: “I locked the door.”

Xu Chenghao: “aren’t you afraid of the sound?”

Jing Yicheng: “don’t worry, our sound insulation effect is very strong.”

Xu Chenghao finally struggled and said, “you don’t have a lounge!”

Jing Yicheng chuckled: “it doesn’t matter. There are many places to go.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

He doesn’t want to know what’s good!

Xu Chenghao’s reason tells himself that he must not let him fool around, otherwise what can he do if he goes on like this? But the actual sex thing can’t be handled with reason, especially when it comes to this kind of thing, Jing Yicheng is always overbearing and tough and won’t give in.

Xu Chenghao’s words gradually became fragmented, and then turned into a loud groan that made Jing Yicheng crazy. It was low and dumb, and even the weak and dull groan was full of hooks.

Jing Yicheng’s bones are crisp. He wants to love him and let him make such a sound for himself all the time, so that he can bloom under himself forever.

This is probably the most intense time since they were together. Jing Yicheng stayed in his most annoying environment but had his favorite person. His brain was as excited as eating excitement pills. The momentum was fierce and fierce. As a result, Xu Chenghao was forced to cry for the first time and fell asleep before it was over.

After he finished everything, Jing Yicheng put the man on the sofa with light hands and feet, helped him carefully tidy up his clothes, covered his coat, cleaned away the traces left in the house, and then left the office with pepper seeds.

Since the Research Institute was closed and replaced with agricultural machinery, everyone was busy. They just wanted to make a good impression on the boss and his wife. When they entered the office, they all collapsed and gossiped together in twos and threes.

Someone said, “have you seen the boss’s lover? It’s not surprising that you can win the boss on this condition.”

“What’s the matter? It’s said that President Xu is very capable. He has hundreds of billions of property and one of the best families. Who doesn’t like this condition?”

“If two people who are not short of money get together, it must be true love.”

“Of course, did you forget why our research institute was closed? Rush to the crown and be angry for the blue face.”

“I can’t figure out why the boss who is serious against the bone was eaten by the other party. Now I can understand… If I have this kind of baby pimple, I will spoil, protect and love no one.”

When the voice fell, the whole audience suddenly stood still. The speaker was stunned. Suddenly, he had a bad hunch. He turned his head and was almost scared to death. He automatically got up and saluted: “Hello, boss!”

Jing Yicheng stared at him coolly and didn’t speak for a long time.

The gossip scene, which was just hot, suddenly fell to the freezing point. The chill of a large iceberg wanted to freeze them in place.

Just as everyone was sweating for the speaker, Jing Yicheng said expressionless, “you didn’t.”

People: “??”

Jing Yicheng: “he is mine.”

People: ”

OK, we really don’t have this kind of baby pimple. It’s yours. You can go quickly!

But after Jing Yicheng really left, they couldn’t help saying in a small voice, “the boss seems to be in a good mood?”

“I must be in a good mood without hands… And why do I always think I’m just showing off?”

“Don’t delve into it. The more you think, the closer you are to dog food.”

People: ”

How does it feel like it’s finished?

Just when they doubted whether they had eaten dog food, Jing Yicheng took pepper seeds to the open place rarely used by the Research Institute. After planting pepper mechanically, he asked someone to circle the area and put up a sign to prevent anyone from approaching and touching, and then returned to the office again.

Xu Chenghao was very tired and slept heavily. Even Li Nian’s phone didn’t wake him up. When Jing Yicheng came back, Li Nian called for the second time. After he connected, Li Nian’s loud voice burst out and said excitedly, “Xu Chenghao, you finally answered the phone! You didn’t rest all afternoon. You wanted to scare me to death, didn’t you? Why didn’t you answer the phone just now?”

Jing Yicheng said coldly, “it’s me.”

Out of order, Li Nian’s choking voice was choking and choking for a long time before he could come back. Fortunately, he didn’t make complaints about what he was saying. “Embarrassment,” he said, “it’s King Jing. Cough, then we are not always with you?”

Jing Yicheng said, “yes, what are you doing?”

Li Nian said calmly, “Oh, I have nothing to do… President Xu’s mother came to the company and wanted to talk to President Xu about something.”

The author has something to say: Li Nian: I don’t believe you dare to detain people!


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