Spare Tire Chapter 119

Zuo he was anxious and helpless. He said sincerely, “I have said my real name, which means I’m taking all the bets. Mr. Xu, I really don’t mean any harm. This time I’m here to plead for a person. It’s inconvenient to say it under monitoring, so I want your phone number. In addition, I really don’t have any ideas.”

Xu Chenghao: “you’re all under surveillance. You’ll be found sooner or later. What’s inconvenient?”

Left and choked.

Xu Chenghao: “Jing Yicheng will arrive in two minutes. I won’t lie to you.”

Zuo he had no choice but to say in a low voice, “I’m here to plead with the captain on behalf of myself. We apologize for forcing Mr. Jing away last time. Even if there was a punishment, we would admit it. I just hope Mr. Jing won’t be controlled by anger and really use his shield as a fierce weapon.”

Xu Chenghao said quietly, “you should tell him about this kind of thing. I don’t understand your things and I can’t control him.”

Zuo he: “Mr. Xu loves to joke. Since the Institute closed, everyone knows that you are the most important.”

Xu Chenghao: “…”

Zuo he pinched and found that time was running out. He immediately bowed deeply to express his thanks and quickly retreated: “Mr. Xu, please.”

Xu Chenghao: “…”

Come on, it’s no use. He’s still angry! If this group of people hadn’t taken Jing Yicheng away, how could his little pepper task fail? If the task hadn’t failed, how could he be so nervous now!

Now you know it’s painful. He was sad for a long time

Xu Chenghao is unhappy and doesn’t intend to be a good man. He directly forgets what he just did, and chooses not to listen, look, listen, or ask. He likes what he likes.

However, just as Zuo he was worried, Jing Yicheng took the lead in learning about Zuo he’s visit before he came home. His originally indifferent face was instantly gloomy and angrily said, “are you waste? Stare at more than a dozen pairs of eyes and let him get in?”

The bodyguard dared not say a word.

Jing Yicheng was angry when he saw them like this. He threw the door directly into the corridor. After arriving at the door angrily, he had to swallow his anger by force. After waiting for his mood to calm down, he opened the door and went home: “Haohao, I’m back.”

“Back!” the man leaning on the sofa immediately bounced up and said, “where’s the pepper?”

Jing Yicheng hands over the cloth bag. Xu Chenghao checked carefully. After confirming that it was 72 peppers, he quickly merged with all his peppers and arranged them in the fresh-keeping box.

263 peppers are confirmed in this harvest. 164 peppers can be completed in the next task. There is still hope!

Xu Chenghao happily locks the safe, but Jing Yicheng’s words frighten him into a cold sweat.

Jing Yicheng asked, “Haohao, how long will it take for someone to collect your pepper?”

Xu Chenghao: “… Of course, when the task is completed, someone will collect it.”

Jing Yicheng frowned slightly: “I don’t seem to have seen anyone come to collect pepper.”

Xu Chenghao: “that’s because we didn’t live together before.”

Jing Yicheng suddenly said, “that’s right. But now we live together. If someone comes to collect pepper, remember to call me.”

“OK.” Xu Chenghao wiped his cold sweat and felt it necessary to discuss with the system how to solve the disappearance with the increase of the number of pepper. But… “Why are you suddenly interested in these?”

Jing Yicheng said, “I’m not studying agricultural machinery. Let’s see if I can get together and cooperate with other research institutes.”

Xu Chenghao: “… Oh.”

Nothing to say, nothing to refute. Xu Chenghao could only change the topic and said, “it’s all packed up. Let’s go back to the company.”

Jing Yicheng said yes and followed Xu Chenghao silently. In fact, he was still thinking about Zuo he and waiting for the other party to take the initiative to speak. But this time Xu Chenghao never mentioned it. When he noticed his sight at work, he would think he was strange.

The two people tried each other for a long time like playing charades. Even Li Nian saw that they were different from their usual state. He was worried that they had a quarrel and secretly asked Xu Chenghao what was going on.

Xu Chenghao felt that the other party was thinking about the pepper Research Institute. When he sent Li Nian away, he discussed with the system in his heart about sending someone to harvest pepper – after all, the number is obvious now, and there are still 10000.2 million in the future. It’s scary to disappear out of thin air. It must be solved.

[Ding – system 2333 serves you. We have received the demand and are giving feedback. Please wait patiently.]

Xu Chenghao is tired: as soon as possible, I always feel that you are unreliable.

[Ding – 2333 system is user-friendly, accurate, powerful and absolutely reliable.]

Xu Chenghao: didn’t you say that the characters won’t find plant bugs?

[Ding – yes, everything about plant bugs can be explained by research results or magical nature. Unfortunately, receiving pepper belongs to the host task, not plant bugs.]

Xu Chenghao:

It still doesn’t feel reliable. I hope I can hide it then.

Xu Chenghao thought, raising his hair and seeing that Jing Yicheng was still looking at himself, he couldn’t help feeling nervous. There was always a feeling that the other party was watching him waiting for the opportunity. Did you really find something waiting for someone to steal and get it?

I don’t think he will find anything… Xu Chenghao quietly lowers his head and works. He is too guilty to look directly into each other’s eyes. No, he should be calm, hold back and pretend that nothing has happened!

Yes, now it’s patience. He can’t lose!

Xu Chenghao is secretly cheering himself up. On the other side, Jing Yicheng is getting more and more upset. He begins to think about why the other party doesn’t tell him about Zuo he. Is he angry, afraid or unhappy? Isn’t it a sign of emotional breakdown that they have a gap and secret because of an outsider?

The more he thought about it, the more he was afraid, and the more he thought about it, the more something was wrong. Before he could say good night to each other at night, Jing Yicheng finally couldn’t help it. He grabbed Xu Chenghao’s wrist and dragged people out of the closing door.

Xu Chenghao was startled. Before he could react, he was pressed on the wall and couldn’t move: “Jing Yicheng, what are you doing!”

Jing Yicheng stared into his eyes and said seriously, “Haohao, don’t you believe me now?”

Xu Chenghao was stunned: “what are you talking about?”

Jing Yicheng: “Zuo he came today. Why didn’t you tell me?”

Xu Chenghao: “ah?”

Jing Yicheng: “are you angry? I remember what I said before. You can tell me directly. Don’t hold it in your heart and become the last straw to kill the camel. Don’t scare me, OK?”

Xu Chenghao has been completely confused. He has been thinking about the pepper all day. He has been looking for where he revealed his stuffing. The other party found that it was wrong. As a result, the other party turned around. What the other party cares about is Zuo he?

Xu Chenghao said, “wait a minute, you let me slow down.”

Jing Yicheng frowned: “what’s the matter? Is it uncomfortable?”

“No, I’m just…” Xu Chenghao was about to stop talking for a long time. He suddenly grabbed Jing Yicheng’s neck and leaned against his shoulder: “you scared me. I thought you were going to beat me.”

Jing Yicheng just took a tough attitude for less than a minute. He was instantly disintegrated by this dependent attitude. He gently held his ass up and comforted him: “I’m too worried. I’m not afraid.”

Xu Chenghao leaned on his shoulder and nibbled at him before explaining: “I didn’t say anything about Zuo he because I didn’t think it was necessary. After all, I don’t understand what’s going on in your circle. Asking for anything rashly may hurt you. Compared with outsiders, you must be the most important to me, so I pretended not to know and didn’t say it.”

Jing Yicheng: “really?”

Xu Chenghao felt strange: “otherwise, what’s the reason?”

Jing Yicheng was in full bloom and hugged Xu Chenghao and kissed several people to express his joy. Before that, he thought that Xu Chenghao was afraid of his cruel means, that Xu Chenghao would be angry, that he would become the original fierce appearance, and that Xu Chenghao would be unhappy because his life was disturbed… But he didn’t expect that the other party didn’t mention that he didn’t want to hurt him and wanted to protect him!

Jing Yicheng was so happy when he got the unexpected love words. He wanted to hold Xu Chenghao and kiss him again and again.

Xu Chenghao was kissed with saliva on his face and pushed his head away: “don’t kiss! You’re so happy. You should think blindly when I don’t say it?”

Jing Yicheng tried to continue kissing: “well.”

Xu Chenghao wanted to talk but didn’t give a kiss: “tell me, what are you thinking?”

Jing Yicheng changed his strategy, kissed all the way down from the corners of his forehead, eyes, cheeks and earlobes, kissed and said, “I wonder if you will have a gap with me because of this, and if you will leave me if you have a gap…”

Xu Chenghao noticed that the other party was moving to his lips and turned away again: “you told me not to think blindly all day. That’s what you did?”

Jing Yicheng begged for mercy: “I won’t think blindly next time.”

Xu Chenghao didn’t believe it.

It’s probably related to his personality and his own experience. Jing Yicheng is very insecure. Sometimes he can scare himself just by brain tonic… And he can’t control it. He will feel that he is in a bad situation. Even if he is good now, he may not be good in the next moment. Sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it’s distressing.

Xu Chenghao sighed, noticed the other party’s eyes, took the initiative to hook his head and kiss him: “can’t you want to know in the future?”


Jing Yicheng’s voice is low and frightening. The strength of holding the person in his arms gradually increases with the deepening of kissing. He wants to knead the person into his own blood and bones.

They haven’t been together for four days

Jing Yicheng couldn’t think of it. He kissed and moved to his neck, leaving a freshly baked kiss mark. Xu Chenghao had not experienced it for a long time. He was very sensitive. The whole person was inspired and quickly regained consciousness in the crisp hemp.

This is wrong! Xu Chenghao hurriedly pushed away Jing Yicheng, struggling to land: “no!”

Jing Yicheng was wronged: “Haohao…”

Xu Chenghao: “no, the week of punishment hasn’t come yet. You can’t touch me!”

Jing Yicheng: “but Haohao me…”

Xu Chenghao said first, “it was agreed that if you touch me, I will move back to the Xu family’s old house.”

Jing Yicheng: “!”

He immediately released his hand and put Xu Chenghao back on the ground. He stood up against his second son and said quietly, “Haohao, good night.”


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